Vampires in Vegas by R.A. Lura

Li Rong teaches martial arts. After one of his classes, he sees a young man fighting with a group of males and rushes over to help him. He is amazed by the young man’s ability and offers to teach him.

Dave is that young man. They become fast friends through the years. So when Li calls Dave in the middle of the night for help, Dave rushes to his side without questions.

What happens next is unbelievable and yet extraordinary. Li explains a story from his country about Dracula. Supposedly he had a bastard son of whom he was ashamed. In order to become something in the eyes of his father, Von, the son, decides to enable his fellow vampires to walk in the sun light. The only catch is that they not only need to feed on the blood of humans but also their flesh for it is the DNA that allows them to walk among humans in the day light. So now they raise humans as cattle just like we do with cows for food. Li needs s Dave’s help to rescue his beloved from Von. He just hopes that they can survive the battle.

The storyline was such a fresh idea that I could not wait to read this book. However, the characters were so one dimensional. It took a while to get the story going smoothly. The background on Von was pretty good, but the conversations between the characters ran a bit flat. Although there were a lot of twists and turns in this book, many of them never went anywhere.

Book Stats:

  • Hardcover: 360 pages
  • Publisher: Raular Publishing (November 7, 2008)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0982056249
  • ISBN-13: 978-0982056240

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Li Rong teaches martial arts. After one of his classes, he sees a young man fighting with a group of males and rushes over to help him. He is amazed by the young man’s ability and offers to teach him. Dave is that young man. They become fast friends through the years. So when Li …

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  1. I have read this book myself and i found it to be one of the best vampire stories that I have had the pleasure of reading. The problem that I have with this review is the names of the characters were in correct and the reviewer mentions LiRong is the main character. But in fact it is Lee who had been the main character and liRong was a captive of Von’s who helps Lee,his love and Dave to excape from Las Vegas. Where Lees country is concerned the story line states that Dracula is not ashamed of Von him self but in the experiments that he had been doing to alter the way of life for the Vampires. The reviewer makes no mention of Tamara’s who was a captive of Vons. Who excaped with her new born brother who is half Vampire and half Human since this is book one it makes you curious as to what will happen in books to come. In my opinion this book should have gotten at least a five star rating. Whom ever did the review of this book I strongly suggest that you reread this book and get the story line correct and then write another review. This review does not do this book any kind of justice. So please do this book the justice that it deserves and reread this book and give it another review.

  2. I checked this book out on and noticed it also comes in paperback, which isn’t mentioned in this review. That is important to me and in truth, I would have read the review and said forget it because there was no paperback and I don’t buy hardcover if I hadn’t read the comment below it. I also saw that some other book review company gave it a 5 star on amazon. Now, I can understand that we all dance to a different fiddle, but after reading the comment above and the review on amazon and then seeing all the mistakes this reviewer apparently made, I have to ask “What’s up.” I plan on getting the book to see for myself. I’ll let you know.

  3. I was able to get my hands on a paperback version at the bookstore and read it quickly. It was an easy read and not a bad story line. It was different and it left me curious what direction book 2 will go. There were some loose ends in the book that I’m assuming will be picked up in book 2?
    I didn’t think the characters were flat, but some of the conversations were a little wordy. I’m also a writer and have always had difficulty portraying foreigners speaking English as their second language. I think the author did a decent job at it.
    All in all, I agree with the other comment that the book deserves a little higher rating than it got here. The commenter was also correct about the fact that the reviewer mixed up characters and facts just a bit. It obviously wasn’t this reviewer’s cup of tea and so it did not get full attention to detail.
    If I were the reviewer, I’d recommend it to those who are looking for something with a different approach on vampires and lots of action and I’d give it at least a 4 star rating. I think the Amazon 5* review is more accurate.

  4. It must be true: Different strokes for different folks. I read read Vampires in Vegas too and wondered which, if any, editing bible was used to get the final copy. I found it very slow to get to the premise of the story and even longer to realize what the story goal was for this one. Maybe it’s my age, but I don’t want to waste time slogging through pages and pages of background story that could have been accomplished in 2 paragraphs. Maybe I am burned out on vampires too, but this particular book just didn’t keep my interest. Guess it’s a good thing I don’t publish my views on all the books I read. I would really hate to get a reputation for being impossible to please.

  5. I liked it enough to go out and get the other book Lura wrote “Shadows in Time”. I’m a little disappointed that “Shadows” isn’t about vampires though – but it’s still keeping my attention. I don’t see anything wrong with the editing of the book. I’ve seen much worse in books that have turned into top sellers. But, I did catch an editing error in the comment above :o) and the commenter who said the reviewer got the characters mixed is correct. :o( So, anyway. mixed-up characters, impatience with back stories and controversial editing aside…the book still got 3 headstones on this site. That’s average. I think it’s a good piece and would make a pretty good movie. So I’d have to give it at least 4 stones, but the 3 stone average isn’t bad either. It’s not like they said the book totally sucked!