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I would like to welcome all of those who are new to Bitten by Books and thank you for joining us today with the fabulous Jim Butcher! Jim has generously given up a portion of his extremely busy day to be with us here again to answer your questions. The event takes place right here below the post in the COMMENTS section.

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“On a night like any other, Chicago’s only professional wizard private detective, Harry Dresden, answers the phone to hear not a client—but his old flame, and now vampire, Susan Rodriguez. And she has news for him.

Harry he has a daughter he has never known…and the girl has been kidnapped.

Long ago, when Susan was Harry’s lover, she was attacked by the vampiric Red Court, transforming her into half-vampire. Susan thought she could fight both her savage gift and those who cursed her with it, and years ago disappeared to South America, leaving Harry for the sake of his own humanity.

Now Arianna Ortega, Duchess of the Red Court of vampires, blames Harry for the death of her husband—and she wants vengeance. Discovering that Harry is the true father of Susan’s child, Arianna will stop at nothing to avenge Harry through killing his long-lost daughter. With the White Council of Wizards and the Red Court in a state of détente, Harry finds himself working alone, supported only by resources inadequate to challenge the forces of the entire vampire Court. In the past, there has always been a line Harry was never willing to cross, and though dark powers tempted him time and again, he never gave in. But then, only his own life had been at stake before. How far will he go, and what bargains will he make, to bring home the child he never knew he had?”

About Jim Butcher
A martial arts enthusiast whose résumé includes a long list of skills rendered obsolete at least two hundred years ago, #1 New York Times bestselling author Jim Butcher turned to writing as a career because anything else probably would have driven him insane. He lives in Independence, Missouri, with his wife, his son, and a ferocious guard dog. You can visit his website at: http://www.Jim-Butcher.com

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  1. Hi Jim, thank you for doing this.
    My question is about the Archive. We know that she knows everything that has ever been written, or probably printed on paper…but does that extend to digital information stored on computers? If it’s all 1’s and 0’s can she decode it, as it were?

  2. Jim, I may be mistaken but over time has Harry grown in size at all?

  3. I was wondering why wasn’t elaine included in the big climax part in the last book? Since she’s a technically strong wizard and all…

  4. Thank you sooo much-knowing Harry- he will save his child.infuturebooks what kind of “power(s)” will said child have?

  5. Will Ghost Story continue one year after changes or will it start immediately following the end of changes?

  6. Thanks for doing an online chat for those of us unable to make it to your signings. It was once mentioned almost in passing that their is a jade court of vampires. Will they ever make an appearance? and how are they different than the other courts?

  7. Welcome, Jim! Thanks to you and BBB for doing this. I can’t wait to see what we learn today. 😀

  8. Kelly S. Wants to what advice Jim would give to aspiring young Urban Fantasy Writers?

  9. Thought I would stop by and say hello. Loved the Q&A in Kansas City Jim. Hope the ladies aren’t too hard on you today. Thanks for stopping by.

  10. Caitlin C: As I am currently listening to the audiobook of Changes (which is beyond awesome, by the way), my question is how many books do you plan to write for the Dresden series? 🙂 Thanks!

  11. Hi and thanks for all the books!

    This is my question. On your website forums I have several times read a claim that you have made a comment somewhere that not only is the ability Harry has over Outsiders not unique to him, but that Elaine also has the same ability.

    However no one seems to be able to supply an actual reference to you saying this? Is this actually true or just something repeated often enough that now everyone believes it? Basically, how many “Outsiderbanes” are there in the world and is Elaine one of them?

    Thanks! 🙂

  12. Hi Jim! Just wanted to say hello and tell you I can’t wait to read Changes(should be receiving it today). Would love to see you in the Dallas area sometime!

  13. Hello, Jim.

    I have to say that the Dresden Files is one of the best series I have come across in a long time.

    My question: You have said that you left Harry’s romantic life organic when you originally plotted the series so it would develop naturally. However, for Changes (which I am still reading) and for Harry to have a child, he had to have the encounter with Susan. Was that an exception or are the broad strokes filled in and the details left to develop?

    Thanks for doing this since I cannot make it to any of your appearances.

  14. Janice M. Cameron

    Hi Jim

    I just received my copy of “Changes” in my mail today. Can’t wait to start it. 🙂 What I would like to know is where you get your ideas for the villains in your books?



  15. Hey Jim! Hope the wrist is healed up some from the signing tour!
    My question: In the past, Harry has always used a revolver for his handgun. When asked, he answers (or internal monologues) that the simpler mechanisms of the revolver have less chance of getting fouled by the Murphy’s-Law-Field wizards make. However, in the last book, he picked up one or two modern semi-automatic pistols without any thought towards this previous issue. Does this mean Harry has a better grasp of his magic, allowing him to at least not interfere with gun mechanisms? Or was his refusal more of a personality quirk, when he would have been fine using a more modern pistol design?

  16. Hi Jim – Thanks for doing an online Q&A for the benefit of people like me who weren’t able to make it to any of the signing events. 🙂

  17. what gifts will Harry’s child have? Like he isn’t gonna save said child-no matter what!

  18. Jim, will we need to wait until next April for the next book to find out about what happens to Harry and his friends, or will the short stories that are coming out sooner tell us what happened?

  19. Jim! This is why we can’t be friends anymore.

    No question, but thanks for an EXCELLENT read, and hope to see you at Dragon Con this year.

  20. Just to clarify, does Aftermath take place/start 45 min after Murphy leaves, or 45 min after the very end of Cahnges?

  21. Hi Jim, I’m not sure how spoilery I’m allowed to get, so I hope my vagueness doesn’t throw things off. My first question:

    Does Eb know about Thomas?

  22. Jim, Thanks for a wonderful read, think CHANGES is the best book I’ve read in a long time. ***SPOILER Question*** – Did you think twice about sacrificing Susan at the end, or was that your plan all along? Regardless, a very powerful scene and I commend you for writing it. It takes a lot to bring tears to my eyes.

    Michele S.

  23. Will “Ghost Story” follow the trend and be one year or so after Changes?

  24. Hey Jim, just finished Changes last night and wanted to tell you you’re an evil bastard. 😀
    With Codex Alera finished now, what can we see next?

  25. Dear Mr. Butcher

    Your website says you already know how your Dresden series will end. I was wondering, when you started on this great adventure, did you know how many books you would write and how many subplots you would create? How far from your original story have you ventured?


  26. Hello Jim,
    The Boston Comic-Con was last weekend. Since you are also writing comics is there any chance that we here on the east coast will see you in Boston next year?

  27. Jim, What made you come up with the series? was it a dream etc.

  28. Hi Jim and thanks for the many hours of pleasure reading all of your books. And another heartfelt thanks for giving my children something to do rather than finding ways to get themselves into trouble.

  29. Hi Jim,
    Absolutely love the books. My 16yo son got me hooked. I still have about 10 pages to go with Changes but will finish it tonight. No questions, just wanted to tell you I am inlove with Harry and all the other characters.


  30. Fumbles around in the dark… Morning, Jim… well it is way morning here (3.00am). Thanks for taking the time to chat with us… Will you be heading down to Australia for Worldcon? Would like to know so that (kidding here) becasue I so want to throttle you for leaving us with the cliff hanger…. WAAAAAAAA. (had to get that off my chest; Loved Changes and I want the next book, NOW).

    People monitoring this; yep, I’d love to win (another copy) in ther raffle. so yes, I did rsvp.

  31. James Marsters does an awesome job on the audio books. Do you ever offer input to James about certain characters regarding how you think they should sound or is that all James?

  32. I’m just happy I am on this chat, because I finished Changes last night and I can’t tell you how happy I am to learn about Ghost Story for next year. Thank you, Jim, for Harry Dresden. He is one of my personal favorite fictional characters/heroes of all time.

  33. Hey there, I was wondering if Thomas would ever go back to nibbling the way he did before the end of Turncoat? I miss him that way!!

  34. Hi Jim. I don’t have a question about your books. I just love both your series and wanted to tell you how inspiring your writing is to me. Thank you. I am wondering if you would consider coming out to Salt Lake city on one of your tours some day. You have a growing fan base out here and we would be honored to have you.

  35. Loved Changes, and First Lord’s Fury you evil genius. Can’t wait for more Dresden, as well as any other books you’ll write. My question is: You’ve said before that you didn’t plan out Harry’s love life. Did you however plan out his relationship with Susan ahead of time?


    “what gifts will Harry

  37. Hi Jim!

    Thank you for Harry Dresden. He’s a joy to read about. Also with the books being published, they make a great belated birthday present for me.

    I know writers introduce a gun in the first chapter so it will be used by the last chapter. So my question is how long will readers have to wait for Harry have the miserable task of fight his friend Fix, the Summer Knight?

  38. I need to thank you for doing this as well, from all of us Canadian fans.

  39. Hi Jim,

    How did you come up with the idea for Bob and his love ofromance novels?
    Hope you plan to write many more harry dresden books.

    RSVP’d for Carolyn Crane
    voted in the poll

  40. oh whoops forgot to say i rsvped with my question earlier 😛

  41. Hey Jiiim! I’m still going through book 12 but it’s been great already.

    Here all over from Peru woo! (Yes, you have fans here – and I’m guilty for turning most of them 8D)

  42. Jim, first off, AWE. Secondly, the cat. And thirdly, will you ever be out in the DC area for signings? Many thanks for your awe-inspiring books.

    -Garrett (myyrneopia on twitter)

  43. Sorry I’m asking so many questions Jim. But i was wondering if you could give us fans a bit more info on your upcoming short story “Love Hurts”. Thanks again.

  44. Good day, Jim!

    I’ve been carefully considering what to ask. Do you happen to have any planned titles for the future books, if that wouldn’t be too much of a reveal for the direction of the series?


    Carl H.

  45. Hi Jim,

    Absolutely loved Changes, read it in less then a day. My question is this: When are we going to see more screen time for the outsiders? Other then a walk-on by He Who Walks Behind, we’ve only heard about them and the horrors they inflict, when will we get to witness the carnage first hand?

  46. Kelly S did RSVP.

    ‘Nother question, I think it’s been mentioned that Harry goes to a drive-in theater to see movies, but how has he picked up stuff like the Evil Overlord List (an Internet thing) if he can’t use computers? Did one of his geeky friends print it off for him or something?

  47. Hi Jim!
    Thanks for a most excellent series! Loved meeting you and hearing you and your lovely wife speak a while back at Mile Hi Con.

    I’m about 2/3rds the way through “Changes” and WOW! Great addition and man i the title fitting for it without being too spoilerish. *winks*

    My question is, Harry seems to be amassing an every growing pile of resources (both physical and non-material, things and relationships and powers…the usual LOL). He has to call on some of those (without naming any and being a spoiler) in the current book. Is this some big stockpile/arms build up leading to an end game you have fully formed in your mind, or are you playing with things as you go. I guess the shorter version of this question is how far ahead do you have things planned for Harry and is there a set end point to the series?

    Thanks for taking the time to do this since none of your signings were close enough to Denver for me to get to!

    Hugs to you and Shannon!
    Maggie Mae
    ps I did RSVP but I don’t need to be entered for the book since I already have it 🙂

  48. Hi Jim, I was hoping to see you in Houston last week, but did not make it down from Dallas.

    I was wondering how much of yourself is in Harry?

    I love your books and write faster, because reading slower is just not working for me. Thanks for keeping me and my friends completely entertained!

    RSVP, already sub to BBB newsletter, tweeted event (kerbear12221)

  49. Thanks a ton for doing this Jim. Huge fan of both your series.

    My question is in regards to the release schedule of the books now that Alera has finished up. Will Dresden still be on a one-book-a-year schedule, or can we expect them a little sooner?

  50. Just wanted to say I RSVP’d and posted the link on FB:)

  51. Hi Jim! I’m looking forward to your responses to some of the previously posted questions. I’m also curious to hear an author’s perspective on the whole eBook/Amazon/Publisher mess going on right now. As I have a vested interest in the situation, I’ve been trying to keep up with what’s going on, but I’m never sure if what I’m reading is the truth. As an author, what are your thoughts on the current conflicts between publishers and distributors over eBooks and how does it all affect you?



  52. Jim, thanx for all the outstanding books and comics. Its been a pleasure to be along for the ride. I’ve enjoyed watching the characters and your writing evolve each year, and I keep shoving your work down friend’s throats. I’m curious if you have a definitive ending in mind for Harry? Have you written the final Dresden story in you head, or is that still something that hasn’t materialized yet?

  53. With the way Changes ended, the boards on your website have been going crazy with theories. I’m pretty sure some of the older members must have come up with some theories that lay pretty close to what actually happened. In such cases, when you do get around to spending some time on the boards, what is your reaction? Do you laugh and poke fun at theories that may be wayyyy out there? *grin*

  54. Oh, right. I did RSVP as well. 🙂

  55. Since you’ve finished Codex Alera now, and you seem to have the ending to the Dresden Files thought out, do you have any plans for another series now or later?

    rsvp’d, voted in poll, facebook’d, already subscribed to newsletter

    (forgetful, us)

  56. Hey Jim
    Firstly thanks for filling my bookshelves and a large portion of my life with your books. As for the question… Will you be coming to the UK anytime for signings??
    And secondly will the Dresden File’s come faster now the Codex Alera is finished, or do you have some other loveliness in the pipe line for us??


    “Jim, What made you come up with the series? was it a dream etc.”

    It was a college assignment, originally, in my Writing a Genre Fiction Novel class.

    “James Marsters does an awesome job on the audio books. Do you ever offer input to James about certain characters regarding how you think they should sound or is that all James?”

    It’s all James. 🙂

    “Your website says you already know how your Dresden series will end. I was wondering, when you started on this great adventure, did you know how many books you would write and how many subplots you would create? How far from your original story have you ventured?”

    I originally planned for 20 books, but it took me 12 books to fit in the events of what had originally been planned for 10. So, it might take us 22 to 24 books to get to the big old honking apocalyptic trilogy which I’m planning to use as a kind of capstone for the series.

    “Does Eb know about Thomas?”

    Harry doesn’t know, one way or the other.

    “Would like to know so that (kidding here) becasue I so want to throttle you for leaving us with the cliff hanger

    • Finish? End? Why does it have to end? If he’s a wizard and you can get him back out the other end of Ghost Story, shouldn’t he have at least another few centuries ahead of him? I mean… I know YOU can’t write his stories for the next 300 years, but… you have progeny, do you not?

      I want Harry running the offices in Edinburgh. From Chigago, of course.

  58. The first time I heard your name was while searching for an anthology featuring Sherrilyn Kenyon. Your name popped up over and over in the reviews. Unfortunately, I didn’t get around to reading the anthology.

    Most recently, my husband found a TV program on Netflix called Dresden Files. I saw your name and thought “Hey! I’ve heard of him before!” We’re only a few episodes into the storyline, but I’m enjoying it. When I saw Bitten By Books was featuring you, I was immediately interested.

    My Question: For someone unfamiliar with your written work, which novel would you suggest for starters? BTW, I’m big into series. So if you could make a suggestion there, I’d love it.

    ReenaJ (First name, last initial)

    I learned to share in kindergarten.
    Tweet: http://twitter.com/ReenaJacobs/status/12174754655
    I RSVP’ed

  59. A follow-up query for you, Jim.

    Is there any chance of you coming out to the St. Louis/St. Charles area again for another book signing? I was at your previous signings and they were awesome! I was the guy who made the butcher block for you to autograph.

    RSVP’ed as Carl H.

  60. Jim, thanks for another wonderful book. I don’t know how you do it but reading one of yours over the usual fare is like tv in color when you’ve only had black and white….a whole different thing. I must agree that you are at least quasi-evil….its going to be a long year waiting for the next one. Hope you will make it to Minneapolis again (or perhaps Sioux Falls) on your next tour.


    Having some technical difficulties here. The site keeps crashing IE, and I keep losing my answers. Please bear with me while I switch to Firefox.


  62. Jim! IE! You should be ashamed lol! Firefox ftw!~

  63. Howdy Jim,

    Changes was awesome this next year will feel so long.
    Quick question about Donar’s (Odin or an older/wiser Thor?) secretaries me and some guys were wondering what in norse/germanic mythology they were.

    thanks cant wait for more short stories!

  64. (Spoiler Question, beware) SOrry another question about book 13. You said at one of the Turn Coat book signings (saw it on Youtube) that Bob would be the main sidekick, is that still the plan? I love Bob.

