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Hi Sunny!

Welcome to Bitten by Books, we are excited to have you here today!

I would like to thank you taking the time to join us for the question and answer session with our readers. It has been very interesting to get to know more about you and what makes you tick as a writer! Readers, if you haven’t done so already please stop by and get your copy of Sunny’s latest release Mona Lisa Darkening.

BBB: What do you find the most challenging and the most rewarding aspect of writing?

Sunny: The most challenging is coming up with a story idea that zaps you with excitement and anticipation.  One you’re itching to write.  After that, it’s finding the time to write it, LOL.  The most rewarding aspect of writing was finding that I could indeed write a book.  And get it published, too.

BBB: Your books seem extremely well researched.  Do you enjoy this part of writing? What resources do you find most helpful?

Sunny: I think I did the most research on my first several stories.  I almost filled out an entire composition notebook with my ideas, characters, and world-building for Mona Lisa Awakening, and spent about a month doing so.  Did the same for my “Chinatown” novella in THE HARD STUFF-several weeks and many books and online sources researching illegal Chinese human smuggling practices; that story, by the way, was what first got me sold. Another half-month researching Indonesia for the story the Skin on Skin anthology.  Hardly any research, though, for my other books, which had all been either in the Mona Lisa series or the spin-off Demon Princess Chronicles about Lucinda.

BBB: What do you feel are the benefits of the new electronic readers such as Kindle 2 or Sony Digital Book Reader to the environment?

Sunny: I don’t know about benefit to the environment, but darn if the convenience isn’t tempting.  I’ve also been a book-in-hand kind of reader. It’s how I relax and enjoy myself, like other people watch TV.  Sitting in front of a computer usually equates work or taking care of business to me, not relaxation.  I tried the Sony Digital Book Reader once but wasn’t happy with the lighting, rather dim I thought.  And some of the e-books I purchased didn’t have the larger font option available so I ended up reading them on my computer anyway.  Must confess, though, I’ve been real tempted to give the Kindle 2 a try but haven’t had any opportunity yet to lay hands on one and check it out.

BBB: What impact do electronic readers create on the bottom line for authors in the end? Do you feel they have a negative impact or positive, or no impact at all that you can see?

Sunny: For myself, e-book sales are a relatively small percentage of my total book sales.  The market is a small but definitely growing, however, and may even get a boost in this period of economic downturn since it’s cheaper to buy an e-book than a paper-printed copy.  I tend to see e-books as being generally positive for everyone.  The only aspect that disturbs me it the frequent illegal online sharing.

BBB: Your books are thoroughly sensual, how did you decide to do such a matriarchal take on your books? What was the inspiration for such strong yet feminine characters?

Sunny: The sensual part of it was quite a surprise to both me and my family.  You have to understand that I came to writing much later in life, when I was almost forty.  The other things-coming up with characters, and a fantasy world-were not easy for me; I was never considered, or thought or myself, as a creative, imaginative person.  But when I hit the love scenes I just sort of soared-and they got hotter and hotter and blushingly hotter. The matriarchal take just evolved from the heroine, which for me had to be both very strong and yet vulnerable: male verve coupled with feminine softness.

BBB: I like that Monère are the basis for vampire and shifters alike.  How did you come up with that concept?

Sunny: It actually came from collaboration with my husband, Da Chen.  He was the author first in our family, seven years before I tumbled into it.  We were crazy ambitious parents-still are, I guess-and drove our kids every Sunday to Connecticut (we lived in New York) for kungfu lessons, which was a four-hour roundtrip drive for us.  We did this for a whole entire year, and came up with the concept of a supernatural race of people descended from the moon on one of these long weekly treks.  My husband thought of maybe using the concept for one of his young adult novels, but never actually found time to write it.   I, on the other hand, couldn’t stop thinking about this “Children of the Moon” idea.  It continued to intrigue me, so when I took a stab at writing my first book several years later, that’s what I used.

BBB: Can you tell us what your next release (s) will be? And do you have stand alone titles forthcoming? What’s in store for the Lucinda and her series?

