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Hi Lori!

Welcome to Bitten by Books, we are excited to have you here today!

I would like to thank you taking the time to join us for the question and answer session with our readers. It has been very interesting to get to know more about you and what makes you tick as a writer! Readers, if you haven’t done so already please stop by and get your copy of Lori’s AWESOME release book two in the Phoenix Chronicles, Doomsday Can Wait.

BBB: What are the most challenging and the most rewarding aspects of writing?

LH: I love creating new characters and situations.  I also adore meeting or hearing from readers who love the books as much as I do.  I’ve been a reader all my life and I know how much books have meant to me.  It’s rewarding to know that my work means as much to others. As for challenging–just the business of publishing.  It’s a rough, tough, cutthroat place.  I wish I could just live in my office and write my books, but I can’t.

BBB: If Liz Phoenix had a theme song, what would it be?

LH: I always think of Liz as an AC/DC kind of gal.  So either Highway to Hell or perhaps Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap.

BBB: How do you come up with the titles of your books. I especially like the title of the third book, Apocalypse Happens.

LH: Thanks.  Bascially I brainstorm.  Combine doomsday words with clever movie titles until I find one that sounds clever.  I keep a list.

BBB: What do you feel are the benefits of the new electronic readers such as Kindle 2 or Sony Digital Book Reader to the environment?

LH:I hope that eventually they will lead to more people reading.

BBB: What impact do electronic readers create on the bottom line for authors in the end? Do you feel they have a negative impact or positive, or no impact at all that you can see?

LH: I’m really not sure yet.  I hope they’ll have a positive impact.

BBB: How do you keep track of your worldbuilding?

LH: I keep notes on each book, each character, each monster that I can refer to whenever necessary.

BBB: Who or what inspires you to write?

LH: I just love the act of writing, of creating.  Whenever I take time “off” it never lasts as long as I plan because I miss writing.

BBB: Can you tell us what your next release (s) will be? And do you have stand alone titles forthcoming? How many books do you plan to write in the Phoenix chronicles?

LH: My next release is Doomsday Can Wait and it will be released April 28, 2009. Right now I have no stand alone titles forthcoming. I’ll write as many Phoenix Chronicles as I can.  Until the contracts or the story runs out, whichever comes first.

BBB: Should we expect to see more of the sexy shaman Sawyer in Doomsday Can Wait?

LH: A lot more!

BBB: Do you have plans to do any spin offs or stand alones of any of the other characters?

LH: I would love to write about Summer the fairy perhaps or even Ruthie.  We’ll see.

BBB: In a game of pool, who would win: Jimmy or Sawyer?

LH: Probably Sawyer.  He’s a sorcerer.  He’d cheat.

BBB: If you could shapeshift, what animal would you be? And why?

LH: I’ve always thought I would be a wolf.  I think they’re beautiful animals, with a pack nature and devotion to their mates.

BBB: What was your inspiration for your unique theory of lycanthropy in the Nightcreature series?

LH: I thought to myself–Who would be evil enough to create a werewolf army? The answer was of course Hitler and his psychotic pal, Mengele.

BBB: What is your favorite quote of all time?

LH: Whether you think you can, or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.  Henry Ford

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  1. Hi Lori! This is Carol in GA. 🙂 Thanks so much for joining us here today. I can hardly wait for the next Phoenix book!

    Many congrats on the RITA nomination, by the way.

    What are some of the major differences you have encountered writing the Phoenix series as opposed to the Nightcreature series?

  2. I hope I’m leaving this in the right place. Have you always been interested in Native American legends and lore, or did you come across the ones you used (Objiwe specifically) while researching ideas? Did it have anything to do with where you are from or family heritage/history?

  3. I’m sooo excited that I can get my hands on DOOMSDAY CAN WAIT in a mere 4 days. Mere, considering I’ve asked my local B&N about the book for a month. 🙂

    Lori, I love it that you miss writing when you take time off. When you do take off, are there places you go, or special projects you give attention to? Any hobbies?

    Nancy Haddock

  4. Can I just say that I’m squirming in my seat right now in a pile of fan girl goodness? So excited to see you here! Welcome to Bitten By Books!

    Question: You research many lesser known entities for your novels, like the Nay’i and the Budas. Do you think that readers are getting restless with the usual animalistic suspects?

    Shared on Facebook, LJ, Blogger, BBB is on my blog roll, and signed up for Lori’s newsletter. I’ll forward the confirmation email.

  5. Thank you for joining your fans on Bitten By books today… We all truly are happy to have you here. Looking forward to roll out of Doomsday Can Wait, it is almost here…..

  6. Strogan (twitter)

    Thank you for stopping by BBB.

