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Welcome to the Bitten by Books Release party for ON THE EDGE.  I just received the author copies and it’s a real book.  I guess I don’t think it’s real until I can hold the finished copy.

::pets book:::  Iz my preciouss.  Shiiiiiny.

There is a funny story attached to the creation of this book.  I’d written the opening a long time ago almost two years, but I never did anything with it.  So, I’d just finished Kate 3 and it left me emotionally drained.  (Kate books are tough to write.  Everything has to be just so.)  I didn’t want to start another Kate manuscript right away, so I started playing around with the opening and I thought, “Hmm…  I wonder if there is enough of this to make it into a novella…  I could release it as a freebie on the blog.”

So I’d written it out and ran it by Jeaniene Frost.  A few minutes later a message from BFF Jeaniene popped into my mail box.  I opened it.  The first sentence read, “I’m going to kill you…”

Apparently Jeaniene had formed a rather strong opinion that this manuscript should be a novel and she wasn’t subtle about expressing it.  I honestly thought she was deeply mistaken and there was no way to make a novel out of it, but I had nothing to lose at that point, so I sat down and chugged forward.  A two books contract, a Publisher’s Weekly Starred Review and 4 1/2 Romantic Times Top Pick later, I’m willing to say it.


Dear Jeaniene,

You were right.

So with that startling admission in mind (I don’t admit being wrong that often), let’s party and I hope you’ll enjoy reading the book as much as I enjoyed writing it.


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On the Edge

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Magic Burns
Magic Strikes

The Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance

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Welcome to the Bitten by Books Release party for ON THE EDGE.  I just received the author copies and it’s a real book.  I guess I don’t think it’s real until I can hold the finished copy. ::pets book:::  Iz my preciouss.  Shiiiiiny. There is a funny story attached to the creation of this book.  …

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  2. Hi Ilona,
    I just recently got Magic Bites and look forward to reading it.

    my question is who are your favorite authors and what is your favorite genre to read?

    I RSVPed

    I subscribe to the BBB newslwtter

  3. Hi Ilona!!! So glad you could stop by. 🙂 What first got you interested in writing urban fantasy?

  4. Hi Ilona & Gordon,

    I’ve read everything you guys have put out there, love it. I’ve read some of your shorts that involve Kate world. Do you have any short stories planned that involve Rose’s world?


    I RSVP’d

  5. I RSVPed.
    I Retweeted Ilona’s tweet cause I have yet to figure out the short url thing.
    It’s here:
    Further entry details will be in an email.

    For Ilona:

    1. Did you finish the other sock yet and did it turn out better?
    2. Do you think that you’ll ever have more books in Kate’s world that aren’t about Kate? Not short stories, but actual novels?

  6. Hello Ilona,

    I would like to know what books did you enjoy growing up? Also are there any authors that inspired you to become a writer?

  7. Ilona & Gordon: How nervous / excited are you to be releasing a new series?

    Jen M
    I RVSP’d

  8. Ilona and Gordan,

    I love your books. You two are great! My question is how in the world do you two stay sane working and writing together? How do different ideas/directions get worked out between the two of you?

    Thanks for your wonderful work.

    I RSVP’d

  9. Hi Ilona! I love the Kate books so much and I’m really looking forward to this new series.

    My question is do you have any characters that are your favorite to write?

  10. I RSVP’d.

    Are your characters in your books inspired by people you know? If so, do they recognize themself as the inspiration for the character?

  11. Hello Ilona,
    I am curious, what are you reading right now?

  12. I follow @ilona_andrews on twitter annedoggett

  13. I RSVP’d and twittered earlier, plus I already follow her on Twitter as booksnyarn.

    My question to Ilona is: What do you think of the social networking, through Twitter and Facebook? Do you find it enhances your experience with fans?



  14. let’s get the boring stuff out of the way first…
    I RSVPed
    I tweeted
    I bought Magic Bites on does it count?

    Ilona thanks a ot for stopping by! I am really looking forward to read On The Edge.
    I was wondering, what do you think about the sudden explosion of young adult novels?
    There was no such thing when I was a teen, i’m kind of catching up now lol

  15. I also rsvp’d

    Hi Ilona and Gordon,

    Thanks for agreeing to chat with us all. How did you develop and/or come up with the idea for the Kate Daniels series and for the On the Edge series? I’ve read about how for some authors it’s something specific that they did, or saw that strikes their fancy and suddenly they have an idea for a story. What was yours?

  16. Hi Ilona! I rsvp’d.
    My question is: Do you have a date yet for a new Kate Daniels book? 🙂

    I am following you on twitter (lasergirl70)
    added you on FB,
    poste the link to this event on myspace: (
    posted about it on my blog (
    posted it on my FB page (Lisa Mason)

  17. Hi! I’m really excited about this book release. I’ve heard great things about your novels, but this one will let me get in on the ground floor of a new series — YAY!

    My big question is this: you said with the Kate books that “everything has to be just so”. What do you mean by that exactly and how are things different with the new book?

    Also, you write as a husband/wife duo (from my understanding). What is it like living and working together (because I know my husband and I would kill each other LOL)?

    I think I already follow you on Twitter and facebook, but if not, I’m adding now (though I’m not sure if I get confirmation e-mails for that — I’m a techno-idiot).

  18. Um, that was me up there, but maybe this is all the confirmation you need for twitter & facebook

    I followed on Twitter (my user name is Selestial)
    I added as a friend on Facebook (Julie Particka-Klumb)

    and since I’m not sure if you need this here or not selestialaurora(at)

  19. Eee! Hey Ilona! I love your books so much, I am so excited for the newest Kate Daniels.

    My question is this: How do you keep yourself writing when procrastination strikes?

    Now then. For the Contest:
    I’ve posted the link on Facebook and Twitter
    I’ve friended Ilona on both of those
    I’m a member of the fanclub, the bloodbank and subscribe to the newsletter
    BBB is on my blogsroll already and I’m adding Ilona now

    And… Thats it for now! Gotta rush off to class. I’ll be back!

  20. twitter linked this from my twitter account: @jimnduncan

    contest for sony e-reader.

  21. I RSVP’d!

    Are there any books that you like, that others would be surprised by?

  22. Greetings Ilona and Gordon-
    I was also curious about how it was to collaborate with your spouse. (Does one of you do dialog, one do description?) But since that had been asked, I was wondering about your characters. I love them. Do you plan them all out before you write (character questionnaires and all) or do they appear in your head as you write them?
    Thanks for sharing your books with the world- I’m excited about the new series!
    (I RSVP’d also)

  23. What is your all time favorite book Ilona?

    I subscribed to the Newsletter.

    I also added Ilona on
    Facebook (
    Twitter (

    I added BittenbyBooks on
    Twitter (
    Facebook (Rachel Smith) (
    I became a fan of BittenbyBooks ( (

    I shared the contest on Facebook : (

    I tweeted about the contest :

  24. I am excited to hear about this book release. I love the Kate Daniels books. So much I made my Husband read them, now he is hooked.

    I have a Question about how you found Kate? IS she a part of your own personality, someone you know or a character that demanded to be written about?

  25. Welcome, Ilona. I LOVED On the Edge — it has something for everyone. I am really looking forward to book two. 🙂

    What do you enjoy reading?

  26. I’ve been wanting to read your books and hoping to get one of your books for my birthday.

    What got you into writing paranormal books?

    -Banner added to my blog; at:

    -Posted banner on my Facebook; at:

    -Following Ilona on Twitter; as:DragonLady91

    -Requesting Friendship with Ilona on Facebook; as: Emma Faulkner

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    -Following Facebook Fan Page

    -Friend on Myspace; as:The Lil’ German

    -Friend on Facebook; as:Emma Faulkner

    -Following on Twitter; as:DragonLady91

  27. Hello, The book in on the way to me now, I have been watching it from ups.

    My question is What is your favorite color?