  65. Will Justine (?) Thomas’s true love be showing up in future books? And is there a possibility someone could come up with a solution to their issue? (CHanges …. oh my yes!)

  66. I have more of a request than a question. You are my favorite author of all time. I have shoved your books at anyone who will listen to me.

    My request/question is this. Have you ever considered writing a out and out science fiction novel?

    And if so…PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING HOLY…DO IT!!!! I have yet to find a good science fiction novel or novel series out there and you are the only one who could do it!

  67. I have seen some interesting feedback on the way you ended “Changes” on several sites, and let’s say it was not positive (and some was positive).

    What would you like to say to the “Nay Fae sayers” about “Changes” or future possibilities it will bring?

  68. I think it was mentioned on your forum that in Changes someone who had soulgazed Harry’s would describe what it looked like. I read Changes and don’t recall this happening. If it did sorry but if not could you give us hints.

  69. Hi Jim,
    Wait, Harry is dead? No extra life? I am not a big fan of Lea at the moment, his duster would of taken care of that. Lessons from the past has you leaving hero’s in declining orbit. I guess the question is is Harry only “mosty dead” or should we be rifling through his pockets for spare change?

  70. Just wondering, if I know an answer to a question that somebody asks, can I/should I answer before Jim? Anyone can answer this for me. Thanks.

  71. Quote from Jim Butcher: “Cliffhanger? What cliffhanger? 😀 Cliffhangers are when you DON

  72. Blows a raspberry at Jim.

    Bad IE… taking Jim away from us, or is, Jim, that you have your own Murphytonic field thing happening? One thing that confused me, is why did the Blood Curse work it’s way back through the Red Court?

  73. Hi Jim!

    Thanks for dong this.

    You have been a busy man! I saw you at the signing at Murder by the Book in Houston last Tuesday. As I understood it, you immediately went from there to another city to do a signing the next day! So … are your wrists coming off yet? Have they staged a boycott? I have NEVER seen that bookstore that crowded for a signing before. (… not that I’ve attended every signing they’ve ever had there.) If I was any shorter, I would have developed claustrophobia!

    I’m not entering the contest here. That’s partially because I already have that book. I was #119 in line. How many people did you have to sign books for that night?

    Anyhoo. I remember talking to you and to your wife at the RT Convention mass signing a few years back. I still have the bookmark that she gave out 🙂 I loved your answer to my question regarding your favorite Dresden book: the latest. You said that the latest book has the most mature writer and character … or something to that effect 🙂 YOU are the word person. I’m not that great with them.

    Amy T.


    “And secondly will the Dresden File

  75. Why didn’t the FBI/police seem to take any notice of Little Chicago? After Harry’s concern about someone seeing it in earlier books, it seems a little strange.

    Thanks, Derek B.

  76. Will you tell us who the new mentor for Molly will be or will she have one?


    “Now you are just torturing us. 😀 ”

    I’m a professional. It’s what I do. 🙂

  78. Completely agree with and wonder the same things as

    Comment by JustJeanette

  79. Jim

    While i am hoping this is still going on i do have a question for you. Eb’s Staff (while the awesomeness that it is), What is it made of? the way i read it, it seemed to me it was made of Onyx or another dark and black like wood/metal. Oh and please let Mister be alive 😀

  80. Jim,
    Okay so I am totally smitten with the Dresden Series. I can only hope that we would see two books a year insted of the one. Hope spring eternal! CHANGES is absolutely wonderful and I applaud your talent and your imagination.
    Cindy HD

  81. Would you ever consider writing another novella from Thomas’ perspective?

  82. BTW, I want to thank you for coming out to Seattle last week. We missed you last year.

    I also want to thank your hair for saving us from a mugging in the parking garage later that night. I thought the ‘it goes out to fight crime…’ was just an offhand joke… ^_~

  83. Hello Jim.
    One question: Is Harry going to be in a relationship in future books, is he going to have a love/lust interest?

    I love the audiobooks!…..but I have one tiny complaint. The Dead Beat audiobook has been released, true. But it is so very frustrating to see this everytime I try to by it *”We’re sorry. Due to publishing rights restrictions, we are not authorized to sell this item in the country where you live.”*
    It is so NOT fair!*whining here* I live in Mexico City by the way and already read (book and audiobook) Changes. And I will only say one thing about that.
    You’re evil……LOL!
    Thank you

  84. Hey KnightDisiple how is it going today? I am kinda sad nobody has asked when will we get to see Susan again. Read the book twice so I know the answer.

  85. magical liopleurodon

    Who is “the voice”. Is lash (not lasciel) coming back at some point?

  86. Jim,

    No questions from me, as “you’re a professional. torturing us is what you do.”

    Changes was fantastic, hands down the best book you’ve written and I’d read them all. I didn’t think you could top the crazyines of the end for the Alera series, but you managed to write an entire book crazier and better then the end of the Alera.

    Absolutely fantastic and keep up the good work.

  87. Charlaine Harris threw out a tid bit in one of her books regarding a “wizard PI in Chicago that was not doing very well”. Will you be taking any playful swipes at Sookie Stackhouse?


    “Lessons from the past has you leaving hero

  89. Hi, Jim!
    Just wanted to wish you well and say how delighted I am to see your growing success. I have my copy of CHANGES and will be reading it soon.

    Deborah C.

  90. *Spoiler alert* *Spoiler alert*
    When Queen Mab heals Harry to become the Winter Knight does she also heal his burned hand? And what was up with the segment between Leanansidhe and Mouse? Will that be explained in the next book or what?

  91. Had a great time at the signings and wanted to thank you for always being so open to questions. Just wondering what you think about your obviously-not-crazy fans who follow you around? >.>

  92. Damned if we do, damned if we dont. We don’t want you buring out but we want the next book, Now. I’m a long term bibliophile who suffers the eternal battle between more books and needing more bookcases; I find it almost impossible to give away any of my books as I’m likely to go back as re-read (for the umpteenth time) them again. I’d really like to thank you Jim for adding to my pile of re-readers; the books I read when I need to take a bit of time out of the world and know that I’m going to enjoy the ride.

    Now, a question. Are you ever suprised at what Harry ends up doing?

  93. Sorry Jim.

    **to see this everytime I try to by it **

    And when I try to BUY it too. hehehe..

  94. Grrr for the non-answer to my Thomas question. Ah well, I expected as much. *sigh*

    Second question:

    I loved Codex Alera. Congratulations on a successful big finish. Tavi’s on my favorite heroes list now.

    I had to notice in Changes that Mab’s trick of sending out her naughty imagery to all of the Never Never in bodies of water was similar to the trick done in FLF. Which made me laugh because Mab does remind me of the Vord queen at times.

    Did you do that call-back on purpose or was it unintentional?

    Third question:

    Could Mouse really, literally rip Lea’s a** off?

  95. RSVP’d. Already a fan on FB.

    No questions – just waiting for my copy of ‘Changes’ to arrive & wanted to tell you “thanks” for allowing us to reap the benefits of your hard work. =o)
    Kudos on Codex Alera & Dresden, too!!


    “Would you ever consider writing another novella from Thomas

  97. Mayhap during the way too hot weather during the summer, you would like to bring your lovely lady wife to moderate Canada and do some book signings here? (Calgary) Thanks for feeding the addiction!

  98. I am in awe of your ability to stretch characters. Any advice to writers (I’m doing traditional mystery but it applies the same to all fiction) on how you keep pushing–yourself as well as the characters?

  99. Jim,

    Hi, you’re by and far one my most favorite authors, I was able to make it to the signing when you were in Oakbrook, IL for the release of Turn Coat.

    Anyways, my question is this: What made you choose the Aurora, IL drive-in and Chicago in the general sense of things for the basis of the story? Oh, and a side note, did you know that the Aurora drive-in closed and the only drive-in theatre we have these days is in West Chicago?

    S. Reed (I did RSVP yesterday!)


    “When Queen Mab heals Harry to become the Winter Knight does she also heal his burned hand?”


    Mab digs scars. 🙂

  101. So you say he gave his life-so is that a confirmation ( sorry folks, SPOILERY STUFF) the assumed death (by myself, can’t speak for others) is certain? Sorry for the poor wording, my brain is mush right now.

  102. 1.) Are we going to find out for certain (not speculation) who hired the hitman in Changes?
    2.) Are we going to find out where the Hexenwolf belts came from in Fool Moon?
    3.) When will Harry finally get the whole truth about his past? (As in his mom, grandfather — who they REALLY are/were?)

  103. Hey Mr. Butcher 🙂
    Just want to say thank you for the wonderful stories 😀 I was wondering if you have ever toyed with the idea of writing your own version of King Arthur and merlin legend as it happened in the Dresden world?

  104. Sorry for the re-post, but this seems to have fallen off the bottom of the feed:

    Hello, Jim.

    I have to say that the Dresden Files is one of the best series I have come across in a long time.

    My question: You have said that you left Harry

  105. Is there a video game in Harry’s future? I’d love to see an RPG.

  106. Hi Jim, Does Harry being the new winter knight free him from the laws of magic?

  107. You are a professional and torturing is what you do? Wait, I thought you are a professional and telling stories is what you do. 😀 Hardly matters, we are all in love with your stories and am going to hang on every word (inside AND outside of the books).

    Anyway, the next question I have has more to do with the writing process rather than the story itself. How do you keep track of the many character names? So far I don’t remember you reusing any names. I know some authors like to keep cross-references on character names and profiles, do you do something similar?

  108. Jim,
    I am also miffed at you for bumping Harry off before he could get some of Murphy’s Buttermilk.

  109. Everyone is asking about the books, which is cool, but I have to be odd. Did you like the way Bob and Harry were portrayed in the Dresden Files program? Oddly, I saw that first, THEN read the books, so it’s hard for me to say.

    Contest stuff:
    Already subscribe to BBB
    RSVP’d for Carolyn
    Took poll and commented
    Commented on book chat.

  110. How many years does a standard White Council apprenticeship last?

  111. If the Blackstaff can violate the laws at will and without being corrupted, why did Eb not violate the 5th law and raise Harry’s mother from the dead using necromancy, the way Kumori did to that one guy, and the way Kemmler did to himself?


    “Grrr for the non-answer to my Thomas question. Ah well, I expected as much. *sigh*”

    See above, re: technical difficulties. Also, I’m typing as fast as I can. There are a LOT more of you guys than there are of me. 🙂

    Though I will point out that I’m simply not going to answer any questions which will be more fun to read about in the story. That’s lame for everybody.

    Oh, and as far as my appearance schedule goes, you can check it out at http://www.jim-butcher.com. If it isn’t on the schedule, I’m kinda not planning to be there.

  113. ****spoilers**** I noticed that when Lea said she would take care of Susan with all the honor and respect that Harry could wish and that she would bring Harry to visit when he was ready, she very carefully didn’t say anything about an actual funeral/burial. Am I reading too much into that?

  114. Hi! My name is Harri and I am 13yrs old. My mother made me read your first 3 books but I really enjoy them and I think I will be reading the others too!

    My question is what gave you the idea for Dresden’s Godmother?

  115. Changes spoliers in my post!!!!

    I am interested in knowing if we will ever get back to Mouse’s comment about “winning” Harry. I’m totally mystified. I am also highly intrigued by the Gray Council showing up as 12 in number. So we found out who 2 of them were, i’d like to know how many of the rest we already know and how many of them haven’t been formally introduced to us yet.

  116. Do you have any pre-writing rituals?

  117. Any chance of seeing some short stories about past Knights of the Cross

  118. Hey Jim,

    First, just want to say, love your books. Was wondering if there was any truth to the rumor of a Harry Dresden movie? I enjoyed the brief tv series, and do have to say, if it wasn’t for that show, I would have missed out on a great series.

  119. Jim, you are an Evil Man


    “1.) Are we going to find out for certain (not speculation) who hired the hitman in Changes?”


    “2.) Are we going to find out where the Hexenwolf belts came from in Fool Moon?”

    Several folks have already worked it out, actually. 🙂 The pieces are there if you want to put them together, though eventually I’ll state it outright.

    “3.) When will Harry finally get the whole truth about his past? (As in his mom, grandfather

  121. Jim… You are my all time favorite writer. IMO the best writer I’ve ever read. Just thought I’d say thanks for all the work you do in getting these books done. I can see it’s a lot of work.
    I’ll continue to see you on twitter and the JBForums anytime I get the chance. 😉

  122. Hello Jim,
    My question is Why did they cancel the series? That is how I discovered Harry and got hooked. All of your books are on my TBR or TBB list. I’m on a tight limited budget and can’t always buy books and my local library has no Harry. I believe I did everything to get contest entries except buy the book and RSVP for Carol I tried and got a service busy page. I hope you don’t plan to end Harry anytime soon. Hubby just popped into the room to ask what I was doing, told him and he said to tell you that your Harry graphic novel is on his TBR and TBB list.

    Robin S.

  123. Hey Jim,

    I am suspecting that we are not entirely finished with Alera yet. Perhaps yes or definite no?
    Thanks for your time (although I’d rather have you writing more about Harry!)

  124. At the moment I have no questions. Mostly because I’m in awe of being in the same room (so to speak) as you :). Thanks for some incredible entertainment. I love Alera – such a refreshing new world- and I read an interview where you said that the concept for it came from a challenge (mix lost Roman Legion with Pokemon). Is that true? I have to agree that it is the writer, not the concept that makes the book. Amazing.
    I love Harry – he would be invited to the ‘which character would you have to dinner’ dinner. I would just be sure to wear something fireproof.
    Thank you so much for your time and talent!
    (I rsvp’d)

  125. A personal question: Do you have any nasty, ennoying, habits while you write,especially when you are stressed, such as the evil smoking, chewing gum, scratching “whatever”, crunching hard candy, etc!

  126. do any red court vamps survive anywhere, or are they all dead?

  127. Jim,

    Are you planning on wrapping up all the lose ends tha tyou’ve popped into your books? An example is how you’ve mentioned this bargain Harry made with Lea mutliple times, but never actually visited it directly, but only in hints.

    Will we ever see that full scene/and the many other similar type situation when you wrap up the series?

  128. One last question for you, Jim.

    This is concerning Mouse. When Mouse said how he had “won” Harry, was it literal in that he duked it out amongst the other puppies, or was it more of a he’s-awesome-and-I-was-lucky-to-get-him kind of thing?

    RSVP’d as Carl H.

  129. Thought of another one: Why did some of the red court vampires (after the sacrifice) just revert to being human? Not one of them could have been a younger vampire than Susan… Others died, the half ones became human again (if they were young enough)… but some of the full red court vampires just reverted to being human (and not dying).

  130. Dear Jim Butcher,

    Will anything happen with the Dresdon TV series. My fiance and I really enjoyed it and we are kind of crushed that it was cut short. We were hoping that maybe there could be a movie or something?

    Emma Michaels

  131. Hey Jim, thanks a ton for giving use this opportunity even though we couldn’t make the book signings.
    I have two questions, First are you still into and attending NERO?
    Second, Is Toot-toot’s increase in size due to his actions, or the title and followers he has acquired doing Harry’s bidding?

  132. I like cats–a lot. I was so sad for poor Mister in Changes. What was his fate after the fire? Did a nice person find him and adopt him? Is he gone from the future stories?

  133. does the fact that Slate was sacrificed on the stone table add power to the winter court? since harry was told that if he was sacrificed there his wizard power would forever be part of the courts?


    “I am interested in knowing if we will ever get back to Mouse

  135. “Changes” was absolutely the best book that I have read in a very, long time. Being on vacation last week, I read several books from favorite authors and just said “OH”. But, when I finished “Changes”, I just sat there with the closed book in my hands and said “WOW”. It was also a LIFESAVER as I followed my daughter from store to store and read 128 pages while she tried on Prom dresses. Thank you for this stunning book.

  136. Will we be seeing Agent Tilly in the rest of the series?

  137. Hi Jim ~ I’ve read all of the Dresden books and never been disappointed.
    Do you think Dresden and Murphy will ever get married?

  138. I have to say i agree with Emma about the Dresden Files. It was a show who’s time was cut short. Since Sci-Fi (now stupidly named Sy-Fy) wasn’t smart enough to hold on to what they had,

    Why not give Dresden Files to FOX network?

    They’ve done a fabulous job with many other shows, and I think they’d give the Dresden Files the attention it deserves. Just think about it, ok? 🙂

  139. Dear Jim,

    I am a big fan and will buy any book with your name on it. Thanks for the fantastic ending to the Codex Alera btw 😀 Looking forward to more from Thomas’ POV as well!

