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PLEASE KEEP SPOILERS TO A MINIMUM. Not all of the readers today have read the most recent book or even all of the books in the series. Thank you!!


Hi Jim!

Welcome to Bitten by Books, we are excited to have you here today!

I would like to thank you taking the time to join us for the question and answer session with our readers. It has been very interesting to get to know more about you and what makes you tick as a writer! Readers, if you haven’t done so already please stop by and get your copy of Jim’s AWESOME release book 11 in the Dresden Files series and also a #1 NY Times best seller, Turn Coat.

BBB: What do you find the most challenging and the most rewarding aspect of writing?

JB: Challenging: Clocks. I’ve never been real good with clocks. I think I might have been attacked by one as a child. But seriously: writing a good story is one thing. Trying to write it with a clock steadily ticking in the background is another thing entirely. Every time you finish a chapter, you have to question whether or not you’re going in a right direction for the story–and since time is such a critical issue, you know that there isn’t going to be time to make major repairs if you wander afield by several chapters. So, you watch each new piece of the story like a hawk, tempted to pounce on it immediately if it shows signs of going astray. It creates this sense of self-questioning and self-doubt that just isn’t there when there’s no time pressure.

Rewarding: People. When I go out on public appearances and so on, there are all these very friendly people around who say really nice things about me and my work. But even more than that, sometimes I get to hear how what I’ve done has made a difference in their lives. A soldier asked me to sign the manually-printed copy of three of my books, bound into a big old 3-ring binder, which he carried with him in his pack while in service in the Middle East. Another gave me one of his dogtags, confiding that my writing had been one of the things that helped him stay sane and positive over there. A man who had been teaching a martial arts class on the roof of the hotel building between the towers on 9/11 wrote me to tell me that in the aftermath, when he was counseling survivors to help them stay sane, the Dresden Files helped /him/ stay sane, giving him an escape when he desperately needed one.

When I get to hear stories like that, it does more to make me feel good about myself an my work than anything else in the world. It makes me think that maybe I’m doing more than writing dumb little wizard books for fun–that maybe I’m really doing some folks some Good.

I like that feeling.

BBB: What kind of research did you have to do to create the story world for The Dresden Files. How much of your research has actually been used throughout the life of the series?

JB: I raided my local bookstores and prowled their metaphysical sections. I read up on several systems of the practice of magic as embraced by various systems of faith who incorporate them into their belief. I read about magical practitioners in a historical perspective, throughout multiple centuries. I read books coming out against the practice of magic as well, and tried to gain a general understanding of the principles the various systems had in common. That’s how I built the basic magic of the Dresden Files–by taking those common elements and combining them into a polyglot whole, based upon a skeleton of Newtonian physics.

I wanted the magic o the Dresden Files to be simply a part of the story universe, a source of energy just like heat or electricity, and one which obeyed certain universal laws that governed its interaction with reality. I didn’t want Dresden to be a mystic, shamanistic wizard. I wanted him to be a plumber, a carpenter, an engineer. Only instead of working with water, wood, or physics, he was working with magic.

It’s all come in somewhere, though it’s hard for me to point out exactly what has gone where. I had the whole thing formed in my head when I started writing, and it just kind of started breathing on its own as the first story got rolling.

BBB: Was there a primary source you used for magic research initially? Obviously you have changed it to Harry’s brand of magic, but I assume you based it on some known practices.

JB: See above re: visiting many systems of faith. πŸ™‚ I can’t point at any one of them and say “oh, I based it all on Faery Wicca belief” or “this is pure Crowley” or “totally Kabbala over here.” I suppose it would be fair to say that I based Dresden’s magic on a model similar that to used by modern neo-pagan faiths, but there are so many of them, in such variety, that it really wouldn’t be saying all that much.

BBB: How do the images in the graphic novel of Welcome to the Jungle fit with what you imagined while writing it?

JB: Very closely. I mean, super close. I spent a lot of effort summarizing each image for poor Ardian, and then he had to produce it from my description–sometimes three or four times before I was happy with it. But as the story went on, we really seemed to hit some kind of common mental vibe. These days, I hardly ever have an issue with his work.

BBB: What do you feel are the benefits of the new electronic readers such as Kindle 2or Sony Digital Book Reader to the environment?

JB: Not knowing much of anything about environmental science, I’d say that my opinion is pretty much irrelevant. πŸ™‚ I suppose it all comes down to how much damage gets inflicted during the creation of the reader, its power supply, and the necessary supporting hardware when compared to the production of paper, ink, adhesives, etc, for the paper books.

I own a Kindle 2 myself, though, and they are pretty freaking nifty. I last charged mine more than two weeks ago, I use it every day, and it still has better than half of its battery life remaining. I’ve got a bunch of my favorite re-reading books downloaded to it, and I occasionally even pick up a new one for the reader. I keep it in a courier-bag along with my phone, ID, etc, so it goes everywhere with me. I like knowing that I always have a library of favorite reads with me wherever I go.

