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Never Been Bit by Lydia Dare

Never Been Bit by Lydia DareWhat is the best way to help a vampire find his reason for being, again? Re-introduce him to that incorrigible yet adorable little nature witch he grew up with, of course! Enter Sorcha, beautiful and mischievous little witch that she is. Although she has her sights set on quite a different kind of creature, a vampire might just be what she needs, after all…
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Love Her Madly by Violet Patterson

Love Her Madly: Emerald Seer III by Violet PattersonNo rest for the weary, as this story begins the morning following the Emerald Seer’s, Storm Sullivan-Cohen, epic battle with the evil witch, Elba. There are many developments, and allies join in the cause of the Emerald Seer to fight the evil Unseen who was once bound by the Tuatha De, but has been freed. The Emerald Seer and her allies discover they have been betrayed and while still in shock, Storm and her allies are thrown into battle with a witch with the Unseen’s backing. Read More »

Invisible Magic by Mary Buckham

Invisible Magic Book One: Alex Noziak (Invisible Recruits) (Volume 1) by Mary BuckhamThe Invisible Recruits, a clandestine group of young ladies, all harboring supernatural powers and dark pasts, is the newest initiative of the U.S. government. Called in when things get a bit too spooky, the group is expected to solve the problem and keep the public unaware of all the supernatural beings that they live alongside. Read More »

Veil of the Unknown by Kelly Leigh and Terri Lucas

Veil of the UnknownTogether, authors Kelly Leigh and Terri Lucas create a well-developed modern world where the unobscured (ie. paranormals) walk among us. Veil of the Unknown tells the story of one obscured on her journey towards lifting the veil and becoming unobscured.

Librarian Lily Drew leads a rather lonely existence. Living in her deceased aunt’s house, Lily spends her time working, watching movies, and sometimes hanging out with her best friend, the very outgoing Miranda. All of that starts to change when Lily receives a mysterious postcard. The postcard actually turns out to be the start of a long series of clues relating to her parents’ Read More »

Witch & Curse by Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguie

Witch & Curse (Wicked) by Nancy Holder and Debbie ViguieWitch

Holly Cathers has had her life turned inside out. The teen thought the family vacation would bring them all together, but in fact it tears them apart when the white water they are rafting in suddenly turns on them and takes the lives of her parents, her best friend, Tina, and the guide who was in the raft with them. The only people she has left to cling to are her best friend’s mom, Barbara, and an aunt she has never known who comes to claim custody as per her father’s wishes. Read More »

Evil Dark by Justin Gustainis

Evil Dark: An Occult Crime Unit Investigation by Justin GustainisWaking early, Markowski decides to treat himself to a great meal before starting his shift. Unfortunately, he decides to take a longer route to the restaurant to avoid traffic, which takes him right by police cars, fire engines and a tall building with a jumper perched on the ledge. Torn between his hunger, salivating taste buds and a sense of duty, he pulls over. Read More »

Hard Spell by Justin Gustainis

Hard Spell (Occult Crimes Unit Investigation) by Justin GustainisScranton, Pennsylvania is a mid-size, working class city that has one unique characteristic: it sits in the intersection of a number of ley lines, thus becoming a magnet for supernatural citizens, such as goblins, trolls, vampires, witches, wizards, werewolves, fairies and the occasional (although unwelcome) demon. Supernatural (Supes in the common slang) were declared citizens after World War II brought an influx of them to the United States. Read More »

What the Spell by Brittany Geragotelis

What the Spell (Life's a Witch) by Brittany GeragotelisIt has been a long time coming, but finally-–finally!–-Brooklyn is sixteen. And with this important birthday comes something even more exciting than a new car: Brooklyn’s parents are finally going to unbind her powers. What no one knows is that Brooklyn is a witch, and she has plans for her newfound magic. But will her powers only complicate things in the end? Read More »

The Paladin by Ken Newman

The Paladin by Ken NewmanWhat happens when a lonely teacher dreams of action and adventure? An even more interesting question is, what happens when she gets exactly what she asks for? Maybe you should just ask Harriet Smith and watch as she transforms into the sultry and dangerous Maggie Black and emerges as The Paladin. Read More »

Always and Forever by S.P. Cervantes

Always and Forever: Secrets of Shadow Hill (Volume 1) by S.P. CervantesTwins Ava and Hannah Fox find themselves ripped away from their normal everyday existence in New Jersey a week before graduating high school. A demon dog attack on Ava is enough for Dalton McGregor to break his cover and reveal himself to the girls, prompting their mother, Victoria, to reveal the truth. The girls are descendants of wizard royalty and thought to be Chosen Ones. Read More »

Eternal Embrace Billi Jean

Eternal Embrace (Sisterhood of Jade) by Billi JeanWhen an ancient vampire starts following the gorgeous redhead, Joey, he realizes that she intrigues him, and when his heart becomes involved, he has to protect her even though he winds up breaking vampire law. He turns her, though she may hate him or love him for it. Meanwhile, Death Stalkers continue to close in on them, and the two must battle to stay alive. Read More »

Sorcha’s Wolf by Billi Jean

Sorcha's Wolf (Sisterhood of Jade) (Volume 3) by Billi JeanSorcha is kidnapped– and as if that is not bad enough, she is taken by a Lykae that once broke her heart. Sorcha is the most powerful witch of her era, and head of the Jade Coven. Being the most powerful witch can be bad, especially when she realizes all of her magic is gone. With no knowledge of where she is, and how she was taken, Sorcha panics. She has to get her powers back, and find out what happened. Read More »

Golden’s Rule by Billi Jean

Golden's Rule (Sisterhood of Jade) (Volume 2) by Billi JeanSusanna, a witch, has been captured and tortured. She escapes only to realize that she has a bigger problem at the moment–battling Giants, and somehow she realizes that the Death Stalkers are on their way. She must avoid them at all costs. She has not been able to use her magic since she was taken captive. As she fights to get free, she hits her head hard enough to make her pass out. Susanna does not know that someone is helping her. Read More »

The Morrigna by Rachel Rawlings

The Morrigna (The maurin kincaide series) (Volume 1) by Rachel RawlingsMaurin Kincaide has spent the last few years as a psychometric for Salem’s Supernatural Task Force. She goes in when the regular interrogators are not getting anywhere, and with a simple touch has all the answers the police need. Lately, her powers have been unreliable- and while it seems she is getting stronger she is also losing control. Read More »