    I have to say that Changes was so completely satisfying that I don’t even begrudge you the “cliffy” ending.

    To me the ending was just so completely in character for the series that I wasn’t even suprised by the fact that the book ended on that note. For all the things that “changed” in the novel, it really was the most Dresden of the Dresden Files. Thanks so much for all your hard work.

    Will we get to see more of Ivy soon? I thought at one point that her security would make for a safe place for Maggie to stay. Of course that would leave Harry trusting his kid to Kincaid.

    Thanks again!

  140. **SPOILERs** I think for me the saddest loss was Harry’s home, mostly his laboratory. Is Harry going to go back/rebuild out of sheer stubborness? Or is he moving on?
    A house on deamon reach could be fun… But the commute would be a nightmare. 😀

  141. Hi Jim! I cannot wait to read this newest book. I got my dad hooked on them too and he’s excited as well. I have a question about who you’d want to play characters if they made a movie of the series? Who would be the perfect Harry, Michael, Molly, and Murphy for you?

  142. If the bloodline spell had been triggered by RK killing poor Maggie, would Susan and Harry have been protected from the effects by being Lea’s hounds in the Never Never. Would being in the Never Never itself (hounds or not) have protected them from the effects of the spell?

  143. “Hang on, counting

  144. Will Kincaid make another appearance and possibly explain his demonic side?

  145. hello Jim, and thanks,

    questions I have:

    1)i just saw a post in the last 2 days about Lionsgate possibly working on a Dresden film. I know you briefly touched on the topic of a film at your Seattle signing, but can you confirm if this is a new development in the last couple days, i.e. there could be a Dresden film in the works?

    2)With the upcoming anthologies, how many will there be and which books will each contain & Will there be an anthology of just the short stories as well to get all of them in one location?

    3)Is there any chance to get some of the alternate versions (i.e. Book club style) of the Dresden books for sale on your site? Some of them look very cool, but they seem to be very hard to find


  146. My next question concerns Dresden 13: if Harry did indeed make it out alive at the end…is he going to learn how to ‘speak’ to Mouse 😉

  147. I love your books. That is all. =)


    “I have two questions, First are you still into and attending NERO?”

    Actually, I helped out a little with the founding of an organization made from a group of chapters who broke away from NERO to found their own gaming system. It’s called Heroic Interactive Theatre, and you can find out more at http://www.heroicit.net.

    We still game at the same site with the same folks, but we’re using a different rules system.

    “Second, Is Toot-toot

  149. Jim, I wanted to say thank you so much. My question is really more about the result of the books. How has Dresden changed your life in general? When just writing an assignment was there ever even a thought that your story would take you where you are now? (Having so many people hanging on your every word.)

  150. Dear Jim:

    I read the Dresden Files in its entirety last year, from the Storm Front through Small Favor. I became an avid fan but after finishing Small Favor I went into a bit of withdrawal. So I searched for other fantasy fiction of the same style, and I got into the Laurel K. Hamilton Anita Blake series, where I

  151. Father Falcon: Dresden on Fox….need i remind you of this other great show fox screwed up…..called Firefly lol no no Fox for Dresden lol

  152. Hi Jim,

    Thank you for dropping by today. I RSVP-ed for this and I have a question for you:

    I love your Codex Alera series and was wondering if you plan to do anymore set in this world or are you done with it completely? Do you plan to do another Fantasy series similar to this one in the future?

    My boyfriend LOVES the Dresden Files Series and always grabs them when he goes to a bookstore.

    Thanks for answering my question, Jim. I look forward to starting this series soon.

    Dawn R.

  153. Hi Jim,

    Will you be making a stop in Toronto for the FanExpo? I know that a lot of us would like to see you on your book tour.

  154. Jim,

    Thanks for Changes. Anyways, you made mention of a dinner involving Maggie, Eb, and others. Is that plot going to be resolved? Also, I can’t help but notice she’s hanging out with people with a connection to ( and possibly knowledge of) outsiders before she has Harry…

  155. Hells Bells Jim,

    First off- thanks for all the great books. I’ve been celebrating “Christmas in April” for the past few years because no gift I got in December could top a new Dresden Files book.

    So my question is, even though Harry’s apartment was obviously destroyed in the fire, is there a chance that the lab/sub-basement survived? Is there a chance Harry will be headed back there to pick up the pieces?

    Thanks again

  156. Be easier to type if Tux the cat would let me. Anyways, great job on Changes, but have a question regarding Aftermath, the Murphy POV novella. In most, if not all of the previous short stories/novellas you could easily miss them without missing anything in the main books, will this hold true for Aftermath? Yes I am trying to gauge how important the story is so that I can speculate on what will happen in Ghost Story:).

    Another question, we know that Harry’s father, Malcolm, was a vanilla mortal, what about the rest of his family, parents grandparents, etc. Does magic have to follow from Mother/father-to-child or can it skip a generation or 5?

    Changes was great by the way, renewed my faith in the series. Oh and by the way you are a horrible scumbag drug dealer:P Bring on April ’11 for my next hit:).

  157. Thank you sooooo much for answering. Happily going to reread 12 books for clues. That should kill about 1 month of waiting for Ghost Story.

  158. Did Little Chicago survive the fire in Harry’s apartment? I know that there are still people that believe it survived for some of the most outlandish reasons. 😛

  159. Okay- everyone assumes there will be another Dresden book- are they correct? I’m hooked, but also shaken (not stirred) after all the destruction in Changes!

  160. Could Uriel have chosen to help Harry if he had wanted to, or is there actually some universal limit that prevents him from directly influencing the world in such overt fashion?

  161. Jim,

    Thanks for taking the time to mill through the overwhelming amount of questions we seem to be accumulating for you.

    Part of the fun and excitement of the Dresden Files is seeing the way you put new interpretations or spins on a lot of European Folk Lore, Fairy Tales, Supernatural entities, as well as delving into Biblical elements. Do you have any intention of including more material from Greek/Roman mythology?

    Looking forward to Changes.


    “1)i just saw a post in the last 2 days about Lionsgate possibly working on a Dresden film. I know you briefly touched on the topic of a film at your Seattle signing, but can you confirm if this is a new development in the last couple days, i.e. there could be a Dresden film in the works?”

    I’m just the writer, man. Lionsgate doesn’t really keep me up to date on their business, now that they hold the option. Heck, they did not so much as comp me a copy of the DVDs.

    If there is a movie in the works, it’s news to me. I’ll find out about it when there’s a press release, just like everyone else. 🙂

    It’s certainly possible that something is moving, but I find it unlikely that anyone short of a Lionsgate employee or well-placed industry insider would have information like that.

    I’d chalk it up to (yet another) rumor until there’s something more solid to go on.

  163. Bob said that the bloodline curse would be triggered by the sacrifice of an innocent. In what way was Susan innocent? In a strictly biblical sense (not that I subscribe to this) she is a fallen woman having had a child outside of wedlock. Then there is the fact that she murdered Martin and turned into a Red Vampire.

    • Susan killing Martin to become a Red Court Vampire is the key item to note here. Killing him finished the transformation. However, she doesn’t have a chance to do anything to sully her ‘innocence’ in her new form before Harry sacrifices her. She is pure in her new state of being. Which is why the curse worked.

  164. Wow. Jim Butcher is in the house.
    Thanks for taking the time to do this.
    I haven’t read all the post yet, but if you haven’t answered
    these questions yet.

    What’s next for Jim? Do you have another series in mind or one already written?

    Dawn Chartier


    “Do you have any intention of including more material from Greek/Roman mythology?”

    Indeed I do. 🙂

  166. As many people may have already noted (or not) McCoy has in his quarters over a thousand years of journals from master to student, all the way back to the journals of the original Merlin. But has anyone wondered – was what McCoy REALLY getting at was the possibility that he and Harry are DESCENDANTS of Merlin himself? Just another of many thoughts….

  167. Mr. Butcher, thank you so much for attending this.

    My question is, due to the events at the end of “Changes,” is Harry no longer the Winter Knight?

  168. Could a single mortal vessel be the Knight for both winter and summer?

  169. Hey Jim. You da man. Question: When are you going to announce your next big project?

  170. thank you for answering my question about a new Thomas novella.

  171. So if Toot has hitched his wagon to Harry, who did Mab “hitch her wagon” to?

  172. Comment by Brian C


    “In most, if not all of the previous short stories/novellas you could easily miss them without missing anything in the main books, will this hold true for Aftermath? Yes I am trying to gauge how important the story is so that I can speculate on what will happen in Ghost Story:)”

    If you read “Aftermath” it should reduce some of the system shock that’s going to happen in Ghost Story.

    The events of Changes… well, /changed/ /everything/ in the story world. You get to see the first of many, many dominoes starting to fall in “Aftermath.” Pay attention to Will. He might be nearsighted, but he’s got great vision for the big picture.

  174. What happened to Ferrovax (the dragon from Grave Peril.) It would be awesome to have a fight seen between Ferrovax, Harry, Kincaid, and Sanya.

  175. Jim, how have you managed to keep Harry so well grounded? A comment was made earlier about the Laurell K Hamilton books and I used to read them but the heroine has become ‘icky’ for want of a better word… Just keeps getting more magic and while there seems to be an over arching plot to that series it’s being lost to the s3x magic.

    Harry, by contrast, seems to be getting ‘richer’ as each book arrives. A testament to your writing skills I might add. So, does it every worry you that Harry will be come a characterture of a character? I love Harry, he grows, he doesn’t always get it right, he does his best, he deals with the fact that sometimes you don’t really have a good choice sometimes it’s just a matter of picking the least objectionable action…

    Yet, is it shallow of me to want to know that he comes out alive at the end of everything?

  176. I thought I was done asking…but they pull me back in.

    Is there any chance of Huginn and Muninn (Odin’s crows) showing up in the future?


    Carl H.

  177. Was Sirothrax a major dragon like Ferrovax or a minor dragon?


    “Could Uriel have chosen to help Harry if he had wanted to, or is there actually some universal limit that prevents him from directly influencing the world in such overt fashion?”

    A little of both. Technically, it was /possible/ for Uriel to act directly, but the consequences would have been extreme, both for him and for the mortal world–to the point where you’d have to be moderately insane to do it. Or else, really, really committed to some kind of personal moral compass that was 90 degrees off true.

    The last angel to do that is a little notorious.

  179. Hi Jim, Love the Dresden Files books. I finished changes, now that was a climatic battle if ever there was one. I hope to see many more books in the series.

  180. “Many many dominoes starting to fall”?? Good gad man, it’s like your PAID to torture us!
    I feel like I need to stand on a street corner with a cardboard sign
    “The end is nigh! For the Dresdenverse at least.”


    “So, does it every worry you that Harry will be come a characterture of a character?”



    “Is there any chance of Huginn and Muninn (Odin

  183. *holds cardboard sign up* Damn It Jim, we’re fans not puppets…..

  184. “167. Comment by ANSWERS FROM – JIM BUTCHER

  185. DO you have any plans, in any possible future, of holding some sort of fight-to-the-death to become a beta? Can I put my name in that hat?

  186. Howdy, Jim!

    Are there any plans for a spin-off series following Molly or the Knights of the Cross or any of the other supporting characters that doesn’t directly involve Harry Dresden?


    “Was Sirothrax a major dragon like Ferrovax or a minor dragon?”

    He was the real deal, though he was in some ways the weakest of the remaining great dragons.

    Ferrovax wouldn’t have given a damn about some nobody minor dragon being slain. 🙂

  188. *sits in a delighted stupor* Must get more Jim… Must find all short stories and novellas… Must never not have Harry books,

    Why am I starting to believe that somehow Eb and Harry are related……

  189. So, when IS “Aftermath” going to be coming out? I mean, I need to know how long to obsess over this…..


    “Are there any plans for a spin-off series following Molly or the Knights of the Cross or any of the other supporting characters that doesn

  191. Hi Mr. Butcher
    Sometimes your Novels can be pretty frighting. Have you ever considered writing Horror Novel.
    Thanks for your time.

  192. Hey Jim,

    Just wanted to say I’m an addict. You’re books are unique and creative. The plots never let me down! You are a master at your craft.

    So my question is, what was the first thing you wrote (be it short story, poem, etc,) that made you realize you wanted to become an author?

  193. Since we’ve seen Odin on camera, I have one question. How is Thor, and what does he think of his portrayal in Marvel comics?

  194. ** SPOILER ALERT **

    Would there be a wake for Harry at McAnally’s?


    “DO you have any plans, in any possible future, of holding some sort of fight-to-the-death to become a beta? Can I put my name in that hat?”

    Fifty quatloos on the earthling!

    There’s kind of a waiting list. Folks drop off the Beta list occasionally, and I go back to the waiting list to invite whoever is there. There hasn’t been much turnover, the past couple years.

  196. Hi,

    If (when?) you come out with a new series, would the protangist /or the main character (can be two different answers), be Male or Female?

    I am very curious.

  197. Heya Jim. Just want to say…Thank you for Changes. My addiction has been fed for another month or two. Now, my question: Can Fae fall in True Love?

  198. Jim, you got a haircut? nooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!


    “Could a single mortal vessel be the Knight for both winter and summer?”

    Very. Briefly.

    Matter and anti-matter reactions come to mind. 😀

  200. Thunks self on head; I missed the Crows. Idiot!!!

    It’s the little touches that make Harry such a great read…

    Also, Jim, couldn’t you just ask Marcone to slip you a fifty ~.^

    Slightly more curly question; do you think fanfiction has a place in Dresden’s world?

  201. Did the FBI take little Chicago or did it melt in the fire?

  202. I do believe you answered my question, Jim (in a round-about manner) and I thank you for that.
    (gotta run off for now, my work day is finished)

  203. Jim–

    How dead is Kemmler? About as dead as Justin, maybe?

  204. Jim, are there any plans for any Dresden File spin-offs? We had the one with Harry’s brother but it is now hard to find. Any such thing would be very welcome–maybe even a book based on Susan in South America with her as the protag instead of Harry. She is a strong character…

  205. Was the White Council and the Red court ever at war before this last one? what kind of diplomatic relationship did they have? friendly? peaceful? trying to kill each other at ever other turn? 😛


    “Slightly more curly question; do you think fanfiction has a place in Dresden

  207. Is it possible to pass the mantle of the winter night other than by death?

  208. Is the Eldest gruff ever going to make another appearance? And in a match of Him and Lea vs Ferrovax, who would you bet on?

  209. Reply to Bob Fester:
    You haven’t read Changes yet have you? A story from her POV might give too much away even if it was pre-Changes. IMO.


    “Was the White Council and the Red court ever at war before this last one? what kind of diplomatic relationship did they have? friendly? peaceful? trying to kill each other at ever other turn?”

    Mostly it was small-scale conflicts between individuals. The Red Court has pretty much been headquartered in South and Central America, generally, while the White Council stuck to the wealthier nations of Europe, the US, and the upper end portions of Asia. It moderated the potential for conflict, though individuals fought in outlying areas where those general borders overlapped–places like Chicago.

  211. Jim-
    I love your books and really enjoy reading your Q&As such as this, or watching the ones from the last couple of signings that have shown up on youtube. Any chance of you coming up to Alaska eventually for one of your signings to make all of your Alaskan fans extremely happy? We so rarely get anyone good way up here in the middle of nowhere.

  212. Jim:

    Your work has been a true blesing to me spiritually. I found The Dresden Files during a very personal crisis. Harry’s struggles, triumphs, and even his failures helped restore my faith in God and frame my experience properly. I just wanted to tell you thank you and please keep up the wonderful work (although I WISH the books would come out twice a year, but hey…you need a life too). Take care.

  213. Of the Grey Council members who showed up to help Harry, do they comprise the entirety of the Grey Council, or are there more members waiting in the wings?

  214. Fidelacchius responded superbly to Murphy. Michael, Shiro and Sanya have all been revealed to be the descendants of Kings, implying that all wielders must be. But then Susan was able to wield Amoracchius because of her love for Maggie and the purity of her present purpose.

    So, are Murphy and Susan both incidentally descendants of Kings as well? What are the true qualifications to be a Knight of the Cross?

    Now that Amoracchius is again un-wielded, Molly as a descendent of Charlemagne could double as a wizard and Knight.

