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Hi, you all–thank you so much for coming to the party, and a big thank you also to the fabulous Bitten by Books!

Like many of you, I love vampires, and the badder they are, the better. In my Vampire Babylon books, you can meet creatures who occasionally walk on the good side, but they still have mean streaks. But let’s not forget that there are vamps who’re just all-out dark.

Those are my favorites. 🙂

Altogether, I’ve written six books in this series—the first trilogy took place in Hollywood and concerned some very clever vampires who found a way to make a business out of providing celebrities with long-lived fortune, fame, and beauty in return for their souls. Then along came some hunters, including Dawn Madison. Her father was missing, and it seemed that his disappearance had something to do with this vampire underground. My latest release, the third book in this trilogy, Break of Dawn (1/26/10), is the climax of the team’s hunt for these stardust-hungry vampires.

This new mass market book is a reissue of the trade edition, but next month, there’ll be a new offering in the Vampire Babylon series—book six, Deep In the Woods (3/2/10). This one closes out the second trilogy, which takes place in London and features some vampires that I consider to be even scarier than the first group. Teen girls. And they’re all in the service of a master they call Wolfie, as well as his second-in-charge, Claudia the Cat.

In this second trilogy, I not only got to travel to London in order to flesh out the story and block out scenes (such as one in Highgate Cemetery), but it was great fun to weave in fairy tale elements, as well. I’ll bet you can tell from the title Deep In the Woods that Red Riding Hood was an influence, yes? Anyway, her thematic spirit is in the books, along with a wicked stepmother/queen and Sleeping Beauty. You’ll see them in the characters and the choices they make…as well as in the consequences.

Are there any fairy tale characters you relate to? Why? And what is it about fairy tales that speak to us on such a primal level?

Thanks for playing!


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Night Rising, Vampire Babylon, Book 1
Midnight Reign, Vampire Babylon, Book 2
A Drop of Red, Vampire Babylon, Book 4
The Path of Razors, Vampire Babylon, Book 5
First Blood, a vampire anthology that includes a Vampire Babylon novella
Twice Bitten, a vampire anthology that includes The Huntress, which was written as Crystal Green

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PLEASE NOTE: The contest portion of this event is now closed. Winners will be chosen later and contacted via email. Thank you! Hi, you all–thank you so much for coming to the party, and a big thank you also to the fabulous Bitten by Books! Like many of you, I love vampires, and the badder …

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  1. Hi Chris! Welcome to BBB!

    I love the Vampire Babylon series, and am anxiously awaiting both Deep in the Woods and your new series.

    I think one reason we enjoy fairy tales is because, unlike real life, things are always black and white. The villains are truly evil, and the good guys, though sometimes ‘weak” in some way, are always good.

    I will have to give some thought to the other question… 🙂

  2. Hi Chris,

    I think the fairy tale that I can most relate to is Beauty and the Beast. I think it reflects what goes on in the media. There’s so much emphasis on looking perfect. And people who don’t fit those standards are portrayed as not being as good. Who ever portrays a witch or wicked stepmother as thin and beauriful?

    Fairy tales that last through generations do so because they have a message or theme that people can relate to in some part of their lives.

    Joined the chat
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    already subscribe to the newsleter

  3. As a primary teacher I enjoyed the Tale of the 3 Pigs from the wolfs point of view. Since then I have enjoyed Wicked, Son of a Witch, etc. So I would say that I relate to the underdog and/or the bad guy in the Fairy Tales.

  4. Hi, you all!

    Great comments so far. I’ve always been drawn to those wicked stepmothers/queens. Beautiful on the outside, but inside there’s a rotted core.

    The retellings of fairy tales are fun, too. What was that book about politically correct fairy tales? That had me cracking up for hours. : )

    Thanks for coming, and good luck!

  5. Tawania Etheridge

    Hi Chris!
    I haven’t had the pleasure of reading your books, but they sound fascinating. I am definitely adding them to my ever growing TBR list.

    I can’t say that I relate to any fairytales, but I do love them. I think they speak to us on a primal level, because of the Happy Ever After factor. We all can relate to wanting that in life.

    Did you always want to be a writer?
    What’s the first book you ever wrote?

    I am wishing you much success on your release.

    I RSVP’d
    I spread the word on FB
    I voted in the poll
    I’m already a newsletter subscriber

  6. Fairy tales are nice for their simple, good-natured messages. I don’t know if I can relate entirely to one fairy tale, but I defintely feel like I learned a little from each one as a kid.

    entered daily book chat
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  7. My life has been a curious mixture of Hans Christian Anderson’s “The Ugly Duckling” and the classic “Cinderella”. I grew up a skinny, gawky, clumsy, ugly little girl who was doing all the household chores (washing dishes, laundry, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, washing windows, cooking all the meals, picking up around the house, etc.) in the house at the age of 9, and taking care of my two younger brothers on top of that, to boot. My parents got divorced when I was 9, my dad remarried, and he and my “wicked” (I hated her then, but not for a long time now) stepmother had another baby son for me to take care of by the time I was 10. Fast-forward to turning 18, graduating high school, moving away to college, finally growing into my body. I had as many boyfriends as I wanted, and no more household chores to do (very little dusting or mopping to do in a college dorm room).

    It was great until I was married at 21 (to an ogre) and had two (wonderful) baby daughters by the age of 25, and then the drudgery started all over again. But I chose that (although I finally got rid of the ogre).

    2) Done.
    3) MySpace:

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    5) All done.
    7) Joined a long time ago.

  8. Hi Chris,
    Fairy Tales are gruesome. Never understood why they became childhood stories. Perhaps the happy endings, or perhaps to install the whole ‘good always wins in a battle of good and evil’. Any why is it the Stepmother is always evil?

    I relate to Cinderella – always did love that story. Talk about love at first sight. They marry on the bases of ONE dance. WOW. Prince ‘jump in blind’ Charming does all he can to find true love. I’m a hopeless romantic. Plus, those ugly sisters rock in Panto 🙂

    I R.S.V.P’d

  9. Hi Chris! *waving*

    It’s great to see you here!

    I loved fairy tales as a kid, but I probably thought about the 3 Billy Goats Gruff the most. I’d rush over bridges, just in case there was a troll. You never know, right? 🙂

    I twittered this link too!

    Hope you sell a ton of books!

    Lisa 🙂

  10. Hello Chris,

    Your books are definately on my TBR list. I am in a bookclub called Bloodlust that meets once a month at a local bookstore.
    We read (obviously) Paranormal. Love it.

    Can’t think of any fairy tales I relate to. Always loved them as a child, guess it’s the Happy Ending – Good vs Evil and wins.

    The best of luck on your book. Hopefully I will meet up with you at a booksigning sometime.

    I RSVP’d
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    Sandy Jones

  11. Fairy tales fascinate because real life can be so mundane. Going to a fantasy world in fairy tales can open up your inner most desires and take you to a place that only you can dream about.