Sunny: My next release will be Lucinda, Dangerously, the second book in the Demon Princess Chronicles, coming out in October 2009 by Berkley.  That will probably be the last book set in the Monère and the Demon Princess world for awhile.  I have a contemporary fiction and possibly a new fantasy series I’d like to write; the ideas for these new stories and characters had been percolating in my brain for a couple of years now.  Though I may eventually come back and continue my Mona Lisa series.

BBB: If you could be a “Mona Sunny” what type of Queen would you be? More humane or harsh in your rulings or just totally into the harem of guys? 🙂

Sunny: I’d probably be very similar to Mona Lisa.  I think a lot of authors put pieces of themselves into each character they write-the good and the bad ones.  So while I can be nice and sweet, and am generally quite even-tempered and giving, I can also be a totally ruthless and nasty bitch if I need to be-or am driven to it.  Taking care of the people I love comes first with me: making them happy.  And, like the doctor I was trained to be, I try to do no harm.  Build up; don’t tear down.

BBB: How did you come up with the idea of the give and take of powers from sexual encounters? Was it based off of the succubus mythology?

Sunny: That idea I came up entirely on my own without any input from my husband.  I liked the idea of a society of powerful and abusive Queens, but then had to give them a reason why they were so powerful, why they ruled. You build a world and then try to support it with believable facts and rules.  I made these Queens the only ones able to draw down the essential life-renewing energy that these Monère children of the moon needed to survive.  The ability of male warriors to gain power from their Queens through sex was conceived to explain why some of these males had to turn rogue: because they had gained too much power this way, and became a threat to their Queen.  The blood-drinking demons in my world actually have more succubus-like powers; along with the blood, they drink down their donors’ orgasmic blast of energy as a, well, energizing side dish.

BBB: If you could shapeshift, what animal would you be? And would you want to be able to take the half form?  If so why?

Sunny: I’d love to be tiger or a leopard, more so than a wolf-odd because in life I’m more of a dog-person than cat-but large cats blend beauty and grace with dangerous threat.  As to being able to shift into half-form-half animal, half human, like a werewolf-yes, I’d definitely want that because you can still speak and communicate in that form; and standing upright, you’re even more intimidating.

BBB: What is your all time favorite paranormal/urban fantasy book?

Sunny: My favorite book, I would have to say, is The Host by Stephanie Meyer.

My favorite series is Lois McMaster Bujold’s Vorkosigan saga.  Both have everything I love-great heart, thrilling action, and wonderful imagination. Though I guess they would be considered more science fiction than paranormal or urban fantasy.


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Exclusive Bitten by Books Interview with Author Sunny A big welcome to our readers today! Be sure to read to the end of the interview to find out how to WIN the fabulous prizes being offered up. The contest runs for an ENTIRE WEEK!! From today through 11:59 pm PDT time 3/29/09. Open to readers …

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  1. Hi, Sunny! I have to admit that I’m holding out for some new ebook readers and hoping that my Palm survives until then.

  2. Hi Sunny!

    Welcome to BBB. I have to admit, I have to find your use of one name intriguing. Is this a pen name and why the use of only one name?

    And if you could spend immortality anywhere, where would you choose to spend the first part of it?

    Thanks for the interview! I have not had a chance to read your books, but hope I can at some point! 🙂

    (Rachel-twittered, FB, mark, dakota and JAPM yahoo groups)

  3. Hello Sunny,

    Thanks You for taking time to be at BBB with us today.

    If you were stuck in an elevator which of your character would you want in the elevator with you; and why?

  4. Hi Sunny! Great interview. Thanks so much for featuring this series, Rachel – I’d never heard of it it before, but now am eager to read all four. I love that you spend so much time on research (I’m a research addict myself). Best of luck with your newest release!

  5. Since you say you will be stopping (for now) on the Mona Lisa and the Demon Princess series, will the last books resolve the current storyarcs? Or will there be cliffhangers? Or parts still not addressed?

    (hope I am expressing that right)

    Also, when will your new series be out? I don’t want to miss out on pre-order or release dates.