  28. COMMENT # 32 on 9/24/09 for proof of RSVP and Link entries for points….
    Comment by Jackie Burris

  29. Oh, and I added your blog to my blog roll at

  30. Hello. I would like to know if you enjoyed reading as a child and if that is why/how you became a writer? Do you enjoy creating stories as much as you did reading them?

  31. Hi Ilona, I’ve recently read Magic Bites and loved it! I can’t wait to read the rest. My question is how often to you guys bump heads while writing? Does having a partner in crime make the writing easier or more difficult? Keep up the great work guys!
    Added Ilona link & BBB link on blog
    Twittered contest
    Following Ilona & BBB on twitter
    Twitter user name Wicked_Munk
    Friends with BBB at goodreads.

  32. Love your work and am hoping that the new books do v. v. well! Curious about whether/how/if you intend to incorporate Russian mythology in your work.

    As for the contest:
    –Purchased something from Amazon off the link & sent an email with the receipt (I already own all the Ilona Andrews books and collections and have preordered On The Edge).
    –Follow Ilona Andrews and BBB on Twitter (as AndreaAZ).
    –Joined the BBB community
    –Subscribed to the BBB community
    –Will write a review
    –Will purchase something from the shop and email the receipt.


  33. Firstly, Hi! & Love your books!!!

    Recently you wrote a short story about one of the characters (Andrea) from the Kate Daniel’s series… do you have any plans to give more characters their own stories or expand the world into another series of novels?

    Thanks, Allison

    RSVPed. Also for the contest…
    Friends on twitter (IndigoJinx)& Facebook (Allison Cline)
    Already put up the banner on Twitter & Facebook before the contest started, those links are in the pre-contest post.

  34. I have already posted a link on my blog and sent pre-order receipt. I also have a couple of questions.
    1. Do you have a set limit on the Kate books? Do you see a HEA in her story?
    2. In this new series, since it started as a novella (but ended up an entire book), do you see a set beginning, middle end as far as a series goes?


  35. Do you know the ending of your book before you write it?

  36. Wow, a great new book AND a Sony eReader? Jackpot! Thanks.

    Angi H
    Louisville, KY

  37. Link posted on facebook:

    and Twitter:


    Angi H.

  38. *takes a deep breath* Here we go:

    1. Purchasing copies of Ilona

  39. Following on twitter, but I don’t think they have confirmations?? My twitter id is vasthoagies

    Angi H

  40. * RSVP
    * Just twittered about it.
    * Just friended Ione on twitter (RaonaidLuckwell)
    * Just friended her on facebook (RaonaidLuckwell/Rachel Flesher)
    * Just posted about the contest on facebook
    * Just posted about it on myspace’s blog and bullentin (
    * Just added Ilona’s website, blog, and livejournal (gonna follow her on there) on my blogger’s link section ( And of course Bittenbybooks has to be first
    * Posted about it on my blogger:
    * Posted about it on her livejournal (
    * Sadly I can not make a video

    * Ish so glad that her moniker/pen name is a unique one *

    Gotta remind Keeshe to come by here,

    Warm and Fond Greetings Ilona, and welcome to Bittenbybooks! So glad that you could join us. Sadly I have yet to pick up your books, but they have been enticing me! Everytime I run across the cover something keeps whispering “Pick it up”

    Guess I’ll ask my usual question: If you could collaborate on a writing project with any literary or author out there, alive or dead, who would you choose and why? Any songs that makes you think of your characters?

  41. HI!

    I know another ‘duo’ question, but can’t help it – as I can’t imagine writing with my husband – LOL!!! Are either of you a procrastinator? If so, what does the other do to motivate the other?

    I am following on facebook & twitter 🙂
    Shared on facebook:
    Already follow BBB on twitter, facebook, goodreads, newsletter, bloodbank, myspace

  42. *reminder to put the Ilona books that I have in the next batch to you Rao*:)

  43. I am so looking forward to this new series. It makes my mouth water. All of my questions have already been asked so I just want to congratulate you on holding your new

    I RSVPed

    Friended her on twitter
    Friended her on facebook

    Add her site to my blog

    commented on
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    shared on
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    already a subscriber
    member of blood bank username is Jamie
    friend on goodreads

    BBB is always on my blog links

  44. posted the contest on facebook
    requested an friend add on facebook(EmBamaEm/Beth Blanchard)

  45. Welcome to BBB Ilona
    I loved the Kate Daniels books, can’t wait to read on the edge, without any spoilers, could you tell a little bit about the book?

  46. Hey big fan!
    i actually already read On the Edge and loved it to bits.
    Kate and Rose are distinct personalities, which do you find easier to get into, to find her voice?

  47. For The Contest:
    -twittered: and RSVPed earlier
    -Reviewed all of the Kate Daniel books
    -I subscribe to the BB newsletter
    -I bought On The Edge and emailed the receipt

    My Questions For Ilona:

    In Magic Strikes we learn how some shapeshifters court the ones they are interested in but we didn’t learn why Curran was going into Kate’s house at night, Will we learn answers in the next book?

    Will you continue On The Edge for more than two books?

  48. I have RSVP’d

    Thanks Ilona for coming out today. I have just purchased Over The Edge and can not wait until it comes out.

    I was curious to know what your first impression was, when everyone that read, “Over The Edge” was not sure how to catagorize it.

    I have added Ilona’s addresses to my website at:
    and to my blog at:

    I have also put a comment up at my facebook pate at:

  49. I RSPV’d

    And posted the contest here:

    My questions for Ilona:
    1.) What were your favorite books growing up?
    2.) Would you say your favorite books influenced your writing style at all?

  50. Hi Ilona. I love the cover of this book. HOw do you keep track of your world building?

    I RSVP’d, friended Ilona on Facebook, already friends with BBB on MySpace & Facebook, a fan/groupie on Facebook and a subscriber.

    I have more questions, but at work at the moment so I’ll come back later.

    Ursula D. (

  51. RSVP’d

    How do you handle working so closely with your husband?

    Fallon H.

  52. Hi Ilona!

    I’ve not had a chance yet to read any of your Kate stories, but I’m definitely adding them to my list now. They sound very interesting. My question to you is: Which do you find more exhausting, the actual writing or the promotion of a book?

    Karin T.

    I RSVP’d.

  53. Love all of Illona’s work,the free short stories on her site are really good too. Can’t wait for my copy of this book from Amazon to arrive.
    My question to you is “What is more difficult, coming up with the creative idea or sticking to a publisher’s deadline?”.



  54. I RSVPed 😉

    hi ilona and gordon,

    my question:
    which character in On the Edge was hardest for you to write?

  55. Do you plan to stay in the genre you are currently in or would you have consider doing other genres?

    Fallon H.

  56. Thank you so much for stopping by! We are so glad to have you here!
    So, my questions:
    1)What authors most inspired you?
    2)As authors in paranormal fiction, how much do you believe in the paranormal in our world?
    Thank you!

    -I RSVP’d
    -Receive the BBB newsletter
    -am a member of the Blood Bank as Amanda Leigh
    -am friends w/ BBB on goodreads

  57. Before you and your husband started writing, what was your day time job?

    Fallon H.

  58. Hi,

    I RSVPed

    Hi Ilona and Gordon:

    My question is: Can changelings recognize each other by smell if they are both in human form?

    PS: Thank you and LOVE “On the Edge”. Awesome job!

  59. Hi!
    When you guys have time to read for entertainment, do you have any favourite genres?

    I RSVPd
    Am subscribed to BBB
    Facebook friends with bbb
    I belong to the blood bank

  60. I cannot wait to get my hands on the book! I have greatly enjoyed your worlds and imagination, so feel like I have another treat in store!

    As a writer, do you ever have that feeling that you’ve lost control of the story and the characters have taken it over?

  61. Lisa R
    I RSVPed

    I subscribe to the BBB newsletter

    I have got to say, this new series sounds absolutely fascinating. How many books do you anticipate being in this series?

    What book do you have on your nightstand, right now, that you intend to read next?

