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Walking in the Midst of Fire by Thomas E. Sniegoski

Walking In the Midst of Fire: A Remy Chandler Novel by Thomas E. SniegoskiRemy Chandler is a seraphim who chose to fall and live on Earth after the terrible things he saw and did during the Angelic War many years before. He lost his faith in the angelic world, and while not in God strictly, he questioned why so many of his angelic brethren had to die and were killing each other. He has found a new love after many years of grieving his wife. Along with his beloved, faithful Labrador dog, Marlowe, this keeps him grounded and his marvelous yet destructive seraphim nature under control. He works as a traditional private investigator, but the supernatural and weird seems to be drawn to him. Read More »

Vampires of Manhattan by Melissa de la Cruz

Vampires of Manhattan: The New Blue Bloods Coven by Melissa de la CruzLucifer has been defeated and the Blue Blood coven has been rebuilt. Under the leadership of Oliver Hazard-Perry, former human familiar of Schuyler Van Alen, now turned vampire, the community is thriving. What better way to celebrate than by resurrecting the Four Hundred Ball and formally taking his place as Regis. Finn, Oliver’s human familiar and half-sister of Schuyler, could not agree more, and relishes planning the social event of the year. Read More »

In the House of the Wicked by Thomas E. Sniegoski

In the House of the Wicked: A Remy Chandler Novel by Thomas E. SniegoskiAngel-turned-private investigator Remy Chandler receives bad news that Ashley Berg, his young pet-sitter and friend, has disappeared. He soon realizes that her kidnapper is sending him a message. A sorcerer who has discovered the key to harnessing life energies wants to use his seraphic power to get revenge on the sorcerer who destroyed his family. Remy is caught between two dueling sorcerers, and a plot of the Grigori (fallen angels) to regain God’s favor at the cost of millions of human lives. Read More »

White Heart of Justice by Jill Archer

White Heart of Justice (A Noon Onyx Novel) by Jill ArcherNoon and Ari have severed contact. Noon’s not even sure where he is; all she knows is that he has a terrible secret that only she and the parties of their last expedition know, and one of them appears to have feelings for her. Noon’s decided to concentrate on her magical future by accepting who she is and seeking her permanent position as a waning magical user. With this in mind, she takes on all-comers in a bid to compete in the Laurel Crown Race, seeking out a person or magical artifact nearly Read More »

Tigress by J.E. Taylor

Tigress (Night Hawk Series) (Volume 2) by J.E. Taylor Tigress is book two in the Nighthawk Trilogy. Naomi’s immortality is stripped from her, making her a target to the ones who consider her a conquest. Naomi winds up with a deadly elixir that makes her blood lethal. It is a huge problem for her, considering Damian is a vampire. Her blood is poison to him. Read More »

Trinity Rising by J.E. Taylor

Trinity Rising (Night Hawk Series) (Volume 3) by J.E. TaylorDamian’s world is perfect. Things are beginning to look up for him and Naomi. But perfection cannot last, especially when Lucifer wants Naomi for his own devious reasons. When Lucifer takes extreme interest in Naomi, he will do anything within his power to take her. To make it easier, Lucifer frames Damian for murder. Armageddon—or worse—is on the line. Will Damian and Naomi be able to prove his Read More »

Girl vs. Ghost by Kate McMurray and Marie August

Girl vs. Ghost (Misdirected Magic, Book 1) by Kate McMurray and Marie AugustIsabel Lindley is used to her best friend’s, Tripp Macauley’s, crazy hobbies. She knows if she goes along with them, Tripp will eventually lose interest and move on to her next passion. Her current obsession is witchcraft and this one has got Isabel a little bit freaked. And a little bit freaked becomes majorly freaked when the spell Tripp is casting, which Tripp insists is completely harmless, ends up dropping a ghost boy out of thin air into Isabel’s bedroom—a ghost boy that only Isabel can see and hear. Read More »

Ryder on the Storm by Violet Patterson

Ryder on the Storm: Emerald Seer 1 by Violet PattersonStorm Sullivan is the last in a long line of Sullivan Seers and witches. A prophecy states the Emerald Seer will end the Immortals. Upon her aunt’s death, Storm’s magic is released and her destiny as the Emerald Seer begins. Ryder Cohen is an Immortal who believes there is a different meaning to the prophecy, and he is willing to go against his brethren to protect Storm from whatever means her harm. Read More »

Love Her Madly by Violet Patterson

Love Her Madly: Emerald Seer III by Violet PattersonNo rest for the weary, as this story begins the morning following the Emerald Seer’s, Storm Sullivan-Cohen, epic battle with the evil witch, Elba. There are many developments, and allies join in the cause of the Emerald Seer to fight the evil Unseen who was once bound by the Tuatha De, but has been freed. The Emerald Seer and her allies discover they have been betrayed and while still in shock, Storm and her allies are thrown into battle with a witch with the Unseen’s backing. Read More »

The Van Alen Legacy by Melissa de la Cruz

The Van Alen Legacy (Blue Bloods, Book 4) by Melissa de la CruzSchuyler and Oliver have been on the run for over a year. Convinced that she can never return home, Schuyler seeks out the help of the European conclave, hoping that they will welcome her in. She and Oliver come up with a foolproof plan to approach the Countess of Paris, but things go disastrously wrong, and once again, Schuyler is on the run for her life.
Read More »

Forever And Ever, Amen by Liv Rancourt

Forever and Ever, Amen by Liv RancourtMolly Spenser wakes up after a night out with her best friend, Sam, with a headache, a Swiss cheese memory, and an oh-my-god-is-that-a hickey. Even with Sam’s help, Molly cannot put together all the pieces, including the name of the tall, dark stranger she sipped cocktails with the night before. If only some embarrassment were all life had in store for the not-quite-single mother of two. Read More »

Absolutely Done by Dominae Primus

Absolutely Done by Dominae Primus Absolutely Done was hard for me to rate. I was unsure what to expect when I first picked up this book. An Angel named Absolute is taking over the Grim Reaper’s job while he’s meditating because he’s become too grim (Absolute’s joke, not mine). Absolute has two co-workers, so to speak: Lady Hope and Trench Coate. He’s determined to see the lighter side of death and not to let his grim job bring him down. Read More »

Audio Review: Dreamland by Alyson Noël

Dreamland (Radiance) by Alyson NoelRiley Bloom had gotten her nose into something she was told to ignore, something that despite her new glow, which proved that she had done a good job, had gone against the rules. Now both she and Bohdi had to face the counsel and deal with the consequences. Told that they had to take some time off from soul catching, Bohdi and Buttercup, Riley’s best friend, Read More »

Soul Kissed by Erin Kellison

Soul Kissed (Shadow Kissed) By Erin KellisonAn indiscriminate and deadly plague is striking the Mage houses and could very well be the downfall that brings the Dark Age closer. At the behest of Kaye Brand, the head of the council, Cari Dolan must put aside her grief for the loss of her father and find the person responsible for the plague, all while adjusting to the new mantel as head of her House. Read More »

Wise Acres by Dale E. Basye and Bob Dob

Wise Acres: The Seventh Circle of Heck by Dale E. BasyeMilton and Marlo Fauster are back in this 7th installment of the Heck series. This time, they have landed in Wise Acres, where the sassy kids go. With the newly-installed Vice Principal Lewis Carroll in control, life in Wise Acres is eerily reminiscent of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. The cast of characters this time includes authors Emily Dickinson, Oscar Wilde, Charles Dickens and even Dale E. Basye himself (Mr. Basye has died and been sent to Heck as a substitute teacher). Read More »