Winner and a Random Picture from Facebook! Brought to you by Off the Fang!

Okay kids, we’re in the middle of yet ANOTHER move (three in a year – yes, I’m clinically insane), so I’m going to make this short and sweet. chose commentor 21 for the free vampire e-book! That would be YOU, Cat S. Since I went over board on Black Friday, I’ll have to send it to you a week from tomorrow. Spend that time perusing the awesomeness available and make your choice wisely. It’ll be like Christmas!

On a completely random note: folks, we are SCREWED in the event of a zombie apocalypse. Tallahassee will be too busy crying in his Wheaties to help us out. 🙁 The horror!! The horror!!

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  1. Yes, yes. I believe it is the third move that makes one clinicaly insane. So yep, you’re now officially crazy! That’s right you’re not unofficial anymore, like you were before. That’s the key difference there. 🙂

    And you better start building up the reserves. You never know when an undead horde will rise!

    Good luck with the rest of the move!

    • I know! It’s awful! There’s a factory near where I live and it closed about a week ago. And there are none to find on the shelves in the city.

      So if anybody has any twinkies, cupcakes or zingers out there, hoard them like their gold! Or sell them(to me). I can’t imagine how much they’d go for online.

  2. LOL !!! Hubby is bemoaning the fact about Zingers too. He could care less about twinkies.. But yes.. Poor Zombieland..

  3. I heard it might not be too late for Twinkies. They might be saved after all?

  4. And I thought 4 moves in 5 years was bad. Wow!

    And LA LA LA LA LA LA to the Hostess thing I swear if I hear it again in this house, GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! He has the pan, the tools and the recipe, WTF!

  5. I’m SOOOO unprepared for zombie apocalypse either:) Especially as I don’t watch zombie movies, as they creep me out.

    • I had to work late Friday, and by the time I got home, the kid and the man were fast asleep. What do I decide to do? Log into Netflix and watch Season 2 of The Walking Dead BY MYSELF! There were zombies in every dark corner of my house, I swear. Couldn’t even get up to go to the bathroom, lol.

  6. I’m doing a re-watch of Walking Dead myself. My son has the dvd’s, so I get to watch them at my leisure. I love that show! And sorry to say it, but Little Debbie zebra cakes are my favs, if they go out business there will be an uprising!

    • We have Season 1, just ordered Season 2, and don’t have cable so haven’t seen Season 3. I started freaking out during the last episode of Season 2. “WE HAVE TO SEE THE NEXT SEASON! THIS IS MADNESS! WHY DON’T WE HAVE CABLE??? AAARRRRGGGHHHHHH.”

  7. My favorite is their cupcakes! Btw, I can’t believe that you have moved 3 times in a year! I hate moving!

    • Ugh, me too. I thought the first move would be for about a year, but the apartment complex exemplifies “ghetto” to a T. The second move was to be for several years, but we got a dog and started a war with the neighbors (the Boxer was totally worth it! lol), so THAT didn’t work out, lol. We bought the house we just moved into, so barring me snapping and killing my boyfriend, we should be there for a while. Hopefully. 🙂