    I most relate to princess fairy tales as we all want to be a princess with our loving devoted prince.

    RSVP on 2/1
    Chris Newsletter Friend….sent email
    Bitten by Books newsletter…..sent email
    Marci C

  12. RSVP’d for this event comment #31
    The fairy tale that most relate to is “Jack In The Beanstalk” and as to why that is easy my father’s name is Jack and he was in my childhood eyes the hero in this tale and he would always slay my giants for me in real life. We relate, as many others have stated, to fairy tales because they are simplistic White is good and Black is evil. In real life Gray gets thrown in to the mix way too easily and you cannot tell as easily, plus in fairy tales you get a HEA and that is always uplifting!

    #3 You Tube link posted on site here:!398A909ED1B780EF!278.entry

    #4 Friends here with Chris:
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    Voted in the Paranormal poll already and commented #10 yesterday

    #6 Here are all my sharing links:

    #7 done and sent confirming email to BBB

    Jackie B Central Texas

  13. I’m a big fan of this series! Hope you have fun day with Chris! If you haven’t checked out these books, you should. 🙂

  14. I can’t think of a fairy tell character I relate to, but I think we like them so much because everything is possible in a fairy tale. And it seems like good always win against evil, and we are all suckers for happy ending lol

    Thanks for taking the time to stop by for the interview!

    I think I RSVPed?

  15. Hi!

    Vampire Babylon is one of my favorite series!

    I think that fairy tales speak to us because they represent hopes, dreams, and wishes that we all have deep down. We all want to live happily ever after, and if it’s with the one we love, even better! My favorite fairy tales are Snow White and Beauty and the Beast. I love Snow White because she was able to break away from her troubles and stumbled upon true love. I love Belle because she fell for the Beast, despite his outward appearance, and I think that’s very rare these days. I’m a firm believer that looks do not matter nearly as much as the personality.

    Hoping to win! 🙂

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    aaaand, I signed up for the BBB newsletter

  16. Hi Chris I so enjoy your series and can not wait for Deep in the Woods. My question is will Dawn come to grips with her dark side and will it bring her and Costin closer or drive her to Jonah?

  17. I dont relate to any one charactor but i do see simularities between the villians and people I work with lol

    R.S.V.P. ‘ed
    answered question and joined chat
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    wanda f.

  18. I also have all your books and wanted to know if that I could send them to you to have you autograph them?

  19. Hi Chris! Thanks for playing with us here at BBB!

    I haven’t read your books yet either but they definately need to be added to my TBR. *sigh* Now I just need to get a job so I can get them! LOL

    I don’t really relate to a particular fairy tale but I think there are many reasons why they speak to us. Obviously there is the getting rescued and swept away to a fantasy land where you live happilyy ever after. I think that even the most independant of people would like to be rescued sometimes. Also, there is usually an aspect of revenge or justice that we can all relate to or dream of. You know….in the end you either get to kill or put in her place, the bitch that has made your life hell. Honestly….who WOULDN’T want to do that?

  20. Hi Chris!

    I have just finished the first two books and started on the third today. I think my poor husband feels neglected since I’ve had my nose in your books for the last couple of days (lol). I wanted to ask you, when you first began picturing Kiko (Kik) was there a particular actor or person you saw him as? I just love his character and he is one of my favorites.

    As far as fairy tales goes, I always love The Princess and the Pea because that was one of my mothers favorites to read to me as a child. I liked the story most I think because there weren’t any evil baddies out to get the princess (only a nosy, snooty queen) and of course the HEA. As children, fairy tales fuel our imagination and I think that’s one of the reasons we still love them today.

    Thanks for your awesome books! Keep em coming!

    5. All done
    subscriber to BBB newsletter and blood bank

  21. I do not releate to any fairtale as it just gets my hope up, lol. But I did find myself wanting to be in Dawn’s shoes to have Costin take over me like that.

  22. hi chris, thanks for being here, cant wait to read your series, the fairy tale i relate to is mother is horrible..but shes my mother and i wouldnt give her up for the world, and i love fiction, i always tell my friends when im going to go read that i’m “checking out of reality” for a while..i cant wait to read your books
    i rsvp’d
    i spread the word of you being here on my facebook page
    i added you as a friend
    i participated in the pole this week

    debra c

  23. Hi Chris! Just wanted to stop by and show support. I adore this series. Can’t wait for Deep in the Woods.

  24. For me reading all my paranomal series is way to escape my mundane life. Allows me to have fantasies of how I would want to live my life without children. And a wonderful way to relax after a very busy day.

  25. Hi, great contest, and I’ve only read the first 2 so far, but love the series! I’m trying to avoid seeing spoilers, especially right before I dive into book 3.
    2. I think a lot of people can relate to Cinderella on some level. A lot of us have felt dumped on and underappreciated at some point (it’s called a job), and isn’t it nice to get all cleaned up and feel pretty? I think fairy tales hold so much appeal because they all have a sense of magic, and often justice, that’s missing from our everyday, mortal lives.
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  26. sorry i also sighned up for your newsletter
    bitten by books newsletter
    thanks again for being here
    also i was curious who in your life inspired you the most?
    debra c

  27. Hi Chris,
    Love the sound of all your books 🙂

    I always did love fairytales, I listened to the real ones, not the Disney one, so there were a lot of cut toes in Cinderella. Back then I thought they were thrilling. They are just so much more when you are a kid.
    As for relating, nah can’t say I do to any of them

    I rspved

  28. No fairy tale characters I really relate to, but when it comes to favorites, Beauty and the Beast has always been one of mine 🙂 And I don’t know what it is that interests us so much about them. I guess its just satisfying to watch someone who really deserves an HEA get one 🙂

    2– Done.
    5– Done.
    7– Done.

  29. For got to say I RSVP’d!! Sorry!!

  30. already a part of Chris’s newsletter

  31. The books sound awesome!!
    The fairy tale I can relate to most is Cinderella. My mother was just like the evil stepmother. My prince came and saved me & my pumpkin. We lived happily ever after (but my prince looks a little like the beast in Beauty and the Beast.

  32. I RSVP’d

    Hi Chris, thanks for sharing your time with us here.
    I’ve always liked the tale of Cinderella. I find the makeover TV shows appealing because in some way it is like having the fairy godmother from Cinderella come and recreate your image so that you can achieve your dreams.

    4. Be friends with Chris by joining her here:
    DONE – Newsletter:
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  33. Congrats on the reissue and upcoming release, Chris!

    2. I love most fairy tales, but can’t say I relate to any specifically. There is something about a classic fairy tale that uses its themes so well they appeal to our inner children.

    5. All four done.

  34. Hello Chris,

    The 3 Little Pigs and the Kid who cried wolf are my favorite. Fairy Tales work because of the nature that they were told, as cautionary tales for all ages; also they were away to keep the children from wandering to far from village.

    Which book was your favorite to write?

    I RSVPed
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  35. I did rsvp
    Will you ever write anything other than paranormal books?

