Robert Pattinson Vampire Royalty?

Mmmmmm vampires… Immortal, super strength, sexy bod and sparkles in the sun? Hell yeah.  Who wouldn’t want one of those? Now what if I told you the hunky Robert Pattinson is related to vampires?  No wonder he played Edward so well.   Turns out (in Canada) discovered that Rob’s ancestors were from Transylvania, they even traced it back to Vlad the Impaler.

On the surface, being related to vampires (or alleged vampires) sounds all hot and immortal… turns out Vlad the Impaler, though, was ridiculously ruthless and liked to….well, impale people on spikes.  That definitely does not sound like the Cullens. All in all, I wonder how Twilight had gone if Vlad had caught Bella’s scent. Then again, we can all imagine how that would have gone…

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  1. It definitely would have added a new twist to the story

  2. Well, he’s got Vlad’s deep set eyes… I can see it!

  3. It would have been 1000X more fun?

  4. Vlad wouldn’t stand a chance against the Cullens.

  5. I wonder if *he* knew, going into the role…it might have flavored his performance!

  6. I have to agree the Twilight story would of been way different with Vlad in the picture. Looking back I can hardly believe all the fuss that was made over Twilight bit I still don’t regret reading it or waiting in the lines to watch the movie. After all I did get to spend many a fun hour with my daughter!

  7. Raonaid Luckwell

    Had Twilight had the Vlad element the story would be much more bloodier, violent, gruesome horror type than the “lovestory” (I am behaving myself since I am not a fan of Twilight)

  8. I think things may have gone beyond PG-13 if Vlad were in the picture. A little bloody – no ;).

  9. I have a feeling Bella wouldn’t have been nearly so maudlin at the vampire leaving if it had been Vlad instead of Edward! Hah!

  10. It could have added a whole new dimension to the story. Would have been bloodier and less sparkly lol.

  11. OMG! Just knowing that makes me see the Twilight saga in a whole new light. It’s amazing that he became a “vegetarian” vamp too with that ancestry.

  12. wow verrrrrry interesting, lol love it

  13. I think if Twilight were with Vlad it would have been creepy, and more like True Blood, than a YA romance.

  14. It probably would have made it tens time better!

  15. So interesting. Sue would of make it different.

  16. My daughter will love this information. This series is her favorite. I need to send her this link.

  17. Twilight should have included some…. more vampire like characters. After all, vampires aren’t know for their loving, brooding side. Unless you count Dracula from Van Helsing (Kate Beckinsale version)