  215. Does Toot Toot have the potential to become something like the Erlking?

  216. Is it possible for a Winter Knight to also be a member of the White Council? Would that not be a serious conflict of interest? If that were to happen in theory (heh heh) what would be the reaction from Merlin, Ancient Mai, etc?

  217. Jim,
    How do you feel about the differences between the TV show & your books? Do you wince, grin & bear it or have some completely different reaction?

    I get the newsletter
    posted the interview on Facebook & Twitter
    RSVP’ed for Ms. Crane
    voted in poll
    Arlene M

  218. With the demise of the Red Court, will other Vampiric courts such as the White or Black move to assume power in the Reds’ former strongholds?

    Also will we see what Mavra will do Word of Kemmler?

    sorry for so many questions, but new ones keep popping into my head as i read through this Q&A.

  219. thank you thank you jim for your wonderful series that keeps me coming back every time! awesome stuff!

    and yes, i rsvp’ed and signed up for the newsletter, but my questions have already been answered….:)

  220. Is harry going to get credit from the Merlin for literally taking out every red court vampire or will it be kind of swept under the carpet?

  221. Jim, thanks for the link. While I know you can not read fanfic how does it make you feel that your charactres can inspire others to write?

  222. Need to get your latest.
    What is something you haven’t written for Harry to face, that you like to some day?


    “Is the Eldest gruff ever going to make another appearance? And in a match of Him and Lea vs Ferrovax, who would you bet on?”

    Ferrovax would crush them both, if they had time to get ready, got to pick the time and place, and pulled out every resource at their disposal. It would be brief and brutal, like watching Tyson in his prime, when the fights were all 30 seconds long, except replacing his opponent with a 15 year old blind girl.

    There’s just no comparison, there. Lea and Elder gruff are deadly beings. But Ferrovax is a force of nature. MAB would be loathe to take on Ferro, at least head-on.

  224. Donuts seem to be a recurring theme in the stories (along with Real Coke and Burger King). It made me wonder whether the donuts Harry was offered, and ate, in Vadderung’s office might have some real significance, or whether in this case, sometimes a donut is just a donut?

  225. Do you have plans for Bob besides being a ghots in a skull? You have hinted at him dealing with some dark sorcerers before. It would be interesting to see him fall into the wrong hands again.

  226. As much as reading a story will reflect in a readers current emotions/mood (laughing, smiling, anger, crying, etc…), does it also reflect on you while writing a story? Such as, while writing the 2 of the more dramatic scenes involving Susan and Maggie near the end of Changes, did it have an emotional effect on you while writing them?

  227. Jim–

    Will we ever learn anything about the OTHER three vampire courts you mentioned as existing? (I’m guessing the Jade Court will show up sooner or later.)


  228. Will we find out more about Mac? He’s clearly some type of badass, possibly a retired Kincaid type.

  229. LOVED Changes. Ironically, however, my question stems from something in Storm Front.

    WHY did Mab initiate (as I possibly stupidly presume) the Unseelie Accords, and does it have anything to do with the Unseelie Incursion of 1994, in which an entire town disappeared for two hours?

  230. Hi, Jim!
    Both my husband and I loved the Dresden series and really miss the TV show “The Dresden Files.” I always thought that actress Patricia Heaton would have made an excellent Karen Murphy (even though she’s not blond or blue-eyed). Is there any chance there will be another TV series or movie about Dresden??
    So after the TV series died (regrettably), we read all of the Dresden books. I love your droll sense of humor and Harry’s banter. But I hate that he gets beat up so much. 🙁
    Say, I live in northern Lee’s Summit just down the road from Independence. I don’t suppose I would ever just bump into you running around somewhere local? Such as? Is that a current picture of you? I’ll keep my eyes peeled. Don’t worry, though. I’m 60 years old and happily married. It would be cool! But I would probably be too tongue-tied if I did see you around. Take care…

  231. Time to go for bed for me. Thanks a bunch for taking the time to answer questions. It was really nice for those of us living abroad who have no chance of coming to your signings.

    A final question from me if its not too spoilerish. You mentioned earlier that a mortal being a knight of both winter and summer would have explosive results.

    Does the same apply to hellfire/soulfire. What would happen if Harry were to take up Lasciel’s coin and then try to use soulfire and hellfire together? Would that result in Harry dying horribly?

    Thanks and good night! 🙂

  232. Hi Jim,

    Firstly Changes rocked 😀 all The Dresden Files books have been amazing and Codex Alera was fantastic!!
    My question is less to do with the books and more with your touring, do you have any plans to visit the United Kingdom (London;) ) in the future, as we’d love to have you!!

    Keep up the amazing work 🙂

  233. I discovered your books through James Marsters. I bought the CD of Fool Moon first and now have all the books and CDs that are published with orders for the ones not yet out(Dresden files & Alera.)I love re-reading & re-listening to the Dresden books because I pick up new info/connections every time I do.

    James Marsters is the best at making each character easily identified and real.

    Will he be reading “Side Jobs” too?

  234. Quick Question,

    Everyone has been speculating that an enemy of Harry’s hired the hitman. Is it possible that HArry did it himself to get out of being the Winter Knight? Am i right am I right?

  235. Hi Mr. Butcher,
    My question is, there seem to be quite a few times in the past books where Harry could have used magic in order to do certain things easier, is this because his power is so limited or (by age and experience) is it because the story would be less dramatical, or is it that he just doesn’t think to use it.

  236. I don’t remember reading that the Doom of Damocles on Molly was taken off, so due to Harry’s current situation, what is going to happen to her?
    By the way, Changes was awesome.

  237. I RSVP’ed with my full name.

    I’ve occasionally tried to have this question pop up over the years, and Small Favor answered some of it, but not all — do you have (and are you willing to share) the names of all 30 of the Denarians worked out?

  238. Jim, were you on a cruise recently? My daughter sawears she met you or your non-so-evil twin ona a boat from Baltimore to Florida a few weeks back. I told her she was crazy, buttt…
    I love Alera and dresden. I got my GF, both kids and three people at work into the Dresdenverse. Huge fans! Changes rocked!

  239. what are some of the coolest parts of doing book signings for you and what are some of the worst?


    “How dead is Kemmler? About as dead as Justin, maybe?”

    Oh, at least that dead.

  241. Just so you know you made my husband cuss when he read the last page of Changes. It was great 🙂
    No question just wanted to say that we both love your books.
    Thanks for answering all the questions this is much more fun to do at work…than work 😉

  242. What are some of the coolest parts of book signings for you and what are some of the worst?


    “I don

  244. Wonderful series, and an agonizingly marvelous book (Changes)!

    1) Will “Ghost Story” be from Harry’s point of view? (I hope it will be, but the rumor mill is churning that it *could* be another character.)

    2)You said: “The events of Changes

  245. Really enjoy your books (not the ending of Changes quite so much :). Since Harry’s body heals everything completely, shouldn’t at least some of his oldest scars have faded away by this stage?

  246. “Likest thou jelly within thy donut?”



  248. it just occurred to me i owe you a thank you.

    Thank you for putting in such wonderful reference about Harry’s Spidey-senses tingling, Harry smash, Voltron, and all other pop culture things. They always make me smile.

  249. “Yeah, I

  250. Jim, Thank you for the many hours of pleasure I get from reading (and re reading) the Dresden series. I Love Harry. When is the next book in the series coming out?

    D. R. Miller

  251. Have you ever related Harrys character (not appearance) to someone in real life?? I dont know why, but his funny, sarcastic responses always remind me of Hugh Lauries character in “House”

  252. Hi Jim,
    love changes. can you give a hint as to the next book’s title?


  253. No questions as such just wanted to thank you for so many great books, and am looking forward to many more.


    “Does the same apply to hellfire/soulfire. What would happen if Harry were to take up Lasciel

  255. With the light-hearted joke where the characters were cast as Lord of the Rings roles who would you put as Gimli?

  256. I seem to remember at a Q&A a few years ago, you said Tera West would be showing up in Book 13 aka Ghost Story. Is this still happening, or has her character been shuffled down the line a bit due to the change in total number of case file books?

  257. Since Molly is still under the Doom of Damocles, and Harry is indisposed, would it be logical to assume that Mouse is going to be Molly’s guardian, and not only keep her safe, but also keep her from doing something that could potentially get her killed?

    And of all the creatures that Harry has encountered, is he ever going to save and/or need the help of a unicorn?

    Will Harry ever learn of the source of the ley line under Demonreach? Is it possible that the source is an Outsider, considering the darkness of the source the ley line comes from?

    And the “mantle” that McCoy speaks of in his journal – is this some king of guardianship over the island, or the source of the ley line? Demonreach seems to have a future part to play in Harry’s life, and it’s much bigger than anyone seems to realize. I hope that this becomes more evident as time goes on.


    “With the light-hearted joke where the characters were cast as Lord of the Rings roles who would you put as Gimli?”

    Sanya. 🙂

  259. thank you! can’t wait-(but must)for the rest of the story. oh, i havew been reading this book to my son, Brandon, age 9. he wants to know if we can adopt mouse and mister.

  260. Mr. Butcher,
    I read somewhere that the next book is planned to be out in 2016. Please, debunk this. I’m quite terrified at the thought of having to wait a full 6 years, possibly after THE WORLD ENDS, to read the next Dresden File.

  261. Hello Jim!

    First off-thanks for signing that little ticket for me in Houston. My friend wigged out when she got it. 🙂 My question is, for research for Blood Rites, did you actually get to go/visit a porn shoot? 😀

  262. “Oh, at least that dead.”

    And how dead might that compare to a certain hero of ours, hmmm? ;]


    “Jim, were you on a cruise recently? My daughter sawears she met you or your non-so-evil twin ona a boat from Baltimore to Florida a few weeks back. I told her she was crazy, buttt


    “I seem to remember at a Q&A a few years ago, you said Tera West would be showing up in Book 13 aka Ghost Story. Is this still happening, or has her character been shuffled down the line a bit due to the change in total number of case file books?”

    My first answer is “bump her down a couple.” But on the other hand, it might be interesting to see her again in this book.

    We’ll see what happens. 🙂


  265. Mr. Butcher,

    We see Harry gets a lot of face time with Mab. Will he ever get to be face to face with Titania?

  266. Another question I’ve been wondering about, is the Denarians vs. the swords. 30 Denarians, 3 swords – would 1sword+10coins=destruction of sword and coins? Or would that upset the balance of power too much?

  267. I realize that Maggie has a Latina “look,” but I keep coming back to Cowl’s young protegee… Is it possible that Cowl is, in fact, a future version of Harry? YOu mentioned the laws of Magic and a major one is not mucking about in time. Will this becoem as important as I anticipate?

  268. don’t know if you plan to answer this since it was at the beginning…
    But where was Elaine all during Changes?

  269. Another couple questions:

    Are Harry’s thoughts on the first two pages of Chapter 33 of Changes (258-9) foreshadowing for the ending sequence of events?

    Did the *rite* with Mab give Harry knowledge of how to use ice/winter magic, or did he get more talent/juice for using it? I ask because he uses “Arctis” rather than Fuego or something of that nature with Stevie D.

    Again, thanks!

  270. “Angelic types have access to both.”

    Hmmm …this has me thinking. Okay, so thanks to the coin Harry could access hellfire. Thanks to Uriel, Harry can access soulfire.

    However …

    When Lash sacrificed herself to save Harry, she tried to tell him/impress upon him that no mere mortal cover he defeated He Who Walks Behind (i think i remembered that character’s name correctly).

    Was this her way of saying he’s not 100% human?

  271. Where did you find the names of the swords used by the Knights of the Cross? Did you give them those names or did you tap a pre-exisitng narrative?

  272. IMO I wouldn’t have asked Elaine along to save Maggie because A) it might expose her to the White Council +a large number of baddies. 2) Harry might not entirely completely trust her all the time. 3) It’d be kindof weird to have your Ex go with you and your other ex to save the kid she never told you about.

  273. Jim, thank you for chatting with us. I’m about to fall aslpeep at the keybaord so I’m going to head back to bed for a couple more hours sleep… Dawns only just arriving so maybe I can trick my bodyclock into thinking it has had a full nnights sleep.

    Anyway, thank you for taking the time to answer our questions and please know that you have at least one fan down here in Australia (impatiently) waiting for Afetrmath and Ghost Story and ALL THE REST of Harry’s tales.

  274. Hey Jim,

    Tomas, Maggie and now Eb! Are we going to find any more previously unknown relatives of Harry’s in future?

  275. Hi Jim!

    I love your work! I’m currently on White Knight, and reading as fast as I can. lol. I dearly love Bob and his sayings.

    Is it safe to say, that since Bob is a romance addict, he was a womanizer back when he was in his human form?

    Thank you

    FB’d link

  276. Hi Jim – I finally got my 17 year old son to try your books and he loves them. He just caught up to Changes this week. I’m glad I can recommend a vampire/wizard/werewolf story to a teenager and not have to worry about fantasy porn halfway through any given chapter.

    My question is, Thomas always uses a sword in the big battle scenes. Seeing as how Suzan wielded a sword of the cross without exploding, can’t Thomas? And would it help him control himself around the pretties?

  277. Jim,
    Love all of the stories you have shared… My question is do you have plans for another new series? I was so sad to see Codex Alera completed, as it meant no more…(keep in mind after seeing Avatar, we decided the technology exist for Alera to be a movie… we geeky-ly tried to work out a voice cast as well)


    “Have you ever related Harrys character (not appearance) to someone in real life?? I dont know why, but his funny, sarcastic responses always remind me of Hugh Lauries character in

  279. Thank you for all the wonderful books. I love the Dresden Files and I was so excited when the show came out – for that very brief period, grrr.

    Question late so it probably won’t be answered, but where do you find the inspiration for your stories? Some writers say dreams, some just pop in your head. Dresden is so imaginative, ever for us fairyphiles, that I had to ask the most cliche question of the day.



  280. Hi–I have a question about Mouse that I hope is okay for you to answer. I have a hard time picturing what Mouse looks like, other than he is large and has gray fur/hair. What current dog breed does he resemble?

    (Yes, I know Ancient Mai called him a Foo Dog in “Turn Coat,” which is a mythical Chinese temple dog/lion. However, there are several dog breeds that are supposed to resemble these guardian creatures, such as the Shar Pei, the Pug, the Japanese Chin, the Chow Chow, etc. But these breeds can look very different from one another, such as the wrinkly face of a Shar Pei vs. the non-wrinkly Chin. So, then if Mouse looks like one of these Foo breeds, which one does he most closely look like?)

    • For what it’s worth, I always assumed Mouse was a furry Tibetan mastiff. They do come in both a long and short haired version, and someone in one of the books observed that he looked like a Caucasian mastiff… and with all that fur… I don’t know that there are many people who could tell one from the other.

  281. Heya Jim – Will you share why you made ‘changes’ to the way you named the 12th book in the series? It seems with the title Ghost Story for the 13th book, you’re heading back to your normal mode of book titles.

  282. Mr. Butcher, I love your work. Are you planning on doing anything in Alera ever again? I just got into the books this year and am already on First Lord’s Fury. I never thought it possible, but I may like them better than Dresden Files.

  283. Would Bob ever have read any of your wife Shannon’s books?

  284. First off I love the Dresden Files and The Codex Alera.

    Do you have any plans to continue writing in the Codex Alere Universe?
    I think some stories about Tavi’s Descendants would make for a great read!

  285. Jim-
    Read Changes. I wanted to know if you were going to start writing another series or if you are concentrating on Dresden books.

  286. Any chance I could get hints about what Harry’s soul gaze looks like?

  287. Jim–

    So, this book we saw Harry get a gem from his mother to fill the center of his necklace. Now, a certain White Court vampire has a matching necklace. Would it be reasonable to guess that there’s also thus a matching gem?



  289. Hi Jenna E, i also wondered what Mouse would look like and i recently read somewhere that Jim had stated something about it looking like a Caucasion Mountain dog, go to this link http://caucasianmountaindogblog.com/page/2/ and scroll down until you see the man standing behind the dog!!

  290. Jim,

    I’m absolutely addicted to the Dresden series! Got some of my family members hooked too.

    I was so psyched about the impending arrival of Changes that I went back and re-read the earlier books a couple of times and created a couple of charts so I could cross reference events and characters. After spending several hours on it, my friend decided to let me know that other people had already done all that work and posted it online! Drat! Oh well, I still had fun doing it. 🙂

    You are a master storyteller! I can’t wait to see what will happen next.


    “Is it safe to say, that since Bob is a romance addict, he was a womanizer back when he was in his human form?”