    Cinderella would be my fairytale all work and no play….never enough time to do the things you enjoy…

    I voted in the poll

    I asked to be my facebook friendDeanna Walden Fullbright I am so excited I am going to start a new series by Chris Marie Green Paranormal romance love the stuff cant get enough
    3 minutes ago

  36. Hey Chris love your stuff even though I’ve only got two of yours so far.

    Lets see, fairy tale thing I realte to would have to be Captian Hook since I hate kids…lol

    following on twitter
    just sent FB friend request

  37. I always identified with the girls who fought back. The idea of a smarmy little heroine never appealed to me. Admittedly, I think my favorite would have to be The Little Girl in James Thurber’s “The Little Girl & The Wolf” because “even in a nightdress and nightcap, a wolf looks no more like your grandmother than the Metro/ Goldwyn lion looks like Calvin Coolege.”

    How did you get interested in writing about vampires?

  38. Voted in poll

    As far as fairy tale characters, what is interesting to me is how many of us now think of the Disney version of the fairy tale instead of the older, dark stories. The older stories are frequently more tragic and have much harsher lessons than the more modern versions. While I am entertained by the lighter versions of the tales, I find the darker versions more moving and inspirational. I am a sucker for underdogs and stories from the alleged villian’s perspective. Maybe that’s why I love vampires, shapeshifters, and other magickal creatures.

    Great post and good luck with the book sales, I look forward to reading the new one.

    benita p.

  39. I don’t really relate to any fairy tale characters out there, but can see how temptation is connected to the apple in Snow White. You’re offered or given a glimpse of something inviting – the more forbidden, the better, the more you want it. But will you resist? Is there a catch? Or is it actually as good as it seems?

    Fairy Tales call to me for the different perceptions, worlds, views and discovery of light vs. dark they have.

    3) I posted the book trailer here:

    4) I am friends with Chris on Twitter: INCiDeNT_Zinc, Facebook and receive her Newsletter.

    5) I RSVP’d for Wednesday’s event and voted in the weekly paranormal poll.

    6) Spread the word on Twitter: and on Facebook:

    7)I signed up and confirmed my subscription for the Bitten By Books Newsletter.

    I RSVP’d for this event.

    Emails for friend confirmations and newletters being sent . . . now.

    Kayleigh H

  40. Whoa–an explosion of awesomeness! Thank you everyone for being here and for being interested in my books! Fantastic remarks. I’m reading every one of them and wish I had more time to write long answers, but I’ve got a manuscript waiting to be polished, and it keeps staring at me. It is a harsh master. : ) But please know that I appreciate this.

    Also, I look forward to chatting with you via Twitter, Facebook, etc. It’s exciting to see you guys signing up for those!

    To answer some questions/comments:

    I did always want to be a writer–in fact, everyone in my family just always talked as if that’s what I would do. LOL. It’s a part of me. : )
    My first published book is a Special Edition romance (w/a Crystal Green) entitled BELOVED BACHELOR DAD. (Oh, that title!) My first “real” book was a very strange historical romance that I will never, ever submit to anyone again. You won’t be surprised to know that it had voodoo in it. Dark side, anyone?
    : )

    My buddy, Lisa K! Sweet!

    Candace Havens, hello! Have you guys read her books? I know she’s got a new hot Blaze out (a series close to my heart)! ; ), Candace. I’ll be reading your urban fantasy soon!

    From Kelly G:
    Hi! And mwa-hah-hah…this is quite the juicy question. I can tell you that both these questions will be answered firmly by the end of DEEP IN THE WOODS. Without spoiling anything, I can also tell you that that dark “beauty” spot that Dawn found on her face at the end of book 5 (THE PATH OF RAZORS), is not a good sign, and that will play out during book 6.
    Whomever she ends up with, I hope you’re happy…. I was happy with the conclusion. ; )

    Okay, I’m coming back in another message….

  41. I have a hard time relating to fairy tale characters. Truly, but I think that we relate to them, because we feel that our lives will never be like that, and we yearn for it. No matter how wonderful our lives may be, I think they every one of use desires more.

    I did RSVP yesterday!

  42. I’m back…

    Sandy J. (or anyone who belongs to a bookclub), let me know if you guys would like promo items. It might be fun to do some kind of online chat if the group is reading Vampire Babylon. : )

    Kelly G.–thank you for having all my books! Absolutely–we could do the mail signing thing or I could send you some Vampire Babylon bookplates. Just let me know. (You can tell me here, or it might be better to contact me via Twitter, Facebook, or MySpace or my site address!). Cool!

    Rebecca, huge thanks to you, too! (Although I’m sure your hubby isn’t very happy with me. Sorry! Kind of. )
    You know, I didn’t have anyone in mind when I wrote Kiko, but here’s the weird thing–out of all the characters, he’s the one who talks to me the most. He won’t be quiet, LOL. His scenes are always the easiest to write because he maps them out for me.
    I know. Odd. : )

    Kelly, LOL, for the Costin comment!

    Aww, Selena! How’s your writing going, too?

    Bethany, I hear you about the spoilers. I’m like that with LOST. Any time I see a promo, I turn my head and cover my ears. I’m so happy I did that with the season 3 finale, because the surprise at the end rocked my world.

    Debra asks who in my life inspired me the most…
    I’d have to say my parents. I’m truly grateful to them for giving up what they did for me and my brother. I like to think they make me enjoy most details of life rather than just skipping over them. : )

    Another message coming up….

  43. Hi, again!

    Beet asks which book was my favorite to write. Oh, that’s a hard one! I think my very favorite book to write was my first real urban fantasy. It’s called THE HUNTRESS and I wrote it under my “romance name” Crystal Green for the now-defunct Bombshell line. It was a vampire book, and the vamps were very mean and they liked to snack on men–the heroine’s boyfriend was captured by them, of course, so my heroine went after those bloodsuckers. This was one of those “gift” books; I knew exactly where the story was going and it just flowed. It also made me want to write more vampire stories and, hence, there we have the start of Vampire Babylon. 🙂

    Deanna asks if I’ll ever write anything other than paranormal books. Actually, I do, under the name “Crystal Green.” I write Special Editions and Blazes. I also wrote two Bombshells, one of which was an “atmospheric thriller” called BAITED. That was a fun book to write, too. I really miss that line.

    Again, great questions and comments, you all. Thank you so, so much!

    Back with another post…

  44. Well not necessarily fairy tale but more so Disney princess, I so so so! relate to Belle. I’ve always loved reading, always. I have the same color hair, just plain brown and as a kid I wore it in a pony tail all the time. I was looking for adventure out of life as well, tired of my ordinary life, wanting something more. (might be taking some words from her one song, but oh well!)

    I guess some fairy tales sneak up on us because we find ourselves in those classic moments. We’re in need of help, so we look of animal friends or a handsome prince to help us out, although prince charming is sure taking his dear sweet time in aiding me! 😉

    Did 3 of the 4 things from #5…

    Will post this info on my blog here:
    so that’s 3 and 6

    I receive her newsletter on a regular basis, don’t have a confirmation from that, but I can send you in an email the last newsletter that she sent out.

