Who’s Coupling Who? Poll/Contest

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Okay welcome to this week’s poll for our Bloody Birthday Bash!! Over the weekend we had readers vote in the Paranormal Primaries to tell us what category and who their favorite characters/authors were. There was a pretty solid turn out for nominees this time around. Couples, Sidekicks and Series were the top three. We used the random number generator to pick the category which as you can see from the title of this post is Favorite Paranormal Couples. We then used the random number generator on all of your couple submissions and thatΒ  was how we determined who would be coupling with who in the poll this week!

UPDATE: We have obviously crossed the 1500 vote mark so ONE commenter will get a Custom Vamp Girl Tote bag FILLED with author swag! When the votes go past 5000 I will throw in another custom tote filled to the brim!

NOTE: if anybody can get ahold of Sherrilyn Kenyon or Stephenie Meyer to let them know their couple has been nominated I would be TOTALLY grateful!!!

This is our official POLL post. Polling runs through Friday 5/22/09 at 11:59 pm PDT. You can come here to tell us why you love your couple and who you think should win. Comment as MUCH as you like. This week’s contest entrant will win some of the amazing author swag we have been giving out all month. AND if the votes go past 1500 we will add the coveted vamp girl tote customized with your name on it! The poll is on the right hand side of the site. Invite ALL of your friends, fan groups to join in. Remember to come back on Saturday to vote in the Paranormal Primaries for next weeks poll/contest.

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We will be choosing a winner from the commenters to this thread at random on Saturday 5/23/09. Come by and chat with other readers this week, be sure to get your friends over here to vote to. The one thing you must do is stop here after voting and tell us WHO you voted for and WHY!! Easy! So, lets get this contest into high gear folks. May the BEST Paranormal Couple win!!

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Don’t know who to vote for? Check out the couples below by clicking the author name and read more about the books/series.

Lily & Rule by Eileen Wilks
Kitty & Ben by Carrie Vaughn
Bones & Cat by Jeaniene Frost
Vane & Bride by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Rose & Dmitiri by Richelle Mead
Kisten and Rachel by Kim Harrison
Edward & Bella by Stephenie Meyer
Faythe & Marc by Rachel Vincent
Elena & Clay by Kelley Armstrong
Mercy & Adam by Patricia Briggs
Valek & Yelena by Maria V. Snyder
Wrath & Beth by J.R. Ward
Camille, Smoky, & Morio by Yasmine Galenorn

NOTE: Go here: http://bittenbybooks.com/?p=7693 now to get your nominations in for NEXT week’s poll! Comments are now closed for this post. Okay welcome to this week’s poll for our Bloody Birthday Bash!! Over the weekend we had readers vote in the Paranormal Primaries to tell us what category and who their favorite characters/authors were. There …

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  1. I wanted to clarify that ALL categories not just the top 3 were put through the random number generator. Same with the couples.

  2. I like Elena & Clay because they’re like a lot of couples I know. They have their problems, but they let their each other be themselves and grow as people. The support each other but don’t smother each other.

  3. There are so many awesome couples to choose from that I had difficulty in deciding. So I chose Bones & Cat because the names just stood out lol.

  4. Love the romance between Lily and Rule. Love the storyline and their chemistry together, and watching them grow as a couple in each book.

  5. Um, problem? Wren and Bride are NOT a couple. Vane Kattalakis and Bride McTierney are a couple in Night Play, and Wren Tigarian and Marguerite Goudeau are a couple in Unleash the Night. I’d vote for either couple, ’cause they are two of my favorites in the DH series, but, um, not those two. o.O

  6. I like Faythe & Marc by Rachel Vincent and Rose & Dmitiri by Richelle Mead. Both couples had to overcome obstacles to be together. But my vote has to goes to Faythe & Marc.

  7. Kitty & Ben just a random pick. I like the name Ben.

  8. Oh – I was at first disappointed about no couple from Sookie! I do not know all the couples. I was thinking I’d have to go with Kisten and Rachel except that is history. And I like Faythe and Marc. THEN I saw Valek and Yelena! I LOVED the study trilogy and they are definitely my favorite couple!!

  9. I voted for Faythe and Marc because I really enjoy their interaction and the problems they face together.

  10. Eee! I voted for Wren and Bride! Not just cause they are from the Sherri-verse, but because they are just so dang cute together! Wren tries so hard and Bride is never pulling the punches when it comes to standing up for her man.

  11. And I forgot to ask, is this just… pairing up of guys and girls? Cause Wren and Bride aren’t actually a couple. Bride and Vane are, and its Wren and Maggie.

  12. I just finished reading At Grave’s End, so how could I not vote for Bones and Cat?!

  13. I voted for Wren and Bride!!!

  14. Cheryl McInnis

    Okay, once again I’m going with Elena and Clay because they are awesome, funny, sexy and the parents of twin werewolves, lol!

  15. Nancy Gilliland

    I love cat and Bones together, but it was a hard decision, “cause I also love Lily and Rule. And yeah, Wren and Maggie are a couple as are Vane and Bride.

  16. I voted for Kisten and Rachel. I’m a huge Hollows fan:)

  17. I voted for Wren and Bride… but not because they were together. Wren was with Maggie and Bride was with Vane, as noted above. I chose these two however because I absolutely loved, loved, loved Wren’s story. Vane’s story was fantastic too. So I think this category is a little unfairly weighted because it’s really two couples, as I see it.

    Oh well. Go Sherrilyn Kenyon!

  18. I love Kisten and Rachel. Can’t wait to see how this poll turns out. Good luck everyone!

  19. I voted for Cat and Bones, but had a problem picking just one. There were several couples on the poll that I love.

  20. Bones and Cat are my favorite…. they get my vote. Wren and Bride that would have been interesting but I do think Vane might get a little upset!

  21. Such a hard choice, but I went with Kitty & Ben, they are a really good couple. Besides, I think Rachel and Ivy should be together from the Hollows.

  22. I voted for Faythe and Mark because they face real obstacles as a couple, not just internal angst. That is what makes them speak to me more than the others.

  23. Raonaid Luckwell

    Thank you Ley I was like “Wait a moment? NOOOT Wren.. Wren is with Marguite” It’s vane and Bride!

  24. There are some great couples heres, butI think I have to go with Cat and Bones. They’re just so great together, and Bones is so good for Cat. They’re great for each other. You’ve got to love them!

  25. Faythe and Mark win my vote. The characters are well written with witty dialogue and they are incredibly hot together!

  26. Hockeyvampiress

    Ok the two I suggested to spice it up weren’t there so next best or better yet just as sweet are Marc and Faythe. A man who would give up his pack and “family” to spend a few hours a month with the woman he loves is some special guy….

  27. Wow, ok that is a hard choice! I love so many of those couples. Kisten and Rachel brings a tear to my eye though. I voted for Marc & Faythe!

  28. Ouch tough choices…I am gonna have to think on this.

  29. Mercy and Adam!
    Although there are definitely others on that list I would vote for. I love their dynamics, I love how they work together, I love how they are both so strong, and yet I can just picture them cuddling together.

  30. Bones and Cat of course. They are so great together.

  31. Mercy and Adam, Hands down! Why have so few people voted for them?? πŸ™

  32. Hard choices but I am going with Kistin and Rachel

  33. I just discovered the Night Huntress series, so Cat and Bones is my new favorite couple!!

  34. Sorry about the TYPO on Wren/Vane and Bride, it is fixed. πŸ™‚

    Ashley G. The voting just started about 30 minutes ago. πŸ™‚ Better spread the word to the fan groups!

    Thanks everybody who’s voted and commented so far.

  35. Oh. My. Gosh. Seriously we can only pick one? Ack! Well, I’ll go with Marc/Faythe because they are a serious hot couple with some hardcore romantic tension.

  36. OMG I have to choose between Sherrilyn and Jeaniene??? OH CRAP!! I don’t know what to do…….. I voted it was really HARD!

  37. Ok since I could only choose one I picked Kisten and Rachel by Kim Harrison

  38. Wrath and Beth. I just love how a good woman brings a strong man to his knees, while wallowing in his strength.

  39. Honestly, it’s a toss up between Dimitri/Rose and Yelena/Valek for me. I’m going to wait and see what the authors can bribe us with this time around. πŸ˜€

  40. omg the choice is just to hard. my 2 favorite couples/trio are up on voting =P
    Actually I’ll vote for Rose and Dimitri because they are so breathtaking and I can’t wait to see what’s gonna happen to them next.
    I nominated CAmille and trillian, and she’s up their with smoky and morio so I guess they are my second best.
    SO many good couples out there its hard to jsut pick 1!

  41. I chose Wrath and Beth because of the couples I’ve read about they seem the ones most suited for each other and the ones most comfortable in their relationship.

  42. Ok, this is not fair. 5 of my fave couples I have to choose from! If I absolutely have to choose, I am going to go with Elena and Clay, since Kelley Armstrongs Women of the Otherworld Series was the 1st paranormal series I read.

  43. I’ll have to pick Vane and Bride, since Sinclair and Betsy (MJ Davidson)didn’t make the list.

  44. Oh god, another tough-tough choice. So many-many-many favorite couples!! AGH! I had to go with Faythe and Marc again. I do love those werecats.

    Why do these polls have to be so challenging?! It’s hard to narrow it all down to one. ALL my love to the rest!

    It would be so much easier if they weren’t all filled with all my favorites!

  45. I am going stick with my fav. Wrath and Beth, cause Wrath had me a wrap-around!!! This brother is hot and she was his match! Can you say BDB?

  46. I voted for Elena and Clay. Funny, in the beginning, I didn’t like Clay, but now that I have seen his love for Elena, I really like them and can’t wait for a new book featuring them (and the twins!)
    P.S. this was very ahrd because there were so many great couple to pick! I would have voted for Kim HArriso if they picked IVY and Rachel instead of Kisten. I think even tough they are not a typical couple, they still are a great team

  47. Oh, I was so excited that Elena & Clay were up there. . .but then Yelena and Valek had to be, too! I voted for the latter; they spend so much time apart, I figured I’d throw them a bone!

  48. This was extremely difficult, although I cast my vote for Camille, Smoky & Morio.

    My other favs are Vane & Bride, Bones & Cat, Kisten & Rachel and Wrath & Beth.

  49. I voted for Wrath and Beth they are my fav.

  50. I really like Cat and Bones. I mean, you have to love a man who teaches a woman “to kick them while they are down” and then you must admire her for actually doing it! I absolutely love these two as a couple. They are hot, in love, and so very wicked! LOVE THEM.

  51. I had to go for Elena and Clay. I have one other fave couple, but it’s only one vote. :o) I think that the obstacles the two of them have faced, seem very in sync with the world today. We need strong women in books, and I think between Armstrong and Vincent, those are two authors who take writing about women seriously

  52. That was soo hard to chose. It was between Kitty and Ben, Lily and Rule,Bones and Cat, or Rose and Dmitiri…I didnt want Bella and Edward, because plz they r so over. I lost interest in them as soon as everyone else did. It’s an amatur book compared to over paranormals and doesnt need to win.

  53. Wow….so many wonderful choices!!! In the end, I had to choose Vane and Bride. Bride is such and sweet natured,funny and all around every woman type of heroine and Sherrilyn let us larger women be a part of the story when she created her. She allowed us to be wooed by the dangerously sexy but protective Vane and how can a girl not love such a couple?

  54. I voted for Rose and Dimitri. Gotta love forbidden love!

  55. I love my Cat and Bones, but I also like Vane and Bride… Hard choice, but I choose…

    Vane (Wren – your oops!) and Bride!

  56. Vane & Bride (*sighs… Vane*) πŸ™‚

  57. I voted for Faythe and Marc because Rachel does an amazing job writing this couple and the enormous obstacles that they face.

  58. I’m really torn- I love Faythe, Kat, and Mercy and the men in their lives. But I always go back to Elena and Clay.

  59. Bones and Cat!!!

  60. love bones and cat and vane and bride but will have to go with bones and cat.

  61. I voted for Mercy and Adam– although it was a close call for Bones/Cat and Ben/Kitty. The dynamic between Mercy and Adam feels organic, honest. Hard decision for everyone, though.

  62. As always Marc and Faythe take my votes but my loved is enormous with this group. If we could vote more then once Adam and Mercy, Edward and Bella, Wrath and Beth, and Vane and Bridge would also get my vote.. But since we can only vote once unfortunately I had to go with the couple that I not only enjoy them together but them apart as well as the series itself as a whole.

  63. It would be a tie for me between Faythe and Marc & Sherrilyn’s couple but Wren and Bride aren’t a couple or did I remember it wrong?

  64. I voted for Rose & Dmitiri because I have think I have a better chance of bribery via the author. πŸ˜‰

  65. I voted for Rose & Dimitri as well. I think they’re great together.

  66. I went with Marc and Faythe but it was so SUPER hard to choose. I got Rachel’s Tweet that she was without hope and that’s what pushed my vote for her. But there are 9 of the 13 couples that I have either read in the past or am currently in love with their series. Like I said, almost impossible to choose.

  67. Gotta love Wrath and Beth. A REALLY close second would be Elena and Clay. I had a hard time choosing between the two couples!

  68. Patricia Barraclough

    Voted for Vane and Bride. He is a reliable, caring man and just right for Bride.

  69. its Faythe & Marc by Rachel Vincent!

  70. I voted for Yasmine Galenorn’s Camille, Smoky & Morio, although I feel honor bound to point out that Trillian is part of the group, too….’cause really, who wants to piss off a witch, a dragon, a fox demon AND a Svartan? Not me! One of the sexiest, most dynamic, loving “couples” in contemporary paranormal fiction, today.

  71. OK I read everyone elses post and I am probably going to get booed but I choose Edward and Bella. I am not familiar with hardly any of the couples listed and I love the Hollows, but the thought of Kisten and Rachel breaks my heart!

  72. I voted for Vane and Bride.

    ann marie b

  73. I voted for Mercy and Adam. They are perfect for each other!

  74. That was probably the hardest poll to choose. I’ve read 9 of the authors, and everytime I read them they become my favorite couple until I pick up the next book. I ended up choosing Bones and Cat, mostly because I am in love with Bones.

  75. Elena and Clay’s pack are way over-sexed so I’m going with Kitty and Ben.

  76. I am not really familiar with many on there, so I had to go with Kitty & Ben by Carrie Vaughn since that’s the one I do know.

  77. Valek & Yelena by Maria V. Snyder
    This is one series that I can share with my kids, no matter the age, and it makes it one that is very special!