    Bob never /had/ a human form. 🙂 He’s a spirit of intellect (which gets confused with “air spirit” in some writings, I believe because air was the element that symbolized the intellect, intelligence and logic).

    Bob’s origins are the subject of upcoming storylines, so I won’t get too far into them–but he’s always been a being of spirit, never mortal.

  292. How/Has the creation of the RPG affected how you world build in your stories. Has it made you more careful about things like environments etc, or is it an entirely anecdotal creation buy the guys at Evil Hat? Also will the work on city building that people like Rick Neal and others have posted on the net going to feed back into the Books. ie. will Nevermore be featured in the books, or the work that Rick’s done on Winnipeg?

  293. Hello,You talked about Norse and Greco/Roman Mythlogy has influenced and appeared in your writing. How does lesser known mythology it in or will it (Slavic, Finnish, Indian, Native America, Sumerian (sp?), etc.)?


  294. magical liopleurodon

    Hi Jim. such awesome books.
    Any hints on lash (not lasciel) making a return?

    Pretty pleas

  295. Thank you for all great book’s. My question is you said you planned on writing a trilogy to end the Dresden Files can you tell me if Harry will be alive to live happily ever afterwards till the end of his days?

  296. So, Jim, did you actually work out the whole list of 9 characters at Chichen Itza = 9 members of the Fellowship of the Ring, and, if so, who was who? (I mean, if Molly decided Harry was Sam, who were Frodo, Merry and Pippin?)

  297. magical liopleurodon

    whoops, sorry for double post

  298. Is it just coincidence that the Blue Beetle and the Water Beetle are both Beetles or is there a batman (batmobile, batboat, batjet) scenario going on in the background?

  299. Are we going to discover any significance to Thomas’ verbal slip (“We need Bob. I mean the Swords” or however it went) or should that have been taken at face value?

    And, of course, thank you. Both for the opportunity to ask and for the amazing world and characters.

  300. Any chance of a Dresden cross-over novel/story with another author’s series?

  301. If you were casting Thomas, who would most resemble the picture you have in your mind of him?

  302. Cathy W. — Jim, absolutely love your work! (And I’ve managed to get many friends and family hooked, as well!)

    My question is more craft-related… I’ve read interviews about how you’ve got a series arc for 20 books, and how you have a loose idea of plot for each novel. Do you ever feel stuck, or blocked, or utterly surprised by how a book turns out?


  303. hi, I rsvped. My question for Jim is what did you think of the Dresdan files on syfy? Also were you as upset as most of your fans that they did not go on wiht the serris?
    done all

  304. Hey Jim,

    I have another question. Were you upset at all with the TV series? They seemed to have changed a lot of elements of Harry’s background and Bob had a human form in the show. I don’t know how much you were involved in the show itself so I was just curious if there were things you would have changed to make it more like the books?

    (Posted on Goodreads.com under the Dresden Files group)

  305. Hi Jim, Just finished the book thirty minutes ago and hopped on. LOVED IT. I have one (actually dozens, but I’ll only ask one) question…Does Dresden’s current condition mean that the Knights power has flowed back to Mab?

    Thank You!

  306. I introduced the series to my friends and family, right? My son, age 12 picked up one of the small Dresden book colleciton I had bought at Borders and decided to begin there.He started with Death Masks. Jim, you only have one major sexual scene of shennanigans in the whole series prior to Harry and Mab in Changes… and THATs the one he read first. Needless to say, my young teenage boy has been hooked from his first book. lol.
    My GF is a Romance novel nutcase, yet she is incredibly passionate about Dresden. Without much in the way of sex… how do you manage to entrance so many of us into Harry’s romantic life? Kudos, Sir…. truly.

  307. Well, time for one last question before I return to the land of World of Warcraft (since none of my other questions were answered, probably due to the spoiler content they would have).

    Will Harry EVER learn of the “secret history” of his mother, Margaret McCoy, former lover of the White King, who planned out the birth of her son Harry, and what is so important about the particulars of his own birth?

  308. You’ve said that Dresden started out as a class project. So does that mean there’s some teacher/professor out there who knows how the series will end? Is there anybody besides you that knows where it’s going?

    Thanks for doing this, and the books, I’ve hooked 2 people so far, and working on more.

  309. Casey T… I always figured Bob and Molly have not yet been introduced. Harry mentioned something in Turn Coat about wanting to keep Bob’s influence away from Molly until she was better able to deal with her own temptations.

  310. HI
    What kinda music do you like? What bands do you like?
    In your office if I walked in what would I see on your walls?

  311. Jim–someone else asked this as well, but I couldn’t see an answer: Little Chicago wasn’t mentioned in Turn Coat, and was barely mentioned in Changes… was it destroyed in the fire? Did the FBI notice it? It’s it gone for good?


  312. I believe you say the Jotun retreated in Changes, any chance of a giant flaming sword appearing ever again?

  313. “Does Dresden

  314. Hey Jim,
    Huge fan 🙂 just wanted to ask, if a movie does get made for The Dresden Files, any chance you could put in a good word for me to be an Extra 🙂


  315. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6q7W2cCOlNY
    For anyone who wants to see how big Mouse must really be. Check out this Youtube link. I think it’s pretty close…

  316. “Is it just coincidence that the Blue Beetle and the Water Beetle are both Beetles or is there a batman (batmobile, batboat, batjet) scenario going on in the background?”

    It was more about Thomas poking fun at Harry by naming his cruddy old boat after Harry’s cruddy old car. 🙂

  317. Hey Jim, big fan. first of all to the guy who mentioned the ravens, think secretaries. also **SPOILER ALERT***** im really hoping harry isnt dead, and couldnt you have at least let the poor guy ahem “meet” murphy first 🙂

  318. Do you have a list of actors/actresses that would be on your list to play the characters in the Dresden files? Who would you cast if you had the opportunity? (for TV or Movie)

  319. Ok, spoilers de-cloaking off the port bow…

    This isn’t a question quite so much as something I just have to say. In the old days, things were civilized, a guy would mess up your plans, you’d shoot him. But thrashing the Beetle, reducing an ORIGINAL Star Wars poster to ash? That’s just plain mean…

  320. The title “Changes” seems less deliberate, even after one reading. I’d have thought something like Red End, something incorporating the significant consequence to the Red Court would be more appropriate. All the titles make sense after reading.

  321. Hi.
    Since I live in Sweden it’s a bit hard to see you in real life to ask question so it’s good things like this happen.

    Hm, will we see more of Harry Subconscious in any of the books (he is somewhat of a favorite character for me) and will we ever met Mike the Jesus of mechanics?

    I’ll sneak in a second question to since you worked so much with The Dresden Files, have you ever literally dreamt about something in the Dresdenverse?

  322. Brian, you didn’t read the novel, then, if you question the title.


    His car, his house, his apartment, AND his duster, GONE?! Change.
    the eradication of a MAJOR enemy, like, their entire SPECIES?! Change.
    Thomas deciding to become a major white court vampire again?! Change.
    Ebenezar comes out as his grandpa?! CHANGE.
    and that’s not all, folks!

  323. Have we met or had mention in the books of who gave Victor Sells his ritual and the recipe for three eye?

  324. pardon, not his house. But his staff and blasting rod. Easy to get those confused, right? Sorry for the typo.

  325. “Jim

  326. The jade court of vampires was mentioned briefly a long time ago. Will we ever see them, or learn how they differ from the other courts?

  327. What is your favorite gaming system? XBox, PS3 or WII? And what is your favorite game of all time?

    And are you thinking about doing a Dresden Files game?

  328. sir,

    What was the significance of the black tar on Ebenezar during his use of the Black Staff? It seems obvious that the staff causes a physical change to the user, but why?

  329. Jim,

    Thank you for writing this incredibly entertaining books. There has been lots of speculation about Maggie’s future. The bloodline curse, it only affected ancestors, not descendants, right?

  330. “Hm, will we see more of Harry Subconscious in any of the books (he is somewhat of a favorite character for me) and will we ever met Mike the Jesus of mechanics?”

    We’ll run into id-Harry again, sure. 🙂 I really ought to have Mike make an appearance, sometime. Let me check the schedule…


  331. Is there any significance to “Changes” being a one-word title and every other (including the upcoming “Ghost Story”) being a duo? I like to think of it as a fulcrum for the narrative to pivot on–like Empire Strikes Back or Half-blood Prince–as it grows darker and more serious. Or am I being too English Professor-y with it?

    And what do you think about scholarship on the Dresden Files? I’ve not seen any, personally, but I have some ideas for conference papers or presentations I’d like to do in the future.

  332. Hi Jim,
    Awesome books!

    I have three questions:
    First – I see that someone else beat me to my question of are you every going to be in or near Calgary, Alberta for a book signing or convention.

    ok, only two questions, I guess!
    What on earth possessed you to, as the climax of your book, why did you to Harry???? I mean, that sounds like something from the Castle TV show!

    Question number 2
    I have been keenly following the development of the Dresden Files RPG and I am curious, have you playtested it? If so, what is your opinion?


  333. Will “Grasshopper” play a greater part in Harry’s adventures?

  334. Hi Jim! I wish I had a question, but my brain is that fried, however I do want to thank you for creating such an amazing world of characters.

    (get newsletter, rsvp’d for tomorrow, complete poll)

  335. I get the title of Changes. The whole book is one change after another.
    You could name just about anyone or anything that seems like a permanent fixture in the series, then it is somehow different by the end of the book.

  336. @Joe Campbell, as I said, I was commenting on the less deliberate clue style of the title. Certainly all the points you make are implicit and count as life changes, but as I said, this is a break from the deliberate title style that was revealed to be a clue. OK, in retrospect EVERYTHING Changes does describe it. And now Ghost Story implies much since we know that Harry’s next adventure may not be corporeal.

  337. Any thoughts to reviving the TV series?

  338. I’ve often wondered about Micheal’s eldest son who was hurt in Proven Guilty. Didn’t he have a dark magic chunk taken out of him? How is he? IIRC that doesn’t just grow back.

    And as far as the Carpenters go, was little Harry affected in an ongoing way by the attack on Charity before his birth?

  339. Hi Jim –

    Thanks for the wonderful series! Changes Question, did Marcone know that there was hit ordered on Harry – basing this on his comment while they were chatting at Burger King. Thanks!

  340. Jim said: “Changes is, in many ways, about loss. About encountering it and feeling its pain. That happens to all of us, sooner or later. There

  341. I would like to take this time to thank you for an excellent set of books that allow me to survive the craziness around me.

    My question is this would you say that these books are similar as the journals McCoy has kept? He did say harry might like to put a thought or two on paper…

  342. Not a question, just a comment–

    I think the events of Changes are going to help The Dresden books avoid what has plagued so many other series… and that’s repetition. So many series end up becoming either a) completely episodic, barely touching the meta-plot or b) they unnaturally drag out plots to the point that characters start acting stupidly just to keep things going. (Think some of those seasons of 24 that depended wholly on characters making dumb moves).

    I really believe that Changes will stave off the stale-ness for some time 🙂

  343. It appears that I have finally caught up with all the questions and answers. Is there a reason why you aren’t answering any of the question about The Dresden Files tv series? I was only able to watch four maybe five episodes. Got angry when I found out it was cancelled. Seems like every show I really like gets axed.

  344. @Brian I suppose. All I know, is I panicked when I saw that the title was “changes,” instead of the normal two word title.

  345. Hi Jim
    How many books have you writen?I have about seven of them but have not gotten around to reading them yet.hope to soon.
    * I Spread the word on my myspace and facebook and here is the links
    http://www.myspace.com/sasluvbooks & facebook.com/sasluvbooks
    * I RSVPEd to be here
    * I RSVPed for Carolyn Crane
    * I did the polls
    * Stacey S

  346. “What is your favorite gaming system? XBox, PS3 or WII? And what is your favorite game of all time?”

    I game on a PC, mostly, though XBox takes second place thanks to Halo.

    “And are you thinking about doing a Dresden Files game?”

    Since I don’t have the time, knowledge, or resources to create my own video game, no. 🙂 There’s this huge misperception that authors get to allow movies to be made or not made, where we turn our thumb up or down and that is the deciding factor.

    The real deciding factor is whether or not anyone who is in the appropriate business is interested in using my material.

    Even small television audiences are an order of magnitude greater than very successful book audiences. I might have an audience of a couple of hundred thousand people, tops, who read Dresden books, now. When the show first aired, that audience was more like 50-75k.

    On its slowest nights, the television show had more than a MILLION viewers. Usually more. Television producers very, very rarely think in terms of “getting a book’s audience for their TV show.” Most book audiences aren’t large enough to do more than form /part/ of a core of viewers–and they’re more likely to be actively /hostile/ to the show, since TV rarely matches up with the books that inspired it.

    The point being that when Hollywood shows up, they offer to buy the rights and give you some piece of the business if it takes off. You get to say “yes I will take the deal” or “no I won’t.” But, at least for new authors, there’s very little negotiating room. You take the deal or you don’t. What happens to the property after that is generally out of your control entirely (with JK Rowling being a notable exception).

    Most new authors jump at the chance to score an option deal, because 1) they need the money to do things like buy food and 2) because if the property /does/ get made into a product, it’s going to mean dramatic growth for his audience, even if the product blows–there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

    If you blow them off, well. You run the risk of losing an opportunity that might never come again.

    It’s always a gamble. Gambling, by its nature, means that the results are not wholly in your control.

  347. Hi Jim ~

    I’ve really been looking forward to this one !!!! Wondering if we’ll
    be hearing at all from the White Court as the Red Court is so involved
    with this one ` Is harry feeling the sexual tension as well ??? ( And
    having to battle that simultaneously ) Thanks……. Ray

  348. Jim,
    We are all suffering here in anguish.
    Will you be releasing a chapter one of “ghost story” much sooner than 12 months away so we don’t die.
    If not will Murphy’s short story tell us how it turns out?
    When will aftermath come out?

  349. What advice can you give to a non writing major (physics) writing a fantasy series, or trying at least.

  350. Do you think it’s hard to write combat or are you just naturally good at it?

  351. I’m sure that this question won’t be fully answered if at all, but “Who was the woman’s voice at the end of the book?” I had to ask it’s been just killing me. I love to hate this book.

  352. Jim. I’ve been pouring over your tips on writing “how to organize this fricken mess” and so on. I was hoping that you would post more tips some time soon. Is that a possibility?

    Also, is there anything dark and sinister about Mister’s missing tail? Or if not necessarily dark, supernatural in meaning?



  353. So with Harry letting Father Forthill make Maggie disappear into their holy witness protection program, will we ever see her again? Especially with the possibility of her having major magic mojo, considering all the heavyweights in her family. 🙂

    LOVE your books! And, I must say, I had to read Changes THREE times to get over the state of shock about that ending. 🙂

  354. Mr. Butcher,

    Having not yet read Changes (it comes in the mail tomorrow) I still have a question (Not a major storyline question)
    You mentioned that all of the Knights of the Cross were of royal heritage. Why is this? Does being royal make you more qualified to be one of the Knights?
    Okay, so maybe I lied. Maybe it was a major storyline question. Sorry!

  355. First, a big SLAP to all the folks posting spoilers! I just got the book today, dang it.

    (Okay, rant over.)

    Jim–I have seen the short story Aftermath mentioned a few times–is it out already? And where can we find it? (Is it in anthology?)

  356. Hey Jim, I’m back. I’m wondering if we’ll be hearning from Macra again?

  357. Will we ever see some of the other people who knew DuMorne while he was alive? Did his foul magic have anything to do with the Black Council?

    Will we see more Lovecraftian nightmares trying to eat Harry? Or an explanation of why he can fight them?

  358. Sorry that was supposed to be Mavra.

  359. Is there any chance of Milly or Vince Graver making appearances again?

  360. reposting this question …

    Fidelacchius responded superbly to Murphy. Michael, Shiro and Sanya have all been revealed to be the descendants of Kings, implying that all wielders must be. But then Susan was able to wield Amoracchius because of her love for Maggie and the purity of her present purpose.

    So, are Murphy and Susan both incidentally descendants of Kings as well? What are the true qualifications to be a Knight of the Cross?

    Now that Amoracchius is again un-wielded presuming an unemployed Murphy takes her sword up again, Molly as a descendent of Charlemagne could double as a wizard and Knight.

  361. Thanks for your response about the video game. If the opportunity does present itself someday – keep in mind many of your readers are also gamers and the Dresden story is one that would adapt well in a gaming platform.