    Oh and I RSVPed.

  45. Hey, all!

    Dellani asks how I got interested in writing vampires. Well, I’ve always been a horror girl. When I was little, my mom and I would watch Elvira’s Movie Macbre every Sunday. It was the best time of the week. And I was really into “In Search Of…” which had some truly scare stuff going for it. Once, there was an episode about Dracula or vampires, and they played a clip of NOSFERATU. I was hooked then. The *reason* I started writing vampires was this: the editor from the Bombshell line of books was looking for a vampire hunter book, and when I read those two words–“vampire hunter”–I came up with an old-school hunter story. It changed the direction of my career, and I’m so, so happy!

    You guys are so fantastic. Really, it warms my heart to hear you’re reading my books (Whoo!) or are interested in doing so. Thank you a million times!

    I’ll be checking in again soon! Good luck to you all.

  46. What other writers out there give you any type of inspiration or that you can contact to bounce things off them. That is how I pick up on great new authors from ones that I already love and enjoy. So koodos to Kelley Armstrong for giving you rave reviews.

  47. Dorothy MacPherson

    I like your Vampire Babylon series as a good solid urban fantasy series. I have been reading urban fantasy for years. I started reading it before it was even called urban fantasy.

  48. Hi Chris!

    I haven’t read your books yet, but they look great! And how cool that you got to go to London for research. London is one of my favorite cities!

    I think I related a little to Sleeping Beauty when I was younger, as sometimes I felt like I was sleepwalking through life, waiting for Prince Charming to show up. Had to smack myself every now and again as a reminder that I could do things on my own without waiting for the Prince to finally show up. And what do you know, once I stopped waiting, he showed up! *L*

    I RSVP’d
    Voted in the poll

  49. Hey Cris –

    Thanks for dropping by BBB. Fairy Tale character that interests me the most hard choice. I didn’t grow up on fairy tales. My parents read me the likes of CS Lewis and stuff of that nature. I think that I like the mischievous/dark fairies that pop up in stories. I would love to see a story about those. Fairy Tales are actually rather dark take for instance Rumpelstiltskin — scary for a kid.

    I have a question for you…. what character have you written about that you would like to switch places with for a day? Is it a star or some obscure secondary character?

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  50. Although I am not familair with Chris’s work, I did RSVP for this so that I can learn more about this series. I am a huge fan of vampire fiction, so any new series I can “sink my teeth into” always intrigues me. I will definitely be chekcing these books out! Also following her on twitter as lasergirl70 and requested on Facebook.

  51. Hi Chris. Your books sound great. I think we like fairy tales because you know who is good and who is bad and you know in the end there is a happy ending. I always loved Cinderella and Snow White.

    I RSVP’D.
    I subscribe to Chris’ newsletter
    I am a facebook fan.
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  52. sumbitted answer on poll

  53. I always found the story “The Red Shoes” to be a good warning to avoid vanity, and a sad but touching story of forgiveness.

    4. Requested friend on Facebook and following on Twitter (@booksnyarn)
    5. RSVP (#41) and Voted (#48)


  54. Fairy tales appeal because it is so obvious who is evil. And, you know they will get it in the end. In real life, evil can hide in such pretty packages.

  55. Hi Chris
    This is great I just finished Night Rising a friend gave it to me
    Saturday. I looking forward to the rest of them.
    I am so looking forward to finding out about Jonah.
    What made you decided to make him a behind the scene person?

  56. I relate to the Goose Girl who is really a princess. At least that is what I would like to be.LOL
    I already get your newsletter and I have friended you on facebook as well. I love your stories of bad vampires and ever worst vampires. I am looking forward to the next one.
    Debby C

  57. also voted in the poll

  58. 1. I haven’t read any of your books yet, but they sound really good and interesting and will definitely check it out. I don’t think I relate to any fairy tales, none come to mind at the moment X)

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  59. I’m not really a fairy tale person, as a kid I could understand but I could never relate. I could relate to Dumbo who was different than everyone else and whose mother always encourage her. I look forward to reading more of your books.

    Tianna 😀

  60. What made you decide to make Brie one of the others. I really enjoyed that you kept her for Frank, you could feel the love she had for him.

  61. Hey! Thank you for all your wonderful comments. You guys make me want to write and write and write. 🙂

    Kelly G, I am forever grateful to Kelley Armstrong for that quote she gave. She’s amazing. I have two critique partners who are just as fabulous, and they keep me going. Judy Duarte writes inspirationals (Check out MULBERRY PARK!) and Special Editions, and Sheri Whitefeather/Cheri Feather writes Romantic Suspenses and *such* sexy books for Berkley (ART OF DESIRE was her first for them–come prepared to cry and fan yourself from the heat.)

    Dorothy, a question for you–what was the first urban fantasy series you read? I keep hearing there was one in the 90s and it had to do with fairies, but I forget the titles. Maybe you’ve read them? And thank you. 🙂

    Marnie! Oooo–switching places with one of my characters for a day. I hesitated to say it’d be one of my urban fantasy heroines because they have such a tough time of it. I think I’d like to be a heroine from one of my Blaze books, LOL. Juliana Thompson from WHEN THE SUN GOES DOWN… And that’s because the book took place in Japan, and I love it there. Also, the hero was hot. 🙂

    Shirley, thanks! I decided to make “Jonah”/The Voice a behind the scenes guy for a couple of reasons: I wanted to keep him mysterious–his job requires lots of secrecy. Also, I wanted to play around with a Phantom of the Opera/Charlie’s Angels type. I didn’t want Dawn to be able to read his face so she’d know where he was coming from, either–I thought that might add to her sense of isolation.

    Back soon!

  62. Would you ever consider writing your books in journal form?
    Rumplestilskin has good lesson for me: when you identify your problems and give them a name, they lose power over you. We enjoy fairy tales for the moral lessons they provide.

    Facebook friend
    newsletter subscriber

  63. Hi Chris!!! Thanks for stopping by & the great contest. I have to say that Beauty & the Beast is my favorite, well at least the Disney version. I can relate to being the geek being more interested in a book or school than some of the other activities with the ‘cool’ kids.

    What first motivated you to become a writer, or specifically a vamp writer? 🙂

  64. Whoops–Kelly and I must have been posting at the same time!

    *SPOILER* If you’re reading this post but haven’t read the books, you might want to skip it. 🙂
    I decided to do what I did with Breisi for a couple of reasons. On a pure, storytelling level, I wanted to bring the Friends into things more and explain who they were. Breisi was the portal into this world, so to speak. Also, vampire hunting is dangerous, and I wanted to drive that home with Breisi–I think if you have “bad guys” who are good at what they do, every once in a while, they have to be successful, and they were with Breisi. Kind of. 😉 Luckily, Breisi has remained a strong woman, even if she’s undergone a change!