  6. Hey, Ms. Thang!!

    How are ya? How’s life? Everyone–go buy Sunny’s book–she’s fab!

    DC 🙂

  7. Wow….there isn’t a gazillion things to do for this one? Yes!

    I love the Monere series and I can’t wait to read Mona Lisa Darkening. This is such a great world and it’s so easy to get lost in.

  8. thanks for being with BBB today,Sunny! and thanks for the awesome contest!

    i just have a comment : i love that you use only one name for a pen name… it’s what im planning to do one day when im good enough to be published. 😀 can’t wait to read your new release!

  9. HI! Thank you for being here! I actually found you (Sunny) in an anthology, and searched high and low for your books from then on! I absolutely love your books, although I have yet to read Lucinda’s book. Can you give us any clues as to the ideas you’re percolating? 🙂
    Rach- twittered,facebooked
    blogged here-

  10. Hi Chris. Thanks for dropping by.

    Virginia. Sunny is a fore-shortening of my complicated Chinese legal name. I thought
    Sunny was more intimate and unusual than Sunny Chen. As for choosing a place to spend immortality, I don’t know. Here, this life, is pretty darn good, although Hawaii would be nicer than New York 🙂

    Beet. I’d probably choose Gryphon–Mona Lisa’s first love. Also the first male character I ever created, so kinda special to me.

    Thanks, Cate. Hope you enjoy!

    Dakota! Hey, girl. Great seeing you here.

  11. Even though you have not been kind to your Canadian readers by letting them participate, I wanted to say that I have read the entire series so far and love the books. I can’t wait to get ahold of the latest……

  12. Hi Sunny,

    I love this series and can’t wait for the next one.
    My question is do you listen to music when you write and if so what are some of your favorites?

  13. HI Sunny and BBB,

    Great interview and good insight into how the idea for Monere was born. Best wishes for continued success.


  14. Hi, Sunny!! A fantastic interview. I love your books and I have enjoyed this series! I also like your covers, I don’t know about the anthology covers, but do you help pick your own covers, or do other people pick them? I love a good eye catching cover and then I jump into reading the book.

  15. Hello Sunny!

    I’ve never heard of your books before now, but they look really awesome! I hope to be reading them soon 🙂

  16. Hi Sunny,
    I am also new to your books. They soon quite interesting. I’m always finding someone new here! In speaking about e-readers, I’m very partial to an actual book. I just can get comfy with the idea of an ebook unless I was on vacation. I take a lot of books with me and it is very cumbersome. Thank goodness we try to drive to most destinations! I tried to put some ebooks on my laptop last year and just couldn’t get into them…no way to get comfortable for hours of reading…

  17. Hey Sunny!

    You know I love your books and had so much fun passing out the book marks!
    This series is the best and one i will keep and read again. So are you going to stop writing the Mona Lisa books for awhile? and after Lucinda Dangerously will you be stopping that one too? I think I am gonna cry! I have so many questions and the way you left things, omg! Is there gonna be atleast one more? Please! lol
    So what is the new series about or if you can’t say yet, when do you think we should be looking for it???
    Gee’s book addicts always needing their fix! lol
    I love the idea of a Panther shifter, for the reasons you stated, they are beautiful, sleek and mesmerizing yet with a snarl you see the danger as well!
    Thanks for a great interview and everyone should run out and buy this series! It is the Best!!

  18. I have been following your Children of the Moon series and have loved your explanations regarding Vampire and Shifter mythos. Looking forward to reading more of your books regardless of whether it is in this series or others.

  19. Greetings Sunny!

    Your thoroughly entertaining books have totally opened my reading horizon! I, too, enjoyed The Host, but I wouldn’t have picked it up if not for your Mona Lisa series. So thank you for taking the leap and bringing your thrilling world into ours:)

    I just wanted to know about how you find the time to write! Do you set aside hourly increments, or day-long commitments? And do you write your books from beginning-to-end, or do you write the chapters out of order so that you don’t feel “blocked” into syncronicity?

    Thank you again for your interview! I’m SO looking forward to Lucinda, Dangerously!!!