    Either way I really enjoy your Harry Dresden. I read a ton, but your books make me feel like a kid, because magic’s real and the way they are written (roller coaster from beginning to end) I find myself becoming very animated whether its something making me happy (jumping on the bed) or thoroughly pissed (throwing things).

    Dresden is such a stubborn, lovable, honorable bonehead 🙂 Thanks for sharing him w/us.

  362. How is it that Lasciel “died” because of the psychic assault in… White Night? but Bob wasn’t affected (tired but not hurt)in Changes with the even stronger multiple assaults?

  363. Greetings and salutations to you Jim! May I just say that ‘Changes’ is far and away the best book in the series so far. I apologize if this question has already been asked but I just wanted to know, how much of YOUR ideals are expressed in Harry’s character? For example, his feelings on religion and the supernatural and his comfort with being slightly more than human? I find your insight into this intriguing as if finally someone has the SIMPLE answers to those of us who struggle to find it ourselves.
    Thanks 😀

  364. Raonaid Luckwell

    Jim, my husband has been curious about your series for some time. I believe I read the short story in My Big Fat Paranormal Wedding if I’m remembering right.

    RSVPed for Carolyn Crane’s event
    Voted in this week’s poll
    Googled buzz

  365. What is the name of the short story featuring Harry’s time at the Ragged Angel Detective agency?

  366. It’s funny that the Dresden Files takes place in Chicago and yet I do not recall any mention of deep-dish pizza being served to Toot-toot. Should the readers assume the pizza is deep-dish, or are the little faeries, like myself, simply not a fan of the Chicago pies?

  367. Hi, just wanted to say that my husband and I love your series. I do have a question though. A lot of my favorite writers are inspired by music. Is there any kind of music that inspires you? If so, what kind? Thanks! 🙂

  368. Hey Mr. Butcher I was wondering where I could find the information on this new short story coming out in July. I heard it takes off right after Changes from Murphy’s perspective. And I totally agree with JParmann about the books making me animated. (Fell out of my chair on the last page)

  369. Sorry, I wanted to repost this question. Did you plan out Harry’s relationship with Susan ahead of time (as it is so important to the story)?

  370. hey jim,

    what kind of games do you play on the pc? my friend and thought it would be cool to play guild wars with you.

  371. I have a bit of a weird question. My little boy has autism and so that particular disorder spends a lot of time in my brain. I think it has taken up permanent residence there, a bit like a fallen angel with an attitude.

    I guess I wonder what a wizard with autism spectrum disorder would look like. Would they be able to control and focus power, or would it become something uncontrolled? I had this same question flit through my head when reading HP too. Stupid brain, stop thinking weird thoughts. But since they’re there, do you have any ideas on this?

  372. Hi Jim!

    I am hooked on your series and am working on hooking the neighborhood. Whenever someone asks me for something to read, I slip them the first two of your books.

    It’s funny but I think you need to read two of your books to really get hooked. I wasn’t hooked until I read book two. Has anyone else ever told you that?

    Anyway – thanks for the pictures of Mouse – that was totally not what I pictured at all…

    Were you pleased with how Bob was portrayed in the TV series – I own the season DVD and it also was not how I pictured him at all – did you have a say in that?

    I have not yet read “Changes” because it is not yet available here in Israel. But I will pick one up when I go the visit my sister in the US in June. No chance I can do something crazy to entice you to come do a book signing here, huh? Jerusalem is a great city….

    Thanks for all your hard work. Keep them coming and we’ll keep devouring them….

    – Rena R.

  373. Oh just wondering, would there be any wardens stationed in Canada? It could be cool, the Harry in the show could be the canadian version of Harry (hockey stick staff).

  374. I’ve wondered about a prequel that revisits the story of Harry and Elaine’s training and romance, their relationship with Justin and the death match between them, the trial and Ebenezar’s assumption of Harry’s care. Any chance for this story Jim?

  375. magical liopleurodon

    The merlin’s plan for wiping out the reds — did he pull some reverse psychology there on harry? 🙂

  376. Thanks for answering my previous question. Al this talk about The Dresden Files got me to read again the paragraph from Ebenezar’s journal(which I think is the biggest mystery of the series), and while I realize you cannot elaborate on that, I want to know what happened to what the Merlin said:”The Merlin has demanded that we put the boy under surveillance at once.”. I mean in Changes, Harry wasn’t under surveillance.

  377. “First, a big SLAP to all the folks posting spoilers! I just got the book today, dang it.”

    Um, no offense here, but. Did you really expect an author doing a Q&A the week after a big release date WOULDN’T be talking about the new book? You kinda did it to yourself. Not fair to call out other folks on that one. 🙂


  378. Kinkaid gave Harry knowledge of how one might kill Harry and get away with it. Why wouldn’t Harry use that knowledge to create a potent response, just supposing it might happen? One might discover the aftermath in a later story?

  379. Sorry me again. Will Ramirez (as one of my personal favourite characters) have a bigger role again (loved him in White Night)?

  380. I RSVP’d under Adam yesterday, and answered the poll.

    I’ve already said this a couple of times in various places, but Dresden Files is one of the best series I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading, and Changes was one of the best books of the entire series.

    Since you apparently subsist on the anguish of your readers, and mix their tears into your morning coffee, I’ll forgo asking anything from the current book. I expect you’ll likely pull a Robert Jordan and tell me to “Read and Find Out.”

    I do have some questions from the other books, though.

    1) In Storm Front, how did the Black Council (if it was the BC) find Victor Sells?
    1a) …and did Victor approach them to learn magic, or did they approach him?

    2) In that same vein, was it the BC that taught him the bloodline curse, and did they know that he wouldn’t have the power to kill more than the primary target?
    2a) Who were the innocents that Victor sacrificed to pull off the bloodline curse? Wouldn’t he have had to sacrifice someone in his victims’ immediate family to pull it off?

    3) Is Nicodemus Kemmler-dead or Harry-dead? And what happened to his coin?

    I’m hoping you’ll answer a writing question, even though I haven’t seen you answer one previously.

    Have you ever had to balance a full time job with writing? If so, how did you make the time to do everything? And do you have any advice for someone trying to become a writer?

    Thank you for taking the time to do this interview, and for writing such a great series. You’ve got me anxious for next year to get here already.

  381. Thanks for all the fun I’ve had reading your books Jim.
    I recently read The Chronicles of the Black Company for the first time. The character of The Lady reminded me a great deal of Mab. Did you draw any inspiration for Mab from her? Or am I reading too much in?

  382. “You mentioned that all of the Knights of the Cross were of royal heritage. Why is this? Does being royal make you more qualified to be one of the Knights?”

    It doesn’t make you qualified, so much as it makes you /responsible/. It’s a small but important distinction.

    I’ve seen a well-done argument that defined goodness, in the Dresden stories, as power balanced by responsibility–and evil as power without accompanying responsibility to restrain and control it. I liked it.


  383. Mr. Butcher,

    For a large number of reasons, I greatly enjoy this series and its heroes (I’m counting Murphy, as she is my favourite).

    This might be an “unimportant detail” question, but where did your inspiration for Harry’s gestures come from?

    In watching the television series, my husband and I noticed Paul doing a rather “Wonder Woman” deflection of an attack with his shield bracelet, and we noted that in our minds while reading the books, we imagined Harry would have had his hand outstretched, fingers splayed, but we could not recall any specific hand gestures described in the books…

    …until “Changes,” where we have several gestures described. Such as “I love you” in sign language for a warding gesture, and a ‘C’ shape for a newly-acquired icy spell. Did you create these symbols? Or are they existing in some mythology or another?

  384. Love Harry and have all the Dresden books on my MP3 player. Marsters does a great job.

  385. I’ll second Deborah’s cyber slap to the spoiler people. Ya know some of us like to be SURPRISED by endings and are too busy to read a book that fast! EVIL EVIL people. You got to be surprised. *pouts* Okay don’t think you’re evil just not very conscientious about not giving away endings/plot points.

    At 3/4 of the way through Changes I agree it is the BEST title for the book cuz that’s what it’s all about.

    Thanks for the “pictures of Mouse” as it were Jim! 😀 and I know you’ve said you can’t write better but um I work on DNA. Maybe we could see about cloning you….two of you should give us twice as many books right? LOL Seriously keep up the great writing! Even when it pisses me off with the things you do to some of my faves (the Thomas thing from the last book has friend ready to kill you but lucky for you she lives in Alaska LOL) I wouldn’t get so upset if you didn’t make me love the characters so much! 😀

  386. I noticed the ILY sign too, and laughed.
    I am in the worlds only half deaf and hearing fraternity and reading that and sign stories using “classifiers” made me think.

    Could Harry use hand shapes just as well as words to “insulate” his brain from the magical fry?
    That is how you described his using words of power in other books, as only a protective measure not needed but very convenient.

  387. Hi Jim! Thank you for answering all these questions and thank you especially for the awesome world of Harry Dresden. I’m in the middle of Changes right now, and I’m loving it.

    I’m curious if you had a preview of The Dresden Files RPG that is going to be released at Origins (game fair) this year and what you think of it. My husband and I are excited about it. You’ve created a wonderfully rich world to house a good RPG.

  388. “The character of The Lady reminded me a great deal of Mab. Did you draw any inspiration for Mab from her? Or am I reading too much in?”

    You’re reading too much in.

    /Lara Raith/ is the one the Lady heavily influenced. 🙂 Especially the later versions of the Lady, who didn’t have all the incredible magic power, but whose brain was still full of spiders and whose will and intelligence made her every bit as deadly an opponent.

    Mab was probably most inspired, for me, by the White Witch and by Disney’s version of Maleficent.

  389. Please tell me we find out what happened to Mister! Like, hopefully, in “Aftermath”, Murphy finds him and takes him home. 🙂

  390. If you could get a cast together for a movie version of the Dresden Files, who would you cast?

  391. We’ve met and spent time with 5 out of the 6 fairy queens. Is there a specific reason that you’ve kept Harry from a face to face with Titania? Other than of course the obvious reason that she wants him dead.

  392. “We

  393. Jim thanks for all the Dresden books. I’m buying them in hardcover on day of publication now. Great stuff really am enjoying them. The end of Changes was just mean, Nuff Said. Give The Sword of Love to Thomas then he could be called the Raith of God. Thanks again, Jim.

  394. Yes. 😀

    Why do I hear a Mwuah-ha-ha-haahhhh, after you said that?

  395. I, too, came to the Dresden Files through the TV show (though a friend swears he tried to recommend the series prior to that). I have to say that I really liked Paul Blackthorne, Valerie Cruz, and Terrence Mann as their respective characters, even though Valerie and Murphy aren’t a match. I also really liked the hockey stick and drum stick for his staff and blasting rod. I just thought it fit with his personality — kinda like Harry wearing a bathrobe to the Council meeting.

    As much as I liked the show, I do recognize that it could have had better writing. Even before reading the books, there were some scenes that made me cringe. I’m glad it brought Jim more of an audience; it’s just too bad it wasn’t done a little better so it could have lasted longer!

  396. the mwuah-ha-ha-haahhhh comment made me remember something while reading changes.

    When you had Harry say “Laboratory” did you know your fans were going to insert their own eLOL (evil laugh out loud) because I did than I turned the page and saw it.
    It seems like you did that on purpose….

  397. Thank you for the answer 🙂 I think those of us who are tremendous fans of your pop culture references look for them everywhere as well. Or for your ubiquitous extremely well-researched pagan, magic, ancient cultural and/or Wiccan references 🙂

    Now, to hand “Changes” to my husband and watch him laugh and curse and cry! (Doesn’t help that we have a precious little girl over whose bed he might spend a few hours because of your book!)

    Thank you for your work, and I hope our consumption of your books gives you the equivalent of Holiday Pay for that Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year you lost! 🙁

  398. When reading the “Choosing up the Fellowship roles” scene, I had a strange thought. ‘Sam’s not bad Harry, they could have made you Bill the Pony…’ then I vaguely remembered: Isn’t that what Michael’s daughter Hope calls Harry all the time?

    Is that just a happy coincidence or am I way past the grassy knoll now?

  399. Thanks to Forward Momentum for reminding me. Could you tell us the LOTR roles each character got in that one scene? Please, with sugar on top.

  400. In the Dresdenverse, was HP Lovecraft On To Something like Bram Stoker, or was he just an author with a thing for odd adjectives?

  401. Hey just finished with Changes and I’m left wondering if McCoy had to make a bargain of some kind to get the Blackstaff and what was the price he had to pay for the power and why he took it on.

  402. “Have you ever had to balance a full time job with writing?”

    Yes. Basically, the entire time up until I got published. During that time I was writing novels, a full-time student with a need to keep a 3.5 gpa to keep my scholarship, a part-time word-processor for hire, and a part time salesman/yogurt store clerk/campus tech support/local ISP tech support, moving from one job to the next over the course of my studies.

    When I got dropped from the grad program, I started working full-time as an internet support tech. Still writing. 🙂

    “If so, how did you make the time to do everything? And do you have any advice for someone trying to become a writer?”

    I skipped an hour or two of sleep several nights a week, and worked clandestinely on my computer when I was doing tech support. 🙂

    Check out jimbutcher.livejournal.com. It’s full of articles meant for aspiring writers. My really good advice is all over there.

  403. Woot! CHANGES just hit #3 on the USA Today best-seller list, and #1 on the NYT list! 😀

  404. I love your books.

  405. “In the Dresdenverse, was HP Lovecraft On To Something like Bram Stoker, or was he just an author with a thing for odd adjectives?”

    He was onto something. And, like Stoker, it got him killed. 🙂

  406. “Woot! CHANGES just hit #3 on the USA Today best-seller list, and #1 on the NYT list! :D”

    But of course, duh! LOL! Congrats!!! 🙂

  407. is there any significance to the referals to mouse being an ice demon?

  408. Congrats!!! You deserve it!
    All of us LOVE your work, but how do YOU rate it? How good of a writer do YOU think you are?

  409. “Woot! CHANGES just hit #3 on the USA Today best-seller list, and #1 on the NYT list :D”

    Congratulations, Jim! 🙂

  410. “Give The Sword of Love to Thomas then he could be called the Raith of God.”

    Thomas already HAS a sword of love, ba dump-BUMP!

  411. thanks for the lj blog; i just added you to my friends.

    okay which would Harry say is better: the Who or Led Zepplin?

  412. >>Woot! CHANGES just hit #3 on the USA Today best-seller list, and #1 on the NYT list! :D<<

    Congratulations! Well deserved! 😀

  413. Hey Jim, big fan. Now for my question.
    In White Night we see a member of the white court who was possessed by an outsider slinging around magic like crazy. Would it be possible for an outsider to something like that /without/ possessing someone?
    I mean, we really only get a vauge idea of their powers outside of the fact that they can shrug off most magics like nothing and are nearest to immortal that we’ve really ever heard of. I mean, the godlings and such we hear about are from the Nevernever, but outsiders have their own realm beyond even that! or so it seems.

  414. Jim, DUDE you so did not say that about Thomas and his sword. LOL too funny.

    Congrats on the NYT and USA Today!

    Changes rocked. I had to sit on my hands for a month not to tell anybody anything after reading the review copy. 🙂 Thank you for taking time out of your schedule to be with us. Everybody at Bitten by Books is honored.

  415. Hey I was just checking out your writing tips at http://jimbutcher.livejournal.com/
    I was just wondering, after you’ve completed the Series will those CHARECTER PROFILES be available to read? Because I’d love to see them, if only to get a better picture of the Charecter.

  416. Hi Jim! I just wanted to say that I adore your books. I’ve gotten my whole family hooked on them. What’s the hardest character for you to write for?

    joined newsletter
    shared here, http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/profile.php?ref=profile&id=1463087417 and here, http://twitter.com/VampedChik

  417. “Woot! CHANGES just hit #3 on the USA Today best-seller list, and #1 on the NYT list! ”

    It’s worthy. 🙂 Priscellie mentioned on the forum the other day that the listings should be out this week, and judging by the traffic there and here at BBB today, there are a LOT of folks reading it closely.
    Thanks for answering some of the things I’ve had questions on, and I’ve enjoyed reading the responses to some of the questions you haven’t answered. I think you like playing with your readers like Mister likes playing with a catnip mouse, and we send you money on a regular basis for the privilege, and like it. 🙂

  418. “okay which would Harry say is better: the Who or Led Zepplin?”

