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Child of War-Rising Son by Lisa Beth DarlingWe’re back on our favorite secluded Greek Isle today with Ares God of War.

Lisa: Nice to see you again.
Ares: As always, it’s my pleasure.
Lisa: (Bites back sexual comment and forces a smile and light tone instead) So, how have you been? What’s new since the last time we talked?

Ares:Oh, well, let’s see…my Wife, Alena, fell into a coma after our Son, Raven, forced her to fall down the stairs. I had another Son with Aphrodite, little brat’s name is Hunter and he’s nothing but a headache. My Father, Zeus and my Brother, Apollo still hate my guts. Oh yes, and my Son, Raven has managed to destroy most of the human race.
Lisa: Wow! I take it you’ve seen better days.
Ares: Just a few hundred thousand or so, give or take. I don’t know how to tell Alena what Raven has done.
Lisa: I imagine she’s going to be very upset.
Ares: You have always had such a gift for understatement. (chuckles)
Lisa: Why did Raven wreak havoc on the Mortal World? What did he do?
Ares: (Lounges across his Throne of Bones sideways and waves a hand in the air dismissively) I know you have children, girls I believe lucky you. You know how willful they can be?

Lisa: Yes, I’m very aware of how stubborn and willful my girls are. But they’re just Mortals, it must be more difficult when the offspring is a God.
Ares: (Holds thumb and forefinger a quarter inch apart) Just a little. Olympian children are very spirited and, like all children, they’re always trying to test their boundaries to see how far they can take things. Often they go too far and get into trouble.

Lisa: Trouble? There’s a difference between, I dunno, accidentally wrecking the family car because you on your cell phone and…how many people has Raven killed?
Ares: By now? (Snorts and gives a sly smile) Somewhere around a quarter of a million died in the world-wide riots that broke out after the global financial collapse. Raven swears the Mortals were already rioting in the streets when he got there and that he just organized them, rallied them, armed them, schooled them and then set them loose. But, that’s not the real problem. (Leans forward towards me and speaks in a low voice) See, in the neighborhood of a hundred million more have succumbed to this disease called Major Falls. I’m sure more will find their way to the Underworld before all is said and done. He stares deeply in my eyes, searching probing my mind with those heated eyes though I don’t know what he’s looking for. All I know is he smells so good; like Earth, sawdust, the deep green of the forest, with a faint underlying layer of smoke.
Ares: Do you want to know the worst part?
Lisa: (There’s a worse part? I try to remain outwardly calm and not avert his gaze.) Sure, why don’t you tell me.
Ares: They all think I did it. (Shakes his dark handsome head and turns a large hand in the air as he rolls his onyx eyes and sighs) Admittedly, when I was younger, that would have been my style but I had nothing to do with it. No, Apollo did it. He wormed his way into Raven’s confidence, filled the boy’s head with lies as he feigned friendship, and then got Raven to make it appear as though I’d done it all. I mean, look what he did! Ares takes a swatch of white cloth from the pocket of his studded leather vest clinging so wonderfully to his softly furred chest and tosses it down to me. I open it to see that it’s an arm or head band bearing the logo
Ares:The bastard set us both up for a major fall.
Lisa: How are you going to prove your innocence?
Ares: That’s the Sixty-Four Thousand Dollar Question, isn’t it? (He sighs again and sits back on the large Throne of Bones to gaze down upon me sitting at his feet, my customary position whenever we have these chats.) What about you? Do you believe me?
Lisa: (I can’t hold back the laugh or the smile that accompanies it as I confess to my downfall.) I always believe you.
Ares: You fool. (At first, his voice is stern and his stare turns cold but then he smiles that charming grin and begins to chuckle letting me know he’s teasing me.)
Lisa: What are you going to do? His answer both shocks and horrifies me, it makes me shiver as the blood in my veins turns cold.
Ares: I don’t know. The deep thoughtful and serious tone of his voice tells me our time here has come to an end. It’s time I should be going and that I should find the safest place possible to ride out the growing storm but I still have one question that I’ve always wanted an answer to.
Lisa: Are you ever going to take me to Olympus for these little chats instead of this beautiful island of yours?
Ares: (Nods in consideration and then rises as he holds out his hand to me to help me to my feet) All Good Things to Those Who Wait. So I’ll keep waiting a little while longer. I hope you will too.

Author Bio:
I’ve been married for the last 26 years to my wonderful husband, Roy. We live in my hometown of New London, CT.