  78. I love Camille, Smoky, & Morio by Yasmine Galenorn

  79. HAD to vote Cat and Bones. bones is so dead hot. <3

  80. My vote is for Rose & Dmitiri.

  81. I LOVE 3 of the couples. How to choose from Cat & Bones, Vane(not Wren!)& Bride and Wrath & Beth. Hmmmm ok going with Cat & Bones. Bones makes my toes curl, man so does Vane…oh Hell…LOL!

  82. I gotta go with Dimitri and Rose. The unrequited love, the big fat spanner in the works that just happened in Book 3, the sacrifices they were willing to make before that spanner, the sexy Russian and his Roza nickname, the fiesty Rose and her understanding Dimitri. The overall tension of it all, with the life and death. It’s so Rose and Dimitri

  83. Rose & Dimitri!!! they are so cute and yet so mature! And their love is tragic and they deserve something good! πŸ™‚
    Anyway, VA is a great series of books and I

  84. I love Vane and Bride as a couple, too, but my vote has to go to Cat and Bones. They are great together and in love. He’s very caring and attentive to her needs, teaches her, and not afraid to let her make the decisions and be in charge when he goes to work with her; then he’s so hot and sexy, some very, very hot steamy scenes.

  85. Dude, difficult decision!! Went with Bones/Cat, but I love Adam/Mercy too. Dimitri/Rose, Marc/Faythe, and Wrath/Beth are also awesome. Edward/Bella are great, but they’re everywhere already, so no vote for them.

    Megan T.

  86. Rose & Dimitri

  87. I vote for Vane and Bride. Wonderful couple. Sherry wrote a great story about 2 people that really shows each other how much they love one another through the good and the bad.

  88. I choose Wrath & Beth by J.R. Ward becuase they were the only couple besides Edward and Bella I have read.

  89. rose and dimtri i love them together and richelle mead is a great writer

  90. number 1: Marc and Faythe
    number 2: Mercy and Adam
    i don’t know the other ones….i guess i should start finding their books!

  91. Beverly G (USA)

    i chose Elena and Clay mainly because i like the sexual volume and such as well as their normal role as a couple its hot and thats why i chose them

  92. Of course it’s Vane & Bride for me but I must admit you had a couple of my other fave couples – Wrath & Beth and Kitty & Ben.

  93. I love Mercy and Adam, because they are so very much on the same channel as another. Adam is very supportive of Mercy and never belittles her. They both show such love for each other. I enjoy all their books. πŸ™‚

  94. So many good couples to choose from, but I had to go with Cat and Bones. They’re hilarious and hot and Jeaniene has written them with great emotion. Love them!

  95. Rose and Dimitri for me……

  96. This was a tight race for me, especially after I finally whittled my favs list down to Mercy & Adam and Bones & Cat. If I could have chosen both I would have. Unfortunately, I’ve already had my Mercy & Adam fix for the year and am eagerly anticipating “Destined for an Early Grave”.

  97. . . . In case it wasn’t clear enough, I voted for Bones and Cat.

  98. Faythe & Mark all the way! hot hot hot!!

  99. Rose and Dimitri. I completely adore them both, as individuals and together, so there was really no question for me here, even though I love some of the other guys in this poll too.

  100. that’s MarC.. faythe & Marc!!

  101. choices choices choices…who shall it (drum roll please)…
    the one and only KIM HARRISON rachel and kisten!!!
    this one was a close call! hugs to the runners up lol

  102. So many couples here that I love but I will have to go with one that I nominated. Also it is the only multiple, even though one of the men is missing. What about Trillian? Oh well at least Camille has Smokey and Morio. This was a hard one because I also love Rose & Dimitri, Kitty & Ben, Faythe & Marc, Bones & Cat, Mercy & Adam, Kisten & Rachel, Elena & Clay, Lily & Rule and last but not least Bella & Edward. Those of you I didn’t mention, It doesn’t mean I don’t love you it just mean I haven’t read you. So I can’t love you yet, but I am sure I will.

  103. Wrath & Beth without a doubt are first…love me some BDB!!!!

  104. I had to vote for Bones and Cat. I love these two together. I love that he isn’t just another overbearing alpha male. I love that Cat is growing throughout the series with some help from Bones. I think they’re stronger together than they are apart and that’s how a couple should be.

  105. Very tough choice choosing those amazing couples. I went for Valek and Yelena in the end because he gives her space to grow as a person and she respects his reasons to work for the commander.

  106. I just HAD to pick Rose & Dimitri!
    Right now, the VA series is like, my favourite!

  107. Am I allowed to vote for two?? Cuz if so then I vote for Edward & Bella and Rose & Dimitri. Both couples struggle to stay together, Edward & Bella because Edward is a vampire and constantly trying not to kill Bella (which is incredibly sweet ;D) and Rose & Dimitri because of their age difference and they can’t technically be together, since they’re both guardians and guardians can’t be together when protecting the same person. Plus they’re both totally in love with each other and totally meant to be together!! ?

  108. Clay and Elena all the way!
    I just love them and the chemistry makes me go grrr in all the right ways

  109. Valek and Yelena.

  110. I went with Edward and Bella just because I love the way S.M tied everything together in Breaking Dawn.

  111. I voted for Rachel & Kisten because I like how their relationship evolved. The Hollows is one of my favorite series.

  112. Three of my fave couples are on here:
    Cat and Bones
    Kisten and Rachel
    Wrath and Beth
    So hard to choose!!!

  113. Audra Holtwick

    The Hallows Series by KIM Harrison is my FAV- so it has to be Rachel and Kisten!!!

  114. Had to vote for Mercy and Adam, as there’s just so much delicious mutual crazy-making.

  115. I voted for Sherrilyn’s couple. Usually I like to vote for the “underdog” and I know that Sherri will get tons of votes. BUT I had to go with the hotness that are these books! She’s written so many of them but they always get hotter each time. I don’t know how she does it.

    I voted for her couple because…they never disappoint! They keep me “coming” back for more. πŸ™‚

  116. Bones & Cat Definitely!!

  117. I voted. I also let Sherrilyn Kenyon know, and sent her a link. She is on my friends list on Facebook, so I let her know on there and left the link there on her page. Going to Twitter her also.

  118. Oh, I voted for Yasmine Galenorn’s ‘couple’ Camile and her three lovers.

  119. Leanne Dynneson

    I like the couple “triangle” of Sookie & Bill vs. Sookie & Eric; I think the author, Charlaine Harris does too, because the very last sentence of her latest in the series, Dead and Gone, is something like, “I never got the chance to ask [my great grandfather] which vampire” when he said (before he disappeared forever in to faerie land) that “The vampire is a good man”. Eric, the Viking vampire, is blonde, sly, and wild and is built like a brick sh*thouse; Bill is dark-haired and quiet, and lived during the 18th Century, so he is quite chivalrous and charming, although not without his surprises (in bed) and treachery. It’s a great combination—and Sookie will have to choose sooner or later!

  120. Voted- Wrath & Beth.

  121. My vote is for Wrath and Beth. πŸ™‚

  122. Leanne Dynneson

    Ok, but if I had to vote on the official couple nominees for this poll, it would be Edward and Bella, because Edward is just the right mix of evil and good, and so is Bella, for that matter—they are more alike than they realize, and I think that comes through to the reader, who is observing it all objectively, while B & E are so love-struck they don’t even know who they are half the time. If that isn’t love, I’m not sure what is, heeheh (or at least deeeep infectious infatuation).

  123. Awww man. TOO many good choices. I had to go with Kisten and Rachel though. I really wish Kim Harrison had developed their relationship more.

  124. Forgot to say why I voted for Camille, Smoky, & Morio by Yasmine Galenorn. I just really like Galenorn’s Otherworl’s series and Morio is one of my favorite characters. I like how she writes the Triad between the three, and later will incorporate Trillion into it.

  125. Kitty and Ben. Nice to see a strong set of characters who act on their lives, no matter what is thrown their way.

  126. I had to go with Wrath and Beth!! They were made for each other and how could you not love that sexy brother!!

  127. I have to go with Edward and Bella. Those characters stayed with me long after I read the last page of the last book.

  128. I voted for Vane and Bride- because I’d LOVE to find my own Vane. This was hard, though- I love all the couples in book series!! But I have to stay loyal to Sherrilyn!!!

  129. Wow…I am all for Rose and Dimitri! The second place is Bones and Kat.
    Richelle is made of win!

  130. My vote was for Mercy and Adam. I love that he was so accepting and thoughtful and helpful to her after the attack. Before I was a little put off by his ultra alpha ways, but the way he handled that just made me love him!

  131. I voted for Camille, Smoky and Morio because I find the whole dynamic interesting. I would have voted for Kisten and Rachel if he was still around.
    Kimberly S

  132. I have to choose only one? Wow! What a difficult vote. I voted for Vane and Bride as a couple. Probably because I most identified with Bride while reading and that I am searching for my own Vane. Good choices of couples. Kisten and Rachel, oh how I cried and cried from the last book.

  133. Vane and Bride. They just fit together.

  134. I like Kitty and Ben because I just finished reading the entire series thanks to no power or internet for a week. Made a huge dent in my TBR pile though. Gotta love Illinois inland hurricanes…

  135. Heather Brewer

    Wow, what a hard choice. I went with Wrath and Beth I love the BDB and Wrath just rocks.

    I also love Elena and Clay, Lily and Rule, Mercy and Adam, Kitty and Ben, Vane and Bride and Kisten and Rachel. Such hard choices.

    Great poll though.

  136. I totally voted for Camille and her man harem. I would have voted for Kisten and Rachel, but Kisten is no longer in the picture… I dont know any of the others really…..other than Kitty and Ben and they are a newbie couple brought together by circumstance…not cuz they were super hot for each other…

  137. I vote for Elena and Clay!

    Nancy Haddock

  138. Wow, this one was really tough! Elena and Clay eventually won, though. They were my first paranormal couple, so I have to stay true.

  139. Wren & Bride by Sherrilyn Kenyon

  140. What a hard choice! I love Faythe and Marc, but I love Elena and Clay just a bit more. I can’t wait to read more about E&C and their parenting adventures!

  141. Marc and Faythe by Rachel Vincent. because I like their interaction the best.

  142. Faythe and Marc, all the way! <3

  143. I had to vote for Kitty and Ben, that series has gotten so much better since they hooked up! I love them together πŸ™‚

    -Poppy A.

  144. I voted for Marc & Faythe because I just can’t get enough of them!! Although, I love Adam & Mercy and Rule & Lily, too!

  145. dayum..why not make it harder?? Sheesh I think I read all of them but Meyer’s. Grrrrrrr – K going with Marc & Faythe ::running and hiding from rest:::

  146. I voted for Faythe and Marc. I love their dynamic and the fact that their relationship isn’t “easy.” They have very strong personalities that they need to mesh and that makes for fun reading.

  147. Wow! So many choices! It was a hard decision but it looks like I picked the current leader.

  148. This was a really close one for me, I really like four of the couples. In the end though, I had to go with Faythe and Marc. Their volatile relationship is just compelling.

  149. Wow, that was a tough call between Rachel and Kisten or Marc and Faythe, but I think I have to go with Marc and Faythe.
    Although…..now I’m doubting my decision.
    Uh oh

  150. I voted for Rachel and Kisten because I love the witch with a vamp thing.

  151. Ooh! This is such a hard one! I was so torn! In the end I voted for Marc and Faythe because…well, it’s Marc and Faythe! πŸ™‚

  152. Voted for Marc and Faythe, because… well they are my favorite!

  153. I voted for Faythe & Marc, because of their amazing story and I can kinda relate to Faythe. Although I do adore Mercy & Adam, Bones & Cat, Kisten & Rachel (this couple makes me sad for reasons I won’t say), Elena & Clay, and Edward & Bella (even though Twilight has become way to overrated).

  154. Vampire Academy romance Rose and Dimitri are by far my faves πŸ™‚
    An easy vote for me!

  155. I voted for Bones and Cat….Because they are such a scrumtuous couple!!

  156. erica carvalho

    Rose and Dimitri all the way there thebest

  157. Ok, this one was REALLY tough. I had to vote for Vane and Bride because they are just the best and I’m totally in love with Vane, but Wrath and Beth are an awesome couple followed in close third by Kisten and Rachel. Why did he have to die??? It’s beyond upsetting.

  158. Wrath and Beth or Dimitri and Rose!!!

  159. This was hard πŸ˜›
    But I had to go for Mercy and Adam. They are one of my favourite couples and especially after the last couple of books which both of them went through hell.

  160. I had such a hard time deciding between Rose and Dimitri or Adam and Mercy! I ended up picking Rose and Dimitri because cause i think the tragic part gave them an edge and how rose is still going to go look for him even if he’s turned! but I love them both!

  161. I voted for Faythe and Marc. I like that Faythe is not a pushover, and that Marc won’t be pushed around. This makes for interesting conflicts.

  162. Ughh this was hard. I chose Cat and Bones but Rose and Dimitri are actually my fav…I’m just upset at their situation right now =[


  163. No Sookie? My favorite is Sookie and Quinn. I selected Edward and Bella, simply because book 4 made me swoon.

  164. Wow, that’s a tough one. I think I have to go for Bones & Cat from Jeaniene Frost. They have been through so much together!

  165. I like Edward, but Bella was sort of annoying until the 4th book and there are way hotter Vampires out there. I would have to go with Rose and Dimitri. Rose is a serious BA and Dimitri, (also a BA) is just hot.

  166. Stephanie Shradar

    This is a really tough pole! I love so many of the characters, but my top would have to be between Marc & Faythe, Bones & Cat, and Rose & Dimitiri (although I am also a fan of Rose & Adrian Ivoshkov…I love that guy)

  167. Rose & Dimitri. Who among us hasn’t hoped for the type of relationship they have?

  168. i voted for Fathye and Marc…even through i love alot of those couples, and i think Sookie & Eric or Sookie and Bill should be on the list…
    AKA HarryEragon1fan & VampireGurl

  169. Bones and Cat………………..HOT HOT HOT

  170. I voted for Edward and Bella but, it was a tough call. I LOVE Marc and Faythe and I really like Bones and Cat but, I think E&B hold a special place in my heart. If you asked me this same question in a year my answer may have changed because the other couples stories are not finished yet. I cannot wait for PREY!

  171. I ADORE Dimitri and Rose. They’re perfect. They have the right kind of chemistry and a heart-warming romance without it being gooey and overdone. That, and I LOVE Dimitri (save the long hair. never found long hair on men partiuclarly sexy.)

  172. I had to go with Rose and Dimitri.
    *sigh* soooo good.

    yay Richelle Mead!

  173. I voted for Marc and Faythe… It was a tough choice. I also really like Elena and Clay. Both couples have that kind love/hate relationship that is really fun to read.