    No question: Led Zepplin. They wrote a song about the Pelennor Fields.

  419. What did you think of the tv show they did based on Harry?

    Are you glad they stopped it or would you have preferred they continue?

  420. Just how many people/things has Lea killed to keep Harry safe?

  421. Thanks Jim for your wonderful story about Harry can’t get enough of the guy
    Haven’t started Changes but looking forward to it
    Will he ever recover full use of his hand? (hope so)
    Will Michael ever completely recover to come back and fight next to HArry and his daughter Molly?

  422. Guys, thank you very much for your questions! I think this is gonna be all the time I have today–but please feel free to drop by the forums at jim-butcher.com or to give longshotauthor a shout on Twitter. 🙂

    I must go celebrate! With Burger King! 🙂

  423. Thanks for sticking around as long as you did, it’s greatly appreciated

  424. Thanks for taking the time to talk with us, Jim! Really appreciate it. See you around on the forums and Twitter.

    Don’t forget the Coke at Burger King. 😀

  425. May the cardboard crown on your head never fall.

  426. Hi Jim

    I just wanted to say that as a librarian, you make my life a joy and a bit of a pain!

    1. I love your books and I am always handing them to people when they ask me for my advice


    2. If I had a dollar for everyone who asked me what to read now that they have read everything by Jim Butcher . . . and no one is just like you.

    Thanks for all the great books and I hope you have many many more to come!

  427. Thanks for staying as long as you did.

  428. Hi Jim, one of your UK fans here with two questions, if I may.

    1) While reading through the Dresden Files RPG book I noticed that the emotions each White Court house feeds upon and their defences line up pretty well with the Swords of the Cross. (Lust = Love = Amoracchius. Fear = Hope = Esperacchius. Despair = Courage/Faith = Fidelacchius). Is this intentional or am I just making connections out of nothing?


    2) In Changes during the fight scene in Chitzen Itza another person in the crowd yells out “Fuego!” and Harry notices. I was just wondering if this was just a Spanish mercenary shouting out orders or whether it could possibly hint that Harry has a second part to play in that battle at a (relatively) later date through the medium of time travel?

  429. Congrats on becoming #1 and #3!!! both Dresden Files and Codex Alera Rock! I cant get enough. I am so glad to hear there are plenty of more books to come. I am also very curious as to what else you might come up with. Your world building skills demonstrated in Codex Alera are amazing.

    I was wondering about the TV: Series. The Harry Dresden there really doesn’t really live up to the books, but it is good all the same. I was wondering if it was going to be continued. I noticed some one already asked this, but I’ve read all you answers (i think) and didn’t see a response, so I thought I would second the question.

  430. Which broadway theatre would you like a backstage tour of while here in NYC for ComiCon in October. Many stagehands are your fans.

  431. Congrats on your placement. I just got back from checking out your books on your website. My TBR list just got expanded. You mentioned that your short stories would all appear in one anthology in late 2010. Is that the aforementioned Side Jobs?

  432. @Robin

    From what I know, Side Jobs will be the collection of his previous short stories plus a few new ones.

  433. I have a couple questions, 1) I just read an answer to one of these questions, and now my gears are turning… does Titania have anything to do with McCoy? or maybe Harry’s mother? and 2) Isn’t Maggie actually Ramirez, not Dresden? Susan and Harry were never married…

    Thank you for another fantastic book, Jim. Cannot wait until #13, that’s a very special number in the Dresden universe!

  434. Bianca Bury-Rodriguez

    Hey, Jim,

    Thank you for Changes. I facepalmed when Harry got shot.

    My question — does the “Ghost Story” title refer in any way to Bob? You mentioned in one of your answers that Bob’s origins were going to be explored in later books, so I was wondering if the newest book title might’ve referred to that. We know that Bob’s not a ghost, but ghost stories tend to be told to be scary, and since Bob’s what he is, I got curious.

    (Please, if you ever have a character with the surname “Bury”, please let them be awesome, and dear God, let them LIVE.)

  435. Heard about your ranking #1 and #3. Good stuff, congratulations! Love the books. Very inspiring stuff!

    My question is: Mouse was mentioned to be a demon of some sort. Was that just a metaphor or was it literal?

  436. hi jim, i am a huge fan….most of the things im going to ask about you probably cant answer because im guessing if you do it will be major spoilers for the rest of the series so if you wont answer on here can you just kind of hint at an answer or be vague or something, and they are kind of more conspiracy theories than actual questions…..is harry’s death at the end of changes somehow going to enable him (if he comes back from the dead) to be able to shake mabs claims of him off…around how many more books are you looking at for the rest of the series, and how long should we be prepared to wait until the next one?….is there any possibility that justin dumorne is somehow going to come into play because if elaine survived the fire then i think it would be reasonable for an ex warden of the white council to be able to escape….and if you dont want to post answers to these questions on this website because they would be major spoilers or for some other reasons, but would still be willing to answer them you could message me at hackysacker1@ymail.com if that would be preferable.

    Dillon A.

  437. WOW!!!!
    Hi Jim
    You may have already answered my question but I am going too ask
    How many years left on the Dreden Files before it can be picked up again?
    IF I had the money I would produce it for you. Love to see it back on the air
    for dropping by. Now off to read all the questions and answer’s
    Have a great evening!!

  438. I think that one of the hardest things for fans to grasp is the difference between creating & consuming. We just want more! Realizing the effort that goes into making these adventures for us and not being nitpickingly ungrateful is hard for the non-creator. I truly enjoy the books, have already finished Changes, sadly I can gobble a book in a day of reading, and also love to listen to the stories I’ve already read on audio while doing housework etc. Thanks, Susan

  439. Hi Jim!

    I love Harry and the main cast of characters. Do you see yourself branching off and doing a series about Thomas (absolutely love him!!) and any of the other main characters like Murphy? AND, will Thomas and Harry get back to their old relationship sometime soon?

  440. Thanks so much doing this. It’s always interesting to hear the author’s perspective on his works.
    I know you’ve said that you have planned the Dresden series out well in advance. When you finish it (hopefully many years in the future), do you think you’ll pick up another character in Harry’s world to write about or do you think you’ll be so finished with that ‘world’ that you’ll write about something very different?

    Thanks for your novels – they helped me retain some sanity during some hard times (loss of father and 16yr old daughter to cancer).


  441. Sorry, me again:

    Harry is like a dog with an old bone when it comes to family. He fought to keep Thomas (and still fights), so how long will Harry be able to ignore the presence of his child, hidden away from him?

    Also, Molly got her magic from her mother, but with all of the children Michael has shouldn’t another child be coming into his/her magical self. The odds are against just Molly having the magical juice (lol).

  442. Thanks for sharing the worlds you’ve created. Great stuff!
    We’re all looking forward to more Harry and some great new things.
    What might be in store for us???

    (Contest: RSVP’d for Jim. RSVP’d for Carolyn. Voted.)

  443. Well I know from earlier comment he thought 10 books would be sufficient he has now altered it to 22 to 24 books to complete what he has planned for Harry, One book gets published a year so that would mean Harry will be around for another 12 to 14 years. Yay.

  444. It will seem to be a long time till Ghost Story comes out. As I commented earlier just mean. Hey Jim was what the fae saw in the raindrops and puddles? a Sex and the Sidhe Movie? Also in keeping Murphy and Harry apart are you doing the Moonlighting/X-files thing just to annoy us or is it at advancing the plot in some way? Thanks “please I want some more”.

  445. I love your books and I’m eagerly waiting to get my hands on Changes.

    I RSVP’d, and RSVP’d for Carolyn Crane’s event. I subscribe to the newsletter and voted in this week’s poll.

  446. Jim, I was wondering what the status of the Dresden comics is? Will there be more? Thanks! 🙂


  447. What other (for lack of a better term) ‘Titled’ positions or posts exist within the White Council of Wizards such as that of Blackstaff & Gatekeeper?

    Are they currently all filled or are some yet waiting to be assumed?

  448. I’ve just realises I’m going to end up broke. I’d kind of ignored the whole “audio” books as I love to curl up and read but if James Marsters is doing the reading….

    Jim, in the event that anything bad happens to you do you have the last page written and saved away in a vault somewhere?

  449. Wheee, new Dresden Files! I didn’t even know, I was checking my facebook friend requests when I saw it 🙂

    Good Luck in all your endeavors.


  450. okay I know both your wife and your write how does that work? Do you work in different areas or are you able to work together?

    already receive the newsletter
    did the chat
    RSVP’d for Charolyn Crane
    voted in the poll. 🙂

    Larena W.

  451. Jim,
    I loved “Changes” (just finished it last night) but I’m curious about Thomas. Next to Harry and Mouse he’s my favorite character. What has happened to his salon/coffee shop if he has gone back to being a regular White Court vampire and not just a “nibbler”? Will we ever find out?

  452. Jim, I would love to read Changes. Given the current Publisher “pricing wars” is there any chance you will consider not signing away your electronic rights on future books and electronic publishing them yourself? Those of us using the Kindle would love to not have to become a “pirate” in order to read your books at a reasonable price.

  453. I love that James Marsters does the reading for the audio books. It was what got me hooked on this series. I know publishers take up to 18 months to get a novel published. How long does it take you to write each one? Given the number left in the series, if you were ePublishing them yourself (to end the publisher’s price gouging) would it be possible we could get one every 6 months? (i.e. it could be uploaded for sale shortly after your editing peers had vetted it).


  454. Well looks like I missed out on Jim today…..I hate being late….

    great questions and answers…..

    My question was silly…..Do you ever see Harry hanging out with any characters from other books? For some reason I can really see him and John Taylor hanging out.

  455. When will we find out who hired the hitman in Changes?

    Katie H.

  456. Is there anyway to get a signed book (without attending a signing event)? The signings are located no where near where I live.

  457. Is there anyway to get a signed book (without attending a signing event)? The signings are located no where near where I live.

    Katie H.

  458. Are you coming back later to answer more questions?

    Katie H.

  459. Given the current Publisher

  460. When you mail all those letters to libraries do you als tell them there is an excellent audio version read by James Marsters?

    (I’m unwilling to pay for anything that gives money to the publisher given their eBook stupidity so have to wait for library copies.).

    Katie H

  461. What was your original inspiration for creating this world?

    Katie H.

  462. now that you’re finished the Codex Alera, will you be publishing more than 1 Dresden book per year, starting something new, enjoying some extra free time, or none of the above?

    assuming Harry gets not-dead at some point, any idea where he’ll live considering every place he owned/rented has now been destroyed? possibly live on demonreach?

    Harry’s godmother referred to Mouse as a demon, is that just talking about his “foo dog”-ness? is there more to it than that? will we hear more of mouse speaking at some point?

    will mister be back anytime soon?

  463. Whose POV will Ghost Stories be from?

    Katie H

  464. Why doesn’t Harry use magic all the time? Or at least more than he does for convenience?

    Katie H

  465. How do you justify selling a book that is not a complete story and ends on a cliff hanger?

    To me it always feels like extortion. Like I am being forced to buy the next book to find out how the story ends. This greatly diminishes my satisfaction in reading the book.

    Do you not care about reader satisfaction? I it just about getting more money by forcing people to buy the next book?

    Obviously you are a gifted writer who can write a great story…so why do you take cheap shots like ending the book in a cliff hanger to make readers emotional?

    Katie H

  466. Just wondering if the world of Carna exists within the Dresden-Verse.

    Basically, did the Roman Legion of Tavi’s forebears slip through from the Roman Empire of Harry Dresden’s past.

    The only reason I ask, is I’d love to see a Canim slip through back the other way. 😉

    Thanks again for doing this Q&A.

    Looking forward to your appearance at Dragon-Con 2010.

  467. Hi Jim, I enjoyed the Dresden Files on tv (significantly better than most of the movies on that channel, so it doesn’t make sense that it isn’t there anymore. *sigh* But I started on the books because James Marsters (Spike from Buffy) was reading them as audiobooks, which I love, even if they are hard to find except at Powerstar Collectibles (Buffystore) and Amazon. I listened to the first one and like the story best because he’s reading it. Your world is different and interesting, and Harry is a nice complex kind of guy. 🙂

    1. I joined the newsletter a while back

    2. How did James Marsters get chosen to do the audiobook readings, and are there more than the first 4 books on audio? (I look for them on Amazon, but I can’t seem to find later ones)

    4. Posted link on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/profile.php?ref=profile&id=1260932954)

    RSVPd for this, will do book chat, will vote in poll, RSVPd all others for this week

  468. Hello Mr. Butcher,
    I just wanted to say first that I deem you the ‘plot master!’ Also have you ever considered doing a spin off series from the Dresden universe, such as the life of Michael or Murphy?

  469. Jim,

    I’m a huge fan of the Dresden Files, and I hope you made a shite-load of cash on the few episodes they released on Sci-Fi. I’m no screenwriter, but with your humorous and witty dialogue (okay, mostly Harry’s monologue)it should have been a no-brainer for the production company. Oh well, enough of the brown nosing.
    Question: You have a bit of experience with Chinese Kung Fu. Okay, that’s not a question. Do you have any experience with Choi Lai Fut Kung Fu, and what is the most effective/enjoyable/enriching martial art you’ve tried?


  470. I was wondering if we would ever see or hear from Nick from Ragged Angel?

  471. I wish that I could think of something to ask. I have yet to read one of your books, but my father loves them and has insisted that I will too…..Stacy

  472. Hi, I feel so left out. I am new to the series. I am just now starting Turn Coat and have Changes on my TBR shelf. Just wanted to say that I am enjoying the adventures of Harry & company.

    RSVPd for this & all others for this week also will vote in poll

  473. other contest stuff….

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  474. All right folks, I’m pretty sure that Jim’ll read these at some point or another, but not right now:

    Comment by JIM BUTCHER

  475. i forgot to mention my rsvp…

    but why is the guy in the skull bob? I can’t remember his full name.

  476. Jim, I love Harry and your work but I have a separate and more important question: who’s cooler, you or your wife? I’m gonna’ guess it’s the wife since she picked you, right? 🙂

    Thanks for doing this chat!

    for the contest: I put linkies to this on my blog (elisajankowski.blogspot.com) which autofeeds into my facebook (facebook.com/elisa.llewellyn.jankowski – and I also put it in my facebook status!

  477. I love Dresden!!! I cannot wait to read Changes!!! Will Bob ever have a human body? He cracks me up!!
    I rsvp and a subscriber. cfihser1504 at gmail dot com

  478. Love your books and can’t wait to read Changes. I love Mouse and Mr. I think Mouse respects Mr. Thank you for taking the time to speak to us and answer our questions. Job well done.

  479. “The last angel to do that is a little notorious.”


    This isn’t really a question, but I just wanted to say that I was really happy when it said Murphy practiced Aikido. ( Even though that was like a gazillion books ago ) It made total sense seeing as how she is…uh…not tall. When I read that it made me want to go to my town’s local dojo and take a few classes.

    Oh! Oh! I just remembered my question. Denarians are probably going to be in future books, yes? So, is Lasciel going to play any part in the future? At least in a minor way?

  480. Hi Jim! I just love your books. They are so awesome.

    I’ve just started on the Codex series and I’m really enjoying those, even though Dresden is my favorite.

    Thanks for writing!

  481. Agh! Darn my slow fingers and muddled thoughts!

    Well, at least I RSPV’d ( I’m not sure how that makes it better either…don’t look at me like that )

  482. @Karen Hardin

    Considering the fact that a) you admit to refusing to buy the books (therefore not contributing to Jim’s paycheck) due to your issues with the publishers, and b) actually appear to be pirating copies (ie, stealing), it takes some brass balls to accuse the author of extortion. Perhaps you don’t really get the fact that authors do, in fact, want readers to buy the next book in the series? I’ve read all the books, and so far, this is the only one that has a cliff-hanger ending. Before making rude accusations, why don’t you use your mind to think it through?

    I think it’s pretty safe to say that Harry is — although appearing to be dead — going to be the POV character of the next twelve + books, and he’s not out of the game. The story was about change. Everything changed. While I do imagine that Jim has, in fact, had a mad cackling session or two as a result of his evil genius blossoming in CHANGES, I sincerely doubt it was because he is imagining all the dollar signs that will come with the publication of GHOST STORY.