  62. How do you and your husband handle the pressure to get so many books written, edited, and sold in such a short period of time?

  63. Hi Ilona, I’m excited to have the opportunity to chat with you!
    I was wondering what drew your interest to Urban Fantasy writing versus another genre?

    I don’t if you can answer this without giving away anything, but I’m curious since On the Edge is a new series, is there any possibilty there would ever be a character tie-in or crossover from your Kate series?

    I RSVP’d and I’m already a subscriber to the BBB newsletter and friends on Goodreads (member name Fergeygirl). I added the links and copied in my pre-contest post. Will send other update through email.


  64. Who are some of the authors that you admire?

    Fallon H.

  65. My son and I got a kick out of when Kate first met Curran and said Here Kitty, Kitty. My

  66. My son and I got a kick out of when Kate first met Curran and said Here Kitty, Kitty. My question is Will we see more of Kate and Curran in book 4? Also is this the start of a new series or a stand-alone novel?

    Toni L. Chapman

  67. Can’t remember if I mentioned I ordered a couple books from the website and emailed the receipt. If I did, sorry.

    Have you ever read another authors book and thought, “Why didn’t I come up with that concept?” Or, “We could have done that better?”

    Fallon H.

  68. Question for you re: your short stories (ie. Grace of Small Magics, Silent Blade). Do you PLAN to write your short stories (a la “I will do at least one short story per year”) or are you more inclined to wait for the muse to hit you over the head with an idea?

    Love all your work!


  69. I RSVP’
    I also joined Bitten By Books Facebook, here’s the link
    I already subscribe to Bitten By Books newsletter
    I posted on my Facebook page:

    My question: who was the deciding factor in your becoming a writer?

  70. Awesomeness galore! I’m loving it.

    It seems most of the questions I wanted to ask, have already been asked!! Good questions guys. :o)

    ILONA: Do you ever find yourself ‘falling in love’ with your characters? If so, does that affect your time away from writing, as in your normal life!

    Okay, so I R.S.V.P’d and added my contribution for spreading the word there. I hope they all counted!

    Here’s today’s contribution.
    I tweeted:

    facebook status:

    myspace status’d it today:

    Sent facebook friend request (hope it’s accepted!! :-))

    Now follow Ilona on Twitter! Awesome.

    And, of course I blogged using one of BBB awesome buttons!

  71. Ok I have a couple of questions in one…Where does Kate get the Daniels from? If I remember correctly Voron was her “father’s” name and Greg Feldman was her guardian’s name. So the Daniels? Thanks and Great Writing I have all your guys’ books so far, unfortunately I didn’t keep any reciepts.

    Cynthia T.

  72. I just thought of another question Greg’s Anna makes a voice appearance in KD 1, but then we haven’t heard from her since. Will she be making any more appearances in future books?

    Cynthia T

  73. Firstly, I just want to say how much I love the whole Kate Daniels series. I’ve read all of them a million times and cant wait for my copy of On the Edge to arrive. Here are my two questions;

    1. When was the last time Kate cried, and why?
    2. Is Curran the kind of guy who likes to fall asleep holding a woman, or does he wait until they’re asleep and them roll them away?!

  74. How much do you allow the influence does the feedback or critiques, from friends, readers, or reviewers, to impact your storyline?


  75. How much do you allow the influence or feedback or critiques, from friends, readers, or reviewers, to impact your storyline?

    (Sorry had to fix the typo)

  76. Hi Ilona & Gordon,
    welcome & think you for being with us today.
    Congratulations on the release of ‘On the Edge’.
    My question is, which was the hardest book to write & why?

    I RSVP & Twitted

  77. Have a few more stolen minutes and wanted to ask… if you were to inject a real life person/celibrity/historical figure into one of your stories, who would you include and why?

    Forgot to mention in last post that I have BBB permanently on my blog roll and I added the button/link to side bar.

    Ursula D (

  78. RSVP’d, have Ad banner for release party on my Facebook home page, and have commented on Bitten by Books on Ilona’s Magic Strikes. []
    With that out of the way, can I just say I am SOOOO Glad On the Edge is finally here? I have fallen in love with Jack and Georgie through your snippets Ilona and Gordon! My question is I know you have daughters, why did you decide to go with boys for Rose instead of girls? Does Gordon write the boys sections? I ask because I have an older girl and a 3rd grade boy and constantly have to ask my hubby why is he doing that? LOL

  79. Just commented on all the reviews and was compelled to purchase the Mammoth Book, (will email receipt copy)

    Ursula D (

  80. Hi Ilona,

    I can’t believe I have not read any of your books. I looked on Amazon and you have some great reviews so I guess I need to get off my bum and get my hands on your books.

    I RSVP’d
    I posted links on the RSVP board at that time as well.
    I’m following Ilona on Twitter
    I have added Ilona on facebook
    I’m already a member of the blood bank
    I’m already a member of the fan group on facebook for BBB
    I already follow BBB on Twitter Carmen_R
    I’m friends with BBB via myspace
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    I sent out a tweet about the event Carmen_R

  81. Ilona,

    I am glad to be here today. I usually miss the chats because of work. My question for you is, “Where do you get your ideas for your stories?” Thanks.

  82. Hello Ilona & Gordon. Do you have set times when you will work?Are you ever off the clock? Just wondering.
    I brought Magic Bites the Kindle version, I’m running out of room for my
    I subscribe to BBB.
    I RSVPed.

  83. I’ll start with the goodies.
    Out of both of your books what world do you enjoy more; the Edge or Kate Daniels world?
    Kate has power that many don’t know about and that she herself tries to keep secret. How do you decide when for Kate to make the choice of showing the extent of her powers and then not at others?

    I RSVP’d

    I emailed the receipt of my amazon purchases of Magic Bites and Magic Burns. I also emailed my Booksamillion receipt of Magic Strikes and the Edge though I didn’t know if it would count.

    I joined Ilona on Twitter (my username is The_Obsessive_R) and Facebook (my name is Rachel Connell). I added Ilona to my blog role (

    I’ve commented on all of your reviews (Mammoth Book, The Edge, Magic Strikes, Magic Burns, and Magic Strikes).

    On Facebook:

  84. Hi Ilona,

    1)Welcome! My question is, csince you’re giving away an ereadr, do you prefer books ot using an ereader?

    Comment by Dina

  85. Ilona, I’m really looking forward to trying one of your books. I have to admit, I’m behind the power curve, so haven’t gotten there yet *bad girl*. But I adore the story of how On the Edge came to be. LOL I like the idea you didn’t think it would make it to full book length. Aren’t you glad you listened to your BFF? Jeannie knows her stuff. 😀

    Oh and hey, do my entries count if I buy the book on kindle format? Yes I know, I’m entering to win a Sony, but it’s not for me! It’s for hubby (He keeps stealing mine). LOL

  86. ok sorry for the typos above, lol.

    it should read: since you

  87. I’m new to you as an author (or two) but wow, it sounds seriously good. Just the type of story I love, one that can’t be classified. I’d love to win a copy, because I might not be able to find it at the bookstore, given they won’t know where to put it.
    I sent a friend request on FB.
    Added the blog to my list at
    Am seriously drooling.
    Headed over to the reviews from here.
    Best of luck with your release!
    Cate Masters

  88. I sent an email but it looks like most are posting here.

    I forgot to mention that I RSVP’d for the chat. 🙂
    I am now following Ilona on Twitter.
    I am now following BBB on Twitter.
    I am friends with BBB on FaceBook.
    I am friends with Ilona on FaceBook.
    I posted about the chat on FaceBook.
    I posted about the chat on MySpace.
    I posted about the chat on the Yahoo group – JERK.
    I am already a subscriber to the BBB newsletter.

  89. Questions 1-10

    As you can see from the picture, my husband Gordon and I write together, so some answers will be from me and some from him.


    @ Elaine G

    Q: my question is who are your favorite authors and what is your favorite genre to read?