    I enjoyed reading Any Given Doomsday and look forward to Doomsday Can Wait.

  7. Hello Lori,

    Loved learning a little bit about you. Your books sound interesting. Can’t wait to check them out. Have a great day.

  8. Raonaid Luckwell

    Hi Lori!!

    I’m excited about the upcoming new book! I fell in love with your Jager Sucher/Nightcreature books since I found your short story in Stroke of Midnight.

    I was fortunate to win the first three books signed from a contest a good while back. I was extremely giddy when I won it. The copies I already had, I sent to my friend up in Mass since I pimped you out to her.

    Jesse with Grace being my strong favorites of your books! I’ve been a member of your newsletter for a long time, enjoyed the moon info you send out each month.

    Twittered it (already had Lori on facebook and belong to her newsletter because she’s an automatic buy author for me)
    Posted it on my myspace’s bullentin and blog
    And my facebook.
    Gonna try to get some friends to go to the web site and say I sent them.

  9. Wow! What an awesome interview. I have added you to my list of authors to follow. Sounds like a good series to invest in.


  10. Friend didn’t tell me it was Friday not the other day. Well Back again, hi. The shameless friend who loves your stuff says hi too.

  11. Hey, everyone and thanks for the fabulous welcome!!

    Hi, Carol!! Thanks. I’m very excited about the RITA nom.
    As for differences in the two series, the major one is being able to really explore characters over several books rather than one, along with relationships between characters. Not resolving the love story, in fact having 2 “heroes” has been extremely interesting and fun for me too.

  12. Hi Lori!

    Welcome to Bittenbybooks! I absolutely love Liz Phoenix and the Doomsday series. I am impatiently waiting Apocalypse Happens! 🙂

    My question is this. If you were turned into any immortal creature, and had to pick just one place to live during the first 100 years of your immortality, where would it be and why?

    Thank you so much for stopping by!


    (R-twittered, Mark and Dakota and JAPM, and FB)

  13. I have always been interested in NA lore, Bethany. I began with the Ojibwe legends because that is a tribe of Wisconsin where I live and I also know someone who works for the tribal government so I had a go-to person for questions.

    Hi, Nancy. By the time I finish a book I usually have a very long list of things I need to get done. I also like to catch up on reading, movies and lunches with friends.

  14. Jackie–I’m not sure how readers feel about the lesser known legends etc. I try to blend those along with the vampires and werewolves that everyone loves.

    Thanks for pimping the books, Raonaid! And for sharing them with your friend. Always appreciated.

  15. Hi, Virginia and thanks!!

    I think I’d like to be a skinwalker–shapeshifting AND magic. Works for me. Hmm and where to live for 100 years. How about Hawaii?

  16. Hello Lori!
    Doomsday sounds like a suspenseful,scary, erie intriguing novel…begging to be read.I wish
    much success.

  17. Hi Lori! I know you must be really busy right now so many thanks for taking the time to stop by and visit with us.

    I just wanted you to know I have enjoyed your Nightcreature series very much and thought the Hitler concept an interesting spin on the creation of the weres.

    I haven’t had a chance to begin your Doomsday series yet but I do look forward to it. I’m sure I will enjoy as I have always enjoyed your vivid imagination;)

    Warm Regards,

  18. Love her books!!! I want this book soooo bad!! Seems like i’ve been waiting forevah!!

    Here is my blog page.

    I have also sent this to:

    I am waiting on the facebook confirmation too!

  19. Hi Lori,
    I just want to say how much you’ve inspired me as a writer. Your Nightcreature series is one of my favorites. My first book is being published next month. When I was beginning to submit to publishers, I emailed you for advice and you were very helpful. So Thank You! I look forward to reading your new series!

  20. Thanks Ida, Kia!

    Congrats, Sara!! So glad I could help.

  21. Lillie Applegarth

    Hi! Raonaid told me about the contest. I loved the first Doomsday book, can’t wait to read this one 🙂

  22. Glad to hear it, Lillie. DCW will be out on Tuesday!

  23. Hi Lori!

    Thank you for being with us today at BBB! How do you maintain a healthy balance with all of the writing you do?

  24. Hi Lori! I love that you write in the first person, it seems more real to me when reading. How and why did you chose to write first person vs. the he said / she said writing?

  25. Hi, Rachel,
    Most people who know me would tell you I DON’T maintain a balance. Workaholic, moi?
    But I do exercise every morning before I get to work, and then when the kids get home from school I quit for the day. I try to take off weekends.
    However, when that last kid leaves for college next year . . . Well, I’ll probably really have workaholic issues.

  26. I’ve always enjoyed first person narrative, Susan. Janet Evanovich, Laurel K Hamilton, but the main reason I began the NC novels in first person was that in most of the stories the heroine doesn’t know if the hero is a monster or not. And if we have his POV we know.