  174. Marc and Faythe, I love their love/hate relationship and the fact the they seem like a REAL couple. Not everything is easy for them.

    Dandy x

  175. Well, so far I’ve only read the ones by Stephenie Meyer, Richelle Mead, and Patricia Briggs. I had to go with Rose & Dmitiri. I love Mercy & Adam and Edward & Bella, too, but those couples have already gotten their happy endings (more or less in Adam & Mercy’s case…). I’m so excited to read what happens with their story! πŸ™‚

  176. Voted for Faythe and Marc. Totally frustrating, witty, hot couple. Ready for the newest installation!

  177. i sooo love Rose & Dmitiri. they are so cool , funny , cute ! and i sooo love Edward & Bella . they are good!

  178. jessica cochrane

    I voted for Rose and Dimitri because their love story is one that draws you into the story and keeps you begging for more. I just can’t wait til see how it turns out when Blood Promise comes out.

  179. Voted for Faythe & Marc πŸ˜€

    I Love Them!!

  181. I have to say Rose and Dimitri!!!!
    They’re the best…

  182. Faythe and Marc all the way. I think they are amazing together.


  183. Rose & Dimitri !!!!!!!!

  184. Mercy and Adam are the only UF couple that feel really real to me, if that makes sense.

  185. sigh… I love so many of them. But I made my choice!~
    may my best couple win..lol.

  186. Tough call, so I’ll have to go with the one I’ve read most recently and vote for Marc and Faythe.

  187. I am voting for Rose and Dimitri πŸ™‚

    Rose and Dimitri FOREVER!! πŸ˜€

  188. This was definitely hard, since I’m in love with Bella/Edward, Rose/Dimitri, Faythe/Marc, Beth/Wrath, and, of course, Cat/Bones. In the end I chose Faythe/Marc because I’m on a kick with them right now, but it was still difficult.

  189. Gosh that was the hadest pole EVER!!! cat and bones i love, and then dimitri and rose as well i was so flippin torn…grr…

    had to vote for faythe and marc though…love the shifters and their imperfect relationship rings a truer than the other two.

  190. Wow this was a really tough choice but i had to go with…..Kisten and Rachel.

  191. Rose and Dimitri Alllllll the way!

  192. i voted for rose and dimitri! i love them! beside the fact that dimitri is hot as hell they both are kick ass cool and it is kinda a forbidian love so whats to hate

  193. I was torn, but I finally chose Marc & Faythe! πŸ™‚

  194. I voted for Rose and Dimitri. The story is really powerful, and, best of all, it’s painfully realistic. Love doesn’t always work out. In this series, Richelle demonstrates just what exactly tru love is.

    ~Juliet had it easy. She never had to kill Romeo.~

  195. I went Rose and Dimitri I love them as a couple!!!

  196. There are really good choices here, but it’s Mercy and Adam hands down for me! I just love Mercy and Adam!! The way he took care of her at the end of Iron Kissed was just hands down the best!

  197. Rose and Dimitri πŸ˜€

  198. I totally vote for Rose and Dimitri!!!! Those two are meant to be together! And whats meant to be will always find a way! They have to find a way to be together! Come on Richelle!

  199. What about Claire and Shane?

  200. I voted for Rose and Dimitri! I love them so much. I love there quick wit and funny comebacks to each other. They’re just perfect together.

  201. I went with Kisten and Rachel. I don’t know all the couples, but I don’t think anyone else on the list did what Kisten did for love of Rachel. =)

  202. Rose and Dimitri of course!

  203. CAT AND BONES!!! <3 Jeanine Frost is awesome.

  204. Rose & Dimitri

  205. Rose and Dimitri!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  206. Right now, I am LOVING Rose and Dimitri… getting anxious for the next book!!!

  207. Rose and Dimitri simply because no fictional couples (bar perhaps once when I was younger) have made me laugh, cry, rage and smile as much as them.

    On a side note, I had a job interview last month where a dead ringer for Dimitri sat next to me. On an ‘introduce each other’ section of the interview I discovered, weirdly enough, he was called Dimitri.

    I then proceeded to blurt out (overzealous as hell) to a room full of potential co-workers all about the fictional Dimitri, how gorgeous he was and how the guy sitting next to m was a dead ringing.

    It got… awkward.

  208. Rose and Dimitri because their story has a lot of heart and no other couple will ever live up to them. I’m counting down the days when blood promise is going to be in stores!(:

  209. I choose Rose and Dimitri because I love the Vampire Academy series.They make a very intresting and awsome couple.I can’t wait for Blood Promise!!

  210. I had to go with Mercy and Adam. They are complete opposites, but still manage to make things work. Plus, how can you not love a couple who knows how to annoy the other so throughly from the first meeting on.

  211. Rose and Dimitri, both are strong and sexy and loving.

  212. I have to vote for Vane & Bride or Wren & Maggie either one because I love the Dark-Hunter, Were-Hunter and the Dream-Hunter Series. Sherrilyn Kenyon rocks!

  213. I voted for Faythe and Marc, but I also like most of the other couples πŸ™‚

  214. The situation was a no brainer for me. Rose and Dimitri is the one pairing on that list that I am voting for. It is an amazing couple providing drama and great romance that simply can not be rivaled.

  215. Rose and Dimitri!!!!
    God, their story makes me cry every time I read the books?

  216. Faythe and Marc = the greatest ever. Rachel Vincent has given us some of the best characters I’ve ever read.

  217. Cat and Bones

  218. Anything with Marc and Faythe is going to be great. Here’s to you Rachel Vincent can’t wait for Prey.

  219. clair_de_lune92

    I love Rose & Dimitri πŸ™‚

  220. YEAHHHH …. Couples were hard to pick from, but I voted… YEAH… most of my top couples were up for grabs, but I picked Marc and Faythe!

  221. My vote’s for Rose and Dimitri. A forbidden relationship…nothing’s saucier than that! Plus they both kick butt, literally.

  222. Voted for Bones & Cat mostly because they’re a kick-ass couple. Not to mention that they are particularly perfect for each other!

  223. Rose and Dimitri

  224. Faythe and Marc, of course! They kick-butt and then cuddle afterwards! LaRae S

  225. Dimitri and Rose all the way!!! \m/>_<\m/

  226. Lotsof good couples but I am going to go with Faythe and Marc.

  227. Rose and Dimitri hands down. Never have i cried so hard at the end of a book and never have I been scared of reading the next in fear of my heart breaking.

  228. Argh, I love Fayth and Marc so much, almost as much as Rose and Dimitri…But my vote goes to ROSE & DIMITRI!
    I would kill to go threesoming with them, bahah.


  229. I voted for Mercy and Adam because they’re so AWESOME as a couple. There’s a give and take there that you don’t see often and Mercy does not obey his every word!

  230. Oky, I had to vote for Vane and Bride (now that it’s corrected, thank you!), because I absolutely adore those two, but once I noticed Valek and Yelena on there… Well, it was close there for a while. I had to set back and think about that! But Vane and Bride won out in the end. *grins*

  231. Go go Marc and Faythe! WOOT!

  232. ROSE & DIMITRI!!!!!!! DUH!!!!!!!!!

    They’re so good together. And I like them (actually I love them!) way better then any of the other couples! I cired when Dimitri got taken away and then again when we knew what happened to him the way no other book had- and if you knew me then you’d know how much something has to be absolutly horrific and completely painful for me to start crying (I was positively bawling my eyes out).

    I love how they both end up telling eachother what they’re thinking and how they kick ass! ;D

    So, obviously, I choose Rose and Dimitri!

  233. Rose and Dimitri. πŸ™‚

  234. i voted for marc and faythe for the same reason i voted for them in the last poll… their romance is not a complete fairytale where they casually ride off into the sunset together. they make their own happy ending by battling the challenges that come their way and try to keep them apart. that’s how life works… it’s great to hope and wish for prince charming on his white horse who will make everything easy, but in life nothing is ever easy and prince charmings can be simply the boy you’ve known all your life.

  235. beth and wrath please!

  236. wow, there was some pretty hard competition, but no one beats marc and faythe, at least in my opinion. go rachel!

  237. Oh my Goddess! This was such a hard choice. I ended up voting for Camille, Smoky, and Morio…you forgot Trillin by the way. Camille’s men are just so hot. And I love her as well. Not to mention the other men in the series and Deliah and Mennolly.

  238. I voted for kistin/rachel by kim harrison, of those listed – they are my favs.

    My #2 would be yasmine’s trifecta (though technically not a “couple” πŸ™‚ )

    My #3 of this group would be lily and rule.

    But have to ask where are lily saintcrow’s 2 amazing couples? dante/japh and jill/saul

  239. Jo (aka Raven Darkblade in BBBforums)

    I voted for Kisten and Rachel by Kim Harrison because I’m fresh to the series and in the middle of book one! Fab poll – wonder what the results will show!

  240. Rose & Dmitiri by Richelle Mead the best love there is out there must read the books to see what i mean!!!!!

  241. Definitely Rose and Dimitri…
    Unlike some of the other couples on there, rose and dimitri GENUINTELY love each other because they understand each other. Their love is just amazing.
    Richelle Mead wrote their romance in such a great way…
    VOTE FOR ROSE AND DIMITIRI! They’re the best!

  242. I voted for faythe and marc!!!
    They are defentaly my favorites!

  243. dimitri and rose ftwwww

  244. I voted for Marc and Faythe. They are the best couple in all of the series that I read. There love for each other is strong and it lasts thru a lot of Faythe’s drama LOL

  245. Mercy is probably my current fav character. and Adam is pretty cool, and the end of the third book was just so…

    so Mercy and Adam!

  246. Definitely, Rose and Dimitri

  247. mmmm – so hard – I love them all – but I guess Rachel & Kisten because of the whole he overcame himself and gave himself for her (and Ivy) – soooo the drama – gotta love ’em

    If you’d read the Vampire Academy novels you’d agree with me and see there’s even no comparison. They are the most sexy, sweet couple.

  249. I voted for MARC & FAYTHE

  250. CONT…I voted for Marc and Faythe because I love Rachel’s Shifters series and I love them together!

    Some of my other FAVS are in this poll too…Mercy & Adam, Wrath & Beth, Elena & Clay, Rose & Dmitri…so this was a difficult decision.

  251. If it had been another couple from the WOTO series, like Paige/Lucas (whom I utterly adore) rather than Clay/Elena, whom I have some issues with (there are some slightly disturbing aspects to that relationship, even if it has gotten better), I would have voted for Armstrong, but instead I’ll support another fave author Mead and a better couple! πŸ˜€

    Anything but E/B from Twilight!

  252. I voted for Marc and Faythe, although it was a battle between them and Edward and Bella. I voted for Marc & Faythe because they are a magnificent couple. Also, they thaw each other out very well and complete each other. They can see through their flaws to keep on loving each other.

  253. Rose & Dmitiri!

  254. This was very hard!
    I did not expected two of my favourite couples to be on the poll.
    ROSE and DMITIRI or FAYTHE and MARC???!!!
    In the end I picked Rose & Dmitiri. There is just something about them that makes them outstanding. Don’t get me wrong, I love Faythe and Marc but Rose and Dmitiri beat them by just a little bit. I weighted it by which book made me cry more!

  255. It’s so hard to pick one couple but i have always been a fan of forbidden love. So I had to go with rose and dimitri

  256. Hahaha, this was easy. Dimitri and Rose all the way. They’re so cute together- I can’t wait to see what happens with them. < 3

  257. Dimitri and Rose are definitely the cutest couple I’ve ever read about. They always care for each other- no matter what. And, their love is so realistic. It makes me cry. Hehhe. Vote for them! Vampire Academy, wooot< 3

    Screw Edward. I want Dimitri. πŸ˜‰

  258. I just finished reading “Shadow Kiss” along with the other Vampire Academy books and can not help but vote for Dimitri and Rose. I won’t spoil the book for those who haven’t read it, but they are absolutely, 100% the most in-love couple I have come across. More so than Bella and Edward, and that is coming from a Twilight fan.

  259. Only half on the list but I think it should have been Rachel and Ivy as the couple, after all Kisten is…

  260. Christy Turney

    Oh my gosh this one was so much harder than the last one. I love Marc and Faythe, Mercy and Adam, and Edward and Bella. I love the first two sets for a lot of the same reasons. The women are strong and the men know when to let the women be there own person while at the same time being very protective over them. Edward is really protective but I think he has a harder time letting go than the other two men do. But I think that Marc and Faythe still have to be my favorite because I love how stubborn and strong Faythe is and how much Marc is willing to change in order to keep her.

    Christy Turney

  261. as much as i love love LOVE the twilight series, it’s dimitri and rose for me, hands down. the vampire academy series is just so much more intense and i love that rose is such a strong female character. and how can you resist a gorgeous russian dhampir whose skills are totally advanced? dimitri is a god! lol.

  262. Dimitri and Rose, because I just finished Shadow Kiss. I also love the Hollow series by Kim Harrison. Who doesn’t love Camille and Smokey and company?

  263. I voted for Wrath and Beth. I wish I had already read some of these other series. They are on my list of reads though.

  264. George the Girl

    I voted for Rose and Dimitri…the others that I know have had their time together, but Rose and Dimitri have, err…so much to work out…

  265. Marc and Faythe. They have the best chemistry, plus, lets face it, Marc is hot.

  266. Shelley aka spgirls

    I voted for Faythe and Marc the other day. I think they are an awesome couple and werecats to boot. Now I see that they are in second place….come on Faythe and Marc fans get out there and vote!!!!

  267. I absolutely believe Rose and Dimitri are an amazing couple. And I love how they still love each other even though they knew there were a million obstacles in the way. And Rose seems so down to earth and Dimitri is SMOKING!

  268. Hmm… I’m not familiar with most of the couples. So, I’ll go with what I know (and probably get mauled for it), Edward and Bella. Though they face some outlandish situations, the old meets the new age, as far as relationships go. I love it. I love them.

  269. ROSE & DIMITRI — richelle mead’s vampire academy series
    i read for 5 hrs straight though the middle of the night when i got the 3rd book and cried when i finished at 2am then went to sleep and read it all again when i woke up in the morning!

  270. Bella & Edward-They are the most paranormal couple because Edward is this superhuman, has enhanced senses, is extremely graceful and GORGEOUS, runs quicker than a cheetah and fights stronger than a lion, and Bella is this ordinary human who’s klutzy and is completely average, but they fall in love despite their odds.

  271. This is such a bad question, kind of like when people ask you to name your all time favorite book πŸ˜‰

    Personally, I have a five way tie here with strengths and weaknesses in all couples. How to pick… eenie, meenie, minie… moe!

    Valek & Yelena by Maria V. Snyder it is πŸ˜›

    huh. They are the underdogs out of my favorites too… weird, lol.