    A: That

  90. Hello Ilona! I have a question for you, where do you get you inspiration for your books from?

    I RSVP to this event. I added this contest to my myspace blog, here is the link I am friends with bitten by books on myspace, goodreads,the blood bank and I subscribe to the newsletter.

    Heather F.

  91. Ooo! I had no idea you two wrote together. Wow, that has to be a trip.

  92. I have another ? for both of you then:

    if you both have different views, how do you come to a decision?

    thanks again,

    Dina S.

  93. Questions 11-20


    @ Cyd J

    Q: I am curious, what are you reading right now?
    A: Just finished Mistress Deception by Susan Napier ( It was good but not one of my favorites among her work.

    @ Kristi
    Q: What do you think of the social networking, through Twitter and Facebook? Do you find it enhances your experience with fans?
    A: I am not terribly impressed with Myspace; in fact, I hate it. Facebook I like in theory, but in practice I mostly fire up Seesmic and keep track of Twitter and Facebook updates through that. I very rarely actually log on to Facebook. Most of my interaction with fans occurs through blog and forum.

    @ Tynga (Cyndi B)
    Q: I was wondering, what do you think about the sudden explosion of young adult novels?
    A: YA was always around. My youngest daughter loves Nancy Drew and enjoyed the Have Spacesuit, Will Travel, my oldest reads Chronicles of Vladimir Tod ( and loves Gerald Durrel

  94. HI, I’m excited to read about your books and just put them on my to be read book list. MY questions is Who are your favorite authors?


  95. Hello,

    Love bittenbybooks. I would like to ask a question for Illona Andrews. In Magic Bites, what led you to decide to portray the vampires so differently than usual.

  96. To Bitten by Books:

    Yes, I’d RSVP’d for this event and I’m glad that it’s not going on ONLY during the day (when I’m working). Thanks for all those wonderful ways of entering the contest but I’m just not all that computer savvy so I’ll stick with this commentary.

    To Ilona Andrews:

    I love your series. Thank you so very much for continuing to work on producing more books about Kate and I’m thankful that you listened to Jeanine 🙂 Due to the economy and two kids in college, our family is on a bit of a budget but your books are part of my “allowables”. You say that Kate books are “tough to write” and has to be “just so”. It shows and it’s much appreciated too.

    I really enjoy the by-play between the characters and the humor also. Do you draw from some people in your own life or from TV/movie characters for some of your characters’ personalities or do they just develop over time?

    Speaking of developing over time, thanks for producing characters that grow and change. I’ve read some other enjoyable authors that pall over time because their characters and some of their plots become very cookie cutter and stagnant. Your stories and characers keep progressing. (I’d imagine that’s also good for YOUR sanity LOL!)

    Another question: how did you decide on the location/time period of your stories? People tell wannabe authors to “write about what you know” but that doesn’t seem to always make sense when it comes to fantasy or science fiction. I often think of Anne McCaffrey’s Pern books when I ask this question.

    Amy T.

  97. Hi! I really love the Kate Daniels series, so I’m excited to see what you two do with a new character. I was wondering how you thought of giving Kate the ability to control her own blood? It’s not a common magic, and it’s very cool.

    Tania L

    contest stuff:

    Event ads posted at:
    LiveJournal (
    Facebook (

    Also RSVP

  98. Who is your favorite character in your book and why?

    -I RSVPed


    -Friends with Ilona here:
    -Twitter: alicia0605
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    -Use the SHARE This button on Facebook,Twitter,Myspace (alicia0605)I left all the links on the RSVP page.

    -Friends with BBB on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace (alicia0605)

  99. Thanks for being at BBB with a knockout prize!

    How much razing does Gordon get for writing urban fantasy/paranormal romance?

    Do you ever take breaks to just get away from each other?

    (RSVP’d earlier)

  100. Hi Ilona….Hi Rachel
    Just a quick stop by today. I am sick so will come back for more when I feel better.

    Which book(s) and what Character(s) are/were/is the hardest to write?

    I RSVP’d


  101. Do you remember where you were or what you were doing when you first came up with the idea for the Kate Daniels books?

    mishcara at gmail dot com


    * I RSVP’d
    * Shared at StumbleUpon
    * Shared at
    * Already friends with BBB on goodreads
    * Already member of the Blood Bank (MichelleK)

  102. Your books are the greatest. I am looking forward to your new books.
    Debby Creager

  103. I am also a subscriber to BBB and the Blood Bank.
    Debby Creager

  104. Hi Ms.Andrews,
    I read your introduction and checked out your website. Gotta tell ya, until Bitten By Books brought you here, I had never heard of you. Having said that, I will definitely buy your books. Another reason to try this novel is that Jeaniene Frost is one of my favorite authors and if she told you to write more….then it’s surely worth the read!!!

    Thank you.

    I RSVP’d
    I became a friend on My Space, Facebook and Twitter
    I posted this contest on My Space, Facebook and (I hope Twitter)…I have real problems figuring out posts there.
    I am a member of Bitten By Books and The Blood Bank.

    Thank you for this opportunity.

  105. So I am to lazy write all this stuff out tonight, but I really want to ask my question before anyone else did.

    Do you let kid 1 and kid 2 read your books? If not, when do you think you will let them?

    Have a good night guys!

  106. Business first:
    I follow Ilona at: and Ilona and Gordon (and Bitten by Books!) are on my blogroll at

    I am a BBB subscriber, a member of the Blood Bank, a facebook fan, a facebook friend and a twitter follower. I also retweeted the event and formerly RSVP’d. Whew!

    My copy of On the Edge just arrived today from B&N, so no purchase entries for me, alas!

    Gordon & Ilona — what was the breakdown of who-wrote-how-much in On the Edge compared to the Kate books? I’d love to know more about your writing process!

    What was Jeaniene’s response to your publication announcement? (I told you so, perhaps?)

  107. Hello! I believe I RSVPed, and I am going to check out the reviews…Well here is my question(s)
    Do you read urban fanatsy/paranormal fantasy books? And if you do, who are the authors?
    -Aori H.
    *I shared on myspace:

    * Posted on livejournal:
    * Friends with BBB on myspace, and subscribed to their newletter
    * I am friends with you on livejournal

  108. Hi, Ilona. I’ve rsvp’d, read your reviews, and am following you on twitter.

    “Flare empowered salamander?” “Impala Worm of a mess?” Funny lady! I like to see that sense of humour.

  109. Hi Ilona, I am looking forward to reading your new book. I love the Kate books! When did you decide you wanted to be a writer?

  110. How many books do you think their will be in the Kate series? Do you have a series end in mind?


  111. I got one question:

    How do you pick the right name for your characters?

    Good question, right?

  112. Q&A
    @ Jennifer K
    Q: Are there any books that you like, that others would be surprised by?
    A: I don

  113. Also, Rachel F. (Raonaid) sent me.

  114. Hi Ilona!
    If it’s good enough for Jeaniene Frost, then it’s more than good enough for me! Love all of your books!

    I RSVP’d
    I’m friends with BBB on Goodreads
    Friends w/BBB on MySpace
    Follow BBB on Twitter
    Have a link to BBB’s site on my blog:
    And am also a BBB subscriber
    I’ve also sent out a tweet about this contest
    Think that’s everything. Thanks!

  115. Already a BBB subscriber.
    Can’t get my Twitter to work sigh.

    My question; When you are wanting to relax, unwind and not really think but just kinda flow what sort of book to you reach for? And along the same line do you have any books that you continually read that are like your best friends? If so what are they?

