Seeking a Bloodthirsty Monster. Brought to you by Off the Fang!

The Internet is full of memes bemoaning the current state of vampires in fiction. Phrases like “real vampires don’t sparkle” and pictures of Antonio Banderas, Kiefer Sutherland, and the dude who plays Spike (I’m too lazy to Google his name, but our wonderful editor Carol has informed me it’s James Marsters and that he should be listed by name because he is the best. I called her blasphemous and have challenged her to a duel. Due to aforementioned laziness and my knack for cutting myself with sharp objects whilst wielding them, I am acquiescing and adding his name.) calling Edward Cullen emo and saying Twilight ruined the image of the big, strong vampire make me giggle…but they are totally wrong. While I despise Edward, Twilight, and everything related to them, they only magnify the trend in fiction to turn bloodsuckers from beyond the grave into caring lovers.

Stephenie Meyer didn’t castrate vampires — they lost their male bits long ago.

Think about it. Name one book in which vampires are depicted as soulless, irredeemable characters. One. I came up with the Thrall series by CT Adams and Cathy Clamp, but that’s it. Don’t list Dracula by Bram Stoker. He lost his mind after losing his lady love…he’s redeemable. Don’t list Sunshine by Robin McKinley. Conn was a kind, caring vampire, even if he was the only one of his kind capable of being such.

Where did all the evil vampires go?? Did we, in fact, ever have any? I’m not talking an individual or group of evil-doers. I’m talking an entire species of deadly beings who want nothing more than to feed on human blood.

Discuss, people. Give me names. I want blood, people, and I must be satisfied!

(Psst…I’ll totally pick the name of a random commenter to win an e-book of their choice about vampires. Price cannot exceed $8.00 because I’m a broke-ass).

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  1. Cheyenne McCray’s Nightwalker series has horrid soulless vampires. Thank you for the post.

  2. ok, first, let me get over the swoon of Antonio… Alright, I wouldn’t say this book is bloodthirsty but it is amazing and the way in which the author takes you on the journey with the vampire as he becomes a vampire and tries to understand his own transformation – all while others are trying to obtain his ‘gift’ – incredible writing. Verland – The Transformation by B.E. Scully. A definite must read.

    • He is a sexy piece of man flesh, isn’t he? 🙂

      That book is now on my Christmas list! Sounds right up my alley.

  3. Not a book but what about those odd vampires in Blade 3? Weren’t they soulless bloodsucking fiends? But then I really don’t care for any of the blades but I remember hubby watching it and they had those weird mouths.

    Damn there was a movie, steampunkish that had a vampire theme.

  4. Can’t think of a book where they are ALL bad. Recently I read Julie Kagawas new one…Immortal Rules. There were some MEAN vampires in it. Other than that, there are all mostly moral.

    • It makes me wonder if, in fact, we use vampires to express our basest human emotions and THAT’S why authors can’t seem to write them as a completely awful species. There’s always that one moral bloodsucker to ruin the whole bunch!

  5. Okay, I haven’t read these in years but I’ve been meaning to dust them off cuz I remember them being really good and not the average vampire. The Necrosope series by Brian Lumley. Also the Vampire World series by him. I am really going to get them out soon and do a re-read, cuz I remember them being full of horror and page turning awesomeness. We shall see.

  6. ITA with your comments. I love Ilona Andrews’ vampires, cause the last thing they can do is sparkle, but their pilots may put purple sun-block on them. I’m enjoying those books, because, come on people, vampires are supposed to be scary.

  7. Vampires haven’t scared me near as much as some of the early Stephen King or VC Andrews Flowers in the Attic. Brian Lumley’s books had pretty scary vamps in them.

    • You’ve given the second rec for Brian Lumley. I’m feeling good about this author. Might not be able to wait for Christmas time when “Dorian” buys mommy books. 🙂

  8. Vamps are all awesome. That is all. LOL….. giggles and runs away….

  9. Now I am going to have to dig deeeeeep into what didn’t burn and search for the answer. It may take a bit Jackie, even as fast as I read but, if I find any that fit the criteria I will let you know.

    I remember really liking Lumley’s books but can’t remember specifics.
    I do not find the vamps in the Kate Daniels world scary, love the books.

    Just popped in my head E.E. Knight’s Vampire Earth series has some very nasty vampire/reaper, no redeeming factors.

    • What didn’t burn?? Did your books burn?? Do I need to send you a care package??

      • No need for a care package but thank you for the thought. My house burned a few years ago and I still have yet to unpack the books that lived.