  272. This was tough! I was so torn between Camille, Smoky, & Morio, Marc & Faythe, and Edward & Bella. I love them all so much. [btw, You forgot Trillian, he’s definitely in that big triangle with Camille.] But, I voted for Edward and Bella. & I see now, that it had no effect because Marc & Faythe are definitely beating them, which I don’t mind at all, because I love them just as much.

  273. Dimitri and Rose all the way…The best couple out there right now hands down!!

  274. Wrath and Beth!!!!

  275. I think that Edward and Bella are the most devoted couple I’ve ever, seen, heard about, read or known. They give people hope for a positive and healthy relationship. Stephanie Meyers really pushed the limits when she crated this love!

  276. Edward and Bella! Only because they are so in love and have gotten past the hardest things ever, to over come one anothers love for the other. And because they would do anything for one another, even give them selfs up.

  277. Edward and Bella! Not so much Bella, but more Edward. He puts himself in physical pain just so he can be close to her, and I can’t even count how many sacrifices he’s made for her. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to read Twilight and swoon over Edward…again.

  278. Edward and Bella definitely!!

  279. Edward and Bella. Of course. Do I need a reason?

  280. Do I srsly need to answer this? Rose & Dimitri are the best! I don’t even know who any of the others are. But Rose & Dimitri are awesome, and no couple is better, in real life or in books.


  281. Bella and Edward because I know who they are. And they are amazing. πŸ™‚

  282. OMG I am so addicted to Rachel Vincent’s series. I love Faythe and Marc

  283. Rose & Dimitri are awesome!
    Always lookin out for each other.
    Can’t wait for Blood Promise!!!

  284. I love Rose and Dmitri from Richelle Mead’s VA series. They have a great connection and they’re always so responsible and thoughtful towards each other.

  285. GAH! I’m torn between like five of them up there! Love Rose and Dimitri; love Wrath and Beth; Cat and Bones (Oh, Bones!); Marc and Faythe (Talk about explosive and volatile couple); Mercy and Adam!!!! I was so torn. I was like “Which to choose, which to choose!!!”

    So I picked the couple that had someone I didn’t vote for in the last poll. Yay, Mercy and Adam! (He was my second pick last week). Though it was close. Honest. Are you sure I can’t vote five times? POSITIVE? *sighs sadly*


  287. I vote for Edward and Bella. Their love is forever. It’s a struggle, but they manage.

  288. I went with Elena and Clay. There are a lot of great couples on there. But I think those 2 have really been able to overcome a lot together and they will be together forever.

  289. I’ve voted for Cat and Bones, but Valek and Yelena are close second. There is something unique about these couples. Their love has set them free.

  290. It is Edward and Bella. They live and breathe for each other.

  291. Edward and Bella, they are perfect together ! πŸ™‚

  292. I love rose and demetri!!! Richelle is amazing!

  293. I really enjoy Clay and Elena. I love their relationship dynamics and the personalities each of the characters.

  294. I vote Edward and Bella!

  295. Jeez! We’re already past 1500!

    Thats crazy aweseome!

    And in case no one has mentioned it Rachel, some people are tryin to let Sherri know. I don’t know if they have yet- but she’s been on tour so she’s been crazy busy

  296. It was a draw between Smoky, Camille and Mario, and Valek and Yelena. Why can’t we choose first and second place lol

    My vote ended up coming to Valek and Yelene, because I reread their books a short time ago inbetween exam studies and I just love it

  297. Edward and Bella are the most amazing couple. Edward is so protective of Bella and loves her no matter what. He loves everything about her. He wants her to be happy over everything; even though he would love to be able to hear her mind, he knows she likes that he isn’t able, so he is glad he can’t read her mind. Bella loves Edward more than anything and everything and would do anything to keep him safe, as little as she can do. They are so devoted to each other, but each of them is afraid the other will leave them because they themselves aren’t good for them. It is so sweet that they are still insecure about each other, while still loving each other so much.

  298. my vote is for Rose and Dimitri that book made me cry lol

  299. I;m glad I did not read all of these couples books because it would have drove me crazy! I picked Rose and Dimtri because they complaint one anoter and have a great deep love.

  300. Edward and Bella for sure..:)

  301. I voted for Mercy and Adam… mostly because I still have to read most of the others stories and Edward and Bella…. come so in second place for me…. Go Mercy and Adam…

  302. Rose and Dimitri. I cried my way through all 3 books (so far). I hope those kids work something out…

    & maybe even Rose & Adrian…

  304. Damn, torn between three couples. But I would have to choose Vane (not Wren!) and Bride because both are so insecure of each other: especially Vane who’s more confused about human rituals of ‘dating’ and Bride who’s worried about her size and Vane’s amazing body. Also that Bride bitchslapped his woman enemy with a tranquilizer at the end. But when they pushed their insecurities aside, their love was amazing.

  305. I’m torn between Kist & Rache or Camille, Smokey and Morio. How am I supposed to decide?
    The whole Kist being dead thing breaks my heart, but it also means that technically, as they’re no longer a couple, they’ve gotta be out of the running for me.
    So, I vote Camille, Smokey & Morio, but add that we really need to change it to add Trillian in there. Damn I’d like to be as good as that girl – snaring three men and keeping them at the same time is pretty damn impressive!

  306. Rose and Dimitri all the way.

  307. Faythe and Marc all the way!!!!


  308. Bella and Edward!!!

  309. Edward and Bella. They bicker just as much as any normal couple, which makes me laugh, but their feelings for each other are unbreakable.

  310. Edward and Bella as always…

  311. Edward and Bella all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are so totally awesome

  312. OMG Edward and Bella are the best. Twilight is the best book ever

  313. I was torn between Rose and Dimitri and Edward and Bella, but in the end, I picked Rose and Dimitri because their relashonship is so complicated that it just addictive. I love the VA series. Also, in Shadow Kiss I cried so hard after what happened with Dimitri. Can’t wait for Blood Promise and the other books!!!!

  314. Edward & Bella, end of story.

  315. Edward and Bella(:

  316. I had to choose Edward and Bella, I have become hooked on the Twilight saga since Febuary, I can’t put the books down. It’s just so easy to read the books and put yourself in their places. I have read them 13 times and they still make me laugh and cry even though I know exactly whats going to happen. I have turned into a real Twilight Junkie!

  317. It’s tough but in the end I chose Marc and Faythe. I love the way Rachel Vincent lets you see their relationship develop through the series, not to mention all the twists she makes their relationship go through (she’s such a sadist!) and the fact that they have a friendship as well as a romantic relationship.

  318. I love Marc and Faythe because Marc is so much like my husband. In character not in shape shifting capabilities.

  319. I have read 6 out of the 13 books, and I’m going to have to go with Edward and Bella out of those that I’ve read. Reason? They were the only couple out of those that decided they love each other before having sex, and were about to live a life of abstinence just to be together. And, they’ve tried living without each other, but neither could do it <3

  320. Of course it has to be Edward and Bella!

  321. Darn my loyalty was torn between Elena/Clay and Edward/Bella. Of course I went with the masses *sigh* I’m such a follower =)

  322. never read the carrie vaughn books but one of my best friend’s name is kitty and my kind of ex’s name is ben… so when i saw those names together on the poll i felt a little freaked!! i know she likes wrath and beth but she’d probably vote for edward πŸ˜›

  323. Of course it’s Faythe and Marc, just for the way their names are spelled alone.

  324. Ugh. Typical Bella and Edward fans. You all sicken me. DIMITRI & ROSE ALL THE WAAAAY < 3

  325. Edward&Bella – they are my first love in vampire world. After them I started to read paranormals but they have a special place in my heart πŸ™‚

  326. oh god that was soo hard, but im happy becasue the top three are my fav’s

    # Edward & Bella by Stephenie Meyer (26%, 459 Votes)
    # Rose & Dmitiri by Richelle Mead (25%, 444 Votes)
    # Faythe & Marc by Rachel Vincent (14%, 254 Votes)

    though i want either rose and dmitri or faythe and marc to win πŸ˜€

  327. Please, no hating on the Twilight fans. The craze will die out before you know it, anyway.

    I vote Rose and Dimitri, because Dimitri is a sexbomb, and their romance is so passionate and yet tender that I can’t help but love them together. Forbidden love is the sexiest.

  328. Gotta go with Edward and Bella. There story is amazing. I’ve never read a book over and over again, until this one. They’re so passionate and intense. I love it!

  329. I don’t know all of these couples, but my vote is definitely for Cat and Bones!! I really love them!!!! :))

  330. My vote goes for Edward & Bella. They are just perfect together, even though they belong to different kinds. Their love is strong, they would literally die for each other, and Edward, well… he’s such a perfect boyfriend. He struggles not to hurt her (that’s something we see through the whole series), he would do anything to make her happy, he understands her. And I’m so happy with their happy ending. I’m sure they’d have a great eternity together.
    I’m sure they deserve to win, as they are the sweetest couple in the world. <3

  331. Um, HELLO! ROSE AND DIMITRI!!! WTF is WRONG with you people? Bella and Edward? Are you F’in KIDDING ME!?!? They are so immature, and weak. Puh!

    Rose is kick ass, strong, independent, beautiful, impulsive, but learning her control, bad as hell, and yet very good at the same time.

    Dimitri, *fans self*, is SEXY as EVER, very controlled (except when around Rose), good, passionate person.

    Together, they are the perfect couple. They’re passionate, smart, sexy, funny, protective of the people they love, and they DO kick a LOT of ass, and when they’re together, VERY impulsive.

    I’ve never cried that much before over fictional characters. Oh my GOD!! If you haven’t read the Vampire Academy Series, I suggest you do. ‘You don’t know what you’re missing.’ πŸ™‚

  332. jessica cochrane

    come on everyone needs to vote for Rose and Dimitri. If you loved the story of Romeo and Juliet then you will love Vampire Academy. Its about a forbidden love that can effect their jobs they have to do and cant resist it any longer. Their love story will keep you on the edge of your seat wanting to know whats going to happen. I read the 3 books in 4 days and now I am sitting on pins and needles for Blood Promise to come out to see how their story continues….. VOTE ROSE AND DIMITRI EVERYONE…. If you havent read the series I encourage you to read them.

  333. Edward and Bella:D
    They’re unseperable every minute. And even though Bella is not someone he can resist to be with, he struggled to fight fate to be with her, even breaking the rules. If it weren’t for Edward, Bella is dead. lol.

  334. I voted for Marc and Faith, I love them as a couple. They have been though there up’s and down’s and still going. Marc love’s faith so much. I wish I had a guy like him.

  335. It was a tough one because of all the great couples but I decided on Faythe & Marc. They not only work great as a couple but they’ve been through a lot of emotional and physical upheaval and I can’t wait to find out where they’ll end up!

  336. Galia Nikolaeva

    My vote is for Rose & Dmitiri by Richelle Mead. I love this book and can’t wait for the next one to come out. Way to go Richelle Mead.

  337. Of course I vote for Edward and Bella, they are so fun, and the best of all, is that even she is younger by 90 something years, they get along very well, they even get married, and have their happy ending thats beautifull and shes not ashamed to show all the love she has for him, and hes not ashamed for showing the love and devotion he has for her, could there be any best couple than that, reading this books make me realized, I have a wonderfull husband, he is tall leaner, and handsome, so I start calling him edward, its so fun but the best is that this relationship make you want to be like them so much that you end up feeling happy and wanting to love your husband, boyfriend, or look for someone respectfull, loving, and beautifull like Edward, thats why I vote for them, and Im 41 with 4 kids, 18,16,14,10, so im not crazy, thats what this books, and this couple has done for me. please make them win!!! love fron Guatemala C.A.

  338. Gah! Faythe and Marc or Vane and Bride should be number 1! Not Edward and Bella. I am disgruntled.

  339. My vote would be for Edward and Bella. What is not to love? A guy who would do anything for you even die for you. He would make sure that you would have everything you would ever want or need and much more. Edward was also very intelligent and talented. And she was welcomed into the Cullen Family by all, eventually even Rose. You always here about “the in-laws” but that was not the case with this story. What also makes this story is that Bella was not the Beauty Queen or the most popular. She was just an average girl which in turn makes the whole story great, and mysterious. Who knows, maybe that guy you think is way hot but also way out of your league in all areas may, in turn, think you are way hot too. The Bella / Edward Relation ship can make you wonder if something like that can happen.

  340. Definately Edward and Bella.

  341. Edward and Bella – they are true soulmates.

  342. Edward and Bella get my vote. The love they have for one another is so strong. Edward would do anything for Bella to make her happy. Bella is so in love with the perfect man. They have a happy ending. That is perfect!

  343. Edward and Bella! There really is no other choice.

  344. Vane and Bride (Sherrilyn Kenyon) for sure! Sherri is the best!!!!

  345. Edward & Bella were made for each other. Their love is deep and it’s their true destiny to be together forever!

  346. Edward & Bella!

  347. Edward and Bella has to be my choice. All through the series, it’s obvious how much they are meant for each other, despite the difficulties involved in a paranormal relationship.

  348. Edward and Bella, by far. WARNING: BD SPOILERS!

    Edward: First of all, Edward smelled her the first day he saw her and ran away to protect her. He STOPPED A VAN to save her. He told her things that the Volturi kills vampires for. Edward composed a song for her. He persuaded his family that Bella is his love and that she won’t reveal their secret. In the first book, he sucks the venom out of Bella’s hand so she does not turn into a vampire. He beats himself up for loving Bella. He spends time with her and makes himself suffer so she does not get hurt. He stops Bella when he feels he may lose control. Edward also left Bella in New Moon for this purpose. In Eclipse, he organized a vampire VS Cullens/Werewolves and saved Bella from Victoria. Finally, Edward changed Bella into a vampire to save her life. When Bella was pregnant, Edward went to extremes to save her (including suggesting abortion and letting Jacob father other children to Bella). Edward is all about Bella’s safety and happiness. How romantic is that?

