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The Mist-Torn Witches by Barb Hendee

The Mist-Torn Witches by Barb HendeeThe excellent first installment in The Mist-Torn Witches series begins with sisters Celine and Amelie Fawe (ages fifteen and twelve, respectively) mourning the death of the their mother, the village seer. When a young man comes to their apothecary shop to consult the seer and Celine spots the bag of money in his hand, she makes the decision to say she shares her mother’s gift of foresight, even though she does not, thereby setting the course for the life she and Amelie will lead. Read More »

House of the Rising Sun by Kristen Painter

House of the Rising Sun (Crescent City) by Kristen PainterAugustine Robelais is finally back home in New Orleans after being on the run. All he really wants is to return to Olivia Goodwin, retired movie star and Augustine’s “adoptive” mother, and his somewhat lazy lifestyle of partying the nights away in the French Quarter. Unfortunately a string of vampire murders bring the Elektos, the policing force of the supernatural world, straight to Augustine’s door with an ultimatum: help them stop the vampires or end up in the fae version of Alcatraz. Determined to avoid both of those things at all costs, Augustine is ready to run again. Read More »

Circle of Blood by Debbie Viguie

Circle of Blood: A Witch Hunt Novel by Debbie ViguieSamantha Ryan is no longer in control and the part of her that is all witch, Desdemona Castor, has taken over. Determined to track down the witch that has stolen a necklace containing her blood, Desdemona heads to New Orleans and soon discovers that magic users from all over are being drawn there. Read More »

The Last Grave by Debbie Viguie

The Last Grave: A Witch Hunt Novel by Debbie ViguieWhen Samantha Ryan was asked to go undercover to stop a murderous coven in Salem, she was forced to face things from her past she desperately wanted to forget. She also had to break her vow never to use magic again. Now, the life that she had so painstakingly created for herself is over. Her fellow police officers, including her trusted friend and partner, do not want to work with a witch. Read More »

Beg Me to Slay by Lisa Kessler

Beg Me To Slay (Entangled Covet) by Lisa KesslerFour years ago, Tegan (pronounced like Megan but with a T) Ashcroft, survived a horrific attack that has left her not only physically scarred but also mentally and emotionally damaged. She literally fights back from a stay in a mental institution by getting her black belt in martial arts and opening her own dojo. She has hidden herself in her work for four years, until she witnesses the attack of another woman by the same monster that attacked her. She goes to the police; unfortunately, there is no evidence of foul play and the police do not believe her because of her prior attack and subsequent mental collapse. Read More »

All the Shadows of the Rainbow by Inanna Arthen

All the Shadows of the Rainbow (The Vampires of New England Series) (Volume 3) by Inanna ArthenIt is the turbulent 1960’s in an uncertain world, with civil rights, women’s rights, war protestors, free love, drugs and nuclear threat lying over the heads of everyone. In this chaotic atmosphere there are those who are trying to bring sanity back. Diana Chilton is dealing with her own internal chaos as a powerful witch recovering from a Great Working gone wrong, an encounter with the Fairie world, and a newly turned vampire. About the only thing that has not changed is her single-minded commitment to making the world a better place. Read More »

The Thirteenth Sacrifice by Debbie Viguié

The Thirteenth Sacrifice: A Witch Hunt Novel by Debbie ViguieSamantha Ryan does not remember a lot of her childhood. Raised in a coven that practiced very dark magic, including human sacrifice, she was the sole survivor in a bloody massacre that claimed the lives of all of the other coven members, including her mother. Adopted by a kind couple who knew about her past, Samantha changed her name and swore to never practice magic again. Read More »

Fire of the Fey by Christine and Ethan Rose

Fire of the Fey by Christine and Ethan RoseIn Fire of the Fey book three of the Rowan of the Wood series, Cullen is still trying to figure out how to share his body with Rowan. His friends, Maddy and April, get caught by their parents in the lies that they told when they were off rescuing their teacher and, for Maddy, that means being confined to home and school and being kept away from her friends. Her mother also discovers that Maddy has been cutting herself and removes any possible tool for this from Maddy’s reach causing Maddy to spiral out of control emotionally. Read More »

The Girl and the Raven by Pauline Gruber

The Girl and the Raven by Pauline GruberWith the death of her troubled mother, Lucy Walker is making a fresh start. Life in Chicago is a bit different; she is living with her loving uncles, making friends, and enjoying a flirtation with her hunky upstairs neighbor. As Lucy settles in, though, she learns that there is much more going on than she ever knew. Lola, her deceased grandmother’s pet raven, is missing, and Lucy must recover her in order to receive the full legacy of her blood line. Read More »