My writing career began in junior high, around the 7th grade. A fact that my fellow students adored but often got me called down to the Guidance Counselor’s Office to discuss the adultness of my stories. While the experience was never pleasant, I was not deterred by the counselors’ worries I was spurred onward by them, as well as by my teachers, and my classmates, I continued to hone my craft throughout those formative years.
Today I bring conflict, passion, love, and suspense to unique couples through full length novels. I’m never one to shy away from the less pleasant things in life, and instead I believe that it is in the Darkness where Character is created, determined, and defined, my heroes and heroines have their love tested by demons from within and without.

My latest series “OF WAR” began in November, 2010 with The Heart of War an erotic paranormal thriller. This series centers around Ares God of War and Magdalena MacLeod a half-fey half-human woman with whom Ares falls in love. The second novel in this series Child of War-A God is Born is available in paperback and e-book formats. The white snows of Olympus run red with blood after the birth of Ares and Alena’s son, Raven. The short story enhancement Christmas Eve on Olympus gives the reader a glimpse into the first Christmas Eve ever on Mount Olympus. Child of War-Rising Son is now available in hard cover, paperback, and e-book. Raven’s on the verge of manhood but his rampage continues in his quest to prove he’s as much of an Olympian as any full-blood.

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Twitter: @lb_darling

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  1. When did you become interested in mythology? RSVP on Tuesday

  2. Did you take Latin in school? I love mythology. My love of it began in high school with my decision to study Latin. My teacher was also very knowledgable when it came to history so Latin was a lot of fun. We also had a club and would have toga parties 🙂

  3. Hi Bonnie and Lori!
    Thank you for coming today. I became interested in Greek Mythology in high school when we did the Greek Tragedies and, subsequently, got into Homer. I had a wonderful English teacher, Mr. DePeter, and he made the whole thing come alive. I fell head over heels in love with all of it. No, I never took Latin it wasn’t offered at the high school I attended. But those toga parties sound like fun!

  4. Planner or pantzer?
    DO you follow a “formula” when you write? DO you outline your ideas, write in a specific order….
    or just scribble down thoughts as fast as they come to you and straighten it all out later?

  5. What movie and/or book were you looking forward to this year that satisfied or surprised you the most?

  6. Hi Lisa,

    I used to plot everything out. I had notes scratched/scrawled on scraps of paper all over the place until it drove me nuts! After many years, I gave that up and I’ve been much happier ever since. I also found that by not plotting and planning out every detail it freed me up to really enjoy the writing process. When I begin a story I usually have some idea of all of the ‘big’ things that will happen, where we’re starting, where we’re going, where we hope to end up then we just run with it. (‘We’ refers to the Muse and myself). Actually the best movie I saw this year was “The Avengers”. My hubby got me into these comic-book based movies years ago and we had to go on opening weekend. It was a blast. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen it since we bought it on Blu-Ray. That ‘Thor’ he’s a bit of alright and, of course, gotta love ‘Tony Stark’. 🙂

  7. RSVPd on Tuesday! 🙂

    Great interview. I love reading your chats with Ares. I want to know what Ares favorite time period was and why? I guess that’s more for him than you, but I’ve already aske you a lot of my questions! 🙂

  8. Ares Responds:
    I did a lot of business in the Dark Ages, good stuff, many advances were made in the art of physical pain. Not to mention the beheadings, burnings at the stake, hangings, general mayhem and panic, that kinda stuff. Yep, those were the days. 😉

  9. I love your books. Ares’ character interview is great. Do you have fun doing character interviews? Since they’re done well after the book does that make them more difficult? Thank you.

  10. As a mythological being, what power(s) would you wish to yield?

  11. Hi Viki-
    I’m glad you liked Ares’ interview, he’s getting a little better at these things, I think, maybe. 🙂 I have to get into the right frame of mind to do them and then just let go and let him say whatever he wants. They are a lot of fun once we get to that point!

  12. Hi Elie-
    I’m happy being human. But, if I could be a mythological creature I’d chose Pegasus. So beautiful and graceful, so wild and so free.

  13. Just to let everyone know–“Child of War-Rising Son” is the 4th story in my OF WAR Series of adult paranormal/immortal erotic/romance. The first novel in the series “The Heart of War” was favorably reviewed by this site some time ago

    I’m currently offering SIGNED hard covers and paperbacks through my site as well as the best prices for paperbacks.

    If you haven’t fallen in love with Ares and Alena yet, you might like to try the OF WAR Anthology which contains all four stories for the price of two! Available on Kindle only

    Ok, that’s the end of my shameless plug!

  14. This sounds like great stuff! I love books based on mythology. I think I’d want to be someone or something with wings. So cliche, I know, but flight is where it’s at!

    I mostly wanted to comment because — I was born in Norwich and grew up in Mystic and Ledyard! I always get so bizarrely excited when I see an almost hometown writer out here in blogland! It’s so trippy!

    Anyway, I’ll be checking out your work and following your blog!