  65. 2. No I don’t relate to any fairytale characters my life is more like a soap opera drama drama drama lol I think fairy tales speak to people because so often they end happily and in life that is not a common occurance

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  66. Hey!
    Mary asks if I’d ever consider writing my books in journal form. Hmmm. I’ve never thought about that. I’d love to see them as graphic novels though!

    Hi, there, Heather–you asked what motivated me to become a writer, especially a vamp writer. There are a couple answers to that in previous posts (Yes, my really long ones, LOL), but I can add that I saw that the market was really accepting these types of stories and I might be able to indulge my love for the subgenre. I love writing action and suspense scenes. Best of all, vampires allow me to fool around with big themes, because vamps lend themselves very well to metaphor. Thanks for asking!

    I’m having such fun here!

  67. Faerydreamer/Dianne B.

    2. There are so many fairy tales that it is hard to choose. I think for me it is the fact that fairy tales speak to my inner child.

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  68. What do you love most about writin?


  69. oh and i forgot to say I RSVP’d for this event yesterday

    Cassandra M

  70. would love to be entered

    no facebook or myspace htough 🙁

  71. Still looking forward to writing books with these characters or are you going to take a break for a while?

  72. Forgot to answer Chris Marie Green’s question…
    I don’t really have a ‘fairy tale’ I really like, however wanting to read/watch a good ‘tale’ is why I like reading or watching paranormal/fantasy/sci-fi shows. In the future some of the epic books and shows today will probably become a ‘fairy tale’.

  73. As many authors have music as a muze to them. Are there any particular songs that make you think of your characters and if so what are they?

  74. Fairytale – I would pick Beauty and the Beast.

    How do you juggle writing the Vampire Babylon books with your Crystal Green books?


  75. Your books are definitely going on my TBR pile.

    2. I’ve always enjoyed Little Red Riding Hood. Not really relate, but liked it growing up.
    3. Put on LJ.
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  76. The writing is going, slowly though. 🙂

    Oooh, spoilers! Sooo neeed a VB fix.

    I can’t wait for your post-apocalyptic books too. *Big Grin*

    Can we have a teensy weensy, little, itty bitty, bit of info about what to expect from Deep in the Woods?

  77. I agree with Selena just a little bitty one. Please

  78. I don’ think I really relate to any fairy tale characters. I think fairy tales appeal to us because we all want a happy ending.

    Will there be a third trilogy?


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  79. 2.I’ve always liked Rapunzel but can’t really say that I relate to her. That would be the Ugly Duckling – but I’m still waiting to be a swan. Think we like fairy tales because good always triumphs in the end with a HEA, so they keep us hoping for the best.

    5. Chatted, RSVP’d, entered contest, voted.

    And RSVP’d.

  80. #2:There isn’t one particular fairy tale character that I could say I relate to. But, I am

    drawn to fairy tale characters and stories because of all the endless possibilities! There

    is no end to where an author can take me. When I read a book, the story plays like a movie

    in my head and I love that ride! A good tale makes my imagination soar and I thrive on the

    countless hours of entertainment that I receive. Maybe I like them so much because they

    take me away from the everyday “mundane” that we all seem to get so caught up in. For me,

    reading is a release, and the more I have to use my imagination, the better!

    #3:Shared Trailer on:

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  81. I rsvp’d

    I don’t know what it is about fairy tales that call to us like they do. Maybe it’s the idea that even the most pitiful of characters can get their own happy ending – after proving themselves worthy, that is -and who doesn’t want a happy ending?


  82. Hi Chris-
    I’m enjoying all the comments. I have a question for you. The books in the series I’ve read so far have a strong mystery around the mythology and world building. I was just wonder how much of the world of this world/mystery did you design before beginning the series or are there some elements of it that have evolved or emeraged as you wrote?

    As for your question – although I always enjoyed being read fairytales when I was young, I don’t know that there are any fairytale characters with whom I really identify. They might have fueled my love of paranormal – magic and witches and werewolves and demons but I never thought of stepping into the shoes of any character. Perhaps becasue most of the female characters were never very strong in the traditional European fairytales I was told as a child (think of the original brother’s grimm stories.) I did enjoy Scheherazade and her tales of the thousand and one nights but the focus was more on Aladin and Sinbad and Ali Babba than on any girls.

    voted in pole
    signed up for newletter

  83. Hey,
    Im not sure i relate to any one. Im just kind of me. And as for them speaking to us, well thats a tuffy. I think id depends on who you are. What do YOU think they are saying.

    p.s i RSVP’d for this event. What made you want to become an author?

  84. Hello!

    Kristina S. asked what I love most about writing. Well, the fact that I get to do it in bed with my jammies on is pretty great. 🙂 But more seriously, I realize that I have one of the best jobs in the world. I get to create, sit around and daydream, then put it all on paper. It’s a dream!

    darchole asked if I’m still going to write the Vampire Babylon books. Right now, I’m writing a second series for Ace, a post-apocalyptic urban fantasy that’ll come out in late 2011 during three back-to-back months. The working title is BLOODLANDS, and I would pitch it as a paranormal SHANE meets MAD MAX. So Ace wants to launch these books before we think about more Vampire Babylon. I feel good about where things end up in book six; *however,* I’ve got a ton of ideas for more, LOL. I love these characters and they have a lot more adventures in them!

    Kelly asked if I have any music that corresponds to these characters. I only have a few sounds really, but anything that sounds like something in turmoil would be Dawn’s kind of music (Nine-Inch Nails, etc., LOL). I was using Beck’s “E-Pro” on MySpace, as well as “Hey There, Little Red Riding Hood.” A harder edged “Disturbia” would be another.

    What fun questions!
    I’m coming back in another post.

  85. MaryC asked how I juggle the VB books with my Crystal Green books. I have to say that it’s a challenge to go from murder-mayhem-mystery-paranormal to warmhearted community love (and steamy sex with Blaze, ). But the challenge is part of what makes me want to write. It’s great fun to switch worlds, like an actor who goes from playing an antihero to a hero. 🙂

    LOL–okay. Tiny spoiler for DEEP IN THE WOODS. The first chapter introduces us to the “baddie,” and it’s a “she.” And, by the end of the book, this “thing” is going to just about tear Dawn’s heart out. I’ll leave it up to you guys to see if I mean that figuratively or literally!
    ; )
    (BTW, I’ve got an excerpt up at my site, but it’s about Dawn, not the baddie.)


  86. Whoop, just saw Raelena’s question, and I think I covered that with post 82. But I’ll add that if there are further adventures, I’d love to do a sort of PUBLIC ENEMIES and Gotham feel with the baddies. Sort of that old time gangster/Robin Hood of the people thing. But we’ll see!