    Also consider the story itself. Where, exactly, would the final scene fit? At the beginning of the next book? Due to the flow of the story, I doubt it. The plot of CHANGES reminded me very much of a train speeding along past the “end of the rail” warnings, and finally taking a swan dive off a 1000 foot cliff. I mean that in the best possible way, of course, but if Jim Butcher had instead decided not to show us the fiery explosion, it would’ve been a far cheaper shot.

    Maybe you didn’t intend it, but most of your questions were pretty rude.

  483. Love Dresden Files, sorry I missed Jim. Want to know if the sword issue will ever be resolved?

    1. Done
    2. Done
    3. Done

  484. Do you actually use the pain and and cries of agony of your readers as a sort of lullaby to help you sleep at night, or do you use themas some people use heroin?


    My actual question is, is Mister coming back? If so, will he be a zombie-like figure like Sue, only more awesome, or will he still be alive?

    Sorry if this has already been said, I’m sort of posting this before reading all the comments…probably a bad idea.

  485. more Harry I’m so glad

  486. Hey Jim,

    Really enjoyed Changes. Out of curiousity though, exactly how often did Susan visit Maggie? Was it even directly?

  487. I R.S.V.P.

  488. Raquel Vega-Grieder

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  489. I haven’t read any of these books yet. They sound great, I’m going to have to put them in my must read stack.

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  490. Heidi Shafer-Wilson

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    this is a copy of the page that came up when i enter for your newsletter. I receive it already. I think for the last yr now. I love getting my emails from BBB, they keep me coming back….or I would forget..

    Hi Jim,
    After seeing all these comments, I’m not sure i could come up with a question that someone else hasn’t already asked you. Oh well…. I just wanted to say thanks for your books.. I love Harry and all his adventures. I just gave my father -in-law your first 2 books and he just asked me for the rest. He loved them also. He told me its the best series he’s read in a long time. Now thats saying something considering he’s been reading for many yrs now. He use to read cowboy books but I turned him to the dark side in february. I gave him your books and a few other vampire series and werewolves, now he can’t get enough of them. Is there any books you would recommend for him to read? What kind of books do you read? ( besides your own) Do you have any favorite authors? Hopefully you may get a chance to answer these but if not it was just great to be able to write to you and read your books..
    So again Thank you so much for writing such great interesting stories that I hope will continue for a long time.

    3. I already have all your books for now…. maybe I should buy another one anyway…

    4.spread the word:

    Done C Crane blog and voted
    also RSVP for this interview
    Thanks again,

  491. For those of you who are having trouble finding the audio books, read by James Marsters, check out audible.com. They have the whole series at what I consider a very reasonable price.

  492. Thanks for coming here today Jim. I’m still reading through all the comments and navigating spoilers. I have read all the books except Changes. I think my favorite thing about your books is Harry’s snark(of course:) ) and how he always trys to do the right thing despite all the obstacles in his way. I’m excited to read what’s in store for Harry and the rest of the gang.

    Contest Stuff:
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  493. Hi Jim!! Looking forward to reading the book! 🙂 Sorry I’m late! I didn’t get a chance to post til now.:( I’m still reading comments also — I don’t want to see the spoilers so I’m quickly scrolling. After I finish it the book, I’d love to come back and reread this!

    I’m curious about the differences between the show and your books – but that has already been asked and I’m trying to think of something witty to ask.

    All I can come up with at the moment is — If you could have a dinner party of 5 authors (deceased or alive – anyone!) Who would it be?

    If you could write the screenplay for ANY book aside from one of your own — would you do it and which book would it be?

    I’ve rambled enough for now! There are a lot more profound questions..

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  494. Hi Jim! My question is about your covers, is there usually a look that you want to associate with your books by series?

    Thanks so much

    I rsvp’d for this event, rsvp’d for Carolyn Crane, voted in teh poll, joined in daily chat.

  495. I love this series. The characters have a depth and feel to them that makes you feel attached whether by love or hate it’s always a pleasure to see the cast expand or have old favorites come back. My question is simple now that the Red Court is dead will you branch out into different creatures and bring them in as main allies or enemies for Harry, who I pray to GOD you did not kill off, if so I can’t wait. In particular I am curios what spin you put on dragons. Ferrovax villanous as he was. Well was downright awsome and as other commenters have asked will the Jade Court fill the void left by the Red Court?

  496. Hi Jim
    Welcome to back I LOVE the dresden files just wow your seriously tallented ty for stoping in

    If you could discribe your writing prossess in 3 word swhat would they be and why would you chose those

    since Harry has changes in his life what has been the most difficult part of writing Harrys character?
    what would you change of him if you could?

    I rsvped
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  497. Hey Jim- Just wanted to say thank you for creating in The Dresden Files a great series of books with characters that feel like people you could meet on the street.

    Not sure if this has been asked before but I was just curious if there are any future plans to adapt The Dresden Files into movies or another TV series? The books seem like they’d be perfect for at least a couple of movies and the Sci-Fi series was pretty good and hooked me onto the books.

    Thank you for your time and for again creating a great book series.

    Robert Deane

  498. Hi Jim- Love the series, it is an impressive world you have created. My question is this, in Blood Rites Ebenezar discusses the difference between Drakul and Dracula, Vlad Tepesh being Drakul’s son. Could you elaborate on that? As much as you can tell me would be appreciated. Thank you for a hell of a read. You have made a truly addictive series of literature.

  499. Hello Jim,

    Your books are amazing and I’m gonna cheat and ask a couple things here. First, what was your inspiration for/how did you conceive of Harry Dresden? Second, any chance of the Dresden Files making a comeback? The show was awesome. Finally, and this isn’t a question, please take your time finishing the Dresden series off! It has to be the one series for which I most look forward to each new addition!

  500. Just finished Changes.
    Wow. Just Wow. Most aptly named book Ever.

    Since Lash died by directing the brain damage in Harry’s brain to the parts where she was contained, is it possibly that she could eventually return one day because of Harry’s Magical Wizard Healing?

    Also, since it seems that all of the Denarians seem to be able to assume alternate demonic forms, what form would a Human + Lasciel assume? Is it specific to the Denarian, or the human host/symbiote? Since Lasciel was known as the Webweaver, some sort of spider form, perhaps?

    Of course, if these answers are going to be in upcoming books, I’m more than happy to wait till then.

  501. is there a chance that changes can be made into a movie??
    i would love to see the fight scene on the big screen… murphy using fidelacchius…awesome… sanya esperacchius
    it would be great!!!!
    when will the next book be release???
    can’t wait …. what will happen to harry? maggie?? murphy?

  502. Hi Jim.

    I have not read your books, but after reading some about you, I think it’s time to pick them up. I see you all over the place in stores. I’m trying to write a book myself. How did you start out? I keep a notebook that I put ideas in that I might be able to use later. I know how to keep my work safe from copyright infringement. I don’t have a lot of spending cash so can you give me a good direction to start in to keep me moving as an author? Thank you

  503. Patricia B.
    I RSVP’d.
    Voted in the poll.
    I am an old BBB newsletter subscriber.
    Forwarded this event notice to one friend.
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    Joined the Book Chat.


  504. As a rough number how many ideas for fleshing out the Dresdenverse have been created by or expanded on by the conversations by your fans. Are we in any way part of the creative process like a good gaming group and the GM?

  505. Jim,


    What do you mean, wakes up in front of a train?

    Loved the book. Go Dresdan…. and Murphy… 🙂 She should really take up that sword.

  506. Subscriber

    So I haven’t read any Jim Butcher books yet but hopefully that will change soon. I have been hearing a lot about them, especially lately. I just read a Sherrilyn Kenyon book in which some of the characters were fans of Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files. I thought that was pretty cool.


    RSVPd for Carolyn Crane
    voted in poll

  507. Jim,

    Changes was a great book. That was the best/worst ending ever and I love/hate you. (My wife feels the same way). All the questions I can think of involve spoilers and I just can’t ruin the sheer awesomeness of this book for others. Please finish the next book ASAP.


  508. will the rest of the series be narrated through someone elses point of view?

  509. I love your books and I loved the show. My question is will they be making anymore series or a full length movie about Harry? I have voted in the poll, am a member of the newsletter, and RSVPed. Thankyou very much, Lisa D.

  510. Question #296
    It was in the TV series that Bob had a human past.

  511. @ Janelle W

  512. @ Katie Hardin

    You need to chill a little lady. (a) Jim ain’t his publishers and I imagine he has little say with their internal workings. Same goes for (b). Send them an email, see if they care.
    As for (c), to take a quote and change it for this context, Jim Butcher ain’t your bitch. Just because you buy his book don’t mean you can dictate a thing about the way he writes, and you’ll find that this kind of ending is actually more common in the literary world than a nice, happy ending that leaves all questions answered.

    Point being, you’re either so offended now that you’ll never buy another of his books in your life or your interest is piqued for the next book which, if you’re like me, you were gonna buy anyway. Your mind is made up, nothing we can say will change that, so where do you get off talking to and about Jim like he’s some scumbag who owes you a refund? Check your words and your attitude, there are ways of expressing your opinion without being offensive. It’s called being tactful.

    Jim, you devil, I had to re-read the last few pages of Changes a bunch of times before I could believe it. I was half laughing, half cursing your eyes for the rest of the day. Aftermath can’t come soon enough!

  513. Hello! I have heard of your books, and wow there is this much comments. I am very interested. What kind of creatures appear in your books?


    Voted in the poll.

  514. Never said Jim was anything but “a gifted writer.” I disagree that I was speaking to him like he is “a scumbag.” I stated my blunt honest opinion that I do not like books that do not tell a complete story.

    I know very well that an author does have the ability to negotiate every clause in their contract before they sign away their rights.

    And YES I am very offended by some of Jim’s “fans” who act like he is an idol on a throne and can do no wrong and if anyone speaks of something they think he did wrong these “fans” attack. Jim is human I’m sure he can take a little blunt criticism and in the end he benefits by knowing how some of his fans really feel and what they will or not will not pay for in the future.

  515. To Katie H

    Jim DID finish the storyline he started out to write. He simply teased us with a hint at the next book. I’m guessing you don’t usually read books in a series ’cause most of the time, this happens. Heck, the Harry Potter books were ALL ABOUT cliffhangers! Yes, the general story was completed at the end of each book but you had to read all 7 to get the entire story.

  516. Katie:

    The teaser is his usual sick and twisted way (Since I’m a sick and twisted individual with similar t-shirt interests, I say this with love Jim). If you had been to any of the book signings you would have known that he does that stuff because, “God that’s like Heroin for author’s” (Yes those are Jim’s words). Jim ALWAYS gives a hint at the next book, and usually the first line or two. At the “Small Favor” signing he told us about Morgan knocking on the door and saying, “The warden’s are after me”. And at the “Turn Coat” signing he told us the first line from changes, “Harry, they’ve taken our daughter”. He get’s off on it, and I appreciate that. But honestly, he finished the story in that book and decided to go with the mass teaser for all instead of those of us who are lucky enough to go to his signings. Considering the continuing addiction factor of his books…I’m guessing he must feeding off the stuff like a White Court Vampire. Instead of a demon though, Jim is feeding his muse 😛 I mean he REALLY get’s off on the stuff. This last signing in SD, I managed to get in the last question of whether or not he would give us the first line of the next book and got, “I’m not telling you” in a nah nah kind of voice. He did say that Murphy will have a Novella about the event’s after he gets shot though, but that’s all the he would say :/

    Anyways, you’ll have to be patient and live with the shakes for the next fix…I mean book…really….

  517. I looked over some readers’ reviews early last week before ordering the hardcover, and several reviews mentioned the horrible “cliffhanger” ending that “you’re going to hate”. I can see how some people might feel that way, but as I read the book and arrived at the end…it didn’t feel that way to me. I was of course shocked at how the battle ended, and my mind wandered a bit as I kept reading–so that I was forced to stop, focus, and reread a few paragraphs before continuing. After THAT shock, however, the conclusion seemed like a mild, fitting end. I went to bed thinking “…Wow…that’s brutal…”, but I had a good night’s sleep after another excellent Harry Dresden story.

    Of course, I was hooked early in the storyline (he set the hook around book 4, for me) and realized I’d be (im)patiently awaiting “the next book” for years to come. So, I’m just going with the flow for now, and I’m trusting that Jim Butcher will continue the epic story with another wonderful self-contained adventure next year (uh…unless his ‘formula’ has changed too).

    Again, I can understand how people might see it as a “cliffhanger” and hate it, but this is just my counter-opinion. I’ve dropped more than one book series in the past when the authors got messy with their stories, but this one still feels strong to me.

  518. first came across your books in my high school library. The librarian wanted me to read the first 4 to see if they were appropriate to be put on the shelves… of course i said yes and on the shelves they went, and i have loved them ever since, and recruit everyone i know to the series!

    Changes was drastic in a fantastic way. Every second i was literally either smiling like a Cheshire cat, or muttering “what the shit?!”.

    It seemed to tie up a lot of loose ends while creating a whole new series of loose ends to deal with. Changes indeed.

    Ok so my questions… i feel so empowered, but not nearly as empowered as you should be lol. I would never dream of criticizing an author on his own works. I enjoy the universe that you have created, and you may do with it as you please. You’ve done well enough to hook me for 12 books and a few short stories, you will have me to the end.

    1) At the end i don’t recall a death curse at the end of changes… i know that he kinda got shot and then fell into the water but i would think that would be something his subconscious would have been keenly focused on given the events of the past couple of weeks. What would it have been? It kinda has my brain tingling in anticipation to find out what a great wizard of his time would have unleashed…

    2) I read about a battle of the ages between the heroes of a bunch of different novels. Rand Al’ Thor from The Wheel of Time was put up against Harry Dresden from… well you know. Did you hear about this? Do you know about the books im talking about? Do you agree with the results?

    3) Ever think about increasing molly presence in a novel? Maybe a short story?

  519. First, I love your books. I have devoured Codex Alera and all that has been published of the Dresden files so far. The next book can’t come fast enough.


    1. What exactly are the “Outer Realms” that the Outsiders come from and how much does the White Council know about them? And does the council ban opening gates to it because the creatures are very resistant to magic(ie, they are afraid of them) or would doing it be a real soul-staining, black magic type of act like killing someone?

    2. The Gatekeeper(one of my favorite characters) plays an important role in the books, but what exactly is the gate he is supposed to be keeping?

    3. I noticed that are very few inconsistencies across the twelve books released so far. How do you keep track of events in the series and rules of the world that you lay down to avoid inconsistencies?

    Thanks for writing these books. They always bring me up when I’m feeling stressed out.

  520. Jim, I just wanted to thank you for these books. They literally changed my life. My personality is much like that of Harry’s, and reading your books for the past 5 years gave me an outlet.

    It’s really helped shape who I’ve become, and I’m a dedicated fan. If you talk to Chris McGrath, I told him a few months back about my soon to be mark of devotion; A tattoo of Harry. He’s become an integral part of who I am, and I thank you for it.

    No matter how bad you beat him up, I’ll never quit rooting for the underdog with a fancy for donuts.

  521. Hi Jim,
    I can’t tell you how it touched me that you dedicated the last book of the Codex Alera series to the military.
    I am leaving in a few weeks for a year-long mobilization for the Navy, and it really means so much to me that my favorite author supports and (more importantly) UNDERSTANDS what the US Military is all about… I believe that we all have a responsibility to protect our country and family, and I demonstrate that with my service.

    Again, I am so very grateful that you choose that dedication. You cannot know how much.

    I went out and bought an ereader so I can buy e-versions of all my Dresdon and Alera books to take with me! I don’t want to be without them for a whole year!!

    take care,
    ginna morris

  522. Is there a follow-up to Changes and R U going to do a Novella regarding your new found friend in Uriel and on your transfer of HellFire to SoulFire.

  523. R U ever coming to NYC for a book signing? Gonna need a stadium if u do, perhaps the new Yankee Stadium>

  524. When will the short story “curses” be published, and why isn’t it and “Even Hand” going to be in Side Jobs?

  525. I have four questions:

    1. Charity never told her family about her past, so did she tell them her parents were dead? If so, did you ever consider having Charity’s parents track her down?

    2. We know quite a bit about the death of Harry’s mother, but you hinted that his father was also murdered; will this be discussed in future books?

    3. If Thomas ever got rid of his Hunger (hopefully he will, since he’s my favorite support character), would he have magic?

    4. Does Harry’s headaces mean that Lash is healing?

  526. i have questions in a hands on fight without iron or garlic who would win mavra or Lea? also why did bianca have to learn magic from mavra if her “gradma” was so skilled?