Screen Bites: So Many Shows, So Little Time

I admit it, Watchers, it’s hard to keep up with the shows we love in order to write about them at the same time for one column, especially as they are spread out all week. This time we will discuss some welcome returns, and check in with a favorite.

The Vampire Diaries, Thursday 8:00 EST, The CW

Lots has happened in the two episodes since the show returned. In the first one, Rebekah takes Elena, Stefan, and Caroline hostage, and compels them in game of telling truths. Elena admits that she loves Damon, and feels that since she has become a vampire that Stefan sees her as a project.

We also learn that there is a being named Silas buried with the cure for vampirism, and Shane is part of group that wants to resurrect him. In the following episode, Kol returns, and wants to ensure this doesn’t happen, so he compels Damon to kill Jeremy. Of course that doesn’t happen, and Elena has a plan to outwit Kol — Jeremy needs to kill him.

Some interesting alliances have been formed. Do you believe that the one of Stefan and Rebekah is for real?

It was not an amusing line, but my favorite from this past week: “You don’t know what I look like when I’m not in love with you” (Stefan to Elena).

How are you enjoying the show this season?

Supernatural, Wednesday 9:00 EST, The CW

Given what they do, I know it’s sometimes necessary for the Winchester brothers to be at odds, but I don’t like it when this happens. The two are definitely better together, and I believe the writers think so, too, wisely keeping them from staying away from each other for too long. Even Dean said he was tired of all of the fighting.

Since the show returned from its break, Sam made the choice to stay, and Dean cut ties with Benny. We learned that the angels are somehow being controlled by Naomi and her group, though we don’t know who they are or what their agenda may be. What do you think is going on?

This past week’s episode had the welcome return of Felicia Day, and a somewhat lighter tone. As we’ve discussed before, the show wisely does these a few time a season.

My favorite lines:

“I’ve given you every torture device known to man, short of a Neil Diamond album” (Crowley).

“I need both of you to stow your crap” (Cas to Sam and Dean).

“Who’d have thought we need to get out more?” (Dean to Sam at Moondoor, the LARP).

What do you think of the show this season?

Merlin, Friday 10:00 EST, SyFy

In the last two weeks we have seen Merlin be tested — to be able to send his father back to the spirit world, and to not execute the man who trapped and tried to kill him. All along we have seen Arthur evolving into the man of legend, but this since things have become more pronounced and deadly serious.

Did anyone else think that in the last episode Arthur was surely going to find out about Merlin’s magic when he went to rescue Arthur? At this point I wouldn’t actually be surprised if they made us wait until the very last episode.

Do you have a favorite knight of the round table?

Being Human, Monday 9:00 EST, SyFy

So, Aidan was buried alive but dug up by a guy who wants to sell his blood to vampires so they don’t have to risk being infected by the flu the human population has. Sally was  brought back — not just from limbo, but into her physical body, and her two friends came back with her. Josh is human since he killed Ray, but Nora remains a werewolf. Now, I’m pretty sure that those last two circumstances will change, but both are interesting directions for the show to have toyed with, even if briefly.

What about the witch who brought Sally back — what was she doing at Ray’s grave? Where did Brin’s father take Nora?

Lost Girl, Monday 10:00 EST, SyFy

I loved that in the first episode we discovered fairly early on that Bo faked being a criminal to get inside the prison, but then find out that she really is “off” without even knowing it. Hopefully this state will not continue all season, though.

How do you like Bo and Lauren together? What do you think of Hale as the Ash? Are you happy that Vex seems to be a regular now?

Once Upon a Time, Sunday 8:00 EST, ABC

Archie is back, Belle lost her memory, a visitor arrived in town and saw Gold use magic. Many of the townspeople want to go back to their world, while others want to stay. I’m guessing this will cause more problems throughout the season

How did you like the Whale/Frankenstein episode?

The show returns February 10th.

Soon we will have a special column discussing the Haven season finale and the last season of Fringe (which I am still working my way through).

**Watchers, if you had to pick only four shows to talk about here in the column, which would they be?

Happy viewing!




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  1. Lost Girl – great start to the new season. I LOVE, LOVE seeing Bo and Lauren together. We don’t get to see a lot of F/F relationships on TV, and the 2 of them have great chemistry. Plus, I do like the idea of Hale as the Ash, but I just hope that doesn’t mean that we get to see him less.

    Being Human – I never expected Sally to be human again, and the whole witch angle is going to be interesting this season. Something tells me bad things are coming. Plus, can Josh manage to stay human when his girlfriend is a wolf. That will be interesting as well.

  2. Does anyone know if the makers of Merlin planned this season to be the last? Arthur has got to find out about Merlin’s magic, gets conflicted, finally sees reason, blah blah blah everyone lives happily ever after. I feel like if they knew this season was the end this has to start happening soon, but if they didn’t they could use it as a season cliffhanger and we’d never get to see how everything plays out.