BBB: What impact do electronic readers create on the bottom line for authors in the end? Do you feel they have a negative impact or positive, or no impact at all that you can see?

Thus far, the impact has been minimal. There are a lot of folks using e-readers, sure, but they’re still a tiny minority compared to real-book readers. As far as protection of the electronic rights goes, my books have been readily available for illegal download on various file-sharing programs since 2000. They’re easy to steal, and have been for years. I don’t see that I’ve been horribly wounded by that fact–I’ve chosen to regard it as a PR investment. Sure, there are a lot of folks who might grab the pirated copy online, but I imagine that most of them are folks who would have trouble affording a book in any case. And if a few of them enjoy my work enough to then go out and grab physical copies to become regular readers, I count it as a win.

I’m not bothered by E-readers at all. I think that, by and large, anyone who can afford an E-reader probably isn’t going to have an issue with paying an author for his work. πŸ™‚

BBB: With 11 books in the Harry Dresden series so far, We are interested to know how you keep track of characters and world-building details. If you need to know the eye color of a minor character you haven’t used for 2 books, what does you do? Is it all in Excel? Is your mind a steel trap? πŸ™‚

JB: Wikipedia. πŸ™‚

No, seriously. Fans have built up a number of Dresden Files wiki-type databases. I can go there to dig up information when I need it. If wiki fails me, I’ll consult my notes from books past, or copies of the books themselves. And, of course, I rely upon the keen eyes an intellects of my beta readers to notice the small details I might have missed. They are inordinately helpful.

BBB: How much of Harry’s story do you have plotted in your head already?

JB: All of it, all the way through the big apocalyptic capstone trilogy at the end of the series. πŸ™‚

BBB: Can you tell us what your next release (s) will be? And do you have stand alone titles forthcoming?

Let’s see. Next out will be the last book of the Codex Alera, First Lord’s Fury, in December. Following that, I’ll be writing the twelfth Dresden File, “Changes,” for next April. Sometime next Summer, I believe, we’ll get the collected anthology of Dresden short stories, which doesn’t have a title yet, but which will include all the Dresden-universe shorts I’ve written.

After that, we’ll see. That’s plenty for my plate at the moment. πŸ™‚

BBB: Any chance that Sci Fi might bring the Dresden series back to TV?

JB: None whatsoever.

BBB: Do you plan out Harry’s time and/or have specific ideas about what Harry does in the “off season” between adventures?

Oh, always. I mean, I don’t chronicle his every waking moment, but I’ve always wanted to give the reader the impression that they’re essentially catching Dresden during his worst weekend of the year. Other things happen between books. I’ve written about some of them in short stories, and one of them in the comic book. During the rest of my own year, when I’m not writing Dresden, I’m sort of idly telling myself the story of what he’s up to while he’s waiting around for his life to go to hell again. πŸ™‚

BBB: What or who is your greatest inspiration?

JB: My family. They’re a rock.

BBB: Who are some of your favorite UF characters by other authors?

JB: In no particular order:

Simon Green’s leading man, John Taylor
Laurell Hamilton’s assassin, Edward
Charlaine Harris’ norse vampire, Eric
Lily StCrow’s demon hunter, Jill Kismet
Caitlin Kittredge’s shifter detective, Luna Wilder
Dean Koontz’s genius golden retriever, Einstein

BBB: If you could shapeshift, what animal would you be? And why?

JB: Uh. A horse, maybe? I mean, girls like horses, right?

BBB: How do you juggle writing full time, and keep balance in your life?

JB: With a pure and focused determination to get my work done for the day so that I can go play video games, mostly. πŸ™‚

I’ve found that if I can manage to get a moderate amount of work in every day, then it’s not nearly as hard on the rest of my life. If I wind up being too pressed and harried as the deadlines loom, that’s when things start to fall apart.

BBB: What is your all time favorite paranormal/urban fantasy book?

JB: Tough call. Maybe Darkfall, by Dean Koontz. Maybe War for the Oaks, by Emma Bull.

BBB: Is there a particular person who you look up to as a role model or mentor as far as personal growth? If so, who is it and why?

JB: My dad. I mean, he was my dad, right? πŸ™‚ He was an exceptionally decent, reliable, and self-sacrificial individual. He had the respect of anyone who knew him, and I can’t remember him ever letting me down. He died many years ago. I still miss him.

BBB: You are stranded on a desert island and can choose two things to have and endless supply of. Which would you choose beer or books?

JB: Books. I don’t drink. πŸ™‚

BBB: What is your favorite quote of all time?

“A classic is something that everybody wants to have read and nobody wants to read.” — Mark Twain

Followed closely by:

β€œGood writers borrow from other writers. Great writers steal from them outright.” — Aaron Sorkin


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Exclusive Bitten by Books Interview with Jim Butcher A big welcome to our readers today! Be sure to read to the end of the interview to find out how to WIN the fabulous prizes being offered up. The contest is open to readers worldwide. NOTE: This is not a fixed time event, the post just …

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  1. So what are some of Harry’s favorite bands? He more of a country boy? Classic Rock? Showtunes?

