Screen Bites: Surprises on Sleepy Hollow, Grimm, and Supernatural

Watchers, there have been some big revelations in the last few weeks of these shows. Please be aware that there will indeed be SPOILERS.


Sleepy Hollow, Monday 9:00 EST, Fox
I don’t know about you, but I find this show very satisfying on all levels: story, premise, characters, supernatural content, as well as the acting, writing, and look of the sets.

In the last episode viewers (and Ichabod) got the surprising news that he had a son. I’m very curious to see where they go with this plot. It does seem a bit odd that Katrina didn’t give Ichabod the news before he “died,” but it could be she didn’t know until afterward. I imagine we’ll find out more in the next episode.

We also learned the identity of the Horseman. What did you think about the way that part of the story?

I find it interesting that for on the show the Masons, a “secret” organization, are actually fighting evil behind the scenes, giving a whole new meaning to their clandestine nature.

Now that Captain Irving has been “read into” what’s really going on, I am wondering who may be next. Your thoughts?

Some of my favorites scenes from the last few episodes: Ichabod’s voice mail message to Abbie, and Ichabod trying to use the laptop.

Who is your favorite character? Which supernatural creature have you enjoyed the most? Any favorite scenes?

Grimm, Friday 9:00 EST, NBC
Speaking of favorite scenes, mine from the last episode was when the group was sitting around drinking wine, eating, and looking at crime scene photos, discussing what type of creature could have done the damage.

My second favorite scene: Nick and Juliet poring over the books in the trailer, which I am so glad has survived. I hope it stays around for the duration of the show.

What do you think may be the other sound the doctor heard when listening to Adalind’s baby? That was pretty creepy, and I am guessing the cause of it will be, too.

One point I believe we are supposed to get from the show is that Nick is, in fact, a different type of Grimm. He has demonstrated this fact often, but in the third episode from this season, Renard asked Nick if he was, “bothered by having killed someone, or because it was someone non-Wesen.” This is indeed a valid question, even for a Grimm such as Nick.

How are you enjoying the show this year? What have been some of your favorite scenes?

Supernatural, Tuesday 9:00 EST, The CW
I have just watched the mid-season finale, literally, as I write this.

I’m sure I was not alone in suspecting that Ezekiel was up to more than he claimed, but Kevin? I was not expecting that, though it made sense that it would be him Metatron would wish to get rid of first. Of course, most people were probably expecting the name on the note to be Dean, but because of Kevin’s prophet status, it seems he would need to be removed first. How sad, though.

Of course it’s always great to see Cas, and now that he has powers again he at least has a fighting chance. I did enjoy human Cas, but in order for him to really take part in the battle between angels, he needed to be one again.

I know some people are not crazy about the angel storyline, but I find it fascinating, and I have ever since it was introduced in season four. How do you feel about it?

Quote full of foreshadowing: “I always trust you, and I always end up screwed” (Kevin to Dean).
RIP, Kevin.

The show returns January 14th, and the preview showed both Cas and Crowley in the episode, which is always great.

I am still a couple of episodes behind on Haven, and a ridiculous number on Once Upon a Time, The Vampire Diaries, and The Originals. At least the breaks they are all taking will give me a chance to catch up.

Lost Girl and Being Human both return on Monday, January 13th, and share the evening with the premiere of Bitten, the show based on Kelley Armstrong’s series.

Until next time, happy viewing!

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  1. Sleepy Hollow is another fav new show of mine, LOVE IT!! And Grimm as always rocks!

  2. Just like you it has been tough keeping up with the shows. I have enjoyed how Ichabod Crane is adapting to modern tech like using a cell phone and the computer. As far as the Masons being on the side of good,one has to remember how they started as people of shilled trades gathering together to fight the banns set by the Church. (think of it as rebellion against restriction). Nick on Grimm is a very different Grimm from those before. Just think of that scene flashback when his mother came in when he was in a fight. First of all she was a killing machine and didn’t hesitate against a Wesen whereas Nick first looks at the person who is the Wesen to see why they are reacting in a certain way. He takes a calmer approach and doesn’t really understand why he is feared as a Grimm. On Haven, I am glad Audrey is back but I would like to know the story behind the Troubles.

    • I agree, Maria Rose–it’s fun watching Ichabod tying to adjust to and understand technology. The result is often amusing.

      Yes, Nick is definitely a different sort of Grimm, one his mother does not understand. I think Renard does see that Nick is not typical, and perhaps even special.

      I am a few episodes behind on Haven still…

  3. I too am curious what direction they are going with Ichabald having a son. I like to know what happened to the child. Is he a witch like his mother? Has to be something special for that thing to attack when he was born and able to get through.