    Bella: She noticed things about Edward that would scare most people into running away. The fact that he’s a vampire does not bother her. She loves to hold him even though his skin is like granite and he’s ice cold. Bella knows Edward’s venom can turn her or even kill her, but she wants to make out with him anyway. In Twilight, she was prepared to die so that nothing would happen to Edward. In New Moon, it almost killed her when Edward left. She ended up running across a plaza and wading through a fountain to save Edward. Also in this book, Bella puts herself in harms way just to hear Edward’s voice. She also came face-to-face with the Volturi, the most powerful vampire coven in the world. In Eclipse, she wanted to be in the fight to help eliminate the bad vampires. Bella broke Jacob Black’s heart by telling him she loves Edward more. She agreed to marry Edward so she could turn into a vampire. She was covered in bruises after consumating their marriage and she did not even care. Bella carried their child to full term, though it and Reneesme’s violent birth. She hid her suffering for three days (the change to be a vampire takes this long) from Edward so as not to upset him. Once she became a vampire, she had to be gentle with him because she was stronger. When Bella found out that her power was a shield, she stretched it to protect both Edward and Reneesme as well as every vampire facing the Volturi. Bella was not afraid to face them to save her family. Bella sacrificed seeing any of her human friends ever again when she changed to a vampire. Though she still visits Charlie, as the years go by, she will be unable to see him. Her mother will never see her again. All the humans she knows and loves will die around her as she stays 18 forever. Bella’s sacrifice is more than most of us will give for our signifigant other. But to her, its the only way to be with who she loves forever.

    If these examples don’t show how much Edward and Bella love each other, I don’t know what will.

  349. Bella carried their child to full term, though it and Reneesme

  350. Voted for Bella & Edward, their love is eternal, he (and she after becoming a vampire) can’t stop loving each other it is now and undying part of them!

  351. Vote for Rose & Dimitri. I like it!!

  352. Edward and Bella – agh! Not complicated enough in their love to win this..don’t get me wrong I love them but I don’t LOVE them more than Bones and Cat!!!

  353. edward and bella

  354. Edward and Bella hands down AND tied behind my back! Their love story transcends the paranormal. Personally, no other couple (literary or otherwise) has captivated me more. Sorry if my opinion groups me with the frowned upon masses. But its my honest opinion.

  355. I love Wrath and Beth, especially their interactions in Rehv’s book. My vote definitely goes to them!!

  356. Dimitri & Rose, obviously.
    That’s a no-brainer. They’re the most forbidden-love couple to date, and that’s what I love about them.


    Site admin here, this is a poll meant for fun and engaging conversation. Absolutely NO flaming will be tolerated. ZERO

    Be respectful of each other and have a good time.

    That is all.


  358. I vote for Mercy and Adam, they are awesome πŸ™‚ The comments for Cat and Bones have just convinced me to go out and buy that book!

  359. I have to vote for Edward & Bella. Their chemistry is what pulled me into the book(s) like it did. : )

  360. I voted Cat and Bones…..

  361. I voted for Mercy and Adam!

  362. I have to go with Edward and Bella. Just loved the story and the romance that it involved.

    Thanks Rachel for having such great polls! The site is looking great!

  363. You know these polls are great Rachel for the pure fact that I am introduced to new characters in books that are new to me. I so have to read about Faye and Marc now after all of these great comments.

  364. I would have to say Bella and Edward.

  365. Don’t let the Twilight fans know about this they WILL WIN !

  366. Having just finished Halfway to the Grave, I’m going to have to go with Cat and Bones. Their chemistry is real and believable and they balance each other out. πŸ™‚

  367. I’m more a fan of Vane and Bride then Wren and Bride. I can only imagine the fight between all these characters to keep their mates. Love Vane and Bride.

  368. That is cool Marnie! I have even found some new reading materials. LOL
    Do you think we should do it every week?

    We have obviously crossed the 1500 vote mark so ONE commenter will get a Custom Vamp Girl Tote bag FILLED with author swag!

    When the votes go past 5000 I will throw in another custom tote filled to the brim!

  369. Rose & Dimitri as if there is any real competetion : )

  370. I voted for Edward and Bella because I believe they are a strong couple due to the fact that they face great adversity with style and grace. No matter what they are up against they make sure that they stick together to make it through the hard times. You have to love and respect that in a couple.

  371. I most certainly think a weekly or bi-weekly post would be fab.

  372. Ooooo this is hard. I think I’m going to go with Rose & Dmitri. Something about their relationship just makes me believe it in ways the others don’t.

  373. I voted for Edward and Bella because their love story captivated me from the first time I read the series (and I’ve read the books about a dozen times each now). πŸ™‚

  374. Augh! So many wonderful pairs to chose from… I would go for Rachel and Kisten but… (must avoid SPOILER for those not current!). That still leaves me with seven faves to decide between… Augh! Okay, going for Elena and Clay ’cause Kelley Armstrong is Canadian as am I. Canadians rule! Canadian writers rule!

  375. Love the relationship between Edward and Bella. It’s so back and forth in the beginning it makes it seem that much more real

  376. I have to choose Faythe and Marc…although its a tough one, i love the idea of having that one man that unconditionally loves u no matter what obstacles the relationship faces, can read and know you more than yourself, he makes ‘sensitive parts tighten’ just looking at him and ‘sends tingling sparks to smolder in very promising places” with his touch. The fact that Marc needs Faythe and is so scared of loosing her again and will always be there adds to the attraction of them. Also the fact that Faythe’s family loves Marc as much too! I love the development of Faythe in the series, finding herself and her role in the Pride….thankyou Rachel, my second choice would be Elena and Clay.

  377. Edward and Bella take my vote with no hesitation. I am completely addicted to reading about their relationship and the way they are drawn to each other despite their obvious differences. Edward is 118 years old – and waited for Bella his entire life – now he’s committed to her to the end. Bella has given up her only “normal” way of life for Edward. I love it!

  378. My vote goes to Rose & Dmitiri – talked about star-crossed lovers. They deserve to win because her love for him know has her tracking him down so she can fulfill his wish about dieing rather than being one of the bad vampires (can’t remember how to spell it). I would have voted for Bella and Edward, except their names are not on the list – beside, they get to be together and at this point it does not look like Rose and Dmitiri have that option.

  379. I’m feeling a little injured that Rowan and Felicity aren’t on that list… πŸ˜‰

  380. Rose and Dimitri <3 True Love Always

  381. No story has fascinated the world like Bella and Edaward’s.

  382. You know we love ya M! Rowan and Felicity are an awesome couple.

  383. My vote goes to Rose and Dimitri from Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead. The way she twists things around into things you will never expect, is just amazing. Good luck Richelle!

  384. My vote is for Edward and Bella, their story is beautiful! So the Lion fell in Love with the Lamb!!!!!!!!

  385. Rose and Dimitri!!!!!!!Their story kicks ass. Richelle Mead’s writing is SOOOOOO much sexier than Twilight. If you haven’t read Vampire Academy already go out and buy it NOW!!!! You will get hooked, I promise. I read all three book in 2 days, then reread them again….and again….and will read them again before the fourth book get’s to my hands. The ROZA in Russian accent will run in your mind for days on a row. Her books prove that redheads definitely have more fun.

  386. My vote goes to Faythe & Marc. When I just starting reading Stray the took my breath away. They reminded me so much of my husband and I. From not wanting to get married to can’t live without each other. πŸ™‚

  387. EW, how did Edward and Bella get to the top?
    Their story isn’t as great as Dimitri and Rose’s.
    And did anybody notice that they spelled Dimitri wrong??
    It’s not Dmitiri!!! What the hell is THAT????
    Totally just insulted the Vampire Academt series :O

  388. Wow Edward & Bella jumped from last to first position today, I guess someone spammed a twilighter forum haha ^^

  389. Edward and Bella by Stephenie Meyer

  390. My vote is definitely for Edward and Bella! Their intense bond is incredibly seductive throughout the entire saga. Overcoming all obstacles their love is insurmountable even during the unbearable heartache of New Moon. Reading about them affects the reader to the core – you are drawn into their thoughts and lives. Go Edward and Bella!

  391. Valek and Yelena all the way!!!! but what i want to know is…where are Clary and Jace?? from The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare! They’re awesome too!!

  392. Ugh, twilight.

    Rose and Dimitri πŸ™‚

  393. Elena & Clay – I like all of their imperfections that make them so perfect for each other

  394. Comment 352 …. by Naomi

    The moral of the Twilight Saga is ‘Change everything you are, give up everything you have (including family….. isn’t blood thicker than water?) for a man and screw everybody and everything else.’

    And you call that a healthy relationship??????

    Faythe and Marc !!!!!!!!!


  395. Cat & Bones or Rose & Dimitri I don’t know. They are both so good!! I guess that I would have to say Rose & Dimitri because they still have so much to overcome!

  396. Edward & Bella, hands down. It’s a classic love story that millions love. It’s a forbidden love. Who doesn’t love that?

  397. Edward & Bella-no other fictional characters stand a chance

  398. Edward and Bella! duh! Are you all crazy?!?!?!

  399. Edward and Bella all the way! I don’t care if you guys say its a bad choice, and the twilight series is bad. I think it is one of the best series ive ever read! My vote is all for edward and bella <3

  400. Edward and Bella! Duh!!! πŸ˜€

  401. I had to go with Edward and Bella too, its a wonderful love story. It brings to light that while they are different, they can love each other despite their differences, and embrace their differences (its like the most different you can get). Following true love in the face of adversary; following your heart to the end….love, who could ask for more?

  402. Rose and Dimitri πŸ˜€
    The Vampire Academy series is better than anything I’ve ever read.

  403. Edward & Bella!!!!!!

  404. I voted for Mercy and Adam. My other favs are Yelena and Valek and Faythe and Marc. Mercy and Adam just fit really well. Perfect.

  405. hey although i think bella and edward are one of the best couples i think the rose and demetri are far better. not only are they the same (aka dhamper) but they are torn apart by forces i wont mention since some people havent read the books and i dont want to ruin it for them but lets just say that even then their love is still strong.

  406. I love Twilight!!! Edward and Bella are the best couple ever!!!

  407. Vane and Bride are the best couple. The book had me craving werewolf reads.:)

    Hugs, Danette

  408. I love Marc and Faythe. They are the best couple.


  410. I’m a Rose & Dimitri kind of gal. I love Richelle Mead’s series and love the couple.

  411. Faythe and Marc FTW!

  412. Have to say go Richelle and vote for Rose and Dimitri. Must say I’m diappointed no L.K. Hamilton couples posted. Of course, who would you choose for Anita, she has so many lovers?

  413. (spoils fourth book a little so dont read if u havent read fourth book)I picked Dimitri and Rose because their love is very strong and when Dimitri gets in trouble and rose and him secretly made a promise to each other about it then Rose dropped being a gaurdian to her best friend which she was one day from completing the proccess to become an gaurdian that she was training for her whole life that is true commitment.

  414. None other than Edward and Bella. Their struggles begin from their first meeting-Edward wants her blood, his siblings don’t want her around; his brother tries to kill her; then Edward leaves to save her. Both of them are totally miserable without each other. Attempted “suicide by Volturi” and Bella saves Edward. And the love story of course goes on through trials, tribulations, and triumphs. Their true love survives all obstacles battling against them. How could Edward and Bella NOT WIN??

  415. Defintly Dimitri and Rose. The Vampire Academy series is so amazing and I’m completely obsessed! LoveloveloveLOVE Richelle Mead! Dimitri and Rose…they’re love is so unbreakable that she’s willing to kill him for it. (Fans know exactl what I’m talking about! 3 MONTHS, FOUR DAYS!)

  416. Smoky, Camille and Morio… what a trio. I love Bones and Cat, but the “Galenorn” girls and their men are special.

  417. I love two couples that are listed: Bella/Edward and Rose/Dimitri…but I’m voting for…Rose and Dimitri. Even though I love Edward and Bella, I’m just going to go with something different for once. Rose and Dimitri are a perfect couple!

  418. Vane & Bride are my favs.

  419. I love Twilight AND Vampire Academy, but…I’m kinda tired of all the Twilight hype. I’m voting for Rose and Dimitri. Absolutely perfect couple!! I’d post more detailed reasons for that but I don’t want to post any spoilers…

  420. I voted for Faythe and Marc by Rachel Vincent ’cause they’re so right for eachother!

  421. Kitty and Ben are a great couple, it was hard to choose…Adam and Mercy are great too.

  422. I voted for Faythe and Marc from Rachel Voncent’s work. πŸ˜‰ Goooooo werecats!

  423. I vote for Rose and Dimitri by Richelle Mead! I love them together, and how they always seem to overcome obstacles together πŸ™‚

  424. Rose and Dimitri allllllll the way :]

  425. Mercy and Adam.
    I just love these two together.

  426. Edward and Bella Of course!!!!!!!!!!!!! The reason why they were not at the top of the poll before is because not many twilighters knew this poll existed…..we all do now LOL

  427. as much as i love bella and edward…

    rose and dimitri are just too damn hot for their own good. they are the only couples that i have ever read (and i have read many books!) that i have laughed, cried, and gone intimately crazy for. i swear after shadow kiss, i was depressed for weeks. i was soooo depressed i couldn’t even cry. i even made a bracelet that says ‘hate strigoi’ . (lol i was in denial, and protesting) of course there are tons of couples that i a-d-o-r-e, rose and dimitri are the two that stand out the most. and of course, they kick ass.

  428. oh yeah, and this is scarlett from hannah’s computer and i agree. rose and dimitri kick ass!

  429. I vote for Yelena and Valek. The Study Series is one of my favorite fantasy books; Poison Study was amazing, and I just had to keep reading!
    Yelena is an intersting heroine just as Valek is an interesting hero. They are an unlikely couple, yet they make things work. I also like how it was not love at first sight. I like some stories with this concept, but Yelena and Valek provide a fresh outlook on romantic couples. It is also cool how Maria V. Snyder blends fantasy with romance and I like how the book isn’t overly romantic- it is the perfect amount.
    Yelena + Valek πŸ™‚

  430. bella and edward all the way baby!!!!!
    second rose and demitri

  431. ROSE&&DIMITRI DUH!!!!
    &&theyre in 2nd place so far!
    there r the bomb!
    && nothin can rip this couple apart!
    not even becomin 1 of the undead.
    && its no shock edward&&bella r first,
    but prsonally,
    i like rose&&dimitri r WAY better!!! xD

  432. Edward and Bella – easy

  433. It was a hard choice for me between Rose and Dimitri or Bella and Edward. I had to go with Rose and Dimitri they are both strong and kick ass. ROSE + DIMITRI <3

  434. Edward and Bella are definitely my favorite. They are soulmates who belong together.

  435. BloodSucknMamma

    I love Stephenie’s books. The leading couple i voted for should win due to their amazing relationship from conflicts and challenges. They over come so much to be together and that should count for something.

  436. Edward and Bella is winning now. whooo~
    I’d like to defend that though it’s a tough choice, Edward and Bella’s tandem still rocks my socks.

  437. I have to vote Kisten and Rachel from Kim Harrison’s series as my favorite couple, even though Kisten gets killed in the latest book. In all the series I’ve read, they’re the ultimate hotness.

