Screen Bites: You Wanted Them: Poll Results For the Column

Watchers, my apologies for the long absence. As you may recall, we did a poll here a while back asking which shows you would like to discuss in the column. Ninety-eight people voted. Of the five shows with the most votes, two (Sleepy Hollow and Witches of East End) have already finished their runs for the season. However, they will still get discussed (one this time, the other next). The other three rounding out the top five: Grimm, Lost Girl, and Supernatural, which we will talk about regularly.

Lost Girl Season 4: In MemoriamThe Originals, Bitten and Once Upon a Time also came in near the top, and we will pick those up soon. Game of Thrones and True Blood also did well, but they are not on currently. I am surprised that Being Human did not fare better in the poll, since that one seemed to be a favorite last year.

A few of you mentioned wishing to discuss Almost Human and The Tomorrow People. I did not include them in the poll because they do not have a supernatural aspect. I do watch both shows, though, so sound off here about whether or not you’d like the column to cover them.

This time, we will discuss Witches of East End, Supernatural, and Lost Girl.

Witches of East End, Lifetime

I really enjoyed this show: characters (except for Freya in the first few episodes–she drove me crazy), mythology (I thought the connection to Asgard was really cool), and the overall plot of the season was pretty interesting.

What did you enjoy most about the show? What aggravated you?

Who were your favorite characters?

What do you think we will see happen next season?

Supernatural, Tuesday 9:00 EST, The CW

**We will be discussing up through the episode First Born, so no mentioning of the next one here, please.

I love this show, always have. I don’t always like some of what happens (the death of Bobby, the death of most of the women in the show, the leviathans, to name a few), but I really thought this episode was particularly good.

I really enjoyed the twist on the Cain and Abel story, and more Crowley equals more fun in my book, though Dean and Sam would likely disagree.

Though I am not a fan of the countless “brothers-at-odds” storylines the show employs, this one, at least, made a lot more sense. It also allowed for the interaction between Cas and Sam, which we don’t often get to see. Side-note: I feel the same about Cas as I do Crowley, as in “more is better.”

Dean and Crowley hunting together was intriguing–they were actually fairly effective. Dean keeps threatening Crowley, but one wonders if he ever will kill him if the opportunity presents itself and he has any other choice. What do you think?

Favorite lines:
“What do you call this decor, anyway–rustic obsessive? Paranoid deco?” (Crowley to Dean, when they visit John Winchester’s storage unit).

“Didn’t they teach notetaking at Hunter’s Hogwart’s? (Crowley to Dean).

“Your problem is that no one hates you more than you do. I know, I’ve tried” (Crowley to Dean).

“Why must the Winchesters always run toward death? (Cas to Sam).

The last two serious quotes actually speak volumes about the show, and we could go on forever about those two topics.

What did you think of this episode?

Lost Girl, Monday 10:00 EST, SyFy

**Please, those of you in Canada, or who have seen beyond the episodes currently airing in the US–no spoilers. This time we will be discussing up through the second episode of season four.

The season premiere was odd and touching at the same time. A world without Bo was pretty distressing, wasn’t it? The whole Kenzi and Dyson thing was pretty disturbing, though I think we were supposed to feel as though they were bonding through their mutual love of Bo. Or something.

In the second episode, we see Trick in leather pants, which I found amusing.

And Vex–do you think he will really turn against Bo, or does he have some other trick up his sleeve?

Adolescent and teenage Tamsin were both entertaining. Do you think adult
Tamsin will re-emerge with her memories or not? If she has lost them, that could be an interesting path for the character to take.

What have been some of your favorite scenes in these first two episodes?

Happy viewing, and next time, we will check in with Grimm.

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  1. I would love to haev Almost Human included and The Walking Dead. Since I really do not watch Lost Girls or Witches of East End I would feel like I would be able to join in.

    • Raonaid, Almost Human is a good possibility, since someone else below also said they would like to discuss it. Witches of East End will not be back on for a while, so this time was the last it will be discussed in the column until it returns.

  2. Oh yes, I thought the Cain episode of Supernatural was a good one. Great twist on that Biblical tale – who would’ve thought Cain could end up a good guy?

    • Nicki, I really thought that was a great episode. They managed to turn the old story on its head and make it fit both the mythology of the show and give a somewhat plausible explanation.

  3. I enjoyed the Witches Of East End even with the antics of the four witches because it embraced the true nature of witches in the use of herbs and spells to enhance the good, like the spell for fertility which resulting in the pregnancy, I liked the tension between the two brothers looking forward to how the story will turn now they have powers. It will also be interesting to see what happens with the gate opened to the “other” world.

    • Maria Rose, I agree–it will be very interesting to see how things change with the brothers’ powers activated. It’s easy to tell now, though, which one is the Destroyer, right? 🙂 We pretty much knew that already, but not how it was going to happen.

  4. Is it weird that I’m glad The Morrigan is about to get back in the mix? I like her.

    • Oops, must be a spoiler for episode 3, which had not aired yet when I was writing this. We’ll get to that one next time.

  5. Haven’t seen this week’s LOST GIRL yet, but I liked the Kenzi/Valkyrie sequences last week. It did feel weird without Bo, of course.

    • Kenzi and young Tamsin were a funny mix. I hope some of that camaraderie will last when Tamsin becomes adult again.

  6. I lovelovelove Lost Girl and am enjoying it no matter where it’s going thus far. I also like The Tomorrow People and I would say that those powers could be considered supernatural…

    • Vanessa, you may be right about The Tomorrow People. No explanation has been given yet as to the source of their powers. I do watch the show so may well add it in to the mix here. 🙂

  7. I enjoyed the Witches of East End though Freya was a bit annoying. Her aunt, Wendy was funny as hell.
    I’ve yet to get caught up on Lost Girl, I’m saving them to watch this weekend.

    • I liked Wendy a lot, too, Lisa. She is one character who always had the best interests of others in mind, even if her methods were not the best. 🙂 Freya bothered me less as the show went on (by the last few she didn’t really bother me at all), but in the beginning I thought she deserved a good shaking. 🙂 Of course we find out in the last episode why she acted the way she did.

  8. I don’t get a chance to watch any shows discussed today. I would like to include Almost Human and Sleepy Hollow. I would also like to bitch about The Following replacing Sleepy Hollow.

    • Koren, we may well add in Almost Human. I will discuss Sleepy Hollow again after I watch the last two episodes. Sleepy Hollow was always supposed to be just 13 episodes, so no other show pushed it out of the line-up. It will return next season.