    Ooo, another interesting question from Renny. Did I design the Vampire Babylon world beforehand or did it evolve as I went along? It’s a bit of both, really. I had a firm idea of my Hollywood Underground and the social structure, as well as how The Voice and the team fit in. One thing that did evolve was the Friends. I realized that there was a lot there I could tap in to, a lot of history. I basically use the “sticky system” with these books, meaning that I have just an idea for each scene posted on my closet door and I don’t use a full synopsis. That’s as “seat of the pants” as I get with writing!

    Look at Leilani, turning the tables! : ) What do I think fairy tales are saying…? Well, I’m fascinated with the whole Marie Louis-Franz/Jung (sp?) view of fairy tales–that they speak to the shadows in us, as well as our other sides. I tried to use that theory in this second trilogy, especially in DEEP IN THE WOODS. (The woods aren’t just a dangerous physical area–the woods are the darkness in *us*…and Dawn.) Yay, Psychology 101!) Fairy tales are a way to guide us through our problems, I think….

    Okay–I’ll be back tomorrow. Again, thank you *so* much. You guys are incredible.
    I’ll see you guys then!

  87. What is it about fairy tales that speak to us on such a primal level? Well fairy tales tend to teach us all that good and magical things DO happen to the underdogs, the one people tend to disregard and teach there is more than the outter shell.

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    I voted on the poll! Had to support Vane.

  88. Hi,

    Fairy tales and romance have been a big part of my adult life. I have just lately begun to read Vampire books. Which book would you recommend as a first read for a newbie?

    Thank you – I RSVP!

  89. My favorite fairy tale has always been Beauty and the Beast. Probably because I relate to both Belle and the Beast and because I feel that my personality reflects elements of each.
    I believe we relate to fairy tales on a primal level because each tale is essentially about something we fear and fear is one of the most basic human emotions.

    I RSVP’d yesterday.
    I subscribed to the Bitten by Books newsletter.
    I already receive Chris’ newsletter.
    I voted in the poll today as “Caylith”.

    Hi Chris! My question for you is, do you feel that Dawn Madison is based on some facet of your personality?

  90. I can’t think of any fairy tales I relate to. But my favorite growing up was always Cinderella.

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  91. I can identify with the Ugly Duckling. Not very cutie-pie growing up, but I am a reasonably cutie-pie now. At least to me, DH and my daughter, Lady K.
    I loved fairy tales in the past for the same reason I read paranormal/UF/etc now, for the escape. I love to be entertained and I love to escape.

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  92. I am trying to wait patiently for the 6th book! I am not sure which fairytale that I would relate the most to. As a child (and still now) I love Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and the Little Mermaid. I used to run around the house with my younger sister and pretend to be Cinderlla or the Little Mermaid!

    Heading over to participate in the daily book chat, RSVP’d for today and for tomorrows as well.

  93. Hello Chris. I haven’t read your books yet but I do have them at the top of my to read list.

    So to answer your question.

    The fairy tale character that i relate to is Cinderella. The reason is because everyone tends to take advantage of her and at the same time never noticed her. I was the same way growing. No one noticed me at all, I usally kept my nose in a book. I don’t have evil step sisters but I do have a evil brother so I can relate. Only my prince charming has not come yet, but that’s ok my ending is still happening.

    I think that we like fairy tales because we can relate and escape in them. At the end of the story you know the main character will live happliy ever after and you are happy for them. Even if you feel that you haven’t gotten your happliy ever after.

    I RSVP’ed event and joined daily book chat

  94. I would pick Beauty & The Beast. I feel like Belle. She is always looking for something more in life. I like to escape into them.
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  95. I forgot to say I RSVPed to this event.

    Sue B

  96. Wow, I had forgotten why I had put your books on my wishlist. Thanks for the great interview and thanks for sending me digging in my TBR pile. I know I have book 1 somewhere my computers inventory says so. Can’t wait to start this series. I love my vampires to be vampires not whinny a** who boohoo don’t want to be immortal and drink blood.
    Lisa R here–

    I don’t really think there are any fairy tales that speak to me but boy did I like to read them when I was a kid and scare myself. I think fairy tales are pretty straight forward. The bad guy is bad and the good guy is great. The lines aren’t blurred. And best of all, when you marry your prince, it’s always happily ever after.

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  97. I don’t really know which fairy tale I really relate to, but I’ve always loved fairy tales, especially Sleeping Beauty and The Little Mermaid. Just like other people on here have said, I think we like fairy tales because they do have lessons or a moral to the story. Plus, I just like how some have a feel good type of feeling to the story- good defeats evil, an average girl ends up with her prince charming, etc.

    ~I RSVP’d for today’s event.
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  98. I RSVP’d. My first thought about a fairy tale character that I relate to is Snow White because she has the 7 Dwarfs. I’m kind of short so I can relate to all 8 of them! I think we all relate to fairy tales because good triumphs over evil. I subscribe to the newsletter.

  99. i don’t know which fairy tale I relate to. Fairytale help teach us how to handle some of the bad things in life.

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  100. There arent any fairy tale characters I relate to. But I think we all love the stories so much because really in our dreams we want their HEA. Meaning we all really wish we could have their luck and find our prince and live in a castle happy forever. And in reading/watching the fairy tales we can dream along with them for at least a little while.

    Congrats on the release. I am looking forward to reading your series, it sounds great and I like how it is in trilogies.

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    Donna S

  101. I didn’t reallly relate to the characters, but there was one Grimm’s story that I was my favorite, The Wise Little Girl. I always loved how this 7-year-old girl managed to outsmart the ruling class of men. These men go bumbling around trying to get answers for the ruler who is ridiculous as well. I always wanted to be clever like this girl.
    I think the reason fairy tales speak to us is because the concepts are so universal. We may not relate 100% to them, but we relate somewhat and manage to understand.

    2 – Done
    5 – Done: Chatted on daily book chat, RSVP’d, entered the free book contest,and voted in the poll(Charles from Patricia Briggs and Derek from Ilona Andrews)
    7 – Done

  102. Raquel Vega-Grieder

    I R.S.V.P.’D

    2) I Think I Actually Relate To Alice In Wonderland. I Think It Is Because Alice Was Basically On A Quest To Find The White Rabbit Which To Me Seemed Like She Was Basically On A Quest To Find Herself. Everyone In My Opinion Feels Like That Sometime In Their Lives. She Also Meets Interesting Characters Along The Way Which Basically Screams To Me All My Friends Through Out My Life.
    Fairy Tales Usually Have A Happy Ending And In My Opinion That Is Why We Feel So Connected To Them Because EVERY Wants To Have A Happy Ending. They Need To Believe That In The End Everything Will Work Out.

    3) I Posted Her Book Trailer On My Blog.

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    I R.S.V.P.’D For Wednesday

  103. I R.S.V.P.’D

    2) The Fairy Tale Character I Relate To Is Cinderella. My Parents Were Strict And I Was Never Allowed To Really Go Anywhere Which Is Kind Like Cinderella In That Her Step-Mother Never Let Her Go Anywhere And Always Had Her Doing Chores And Such Keeping Her Hidden From The World. Fairy Tales Let Your Imagination Wander And Let You Visit A Whole New World. No Matter What Age You Are Fairy Tales Always Make You Feel Like A Kid Again In My Opinion.

