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Spirit of the Otherworld by Christine and Ethan Rose

Spirit of the Otherworld (Rowan of the Wood) (Volume 5) by Christine and Ethan RoseIn the final book of the Rowan of the Wood series, the Freak Squad is desperately trying to make sense of Cullen’s inheritance, a text written in an ancient language. They know it provides the secret for not only separating Rowan and Cullen, but also defeating Fiana once and for all. Read More »

Armageddon Rules by J. C. Nelson

Armageddon Rules (A Grimm Agency Novel) by J. C. NelsonAs a partner, Marissa has a lot of responsibility for the Grimm Agency, but she keeps things on track, including the big guy. When he sends her on a mission to the dwarves, though, things go a little awry. She finds herself in a contract with a demon to begin the apocalypse. Can you say “oops”? Read More »

In Search of Lost Dragons by Elian Black’Mor and M Carine

In Search of Lost Dragons HC by Elian Black'Mor and M CarineA reporter, who has a gift for seeing what others cannot, takes a journey through Europe, the Middle East and Saigon in search of dragons. Throughout his travels he catches glimpses of these amazing creatures and finds snippets of evidance to support his findings which he journals through beautiful illustrations. Read More »

Dragon Jelly by Claire Freedman

Dragon Jelly by Claire FreedmanMax is a young monster who is celebrating his birthday. He invites all his friends over for gooey, delectable monster treats and lots of fun. There is even a magician, and ghoulish games galore. At the end of the party, the goody bags have a very special surprise. Read More »

Frostborn by Lou Anders

Frostborn (Thrones and Bones) by Lou AndersKarn Korlundr did not want to be hauld (leader) of the family, and especially did not want to spend his time working on his father’s farm or trading at the local market. All Karn was interested in was the strategy game he excelled at, called Thrones and Bones. He refused to think of anything else, even to the point of trading three oxen for one small barrel of fish, because he was mulling over game strategy and not concentrating on the trading. He was able to challenge the trader and make the deal more equitable, but it was still an embarrassment to Karn’s father, the hauld. Read More »

Stolen by Melissa de la Cruz and Michael Johnston

Stolen (Heart of Dread) by Melissa de la Cruz and Michael JohnstonMonths have passed since Nat and Wes said their goodbyes. Nat is busy defending the Blue from government attacks, and Wes has resorted to racing cars while waiting for news about his sister. When Nat receives a telepathic distress call from her Sylph friend, Liannan, she sets off to find and save her. Read More »

Owl and the Japanese Circus by Kristi Charish

Owl and the Japanese Circus by Kristi CharishAlix, aka Owl, is an international antiquities thief who recently completed a job for Mr. Kurosawa. Thinking the job done, she is planning a weekend of online game playing and beer drinking. This gets interrupted by Oricho, one of Mr. Kurosawa’s assistants, who insists she must fly to Vegas to face a very upset Kurosawa. One of Owl’s rules is she never meets any client face to face. She likes to keep a low profile, especially with the supernatural world. Read More »

Dragon Her Back by Susannah Scott

Dragon Her Back by Susannah ScottDarius Dachien, head of security for the Crown Jewel casino in Las Vegas, took his job of protecting the casino and its guests very seriously. Crown Jewel, a one-of-a-kind dragon sanctuary, had both dragons and humans on the payroll, though the dragons kept their shifter talents hidden. Darius, an ice dragon, was in the King’s inner court, and as such was well-respected by the others at Crown Jewel. His dragon powers were waning, however, all because of a prolonged separation from his chosen mate. Read More »

The Highland Dragon’s Lady by Isabel Cooper

The Highland Dragon's Lady by Isabel CooperColin MacAlisdair was visiting the country estate of his friend Edmund’s family, helping to discover the reasons behind the hauntings at Whitehill. Edmund’s father had collected an eclectic group of people, the local vicar, his sister, and a medium and her assistant, all for the purpose of conducting a séance. Colin was surprised, when on his first night at Whitehill, he met Regina, the daughter of the house when she climbs up the plum tree outside his balcony, and proceeded to give advice, thinking Colin was her brother Edmund. Read More »