Girl vs. Ghost by Kate McMurray and Marie August

Girl vs. Ghost (Misdirected Magic, Book 1) by Kate McMurray and Marie AugustIsabel Lindley is used to her best friend’s, Tripp Macauley’s, crazy hobbies. She knows if she goes along with them, Tripp will eventually lose interest and move on to her next passion. Her current obsession is witchcraft and this one has got Isabel a little bit freaked. And a little bit freaked becomes majorly freaked when the spell Tripp is casting, which Tripp insists is completely harmless, ends up dropping a ghost boy out of thin air into Isabel’s bedroom—a ghost boy that only Isabel can see and hear. Read More »

Beautiful Sins: Leigha Lowery by Jennifer Hampton

Beautiful Sins: Leigha Lowery by Jennifer HamptonIn the near-future, the United States is not what it once was. In 2025, the entire West Coast is under a shroud of shadow in the wake of a failed military experiment. When Leigha Lowery’s mother decides to marry her boyfriend and move from Detroit to the forbidden lands of the West Coast, Leigha is torn between giving her mother the happiness she deserves and running from the rumors she has heard all too much of.
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Masquerade by Heather McCollum

Masquerade by Heather McCollumKat is a modern-day Robin Hood, an orphanage director with a few special abilities. She keeps the bill collectors at bay with some high-scoring jewel heists. When she hears about a traveling collection featuring a priceless pendant, Kat has to try for another score. Toren McCollum has been in this time for five years. Ripped from his sixteenth-century highland home by an old witch, Toren thinks the dragonfly pendant is the only way to entice the witch to send him home. When the pendant is stolen by the mysterious Kat, Toren will stop at nothing to get it back. The theft sends Kat and Toren on a journey back to the sixteenth century, on the run from demons and into the mystery of Kat’s past. Read More »

Light My Fire by Violet Patterson

Light My Fire: Emerald Seer II by Violet PattersonThis short novella begins about six months after the honeymoon of Storm Sullivan-Cohen and Ryder Cohen. Storm is coping better with her emotions and learning more about her powers as the Emerald Seer. Now that knowledge of Storm’s pregnancy is out, she is in even more danger. Ryder and his close Immortal friends have pledged to keep her and the baby safe, but evil lurks, waiting for the slightest opening. Read More »

Ryder on the Storm by Violet Patterson

Ryder on the Storm: Emerald Seer 1 by Violet PattersonStorm Sullivan is the last in a long line of Sullivan Seers and witches. A prophecy states the Emerald Seer will end the Immortals. Upon her aunt’s death, Storm’s magic is released and her destiny as the Emerald Seer begins. Ryder Cohen is an Immortal who believes there is a different meaning to the prophecy, and he is willing to go against his brethren to protect Storm from whatever means her harm. Read More »

In the Heat of the Bite by Lydia Dare

In the Heat of the Bite by Lydia DareWhat happens when you mix a weather-controlling witch with a vampire? Complete and utter pandemonium, to say the least. A vampire losing his urge to feed, a witch losing the ability to control her powers, and so much more. And then when you add in a handful of Lycans, you’ll soon be wondering how London ever survived.
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Never Been Bit by Lydia Dare

Never Been Bit by Lydia DareWhat is the best way to help a vampire find his reason for being, again? Re-introduce him to that incorrigible yet adorable little nature witch he grew up with, of course! Enter Sorcha, beautiful and mischievous little witch that she is. Although she has her sights set on quite a different kind of creature, a vampire might just be what she needs, after all…
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Love Her Madly by Violet Patterson

Love Her Madly: Emerald Seer III by Violet PattersonNo rest for the weary, as this story begins the morning following the Emerald Seer’s, Storm Sullivan-Cohen, epic battle with the evil witch, Elba. There are many developments, and allies join in the cause of the Emerald Seer to fight the evil Unseen who was once bound by the Tuatha De, but has been freed. The Emerald Seer and her allies discover they have been betrayed and while still in shock, Storm and her allies are thrown into battle with a witch with the Unseen’s backing. Read More »

Invisible Magic by Mary Buckham

Invisible Magic Book One: Alex Noziak (Invisible Recruits) (Volume 1) by Mary BuckhamThe Invisible Recruits, a clandestine group of young ladies, all harboring supernatural powers and dark pasts, is the newest initiative of the U.S. government. Called in when things get a bit too spooky, the group is expected to solve the problem and keep the public unaware of all the supernatural beings that they live alongside. Read More »

Veil of the Unknown by Kelly Leigh and Terri Lucas

Veil of the UnknownTogether, authors Kelly Leigh and Terri Lucas create a well-developed modern world where the unobscured (ie. paranormals) walk among us. Veil of the Unknown tells the story of one obscured on her journey towards lifting the veil and becoming unobscured.

Librarian Lily Drew leads a rather lonely existence. Living in her deceased aunt’s house, Lily spends her time working, watching movies, and sometimes hanging out with her best friend, the very outgoing Miranda. All of that starts to change when Lily receives a mysterious postcard. The postcard actually turns out to be the start of a long series of clues relating to her parents’ Read More »