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The Last First Book We Ever Wrote

Hello there! My name is Bree, and I’m one half of the romance-writing, virtual-crime-fighting duo known as Moira Rogers. I’m here today because Bitten by Books was kind enough to agree to help us celebrate something really exciting that only comes once in an author’s lifetime: the release of the first book we ever wrote.

Awesome, right? We sure think so! Of course, the part that takes a little bit of explaining is the part where Crux is, in fact, our sixteenth ebook to be released. A lot has happened to us since fall of 2007, when we first sat down to try and tell the story of Mackenzie and Jackson, the heroine and hero who have to fight an evil supernatural conspiracy spanning generations to win their chance at a happy ending. We scampered off to hone our craft on short stories and novellas and learned from our experience. But we always came back to this story, because in the end we loved our tough determined heroine and her smooth talkin’ detective hero too much to leave alone.

Today, in honor of Crux’s release, we’ve teamed up with Bitten by Books for a chance to make someone else just as excited as we are. We have in our possession a NEW Apple iPod touch 8 GB (1st Generation) (Retail Value $229.00), perfect for listening to music AND reading books through the awesome application Stanza. The Apple iPod touch 8 GB also holds 1,750 songs or 10 hours of video. Go here to read all about it. We’re also going to give $50.00 and $25.00 Visa Gift Cards to two lucky runners up! All you need to do is read the rules below and enter this awesome contest. And if you happen to pick up a copy of Crux, we hope you’ll love Jackson and Mackenzie as much as we do!

Book Excerpt: “Jackson Holt makes a decent living as a private investigator in New Orleans, home of one of the largest underground supernatural populations in the United States. He and his partners have never met a case they couldn’t crack…until a local bar owner asks him to do a little digging on her newest hire.

New Orleans is the fourth destination in as many months for Mackenzie Brooks, a woman on the run from a deranged stalker. After all, any man who shows up on her doorstep claiming to be her destined lover has more than a few screws loose. But crazy doesn’t explain why he always finds her no matter how far she runs.

When her well-meaning boss puts a PI on her case, Mackenzie comes face to face with the incredible truth: magic is real, and whatever spell has kept her hidden and separate from the paranormal world is rapidly deteriorating.

With time running out, she has no choice but to trust Jackson as he struggles to uncover the truth of her past-and her destiny.”


Readers, here’s how to enter the Crux New Release Contest. You can do ONE or ALL of these things, and each one will give you additional entries at a chance to WIN one of THREE fabulous prizes.

The Prizes:
Apple iPod touch 8 GB (1st Generation) (click the link to see the exact item)

$50.00 Visa Gift Card

$25.00 Visa Gift Card

Please note, the prize stated IS the prize you will receive, there will be absolutely no substitutions or changes the prize is non-transferable. If you don’t want the prize being offered, please don’t enter the contest. If you ever win an electronic copy of a book, please note that it is ILLEGAL to forward, give away or copy it in anyway once you receive it. Doing so violates copyright. If we find out that it has been done, you will no longer be eligible to win any of our contests.

1. The easiest way to enter is by purchasing copies of Crux. Yep, it is true, if you purchase a copy of Moira’s new release here: You will get FORTY entries to the contest for each copy you purchase. It is not mandatory to purchase a copy, there are plenty of other ways to enter and win. Just email me a copy of your purchase receipt to racoo.smith @ (no spaces). Sorry no faxes or snail mail copies.

2. Spread the word!! Post this event in it’s entirety including the image at the top of the page for the contest announcement on your blog or website. Right click to save the image to your computer. Come back and leave the links to where you posted it. Good for 20 entries PER place you post it.

3. Attend one or all of the events hosted at Bitten by Books in the upcoming weeks, comment and participate at those events for extra entries into this contest. Here is a link to the event schedule: Start with C.E. Murphy’s interview from today here: Then head over to Dakota Cassidy’s contest here: Just come back and tell us which ones you participated it and leave the link for the event. Good for 10 entries per event you attend.

4. Read the Bitten by Books reviews of Moira’s books here:

Then leave a meaningful comment IN THE REVIEW post that shows you read the review, not just a post that says “sounds good” or “nice review”, a couple of sentences would be great! Simply share your thoughts, ideas or opinions and show the author some love. Good for 5 entries per review.

5. Post all of the links to Moira’s reviews on Bitten by Books along with your thoughts on each one on YOUR blog/website. You MUST come back here and post the links to where you posted the links at. Good for 10 entries per place you post them.

6. SUBSCRIBE to the Bitten by Books newsletter here on the right hand side of the site. This is for new subscribers only. Be sure you VERIFY your subscription, an email is sent with the verification link. Unverified subscribers will not be entered and will be deleted from the mailing list. Good for 10 entries.

7. Post the link to the contest here today ( at another blog, website, Myspace, Ning Group, Facebook, Yahoo Group (any group where it is appropriate) and you will be given TEN additional entries for a chance to win for every link you post. BUT you MUST come back here to this interview and post those links in one response here in this thread. The more places you post the event, the more entries you get, so spread the word! NOTE: if you post multiple links here, your post will not show up right away. If you don’t see it, don’t keep posting it, we WILL approve your entry later on in the day. Good for 10 entries per place you post the link to this event.