  438. i don’t know who to vote for! because i love Marc and Faythe, but i love Cat and Bones tooo! ahhhhh ;]

  439. Glad it was fixed on the actual poll to show Vane and Bride. They are definitely my favorite DH couple, and after much thought and weighing of options voted for them. Though I love Dimitri and Rose too. Such hard choices.

  440. Bella and Edward. Why? The reason is simple. Everyone wants and looks for that sweep you off your feet, knock the breath out of you love.

  441. I am voting for Edward and Bella,because these two characters and the storielines behind them cover a wide range of audience (not just teenagers). I myself am thirty-something and adore the Twilight Saga. This is my third round reading the Best-Selling novels, and what attracts me is not jst the fantasy vampire motif or the romance. It is how it is written like a journal not a novel. Stephenie wrote these books in a realistic fashion making you get swept away and captivated by the fantasy like it Could Be reality.

  442. I simply had to vote for Adam and Mercy, because despite species differences, class differences, and attitude differences, they’ve been able to work through the adversity with some satisfying results for both the characters and the readers who’ve been cheering for them. And their adventures are still just beginning. πŸ™‚

  443. angelica perez

    I vote for rose and Dimitri. why? because they love so much… you really have to love someone to promise them to kill them if they go bad and then try to carry it out. they are also both equal in very way. they are my favorite and i think the should WIN!!

  444. I’m voting for Rose & Dimitri. Gotta give a fellow Seattleite author some props. πŸ˜‰

  445. I voted for Rose and Dmitri. I love the Vampire Academy books! They are the best

  446. I’ll vote for Vane and Bride, because attraction doesn’t always have to be about looks and Vane is absolutely sweet and clumsy trying to be right for Bride. Afer all, having flaws makes things much more interesting.

  447. I’ve voted for Vane & Bride because I LOVE their story. It was one of the very first Dark Hunter/Were Hunter books I read. Bride has to work really hard through her insecurities, and she’s written very real. Still, it was a tough call btwn them and Dimitri & Rose! Dimitri makes me swoon. : )

  448. rose and dmitri, definitely πŸ™‚

  449. Rose and Dimitri ftw!

  450. Rose and Dimi 100% such an amazing couple, great chemestry, and so real to life. Richelle’s characters are so human, they’re easy to relate to and beleive


    Ed+Bell= PERFECT

  452. Rose and Dimitri FOR THE WIN !!!! :p

  453. Definitely Wrath and Beth πŸ™‚
    I love all the J.R Ward couples!

  454. Rose and Dimitri – toatlly the best

  455. vote for Rose and Dimitri people

  456. I voted for Edward and Bella, the sweet, adorable couple πŸ™‚ TEAM EDWARD!!!

  457. Don’t let Bella and Edward win!

    Vote Rose and Dimitri or Faythe and Marc!

  458. Rose and Dimitri… The way they are written is so real, you can actually SEE yourself being there. You can really relate to everything they do. It’s so realistic, that you forget you’re even reading it, and your eyes just keep going, and it’s like your STUCK in this world and you can’t get away.

    Rose and Dimitri are definitely what I want my relationship to be like… Full of passion, desire, love, and understanding each other without even speaking.

    It’s some intense shite right here, dude!! πŸ˜€

  459. I wondered where Sookie was, too, but I’m all about CAT & BONES!

  460. I vote for Rose & Dmitri.

  461. wow! Edward and Bella still in the lead. and yay for Rose and Dmitri- I can’t wait for Blood Promise. I am surprised Elena and Clay are so far behind,though. πŸ™ I guess it’s not over yet,though

  462. Dimitri and Rose all the way!!!! They are the best couple ever! To me they are the ultimate couple! The have the forbidden love, passion, and understanding. They have overcome so many obstacles and are still going. Well, besides the big one where Rose has to kill Dimitri. They understand each other and their passion for each other just boils off the pages. Richelle Mead is a fantastic author! I have read all of her books and loved each and every one! The way she wrote Vampire Academy was breathtaking. The characters jumped out at you. It made you feel like you were right there with them. If Rose got hurt I got hurt. I have laughed, gotten mad, gotten hurt, and cried sooo many times its not even funny. After I read Shadow Kiss I cried for days! I love the way Richelle has twists and turns in the series. If you have ever read the books you know that there are a lot of forshadowing. I had to read the first to books twice before I read Shadow Kiss to find out what would be likely to happen. And for all of you Vampire Academy fans: haven’t you noticed that Dimitri takes away Rose’s pain or makes her forget about it like Rose does for Lissa? Dimitri and Rose are amazing, hot, strong, funny, passionate and very witty. Vote for Rose and Dimitri! Best couple ever!!!!!! πŸ™‚

  463. If you voted for twilight you haven’t read vampire academie……

  464. Bones and Cat get my vote!

  465. Rose and Dimitri FTW. If you voted for Bella and Edward, you need to take a look at the other couples on this list and read those books. Edward and Bella’s relationship disgusts me. Expand your horizons! I recommend J.R. Ward, Richelle Mead, Jeaniene Frost, and Karen Marie Moning.

  466. I had to go with Mercy and Adam.

  467. This is tough, but I’m still a huge fan of Cat and Bones, and I would love to be Cat any day of the week. I love JR Ward as well, so like I said it’s really tough – I love Charlaine Harris, too, and too many more to name!!

  468. Mercy and Adam! Mercy and Adam!!

  469. I voted Elena & Clay… I’ve never been crazy about werewolves until I read Bitten… Great book! πŸ™‚


  470. I voted for Rose and Dimitri. They have such a “real world” kind of love, and even though it seems they are doomed to fail, you can’t help but root for them to beat the odds.

  471. IT was a hard choice. But this time I voted for Elena and Clay. I just finished reading Men of the Otherworld so Clay was fresh in my mind. But I have to say I am a fan of Mercy and Adam, Kitty and Ben, and Marc and Faythe too.

  472. i had a hard time choosing between mercy and adam or wrath and beth. since i just finished reading my first black dagger brotherhood and i have to go with wrath and beth.

  473. I agree with Jacklyn..Vampire Academy is much better….heck so is Cat & Bones, Beth & Wrath, and Mercy & Adam…I had a very hard time choosing!

  474. Rose & Dimitri.

  475. Rose & Dimitri all the way.

    Because vampires just DON’T sparkle.

  476. Rose & Dimitri, indeed.

    Because vampires just DON’T sparkle.

  477. I vote for Edward and Bella, because when I was reading about them I found myself holding my breath and telling myself to breath that it was just a book, but anyone who has read the Twilight series knows it more than just a book, its a way of life!!

  478. I voted for Rose and Dimitri. I love their relationship, and cant wait for the new books! πŸ˜€

  479. GO ROSE & DIMITRI!!!!!!!

  480. I love Edward and Bella too, but im getting twilighted out. I voted for Rose and Dimitri. I love them too! Ha. this is my third comment……Oh well.

  481. I voted for Wrath & Beth by J.R. Ward!

    Rhonda πŸ™‚

  482. I am having a hard time deciding. I really like Rose and Demitri and actually wandered to the poll through Rachelle Mead’s website but I think that I have to go for Mercy and Adam (sorry Rachelle). They both work really hard to overcome personal traits, his dominance and her fear of dominance, to make each other happy. I can relate to that, except in my case it’s the other way around πŸ˜‰

  483. Elena & Clay by Kelley Armstrong

  484. I have to go with Elena and Clay by Kelley Armstrong. Yeah… yummy.

  485. Kelly Petersen

    I voted for Wrath & Beth by J.R. Ward. They are a great couple.

  486. That was a really hard choice as my favourites were all there – Faythe & Marc, Cat & Bones, Elena & Clay and Mercy & Adam. In the end it had to be Mercy and Adam just because they have been through so much individually in order to become a couple.

  487. Went with Vane and Bride because they totally hooked me on the series years ago and everything else followed. But it was a tough call cuz i love me some Elena and Clay too. Dang choices.

  488. Oh…easy…Kristin and Rachel! Gotta love a heroine whose name is the same as our wonderful webmistress and hostess of BBB.:)

  489. I love Yelena and Valek as a couple. Maria V. Snyder wrote life into these characters, and I love all the intrigue and the gradual love that grow between them. If wasn’t obvious, but stealthy and grow with each encounter. (Cat and Bones from Jeaniene Frost is also a favorite of course. I love their sizzle!)

  490. Dimitri and Rose , of course .

  491. I like at lot of the couples listed, but I voted for Bones & Cat. I love the books and the storyline, & just imagining Bones’ accent really does it for me!! (Makes it even easier to get into the story!) Plus, they are an awesome couple. They kick ass together & always try to help each other & their loved ones.


  493. This was a tough one, but I voted for Valek and Yelena. I just love the way their relationship grows and how they interact with one another.

  494. Rose & Dmitiri!!!
    I really love them as a couple, I hope they can win this!

  495. Rose & Dmitiri by Richelle Mead. Forbiden love, Intense feelings, Rose and Dimitri have a powerful love. Sorry Edward, but Dimka is a real man, he cares about Rose but he still focus on the real life.

  496. I like twilight… but Dimitri and Rose are much stronger then Bella and EDWARD.

  497. Dimitri and Rose all the way. Their love is amazing and one of the best love stories told in my opinion. I really hope they win! Richelle Mead is an amazing writer and deserves to recognized for the characters she shared with us. These two are so adorable! ROSE AND DIMITRI FOR THE WIN!

  498. I am disappointed that Jean Claude and Anita weren’t on the list.

  499. Rose and Dimitri FTW! They are the most amazing because they are so opposite but secretly so alike.

  500. Wrath and Beth, no question. Halfbred vamp/human heroine capable of bringing the last pureblood vamp (who’s also a human hater) to his knees? There’s no question. I love those two together.

  501. “Rose & Demitri”

  502. Heck Rose & Dimitri. They kick out everyone else on the list.

  503. Rose & Dimitri all the way πŸ™‚
    abnormal & forbidden;
    absolutely the BEASTIEST couple everr πŸ˜€

  504. ROSE AND DIMITRI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  505. ROSE AND DIMITRI!!!!!! HANDS DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

  506. Go Rose and Dimitri!!!!

  507. Oh love Bones and Cat too! Its hard to pick just one!

  508. Rose & Dmitiri by Richelle Mead
    cause the are smexy like that

  509. Rose and demetri all the way…
    Sexiest couple written by the best Author.

  510. ROSE & DIMITRI by Richelle Mead
    Hottest couple ever!!
    Don’t believe me read the part where
    their together it’s steamer then twilight!

  511. Omigod! Dimitri And Rose! They’re sooo cute together (well in my head they are) I find their romance sooooo sweet! Richelle Mead is an awesome writer and makes their romance sizzle and twist in all of her books! I can’t wait for what’s in store for Dimitri and Rose in the next book. Good Luck!

  512. So many tasty choices, but as much as I love Elena and Clay I must go with Camilla and her boys… love the tension and drama… not to mention theres another man in there… One woman, 3 men… yumm…

  513. It’s gotta be Adam & Mercy for me.
    Followed very closely by Elene & Clay, then Cat & Bones.
    I like these three couples best because we’ve seen them have their up’s and down’s in their respective series and come out stronger and more in love.

  514. Tough call between Rose and Dmitri and Mercy and Adam. Both couples are very intense and amazing.

    I’m going to have to vote for Mercy and Adam, though. On the basis, they’re not killing each other. πŸ˜‰ Briggs let them be together after much work and sacrifice on their parts. IMO, a relationship of mutual trust and respect, which thrives and blooms over time as they learn to let each other in, is much more worthy of a vote than a couple who doesn’t get the chance to ever become.

    As an aside, if write-in were an option, it would totally be Jaz Parks and her vampire boss, Vayl, Jennifer Rardin’s couple. (http://www.jenniferrardin.com) They’re really awesome together.

  515. I voted for Rose and Dimitri. I love all series by Richelle Mead πŸ™‚

  516. Aww Valek and Yelena by far…Something about the not so aloofness is so very appealing..

  517. I like Rose and Dimitri too. Because with this two, its never boring. Every single book is interesting and exiting, because no one knows, whats going to happen. Will they come togheter? Will they fight again…
    Altough I like Twilight and Edward and Bella too. But I think a love story like Rose and Dimitri’s is perfekt! ^^

  518. as much as i love edward and bella (for goodness sake, they consume my life drama), rose and dimitri have captured my attention and the spotlight has been on them ever since September, 2008. The first day i read a Vampire Academy novel. Rose and Dimitri!!
    (dont worry edward and bella, you know i’ll always love you too!)

  519. i would tottaly vote for edward and bella from stephenie meyer’s series. but i really don’t kknow how

  520. Rose and Dimitri definitely. Because their love is different. To me, their love means A LOT. I don’t know how to explain, but I’ll try. It’s like this, their love is deeper than the sexual tension that they have for each other. They both understand one another on a completely different level. So much so, that they don’t need to speak to understand what the other feels e.g. the morning after they had sex. They just mean SO MUCH to each other and there are no words to even describe it. And they don’t/won’t let the other one suffer e.g. Rose sets off to kill Dimitri at the end of Shadow Kiss because she can’t/won’t let him suffer, and she’d rather he be dead than a dead/undead Strigoi.

  521. I voted for Rose and Dimitri because they make a super cute couple ((:
    No couple(AND I SAID NO COUPLE WHICH MEANS NOT EVEN STUPID EDWARD AND BELLA) can compare. Even though I like Cat and Bones too.. I’m still with Dimitri and Rose. Cos their relationship is just so realistic that you can feel it yourself. Edward and Bella is just so pure lust and childish. And wad? Say Edward and Bella’s relationship is forbidden? Are you kidding?! Oh pls, Bella only have to turn into vampire and lead the rest of their lives remain obscured. THAT’S ALL. What with not meeting her father and all that? I can TELL that Bella is NOT even close with her father, OR MOTHER. Her friends aren’t even REAL friends at all. They did not soft of interact with her that much. Jessica is not really treating Bella as real friends anyway. So, Bella to them is just normal classmate that’s all. Hence, it doesn’t matter anyway if Bella leaves them. Twilight is so easy to foreshadow. But VAMPIRE ACADEMY ISN’T THE SORT OF BOOK THAT YOU CAN PREDICT! CAN YOU PREDICT WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IN BLOOD PROMISE??? CAN YOU???
    Moreover, Dimitri is always trying to help Rose to control her temper and Rose understands and respects Dimitri. Both have a mutal understanding with one another. Rose fights for anything she wants and Dimitri tries to control her impulsion, but still act impulsive himself sometimes. The way they interact always makes me smile and laugh. At the end of Shadow kiss, I was so upset for hours. I didn’t even have that when Cat left Bones and Edward left Bella!!! ALL VAMPIRE ACADEMY FANS OUT THERE PLEASE PLEASE VOTE FOR DIMITRI AND ROSE. DON’T LET EDWARD AND BELLA WIN!