  2. Hi Jim!

    Welcome to! How exciting! πŸ™‚

    I haven’t had a chance to read the series, but I’ve heard so many great things about it that I can’t wait to read it… πŸ™‚

    My question for you would be, if you were an immortal and had to pick one place to spend the first, say 100 years of your immortality, where would it be and why?

    Thanks for stopping by with a great interview!


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  4. I want to know if, in the last Codex Alera book, we see a fight to the death between Araris Valerian and Aldrick ex Gladius. I can see there is some history there between them and would like to know more.

  5. I love it that you use fan-created wikis to keep track of your world details! Talk about interactive…

  6. Welcome Jim,

    I am curious to know what was your favorite Dresden Files TV Episode?

    What was your favorite book to write?

  7. Is this the way to leave questions for Jim? If so, I have a multi-part question about protection from White Court vamps.

    You’ve said that True Love (real True Love) only protects against WCVamps feeding on lust. What protects against the other WCVamps?

    With regard to True Love, you commented that it needs to be self-sacrificial love… some folks have pointed out that you (generally) can’t get more self-sacrificial than a parent’s love for a child… are parents protected because of that love?

  8. Jim, thank you so much for coming to Bitten by Books! I LOVE your books and have been jumping up and down with excitement (mostly mentally) since I heard you’d be coming to our site.

    I am an as-yet-unpublished writer and your “keep writing” quote (you just have to be better than the other wannabes) is printed out by my computer. It’s very motivating, thank you.

    I’m clearly having a “SQUEE!” fangirl moment here, so I’ll bow out and let someone more sensible talk. When/if I recover my senses I’ll be back with a question or two. Thank you again. Everyone at BBB is thrilled that you’re here today.

  9. Hey Jim! I am a huge fan and I’m almost literally salivating just for the chance to ask you my questions. Here goes:

    About a year or so ago, I sent an email via your website and never got a response, though I didn’t expect one. I’m rambling. It was regarding the essays about the Erlkoenig in Dead Beat that Peabody wrote. I noticed that in Turn Coat, Harry tells Peabody that he got the German wrong and that the Warden from Bremen told him about it. I’m just wondering if I’m being a bit narcissistic or if I am that Warden. If not, it’s fine. But if so, you’ve officially gotten me excited!

  10. “So what are some of Harry

  11. I like Jake. The best moment was actually not at the hospital when we meet him after Michael’s been shot. It’s in the short story The Warrior when he explains where the real wars are won.

  12. Do we get to see more of him in volume #12??

  13. Jim thank you so much for being here. We fans greatly appreciate it! Are there any plot points for “Changes” you may want to…get off your chest? πŸ˜‰

  14. “I am curious to know what was your favorite Dresden Files TV Episode? What was your favorite book to write?”

    My favorite episode was probably the unaired pilot, honestly. The version I got was the studio version that had lots of good music for its soundtrack. I must have watched that twenty or thirty times. It’s a shame it was never put together into a coherent form for the show.

    My favorite book to write, so far, has been Dead Beat. I mean, zombie T-Rex! What more do you need! πŸ™‚

    “About a year or so ago, I sent an email via your website and never got a response, though I didn

  15. That’s awesome! I feel so special now.

    I know you’ve probably answered this before, but is Harry an extension of your own personality, or did the wise-cracking wizard just pop out of your head? What I mean to say is, are you Harry Dresden?

  16. “Do we get to see more of Jake in volume #12??”

    Probably not. Maybe in book 13.

    “Jim thank you so much for being here. We fans greatly appreciate it! Are there any plot points for

  17. “What I mean to say is, are you Harry Dresden?”


    No. Not even close. πŸ™‚ If someone handed me the kind of power Dresden has, I’d wind up more like one of the villains in the book than like Harry. πŸ™‚

  18. Hey, it was a valid question. And I have another one. Where in the world do you get the inspiration for so many unique and fun characters? I’m a writer myself and, frankly, I’m mystified.

  19. Thanks Jim, for coming by. I adore the series and can’t wait to read “Turn Coat.”

    One of the aspects of the series I enjoy is the strength of the female characters. Murphy, Molly, Susan, Charity and even Ivy have an influence on Harry and contribute to his growth. As a writer, have there been women who have influenced you towards this direction?

    Another question. Your wife Shannon is also a writer. Are there any special challenges you two face with writing?

  20. As a Canadian reader, I was wondering if you ever intend to or have you already (and I bloody missed it) come to Canada for a signing or event?

  21. Your books are on Storycasting (go cast, everyone), and many fans ask the “who do you see” movie question. But what is the movie-related topic you’d like to discuss, but never get asked about?