Dragons Wild by Robert Asprin

Dragons Wild by Robert AspirinGriffen McCandles is known as the “Grifter” for good reason. He has drifted his way through college and life in general with the mission to get by doing as little as possible. He is also a card shark. His parents are gone but his uncle, who paid his way through college, has a thriving business that Grifter has always assumed would hold an executive role for him. When he finally meets with his uncle to discuss his future, he is shocked to discover that, instead of a cushy job, his uncle is spinning some tale (or is it a tail) about Griffen’s coming from a long line of dragons. Yup, you read that right–fire-breathing, tail-twitching, scales and all, dragon. They walk among us. Read More »

Fire of the Fey by Christine and Ethan Rose

Fire of the Fey by Christine and Ethan RoseIn Fire of the Fey book three of the Rowan of the Wood series, Cullen is still trying to figure out how to share his body with Rowan. His friends, Maddy and April, get caught by their parents in the lies that they told when they were off rescuing their teacher and, for Maddy, that means being confined to home and school and being kept away from her friends. Her mother also discovers that Maddy has been cutting herself and removes any possible tool for this from Maddy’s reach causing Maddy to spiral out of control emotionally. Read More »

Dragonpocalypse 1: Burn It All Down by Matthew Bowers

Dragonpocalypse 1: Burn It All Down by Matthew BowersThis is a very short, very good story. We follow Dana in San Francisco as she is out getting a poster for her mother at the local boardwalk. All of a sudden there are dragons flying overhead, burning bridges, buildings and cars. They have been dropped to earth in pods to attack simultaneously. We don’t know their ultimate goal, but it is safe to assume it is our complete annihilation. Read More »

The War of Odds by Linell Jeppsen

The War of Odds by Linell JeppsenIt takes only a few days for Sara Giddings to realize her new home is going to be even more different than she and her father had hoped. Moving quickly from one town, job and school to the next in an attempt to outrun their grief and addiction problems, Sara and her father have unknowingly landed in Ashbrook, a tiny Washington town that just happens to border on a magical thin place between the everyday world and the land of magic and monsters.
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Rocked by Barbara Elsborg

The title of this book is Rocked by Barbara Elsborg. At first, I was curious as to the meaning and that the title might not fit, but I kept on reading. And as I finished the book, I realized that this was the perfect title because that’s what I was. It is also a play on words. This is a very – and I do mean very – erotic story. Barbara is ingenious in how she has written this. I was confused at with the structure of the story, but as I continued to read, it opened up like a flower in the sun. The main characters are introduced separately so you get to know them at different times. When each are faced with what seems to be impossible they have to overcome their fears and figure out the best way to solve the problem that affects them all. Read More »

Dragon’s Heart by LaVerne Thompson

In Dragon’s Heart, we learn that dragons are real. They existed on the Earth in a time of free-flowing magic until the time of man brought the fear about any who are powerful and different. When their species became hunted due to the betrayal of one of their own, they had to flee to another world called Akgon. But leaving Earth cut them off from much of their powerful magic and their truemates, many of whom had to shed their dragon bodies and go incognito as human. Their kind are called the brethren and they are back to reclaim their magic. Draakar, the Dark Lord, the King of the dragons, comes to find his true mate, a crucial enterprise for the survival of his people and for his own heart.
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Dragon Food by Emily Carrington

Mark Tavery is a dragon specialist for Searchlight. While on an investigation, Mark finds a genie’s lamp. When Mark rubs the lamp, out pops Luke, the most attractive man that he has ever seen. There is an immediate attraction between them, but Mark fights this attraction because of his past abusive relationship. Luke wants to give his Master Mark his heart’s desire. Luke also wants to give himself to his new Master.

There is something killing magical beings along the coast of Florida, and Mark is determined to find out who it is and why. He hopes to talk them into going to Searchlight and getting the free manmade blood that will nourish and help them to survive. Mark is pretty sure that it’s a dragon killing these creatures.
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Wolf at the Door by J. Damask

Jan Xu is a wife, mother, ex-teacher, daughter and wolf. Her family is all Lang, which is Mandarin Chinese for wolf. It’s not always easy for Jan Xu to be a wolf in a human world. Jan Xu and her baby sister, Marianne, grew up like typical cubs playing, chasing each other, and hunting small game in their backyard. As they grew older, they grew apart and their relationship became almost nonexistent. Now six years have passed, and Marianne returns home with her new boyfriend. Read More »