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Thank you for your interest in Bitten by Books! We are excited that you want to submit your work for us to review. Please read the information below carefully as it outlines our Terms of Review.

Terms of Review

First and foremost, our main objective at Bitten by Books is to serve our readers and authors by providing them with honest reviews. We only post honest reviews at Bitten by Books. We operate as an all volunteer staff of about 30 reviewers.

Not everybody loves everything they read, and reviews are subjective to each person’s perception of the author’s work. As an author or publisher, when you submit your work for review, you are soliciting our opinion, something which each reviewer is entitled to.

Our reviewers are from varied backgrounds, including editors, publishers, authors, attorneys, librarians and are seasoned reviewers. Each of our reviewers takes what they do very seriously, putting a lot of thought and time into the reviews they write in their own style. We all believe in providing an honest service to our readers as well as authors, whether the review is good or bad. If you are looking for a quality review of your work, then you have come to the right place. If you are only looking for an “A” grade, Bitten by Books may not be a good fit for you.

Things you should know before submitting your work:

  1. We reserve the right to refuse submissions as we see fit.
  2. Submission does not guarantee a review, if you send a book and we choose not to review the material the book will not be returned.
  3. We do not send previews of reviews to authors or publishers, unless it is for cover quotes.
  4. We do not pull reviews from the site because an author or publisher doesn’t like the rating or review they receive.
  5. We do not “freeze” or stop reviews once you have submitted your work. Reviewers are taking time out of their schedules to read your work, and their reviews will be published to our site.

Once a review is finished we will NO LONGER send an email notification to the author and publisher. Due to the sheer volume of reviews and request we field on a daily basis, we can no longer provide this service. There are several ways you can easily track your reviews or mention of your work on the internet. The best one is Google Alerts. it is fast, free and easy to manage. You can set up for your author name, and every book you have. The instant something hits the internet about your work, you will be notified.

If you submit your work through the submission form below (currently closed), once your review is published, you SHOULD receive an an automated email notification with a link to your review. Since this is an automated service from the blog,  it may not always work. You may still want to rely on Google Alerts. PLEASE do not email us about the status of your review. Fielding hundreds of email queries takes us away from reviewing books. Thank you for understanding.

Due to the overwhelming demand for reviews, there is NO guarantee of time frame on finished reviews (see #2 above). If you need a EARLY review for a guaranteed cover quote, please let us know and we will work with you to accommodate your request. Often books may not by picked up for up to 6 months sometimes longer for review. Each reviewer picks the books they want to review; we do not assign books. Back listed titles will take longer to review as new releases take priority. The length of time depends on staffing, review request volume and multiple other factors beyond our control.

About our ratings: There are lots of sites out there reviewing books, and there are just as many rating systems. When you receive a 3 tombstone rating at Bitten by Books, that is an average review, it is NOT a BAD grade in any sense of the word. Reviews of 3.5 stars and above are very good ratings at our site.

If you submit a series for review, and a reviewer picks it, they will review all books in your series and any future releases in the series as long as they continue to review at our site. When submitting a new book in a series BE SURE we have the back list of the series or that it has already been reviewed.

All content on the Bitten by Books site is copyrighted and owned by Bitten by Books, a subsidiary of Mood Ring Media. Permission to re-post will be granted to authors and publishers only with a CLICKABLE link back to the review and or the Bitten by Books website site. All others must gain permission in writing from us prior to re-posting our content. Permission to post our content in any form and charge for it is expressly forbidden.

By submitting your work you are agreeing to all of our Terms of Review. Terms of Review are subject to change without notice at any time and without prior notification.

Bitten by Books is NOT currently accepting book review submissions.

Last updated 11/13/14