8. Purchase copies of Moira’s awesome books USING THE LINKS BELOW today through Friday 3/20/09 and send us a copy of the receipt VIA email (sorry no faxes or snail mail) for your purchase to: racoo.smith @ (no spaces) for TWENTY additional entries. You get TWENTY entries for each one you purchase. Not valid on past purchases. Please use these links below to buy her most recent books.


Cry Sanctuary (Red Rock Pass #1):

Kamikaze (Last Call: New York #1):
Hurricane (Last Call: New York #2):
A Last Call Christmas Party (Last Call: New York #2.5):
Tequila Sunrise (Last Call: New York #3):
Virgin Daiquiri (Last Call: New York #4):
Tequila Sunset (After Hours #1):

Moonshine (Mystic Valley Shorts #1):
Some Like it Haunted (Mystic Valley Shorts #2):
The 13th Step (Mystic Valley Shorts #3):
Last Hope (Carnal Powers #1):

Wild Card (Down & Dirty #1):
Calling the Bluff (Down & Dirty #2):

Under the Magnolia:
Sexual Healing:

Or buy ANYTHING from Amazon today through Friday 3/20/09 by using the Amazon search box to your right hand side on our site. We will know if you used the box to search and buy, so please be sure to use it or your entries won’t count. Send me a copy of the receipt VIA email (sorry no faxes or snail mail) for your purchase to: racoo.smith @ (no spaces). Good for 20 entries per item purchased.

9. Add us as your friend on Myspace:

Add us as your friend on Facebook:

Follow us on Twitter: be SURE to tweet us after you follow so we can count your entry! @BittenbyBooks

Be sure to mention that you are friending us for this contest so we know to enter you! Good for 5 entries per place you friend us.

8. Be friends with Moira by joining her here:

Her Newsletter



Twitter (Bree):

Twitter (Donna):

Then send us a copy of the email you get once you are approved for her newsletter, forum welcome email that will have your username on it and the confirmation of friendship on Myspace to: racoo.smith @ (no spaces). For Twitter, send me a tweet to @BittenbyBooks with @moirarogersbree and @ donnajherren that says “Crux New Release iPod Touch Contest” (please don’t DM the tweet) Good for 10 entries each place you add.

10. Twitter and ask your friends to re-tweet the URL for this event be SURE to include us in your tweet @BittenbyBooks Good for 10 entries.

11. Add Moira’s blog, website and live journal to your blog roll or links page: and Good for 10 entries for each place you add it.

12. Add Bitten by Books to your blog roll or links page: if you leave our link up permanently you will always be entered into our contests automatically. Just be sure to stop by each contest we hold and leave the link to where it is so we can give you your entry! Good for 10 entries.

13. Email ALL of your friends and invite them to come by today! If your fiends come and post here and say you sent them, they get FOUR entries and you get SIX entries! They have to tell us who you are so we know who to give the entries to. You can invite as many people as you want and get all the extra entries!

14. Join the The Blood Bank the Bitten by Books Community! here: then come back here and tell us your user name. Be sure to post something about yourself on your blog there. Good for 10 entries


The contest ends on Friday 3/20/09 at 11:59 pm PST and the winners will be contacted the following week. You will receive your prize directly from the publisher. PLEASE LEAVE YOUR FIRST AND THE INITIAL OF YOUR LAST NAME as well as a valid email where we can contact you. REMEMBER the more things you do, the more entries, the greater the chances of winning.


1. If you aren’t interested in receiving the prizes, offered please do not enter the contest.

2. You have THREE days from the day the I contact you to claim your prize by sending your name/mailing address to me. Failure to contact me will forfeit your prize. BBB can at that time, choose either to re- award the prize to another entrant or not.

3. The prize stated IS the prize you will receive, there will be no substitutions, trades or changes. No exceptions. Please do not ask. If for some reason you do not wish to claim your prize, please let me know as soon as possible. We have the option to re-award it or not.

4. Contest is open to readers worldwide. International shipping will be the least expensive option available and insured if possible. US shipping will be via priority mail, with delivery confirmation and insurance. The prize contributor and Bitten by Books is in NO way responsible if your prize doesn’t show up or is damaged in transit. The item (s) will not be replacable. The prize is shipped directly from the author.

5. Bitten by Books is in NO way responsible for the prizes being offered in any of the contests. If for some reason a contributor does not honor their prize, there is nothing we can or will do about it. We are not worried that this will happen, but we want to be very clear that WE are not offering these prizes, the contributor is and it is their responsibility to fulfill their prize obligations.