    Most urban fantasy is written in first person, so I was glad to continue in The Phoenix Chronicles.

  27. I hear you there Lori, nobody ever catches me working too much. he hehe *wink*

    Do you have anymore short stories coming out in Anthologies this year?

    I loved your story in the Big Fat Supernatural Wedding. Have you heard if there will be any more stories spun off of that concept? Like My Big Fat Supernatural Divorce or My Big Fat Supernatural Pregnancy. LOL

  28. I don’t have any anthologies scheduled right now, though I do hope to do more in the future.

    I know they did My Big Fat Supernatural Honeymoon and maybe one more, but I wasn’t asked to contribute. 🙁

  29. Hello Lori,

    I want to drop in and say hi. I haven’t read your interview yet, it is to freaking hot to sit and type at the moment. My locations current tempeture is 86 F. How warm is it where you are?

    6. 10. 11.

  30. Hi Lori, Doomsday Can Wait has truly piqued my interest, so has Sawyer. The trailer was great.

  31. Hey Lori! did you make your book trailer/ If not, can you tell us who did? it is really awesome!

  32. Hi Lori!

    Thanks for joining us at BBB today. *^_^*

    So my question is:

    If you had to be something else besides a writer (and it can be anything just not a writer) what would it be and why???

  33. Hi Lori!

    I just have to say that absolutely love your books! I am a huge fan.


    I spread the word:

    Added Lori as a friend on Facebook.
    Already receive the newsletter.
    Already in Full Moon Club.
    Added Lori’s website to my Awesome Authors part of my blog:
    Added Lori’s blog to my blogroll.
    BBB already on my blogroll.

  34. Hi Lori, love the book trailer! I had to resign up for the Full mon club, because I recently changed my email address, but I am happy to also be adding your newsletter! I enjoyed your interview and I think Ac/Dc is a great choice for Liz Phoenix!

  35. I just have to say: phenomenal trailer!!!

  36. Hi Lori,

    Doomsday Can Wait sounds really interesting and I hope I win a copy!

    So my question is, “What’s YOUR guilty pleasure?” 😀

  37. Hey, Beet,
    It’s actually 80 here today which is not the usual temp around here. I made myself go outside and enjoy it for 10 minutes this aft. Supposed to drop 30 degrees tomorrow.
    Of course!

    Thanks, Ana! I am so pleased with the trailer. I think you’ll enjoy Sawyer. I do! 😉

  38. Rachel-my trailer was made by a marketing specialist I’m working with. More than Publicity.

    If I couldn’t be a writer I guess I’d be an English teacher. That’s what I went to school to be, just never got around to it.

    thanks, Bridget!!

  39. Hi, Lisa M–I can hear Liz singing Highway to Hell right now!

    Lisa Lane–thanks. I haven’t gotten sick of watching it yet myself.

    Hi, Belle–my guilty pleasure would be red wine, dark chocolate and a book in the tub. Mmmm.

  40. Ok so here’s another question.

    Is there something you have to do to get yourself in the zone, to get in the right frame of mind to just write, write, write. And what would it be?

  41. The Pheonix Chronicles sound very intriguing. More for my tbr list

  42. I just get up every morning, jog and get to the computer. I’ve been doing it so long it’s become a habit. The deadline looming keeps me at it.

    Hope you enjoy, Chey. The old TBR pile just grows and grows doesn’t it?

  43. Hi Lori, thanks for being here. today. it is nice to meet you. I really love your werewolf novels and nightcreature novels. so much that you are one of my favorite writers. i love them all. but i think blue moon was my favorite. i really love dark moon as well. i love how you write your werewolf novels. and how hitler and mengele was involved in the werewolf army. so not a shock. i could so see that happening. but cool interview. maybe one day i will get to meet you. that would be awesome!

  44. Hi, Ruth,
    Nice to meet you too. And thanks for letting me know how much you enjoyed the NC novels. I hope there’ll be more in the future.

  45. Hi Lori,

    It is great to have you hear. Thanks so much for writing the Nightcreature series. It is one of my favorite paranormal series. Smiles. The Hitler angle totally made sense to me (I am Jewish).

    Ques 1: Which is your favorite series Nightcreature’s or The Phoenix Chronicles and why?

    Ques 2: Do you read paranormal romance for fun? If yes who do you read?

    Friends with BBB & Lori on Facebook, friends with BBB on twitter, am a member of Lori

  46. Great Interview Lori! I love the covers for your nightcreature novels.
    I was just wondering what your favorite book was when you were a teenager and if it’s still your favorite now?