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  105. Awesome contest, no lie! I was salivating at the prize list!

    2. I always loved Cinderella, and I think a lot of people (including me, yes) feel like the odd man out in their family environment, no matter the level of love and support. At certain times you will feel like the unappreciated and unloved slave. And I believe that fairy tales are essentially stories telling of our common fears and hopes, just wrapped in a magical package.

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  107. I relate a lot to Cinderella, because I feel like a diamond in the rough just waiting for my fairy godmother to come make me gorgeous. I feel that the beauty inside is what the fairy godmother brought to the surface. Fairy tales speak to us because they allow us to dream and become someone we have always wanted to be but will never get a chance to be – the beautiful pampered princess, or the handsome, talented prince, or the magically talented wizard.

    I tried 6 times to RSVP and the site froze up each and every time and then eventually the comments were closed.

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  108. Hey Chris!

    I’ve only recently found my way to your work, having read “Night Rising” only recently. I’ve yet to get a hold of the second book, though it’s only a matter of time.

    As for a Fairy tale, I’m partial to the Ugly Duckling. I’m a transgender woman, so it’s quite fitting if I do say so myself. I’m not sure I can pull off a swan’s grace yet, but it’s a work in process 🙂

    As for why they speak to us, your guess is as good as mine lol. It amazes me how fairy tales have changed from thier original versions to the family friendly versions of today. Many classic fairy tales shape the culture, and the culture shapes the fairy tales in some endless loop. If anything, I think the underling factor is time. not only have they been around for quite some time, but most of us hear fairy tales while we are young. We grow up hearing the tales, see them around us in the culture, and pass them on to our own kids. Rinse and repeat, you know?

    At least, that’s my guess.


  109. Well, about the only one I could relate to is Belle in the Beauty & the Beast…being able to see past the outer to that which is with in…except I liked the beast & didn’t necessarily feel he needed to change to a man.

    Fairy tales were a way to impart morals, rules & cautions and were told in such a way as to make the greatest impact & be memorable…

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  110. Chris to BBB

    A lot of fairy tails speak to me i have to say the most are sleeping beauty and snow white and the seven dawrfs mainly because it shows how woman can be fragilebut at the same time they over come so much even if theyhave bitchy step parents to deal with. I think the reason they speak to us tho is theys ay the things some of us think w should or shouldnt do the morlaity of things

    what fairy tales do it for you?

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  111. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for coming today. I guess Cinderalla, b/c when I was young I didn’t have as nice clothes as other kids, but was happy with what I had, but it’s always nice to have a sweet ending, lol.

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  112. Hi, Chris! At different times in my life, I have related to Blue Beards last wife. She doubted herself and married him anyway even when she would say his beard really wasn’t so blue. She ignored her instincts and almost paid with her life. I try to always go with my gut instincts and I’m never disappointed.

    I’ve RSVP’d and voted in the Poll.

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  113. Hi Chris I read Huntress when it first came out, it was and still is one of my favorite books. Did you ever wanna be able to go back and write another book about Camille? When you were young were you writing little stories and stuff then? Have you always loved writing?
    Thank you Chris keep writing good stories! You are a wonderful author and I love your books!
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    I can relate to Hansel an Gretel, sometimes we feel lost and at the end of our ropes but there is always light at the end of the “oven” and we can overcome our demons.

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  116. Hi Chris!
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  117. I don’t relate to fairy tales as such, but the closest would be Beauty & the Beast. I love the dark texture to this story.

  118. Hi Chris, Thanks for visiting. I’m a member of your news letter.

  119. 2. Scary teen girls, haha. I read a Buffy story with Red Riding Hood referenced and liked it. My favorite Disney fairy tales are The Little Mermaid and Sleeping Beauty. Mom’s is Cinderella, and my fiance’s is Hansel & Gretel. I like the bad fairy Maleficent and the spinning wheel and think she was just ticked from not being invited to the party. 🙂 She also shapeshifts into a dragon. I have a soft spot for Red Riding Hood (like in the movie Freeway) because its about a questioning triumphant girl. Many fairy tales deal with triumph over adversity and evil. Like comics, we like to know that humble beginnings can lead to greatness. I would love to win/read these. I also like the fairy tales’ sense of justice, so often not found in real life. Snow White’s evil Queen is also intriguing in that she uses “ugliness” to trick her, though it is her vanity that destroys her. I am most like the Princess and the pea in terms of sensitivity, but I’m like Beauty/Belle in terms of how I don’t judge looks (I base whether I like someone on personality). There are a lot of people who seem “pretty” on the outside who are very ugly on the inside. Underdogs and villains are often what I like to see/read. Chris Marie Green, I love your book club idea, you should totally “help out” with that. I was watching LOST while doing my response here (during commercials). I watched Elvira, too and met her in 2006 at San Diego Comic Con; she is just as witty in person. I like the Kelley Armstrong books so far (have read a couple that really made me like werewolves, too and not just vampires) and met her at signings twice. My hair is Rapunzel-like.

    I recommend Jim Balent’s kick-butt girl take on fairy tales in an issue of his comic “Tarot:Witch of the Black Rose”. It is awesome and basically led by my favorite “bad girl” witch, Raven Hex. If I had to choose a story from that issue, I’d be Cinderella. Basically, be yourself and don’t just wait around for your Prince Charming. (I’ll send the link/issue number here after this post.)

    Who do you identify with in fairy tales most? Do you have a favorite villain? Favorite Disney fairy tale?

    Thanks for being here today. I love BBB and all the chats!

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    7. Done, but I did it in October, so I don’t have the e-mail. I receive the newsletters everyday though. Maybe I could send that.

  120. I do love a good fairy tale because it allows us to live a fantastical life that we normally wouldn’t from the safety of our own living room.

    I RSVPed.

    I joined daily book chat, RSVPed Wednesday’s event and voted.

  121. This is in addition to my comment #119.

    The girl-power comic issue is #54 Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose

    You can find it at , and I hope you enjoy this modernization.

    My favorite story is Alice in wonderland because of the curiosity, but I wasn’t sure if you counted that as a fairy tale.

  122. I RSVP’ed! What an interesting contest 🙂

    I don’t really relate to any fairy tales–which is funny because I absolutely love fairy tale based urban fantasy!

  123. Are there any fairy tale characters you relate to? Why?

    Hmmm… tough question. I honestly can’t relate with any fairy tale characters because I could only think of the princesses at the mo and I don’t even have a prince charming. so sad 🙁

    5- Joined the daily book chat.

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  125. I don’t feel a kinship to any of the traditional fairy tale characters. However, I do feel one with Princess Andromeda of Mercedes Lackey’s Five Hundred Kingdom series. She’s a scholar and researcher; gotta love a heroine with a brain.

    Although if you’re insistent on traditional fairy tales, I at least like the soldier in Andersen’s Tinderbox. He showed some good sense.