  20. Did I mention her covers are sexy, her men are yummo and Mona Lisa totally kicks butt!!! Oh yeah, Sunny is one of my fave’s!

    Here’s what I have done so far miss Rachel:
    (1) read and commented here. Asked questions and Sunny rules in my book!
    (2) Posted on my blog on myspace here:
    (3) read the interviews here at Bitten by Books and commented!
    (4) sent emails to all my buddies!

    Thanks! and Sunny you and rachel have a Terrific Day!

  21. Wonderful interview. Now I’m off to add the Children of the Moon series to my wish list of books to buy soon.

  22. Was writing Lucinda hard? I mean she is a very complex character and many sides to her, I have enjoyed reading about her and can’t wait for Lucinda, Dangerously!

  23. i read on of the mona lisa books, but didnt know there was a series :))

  24. Hi Sunny,

    I just want to say that you are an incredible writer. After reading your short story in “On The Prowl”, I’m a fan for life:)

  25. Hi Jackie. Yes, the contest is nice and simple. With great odds to win a free book!

    Jennzah, thanks! I’m pleased my publishers let me use just the one name. Much easier to remember 🙂

    Nicole. I love it when people discover me through an anthology. The contemporary fiction I’ve been itching to write is about a talent agent, how she gets into the business and the crazy twists and turns her career takes as she discovers and nurtures talent. Inspired, pretty much, with what I’ve done with my own husband, son, and daughter. My young son’s an actor, my husband an author, and my daughter’s is a happy prep school kid.

  26. Sorry, Shell. My publisher, Berkley, is very generously donating and mailing the 7 free books and asked that I keep it within the US. Glad you’re enjoying the stories.

    Lisa. For writing, I need a good night of sleep and then about 3 or 4 hours of quiet. I usually start writing right after I get up. I only listen to music, usually, when I drive. Love Gypsy King, Classical, Latin guitar, and Broadway tunes.

    Rebecca, thank you for the kind wish.

    Judy. The fabulous Berkley art team is responsible for all my covers. They just present them to me. But I’ve adored every single one of them. My only input was asking my editor to make the covers elegantly sensual when I first met her at the beginning of my career.

    Ashly, thanks for dropping by!

    Janice, I totally agree. I like having a book in hand, too. Many years of habit!

    Chris J! It’s great seeing you here! Sorry about leaving the 2 series open ended like that, but may very well end up returning to them once I unburden myself from those other ideas. In the other new fantasy series idea I had, I’d like to feature new characters in each book, each with varied paranormal gifts. Playing with different ideas on how to link them.

  27. Hi Sunny! Thanks for the interview. I really enjoyed learning more about your writing.

    (Rachel-I posted the link on my FB page and I’ll go Rt your post on Twitter)

  28. Hi Sunny, welcome to bitten by books. i really enjoyed your interview very insightful. i read your short stories in the anthologies on the prowl, and over the moon and enjoyed them greatly and plan on buying your books they are definitely on my list. very good stories. ttfn,Ruth

  29. Hi, Sunny.
    I got started with your Mona Lisa kind of backwards. The first one I read was Mona Lisa Betwinning, and I was hooked. I went to the library and checked out all the books of yours they had, and now I’ve read all of them. I’ve been looking forward to the new one. I love the world you’ve created and love how you give the women such power, but at the same time Mona Lisa has such compassion, unlike some of the Queens. I’m sorry to hear you are going to leave the world of the Monere, but I’ll look forward to the new writings as well.
    Nancy G.

  30. Please don’t let this be the last of Mona Lisa….. and on another off topic tangent…. how is your son’s acting career doing lately?? Has he been in anything we might have caught??

  31. Hi Sunny, how do you research your books ? Would you say that you experience much of what you write or do you use your imagination for most of your writing ?

  32. Hi Sunny, thanks for joining us 🙂

    Your anthology stories are as tied into the Mona Lisa series as the full length novel, which length do you enjoy writing the most? or is about the same? and are there any future plans to reprint the anth. stories in one book?

  33. Greetings Sunny. How do you decide what to write next? What is your favorite nonparanormal genre?

  34. Great interview! Will you be writing any more Aphrodisia books? Have you ever based a character on a family member or a friend?