6. These rules are subject to change or be modified without prior written notice.

7. Contest is void where prohibited.

8. By entering this contest you are agreeing to our terms of entry

The Last First Book We Ever Wrote Hello there! My name is Bree, and I’m one half of the romance-writing, virtual-crime-fighting duo known as Moira Rogers. I’m here today because Bitten by Books was kind enough to agree to help us celebrate something really exciting that only comes once in an author’s lifetime: the release …

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  1. Congrats on your release ladies! 🙂

  2. alright Rachel, im totally in this for the win, lol. you are linked @ my blog, i’ll be twittering this and all the other events daily, this will go @ my facebook tonight, im adding moira to my blog roll, and im friending them on twitter. wooooot, awesome contest guys! 😀

  3. Congrats guys! I look forward to reading Crux! I’ve downloaded a couple of the freebies too and can;t wait to read them! 🙂

    okay, so I’ve added on myspace and both on twitter. I think I joined the forums.

    posted to Mark and Dakota’s yahoo groups



    oh and bittenbybooks is on my interesting places to visit (

    Have I forgotten anything? LOL.

    Commented on Crux review

    Attended all the events BBB has held this week 🙂

  4. oops. forgot. posted as a bulletin and my status message on myspace. lol.

    Thank you ladies! I am totally excited about this contest and the book!

  5. Congrats on your release! (thumbs up) I’ve added you all on Twitter and tweeted about the contest but I’ll be back for more later, probably.

  6. w00t! YES! Gonna have to start this tomorrow…. No I will twit tonight for the first one! 🙂 nicholandria…. lol your gonna get sick of me! hee hee

  7. Hey everybody this is Joann Jones here. EvilMeJoann Twittered for Crux by Moira Rogers.

  8. For the first 10 entries (more to come, I promise…just really tired tonight so I did the first thing I could).

    I tweeted the giveaway here:

    Would absolutely love to win!!! I’m going to try my hardest!!!
    -barbarabaker 🙂

  9. attended Diane Whiteside’s interview! Twittered there, and added her blog to roll!

  10. Crux sounds like a fun book! I’ve tweeted about the contest and joined the Blood Bank (Nancy Holzner). Thanks for running a great contest.

  11. All right, I think I did this right. It’s my first time 🙂

    I posted on 2 sites:


    In case they don’t work, the first is myspace/
    (my site)

    and the second is at

    Please Let me know if this counts.



  12. Thank ya’ll so much for having this contest! These are AWESOME prizes!

  13. I posted the giveaway graphic with link on my blog

    and you’re on my blogroll.

    I facebooked the link to the giveaway:
    (Michelle Hudak)

    I added you as a friend on MySpace and Facebook (Michelle Hudak..although I forgot to mention it’s because of this contest, you’ll just have to think I’m a stalker)

    I’m already following Bitten By Books on twitter (username:auntiethesis).

  14. Hey Everybody I’m on a roll tonight. I posted my blog for Crux by Moira Rogers at

  15. I blogged on blogspot…. but couldn’t get the pic up! 🙁

  16. Sounds like a great read and I’d certainly love to win any of these prizes! I posted a link on facebook:

  17. w00t! GOT IT!

  18. I posted info about this contestt on my myspace blog. Here is the link to my page: I also when to the interview with Diane Whiteside at this link:

  19. I re-tweeted (, posted on my pop culture blog (, and you’re in my blog roll (

  20. Very awesome contest! Thanks, guy! I will be getting this book soon. In the meantime…

    I’m friends with moirarogers on livejournal and have posted info on the contest at my livejournal.



    Friended you on facebook and following you on Twitter (username is amezri).

    Following moirarogersbree on twitter.

    uhhhm… I think that’s everything! 😀

  21. Erm. That should say, “Thanks, guys!” not, “Thanks, guy.” That’ll teach me not to reread my comments before posting.

  22. I love, love books set in NOLA. I’m really intrigued about a writing duo. Is it difficult to write together, and do your ideas for the arc of the story ever conflict? How do you handle those conflicts?

    9 Following you on twitter
    9b Following Bree& Donna on Twitter
    11 Added blog to both of mine ( &
    12 You’re already on my blog-roll 🙂

    HZilionis (at) gmail (dot) com

  23. *Sorry if this is a double post!

    I love, love books set in NOLA. I do have a question for the authors. Is it difficult to write together, and do your ideas for the arc of the story every conflict? How do you handle those conflicts?

    9 Following you on twitter
    9b Following Bree& Donna on Twitter
    11 Added blog to both of mine ( &
    12 You’re already on my blogroll 🙂

    HZilionis (at) gmail (dot) com

  24. Contest entry: I retweeted today’s contest. 😀 Looks like a great book, will definitely be added to my to be read list (notice I didn’t say pile, hubby would kill me if I added books to that, so I buy them, read them, and they never make that pile. LOL)

  25. As always, you guys are linked at my livejournal:

    I’m looking at all these other wonderful options and am sure I’ll do more before the 20th. 🙂

  26. I posted at Diane’s interview today.

  27. o i want to win that ipod! pleasepleaseplease
    ill do anyyyyyyyyyy thign you ask. run around town naked, {or well i been wanting to anyways,} beat the heck out of my mailman. you can have all 3 kids, hehehe they all 2 are teens and the 21 yro has a 4 yr old

  28. Posted on the Diane Whiteside interview.

  29. For Moira Rogers:

    Congrats on having your first book published! It’s simply amazing to hear that after finding success with other novels, that you were able to find a home for your first. Great job!