  3. Fringe, Supernatural, Vampire Diaries and Secret Circle if it’s started airing already

  4. I missed last week’s episode of Once Upon a Time 🙁 From what I remember it was interesting especialy with the reunion of some of the characters. I think the divide will definitely create more problems.

  5. Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, Being Human, and Once Upon a Time

  6. OUAT, Fringe, Lost Girl, and Being Human. As I had just watched the last 6 episodes of Lost Girl, I was especially excited to see the first two episodes. I still was Bo with Dyson however.

  7. I’m still kind of hit-and-miss on my LOST GIRL watching, though I’m always hoping Bo will somehow go back to Dyson (mostly because I love Kris Holden-Ried and missed their whole romance the first time)!

  8. I actually would not limit you to four… if anything I’d expand…

  9. This is so hard! I’m doing a pretty good job of keeping up though. I have my days where I catch up on things. But Supernatural is going to have to be like a marathon day or something.


    I still LOVE this show. But I feel like we need to see Arthur discovering Merlin’s magic before the series ends. I so want to see some episodes where Merlin can use his magic openly.

    As for favorite knights. Who doesn’t love Percival?! With arms so big they apparently can’t make chain mail ofr them! And of course I love Gwaine!

    Lost Girl

    I’m still on the fence with Lauren and Bo. I think because we know Dyson can feel again it’s put me at odds.

    I love Hale and it’s interesting to see what they’ll do with him as the Ash. But in all honesty, I really liked the first guy. I would have liked to see him a little bit longer.

    Once Upon a Time

    I didn’t think that I’d like the Whale/Frankenstein episode, but I really did! I thought it was an interesting take on Frankenstein and his Monster. It also really sucked. And I’d figure that the guy who crashed would have just been a pre-cursor as to what’s going to start happening to the town, but it’s Ethan Embry, so this is going to be drawn out a bit.

    And without Emma it should be interesting, because this town resorts to pitchforks, fire and mobs really quick!

    Only four shows…I don’t know. Well, a couple are ending soon ( Fringe, Merlin) and the season will be over for almost a year for Haven. I don’t watch all of them. So I’ll say two of mine for certain are Once Upon a Time and Lost Girl.

    Has anyone watched Continuum yet? Good, bad, meh?

    • I agree, Rae — it is very hard to keep up. 🙂

      I, too, would like to see Merlin be able to openly use his magic. Here’s hoping it happens soon.

      I also agree with you regarding Lauren and Bo. Since we know that really only happened as a consequence of Dyson losing his love, it kind of makes it hard to completely buy into the Bo/Lauren relationship.

      I do like Continuum, as well. Good stuff!

  10. Lost Girl comment: I love seeing Bo and Lauren together. They have such sexual chemistry!
    I stopped watching Supernatural when angels came on the scene, and have yet to catch up on DVR’d Once Upon A Time from new season.

  11. I can’t pick 4 shows,I literally only watch two shows a week.Vampire Diaries(which I missed last week bc daughter had a meeting and it is driving me crazy!) and Once Upon a Time.However I do watch Teen Wolf and Army Wives when they are playing.

  12. Lost Girl – I don’t like Bo with Lauren. I want Bo to be with the wolfman. He is awesome!

    Being Human – I’m anxious to see where this show is going this year. A virus that kills vampires? I’ve never seen that before.

  13. Lost Girl – I think Bo and Kensie are great friends and that cannot be divided
    Merlin – I loved this show and was sad it ended but it was done well
    Once Upon A Time is fabulous look forward to it each week
    Vampire Diaries – Is Elana going to be human again??


  15. Lost girl-The first episode was really campy as usual. The prison uniforms were hilarious. The guards actions and outfits were funny, too. I don’t like Lauren, never have so I don’t care about her relationship with Bo. I got over the Bo/Dyson relationship long ago. I think it’s time for her to be with someone new.

    Being Human-It’s weird that Josh is human, I think he kind of misses being a wolf. I’ll bet Nora is not a goner but Josh will have to become a wolf again to save her. IF not, then somehow she will accidently turn Josh back into a wolf. I don’t think he’ll be human long. I’d be willing to bet that even though Sally is human again, she can’t go out much for fear of running into someone she knows and killing them. I’m wondering what Aiden will be able to eat, he can’t eat Josh because he had the virus and he has said he can’t eat Sally because she was dead. Doesn’t leave many options.

  16. I would pick Vampire Diaries, Once Upon a Time, and Supernatural. I know that is only three, but those are my top three and the fourth could be any of the other ones.

  17. Oh my heckaroonie….LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Dean Winchester! Sam is okay, but Dean rocks my socks!

  18. Warehouse 13 is the only one I’d add, since my other choices are cancelled! (Alphas, Eureka.)

  19. Grimm is my favorite. Does anyone know when it returns?

  20. I want Warehouse 13 back!