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Fate Unbound by Isabella Drake

Fate Unbound by Isabella DrakeAfter a visit to the oracle, Taryn is cast out to present day L.A. where she must submit to any man who demands her attention. Adrian finds himself also in L.A. after the oracle tells him he must learn patience and self-restraint. After months of these lifestyles they learn that some things are worth giving up yourself for. Read More »

Pussyfooting Around by Ashley Ladd

Pussyfooting Around by Ashley LaddEddie is in the process of burying his beloved cat, Diamond, when a ravishing white-haired beauty walks into his life. He is immediately smitten by her unbelievable good looks, her innocent nature, and her outrageous body. Eddie is so taken with this stranger that he invites her to lunch, ignoring her odd behavior, including the fact that she is not sure of her own name. Read More »

Loki Bound by Charity Ayres

Loki Bound by Charity AyresLoki is on the mortal plane in Virginia and living inside a female form. He has called for his brother, Thor, to be re-created to help him in this plane due to an upset in the balance of power. The Gods reside in something called stasis when not interacting with mortals. Loki feels that a war is brewing and his brother is the best help he can get. Loki picks Cleo as his name and Rocky for Thor.
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Only Lycans Need Apply by Michele Bardsley

Only Lycans Need Apply (Broken Heart Vampires) by Michle BardsleyMoira Jameson has not had an easy life. Orphaned at a young age, she was raised by her grandfather and followed in his footsteps as an archeologist. After his death, she continues his life’s mission, looking for the temple of Set, the God of Chaos. What she discovers in the deserts of the Sudan one night with her assistant, Dove, is nothing less than miraculous. Read More »

Earthbound by Aprilynne Pike

Earthbound by Aprilynn PikeTavia Michaels is the only survivor of a plane crash that has killed her parents. She suffered severe injuries, including brain damage, and it has been a long road to recovery. An aunt and uncle she has never known have whisked her away from her home and her friends, determined to protect her from the media and the unwanted attention that being a sole survivor of a tragic event brings with it. Read More »

Foreseen Hunger by Marisa Chenery

Foreseen Hunger (Ra's Chosen, Book Six) by Marisa CheneryThe Sun God Ra has had an eternal battle with the Demon God Apep. Apep created two demons he set loose upon the world to collect souls for him. Ra then chose six warriors he granted with immortality and gifts to defeat the demons and protect mankind. These warriors might have fangs like a vampire and blood does make them stronger, but the sun invigorates them, and if they can find their mates they will be stronger and feel complete. Read More »

The Six-Gun Tarot by R. S. Belcher

The Six-Gun Tarot by R. S. BelcherJim Negrey never thought he would find his end in the Nevada desert, alone but for his horse, the legacy of his dead father, and a price on his head. As Fate would have, there is much more in store for Jim when he is saved by the Deputy of Golgotha. Full of more secrets and mysteries than its biblical namesake, Golgotha is home to both the blessed and the damned and something much older and darker than anything in all of creation. While Golgotha has seen its fair share of strange events, Read More »

Blood Prophecy by Gabrielle Bisset

Blood Prophecy (Sons of Navarus #4) (Volume 4) by Gabrielle BissetRamiel and Thane have been dispatched on a mission to find the only “born vampire”, the key that the Prophecy of Idolas states the Sons of Navarus need to defeat the Archons. They are both surprised to find that the born vampire is in fact a beautiful, strong young woman who has grown up knowing that her destiny is to save vampire-kind. Ramiel feels like he has never been fully in control of his destiny, and even the crazy possibility that he or Thane need to sleep with Noele to fulfill the prophecy makes him more comfortable with where his life is at. Read More »

Eros, My Love by April Bostic

Eros, My Love by April Bostic Eros, My Love is a refreshing and enjoyable short story by April Bostic. She tells the tale of the Greek God, Eros, connecting to his true love. It takes place in present-day Boston, in the winter. We meet Gabby trying to make her way to the diner she works at on one of the coldest days in January. Once there she interacts with the other waitress and regulars that have braved the cold weather. She is given the opportunity of a lifetime and must find out if she is strong enough to determine her fate. Read More »

Immortally Ever After by Angie Fox

Immortally Ever After (Monster MASH) by Angie Fox Immortally Ever After, the terrific final installment in the highly entertaining MASH series, opens a few months after the final events of book two. The seemingly endless everlasting war between the old gods and the new continues, with conscripted humans and supernaturals being used by both sides. Petra, though sharing doctor duties and much more with her newly-returned ex, Marc, feels as though something is not quite right in their relationship, and she becomes a bit frantic when some of her colleagues let it slip about Marc’s plans. Read More »

Under His Nose by Candice Gilmer

Under His Nose (Guys and Godmothers) by Candice GilmerFairy godmother, Christy, is ready to retire. Three hundred and fifty years is a long career and she just wants to spend time with her loving husband. Her last job should be a breeze, if a bit unusual for her. Roarke Turner’s one true love is his childhood friend, Stephanie. However, Cupid seems to have taken an unnatural interest in Christy’s charge and Stephanie is not cooperating at all.