  22. Mike — Last summer, he went to Polaris in Toronto. Nothing Canadian on the slate for 2009, though.

  23. “Where in the world do you get the inspiration for so many unique and fun characters? I

  24. Thanks you for such and interesting interview. My father built grandfather clocks and collected old clocks. None of them had the same time because he said, “How can you hear the individual chimes if they are all going off at the same time?” So each chapter has its own time to chime!

  25. As a fan, thank you for your dedication to our long time, resident so-and-so Bob. Are you amazed at how many fans visit your website on a regular and addictive time frame? We know you pop in now and then to add your views and answer question specifically directed to you.

    What I want to know is, how did you meet the goddess Priscellie and Fred/Iago and others? And thank her again for doing the butcher block pod casts. Always fun and enjoyable!

  26. Okay, I have to ask this one because I’ve been wondering it for ages. What breed of dog is Mouse? I mean, I realize he’s fictional in that he’s a Foo dog of Chinese and Tibetan legend, but what would be the closest approximation to an actual dog breed?

  27. “But what is the movie-related topic you

  28. Hey Jim,

    It was a pleasure to meet you at MileHighCon. I loved your talks. I hope we get to do a panel together someday.

    My question is regarding comics. What is the hardest part about scripting comics vs novels for you? What stuff did you have to leave out?


    Dave Boop
    Author, “She Murdered Me with Science”

  29. Great interview. I hear you about the clocks ticking away kinda over your shoulder when you’re working on a book. When I’m writing, I imagine something akin to the Eye of Sauron watching me, waiting…

    Also, I use video games as my reward system for finishing things. I had Fable 2 eying me since November! Delicious, delicious Fable 2…

  30. Jim
    Thank you for taking your time to do book tours(unfortunately I missed you when you were hear in Chicago)and this interview. For people like me I had just been introduce to your books this past March and needless to say I just finishing Small Favor and can’t wait to start Turn Coat.
    My question is about WC Vampires if Michael and Justine had the relationship before he almost killed her. What happen to them that now when there are together they can not touch because of the TRUE LOVE. Are they made for each other? One of my favorites is Carlos (the virgin!! that was the tops!!)Will he be matched up with Molly.
    Last will Charity ever tell Michael that she has magic?
    Thank you

  31. “What breed of dog is Mouse? I mean, I realize he

  32. Hi Jim,
    Great interview, haven’t yet read any of your books though. But a blogger friend of mine was just reading your latest πŸ™‚

    To a question, what authors would you recommend to a newbie to this world? πŸ™‚

  33. Dear Jim;
    Just wanted to give a big thanks for sharing your imagination with my two girls and myself. We are anxiously waiting to see what
    will happen next to Tavi and his friends and family…. Of course, we follow ALL of Harry’s adventures! We actually trade our copies back and forth. FYI, I am 39, and my girls are 15 and 12. My question…Is there any plans in place to come anywhere near Louisville, KY for book signings, or just droping by for the Derby? (We’d spring for a Mint Julip!)

  34. awesome interview! i just recently picked up “Storm Front” and am eager to start reading… a friend said the Dresden Files would be right up my alley.

    (rachel, twittered, facebook, bbb on my blogroll, jim on my blogroll, joined his FB group, bought dresden files dvds πŸ˜€ )

  35. “My question is regarding comics. What is the hardest part about scripting comics vs novels for you? What stuff did you have to leave out?”

    Well, the only one I’ve actually written was Welcome to the Jungle. The adaptation for Storm Front was done by Mark Powers who was, if anything, maybe a little TOO faithful to the books.

    The biggest difference, to my way of thinking, is that by and large, the written story is all about staging things to show /action/. Graphic novel presentation is about showing /reaction/. You rarely see a comic panel of a superhero’s punch connecting. You see the instant /after/ the punch has landed, when the hero is following through with the blow and the villain is reeling back from it.

    That may not seem like a major difference, but believe me when I say that it /is/ one. It’s subtle and it’s profound. It wasn’t until I clued into that difference that I finally started to really understand how the storytelling has to change its shape to adapt to the environment. Hopefully, when next I write such a script, I’ll be able to bring that knowledge along with me, and produce something much more solid than the first script.

  36. I thought of another item to add to my WCVamp questions from earlier…

    If True Love only protects against feeding on lust, could Thomas change his mode of feeding (like Madrigal did) and then be able to be with Justine again?

  37. I don’t really have any questions since you’ve already answered those I would have asked! *grin* Just saddened that SciFi was so stupid to have canceled Dresden… I had hoped they would bring it back with the new rise in interest in those things “occult”. *sigh* Damn. And the other? Again, damn… This summer??? Argh! Thanks for the Dresden books. They’re probably my favorite urban series.

  38. Hi Jim!

    Nice to virtually meet you. I interviewed your sister Julie a few weeks back. We’re Twitter pals.

    What has proven to be the best marketing strategy for your books (or top 3)?

