Screen Bites: Saying Goodbye: Season and Series Finales of Genre Shows

Watchers, recently we have said goodbye to some of our favorite shows, whether just until they next return, or perhaps, sadly, for good. Several genre shows got cancelled this year, some leaving fans hanging without a clear and decisive ending. If we’re lucky, shows end by agreement, with a plan and a proper send-off by its loose ends being tied up, such as Being Human. Often, however, cliffhanger season finales end up being series finales since the showrunners don’t know the show’s fate at the time they are writing.

This year, I was most bothered by the cancellation of these three shows that did not get to end properly: Almost Human, The Tomorrow People, and Revolution. Almost Human did get an ending of sorts, and though there were a few unanswered questions, at least there was not a cliffhanger. I enjoyed The Tomorrow People all season long, but have conflicting feelings about the finale. Some of it I liked, but I found the beginning plagued by what I can only describe as over-acting by some of the cast. Though the show did not exactly end on a cliffhanger, it was certainly setting up next season.

Revolution had great promise for next season, I think. I really enjoyed the show all along, and felt as though the new story they set up would have worked really well. I think I will miss Revolution most out of the three I mentioned.

The often silly but also very entertaining The Neighbors also met its demise, which I was also sorry to hear. I didn’t watch until this season, but always thoroughly enjoyed it.

As far as season finales go, some we have already discussed here, but I would like to say a bit about Supernatural. SPOILER ALERT! I have heard a lot of grumbling from some people about this season, but I thought it was quite good, and the last scene of the finale certainly sets up an intriguing story for next season, though I do wonder how long Demon Dean will be around.

So, Watchers, what about you? What genre shows were you particularly sorry to see go? Which season finales did you really like, or not enjoy (try to avoid spoilers, please).

True Blood and Falling Skies return June 22nd, Defiance on June 29th, and Dominion premieres that night, as well. Which will you be watching?

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  1. I will definitely be watching True Blood & Falling Skies! I feel exactly the same about Revolution. Why do they always cancel the best shows 🙁 ….Believe, Intelligence…

  2. I’m just watching the last season of True Blood now on netflix (don’t have HBO.) I really hope no one I know spoils the ending! I’m looking forward to the return of Defiance and the start of Dominion. I watched all of the first season of Revolution and thought it had a great premise, but after a few episodes into season 2 I started to let it pile up on my dvr. Mostly I couldn’t get past how much I didn’t like Charlie.
    I’m really pissed about Almost Human. I know I’m not the only one to draw parallels to how Fox did the same thing to it as it did when it bungled Firefly. Fox shouldn’t be allowed to get its paws on any scifi show ever again.
    I liked The Neighbors, too. I saw the ratings for it when they moved it to Fridays and it looked to me like they regularly got somewhere in the neighborhood of almost 5 million people to watch it live. I’m no tv exec, but I can’t imagine that didn’t make them enough money to keep it alive.
    I suppose I should be glad that not everything I like gets renewed (although I go crazy with no closure) and that there are a bunch of shows on that I have no interest in. I watch too much tv already.

  3. I’m hoping that Dracula is back next year. I haven’t seen anything either way.

  4. I will be watching True Blood, Dominion, Defiance and Falling Skies plus I am looking forward to The Strain which is based on the 3 books. If the series is even close to the storyline it will be fantastic. I also home Dracula comes back as it was just getting good. Is anyone watching the Penny Dreadful stories

  5. I preferred last season of THE NEIGHBORS (the writing didn’t seem as good this year), but I loved Simon Templeman and Toks Olagundoye and will miss them terribly! I haven’t really watched the others…

  6. I will be watching True Blood…possibly Defiance (I liked the 1st season but just sort of drifted so we’ll see how I feel). Really just looking forward to the new fall season (and the return of Sleepy Hollow!!!!), there seems to be some very promising shows this year.

  7. I’m really upset about Almost Human, I really liked that show!! I’m also looking forward to The Strain, fingers crossed it does the books justice, and I’ll be watching Defiance. Of course True Blood will be on the menu, plus I’m looking forward to Face Off on the sci-fi channel. I just loved watching that, I even bought all the past seasons. It’s like America’s Next top model with the drama, but for fans of horror and geekiness.

  8. <–extremely cranky about Revolution

    I bitched a storm when I heard they were canceling Revolution. I am hoping another channel picks the show up.

    I am loving Bitten (which did get renewed).

    I'm actually glad True Blood is ending this season. They've just run out of juice on that story line to me. 😀

    YAY for the new Defiance.

    I'm looking forward to Dominion. Looks intriguing.

  9. True Blood Trubie to the End,

    Falling Skies I watcg sometimes

    looking forward to Dominion