  116. here’s me, late to the party but never gonna miss this one. dont have a question, but love your Magic series and my sister in law is a huge, huge fan and i can’t wait to read this new one! 🙂

    rachel : twittered, and the banner is up @ livejournal and ohkamikaze 🙂 bbb is on my blogroll and goodreads and probably everywhere else 🙂

  117. Q&A
    @ Munk
    Q: My question is how often to you guys bump heads while writing? Does having a partner in crime make the writing easier or more difficult? Keep up the great work guys!
    A: We get along pretty well, so we bump head occasionally but nothing serious. I think it is a benefit to have a writing partner who can tell you when you

  118. I’m really excited for On the Edge. I know it’s probably been overshadowed by a lot of people waiting for the next Kate book, but I will definitely be hitting up Borders tomorrow for OtE! 🙂

    As for the contest, I’m pretty sure I rsvp’ed
    – I follow Ilona on Twitter
    – Her blog is on my blog roll at
    – Sent a FB request to Ilona
    – I subscribe to the BBB newsletter
    – I’m myspace friends with BBB: angelsnlullabies
    – Facebook BBB fan:
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    – Twitter BBB follower: ashleynewcomb
    – Stumbled here:

    Phew, think I’m done 🙂

  119. Hi Ilona,

    I love the Kate books and am waiting impatiently for my copy of On the Edge from Amazon.

    I RSVP’d amd friends with BBB on Goodreads and subscribe to the BBB newsletter

  120. Hi Ilona, welcome to Bitten by Books…. It is soo great to meet with new authors to me here… although I did love the short in the Mammoth book…

    Question one:
    Do you have a comfort food for the times when the muse is being badd and not cooperating>?

    I am a follower on twitter.
    Have requested a facebook follow.
    I am following, etc etc all the bitten links and stuff

  121. Congratulations on the new series launch!!!

    My questions:

    For the Kate Daniels’ series: how did you work out the incredibly vivid (yet dystopian) Atlanta in which the series is set? Did the magic system/rules/infrastructure develop organically or did you folks plan all that out in advance of writing the first book?

    For both series: do you find yourself fretting that Character X from the Edge series sounds too much like Character Z in the Daniels’ series?

  122. I cannot edit my earlier comment (#40) but I wanted to mention that I also commented on the Must Love Hellhounds review once it showed up:

  123. Hi Ilona Welcome to BBB

    Im new to your work so i havent read anything yet but everyone says how awesome it is so i deff will be doing that

    you said that you dont like to admit that your wrong is there ever a time in your life you regretted being right if so what was the strangest tihing you regretted being right about


    I have you on

    the blood bank_ beverly Gordon
    facebook fan – Beverly Gordon
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    good reads – Beverly gordon
    your on my blog roll

    and anywhere else i was supposed to add ya


    im following you on twitter @bainesgoddess

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  124. heres the link to my blog

  125. Contest stuff:

    2 – RSVPed with blog posts; 2 questions (3 & 113)
    3 & 8 – facebook –
    twitter –
    4 – twitter & facebook
    9 – all but myspace
    10 – tweeted –

  126. Wanted to ask this question for a while – will we ever get more of an understanding of what Saiman is trying to do with his “perfect” human form? Does Saiman get his own story line? (Such an interesting character, and I want to read into the drunk on magic dance on the roof!!!

  127. My question:

    Who is your favorite paranormal romance couple, can be yours or another author?

    I rsvp’d

    I already am a newsletter subscriber

    Commented on reviews for: On The Edge, Magic Strikes, Magic Burns and Magic Bites as Cathy M

    already part of BB Community as Cathy M

    added Ilona to google reader

    Cathy M

  128. Hi Ilona~

    I have this on my to be bought list and am looking forward to it. My question is where do you want to go on your next vacation?

  129. Hello Gordon and Ilona. I’m commenting as my only entry because i’m overwhelmed by all of the other methods lol. It’s too bad we can’t use past purchases since I own every one of your books. OTE gets to me tomorrow and I can’t wait to read it. I’m really looking forward to entering the world, to the point that I didn’t even read the Kate 4 snippet because I don’t want to cross up worlds just before reading Edge. Here’s hoping OTE is as big a hit for you guys as the Kate series is.

  130. I’m already subscribed to the BbB my email is rconnell94(at)yahoo(dot)com.

    I joined the Blood Bank is my username is Rachel Connell:

    I friended the BbB Facebook and the BbB fan Facebook. My username is Rachel Connell:

    I friended the BbB on Goodreads (Rachel Connell):

    I also friended BbB on Twitter my username is The_Obsessive_R.

    Added BbB to my blog roll:

  131. I RSVP’ed. Who is a must buy author for you ?

  132. I actually have quite a few of Ilona’s works on my current to read shelf. I’ve been trying to figure out what I’m going to pack to read when I got out of town this weekend and I think that this has helped me make up my mind.

    When you write, what method of writing do you rely on most? Computer, pen and paper, etc?

    I’ve added Ilona to my twitter and facebook, working on all the other methods!

  133. Hi Ilona! I think a husband/wife writing team is challenging and sweet. Are all your books written in collaboration with George or are there any that were only written by one of you?

  134. Ilona and Gordon I love everything that you two write Kate is one my favorite charactors. Please keep writting more books I just can’t wait til the next one!

  135. I RSVP’d.

    I posted the contest in

    I put links to Ilona’s blog in on the right hand side of the blog and on the left hand side.

    I commented on Magic Burns here and here

    I subscribed to bittenbybooks and verified my email. I joined (my username is iivxx72, email is and put link on my page.
    Added you in Goodreads as a friend. My username is ria lize.
    Added bittenbybooks in blogroll/links in (on right side of page) and (on left side of page)

    As for the question for Ilona, what’s your favorite way to relax? Or What’s the best thing about being an author?

  136. Name: Gayzelle de los Santos

    I RSVP’d.

    I posted the contest in

    I put links to Ilona’s blog in on the right hand side of the blog and on the left hand side.

    I commented on Magic Burns here and here

    I subscribed to bittenbybooks and verified my email. I joined (my username is iivxx72, email is and put link on my page.
    Added you in Goodreads as a friend. My username is ria lize.
    Added bittenbybooks in blogroll/links in (on right side of page) and (on left side of page)

    As for the question for Ilona, what’s your favorite way to relax? Or What’s the best thing about being an author?

  137. Hi Ilona
    You Know My great grandma was named Iona allmost the same as your name.
    so I think you should call your book and Urban Fantasy if you have trouble finding out what tipe it is.
    * I went and got On The Edge from Amazon a Few min ago so its being sent to me soon.
    * I Spread the word on my myspace and my facebook here are the links and
    *Allready A Subscriber of bitten by books and there my friend on myspace and facebook
    *And I RSVPed
    From Stacey Smith

  138. Hi !
    The question : How do Kate celebrate Christmas ?

  139. Hi Ilona,

    I RSVP’d 🙂
    My questions for you is :
    1. Do you see yourself venturing outside of your current genre?
    2. What sort of books do you tend to read in your leisure time?

    *Became a Fan on Ilona’s Facebook
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    *Posted event Link on Shelfari
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    *Was a subscriber previously I believe but to be on the safe side I re-subscribed & confirmed the subscription request
    *So I was reading over the synopsis for Magic Mourns & it sounds like a hilarious, action filled story…my fave kind 😛
    *Joined the Blood Bank – User Name:
    *Added Bitten by Books Link on my sidebar just under the Subscribe to Button (permanent link posted)

    Thanks for holding such a great release party!!! I’m anxious to read the latest book…

    Happy Reading!!!
    Anna S. H.

  140. Boy are you two popular. I have been reading your books ever since Magic Bites first jumped off the shelf into my hands at the bookstore. This was way back, when Magic Bites first came out. I have read each book ever since, and enjoyed them all. I’m excited that you are starting a new series.

    My question, (I haven’t read all 140+ entries to see if this one has been asked, so forgive me if it’s a repest)

    I see that you and your husband, (Or you and your wife) write together. that would drive me crazy and towards divorce, (maybe). Do you ever get frustrated with each other during the writing….and ?

    2. Does the wife handle a specific part of the writing and the husband the other?, or do you share equally in all the action, dialog etc?