    For Rachel:

    Oh wow! I sooo want this. Here’s what I’ve done so far to spread the word:

    2. Posted this on the following blogs:

    6. Already a subscriber.

    7. Posted the link at:
    – MySpace Bulletin:
    – Facebook: Put it on my status –
    – Darkness Within Forums (Jennifer Turner

  30. What a sweet contest. Please count me in. I have done #13. I sent an email to my friends and told them about this awesome contest.


  31. linda h sen t me

  32. I follow you on twitter and tweeted:
    5 entries

  33. I’m your friend on facebook (bunnyb baxter)
    5 entries

  34. Thanks kh good luck in the contest 🙂


  35. Following moira and tweeted:
    10 entries

  36. Channon Valentine

    I post on my blog on My Space:

    I hope this works. I have never done this before and it was fun. I really hope I win.

  37. Following donna and tweeted:
    10 entries

  38. Channon Valentine

    I also bought the book and sent the email to prove it. Thank you so much for the excuse to buy it. I wanted it for awhile.

  39. Bitten by books on my blogroll
    10 entries

  40. I’ve joined The Blood Bank the Bitten by Books Community!
    user name: bunny b
    10 entries

  41. 1. I bought Crux!
    2. I posted the event here: and here:
    3. I attended Diane Whiteside’s interview:
    4. I commented on some reviews.
    5. I posted all the links to the reviews on both above blogs.
    6. I’m already subscribed to the newsletter.
    7. I posted the link to the event at both above blogs. I also posted a bulletin on Myspace: , here: here: here: and here:
    9. We’re already friends on Myspace and Facebook.
    10. I’ve joined the Yahoo group, the forum, and I added Moira as a friend on Myspace.
    11. I’ve added Moira’s blog, website, and LJ links to my blogroll/links list on both above blogs.
    12. I’ve already added BBB to my links list on both above blogs.
    14. I’m already a part of The Blood Bank.

  42. This looks like a great new book, I’ll be checking it out for sure!

    I have posted this link on Twitter and Facebook:
    I am following BittenbyBooks on Twitter.

  43. my myspace redzxoxo friended everyone, i have an blood bank acct. and posted this on my myspace blog, and on talkingtwolips yahoo group for fun. ohh joined the news letter too! turns out was already a member! hehehe

  44. Give me 10 entries please, you’re on my blogroll over at

  45. already friended on facebook
    added to myspace friends

  46. Posted at FB! Gotta drop all off at perspective places then back to do more! 🙂

  47. Wow, awesome contest. I blogged about this contest at

    I am already a subscriber

    Added the sites to my blog at

    I’m already on the newsletter list

    Awesome contest, thanks so much!

  48. Posted to my blog (and I’ll be twittering lots! 🙂 :

    Looks like we’re gonna keep you busy Rachel! 🙂

  49. Awesome giveaway:)

    Posted contest here:
    already friends with Bitten By Books on Myspace

    already friends with Bitten By Books on Facebook

    already following Bitten By Books on Twitter

    Joined newsletter

    Added on Myspace

    Joined Forum

    Following Bree on Twitter

    Following Donna on Twitter

    Bitten By Books is on my blogroll here:

  50. Some like it Haunted looks really good. I like the idea of fighting over a grant for ghost research–do they really have those? What a fun field to be in, although I’m probably too much of a scaredy cat for that.

  51. Hey!

    I posted the contest on my blog at

    I added Moira Rogers and Bitten by Books there as well in my blog rolls.

    I added Bitten by Books on MySpace and Facebook, and I added Moira Rogers on MySpace as well!

    Yeah for contests! Thanks guys! You rock!

  52. I have bitten by books listed in my blog roll

  53. Ashley Madden (nightdweller20) and I were out hunting last night when she told me about this contest. BBB, Moira is already one of my MySpace friends. As are you!
    I’ve invited friends, dead and alive, to visit. If you see a bunch of strange sentences those are the zombies. I’ve participated in events, joined the Blood Bank, joined Moira’s newsletter, and everything else. You know I’m good for it. lol!
    I’m going to purchase CRUX so you’ll be hearing from me about that. It’s also highly possible I’ll order from Amazon too. I was fortunate enough to bite someone who had gift certs, on their person.
    Good luck all! May the best Vampiresssss win!


  54. Hey congrats on the release of your very first book……. I added Moira on myspace and you know where I am and all that fun stuff I forget so often……. I have that crucial disease called part timers, it happens part of the time instead of all of the timers disease….

    Cindy Mac

  55. After reading the review, which was awesome, I have to say the whole… showing up on my doorstep and thinking he is my destined lover definitely got my attention. Plus I have a thing for Private Detectives.

    1) I purchased the book. Receipt sent to Rachel.
    4) Twittered about this contest – MarnieBelle

    So excited Moira Rogers – a new author.