  522. It is so hard to choose between my fave authors for a couple. I flipped a coin to decide who I would vote for in this poll.

    Thanks for the great work!

  523. Valek & Yelena hands down!

  524. You can soooo tell that people are jumping on the bandwagon and haven’t read outside of the wilight aga when they think bella and edward are the best couple…. seriously people read some other books and you’ll see how frail theri relationship is…bella is weak, submissive and never truly gets her way without a price while edward is just sickly sweet, with a possesive undertone and no real reasons for loving the plain unintering bella…2d much??? i chllenge you people to read some of the other books the other couples are in!!!!

  525. Valek and Yelena!!
    The mysteries surrounding them make them amazing!

  526. Edward and Bella are old news. Vampire Academy is one of the best series I have ever read!

    My vote goes to Rose and Dimitri!!

  527. Rose and Dimitri all the way!

  528. Rose and Dmitri beat out all others because they have a passionate love story that still has yet to play completely out. Mystery. Oh, and they didn’t just get together at the drop of a hat.

  529. definitely rose and dimitri. edward and bella are just a bit overwhelming now. im a bit put out that sookie and eric isnt up there though!

    but yeah, rose and dimitri is my vote. love richelle meads books:)!

  530. Rose and Dimitri are by FAR my favorite couple. Edward and Bella are a bit TOO perfect. I love them but they need more flaws.

  531. So many good choices, it’s hard to decide. I think Lily and Rule are my first choice. Sookie and Eric second. I am still upset with Kim Harrison about Kisten.

  532. I’m for Faythe and Marc and Edward and Bella. They’re both great!

  533. There

  534. Rose & Dimitri all all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  535. Rose & Dimitri ROCK!

  536. Rose and Dimitri!!! I absolutely love their complex relationship. It will built and anticipated perfectly throughout the books, and I cannot wait to see how it works itself out in the next book. Of all the couples, i felt the most strength in this one.

  537. Rose & Dimitri of course!!!!

  538. Rose/Dimi. The combo of realistic teen feelings and serious vamp storylines is great.

  539. I almost voted for Elena and Clay but in the end I had to go with Rachel and Kistin. Man, I miss him!

  540. Rose and Dimitri FTW! I love them together. R/D are such a realistic couple. The really understand each other and though they know it’s forbidden and they try to stay apart they know in the end they will have to be together. It’s meant to be.

  541. Dimitri and Rose all the way!! Edward and Bella are SO overrated! Their love seems too perfect to be true.

  542. Dimitri and rose all the way<3….

  543. Rose and Dimitri so cute

  544. Rose and dimitri

  545. I love Kat and Bones!!!!

  546. I love rose and dimitri. I’m not a big bella fan at all, so sorry Twilight. They go through so much more together than the Twilight series. I know it’s not quite as popular, but what about Alexander and Raven? Maybe that’s just my tween self talking.

  547. Wrath and Beth are my all time faves. Cuz with them, Beth can step up and be just as strong as Wrath. …and he didn’t fall in love with her because she was an emotionally screwed up person- bonus points!

  548. Ok. Just so you know there are too many that i read to have an easy time choosing just one.

    However, a Witch, a Fox, and a Dragon in a three way? Brings to mind all to many new definitions of kinky fun.

  549. I love Rose and Dimitri so thats my vote!!

  550. Nathalie Bouchard

    I would have to vote for Edward and Bella by Stephenie Meyer. An amazing series of books.

  551. Rose and Dimitri by far!! So tragic and hopelessly romantic!!!!=]<3

  552. Of course I have to pick Rose & Dimitri!


  554. we need to drag more rose and dimitri fans out here to beat edward&Bella =P
    Alrdy spammed my myspace and facebook

  555. Rose and Dimitri !
    Best couple hands down. Their relationship is so much more realistic. Plus the books are just amazing.

  556. I voted for Rose and Dimitri because they have a hard and challenging relation ship. They deserve to win because they try to make it work. The other reason they deserve to win is because Rose and Dimitri are the kick butt vampires!! Forget Edward and Bella. I want Rose and Dimitri!

  557. Dimitri and Rose!!!!!!

  558. Wrath and Beth- my fave vampire series! <3

  559. Really hoping that Rose and Demetri pass Bella and Edward.

  560. voted for Lily and Rule. Great love connection, and enjoy how they work as a team.

  561. I voted for Rose and Dimitri every time i read about them i either cry or laugh sometimes both. If you have not read any of Richelle Mead’s book you SHOULD!!!

  562. Rose and Dimitri <3

  563. Rose/Dimitri is my vote because both the characters are realistic and you don’t get tired reading about them… and neither one falls over and needs to be save all the time… o.O

  564. I’m voting for Mercy and Adam because, in spite of Adam’s raging dominant alpha-wolf persona, he’s letting Mercy be who she is. She, in turn, is making sure that Adam doesn’t get too full of himself and his unmistakable allure. Their pairing seems to be a nice blending of need, want, and support (even though it drives them crazy to admit that).

  565. Vane and Bride are the couple that I’m voting for. Vane is everything that any woman could want at least this woman.

  566. ROSE AND DIMITRI!! im voting for them xD
    even though i really really like edward and bella!!

  567. This is really tough, because I love so many of these couples. Ultimately, decided to vote for Elena & Clay. Mainly because they’re dysfunctional, but make it work. I like that they’re not perfect

  568. rose and dinmitri

  569. i love Rose and Dimitri they deserve to win! Go Rose and Dimitri!

  570. Rose and Dimitri are the best

  571. Aaah, it was hard to pick between Rose & Dimitri and Kisten & Rachel. Finally went with R&D πŸ™‚ It was definitely easy not to pick Edward & Bella though seeing as how it was really nothing other than an abusive and dangerous relationship masquerading as love… man, how twisted?

  572. Crosses her arms and grumbles~ Can’t belive the other minions didn’t turn out. How can we be getting beaten by Edward and Bella!?

    (Not to upset those out there who actually liked the book.)

  573. Vampire Academy 4ever

    Rose & Dimitri are the sex ! :); Literally. xD
    I hope Blood Promise is promising with their love. I bauled when I read the end of SK. I was sat in school, in the home ec. room and I was sat there, bauling my eyes out. XD

  574. Rose and Dimitri are the best!!! I ? DIMITRI!!!

  575. I’m for Rose and Dimitri………..

  576. I voted for Camille, Smokey, and Morio because most women in the books get one alpha male, but she gets three (don’t forget about Trillian). It was difficult to pick just one, though. I’d say second choice would be Bones and Cat because who wouldn’t want a basass vampire with a British accent all for themselves?

  577. Hard choice, but Edward and Bella still rule!

  578. rose and dimitri, tho i love twilight i kinda think both bella and edward are kinda pathetic

  579. Rose and Demetri!
    They are the best.
    Vampire Academy, i love it so much.

  580. Rose and Demetri

  581. I voted for Rose and Dimitri (:
    Vampire academy is one of the best vampire series out there (:
    If I could have voted twice I would have voted for Edward and Bella too <3

  582. Bursts out laughing~ Vampire Academy! Oh my gods that is the funniest thing I have read all day.

  583. ok well i say DIMITRI AND ROSE ALL THE WAY!!! You could imagine Rose and Dimitri as real people but (no offense) in twilight i couldn’t picture ANYTHING as real and again no offense I used to be a twilight now im a Dhampir =) GO R&D!!!!!

  584. Hmmm….i love Edward&Bella AND Rose&Dimitri!!! I think i’m gunna go with edward and bella….there relationship isnt really healthy, but i love them!!!

  585. I think Edward and Bella should win becasuse their like romeo and juliet, except that they both die and Edward and Bella dont.

  586. Rose & Dmitiri!


  588. Rose and Dimitri all the way!!!!!!!!!!!
    I just love the relationship between the two. Cant wait till Blood Promise






  591. Wow. With so many people voting for Rose and Dimitri, it makes me wwant ot read the series.

    I shall have to go look it up!

  592. And wow. Is this contest heating up or what?

    YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!

  594. Not that I dislike Edward and Bella but for some reason I feel like this is a Sesame Street bit. You know the one where you have to pick which of these things doesn’t belong. For some reason I just ame not feeling Bella & Edward for this poll…….????

  595. Well, Edward and Bella, for some reason, speak to the younger crowd. Maybe it is because of the whole ‘doing what I shouldn’t’ thing? I don’t know. I read the books because a friend of mine asked me to, but I didn’t like them at all. But to each their own. Not everyone likes the same things.

    But be that as it may.. even though I really wish Sherri’s minions would get out here and vote, dangit, I hope Rose and Dimitri pull into the lead

  596. Rose and Dimitri, definitely.
    I think that their relationship and their ‘situation’ in Shadow Kiss is MUCH more complicated than Edward’s and Bella’s. Much much more complicated…. lol.

  597. Rose and Dmitri. Burning and forbidden passion. Yummy.

  598. But… Valek/Yelena AND Dimitri/Rose?!!? You’re going to make me choose?!!?!? It’s just not possible. You can’t make me. Lol

  599. Please, please, please please vote for Rose and Dimitri….if you vote for them I will put up a video of me doing a silly dance on youtube…please?

  600. Edward and Bella are great…
    But their relationship IS more towards younger people.
    Very over-exaggerated and over-the-top.
    BUT rose and Dimitri…
    So much more complicated, so much more intense, so much more ALIVE, so much more tragic, and in my opinion, a stronger LOVE.
    They’re love is so strong, and so there.
    I have to say Rose and Dimitri.

  601. I vote Rose & Dimitri, though it was hard to pick between them and Bella & Edward. Why? Their struggle, oddly enough, seems even more hard to overcome than Bella & Edward’s! I mean, sure, Edward’s a vampire who potentially has no soul – but their love overcame that. With Rose & Dimitri…well, I’m on the edge of my seat. I don’t know if they can make it. Which makes it all the more delicious! πŸ™‚

  602. omg i cant decide on who to choose. because i love Bella and Edward, but I’m also in love with Rose and Dimitri…………swoon lol. But Ithink that I will give my vote to Rose and Dimitri because I still don’t know the ending to that series yet, whereas I know that Bella and Edward live happily ever after. But I still love Bella and Edward!!

  603. Some many good couples to choose from… I had to vote for Rose & Dimitri but i so love Bones & Cat… Something about those two crack me up… Edward & Bella come in 3rd… Looks like i have a ton more books to read to see what the other couples are like.

  604. Rose and Dimitri, defiantly.
    Their love is like petrol on a fire, seriously. Whereas Bella and Edward’s more like, warm cuddles kind of love.

    I’d prefer a heated passion rather than a fairwhethered one.

  605. ROSE AND DIMITRI!!! they are the best
    i dont like edward and bella as a couple they’re relatinoship is like “hi im Edward im a vampire im gonna stalk you and watch you sleep now” i mean seriously creepy

  606. Though I’ve read all the books with Edward and Bella, out of the list of above I have to say I enjoy Rose & Dmitiri from the Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead.

    Rose is so like many teens today and there’s nothing more exciting than being in love with an older guy. Especially one who is oh-so-wrong. I also like Rose because not only is she physically strong, but she has the mental chops to keep up with herself and her friend.

    Kudos Rose!


  608. Eeee! My heart is goin all nuts watchin the poll!

  609. I love Rose & Dimitri. There is no sugar coating in their relationship. The sexual tension between them is what makes their relationship so desirable. And I wouldn’t turn Edward away, but Tall, Dark & Super Hot with hair long enough to put into a pony tail is more my style! Besides I love Richelle to much to vote for any other couple.

  610. ?????? ROSE & DIMITRI they make my heart swoon! They are loved all the way from Down Under! ???????

  611. I AGREE WITH YOU GUYS. Roza and Dimka all the way.

  612. This is making my tummy hurt……and all my fingers and toes cross….maybe even my eyes…..


  614. ROSE & DIMITRI get my vote (all the way from Down Under also). I just loved the sexual tension and all the obstacles they had to overcome. Iam hoping that they (Rose & Dimitri) do get the happy ever after as Edward & Bella did.

  615. Laughs~ Nooo! Don’t cross the eyes Koren! You’ll make your head hurt. But I agree with the sentiment

  616. Lol. ROSE AND DIMITRI< 33 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3

  617. Seri, Luckily I am physically unable to cross my eyes or I would have one hell of a headache……as it is my feet are cramping.


  619. I vote for Rose & Dmitiri by Richelle Mead! They are an awesome couple and I love them just as much as Edward and Bella. I want them to become a movie too….

  620. I vote for Rose & Dmitiri by Richelle Mead! i do sooo LOVE them so i hope they win!

  621. I vote for Rose & Dimitri by Richelle Mead!

  622. I voted for Rose and Dimitri! they rock!!! especially Rose!

  623. oh, my tummy….

  624. haha.. rose and Dimitri.. for all the reasons everyone else stated.

    Twilight is good… but Vampire academy is better.

  625. I vote for Rose and Dimitri

  626. Eeee! ~fans herself~ The poll is so close, I can’t take it!

  627. Damn, I’m 4 minutes late. But I go for Galenorn’s three-way couple. Camille is an uber-babe and her men are smoking.

  628. Oh, wait, maybe I’m NOT late, you’re on the West Coast? Whee! Go Camille!

  629. Rose and Dimitri. This was a hard choice since there are so many great couples to choose from, but Rose and Dimitri loved each other, but couldn’t be together due to their teacher/student situation. Hard not to resist that kind of a sexual tension and wanting their relationship to make it through this difficult situation.

  630. poor Trillian….he was forgotten

  631. Rose & Dmitiri by Richelle Mead

  632. Rose & Dmitiri by Richelle Mead

  633. closer, closer………

  634. closer…

  635. I’m going to have to say Rose and Dimitri, who doesn’t like forbidden love?

  636. Bleh!!!! someone cheated by voting multiple times all at once!!!HOW THE HECK did Rose and Dimitri get over 100 votes in 1 minute????? pleeeeeaaaseeeeeeeeee

  637. YAY!!!!!!

  638. 100? they only needed one to tie, two to pull ahead.

  639. You Twilight FANTARDS are just jealous that other characters could beat your precious Edward (FAAAG AND STALKER) and Bella. (WHINY LITTLE MARY SUE) GO DIMITRI AND ROOSSSSE.

  640. Hey, just coz Rose and Dimitri got 100 votes a minute doesn’t necessarily mean someone cheated. Rose and Dimitri is just a good couple, that’s why.

  641. pffft please they went from 1096 to 11 something…geez I had no idea there we cheaters on this site bleh

  642. going from 1096, to 1102 means they got 7 votes not 100… and we all are telling our friends and fellow VA fans to vote… thats why is is going in spurts… no one is cheating.