    1.Your website has been on my links list for a long time over at,

    2.Your are on my links list over at

    3.Posted about the contest
    4. and Here;

    5. I’m a subscriber to the BBB newsletter
    6. I’m a BBB Facebook friend.

  141. Just aend the e-mail! Let’s spread the word!!!!
    Serena D.C.

    Question for Ilona:

    Hi! Do you ever get tired of having to keep going a blog, a forum and all the rest while having to do work anyway? We are so greedy there to have new snippets!

  142. Is Halloween your favorite holiday? Why?
    I RSVPed and post here:
    4. Be friends at twitter and facebook
    Add her website, blog and Live Journal to my here
    7. 9. SUBSCRIBEd to the Bitten by Books newsletter
    Bitten always on my blog roll.

  143. My question is who are some of your favorite authors to read? 🙂


  144. The Magic series is hands down one of my favorite in the genre. I love the universe you’ve created and Curran just makes me drool. I’m usually firmly on the side of Team Vampire, but you’ve gone against the grain with your portrayal of vampires. Does this reflect your personal preference for Team Were?

  145. Question:
    I read the preview chapter for the next Kate book at the end of On The Edge and my burning question is “Am I justified in wanting to kick Curran where it’s really gonna hurt?”
    PS Love On The Edge and can’t wait for William’s story!

    *Release Party promo links
    *Subscribed to Bitten By Books
    *added Bitten By Books to blogroll at
    *joined GoodReads Bitten By Books community as mayakda (

  146. Howdy Ilona and happy release week! I just love the story on how this new novel came to be. Must have really needed to get out, huh?

    So, what’s your favorite genre to write in? Is there one you’ve always wanted to try but haven’t gotten to yet?

    Again, congrats and much success to you!

    Now for the technical stuff:

    I follow BBB on Twitter and am friends on Goodreads and Facebook. BBB is also on my permanent blogroll at

    I retweeted the post the other day and have just followed Ilona on Twitter too.

    I think that’s all… 🙂

    Amy (who loves that the website remembers her last initial since her mama wasn’t very unique when naming her…)

  147. Congrats on the release! It sounds absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to get it in my greedy little hands 🙂

    My question is: Ilona Andrews you said is both you and your husband, how does that collaboration work between you two? Is there one who comes up with the plotline and another who does the detail?

    Also, this may sound greedy, but I definitely think The Edge will be a series I’ll be drooling over so it needs to be asked, how long do you plan for the series to be? You mentioned that it’s contracted for 2 books, but will there be a satifying conclusion in the 2 books or will it make me cry instead? lol…

    I shared:


    The Blood Bank: Biki

  148. I know this doesn’t have anything to do with writing, but what are your favorite movies to watch?

    I RSVPed and I’m a BBB newsletter member.

  149. Oh, and I forgot… I RSVP’d. 🙂

  150. If you could change careers for a day, what job would you like to have?

    I RSVP’d and I am a subscriber to the BBB newsletter

  151. While reading the Kate books I would constantly tease my husband by saying… “Oh, why can’t you just be more like …Curran, da*m it!!!” He hasn’t read the books (not his cup of tea), but it still irritated him to no end. Since he knows I like paranormal/UF, he would scowl and say, “Ok, I give. What’s a Curran? And do I have to be dead to be like him, or be able to cast spells, be a tortured ghost, or change into some sort of howling lone wolf?”

    Needless to say, I am waiting for my pre-ordered copy of On the Edge from B & N.

    Here are my questions: Is it my imagination or are there more book series out there today than ever? If so, I’m sure it has to do with both audience demand as well as publishing contracts… but does that mess with your creativity at all, knowing that you are obligated to complete 7 books?

    What ever happened to stand alone fiction? Although I love series and enjoy watching the characters grow and change over time (obviously, since I am eagerly looking forward to the next Kate & Rose books), there is also something very satisfying reading a stand-alone novel, loving it, and wondering what completely new story line the author will come up with for his or her next novel.

    What are your thoughts on all of this?

  152. PS I RSVP’d

  153. Hi Ilona,

    You said writing one of the books left you emotionally drained. I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind answering, how so?

    Btw, congrats on the release!

  154. 41-50

    @Raonaid Luckwell
    Q: If you could collaborate on a writing project with any literary or author out there, alive or dead, who would you choose and why?
    A: I wouldn

  155. For Ilona Andrews:
    1. Best Job Interview question EVER: If you were a sandwich–what kind would you be and why? (be creative, it does reflect something about you :D)

    2. Excluding the question above, what’s the strangest think you’ve been asked in an interview? (I get to learn about other people in the world too)

    For the Prize Goddess:
    RSVP’d (#141)
    Links to here:

    Already am friends with BBB on Facebook and follow on twitter (Axisor on each case) also now follow @ilona_andrews on twitter.

  156. 51-60
    @ Elizabeth T
    Q: What were your favorite books growing up?
    A: There were probably too many. Here are some: Jungle Book, Count of Monte Christo, Captain Blood.
    Q:Would you say your favorite books influenced your writing style at all?
    A: Absolutely. I think every writer is influenced by their favorite authors.

    @ Medievalgrrl
    Q: HOw do you keep track of your world building?
    A: Okay, I know this will sound odd, but I never have to actively keep track of the worldbuilding. I do occasionally mess up in Kate books and forget if it

  157. Thanks for the response – Edge ROCKS!!!!

  158. Questions for Ilona or Gordon:
    1) Are you going to tell us more about Curran’s ancestry? (Not sure if that’s the right word but the novella’s ending got me REALLY curious about it after the discussion about the golden apples)

    2) Will you do more Curran POVs (as either freebie goodies, part of a book, or a whole book)?

    3) Which of your 4 2/2 books out are you most proud of? (4 2/2 instead of 5 because of your two novellas Silent Blade and Magic Mourns)

    4) Are you planning to start a new series within the next couple of years? If so, what ideas do you have for it?

    5) How do you know so much about mythology all around the world?

    I’m sorry that I asked so many questions but couldn’t ask any questions pertaining to On the Edge even though it’s the release party for it… I’ll ask/try asking in a few days when I get the book and read through it a couple of times 😀

    Note: Feel free to ignore this part if you are an unconcerned party (aka not admin or mod)

    I RSVPed and sent an email w/ my entries. My e-mail is
    From: Rebecca K.

  159. Dang it I just spent all of my book money! I will put this on the wish list for the next batch of book money. It sounds really exciting.
    For the BBB contest,
    1. I am a Facebook friend
    2. I am a MySpace friend
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    4. I am member of the Blood Bank
    5. I posted the link on Facebook.

    I don’t really deserve to win the E-Reader, but it would certainly help me clean out my house and donate some of my books to the soldiers, and make my husband really happy!

  160. 1. shoot I ordered both on the Edge and Must Love Hellhounds from the Book Depository on the 28th. Wish I had waited and bought them from amazon/BN
    2. I was late coming to your books and finally bought the first and then before I’d even finished it I went and ordered the other two. Your Kate books rocks and am eagerly looking forward to the next one in this series. 3. posted about this contest on my blog and myspace
    4.I friended Ilona on Twitter and Facebook and added Ilona Andrews to my blog roll.
    7. posted comments on the reviews
    9. already a suscriber and you always on my blogroll as well as friends/fans on myspace, facebook, and twitter.

  161. forgot to say I had rsvped and I did show up lol.

  162. Sounds like a great book. I cant wait to read it.

    Sorry if any of these were asked but I am a bit late in arriving.

    Are you planning to make it a series? If so how many books are you thinking there might be?

    And for the fun question:

    If you could go to a dinner party with anyone from history, who would it be and why?
    Contest entries:
    2. questions above
    3. posted here:
    4. Twitter follower, facebook requested
    9. member of the BBB community, friends on Facebook, fan on Facebook, follower on Twitter, friends on MySpace

    Donna S

  163. Hi Ilona,

    If you could trade places with anyone, who would it be and why?


    Shared Banner:
    right sidebar –
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    Following her on Twitter – bridget3420
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  164. A new book, ya! I love them new books. Congratulations!

    Do you have a routine that you follow when you sit down to write?