  56. Subscribed to newsletter!

  57. I already am friends with Bitten by Books on Facebook, MySpace & Twitter.

    I am already following Donna & Dee on Twitter. I am already friends with them on MySpace.

  58. Congrats re the new release!!!

    BBB is perma linked on my blog at

  59. I posted this contest on:



    It’s posted on the sidebar of my blog:

    Post the link to the contest at:

    Also added Moira Rogers as a friend on Livejournal.

  60. I am now a member of the Bitten by Books Ning community. My username is Jeanne St. James.

  61. I posted about it on 3 blogs – blog – blog

    I also posted links to the contest on the blog posts and I have bitten by books on my blog links for blogger and I put Moira Rogers blog link up also. Linda H. (readingissomuchfun) told me about the blog contest.

  62. What an awesome contest!! I’ve purchased the book, which I can’t wait to read and I’ve twittered (

    I’ve also added BittenByBooks as a friend on Facebook and Myspace.

    I posted a link to the contest on my Facebook profile:

    I’ve also ‘Stumbled’ the contest:

    I’ve added Donna and Moira on Twitter 😀

    And I joined the Blood Bank!

    Good Luck everyone!

  63. 1. w00t! bought Crux- YAY! PRC file IS available for Kindle owners! forwarded the confirmation email
    2. posted it at:
    3. I am, all of them! >:) Does this one count too? lol
    4. left a reply in all the reviws!
    5.working on it
    6.already subscribed
    7. my blog
    8. working on it and sending you confirmations!
    9. already done 🙁
    8. joined the newsletter- forwarded the confirm
    friended on myspace- forwarded acceptance
    joined the forum- forwarded the welcome
    following on tweet and sent you the tweet
    10. twittered 🙂
    11. added all 3 to my roll and links on google
    12. ur on perm blog
    13. done
    14. sigh already a member 🙂

  64. Draculissa sent me.

    Congrats on your first book! It sounds really good! Thank you for such a great giveaway!
    mittens0831 AT

  65. Great interview! I tweeted about it too… 🙂

    The iPod Touch looks very cool too!


    Lisa 🙂

  66. Posted about the contest at all of my usual suspects: FB, Myspace, Beach Girl, and Twitter. Figure that you know where to find those by now! LOL

    Have the blahs, so won’t read the reviews just yet… I don’t want to insult anyone by trying to make sense when I’m nonsensical!

  67. 4. read and commented on all reviews for Moira Rogers.

  68. I subscribed to the forum (I forgot to forward that one before I signed out… Oops!), the newsletter (forwarded to you), follow both on Twitter (I’m not quite sure how to do as you instructed… SEE PRIOR MESSAGE!), and friended on Myspace (why aren’t they on FB, hmmmm???).

    It’s nap time now… *g*

  69. 7.I blogged on MySpace for Moira Rogers

  70. 9. I added BBB to MySpace friends

  71. 9. I’ve friended BBB on FaceBook

  72. bought 2 books and forwarded reciepts 🙂

  73. I’ve joined Moira Rogers Newsletter group

  74. I forgot to put in that I friended on MySpace and Facebooks for the contest for Moira Rogers. Sorry I’m new at this.

  75. I also blogged on Facebook for the Moira Rogers Contest.

  76. I blogged on MySpace for the contest too.

  77. Ok I friended Moira Rogers on MySpace and look forward to her acceptance.

  78. I am now following Bree and Donna on Twitter

  79. I blogged BBB and Moira Rogers on my blog page.

  80. I’ve commented on all the reviews and have put the link in my facebook status message. Whew!

  81. Subscribed to newsletter!

  82. Friended you on Facebook and MySpace!

  83. Be friends with Moira: on MySpace

  84. Lastnerve2000 @

    told me about this contest!

  85. Subscribed to Biten by Books Blog.

  86. I am following you on Twitter!

  87. I requested a friendship on Facebook AND I added your giveaway to my facebook page.

    Tamra is hoping to win an iPod Touch at this giveaway moment ago – clear

  88. I requested your friendship on Myspace (I’m SockMonkeyGreetings there).

  89. Huge congrats to you both Moira!!! I’ve had the joy of reading yours and you so deserving of finally having your first book you wrote out! And too, it being in print in the near future! Doesn’t it go to print from Samhain like six months or so later? Would make a great keeper and so great to have it up on the shelves in the stores! Will be your first print, right?

    I’ve done lots for this contest! I’ll put that on another post, separate from my note here to the Moira’s!

    Again huge congrats!!

  90. Thanks bunches. For your info too, I also did:

    1. I Purchased CRUX (receipt sent)

    2. I Spread the word at:

    TWITTER (Caffey)

    FACEBOOK (Cathie Caffey)

    MySpace (

    Blog (

    3. I’ll be attending the posts like Diane Whiteside, etc. Love to come! I get lots of books from the recommendations there! You’ll see me there!

    4.I posted on MOONSHINE, SOME LIKE IT HAUNTED reviews.

