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Killer Zombie Pack Contest: Win a Book, Sign and More!

Hi Everybody!

We are excited to to offer you all a chance to win a HUGE Killer Zombie prize pack this week! In it you will find a hardback copy of Frail by Joan Frances Turner, a tin wall sign warning others of zombies, a zombie bookmark and some zombie buttons.  One winner takes ALL in the zombie Prizeapocalypse! Even better? It is open to readers worldwide! Woot.

About Frail:

Frail by Joan Frances Turner“In a post-zombie world, life is what you make it . . .

Since a devastating, morphing plague swept through human and zombie populations, almost everyone who survived is an “ex” these days. Ex-human. Ex-zombie. Both creatures crave flesh, have the strength and speed of predators—and are seemingly immortal. Pierced skin and broken bones mend, but their all-consuming hunger never dies . . .

Amy is the only purely human survivor from her town: a frail. For a girl used to going it alone, trusting anyone isn’t easy, but Amy will have to. She has secrets from her past she can’t afford to face by herself, and secrets in her future that will cost her just about everything—including her humanity . . .”

Read the first chapter of Frail by clicking here (pdf format)

Books in the Resurgam Trilogy in the order they should be read:

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  1. In our hh I am more of a vampire expert- my husband is the zombie guy so in case of the zombie apocalypse I will follow him- he has the plan. I think we are going to try and take over a Menards. My weapon of choice is a baseball bat (or a cast-iron frying pan). I don’t trust myself with blades & have horrible aim so up close & personal is the way to go for me.

  2. A long sword less noise and hope to heck I have enough upper body streaght the do what is needed

  3. Kelly J Erickson

    In the event of a zombie attack, I would rely on my axe. I am pretty good with it after 14 years of cleaning up after my palm trees. those 15 foot long palm fronds need to be chopped down to size to fit in the recycling bin.Plus it can do enough damage to make a zombie permanently dead.

  4. Krisaundra Weening

    If there were a zombie apocalypse I have my home on wheels (a fully camperized VW Westfali) that has a fridge, stove and small sink. It sleeps four comfortably and is loaded with enough basics of food to last two people six months, along with sleeping bags extra footwear, and warm coats in the small closet in the van.. I also just recently had solar panels installed on the roof to run the fridge as well as an outlet than can charge some items, and even runs my small electric blanket with the batteries for the panels under the driver seat and the sink. We have our bug out bags in our rooms on the floor of our closets with enough of everything to last each of us up to a week. Add to that our machetes and a rifle (already in the van)and we would be on the road, away from civilization to a place I know where there is the mouth of a natural spring nearby as well as a small cave if needed for storage of whatever. There are plenty of fish, deer and other wild life nearby to help stretch our supplies and hopefully we would be good long enough that there will be less threat from other survivors when we do need to go scavenging for more supplies. This plan works for basically any type of disaster when people who are not prepared will be turning on each other, looting, killing, etc, in a hope to survive so I would want to get out of Dodge as soon as possible!

  5. My weapons of choice are my machetes and other knives. I leave the guns to my husband. My first plan of action would be to secure my home so we could bug in. I would fill up every container I could find with water. I have some things stored for emergencies so hopefully, that would hold up for awhile.

  6. Well I wish I was badass and have some kind of sick samuari sword or something but maybe a cricket or baseball bat with something on the end of it, a knife or wire or something

  7. I was just convinced that if there’s a zombie apocalypse, I should go lock myself in an Ikea warehouse because they have all the furniture you’d need, plus all that frozen food. And my weapon of choice would be a Turn Undead spell.

  8. Rebecca Francilo

    I’m all set my Hubby will take care of me, lol!!

  9. I would hold up somewhere safe (after raiding and getting as many non perishable foods at the very beginning) and hope the zombies would eventually rot away. Of course this would happen faster in the summer so let’s hope for an August apocalypse.

  10. our zombie plan is to go to my sister’s house way out in the sticks. she has a tall fence and a huge garden. my weapon of choice is a compound bow.

  11. I’ve never considered what would happen to me in case of an apocalypse, but I figure my dad could figure something out C:

    I’d probably want a gun of some kind or a baseball bat. The person with a baseball bats always wins in the movies….right? LOL

  12. I think in the case of a zombie apocalypse, one’s first instinct would be to run–in the hopes that one could outrun them. However, since it would be likely we would just run into where more would be, it likely would not be a good choice. So, I think ultimately I would look for a really good hiding place.

    As for a weapon, I really have no ide.

  13. In case of zombie apocalypse, our first stop is my in-laws’ house. There are guns and ammo, and my mother-in-law has three kitanas as well. Then we’ll hop over to a friend’s house (only a 10 minute drive from there) and collect them, their kids, and they’ve got a bunch of weapons as well. My best friend’s hubby is a mechanic, and he can help outfit the perfect zombie apocalypse survival vehicle.

  14. Excellent! A contest! 🙂

  15. After I verify where my family is, all three children and my husband…we would determine if we are coming together or not, say our emotional goodbyes if necessary and relocate.
    Nearest high rise building, after running off to get tools, foods, weapons, and supplies. Lockdown.

  16. I would call my brothers-in law, and tell them it was time for target practice.

  17. What would I do? Honestly, I’d probably die. But I’m hoping if I arm myself with something sharp and pointy, I’ll make it through a week or two. 😉

  18. I’m already prepared for such an event, if I want to be quiet when killing I can grab my katana’s but if I wanted to grab something more powerful I’d go for a fully automatic ar47. I like weapons of course I live in the middle of nowhere (to me anyway) so it wouldn’t be hard to defend our place.