    I have blogged about the party on my blog.

  165. I concur on the Prize Goddess. *whispers* She is really really scary if you make her mad. Just say “yes Prize Goddess” or “No Prize Goddess” and don’t make eye contact! ;P

  166. Hi Ilona!

    I RSVP’d through on time!

    My two Questions for Ilona are as follows:

    Ilona, what are YOU reading right now (What’s on your nightstand to be read)?

    and I’m going to leave two more because I’m not sure if she’s been asked either of these yet.

    What’s next for you as an author?

    As a successful, published author, what advice do you have for all of your fans that are aspiring authors themselves?

    I am SO looking forward to your answers!

    I will be back with my links for the banners but for now, my extra things that I’ve done are as follows:

    I belong to the Blood Bank —

    I have a confirmed Subscription —

    I’m Friends with Bitten_by_books on Good Reads! I’m
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    I’m friends with Bitten_by_Books on MySpace … I’m
    MySpace – Park-Avenue Princess (Independent Book Reviews) – 25 – Female – Rumford, Rhode Island –

    We’re also friends on Facebook! Amy Santos in Providence RI

    I follow you on Twitter – @APrkAvePrincess

    and I tweeted!

    Bitten By Books is also on my blog roll at

    I’ll be back with more! I’m SO excited! Thanks for hosting BBB and Ilona!

    x0xx Amy S.


  167. I have friended Ilona on Facebook — Amy S.

    I am following her on Twitter — @APrkAvePrincess

    I have added Ilona’s Website to my Blogroll —

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    I’ll be back with my links for where I posted!

    x0xx Amy S.


  168. Hi Ilona,
    I know I don’t stand a chance in this contest because I don’t live in Canada/USA, I live in Israel. It is very frustrating for me not being able to participate to contests/books giveaways as they are always directed to American/Canadian citizens. It is a pitty, because I am sure you have fans all over the world. I can say for sure that you have some here, in Israel. Maybe someone will think, sometime, that the world is a huge place with a lot of potential readers…
    I joined, followed, become a fan just for the fun of doing it. I even added your blog and Bittten by Books to my blogroll. You can check them out here:
    Also, my user name is the same everywhere (Twitter, Facebook) – Ramona2006.
    Anyhow, I love your books very much although very difficult to get them here. But we, dedicated fan will do whatever it takes to get our hands on a copy of your Kate Daniels series.
    Keep up the good job!
    Love you,

  169. I specified only in the email that I RSVPed by facebook both spreading the word of the party/book releasing with the link and becoming friend with Ilona and gordon there. Serena D.C. You’ll find my question to ilona somewhere above…

  170. Oh gasds, I RVP-ed and forgot about it. *sigh* Hi Illona and thanks for coming by.,

    I have a question for you if it wasn’t already answered in the many posts above:

    What genre haven’t you done yet but want to in the future?

    Thanks again.
    Raine Delight

  171. Patricia Barraclough

    I RSVP’d.
    Have been looking at the adds for the Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance and it looks good. Will be at a Barnes and Nobles in the next few days to check it out. Will be looking at your books also. I work at a small library and am always checking out authors for our collection.
    Good luck with your books.

  172. Q&A
    @ cheryl m
    Q: When you guys have time to read for entertainment, do you have any favourite genres?
    A: Ilona likes to read romance and military sci fi, whereas I prefer mysteries and heroic fantasy. We both enjoy comics and graphic novels.
    @ StormR
    Q: As a writer, do you ever have that feeling that you

  173. Ilona thanks for stopping by to chat with us.

    I am curious on why you initially thought that the book could only be a Novella? Was your muse being stubborn? (Tell J.Frost thanks!)

    I RSVP’d.

    Posted icon on FB (marniecolette)
    Tweeted about it a couple of times. (marniebelle)
    Commented on Review (

  174. Q&A
    @ Diane Sadler
    Q: who was the deciding factor in your becoming a writer?
    A: At that time I was in the Army, so I am going to say Ilona for sure.
    @ Jo K
    Q: ILONA: Do you ever find yourself

  175. Hi Iiona, glad you are here at BBB. Isn’t Rachel and her crew great!

    I am visiting late, so most of my questions have been asked. So here are two different(I hope) ones from me.

    1. Do you DOG-EAR your pages when reading or are you a faithful bookmark user. Sounds silly, but I think you can tell alot about a person from their answer.
    2. What is one thing your readers would be shocked to learn about you?

    +100 I posted your banner on my blog
    +100 requested friends @facebook
    +100 following on TWITTER

  176. I forgot…
    I rsvp’d
    I already subscribe to the BBB newsletter
    I am a member of the blood bank (Elie Nicewonger)
    I am following BBB on twitter
    BBB is ALWAYS on my blogroll

  177. I wonder if you are a plotter or a seat-of-your-pants writer?

    I also added you on twitter as clothdragon.

  178. HI Ilona

    I have read all your Kate Daniels Books and just finished On The Edge, i loved it. I purchased my book at chapters, don’t know if that counts.

    I wanted to know if there will be more Rose and Declan books.

    Thank-you for all the great hours of reading

  179. Do I have to read the Kate Daniels books in order? Or can they be read out of order of publication?

  180. Athena Vasiliki V

    Okay, here it goes….

    I am friends with ilona on Facebook.
    I have all 3 Kate books (can’t wait for the 4th) and I will be sending the e-mail with the receipts shortly.

    as for the question here….as I follow Ilona on LiveJournal and the forum….well, one thing i am trying to figure out, though most probably it’s mundane is…

    On Magic Bites when they ‘visit’ Crest Kate says Aunt B’s youngest son is bringing up the rear with a shotgun. In one of the next books (magic burns i think) we find out that Aunt B has one son, Raphael *coughyummycough*
    I am wondering, was it a mistake on the 1st book or the 2nd?
    also…. do we get to see anymore from Terry Jo (Magic Mourns, hope I am correct on the name) in the next books? (most of my other questions are answered earlier.

    Thanks for the contest and the answers.
    Athena Vasiliki V.

  181. Ok antibiotics seem to be turning the tide of the germ war raging inside me.

    Hello again all Ilona, Gordon and Rachel.

    hope this hasn’t been asked yet…..

    What do you guys to do motivate/celebrate? Do you set small goals and do something for yourselves as you reach them or do you wait until a project is completed before rewarding yourselves?

  182. other contest stuff
    2)asked a couple and am sur I will have more 😀
    3)posted at and
    4) Friended Ilona on Facebook
    8) Shared on Fb and MS
    9) already subscribed and verified, blood bank member, already Facebook fan and friends with Rachel, Friends with Rachel/BBB on Myspace
    11) Done

  183. What are you reading right now?

  184. Following you on Twitter – jillyrh

  185. 2) How much of a discussion/argument was necessary to sell “TWT-IHFB” as a conversational acronym? I’ve tried saying it outloud, I get it wrong and laugh every time…
    Do you find yourself spacing out story events to stetch them over the number of books in a contract? Or does the story line for each installment develop more or less on their own?
    3) Posted banner on FB,
    4) Friended Ilona on Facebook, confirmation e-mail pending.
    8) Dugg for literary awesomeness (and points)
    9) Friended BittenbyBooks on Facebook, confirmation e-mail pending. Became a Fan.
    Friended on GoodReads.
    Subscribed to newsletter.

  186. Question – where can I get a copy I can read on a Sony reader?

  187. Very excited to read your book. I love Jeaniene Frost and she loves you, so I bet I’ll love you too!

  188. I am an email subscriber

  189. Ok my question. How do you like writing as a team with your husband? Do you ever disagree so much that it causes major problems in life and in the book?

  190. Friend on twitter (momof2dancers) & facebook of Ilona

    I’m also a fan of your facebook page & a facebook friend of yours. Sent a friend request on good reads & friends on myspace already.

