POLL DISCUSSION: Battle of the Sidekicks! Who has the BEST Sidekick?

Welcome to the poll of the week!! Polling runs through Monday, January 20th at or around 11:00 pm CST. VOTE on the RIGHT HAND SIDE of the site then stop here to tell usBattle of the Sidekicks! Who has the BEST Sidekick?” and why you chose your answers. If there were sidekicks not included in the poll please add your recommendations! PLEASE NOTE: I could only include a set amount of options for the poll. Anybody/series left out was NOT intentional, just due to space restrictions. 🙂

Please comment as MUCH as you like. We want to hear from AUTHORS AND READERS alike! Remember to VOTE over on the right hand side of the site. Choose wisely, as you only get 3 votes, though you can comment below as much as you like!

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  1. This was HARD!!!
    But in the end I had to vote for Pirate.
    Oberson was a hoot in the short story I read…
    and well I had to vote for Hob! Now Hob can pathe the way to his rawr human Kane

  2. Pirate and Flappy with a side of bacon (a BIG side of bacon!)
    I don’t see thea place to vote, so I’m telling you here.

    • Hey Libby!

      You vote on the far right hand BOTTOM side of the site. 🙂 Right underneath the events calendar. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. lori simpson (@lary1971)

    Bob, Pirate, and Finn. love them

  4. Oh LORD. I don’t know ANY … Oh wait! I know SIMI! I LOVE Simi! Whoops. 😉 Unfortunately I voted “other.” LOL!

  5. Voted for Pirate (from Angie Fox’s fabulous Demon Slayer Series) and of course, his sidekick, Flappy!!

  6. I had to vote for Levet. He’s so adorable in Ivy’s books, how could I not?

  7. Have to vote for Simi by Sherrilyn Kenyon! She is the one that got me interested in paranormal. She’s fun and knows how to take charge. Bring on the Barbecue Sauce!

  8. Had to vote for Bob- He’s a wizard who reads & loves romance novels!

  9. I voted for Levet and Cookie.

  10. Levet – He always added a bit of humor to Ivy Alexander’s stories. I always love when a character can make me chuckle and Levet has never disappointed. He is just so darn sweet!

  11. I have to vote for Simi in Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunter Series. Simi is a very detailed and thought out character. She is always willing to help the Dark Hunters and friends (even if just to gobble up the bad guys with some BBQ sauce).

  12. I have to vote for Pirate (Angie Fox Demonslayer series)…incredible sense of humor and amazing talent in this animal! Makes me want a dog like him! If only he were real (oh yes, I would insist on the talking dog part!)…

  13. It was such a hard choice because I love Simi and Levet so much – but I decided to show Levet some love this time 😀

  14. I voted other as my favourite sidekick is Alex the Werewolf from Shannon Mayer’s Rylee Adamson series

  15. I love seeing two of my avatars made the list! As much as I love both Kiva and especially Hob, I had to vote for Simi, Bob, and Levet. They’re such amazing characters! I did find it interesting to see how many gargoyles made the list.

  16. Had to show Levet some love!

  17. Simi from Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunter series is my favorite. Love her sense of humor, shopping addiction, and BBQ sauce!

  18. I had to go with Jenks and Beezle. Although now that I think about it, Beezle hasn’t been particularly helpful…

  19. Jenks, Bob and Pirate. Oh yeah.

  20. I LOVE Pirate!!! Having said that, I’m glad you included Sparky the salamander from Laura Bickle’s Anya Kalinczy series. I LOVED that series and it kind of disappeared. I wish Ms. Bickle would write more in the series.

  21. I voted for Levet and Pirate

  22. It had to be Simi and Pirate. They both know how to make jaws drop and how to love the food! Plus, both are very protective of their people.

  23. my faves are 1. Jenks from the Kim Harrison Rachel Morgan Hallow Series
    2. Simi the Demon by Sherrilyn Kenyon A Dark Hunter Novels
    3. Pirate the Dog from Angie Foxes Demon Slayer Series

  24. I love love love Pirate and Jenks

  25. I like Dr. Christine Putnam from Jordan L Hawk’s WIDDERSHINS!

  26. Pirate, Simi and Jenks for me. But if I could I would have added Levet plus Bob the demon dog and Bob the Skull. I can’t remember the series that has Bob the demon in dog form but he is hilarious.

    • I forgot to mention Fluff and Puff from Linda Wisdom’s Hex series. I am still looking for Bunny Slippers of my own!

  27. DEFINITELY Jenks, but I was tempted by Oberon.