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  126. Are there any fairy tale characters you relate to? Why? And what is it about fairy tales that speak to us on such a primal level.
    Cinderella, I felt like a maid/servent but was not really. Just had my chores..Always wanted to go to the ball but alas, no Prince Charming. In fact I am still waiting on Prince Charming and I was 67 yrs young yesterday. LOL.. I think we all tend to believe in happily ever after and the girl gets her guy, etc. True life just doesn’t work that way.
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  127. Morning, all!

    Just a couple of hours left. Thank you for *everything*! It’s great to see you all on Twitter, Facebook, etc. : )
    I’m loving your comments, and I appreciate when you want to or have read this series so very much.

    To answer more questions:

    Debra asked which book I recommend she start with. For Vampire Babylon, NIGHT RISING is the first. Then MIDNIGHT REIGN, BREAK OF DAWN, then a novella called “Double the Bite” in the anthology FIRST BLOOD. The second trilogy starts with A DROP OF RED, THE PATH OF RAZORS, and will end with DEEP IN THE WOODS.

    Ann O. wonders if Dawn Madison, the heroine of the Vampire Babylon novels, is based on some facet of my personality. I’d say that Dawn embodies all the frustrations I’ve ever felt–all the anger about life. Writing these books allows me to channel that darkness. Luckily, Dawn has a great team around her who tries to help her with the rage, just like I have my friends and family!

    Beverly G. asks “what fairy tales do it for you”?
    I’ve always loved Snow White. The Seven Dwarfs are lots of fun, and I think the Wicked Queen is a daunting enemy. But are far as revisionist fairy tales go, I love love love Angela Carter’s work. If you haven’t checked her out, I highly recommend her! (Jill, there’s a GREAT Blue Beard story called “The Bloody Chamber.” It’s my favorite, right up there with “The Company of Wolves,” which is a take on Red Riding Hood.)

    Leah–wow, thank you re: THE HUNTRESS! I actually have an outline for a trilogy involving Camille and Sarg, and who knows–maybe one day… But when the Bombshell line folded, I put that folder away for the time being. When I was young, I wrote LOTS of short stories! Stephen King is my fave short story writer–I learned a ton from NIGHTSHIFT and enjoyed it immensely. And, yeah, I’ve always loved writing. You could say it’s my identity. : )


  128. I meant to add a huge thanks to Leah, too, and everyone else who has stuck with me! 😉

    R.E.B., I’m at Comic-Con every year, so I hope, sometime, you come by at a signing or say hi at a panel! I identify with the “shadow” dark side in fairy tales the most (Yikes!), but I do love Red Riding Hood, too. You’re right about her strength and, in a lot of versions, her smarts. I’d love the link to that comic book! My favorite villain is the Wicked Queen in Snow White. As for a Disney version, I really love SLEEPING BEAUTY. Malificent is shudder-inducing!

    Just so you guys know, if you want more contest mania, I’ve got one running at I’m giving away NIGHT RISING and MIDNIGHT REIGN (signed) there, as well as a few other books *and* a Swarovski crystal item. There’ll be a cool contest next month for the DEEP IN THE WOODS release, too! And if any of you watch SUPERNATURAL, I try to do a recap every week on my blog. I can’t get enough of those Winchester brothers. 🙂

    Be back a little later, just before things close out!

  129. The fairy tale that I most relate to is the Cinderella story, because I sometimes feel just like Cinderella who just needs a chance to make everyone notice her. And what appeals to us in the fairy stories, I think is the knowing that no matter what hardships the hero/heroine of the story has to endure, there is going to be a happy ending and he/she will be rewarded for being good and his/her enemies will be rightfully punished one way or another.

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  130. I relate to Snow White because I’m just the type to naively let in a stranger & try a snack they were offering–ha ha. As a kid, my mom had to continuously repeat, no candy from strangers 😉

  131. Hi Chris thanks I am trying to be come a published author my seif and i have checked out Steven King’s book On Wrting. I also have been addicted to writing for as nlong as I can remmber. It’s cool that you like Supernatural, as do I. If you ever do that trilogy on Camille and Sarge I will so buy them and read them immediately. And I wanted to know when writing a book how do you personally keep yourself on schedule and motivated when you get writers block?And sometimes does a story idea sometimes hit you so suddenly that no matter where you are you gotta find a pen and paper immediately and write some of it down until the urge passes? Thanks!

  132. Hi! I hope I got to all your questions and conveyed just how much fun I’ve had. (And the amount of appreciation of hold for all your enthusiasm and efforts!)

    Before I sign off, it looks like there’s one more question. Take it away, Leah (whom I thank for wishing to read more about Camille and Sarg. )! She asks how I keep on schedule and motivated. As far as those go, I write full time, so this is my actual job, and if I don’t do it, I don’t eat. Eating is good, so even when I feel lazy, I make myself work. And once I start, things tend to go pretty well. Also, I think writer’s block is only a alternate phrase for fear. The only time I “can’t write” is when I’m afraid of starting a new project, but once I tackle those first couple of pages, I’m good. And if you find that you’re having trouble writing, I’d say just write something else–something that makes you excited. It might spark other ideas and it’ll make you feel great.

    As for a story idea hitting me so hard that I immediately must write it down? *Yes*. LOL. I keep paper by the TV, in my pocket during walks, in my purse, and by the bed. I tend to wake up at night with ideas, so I have a pen that lights up, too, because turning on the lamp is such a pain!

    Again, thank you, and I hope the winners have a great time with their prizes! I also hope you stay tuned into my Twitter/Facebook pages, etc.

    Happy Hunting,

  133. When I was a little girl, I loved to play I was the Little Mermaid. I would go swimming with my little sister and dive to the bottom of the swimming pool. There I searched for “treasures”. Once I found some money (I still don’t have a clue who would go swimming with money in his pocket)
    But most of the time I found parts of goggles for underwater use and put them together.

  134. I can’t think of a particular fairy tale that I relate to but any that contain clumsy, underprivilidged girls, that would be the one. I am working on the happily ever after part now.

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  135. Hey, so sorry for the inconvenience, i was comment 83, and i changed my URL
    it is now

    sorry again.

    Cant wait. A quick question, when are you going to announce the winners?

  136. I RSVPed for this event.

    2. I have a favorite fairy tale which is Sleeping Beauty, but I can’t really say that I actually relate to her. I relate to strong female characters and, unfortunately, in most traditional fairy tales, the heroine is a victim or plays the victim. I loved the more recent retelling of Cinderella starring Drew Barrymore, “Everafter”. Her “Cinderella” was strong and had her own opinions. She stood up for the poor and just kept fighting despite being beaten down and trod upon by her stepmother and stepsister(s). This is the kind of fairy tale heroine I can relate to! Most fairy tales have much darker origins so I think when we’re reading them, we know that they harken back to more primitive times and this scares us and intrigues us at the same time.

    5. I voted in the poll.