Spook House by Michael West

Spook House by Michael WestIn true horror story form, Spook House begins with a boy, a girl and a car in the woods.

Sheri Foster reluctantly waits behind while her boyfriend, Jeff, proves his manliness by going into the Fuller Farm. The Farm was home to Sam Fuller, who reportedly killed an entire family in the town of Harmony back in 1947. Legend says Fuller’s subsequent “accidental” death was a matter of karma and retribution. Since Old Man Fuller’s death, stories about the abandoned Fuller Farm grow each year, tempting man and boy alike to brave its horrors. Read More »

Foresight by Sherry D. Ficklin

On her graduation day from high school, Grace finds out the hard way that she is the daughter of the legendary Pandora, from the Greek myths—when a deadly and beautiful woman tries to kill her. She is saved in the nick of time by her Aunt Phoenix and a gorgeous young man, and then dragged on an impromptu road trip. It turns out that her guardian, Phoenix, is actually a centuries-old faerie, who has been entrusted with protecting Pandora since her mother died. Read More »

Strange Fates by Marlene Perez

Nyx Fortuna has a plan: he wants to avenge the death of his mother, the fourth Fate that no one ever hears about, which means tracking down her three sisters (the ones he holds responsible) without them knowing who he is. Having followed the three Fates to Minneapolis, Read More »

Dancing with the Devil by Cate Masters

Lily has the strangest twenty-first birthday. She meets two intriguing figures, Bodie and Zev, and then learns she has divine parentage. Her grandfather, Hades, and her grandmother, Persephone, have invited her to visit them in the Underworld. Lily might finally have a home and a real family, but Hades has more planned for her than a reunion —
like an arranged marraige to Zev, Hades’ up-and-coming CFO. Lily is not on board for this plan, mainly because she has fallen for Bodie, the heavenly counterpart to Zev, and Bodie will do everything he can to protect Lily.
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Cat Maiden by Myra Nour

Myra Nour begins her book with a question: what happens when the gods plays tricks on humans? The story is her answer.

Madria is happy with her life, but when change happens she adjusts as best she can. She knows where her control lies and enjoys using it when able. Antonius is a simple man content to live out his life as the farmer he is. When his life is turned upside down by the lovely Madria, he’s not quite sure why his fortune improved but is glad that it did. Read More »

Dirty Valkyrie by R.M. Sotera

Dirty Valkyrie is the third installment in the Dirty Series by R.M. Sotera. I highly suggest that you read the first two entries as it is not a stand alone novella.

Dirty Valkyrie starts with the wedding of Jett, a demon-slaying estranged son of Thor to Sophia, a human. His sister, Brandi, a demi-goddess Valkyrie is the Maid of Honor and her date to the wedding is Laurent, a Master Vampire ally of the twins. Laurent thought he was in love with Sophia, but realizes that what he thought was love pales in comparison to how he feels for the Valkyrie, Brandi. He sets out to seduce her and after initially denying her feelings, Brandi dives head-first into a relationship with Laurent. Read More »

Possession by Crymsyn Hart

Dreams led Bruno, a lone wolf shifter, back to the pack that cast him into the wind. For years he had been on his own, spreading the message of a loving God, a God that he clung to when his torment of abandonment ravaged his soul. Night after night he was plagued by visions of Serena, his only love, and all consuming evil tempting her to cross over to be one with it.
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Audio Review: Acheron by Sherrilyn Kenyon

I know every fan of Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunters series has read Acheron. It is one of the most emotional romance books that I have ever read. With that said, it is not just a romance. It is a gut-wrenching Greek Tragedy. It is a paranormal romance that will tear you apart and then many, many pages later allow you to pull yourself together. And it is the most pivotal book I have read in this or pretty much any series. You cannot read Acheron without a tear or several rolling down your cheek. You cannot listen to Holter Graham’s voice as he brings this story to life without bawling your eyes out and curling up in a ball trying to keep yourself from feeling Ash’s pain.
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A Job From Hell by Jayde Scott

Amber is hired as a housekeeper at a Scottish mansion for the summer. Unfortunately, she can neither cook, clean, nor keep house well at all. But that’s not too important because her boss has other reasons for keeping her around. Her reclusive, wealthy, and youthful employer, Aidan, has huge secrets, secrets that can get Amber killed. When she agrees to help her brother steal some jewels from the forest, she unwittingly becomes embroiled in an immortal race for a valuable prize and a war between vampires, shades, and other paranormal beings.
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