  39. “Is there any plans in place to come anywhere near Louisville, KY for book signings, or just droping by for the Derby?”

    I was at KU earlier this month, actually–did an interview with the campus radio station, and a signing nearby. πŸ™‚ It’s all kind of a blur of cities and bookstores and libraries at the moment, but I’m sure I’ll be back through at some point. πŸ™‚

    “To a question, what authors would you recommend to a newbie to this world?”

    If you mean Urban Fantasy, I’d point you at Charlaine Harris and Kim Harrison as good starting points. If you mean the whole modern fantasy genre, I’d add in Neil Gaiman, and on the romancier side of things, Sherrilyn Kenyon and (because I think she’s wicked awesome) my wife Shannon Butcher’s new supernatural romance, Burning Alive. πŸ™‚

  40. Good Afternoon from sunny NYC!

    One of the things I enjoy about your books is that when you give information through dialogue or veiled mentions, it doesn’t feel like you’re giving too much. Especially for the long-arc descriptions (ie; Luccio’s spiel about Maggie Dresden). If it were me writing, the cat would have been out of the bag 7 books ago.

    The question I have is: how do you tell when you’ve put in enough info, or too much.

    Thanks and Take Care,


    PS: Come to New York

  41. Jim, I adore your Dresden books. I’ve own all the paperbacks, and have reread the entire series twice just bec. it’s so darn much fun. I also managed to snag TURN COAT from the library, and have finished it, too.

    I love Harry, of course, but also Mouse, Bob, and Karrin. I’m terrible about remembering which scenes were in which books until I’m rereading them, but I loved the scene of riding into battle on the dinosaur skeleton. Oh, and in TURN COAT, my fav scene was the “ending” battle on the island. I don’t want to give even the slightest spoiler, so I’ll leave it at that.

    Rachel,thanks for bringing Jim to BBB! Jim, thanks for being here!

    Nancy Haddock

  42. “What has proven to be the best marketing strategy for your books (or top 3)?”

    Um. No idea. I don’t have one of those, much less three of them.

    I just try to be available to people online as much as I can. I try to be pleasant and polite to everyone I meet in connection with the books, whether they’re readers, editors, interviewers or whoever. And I try to work as hard as I can to write the best book I can.

    At the end of the day, I think bookmarks, posters, and other advertising will only get you so far. /Readers/ telling other /readers/ that your books are good stuff is what builds your audience. Ads are easy to ignore. We do it all day long. Good word of mouth–actual *people* talking to other *people*–is irreplaceable.

  43. “The question I have is: how do you tell when you

  44. I have a few more, though I’m pretty sure you’re getting tired of me. First, are you coming to Tennessee any time soon? I saw that your event in Kingsport was canceled and I admit that I was disappointed.

    Second, is there going to be a movie or (I certainly hope not) a series about the Codex Alera books? I would love to see those brought to life in a feature film, most likely filmed in New Zealand like most good fantasy nowadays.

  45. Hey, Jim. It’s Fred. πŸ™‚

    What the heck was the deal with AmberMUSH and us not getting along? I’ve allowed the dust of forgetfulness to settle over that one. I *do* remember taking over Mitre Thanlis and us making endless mischief as sparring brothers.

    Which reminds me: is the Thanlis-inspiration for the White Court the geekiest inspiration-source you’ve used in the novels, or has something topped it? πŸ™‚

  46. Hey, Jim!
    I know that you’ve always been uber-supportive of aspiring authors and new folks to the field. What advice do you wish you’d been given before starting out on your own writing career?

  47. Great interview! I’ve only discovered Jim Butcher in the last year and I’m addicted to the Dresden Files. It’s a series both my husband and I adore. We’re going to have to battle it out to see who gets to read the new book first!

    Jim, have you had any very strange fan experiences?

  48. Hi Jim,

    I’ve heard wonderful things about your books. Can’t wait to read them:)


    Posted contest here:

    Signed up for newsletter
    Fan on Facebook
    Added Jim’s website to the Awesome Authors section of my blog
    BBB already on my blogroll

  49. I can’t believe no one has said this yet, but CONGRATULATIONS! You hit number one on the New York Times Bestsellers List! CONGRATULATIONS MAN!

  50. Along with Christine’s question on fan experiences, do you like it when fans give you gifts? What kinds of things do you like? Or would you rather they didn’t, do they just sit on a shelf or weird you out?

    And why aren’t you answering Laura’s questions about WC vampires?

  51. Jim,
    I have to sadly admit I’ve not read any of your books or seen the shows but have thoroughly enjoyed your interview and the answers you have given to all the questions asked both by Rachel and your fans.
    I wish you continued luck (though I would have to say that after 12 books and counting it probably isn’t luck!) and continued successes!