  10. I personally don’t like vampires as monsters, which is why I like Twilight. I don’t think SM ‘de-maled’ vampires, just made them more human.

  11. Check out ReVamp by Beck Sherman ( They’re definitely not your cuddly, lovable vamps. The chilling part is the somewhat believable set-up to the novel.

    • The cover and blurb turned me off, but the reviews make me want to read it. I have the feeling it’s going to be an impulse buy. : )

  12. Challenge Accepted!!

    Okay, so I thought to myself ‘I know I can think of some’. But then, I won’t lie, something strange happened. I got stumped. Just a little! But I can do this! It’s just that every vamp that popped into my head was dangerous, but had or developed some sense of moral compass in the book(s).

    So it would be a challenge if it was easy. Before I say the one that I know of right now, know that I will not give up! I will think of more! And there will be blood!

    So evil vampires with blood, The Strain Trilogy by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan.

    Oh and Carol’s right James Marsters is the best!

    • I’ve been dying (hahaha) to try the del Toro books! Regarding Marsters…BLASPHEMY! It is impossible to trump Antonio Banderas. Chuck Norris bows at Antonio’s feet.

      • Ohhh….calling Marsters blasphemy. That is a low blow! He is awesome and will forever be awesome! Carol will back me up in this. So…two against one.

        (And yeah I reverted to the 2 against 1 argument.)

  13. Although I enjoy a good vampire tale that depict vampires that are ruthless, but charming. I enjoy it when they can be cruel and caring when it either suits them or calls for it. I’m a huge fan of Anne Rice. But to sate your thirst, “They Thirst” be Robert McCammon is full of evil vampires that are without compassion, charm and humanity.

  14. Ann Rice really a some that are a blood thirsty lot

  15. Isn’t the whole point of the “vampire story” that they are tortured souls trying to cling to their humanity? That being said there is enough cruelty in humans to more than cover all the evil in the world so I don’t buy for a minute that something with that kind of power would ever come even close to being “Nice”.
    Thanks to everyone for a wonderful list of book to add to the TBR pile. 🙂

    • EXACTLY! It’s a way for us to uncover our basest desires while attributing them to something “less than human.” I bet psychologists have a heyday with the current popularity of the romantic undead.

  16. OK, now dissing Twilight is just plain MEAN! As an avid reader, I LOVED the Twilight series, and yes MY BROKE BUTT will be in line Thursday night to see the final movie in the series!! Obviously, the books are much better. BUT come on!!! NOT that Edward is my favorite, (have you seen Taylor Lautner?? Wolves are SEXY too) but, my point is, Twilight has a unique take on the Vamps. No sharp fangs!! Praise for Stephanie Meyer for coming up with something new!!!
    Don’t stake me…it’s just MY opinion!! 😉

    • You are more than welcome to your opinion. : ) That’s what these columns are for – people of differing opinions to come together and chat!

      I enjoyed the second movie. Couldn’t get past page ten of the first book without chucking it against the wall. To each their own!

  17. I’m not well-versed in vampires at all, but I just read an article at entitled “Evil Vampire Novels: An evil vampire is good to find,” which had several recommendations. I was surprised that one of them, THE VAMPIRE PLAGUES by Sebastian Rook, is a *children’s* trilogy!

  18. There are so many different kinds of vampires out there but I admit there are not many truly scary and unappealing ones. I don’t see the pasty, pale ones but the handsome ones. I like them all, though.

    • Don’t get me wrong – I have a HUGE collection of paranormal romance novels chock-full of hunky vampires. When the mood hits me, I want to see the sexy-time biting. BUT every once in a while, I want evil. Pure, unadulterated evil. And it’s so hard to find a good bad guy anymore. 🙁

  19. ‘Salem’s Lot by Stephen King is the first that comes to mind. Also, Vampire$ by John Steakley. This one was adapted into a movie by John Carpenter, but was vastly different from the book, IMO. Granted, the vamps aren’t the ‘stars’ of the books, but they are pretty soulless.
    Thanks for the contest and Off The Fang, Jackie! I look forward to every installment.

  20. Tessa Dawn’s Blood Curse series has a very bad family of EVIL vampires. They are from The House of Jaeger and the are EVIL!

  21. The Passage by Justin Cronin. Really nasty humans-turned-vampire courtesy of escaped genetically engineered virus. Result: The Apocalypse

  22. jim butchers dresden files did a good job of making vamps the evil the red court were the worst (only cause the black court were almost wiped out) but the nicest the white court just do a better job of hiding it now i know the stories r not about vampires but for the first half of the series they were a constant threat so i count them