  15. Hi there! I haven’t heard of this series, but I’m def going to amazon to check it out. Are they available in audio at all? What are your thoughts on audiobooks? Listen to any?

  16. What advice would you give to a novice writer?

    It’s neat to see the answers to this one.

  17. Hi Heather!

    Wow! That is trippy! So nice to ‘meet’ you 🙂 Thanks for stopping by to say hi and to let me know. Did you go to Fitch or Ledyard High? I went to NLHS…Class of ’84

  18. Hi Joan,

    I would LOVE to do audio books, I think they’re wonderful! One of my most cherished childhood memories is just being read to by my parents, grandpa, or teachers. Audio books help me recapture a little of that. I can curl up under a blanket and be swept away almost the way the old radio shows used to entertain us before TV came along.

  19. If you had the silvertongue ability (think Inkheart) what would be the first book you’d read, what/who would you read out or would you read yourself in?

    • A long long time ago I read a book entitled “Raven”. A pirate romance. I actually think I would
      read myself into it…at least for a while

  20. I am really interested in that Window to Magickal Herbalism book. I am new to the world of Herbs, and I wanted to preserve them for this winter, but long story short I didn’t get anything cut. I got some veggies done, I am looking into getting some vacuum sealer, but there’s so many out there I’m not sure what to go with. 2 Years ago I tried to hang dry some things, and I have oxo containers with the sealing lid, but they didn’t seem to look quite right, so I ended up throwing them away after a few months. I am so doing it over the summer! No more slacking. I want to preserve everything I can and try my hand at making my own jellies and sauces. Do you do any of that?

    • I’ve always wanted to try my hand at preserves but I haven’t so far. We have a lot of critters in out yard
      And gardening has become difficult. I grow herbs in pots and have a large Rosemary in the spare room
      along with a lavender. The herb garden is hanging on with oregano lemon balm
      And thyme. I love using them fresh or dried.

  21. Hi Raonaid–

    Advice for novice writers. First and foremost, don’t even enter the arena if you can’t take the slightest criticism. People are going to rake you over the coals, some for good reason and others for no reason. Point is; they are going to do it. You need a thick skin, you need to be willing to listen to constructive criticism and tell it from flaming BS, then apply the lessons learned to your next project. Don’t enter the arena if you think you’re going to ‘get rich quick’.

    If you love writing. If you really believe you have a good story to tell and a good way to tell it. If you believe that what you have to say is of value and that it will reach an audience–no matter how small…keep going! Don’t give up. Even if you never become ‘traditionally published’ that’s ok, it doesn’t mean you’re a hack. It doesn’t mean you have nothing to say in the eyes of the world.

    But you need that thick skin first. An asbestos suit doesn’t hurt either!

  22. Ares sounds like an interesting character! So what was your favorite scene in the book to write?

    • In “Rising Son” I think my favorite scene to write is the sex scene with_ Raven and Aphrodite. Its very
      hot and wickedly devious 😉

  23. I’m glad to be introduced to a new-to-me author. I can’t wait to read your books!

  24. I hadn’t heard of this series, but I will definitely be checking it out. Thanks for the giveaway.

  25. Do you work on more than one story at a time? How did you get your first inspiration? Who are/is your favorite author/book? If you were to hook up with a mythological person, who would it be and why?


    • Hi PC,

      I tend not to work on more than one story at a time. When I try to work on two stories at once I often find that, even if they’re not related, they tend to overlap. Inspiration struck me in the 4th grade with my very first creative writing assignment. I knew right then and there that I would write for the rest of my life and I never turned away from it. My favorite book and author; “The Stand” by Stephen King. If I were going to hook up with mythological character, of course, it would be Ares. I can never resist a true Alpha-Male 🙂

  26. Series sounds interesting. Usually Aries is portrayed as a villain, I’m sure he appreciates being the hero far change 😉

    • Hi,

      Yes, he definitely likes being portrayed as the hero, or the dark hero anyway. His armor is very tarnished and we make no bones about that fact.

  27. Hi Lisa!
    What are some traits you admire in gods and goddesses? The mythology aspect of your book sounds interesting.

    • I admire almost everything about them. After all, they’re just ‘better’ representations of us. They are who we could be if we really tried. I don’t look up to them for their magickal powers as much as I do for their great capacities to love, and to forgive, to be kind and compassionate, and to stand up and fight when the situation calls for it.

  28. Sounds great. Thanks for sharing!

    What is your favorite part of the story process?

    • Hi,
      My favorite part of the story process is starting a new tale. At the very beginning the Muse and I just fly through The Zone without a care for anything until we have a nice set up. Then we dance through the rest of it in a one-step-up-and-two-steps-back rhythm until we have a full story.