  52. Oh yeah! Congrats on the Best Seller list, but also CONGRATS ON THE HUGO NOM!!!

  53. “What the heck was the deal with AmberMUSH and us not getting along? I

  54. Wow Rachel you get some awesome guest authors here!!! πŸ™‚ I have a couple of Jim Butcher’s books but haven’t had a chance to read them yet. I’ve heard great things about them though and would love to be entered in this contest.

    Great interview Rachel and so nice of you to donate a prize also!

    My question is: Can your books be read out of order?

  55. Jim,

    Dresden Files – Absolutely my favorite series, hands down. Reading Codex Alera now.


  56. I know how much you like to hear how you inspire others and I’d like to say that you have truly inspired me. I started writing in the eighth grade and haven’t stopped since, yet I’ve never finished a project…until a few weeks ago. It was right after I read Turn Coat and I finally got that last chapter written. Thank you for the inspiration.

    Also, I’d like to say I love Harry’s view on humanity, from that first chapter in Storm Front where he talks about Science being the world’s new religion to his comments on the nature of humanity throughout the books. They’re truly little nuggets of wisdom.

  57. Jim –

    I really liked your comment/stance on piracy of your books.

    With Codex Alera wrapping up later this year, what are your plans? 2 Dresden books a year? Or is there another project you have in the works? I heard someone mention you might be doing a Space Opera next…


  58. Come to think of it, I base a whole lot of what I do on how much it tortures the beta readers. >:)

    You’re a sick man, Jim Butcher, and I love every second of it. πŸ˜€

    I second Craig’s plea: Come back to New York! We have cupcakes.

  59. Hi Jim, great interview and great answers. It’s a pleasure to meet you.
    What inspired you to write the Dresden File?
    How did you come up with the idea of Bob?

  60. “For me, I base it on the reaction from the beta readers. I try to nudge it up over the ‘Ooooooo!’ threshold, but stop at a point where it makes them scream, ‘BUT WE WANTED MORE!’

    “Come to think of it, I base a whole lot of what I do on how much it tortures the beta readers. >:)”

    AHA! I knew it!

    … wait a minute. I guess that makes us masochists… well, okay, I’ll own it. πŸ˜€

    The one thing that consistently amazes me about you is that you break the oft-perceived mold of the bestselling author who becomes his own cult of celebrity. How do you keep centered and down-to-earth and avoid becoming a jerk? Do we have the amazing Shannon to thank for that? Or is it the avoidance of beer? πŸ˜‰

    More seriously, I find myself impressed by how you seem to have each series (TDF and CA) blocked out from start to finish; CA doesn’t have any obviously lean or fat books that would follow from “I wanted to do X in this book, but it required so much X, Y and Z that it became huge”, for example. How detailed is your planning for future books in the series?

    Thanks as always,

    PS And I second Craig; he, Priscilla and I have a need to fill you with foods that are bad for the body but good for the soul. πŸ˜€

  61. Jim,

    Just wanted to say thanks for all the awesomeness. Turncoat rocked ! I have always been a huge Harry fan and I truly admire your ‘Whedonesque’ approach to geniunely slapping the danger around upon any character at any time.

    Turncoat’s ending death suprised and stung (not unlike Wash in “Serenity”. It is hard to say goodbye to characters we have grown accustomed to…good or bad.

    btw…One favorite image/scene I have always had is from Dead Beat. When an exhausted Harry notices the car that he just dropped on Cowl has started moving (and therefore he is far from dead/beaten as Harry would have naturally hoped). I have always pictured the look of wrung out disgust on Harry’s face to mirror the look on Indiana Jones’s face when he is facing the Arabian Swordsman in RotLA (… other words you gotta be frikkin kidding me – more fighting with crazies!?!)

    Take care. Looking forward to Book 12.


  62. Fyrchick wants to know: boxers or briefs?

    I think you should come to San Francisco. We’ve got sourdough bread, chocolate, and, uh, Rice-a-Roni.

  63. Good afternoon, Jim.

    I must simply say *applause* with flashy lights aglow.

    Thank you so much for untold hours of entertainment with both Harry and Tavi. You should realize that your books are some of the few things capable of enticing my husband away from slaying zombies (no really, we’re grown-ups, too! *grin*).

    Turn Coat was fantastic. (Apropos of nothing,I assume Bob was distracted by a hot new romance novel? lol) I also just finished Mean Street and am wondering if you have a story arc that will provide Harry a little more peace of mind with respect to Michael?

    Rachel – thanks for inviting Jim by for us to torture -er, I mean, visit. I already follow BBB here:

  64. Jim,

    Love your answers and comments. Dead Beat is my favorite book also–nothing better than a zombie T-rex!
    Congrats on the best seller list–I loved Turn Coat and can’t wait for Changes!

    Thanks Jim and BBB!

  65. Dear Jim,

    Thank you for the interview — always entertaining and funny and fun! I have enjoyed the Dresden files and Harry’s journey. As another Dean Koontz fan, I can say that I notice you have a similar level of excellent voice/style that keeps me coming back for more (high praise indeed)!

    Keep writing & we’ll keep reading!