  191. Thank you to Jeaniene Frost for being such a good friend to you ;).
    I RSVP’d
    I follow both Ilona and bbb on twitter (aliens72)
    I’m waiting for an answer for Ilona Ilona FB (Elyane Lemay)
    I’m following bbb on FB friend page and Fan page (Elyane Lemay)
    I follow bbb on goodreads (Elyane)

  192. tweeted – 10/2 -

  193. Ilona, I am so glad you decided to make this a complete novel, rather than a shorter work. I can’t wait to read it. My question is: Do you find it difficult to switch topics for novels? How to you keep worlds/characters/plots from getting tangled together or converging?

    I’ve posted the link on my FB page. Link below.
    I am also a friend of BBB on FB and a member of Blood bank. =)

  194. Stephanie Shradar

    I’m so excited for the new series, I’m crazy about Kate Daniels series and I’m sure the new one will be equally as enthralling.

    I tried to comment on her books but didn’t see where i could do that, so I rated them with the stars instead.

    also I rsvp’d for the event, does that count,
    and I’m already a friend of Ilona’s on live journal
    and bbb on facebook and myspace so i can’t redo those.

    Looking forward to the new read!!!!

  195. Stephanie Shradar

    I forgot to ask my question, sorry. Where do you enjoy writing the most? Do you work from home or try to get out and work from a laptop somewhere else instead? thanks!

  196. Hi, Ilona! I just finished ON THE EDGE. I really loved it.

    I was wondering if this is a series that’s going to be centralized around the same characters or if it’s going to be a different focus in each book?

    If so….Is the next book going to expand on William’s story?

    Also…I can’t wait for the next Kate book. That sample chapter in the end of ON THE EDGE was just torture!

  197. Hi again, I already asked my questions but I didn’t get to post all my links.

    Here they are:

    * posted again today on FB:
    * posted contest today on:
    * following Ilona on Twitter:fergeygirl
    * added her as FB friend:Fergeygirl(waiting friend approval)
    * posted on FB:Fergeygirl
    * friends/BBB Facebook and Facebook fan pg:fergeygirl
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    * I already get BBB newsletter
    * Bitten by Books Community username fergeygirl
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    My book review comments under Stacey F. comment #5 comment #4 comment #6 comment #4 comment #7
    Here are my earlier posts

    I think that’s about everything. Thanks for the chance.

  198. Gordon, I saw that you liked the Sookie Stackhouse books. What do you think or want to happen in the next book? Do you like the spin off show of the books True Blood?

  199. Congrats on the new release & new series.
    I’ve read lots of great reviews of all of the books, but unfortunately don’t have any yet. They are on the “buy list” which is huge, but I will get them. I need to find a pot of gold or something.. so many books to buy.
    Question: I’m sorry if this has been asked. I read thru the Q&A, but might have missed it.
    What prompted you to have a lion shifter as opposed to a wolf etc.
    Thanks for taking the time to do the interview, and answer all our questions; also for offering everyone a chance at the reader.

    username for all iokijo
    following on twitter.. BBB & Ilona
    tweeted & retweeted event
    used share button to share event
    already subscribe to BBB newsletter & Blood bank member
    read all reviews & commented

  200. I just finished On The Edge and really enjoyed it.

    My question is: do you have a set schedule for when you write?

  201. Ilona,

    Thanks for taking the time out to come meet with us! Your books have been in my TBR pile for a while now…and I see I have yet another to add.

    I have a question, if you have the time. I was wondering how many books you wrote before you were published and how long it took for you to find an agent.

  202. Kasey J (staplegun)

    Hey Ilona and Gordon,

    Ilona, this one’s for you: Are there any sff books in Russian that you loved but that never got translated into English?

    And for the both of you: Who writes the french parts of the books? **they make my day every time I see them 🙂

    Hope the release is going well and that you aren’t too stressed 🙂

  203. I RSVP’d.
    I already get the BBB Newsletter (
    I just ordered On The Edge and two other books at

    My question: Do you like to read ebooks or do you prefer reading a paperback book? If you read ebooks, do you have an ebook reader?

  204. Sent in my receipt.

    Hi guys,
    Congrats on the successful release of a new series!
    How excited are you with all the positive feedback you guys have been getting?

  205. #3. i spread words.

    Hi, I’m so excited for the Edge series. I have a few questions so that if you don’t like one question you can just choose another one to answer.

    Random Question: Why is Curran’s last name Lennart? Does he have an ethnic region from which he hails? Like is he descended from mountain men, Yugoslavian, or something like 7 generations go back to Boston?

    Kate Daniels Series question: When shapeshifters do the eye glow thing, is it specific to the person or to the animal they turn into? Similarly, how do you get an alpha stare? Do you just practice or is it one of those things that just develops the stronger you get?

    Another Kate Daniels Series question: Has Kate been eating the golden apples for a while? Otherwise, how did she know that she could?

    Kate specific question: When is Kate’s birthday?

    Edge question: I haven’t gotten to read the book yet, but from the snippet you put on your site it said, “it wasn

  206. Dear Ilona Andrews (times 2),

    While working on a project, do you ever visualize a male readership, or do you write exclusively for a female audience?

  207. Here’s a question
    Have you ever been asked to recommmend a book you hated or have all the books you recommended been ones that you loved.

  208. What character, that you have created and written about, is your favorite? And which one is your least favorite? [why applies to both questions :D]

  209. Hi Ilona! Don’t you love it when your friends are right? LOL! Congratulations and best of luck with your new release. I added you on Twitter and Facebook. Look for me!


  210. Hi Ilona

    Loved the book, the addition of Georgie and Jack was brilliantly worked.
    My question would be: will we, or Rose ever learn what became of her dad?

  211. Ilona I have 2 questions;

    1st Q How do you plot your stories, do you write first or set the world, the characters etc and then write?

    2nd Q Why this genre?

  212. Posted a comment on an author Review of Magic Strikes-
    I bought both Magic Strikes and Magic Burns from Barnes and Nobles a while ago, if that counts.

  213. Okay I also sent this by email cause I wasn’t sure where the comments were this is longgggg… comments blog but here’s my other entries:

    I added Ilona Andrews to my Facebook page as a link located here: and I sent her a friend request.

    Thanks for visiting BBB!

  214. Hiya Ilona! I’m so glad you ran it by Jeanine Frost! 😀

    Two questions, 1. How do you and Gordan split the writing? By scenes or characters or do you both work together on all of it? 2. What’s your favourite anime of all time?

    Posted the banner.

    Read the reviews and commented on:
    -Must Love Hellhounds
    -The Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance
    -On the Edge
    -Magic Strikes
    -Magic Burns
    -Magic Bites

    Subscribed to the Bitten by Books newsletter.

  215. Hi, Ilona! I am new to your work, but after reading a few short pages of Magic Bites on Amazon I was hooked and bought the book! :0) I love a feisty, fun, supernatural heroine!

    My question doesn’t relate to your work, but is a personal reading question… Who are your favorite authors and why?

    Best of luck and thanks for stopping by BBB!

  216. I subscribe to the BBB newsletter! :0)

  217. Ilona…. wow I thought I left a comment last week but it must have been one of those that I started but never finished…

    My question is When your muse is running low what food finds its way into your hands to make the juices flow again?

    Also which conventions do you find give you the most exposure to your fans for the cost of admission.?

    Reading the reviews of the last few anthologies and the latest release makes me want them even more… Must admit that I loved the novella in Mammoth book of Paranormal Romance… I wouldn’t want to be caught in between a magical fued. I have ON the Edge on the way already and I can’t wait to dig in…. I always knew Walmart was not all it seemed… LOL and I want Must Love Hellhounds verra much!!! Awe common who wouldn’t find the amusement in going out on a date with a were hyena?

    I am following on twitter
    I have asked for friend confirmation on facebook
    I posted the contest on my blog
    I am following BBB on twitter, facebook, and everywhere else possible…

    thanks for coming to BBB and once again sorry for the late questions….

  218. WOW I thought I left a comment but I guess I forgot.
    What is your least favorite genre?