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Our Staff:

Rachel and ClifThe Bitten by Books founder Rachel Smith is an avid reader and has been since the early 70′s. She enjoys primarily paranormal fiction, but can occasionally be caught reading non-fiction, chic lit or books on esoteric subjects. When not reviewing books you can find her blogging about her favorite products at http://www.weirdstuffinmydesk.com, creating jewelry at her other business A Charming Time or peddling nail polish her other passion at http://patroozie.com. Rachel has worked as a spiritual counselor and teacher for many years. When not reading or hanging out online this Pacific Northwest native enjoys spending time with her husband and playing with her pack of ferocious dogs and listening to music.


Sarai is a self declared read-aholic and has been trying to break the habit for many years with no avail. Photographer, sister, daughter, slave to a menagerie, history enthusiast, going green groupie, DIY freak, baseball fan, list making fiend, mind reader extraordinaire, tree climbing fogy, sarcastic to a fault, mystery solver, music fanatic, reluctant writer, baking diva, theater devotee, etc. etc. in other words I have far too many interests and no real drive to focus on just one.


Kate Jasmine is a Southern Belle of the very worst sort. She gossips about her sister. She will borrow your clothes and look better in them. Her mama despairs of all the money spent on charm school. Nonetheless, Kate loves to LIVE life with capital letters. When she isn’t out bungee jumping from the Eiffel tower, you can find her curled up on a chaise lounge on the lanai reading a good book. Bad books will be flung to the woods where the raccoons and possums can have them. About her photo: Kate, being a shy retiring type, wishes she looked like Margaret Mitchell.


Virginia Hendricks is the Review Manager for bittenbybooks.com. She has way too many books in her TBR pile. She found the world of paranormal during a brief hiatus from “bodice ripping” romance novels. Her entrance into the world of paranormal began with great authors such as Laurell K. Hamilton, Charlaine Harris and Keri Arthur. She has met many great authors and friends in her foray into the world of paranormal and urban fantasy novels. She lives in PA, roots for the sixburgh Steelers, the Penguins and the Pirates. She has two cats, and a wonderful understanding and loving husband. She also quilts, cross stitches, plays bells and plays pinball and wonders how she has time to work for a living.



LoriFor Lori, being an avid reader was inevitable as the daughter of two English Lit majors. It also didn’t hurt that her Grandmother was a children’s librarian so there were always plenty of books in the house.  When she is not reading, she can be found performing in and choreographing musicals for local theater groups. She works full-time for the Federal government and juggles that, being a wife and mother, the theater and still finds time to read on a daily basis. She is rarely without a book in her purse and her husband loves to tell people about the time she pulled out a book and read at an NHL game.

Ricki Marking-Camuto has been reviewing for Bitten by the Books since basically the beginning, and she is Rickialso one of the review editors. She will read almost anything, but here favorite genres include fantasy, horror, mystery, paranormal, and all YA and graphic novels/manga. Ricki was the Executive Managing Editor for Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror for the now-defunct Chippewa Publishing, but she still freelances. She holds a BA in Theatre Management and MFA in Directing, which all relate to her day job. When not working or reading, she can be found with her husband and dog, or hanging out with her group of friends do all sorts of nerdy/geeky things.


My name is Mary, and I’m a serious book junkie, with a large personal collection of reading material. I’m fascinated by ghosts, the paranormal, and true crime stories. I love discovering the possibilities in the next world and am curious about the reasons people do what they do in this one. I’ve been reading since the age of 3, and always have a book or two or three going.

I’m an elementary school substitute teacher, and I always have a book or two in my “bag of tricks”. My new favorite is “Frog in a Bog”. My husband and daughter do not share my passion for books, and secretly think I’ve gone over the top with my collecting and reading habits, but I firmly believe there are worse habits I could have!


Kersyn is an avid reader who dreams of one day having books listed on Bitten by Books. Until that time she keeps up her constant diet of books; read, devoured, savored, and digested. She lives in a zoo with many pets, both four and two legged who keep her pretty busy chasing them all, but in between times of running she has her trusty book at her side. If a book is not in her hands then it is either a cross-stitch or craft project.