  66. “I also just finished Mean Street and am wondering if you have a story arc that will provide Harry a little more peace of mind with respect to Michael?”

    I’m really not terribly interested in Harry’s peace of mind. πŸ™‚ I kind of make my living torturing the guy. Oh sure, maybe eventually, but…

    The story in Mean Streets isn’t there to give /Harry/ peace of mind. It’s there for Michael. HE got his happy ending. It didn’t LOOK like that from the outside, but he did finally get all the things he wanted–an honorable way out of the constant war, more time with his family, the ability to be there for his wife and children when they needed him: all the things that were important to him.

    The physical impairments are a relatively small price to pay, from his perspective.

    Michael has a LOT of things Harry wants, at one level or another. I think Harry’s state of mind with regards to Michael is as peaceful as it can be, so long as Harry still lacks those things–peace, quiet, family–for himself.

  67. OK I’m geeking out here a bit, but I had to say that I love the whole Dresden series. (How can you beat a zombie T-rex?)
    As the world in the series has opened up for me, I’m amazed at how things connect.
    My question is, did you plan out everything from start to finish with a big outline? Or do you plan them out one installment at a time? Or just write and see where it take you?

  68. Wow that was a fantastic interview!

    Bitten by Books really has this habit of making my TBR pile grow.

    I now need to pick up more books at the bookstore.

    Anyway, I was wondering, what’s YOUR guilty pleasure? πŸ™‚

  69. “My question is, did you plan out everything from start to finish with a big outline? Or do you plan them out one installment at a time? Or just write and see where it take you?”

    I planned it all out, in fairly broad strokes. The specifics of each novel come in just before I start writing it, but it’s going pretty much according to plan on the big outline. πŸ™‚

  70. My favorite Dresden Files character is Murphy. She kicks a**, stands by her friends, and keeps Harry in line. I particularly liked when she follows him into Faerie in White Knight.

    As a huge Dresden Files fan, I want to know why I should read the Codex Alera books. I’m not inherently as huge of a sword and sorcery fan as Butcher is, but I love the Dresden Files so much that I keep meaning to check them out. He gives such a heartfelt pitch for the series at the end of the Dreden books, but I want to know more about the ideas and story itself rather than the genre and why fans of Dresden may like it.

  71. I have enjoyed and delighted in the Dresden series ever since I discovered it. I read what you said about sources, but I was wondering particularly about the idea of Intellectus and Genius. Did Edmund Spenser’s Faerie Queene or Lewis’s Discarded Image play any role in your creation of that element? Your use of it in Turn Coat was quite excellent and exciting. I’m lookin forward to #12. Thanks for the good stories!

  72. @VioletReads – You should read Codex Alera to see an interesting implementation of a magic system. Jim crafts a fantasy world and culture that refers to any people/civilization that is furyless (the Alerans themselves have no powers, but they can command furies to do their bidding) as barbarians, even though they came from a society that was at one point furyless (the Romans), something they as a people refuse to believe (which reminds me of 1984… “we’ve always been at war with Eastasia”).

    Anywho, you could always try and read a sample chapter or two on Jim’s site:

  73. Jim I just finished reading your Codex Alera and I am truly in awe of your ability to flow through an epic piece like this. I remember reading somewhere that you really wanted to do the Codex and were a bit disappointed when you couldn’t get anyone interested in it. The article seemed to imply that you were somewhat reluctant when starting Dresden and I was wondering at what point you found your peace with that series. Also I have to ask… you have absolutely written that SciFi will not pick up Dresden Files, but the eternal optimist in me wonders if you would be open to any future for the series at all and if any other studio/network/director/producer has shown any interest whatsoever. Thank you for taking the time to ‘meet’ with your fans like this!

  74. I’m loving the Q&A! Thanks for answering the questions about the WCVamps… now I’ve gotta take that info back to the forum so we can tally up who was right and who was wrong! πŸ˜€

    Another couple of questions –

  75. I have a couple of questions, Mr. Butcher, if that’s okay):

    You said that you had the entire series plotted out, including a capstone trilogy? How many novels do you think “The Dresden Files” is going to end up with total? And are any of the stories you have plotted already include stories outside of the “canon” of the novels, including short stories and graphic novels?

    Also, I recently attended the Pop Culture Association’s national conference in New Orleans, and I was shocked that I did not see a single academic paper over your series. I am running a few ideas through my head to perhaps get in on the ground level of scholarship on “The Dresden Files,” and I am just curious on what your thoughts on academic attention in regard to you works are?


  76. Congrats on the NY Best Sellers list. I also want to add my thanks to the time and effort you give to your fans. It is much appreciated.
    I also want to thank you for your Livejournal articles on writing. They have been very helpful.
    At some point, those of us in OK would love it if you came down to visit.