  29. Have not read your book are all of your books mythology or do you right more types?

    • Hi,
      All of my fiction works are dark and adult but not all are mythology based. I have two contemporary novels; “Dream Weaver” and “Obsession” (temporarily unavailable but I hope to return it in the spring). I also do non-fiction works; “A Window to Magickal Herbalism” and “Sex, Love, Magick” are two pagan based works. Lastly, I have a small photography book on the market “The Shame of Eminent Domain: Fort Trumbull”. I hope to have a larger photography on the market in early summer.

  30. Hi, if you were not a writer, what would you love to be?

  31. Hi,

    If I were not a writer I would lose my mind. I can’t think of anything else in the world I’d rather do with my life than tell stories. Other than being a wife and mother, of course. 🙂

  32. What was your favorite childhood book?

    • My favorite childhood book was “James and the Giant Peach”. I loved it so much I begged my mother to buy me a copy at the next book fair!

      Yes, I wrote fanfiction for many years. I wrote a novel using the “Highlander; The Series” fandom. I wrote 6 stories for the “House, MD” fandom, they won several awards. I wrote 7 novels and 30+ short stories for the “Stargate SG-1” fandom, they also won several awards over the years.

  33. Have ever written fan fiction? For what fandom?

  34. Hmm. If you could be one of the Greek Gods, which would it be and why?

  35. What are your go-to snacks and/or beverage when you write?

    • LOL! For writing purposes I have a whole array of ‘must haves’. Coffee, Iced tea or water, perhaps a glass of Moscato or Southern Comfort. I tend not to eat when I write, in fact I don’t eat anything all day until dinner. Sitting at a desk all day–for writing and work–I don’t get much exercise so I try not to eat at the computer.

  36. Lisa, I hope you fared well during Hurricane Sandy. With winter on the way, it will be hard for those effected.
    I checked on your book about Fort Trumbull. What a shame. One would expect or at least hope there were definite/final plans in place before taking over any place, but especially one with long term family homes. When I was in 6th grade – many, many years ago – our home was taken for an interstate. Not a nice experience, but at least what it was taken for was something that did happen and benefited the area. Good photography, I assume you took the pictures as well as wrote the piece.

    Most of the books I have read about the Olympian gods and goddesses and their interaction with mortals have been either children’s or YA books (I was a children’s a children’s librarian for 8 years). Though not as graphic or containing much if any sexual content, they still represent the relationship as on where the gods seem to be using the mortals for their entertainment. Is this true of you view of the relationship between the two?

    • Hi,
      Thanks for checking out “The Shame of Eminent Domain: Fort Trumbull”. Yes, I took all of the pictures. My husband and I were out and about one day–years and years after the verdict came down–we happened to wander into Fort Trumbull. I couldn’t believe what I saw! I had to photograph it. I’m glad you liked them.

      The original plan was to build a hotel, conference center, restaurants, maybe a small ‘upscale’ shopping district to go with the new Pfizer Global Research Center which had just been built. It has since changed hands, after only 8 years and just before the tax abatement ended…hummmm. It is now owned by General Dynamics Electric Boat Division. All of the ‘big plans’ fell through. There was so much bad press that the firm hired to develop the land couldn’t get backing and everything went to pot. Currently they’re going to build a new ‘upscale’ neighborhood full of expensive condos. That doesn’t sit well with most of the citizens of New London who would like to know, if this is what we’re going to do; just what the heck was wrong with OLD ‘down scale’ neighborhood? It wasn’t fancy or flashy, it was just a nice little neighborhood with nice hard-working families. Yes, it needed a little TLC but it wasn’t a high crime area or anything like that. It’s a shame, just a real shame.

      My books are definitely NOT for children or young adults. Up until “Child of War-Rising Son” we actually stayed away from interactions with mortals even though we’re in the modern day. There are a couple of small scenes in “The Heart of War” where Ares and Alena interact with the mortal world but not too much. I find it more interesting to explore the Olympians’ interactions with each other and I have come to lovingly refer to them as the most Divinely Dysfunctional Family. To that end, for settings we’ve stayed on Ares’ island or on Olympus to keep the mortal world at bay as much as possible. “Rising Son” takes us off Olympus and back to the mortal world in a very big way.

  37. I love your book series “OF WAR” and am really excited about the latest release. I cannot wait to read this new installment. sdylion(at)gmail(dot)com

  38. how many books do you think they will be in that series. And have you written anything else.

    • Hi Pam,
      The OF WAR Series *should* top out at 4 novels, one long short story, and one traditional short story. But I’m not always privy to the Muse’s overall plan so it could go one more novel than that. I’ve written several other books/stories fiction, non-fiction, and fanfiction which is no longer available.