    Grimm I am couple episodes behind. But I am up to date with Supernatural. I liked it when Cas told Dean that Ezekiel (funny just read a novella where the hero was an ordinary guy and named Ezekiel) was dead. I did not see that coming with Kevin. Poor guy.

    But the show that really wowed me was the mid season finale of The Walking Dead. Holy Smokes! And the fact that it won’t be back until Feb is KILLING me.

    • Raonaid, I hope we will learn soon what has become of Ichabod and Katrina’s son–by the end of the season, at least.

      I don’t watch The Walking Dead (though I did see Season 1), but I also really like almost Human–good stuff.

  4. Although I do like Almost Human. Something about that

  5. I haven’t been following any of these this season, though I do look forward to the return of LOST GIRL…

  6. The Sandman was so creepy on Sleepy Hollow! That is the one that sticks out for me (it was a fantastic episode). I love all the main players but right now I actually want to know more about Dept. Andy. John Cho is killing it (ha!) in this role. Perfect blend of creepy/empathetic/hilarious.

    • Kristin, agreed about the creepiness of The Sandman. Yes, poor Andy. It would be interesting to find out why he was chose to be the mouthpiece.

  7. I really like Sleepy Hollow so far-but I admit that I have to watch it with the lights on. They made the demons super creepy!
    And I can’t believe this season of Haven is nearly over already! I haven’t heard of it getting renewed yet and I’m getting nervous. With all the new shows syfy is rolling out they just have to keep Haven. Preferably until I’m 70.

    • Bethany, I hope Haven sticks around for a while, as well, as long as they can keep it strong. I am behind a few episodes still…

      • Based on SyFy’s past…I think we are safe to think at least one more season. They like 5 seasons. After that- no idea.

  8. Sleepy Hollow is a great show. It will be interesting to find out more about Ichabod’s son. Really looking forward to the premier of Kelley Armstrong’s Bitten.

  9. I lost track of all of my stories because of grandkids basketball games. With 5 grandkids I’m going to a lot of games. I will try to play ketchup but I am going to be reading all of your reviews to keep up with my stories!

  10. Sleepy Hollow is one of my favorite new shows!

  11. All 3 are my favorite shows.

  12. I don’t watch Supernatural but I have recorded Sleepy Hollow & Grimm to watch later.

  13. I’ve really gotten behind on several of my shows and am glad for the holiday break to get caught up. OUAT has been even better this year though I’m not as fond of the Wonderland addition. I keep watching hoping it will grow on me.
    I’m looking forward to Lost Girl and Being Human’s new season and can’t wait for Bitten’s premier.

  14. Of those, I only watch Sleepy Hollow. It’s been pretty good, so far, and I like the chemistry among the actors. It’s nice to see a strong, black female character in a lead role! And, the supporting cast includes two other strong, black characters. I like that the last episode showed us that the police captain is a family man, too.

    I like seeing Ichabod trying to adjust to modern life; however, I did not appreciate the episode that implied bottled water was healthier than tap water! Bottled water wastes energy, money, and resources and leads to pollution and more landfill waste. The writers blew it on that one!

  15. No Dracula?

    • Patrick, while I enjoy the show, I am behind, so until I catch up I won’t include it in the column. 🙂

  16. Those aren’t available in my country yet so i will need to be extra patient^^

  17. I have only seen a few episodes of Supernatural but I really need to watch it from the beginning!

  18. Sleepy Hollow is the only one of the 3 that I watch, but it is definitely one of my favorites. So glad it has already been renewed for another year.

  19. We watch ALL the same shows!! I have Sleepy Hollow on my DVR, but haven’t had a chance to watch too much of it. I don’t have a favorite scene from Grimm, but I don’t care for the Adalind storyline. Supernatural is my all-time favorite show. I liked the angel storyline a couple seasons ago better than I do now. I love Castiel and want to see more of him.

    • Kimberly, what about the Adalind storyline don’t you like? It was a bit gross there for a bit. It seems to have been dropped somewhat, for now, but maybe we’ll see more in the two episodes on this Friday.

  20. I can’t wait for Lost Girl and I’ll make sure to look for Bitten too.

  21. Sadly I only watch Supernatural but I’m sure I’ll jump onto the other two bandwagons some day. Always loved Supernatural from the very start.

  22. Ahh!!! I really need to catch up on Sleepy Hollow and Grimm!
    I stopped watching Supernatural last season because I couldn’t handle the same things over and over again, though my hubby now says that it is better. 🙂