Danielle is a stone-cold addict. Of books, that is. She loves to read. Her book collection is in the thousands. Several years ago, she read Night Pleasures by Sherrilyn Kenyon and became a die-hard paranormal fan. The same thing happened with urban fantasy/occult detective stories when she read Guilty Pleasures by Laurell K. Hamilton. Danielle grew up on fairy tales and mythology, so reading excellent urban fantasy which draws from the ancient myths and legends is a joy for her. Her heart goes pitter patter when she hears of an urban fantasy based on some obscure folk legend that most people never heard of. In her real life, she works in the veterinary field, and aspires to one day be a published author. She’s not married and doesn’t have kids, unless you count two spoiled cats. She lives in Texas.


A book reviewer and editor at Bitten by Books since 2008, Carol reads extensively in the urban fantasy genre, and also writes the column on genre television, Screen Bites. Serving as the director of the Urban Fantasy track at Dragon Con, Carol also works at Coastal Magic (formerly Olde City, New Blood), and AnachroCon, and for the last three years has been one of the organizers for a small literary festival in the town where she lives. When not reading, writing reviews, or working at conventions, Carol spends as much time as possible with her three amazing grandsons.

A deep and abiding love for words—written, spoken, or sung—drives Lacy in everything she does—work, creativity, and spare time. I love reading, writing, listening to music, and watching movies and TV. My love affair with books began as a young child and shows no signs of stopping. A number of my earliest and fondest memories are of going to the library and checking out books with my sister and my mom. As children my sister and I spent a lot of time at the library, and as we’ve grown older we’ve amassed so many books that we don’t need to go to the library quite as much but it’s still such a treat to be in that place that stores so much knowledge, adventures, and new experiences. In my spare time you can catch me either at the bookstore, reading, writing, or watching movies at the theater, or watching movies and TV shows at home. Watching movies and TV is a close second for my favorite way to chill out. Although I love to read and can be found reading just about any type of fiction, my first and current love is for romances. So, if you find me reading a book that’s not romance, chances are it has a love story either at its core or somewhere in the novel. I’m fascinated by the relationships and connections forged between people and I think that’s why I love romance so much in books, movies, and TV.


Michelle has always loved books. An early reader, she started at two, she can always be found with a book. Influenced by the arts at an early age as well, Michelle performs and directs regularly within the musical theater community.

By day, Michelle is a research scientist, a sometimes mundane but rewarding profession. Otherwise, she can be found reading, singing, sometimes randomly, training her dog and cat, or enjoying the company of her wonderful boyfriend, family, and friends.


Storm Reyes has been reading paranormal, science fiction and fantasy books for over 50 years and writing Stormreviews for 4 years. She recently retired from her position as Executive Assistant for the Pierce County Library System and now spends her time doing whatever the heck she wants to do. She’s a Puyallup Indian, living on an urban reservation and so has the best of both worlds. Storm also spent 40 years as a human rights activist and public speaker. Her future plans include learning Tai Chi and making a dent in her stack of books to-be-read.


Kristin is loving wife and doggie mom with a serious book addiction. When she is not in the kitchen whipping up a tasty confection (or cocktail) she can usually be found on the couch with her nose in a book. And she really did not hear what her husband just said to her, never mind that she responded… he should know better, she was reading. Her favorite books to read feature vampires, fae, & Gods of any pantheon (oh my!) but she has been known to pick up some pretty heavy philosophical tomes, funny memoirs, and scientific gobblygook. She also has a soft spot in her heart for good high fantasy. She fell in love with Anne Rice at far to young of an age and still has not found her way to NOLA! Kristin also spends time as a foster mom for a herding breed dog rescue in Illinois, indulging her husbands’ “silly” hobby of import/vintage video gaming, and spending as much time as she can with various members of her ridiculously large family. Somehow she manages to work full time in insurance sales but would much rather be having a kitchen dance party.