  35. Hi again Sunny!
    I am so stoked you are getting all this attention! It’s totally awesome Rachel having the contest and the interview with you! I mention your name and your books to anyone at the library or book store! Book people, readers are a cool clan and it’s totally cool when we can introduce new authors to each other!
    Rachel, big kudo’s on doing a contest with Sunny! She needs a huge fan base because I adore her books and want more!
    This new series sounds great and looking forward to reading it!
    Ya’ll have a Great Tuesday!

  36. Question:
    Sunny, are the Mona Lisa books gonna be turned into HC’s in the future? Like through Double day or other? That would be cool, like the whole collection in one or two books.

    You could use the Panther-were in one of your new stories, that would be sexy!

    I forgot to mention You are my friend on myspace, blood bank and since it is technically Tuesday here in TX, does this count again for me? 🙂

  37. Had read the first book and enjoyed it but must have been away from the bookstore because have missed the Lucinda books. More for the TBR pile. Thanks for the update on what is coming next.

  38. Thanks for giving us a “behind the scenes” peek. More Mona Lisa, please, but I don’t mind having the series left open ended…means there is at least a chance for more! Haven’t read Lucinda yet but will be looking to pick it up. Thanks for the headsup on what’s coming – I’ll keep an eye out for new Sunny releases.

  39. Purrrrrrrrr, Sunny!
    I have “Mona Lisa Awakening” in my TBR in the coffin pile. I’ve been interested in your books ever since you hit the scene.
    Harem of guys? Did someone say harem of guys?
    Sunny, if you had a harem who would be in it? *g* Rachel feel free to answer my question.

    D :-)=

  40. Hello Sunny, What is the first book you remember reading on your own?

  41. I agree with one of the other posters, that this is a much easier way to enter. I usually avoid these contests because I don’t want to take the extra time. As to Sunny’s books, haven’t read any of them yet, but they are on my TBR pile. Hopefully I will enjoy them as much as some others apparently have.

  42. i’m an avid reader love to win this

  43. Git and Miranda. Thank you for the sweet comments!

    Miranda. Wow, what a wonderful thing to hear. You sound like me. I was a steadfast romance reader, who was drawn into fantasy/sci-fi by stumbling across a few authors I discovered and love who bridge both genres. Thrilled to be used in that role for you.

    I no longer practice medicine, and am fortunate enough to be able to split my main attention equally between writing and my family. I write for several hours first thing in the morning, aiming for around 1,500 word per day, and a total of 10,000 words per week. That doesn’t always work out, but that’s my rough goal.

    I definitely have to write in order. I dive in with an opening scene in mind, then let the story flow and develop as ideas come to me. Each sentence flows from the one before. And each subsequent action comes from the previous one, fluid.

    Chris J. You are just too sweet! Thanks for passing out the bookmarks to your friends.

  44. Hi Sunny! I love Mona Lisa. I picked up Mona Lisa Craving first, last week really. I was at the bookstore and thought it sounded good. I finished the book and went straight to my fav online bookstore and ordered Blossoming, Awakening, and Darkening. I can’t wait for them to be delivered. Awesome.

  45. WOW this is a great interview. I am very interested in your books now. I admit I never read any of your books. I will be looking up in the library soon.



  47. Hi Sunny! I just love both of these series. I hope you write at least one more book for each series, although they could go on forever and I would keep buying and reading them. Of course I can’t wait to see what you come up with next. Thanks for helping me to escape my world and join yours at least for a while.

  48. You are one of the top writers of the 21st century.

  49. Charlotte Padgett

    Always looking for another good read.

  50. THANKS

  51. You just can’t have too many good books. Would love this.

  52. Boy, the number of comments here surely speak well about how many people are as eager to win here as I am.

    I, too, was interested in how much research you have done. Doing the research must surely give you ideas for books that you didn’t have at the beginning. It was interesting to me, too, to learn that your husband is a writer as well as you. That must give you some great conversations. Do you read each other’s manuscripts before submitting them?