  644. I voted for Rose and Dimitri. They make a great couple.

  645. 1096, 1097, 1098, 1099, 1100 = 5 votes….in about 8 min 2134-2142

  646. Rose and Dimitri!


  648. And I had no idea there were accusing people, either. Can you believe there are 3000+ voters in the poll and Twilight’s always been first? hmm.. I wonder why that isn’t so surprising.

  649. I love Mercy and Adam. They’re a strong couple. They certainly face their challenges, but Adam is just awesome, and I’d love to be his partner … so … besides, I like the way Briggs writes.

  650. I am holding my breath now.

  651. Go Richelle Go!

  652. As am I. Go R&D !

  653. NOTE: The poll logs have been verified, there has been no trend for cheating. Site stats support the amount of votes/visitors to the site for the day. Anybody caught cheating will have their IP permanently banned from the site, and their votes will be deleted.

    That is all. πŸ™‚

  654. yay Rachel!

  655. Rose and Dimitri’s love is the most real… Edward and Bella’s love is so cheesy and unlikely.

  656. True that. =) R AND D = TRUEE AND REAAL LOVE .

  657. Wooooo! Rose and Dimitri pull ahead!

  658. I think someone just jumped to conclusions because of their fuzzy math (they thought 1098 to 1108= 100 votes) There is no need to badmouth any characters either, these are all great books and characters/couples.

  659. And hey guys, lets be nice here, okay? Everyone has different series that they like, and we’re all pulling for ours. That goes to both sides of this thing.

  660. Thank you both! elaine and seri

  661. And dang! I STILL can’t believe Vane and Bride only got 207 votes! ~laughs~ There are like.. a few thousand sherri fans on the message boards daily. Dag nabbit.

    We shall jsut have to try harder next time

  662. You’re welcome Koren

  663. How much longer?


    “I was testing dorm security… It sucks.” – Rose.
    “You’re strong. You’re so, so strong, its why I love you.” -Dimitri.
    “Because I’m her guardian.” -Rose.
    “Hey, Comrade.” -Rose.
    “You’re talking to me now?” -Dimitri.
    “… After this case, Your Honour, you might want to consider trying a statutory rape case.” -Victor.
    “Did you? Did you want me?” -Rose.
    “You’re so beautiful… it hurts me sometimes.” -Dimitri. < 3

  665. #1 is MERCY AND ADAM

  666. I am turning blue now.

  667. I think we have another… hmm.. The polls close at 11:59 so… another 54 minutes?

  668. Most of these couples are in books sitting on my TBR shelf. So far I’m only familiar with Valek & Yelena and Edward & Bella. I voted for Valek & Yelena. I’m sad to see they received so few votes. Though I know the lovely Richelle Mead has been campaigning hard. :o)

  669. I seriously squealed out loud when I came to check how the polls were doing. ROSE AND DIMITRI, YES! My current favorite fictional couple, hands down. I hope they manage to hold on for however much longer the poll is open…

  670. Yeah. SQUEEE. I can’t waaaaait.

  671. Yay! Rose and Dimitri is ahead. ^^

  672. Omg! I knooow, I’m not going to sleep until I’m sure they win! x3

    If you haven’t read Vampire Academy, I don’t see why you aren’t moving to get it.
    It’s full of action and promises….
    and DIMITRI *sighs*

  674. DIMITRI’s name is spelt wrong on the poll results!!!!
    OH NO!!!!!!

  675. Yes, yes! They have to win~ R & D FTW !!

  676. I KNOW. LOL. Oh WELL. Didn’t stop us for voting for his SMEXINESS< 3 And Rose is totally awesome kick-ass too.

  677. AHHHHHH! Dimitri’s name is spelt wrong on this whole site. Yeah, I sound like a vocab bitch but it’s DIMITRI’s name.

    I’ll get over him sometime but until then, GO R&D!!!!

  678. Grins~ We were voting for a while on Wren and Bride. This is what happens when site managers aren’t gettin their sleep!

  679. Hahhaha. -Cheers on Roza and Dimka- < 3


  681. YUUH. < 3 R&D . R&D . πŸ˜€

  682. “No. If I let myself love you, I won’t throw myself in front of her. I’ll throw myself in front of you.” – Dimitri
    Oh, now I’m going to cry becasue I’m remembering all the things he said to her ):
    Thanks Tar ):
    LOL just kidding pretty (:

  683. You have to tell me the typos SOONER! LOL Wasn’t as bad as the first one. πŸ™‚

    Lack of sleep is totally to blame.

    Poll ends at 11:59 pm PACIFIC… 35 more minutes. πŸ™‚

    GO VOTE in the preliminaries for next week’s poll here: http://bittenbybooks.com/?p=7693

  684. I am turning bluer…..still holding breath.

  685. Hahhahaa, Taylor- you’re hilarious< 3

  686. Bites her lip and crosses her figners~ Man I really hope I come out a winner for this one. I’m coveting author swag like no bodys business. I haven’t been able to spend money on books in over four months

  687. fingers and toes have been crossed since 8:12…..cramping but I will not give in and uncross them.

  688. whoa, can’t wait!! Go Rose and Dimitri!

  689. That’s the way to go Koren!

  690. hehe… you guys are all holding out for this.
    I just finished dinner and I’m cool because D&R rock my bedsocks!
    they’ll win I know it!!!

  691. Bursts out laughing~ Janee you are so cute

  692. if only I could cross my eyes too.

  693. Only a few more minutes!!
    R and D is winning =D

  694. Dun dun dun! Time is running out!


  696. so it’s 11:50 pm where?
    cause here in aussie it’s only 4:55
    thx to all the peeps who posted VA quotes

    (yeah, I’m lazie at times)

  697. wait for it, wait for it……

  698. wait did i just tell you i’ve had dinner?
    scratch that it was lunner?
    lunch dinner?
    whatever it was yum, like DIMITRI!

  699. I’m almost certain R & D is winning.. !! !!! yay!

  700. yes!! They won!!


  702. can I breathe now?

  703. Woooo! It is midnight!

  704. aaaaahhhhhhhhh….oxygen!
    YAY!!!!!!!! R&D

  705. does a crazy leg dance~

  706. SCHWEEET!
    can I say it?…
    wait for it….

    I told you so!!!

  707. You didn’t turn blue did you Koren?

  708. Someone turned blue?
    AWESOME… just kidding

  709. I’m sooo happy. ^^ Go R&D!~

    Everyone can finally relax now. xD

  710. congrats rose and dimitri!

  711. Laughs~ And the tension has eased

  712. very blue, but I am breathing now. πŸ™‚


  714. Dimitri kicks ass once again,
    with Rose’s help of course

    *sighs happily*

  715. This seriously makes me want to read the series now ~Laughs~

  716. To all the fellow lovers of Dimitri, please join me at this forum…

    It’s bland ATM, very bland but the more the merrier!

    and Seri, Why haven’t you read the VA series?

  717. Shakes her head~ I don’t have the money to buy any books. I have to pinch my pennys just to buy bread these days.

    Note, living off of toast isn’t all that bad

  718. Hopefully Richelle Mead will win this!

  719. Congrats to Richelle Mead and The best paranormal couple!!

    By 29 votes over E&B

    A huge thanks to everybody who voted, brought their friends, their friends friends and so on. AND for those who held their breath until midnight. πŸ™‚

  720. What is better than sliced bread?
    Toast of course, I love toast!
    Fresh from the toaster with absolutely nothing on the top!
    And yeah, my non existant allowance means I don’t have the cash to buy books either but I borrow them off my friends.

  721. Laughs~ Those are the hard core fans there! Wooo breath holders!

    My heart was beating a mile a minute I can tell you ~grins~ Though I can attest to at least five of those votes when I dragged in friends who had no idea what was going on

  722. Friends are awesome, aren’t they?

  723. Friends are the best…
    However books are better πŸ™‚

  724. lol. Congrats Richelle Mead!! Go R&D. I didn’t exactly wait til midnight coz I’m in Australia, but all the same, waiting was fun!

  725. I had to vote for Marc and Faythe… there’s just something about them… lol

  726. come on kisten and rachel!!!!
    go team harrison

  727. I am going to take a hot bath I can’t get my fingers and toe straight.

  728. Eee oh noes!

    Baths will help

  729. -Claps- YAAAY, I can finally sleep ! HURRAY FOR ROSE & DIMITRI< 3 They always win in the end. πŸ˜‰


  731. YAY!! go rose and dimitri!! congrats Richelle!!!

  732. I like lily and Rule because they carry mystery with them. I also feel they are well rounded characters. The job she does also makes it an interesting combination.

  733. Rose and Dimitri by Richelle Mead, I’m in love with the VA series so I had to go with them! Minus the fact that they’re dhamphir, and that they kill people for a living, they’re totally relatable to!!! lol ok have a nice day everybody!

  734. Rose and Dimitri!

  735. I Love Bones and Cat, can’t believe how low on the polls they are!

  736. Shell the HOckeyvampiress

    Yeah late night push working so far….. don’t slack off…. keep telling your friends who haven’t been here yet to come and vote.

  737. WOW!!! I am soooooo glad that Rose and Dimitri won!!!! I knew they would, I just knew it! They are the best coulple! Congrats to Richelle Mead!
    Rose + Dimitri= Forever!!!
    Go Dhampirs! πŸ˜€

  738. YAY! Richelle Mead <3 Congrats! I’m thrilled that Rose and Dimitri won! (:

  739. Rose and Dmitiri, for the win. I cried like a baby at the end of Shadow Kiss.

  740. I voted for Rose and Dimitri. I can’t wait for August and Blood Promise. I keep thinking (hoping…praying) that somehow Lissa can use her gift to save Dimitri. I’ve also resorted to going to Tarot Card websites to try and interpret Dimitri reading to see if there’s anything there. They have to be together somehow.


  742. Richelle Mead is the next big thing! Everyone should read her books. πŸ™‚

  743. Edward & Bella by Stephenie Meyer!! I just love the angst in their relationship! And how Edward takes care of Bella.

  744. Rose & Dimitri
    By: Richelle Mead

  745. Wow, this is a close competition. May the best couple win!

  746. the contest was over last night at 2359. not sure why votes are still being tallied but rose and dimitri definitely won (at the time is was by 28 or 29 votes) congrats to rose and dimitri and richelle mead!

  747. Geez, pick only one couple, that’s tough. I love Mercy & Adam but I guess I’m going to go with Rose & Dimitri as they have been on my mind lately and I’m dying to find out what happens to them.

  748. Im goin with Rose and Dimitri cuz they r the BEST! I just love there romance style and cant wait to see wat happens..

  749. Dimitri and Rose

  750. Demitri and Rose, duhh!

  751. Elena and Clay πŸ™‚
    They deserve to win!

  752. Rose and Demitri, of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

  753. Rose and Dimitri!!

  754. My vote goes to Rose and Dimitri, totally. To all the Twilight fans, you should also read the Vampire Academy series. It’s a lot like Twilight, except, in my opinion, a lot more…realistic, you could say. The characters seem to act more like what they should be–teenagers.
    Just a suggestion.

    GO D&R!

  755. Rose and Demitri all the way!!! Edward and Bella are just too sappy and unrealistic

  756. dimitri and rose the best ever! <3


  758. The poll got lots of votes after it was closed you know

  759. I know, but still. It was officially finished last night. For some reason its still tallying things. -Shrugs- Whatever. Rose and Dimitri won! πŸ˜€

  760. Raonaid Luckwell

    I’ve never read Mead before… What would you compare her books too?

  761. I vote Dimitri&Rose frm VA =D

  762. The poll doesn’t actually come down until the next one goes up, so people can still come in and vote- but it just doesn’t count towards who wins the poll.

  763. I’m totally voting for Rose and Dimitri. They’re a great couple!

  764. Rose and Dimitri

  765. yay for Rose and Dimitri winning πŸ˜€ *does happy Dance*

  766. Edward & Bella–love them!

  767. jessica cochrane

    congrats richelle mead for rose and dimitri winning

    Well deserved πŸ™‚

  769. OMG again i vote for rose and dimitri………especially after the third book. HOW COULD U NOT!!! i mean come, every time it mkes me cry. Seriously Richelle Mead is an amazing writer and deserves to have her awesome couple get an award……..GO ROSE AND DIMITRI

    πŸ˜€ ily dimitri

  770. Rose and Dimitri…….another reason is cause seriously they loe each other. Need proof? just go read pages 349 to 351 of shadow kiss. Im serious you have no idea. lol. AND Dimitri has a cute Russian accent. If they made this into a movie, it would be better than twilight. and believe me that’s alot coming from me lol.



  772. Last time i promise…….ROSE AND DIMITRI whew πŸ˜€


  774. YAY… Dimitri and Rose won right!!!

  775. Man, there are just too many to choose from! I love Wrath and Beth, Cat and Bones, Yelena and Valek, Edward and Bella, Vane and Bride….and of course so many others that are not listed. I mean how can you choose really? There are just so many fantasically fantabulous couples out there with amazingly hot guys that I wish I could find!

  776. Oops! The initial for my last name is “S.”



  779. Rose and Dimitri!

  780. I kinda wish they had Damen and Ever on here. Or Vivian and Gabriel. I still would have voted for R&D though.

  781. I voted for rose and dimitri because they don’t quite make sense as a couple and that’s what makes them interesting. They weren’t destined to fall in love, they fell in love through discovery and self reflection. This makes them a more interesting couple then those who were “fated” to fall in love.

  782. OMG it has to be dimitri and rose!!!!!!!

  783. πŸ˜€ Oh my gosh! This is freaking incredible! I can’t believe Twilight didn’t win! πŸ˜€

  784. Elena and Clay – Kelley Armstrong
    Rose and Dimitri – Richelle Mead

  785. yeah!!!!!

  786. YAY!!! I’m so happy Rose and Dimitri won!!! They’re awesome!!! yay Richelle!!! Have a great day!

  787. Whoo! Rose & Dimitri won!
    but, I have to say; I love Valek & Yelena too =)
    Still love both though :)?

  788. amanda berthelot

    see if thought everyones crazy for twilight you still won that means something im so happy dor you really i dont even need a prise i just wanted to say that i think its really cool of you anfd i know why you won not only bc your books rock but bc you can write more then one book at a time and be awsome at it but be a cool person to and make a cool site and so on and so on thats why you won (were do you find the time its crazy anyways thanks for the great books hope this helped)

  789. rose and dimitri should totally win.

  790. Yelena and Valek! They’re a great fighting team, even though they’re on opposite teams most of the time ^_^ In love and war, they are unbeatable!