    5. Posted on MySpace blog to check out the review for MOONSHINE

    6. I’m verifying that I did already sign for your newsletter 🙂

    7. I posted about the blog contest here on my MySpace at

    8. I have bought many of Moira’s books previous, so don’t have receipts of today but would previously getting them help?

    9. I’m your friend on MySpace, on your FaceBook, and Twitter!

    10. I’m on Moiras Newsletter, MySpace, Forum, Twitter for both, but was on it already so no way to do send confirms of them. I joined Forum not long ago so I will see if I have the email anymore.

    11. A friend AmySmith98 told me about the contest here today!

    12. I’m on The Blood Bank the Bitten by Books Community! and listed under CAFFEY

  91. *I subscribed to your newsletter & verified my subscription

    *I wrote a note on Facebook about the contest –

    *I posted a bulletin on MySpace –

    *I added you as a friend on Facebook (Deanna Devendorf McClellan)

    *I added you as a friend on MySpace (Deanna McClellan)

    *I’m following you on Twitter (deanna_j) and tweeted you –

    *I tweeted about the contest –

  92. Okie dokie, I did 2 and 7, hopefully anyway LOL, at my site, and just click on the Blog/What’s New link. 🙂 And congrats on the new release! 🙂


  93. I purchased the book, forwarded the order confirmation, am a subscriber and twittered the giveaway here:

    Thanks for my chances to win.

  94. I really love the sound of this book and will be getting a copy. Wow awesome contest everyone.

  95. stefanie chapman

    i am a friends on myspace

  96. Shelley (spgirls)

    I posted a link on facebook here:

    I posted a link to the contest here:

    I wasn’t sure how to post a link so I just put it into the What are you doing section. Twitter is new to me.

  97. Shelley (spgirls)

    I’m now following you on Twitter: at I tried to tweet you but I wasn’t sure how to do it. Hopefully I did and I left a message.

  98. I just blogged on a new group blog site for the contest for Moira Rogers at

  99. I blogged here-

    both the interview and
    the page!

  100. 20 ENTRIES via the #2 entry method)
    I’m Posting your image & link, today on our most popular blog, and more specifically the most popular post today. Then again each day I can, on the same blog, albeit a different post once each day(if possible) now through the 20th it’ll appear on our Sweepstakes Answers blog @ found at

    I’ll try to pick one of the most frequented posts per each days server logs. Each day I post, I’ll come back here to comment with the permalink for another 20 entries. If this is acceptable to you, please email me to let me know. Otherwise if I don’t hear the additional 20 points per post is ok, I’ll just post for todays 20 points. Todays post of your pic is on our most popular post visited via the search engines TODAY. TODAY seems everyone wants to know what Al’s second job was on Married with Children

  101. I just blogged on Facebook for the Moira Rogers contest.

  102. I blogged for the Moira Rogers contest at
    You go girls “The new dynamic duo”.

  103. i just tweeted on Twitter for the Moira Rogers contest.

  104. I just blogged on my blogsite for the Moira Rogers contest.

  105. Hi! I shared on facebook and added Bree & Donna on my Twitter and updated my status with the link.

  106. OOps forgot to post that it was for the Moira Roger contest. I posted again on my space.

  107. Congrats on the release of Crux,girls! It must be very exciting for you! Best of luck!

  108. I am very intrigued after reading the synopsis of this book. It sounds very exciting! I can’t imagine having some guy knock on my door telling me he was my destined lover! Whoa!

  109. Holy Cow everyone wants this, wow………..
    well I would love to have it but yeah there are so many who do want it may the best win it and enjoy….. Thank you Rachel, BBB, and everyone else who makes these contests up for us every day of the week you guys are amazing people….. Just wanted to say that

    Cindy Mac

  110. It’s me again this time I have done #2. I posted about this great contest on my blog here

    I also posted about the contest on my blog at myspace here under Awesome Contest To Check Out


  111. I twittered

  112. i bought 6 books using the box, forwarded the receipts 🙂

  113. I want a new toy. I tore my blue liner trying to do all the things you asked of me. Is CRUX only an e-book?

    TOUCH me in my coffin
    Then just blog away….
    (recognize that tune)

    D :-)=

  114. 1. n/a
    2. posted announcement on my blog: and to my facebook account:
    3. n/a
    4. will leave note on review
    5. n/a
    6. n/a
    7. posted link to contest on my blog: and to my facebook account:
    8. n/a
    9. friend requests submitted for both myspace and facebook accounts
    10. n/a
    11. website, blog, and livejournal info added to my blog at
    12. added BBB by links page on my blog:
    13. n/a
    14. n/a

  115. For contest:
    2. posted event – blog:, facebook:
    4. posted comments on reviews for Crux and Cry Sanctuary
    7. posted link to contest – blog:, facebook:
    9. sent friend requests for myspace and facebook
    11. posted Moira Rogers blog, website, and livejournal info to my blog links:
    12. posted BBB link on my blog links:

  116. For contest (part I):
    2. posted event – blog:, facebook:
    4. posted comments on reviews for Crux and Cry Sanctuary
    7. posted link to contest – blog:, facebook:

  117. For contest (part II):
    9. sent friend requests for myspace and facebook
    11. posted Moira Rogers blog, website, and livejournal info to my blog links:
    12. posted BBB link on my blog links:

  118. For contest (Part II):
    9. sent friend requests for myspace and facebook
    11. posted Moira Rogers blog, website, and livejournal info to my blog links:

  119. For contest (part II):
    9. sent friend requests for myspace and facebook

  120. For contest(part III):
    11. posted Moira Rogers blog, website, and livejournal info to my blog links:
    12. posted BBB link on my blog links:

  121. For contest(part III):
    11. posted Moira Rogers blog, website, and livejournal info to my blog links:

  122. 11. posted Moira Rogers blog, website, and livejournal info to my blog links:

  123. For contest(part III):
    11 and 12 are on my blog:

  124. I completed 11 and 12 but the comments won’t let me repost my blog link – it’s above

  125. ok, I hope I did this right…I posted the link to my myspace page here:
    and I friended you on myspace and facebook

  126. I twittered, I facebooked, I facebooked friended yous and best (for me, at any rate) I bought the book. Now I think I’ll go blog it too. I love good contests and good books.

  127. oh, you want links too? My facebook you should see, right? it’s under my name.
    and my blog is here.
    I copied and pasted the whole freaking thing. Which I hope is what you wanted me to do. Doesn’t look nearly as good up at my place as yours.

  128. okay, I blogged too. htpp:// .

  129. I commented on 1 review, posted the contest in it’s entirety twice, (once on facebook & on livejournal), I read the DW interview,, I joined the bloodbank, I subscribed to the newsletter, I joined “moira’s group”, I posted the link to the contest twice (facebook and livejournal), I friended you on Facebook, I added Moira’s blog links to my blog (livejournal), I added the bitten by books link to my blog as a permanent fixture. This should give me a total of 140 entries.

    Thanks much for the opportunity to win such a fabulous prize. Should I win, I’m going to buy and load all the books I can from here…

    Chrissey :)~


    to see everything on livejournal that I posted.

  131. Posted your contest on my blog! Cheers!

  132. I followed this entire saga from an Etsy article on increasing views on Etsy!! man, oh, man, the places the internet will take us. So now I have posted the link to my blog This looks like a really fast fun action packed thriller in the soft romance style I really enjoy. Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy! good luck to you both.

  133. Posted your contest and Bitten By Books link on MySpace.


  134. I am a subscriber

  135. Bunny referred me (bunnybx at gmail dot com)

  136. added Bitten by books to my blogroll

  137. Added Moira

  138. Added Moira

  139. Added Moira

  140. twittered and facebooked

  141. I blogged and posted the this link here:

    and here:

    Following Donna and Bree on Twitter.

    Am your friend on facebook, myspace and twitter too, not sure if for only newbies.

    also Twittered to retweet:

    Also you’re a perm fav on my blog:

    added Morias blog to my blog listed above.

    also posted link on Facebook:

  142. More entries!

    4. I posted review comments under the following Moira Rogers book reviews:
    Christmas Party, Last Call: Virgin Daiquiri, Wild Card, Last Call: Kamikaze, Last Call: Hurricane, Last Call: Tequila Sunrise, Moonshine, Under the Magnolia, Some Like it Haunted, Cry Sanctuary, and Crux.

    Also used Bitten By Book to order stuff via Amazon. Email confirmation sent Rachel!
    5. I posted information about the book reviews and my comments at:

  143. Yahoo! I can’t wait to read the book. I just downloaded it. In the meantime, I’ve posted it on my blogs:

    Good luck with the book~!

  144. Just a quick update. I signed on to the bloodbank as Teagan Oliver. Love the Ning.

    I added Moira to my author roll on
    I added Bitten by Books to my author roll on

    I posted the contest on the MaineRWA list.
    and I added to my Facebook page (I’m on there as Bethany Oliver).

  145. I was already following you on Twitter. 🙂 But I tweeted about it here. 🙂

    And added you to my Myspace friends.

  146. I am already following you on Twitter!

    I have also added you to my blogroll at my book review blog: : )

    Awesome! giveaway.

  147. Bitten By Books is on the Blog Links of Patricia’s Vampire Notes

  148. I just retweeted it over at Twitter. Cheesygiraffe over there and then posted it over at FaceBook.

  149. Left a link and information (Item 2) here

  150. twittered

  151. I’ve had Moira link my blog roll. I just added the Bitten By Books link to my blog roll today.

  152. Just blogged about the contest here: I’ll probable return for more entries later, lol 😀

  153. Hey everybody! Be sure to go over to the Teresa D’Ammario interview and participate today for more entries in the Crux contest. You will also get entries towards Teresa’s contest depending on what you do!
    Here’s the link:

  154. Congrats on your release, ladies! 🙂

  155. SWeet Contest.
    I am following you on twitter.
    I posted on my blog – – on randombuzzeres

  156. I entered the contest with Teresa D

  157. I posted and participated at Teresa D’Amario’s interview. March 9, at 9:21 is my comment.

  158. I really want an iPod Touch

  159. Added Bitten by Books to my blog ( as permanently link.

  160. Went to Teresa’s interview/blog and participated! 🙂

    twittered on this one as well

  161. bought 3 books using the box, forwarded the reciepts

  162. I posted a comment at the interview and contest with author C.E. Murphy.
    (march 10, @ 9:23)

  163. Okay I added Moira to my livejournal (I’m Morriga on there)

    I joined their newsletter and be emailing it to you soon, along with twittering you about following them.