  53. This looks like a very good book, thanks!

  54. your an awesome writer please enter me

  55. Even though I have not finished the Mona Lisa books I am interested in the new worlds you are bringing to life.

  56. Sounds like a great series. I am going to have to add it to my to read list.

  57. As an avid reader, one of my greatest joys is discovering an author I haven’t yet read. Mona Lisa Darkening sounds wonderful! I’d love to read it and then share it with my mom, who is the reason I’ve devoured books since I was just a little thing. I also find it very unique that you publish under one name! Best wishes for continued success!

  58. Great interview.

  59. Sounds interesting

  60. Hi to everyone who has taken the time to post a comment! Glad to see everyone here.

    Debbie R. It think that’s great that you and your mom get to share books you love.

    GladysMP. I’ve found that research helps mostly in building my confidence as a writer, and in telling my story. I’ve actually had to go back and slash out a lot of technical detail that only bogged down the flow of the story.

    My husband used to help edit my stuff, but then stopped after the first two books. I still help him polish up his stories. Working so much with words actually helps get my imagination and word flow going.

    George, a hug and kiss to you for that amazing praise!

    Thank you, Paige. I love being taken away by the stories I read. Knowing my stories do that to you thrills my heart.

  61. Wooo Hooo Make me a winner!

  62. Janet H. Oh! I love hearing that you enjoyed Mona Lisa Craving enough to get the other books in the series! Hope you enjoy the others as much. Glad to know those gorgeous covers and enticing in new readers.

    dorothy l. I actually don’t remember my first book. I started reading early, and got my first library card when I was 8 or 9. I’d walk the one mile down there every week and return with an armload of books. My favorites from that early time were the Anne of Green Gables series, and “Little Men” and “Little Women.”

    Draculissa. A harem of guys, hmmm. It works out so nicely in books, LOL. In real life, love is not so easy to find. I feel quite fortunate to have found my husband, who is a wonderful husband, father, and son.

    Shirley. Thanks for being so forgiving.

    Lindsay and Shirley. Hope you both enjoy Lucinda’s story. I found her quite interesting to write.

  63. Chris J. No plans for any hard cover releases, but maybe along down in the future years. That would certainly be nice to reissue them in a collection, bundling in the novellas with the complete novels.

    Amy. Probably no more Aphrodisiac stories for me. Though I will always be greatful to them for giving me my first break. No, haven’t based any of my characters on family members or people I know. Funny enough, for me, it’s easier for me to create characters out of my imagination rather than base them on people I know. The latter restricts me too much, LOL.

    Qwill. How I decide what I write next is what story idea comes to me. So far it been mostly the 2 series. But I’d like to try my pen on some other new stories. My favorite nonparanormal genre…hmmm. My roots are firmly entranced in romance, but I’ve grown with my favorite authors gradually branching into mainstream fiction along with them, like Nora Roberts, Iris Johansen, Linda Howard, Jayne Ann Krentz, and the like.

  64. Sarai P. I love your name! Coincidentally named another character in LUCINDA,DANGEROUSLY, Sarai also. She’s a Floradeur, Talon’s mother 🙂

    I loved writing the short novellas because they only took about 2 weeks to write, and another week to polish up. The story in OVER THE MOON was my favorite short. The full novels I labor longer and harder over. Would love to reprint the anthos in one book in the future, with possibly a new short story included, but that’s up to the publishers.

    Sherrie. I research only what I have to and try to leave the rest to my imagination. I find reality or knowing something too much, like medicine for me, stifles my imagination. I enjoy exploring new things I don’t know that well and letting my imagination loose to fill in the details 🙂

    Shell. Latest thing my son did was HBO’s Flight of the Conchords. He had a small role in Episode 4 of this season, The Tough Bret, which aired about a month ago. Just starting up auditions again. I had him on hiatus for a month while I wrapped my last contract, due in 4 days, BTW. He did get accepted into a wonderful summer intensive dance program in Manhattan, which we’re ecstatic about.

  65. Your books are new to me. I am very interested in giving your books a taste, I mean read!!!!

  66. Count me in again please 🙂

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