  19. I would first seek my weapon then hunt for a really great hideout, as for a weapon, I think something along the lines of an extremely sharp sword would be best. Guns only work for head shots and if you run out of ammunition, they are pretty much worthless. A nice sword, though, especially one that is double-sided, is an excellent fighting tool.

  20. The old ‘double tap’ with a shotgun would be good, but I’d probably shoot my foot off. Hmm, I would choose the Mercy’s Walking Stick, because it becomes whatever you need. I wood choose a castle or large house that has lots of tunnels and hiding places. I just have to figure out where that is!

  21. I want a semi automatic weapon with unending ammo and a battle axe! I could wield an axe!

  22. I still say a cudgel is the way to go!

  23. I have no weapons at hand except what is in the kitchen. So, 1 big knife and a cast iron frying pan. That really isn’t a great plan. I may have to rewatch Zombieland and Resident Evil. Not sure I’ll ever take shooting lessons to perfect that double tap thing though. I’m zombie bait. lol

  24. My plan is to take over the MDI processing plant. Not only is it surrounded by a very high razor topped fence but with all the transfer trucks to reinforce the fencing there should be enough food and acreage to plant, we should be able survive for a long time. Weapon of choice would be the sabre or the bow and arrow.

  25. The titles catch your eye with the one word thing going on. 🙂

  26. Those are hard questions to answer. Would depend on where I am when it all goes down….

  27. I would hide out in the country with family and friends. My weapon of choice would be a flame thrower to fry the zombies.

  28. I think I would head out to sea. Better to be sea-sick than attacked. As to weapons I’m think flame-thrower. Maybe not the best thing on a boat though.

  29. I’d probably go hide somewhere in the woods far away and take a blow torch with me just in case.

  30. Our family (and neighbors!) have a Zombie Contingency Plan. We live near two supermarkets and plan to raid them. Our home is two-family. Sadly, our first floor tenants will have to fend for themselves while we take up residence in the top two floors. Better vantage points. There is a stone building with narrow windows not far, should our house be compromised. Weapon of choice is crossbow and long-handled hammer.

    *I had no idea, until this moment, how much of a freak I am about the Zombiepocolypse!

  31. In the event of a zombie attack I would visit my son who’s read all the right books and lives on the 6th floor. I’d have to get there first, I suppose, but I’d pretend to be a zombie. Bury my nose in a book and that’s not hard.

  32. I’d sharpen my machete and get myself in with a crowd of big people. I’m tiny with little meat so any zombies would only go after me as a last resort ;).

  33. gayle neumeister

    machete and bow would be my choice of weapons would gather family and head out to the mountains

  34. A mid-sized lighter sword would be my choice and bow and arrow for hunting. I would get my family together and head to a remote area.

  35. I’d board/barricade the house and my weapon of choice would be a long sword or flame thrower!

  36. In case of a zombie attack I would barricade my house and my weapon of choice would either be a gun or an axe.

  37. a gun and hope it works to kill them again

  38. I am so digging this contest!! I love reading zombie books, so hopefully some info has gotten lodged in my brain to help me out in the zompocalypse! I love going to the shooting range too, so I’ve got the guns covered. I would want a machete too, a baseball bat, I think pretty much anything at hand could be used as a weapon in a tight situation!!

    • forgot to mention that if I could, I’d hang in my house since I have food stored, but if I had to bug out, there’s a place close by out in the forest that my husband and I go to, we could hide out there for a while!

  39. I live in South Florida so I would put up the hurricane shutters, thereby making my house into a bunker. My preferred hand to hand weapons are my kukris as they would easily cleave a skull in twain and an aluminum baseball bat.

  40. I would grab my bugout bag and head to the location my friends have talked about, cause it will happen so we want to be prepared. My trusty wooden bat with nails sticking out of it would be my first weapon to grab but there will also be another bag filled with blunt and sharp weapons cause they never run out of bullets.

  41. Panic then start slashing with a machete

  42. It would have to be a gun. A BIG &%(@^)* gun. Cause I have watched every episode of Walking Dead and I don’t plan to get any closer than necessary…

  43. I would be WORTHLESS in a zombie apocalypse! haha. But I would go to one of those gated communities and hole up in a mansion there with tall walls. It would be an easy place to defend. At least you would have a safe place where people could defend the walls and others could search for food! My weapon of choice would be a samurai sword! That seems to work well in The Walking Dead!

    • Hi Meg!

      Thanks for stopping by. I think you would be great for the ZA! At least you have a plan. I have no plan. LOL though I am seriously thinking flame throwers might be good. hehe

  44. I would try to hole up in a Wal-Mart or Sam’s Club store and use the heaviest merchandise to block the entrances and wait it out as long as possible.

  45. I’m not very brave so I’d probably just hide in my closet, but according to a recent poll I took my Zombie weapon of choice is maniacal clowns!

  46. I would get the biggest & sharpest knife I could find and get my hands on a gun that can shoot LOTS of bullets within a few seconds and get my zombie hunting on!!

  47. I there were a zombie attack first I guess I would find a place with the family that was surrounded by water since zombies cant swim. My weapon of choice would be a tire iron since those arre easy to come by and are sharpish and heavy enough.

  48. darn, I missed it! Well hopefully I’ll get the next one! I love books! especially zombie, vampire, horror, any really, lol. i just love to read!