  164. I posted a comment on the Dakota Cassidy contest (March 11 @ 4:23)

  165. Hi again I have just posted on both CE Murphy’s contest and Dakota Cassidy’s.

    Please add those ballots I really need an Ipod touch!!! Just for the fact that my kids wouldn’t have it before me\!!!!Thanks Shell

  166. Great Prize. We added this contest to our site. Good luck with this and future contests!

  167. Congratulations on your success! Wishing you lots more. I’m so sorry, but I don’t have a blog to post on.

    I enjoyed reading all the reviews. Lots of stories to add to my list. I think Leo is calling my name. “A hot demon bad boy” yum!. Oh, and who can resist a Chief of Police. That’s a hero I want to read more about, too.

  168. Rach I participated for CE Murphy

  169. I participated at Dakota Cassidy’s contest

  170. You have a eyecatching website and fabulous

  171. I sent you a message on Twitter-JeannesRambling and signed up for your (BBB) newsletter

  172. I posted an entry in the “The Accidental Human Contest! with Dakota Cassidy”

  173. I added bittenbybooks and dakota cassidy’s page to my blog roll. Also rt at twitter a few times earlier in the week.

  174. I commented on Interview and contest with molly harper.
    (march 13 @ 9:23)

  175. Oh yeah, to go with my various entries, here’s my contact info:
    Bobbi K.
    bkilbarger [at] gmail [dot] com

  176. i entered the C.E Murphy contest and the Dakota Cassidy ones by twittering them and using my FB status 😀

  177. I’m alread following you on facebook, myspace and twitter.

    I am a member of The Blood Bank my name is Carmen_R on there.
    I retweeted — Carmen_R

  178. twittered again!
    and facebooked !

  179. I just joined the Blood Bank for the contest. I hope I added the correct “Website” for my blog.
    Thanks for all you do. I really enjoy all of the interviews and the book reviews.

  180. I posted about the contest here on my blog

    I posted on Dakota Cassidy, CE Murphy, and Molly Harper’s interviews.

  181. I have Bitten By Books in my blog roll (actually it’s been there almost as long as my blog, lol) =)

  182. Hi Rachel! I have participated in this events as well.

    Molly Harper & Dakota Cassidy.

    I posted about this great contest on my blog here

    I also posted about the contest on my blog at myspace here under Awesome Contest To Check Out


  183. I forgot to say I participated in Molly Harpers

  184. I twittered! 😉

  185. I face booked! hee hee bound and determined to win darn it!

  186. Posted it on myspace 🙂

  187. I am redz or Tina on facebook and twitter, I also am on myspace, you are my friend on all those places. I have posted the contest on my myspace blog. I am part of the blood bank and have the news letter! whew! I have posted the contest once to talkingtwolips as well that is a yahoo group.
    can you tell yet i really want the prize lol

  188. I just subscribed to your blog! Thanks for the contest!

  189. Hi! I just posted the contest on my blog. Hope I win the iPod for this.^^ I really want an iPod but my family can’t afford to get me one. :[ Anyways, more power to all you people and God bless!

  190. Facebooked and twittered 🙂

  191. 2. 7. 11. 12.
    3. Diane Whiteside

  192. Rachel, I just found out that I’m getting an iPod Touch for my birthday, so I’d like to pull myself out of the contest. I’m still gonna try to send a few last-minute people here! This is a great contest!



  193. I Facebooked, and twittered 🙂

  194. I changed status on myspace and blogged on my myspace

  195. *crosses fingers*
    I really want the iPod Touch! Can you tell? Lol! But I also want to wish luck to all the participants! Only one more day til the 20th!

  196. Eeek! Great prize!

  197. I facebooked and twittered lol 🙂
    Will do more later hee hee

  198. ooops its not the 20th yet! lol

  199. Ok facebooked and twittered lol

  200. I blogged for last chance here!

  201. Posted it in bulletin on myspace

  202. I posted the last day of contest here! It’s the last day!

  203. added BBB to blog perm on my wordpress

  204. Re-tweeting to fwd the link along!

  205. The last day is here 🙁

  206. and the winners are….

    iPod Touch – Bridget LaP. – CLAIMED
    $50.00 Visa Gift Card – Elisa J. – CLAIMED
    $25.00 Visa Gift Card -Joann J.

    All winners have been notified via email!

  207. Congratulations to the winners!

  208. Nevermind! Two gulps of coffee and one clear thought later and I found them! Really not very hard at all. Thanks!

  209. Grats!

  210. Congrats, winners!

  211. Congratulations to everyone! Great Contest Rachel! Thanks for the opportunities for the contests!