My name is Lynne, and I am blessed to have my husband whom I have been with over half my life. Two beautiful girls, 22 and 15, and my favorite boy, Spencer, my Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier. I LOVE to read. Everyone knows I walk around the house, (even outside) with a book in my hand. My very favorite types of books are: Werewolves, Vampires, anything paranormal urban fantasy is fantastic too. I have too many favorite authors to list!


Marie’s first memory of reading is at 3 years of age and involved a Pizza Inn placemat. Her family was amused by her pronunciation of Oh-clay-loma. Luckily, her speech and subject matter picked up speed after that. Now Marie can’t wait until Matrix-like technology is real and she can absorb a book by plugging it into her brain/hard drive. She will always love the smell and feel of words on paper, but let’s face it – there just aren’t enough hours in a human lifetime to take in all the great stories out there.

Marie pushes paper during the day but on weekends you can find her hiding backstage, doing tech jobs for live theaters. Her favorite place to read is in her giant claw-foot bathtub, with bubbles, a fruit & cheese plate, and an icy martini. Ok, she hasn’t actually got any of that. She makes due with Mr. Bubble, a box of cheese crackers, and a Diet Coke.

Marie loves book nooks, dogs, scary movies, and teasing those with coulrophobia. She lives in Wichita, Kansas, with her weapon of mass destruction, a rescue dog otherwise known as Piglet.

My name is Joani and I’m 42 years old. I have a job that lets me listen to audiobooks all day long. On my breaks I turn off the iPod and get out my kindle or paperback, then turn the MP3 player back on when I have to go back to work. I can’t believe I get paid for that!! I started reading a lot in high school, just regular stuff and found I really liked science fiction. But after a while I got lost in all that tech and found the fabulous world of fantasy and paranormal. I don’t think I could ever give it up now. I am blessed to have 4 of the best dogs on the planet. Well, actually they’re not dogs, they’re pugs which make them so much more than dogs. I also have a border collie and 8 cats. All of my animals are rescues and they are all older dogs. I’ve been with my husband for 25 years and we have 1 son. Thankfully they both love to read too. I’ve tried my hand at writing but with so many good books to read I’ve put that on the backburner. I plan to spend my retirement reading. I’m so looking forward to that!


EmmaEmma – From early childhood my parents encouraged me to read and I spent most of my time either with my nose in a book or on my horse.  While my parents can take the glory for my love of reading they have no idea where I got my love of animals (horses and dogs in particular) from.  I got my first dog when I was 8 but had to hand him back as my younger siblings where scared of him (he was a bouncy puppy). So I got a horse and my parents promise I could get a dog when I was fourteen (they thought I would forget).  Well I turned 14 and asked for my dog J  I’ve had one ever since.

Now days as an adult my time is split between work, reading, my dog (just in the last year and a half I’ve taken up dog agility) and still occasionally some horses.

When reading I read across a wide variety of genres from sci fi and fantasy to murder/mystery.  I’m not particularly fond of historical but otherwise I’ll give anything a try.

Alisa moved around a lot as an Army brat, but the nearest library was always the first place to be located at the Alisanext duty station. She started reading before she started school because she was too impatient to wait on her mom to read to her, and she has been a voracious reader ever since. Besides reading she enjoys knitting and playing video games, especially RPGs like World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy.

Maria RoseMaria Rose – I have been a reader from an early age as a way to escape reality. I discovered all sorts of books in the public library, and found the Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys books to my taste. Then I came upon the works of Jules Verne and science fiction novels. My first venture into horror stories was with Stephen King, and I have followed him from his start to the present. I got into paranormal by reading a few different authors starting with Christine Feehan, Kelley Armstrong, Karen Marie Moning, and Diana Gabaldon. I then discovered Steve Alten, Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, Ken Follett, Dan Brown, and Steve Berry. I do my reading for relaxation whenever I have a spare minute, and I sometimes juggle three books at a time.