  47. Hey Lori!

    Do you listen to music while writing or does it have to be quiet?

    Also, do you have a special place you write?

  48. How is someone a half vampire?
    I have got to check your Nightcreature Novels out they sound so interesting thank you Rachel for having her on here for me to discover. I’ll have to see if the library has any of your books Lori.

  49. Hey Lori, Love the trailer for Doomsday Can Wait! “Can’t Wait” for the book! Thanks.

  50. Hi, Marina,
    I enjoy both series. My favorite is always the one I’m writing at the time.
    I don’t read much paranormal romance anymore since I write so much of it. I will read Patricia Briggs and Rachel Caine, but that’s UF.

    Hi, Candy,
    As a teen I read all of the Victoria Holt, Phylllis Whitney, Mary Stewart books over and over and over. I still have very fond memories. I know St Martin’s is reissuing some of Holt’s books and I’ve been thinking of picking them up.

  51. Morning, Rachel,
    It has to be completely quiet when I write. Which is also why I have my own office at home and usually write when I’m alone during the day.

    Dawn–human plus vampire equals dhampir, or half vampire. At least in my world! 🙂

    Thanks, Deeann hope you enjoy.

  52. Hi Lori, it’s WendyK you know I adore all your writing and can’t wait for this next book. While it was a different feeling than your NIGHTCREATURE series, I’m truly enjoying it.

    Do you have plans to write anymore SuperRomances? Or to return to the NIGHTCREATURE world at any point?


  53. Hi, Wendy!!

    I do hope to write more Superomances and more NC novels as time permits.

  54. Lori I like your quote. I am always looking for a new one for my e-mail signature. Another one I saw today was EB White’s Be obscure clearly.
    I also agree with you about Hitler

  55. I have read all the Nightcreature books, and have asked about them, so I will leave them alone for now, although I do miss Edward and the gang. Having read the first Doomsday book and its prequel, I am not going out on a limb by saying I think these are going to bring you lots of success and some new readers. I have alerted all my friends to be on the lookout, and I’ve linked BBB to my Facebook and my Livejournal pages for this contest as well.
    I.m on facebook,, and I think there’s about a million links stuck somewhere on Facebook (I’m a fb newbie)
    Nancy g

  56. Hi Lori,

    Thanks so much for answering my questions. I also wanted to say how much I enjoy your newsletter with all the moon lore and other mythological facts. I always print that info for myself since I love stuff like that.


  57. I have commented in all of the reviews
    I have twittered
    BBB is on perm roll
    I just want to say how VERY much I enjoyed the NC series! I always waited with baited breathe for the next one! I really hope you can continue with that series! I miss it! 🙁

  58. Thanks, Karin.

    I appreciate it, Nancy. Thanks.

    Glad you’ve enjoyed, the newsletter, Marina. It’s always fun to write.

    Same here, Nicole!

  59. I have bittenbybooks on my blog list

  60. I have been reading paranormals for some time now and Handeland’s are among the best of them.

  61. I blush, Carol. 🙂 Thanks so much.

  62. Wow, your contests are a little overwhelming. I like the concept of your doomsday books. And I prefer books written in the first person. I didn’t use to, (a long time ago) but tastes change.

  63. Hi, Mardel,
    Thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoy the books.

  64. Lori,

    Thanks for taking time to do the interview.

    I had a love/hate relationship with “Any Given Doomsday.” I hated the way some of the characters progressed, but loved the premise of the series and the possibilites

    I am looking forward to see what happens in the new book.

    Thanks again!

  65. Shell the HOckeyvampiress

    Hey Lori, I am a big fan and have several of your books on my wall. I am looking forward to the new series but will always love the Moon series and the hawt weres.!!
    I am already a facebook friend and have posted the link there. Added the newsletter and the full moon club. Twittered the link and added you on twitter as well.
    As for BBB I have done all required memberships for those points too.
    With the newer series do you feel that there will be a finish in line for the Moon series or are they still a strong presence in your mind.?

  66. I have just started reading your books , but I am captivated by them can’t wait to get more of them !

  67. Lori,
    I’m so annoyed that I haven’t come across you sooner! I can’t wait to get started on your books. Your latest 3 look awesome, but I can’t wait to delve into the nightcreatures series….and look at how many I get to lose myself in,8 yummy books!! This is the fun part of coming across someone new. 🙂 Congrats on your success. I look forward to my many hours of reading pleasure!

    Item # 6
    Posted links at:

    Item #7
    Added BBB as friend on myspace and good reads.

    Item #8
    Facebook and newsletter (sending confirms)

    Item #10 and Item #11
    Posted links to Lori and BBB on blog roll for all 3 at :

    Item #13
    Joined Blood Bank!

    Thank you BBB~