  77. Actually, to comment on BJ Keeton’s comment. I’ve been thinking strongly on the role of “Anarchy” in the Dresdenverse. Harry is an anarchist in that systems don’t work well with him, be they political, religious or electrical systems. The Black Council seems to be Anarchists as well as they upset the balance (plus a hint dropped in TC by Luccio).

    I would love to write a paper on it, but I’m waiting for the series to end to see how it pans out

  78. Hi Jim!

    Welcome to BBB today! We are so excited and glad to have you.

    So ok. My question.

    I like to ask authors, what they would do if they couldn’t write. So lol, what would you do if you couldn’t be an author? (Though thank goodness that’s not the case. *^_^*)

    Btw, lion tamer has already been taken.

  79. One of the ideas I’ve been tossing around is the social hero vs. the lone hero. Harry is a very social animal; he has friends whom he can turn to at any given moment for any given need, though, in the end, he generally fixes the mess himself. I want to analyze him alongside other social heroes (Buffy: The Vampire Slayer and Harry Potter, for instance) as well as the more lone heroes like Roland from Stephen King’s “The Dark Tower” series (even though he had friends, they were generally a hindrance to his quest).

    Not sure how it’ll pan out since that’s about as far as I’ve gotten, but by the 2010 PCA, I am sure I can have something put together.

  80. I’m trying to get a friend hooked on your books too. Just gave him a copy of Storm Front. I’m so sad they canceled Dresden Files on SciFi! My fave character is Murphy–she grounds the books in the real world. Fave scene is in Grave Peril (I think)–the knight and Dresden are fighting a ghost in the nursery of a hospital. Spooky.

  81. When did you become infected with the writing bug and the realisation that being an author was the only career path you wanted to travel?

    PS BTW you really need to come over to the UK at some future time.

  82. Hi Jim.
    First, let me say that Ley totally misinterpreted my concern about your clothing preferences. It is totally none of my business…but now that it’s out there….

    Second, forget SanFran. NEW ENGLAND. We have the Red Sox, maple syrup, puffins and lobstah.

    I do have an actual question(s). I tried to make it all insightful and deep to prove my fanhood, but TSM’s keep distracting me.

    We haven’t heard much from the Jade Court recently. I was wondering how much of the East and its “monsters” will might get to see in the future. Any chance Harry will meet a Tengu (or other types of creatures) in his travels?

    And finally,


    VWinship at aol dot com

    Favorite character remains Bob.

    My dad loves the series and he completely took me by surprise when he told me he’d read his first after my sister sent it to him. He isn’t normally a big fan of paranormal and I don’t think he reads them as such. He likes the tone, the characters, the dialogue and atmosphere. He’s read the first two and will get the third one when I finish it.
    Thanks for opening my dad’s eyes to other genres. = )

  84. Hi Jim
    So enjoy your books and so enjoyed the series (I’ve known Robert Wolfe and David Simkins for years, so it was fun to see your world through their eyes.)
    Can’t wait to slip into the latest.

  85. Hey Jim!

    Thanks for stopping by today. I really appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to be with us here at BBB.

    My question is. Would anybody like some toast? NO darn it! That wasn’t me that was Talkie the Toaster.

    Ahem. Now for the real question. What are your thoughts on Fan Fic? Do you like it, find it disturbing? Do you encourage people to write it versus writing their own story worlds?

    Also, was that a 6 pack of ale I saw by your chair when you were signing books in Lexington? LOL

  86. Yo Jim-

    How’s it going? It’s been a while.

    Make sure Rachel is nice to you. She bites sometimes. πŸ˜‰

    Say hello to the family.


  87. After getting hooked on the TV series, I recently discovered your books…now hooked on those too! Love the premise, love Harry, love the style. Kudos for coming up with something truly unique!

  88. Hi Jim! So neat to meet you! I’m embarrassed to say I haven’t had the joy to read your books and these would be those I’d love to read. All that magical suspense with Harry. I loved reading the blurbs and seeing how he just grew through the book in his relationship, family and his world. I get so hooked into series that its a great feeling waiting for the next one!

    I’ve had the joy to read Shannon’s first book and definitely looking forward to both of yours! Do you share offices writing and are you both similar in your ‘office time’ of writing? I wondered if that would cool or not for your writing, only because I knew of writers who would write one book together and that sounds so hard to do! Would you ever think of doing that?

    Thanks Jim! Again great to chat with you.

    For contest:

    For Bitten By Books, I’m subscribed to the newsletter, added to FaceBook, GoodReads, MySpace and Twitter, on my blog roll at link above, Emailed friends about Jim here today and sent you a copy, I’ve joined the Blood bank, and have your banner on my blogs (links above) where they can click and come right here!

    I joined Jim’s Forum, and Facebook, and added his blog to my blog roll on my blog link above as well as bookmarked his site!

  89. I’ve read all the Dresden books and love them. I actually saw the TV show first, then went and found the books. I can’t wait to read the new one.
    I added Jim’s Facebook page πŸ™‚
    I can’t believe they cancelled the show so fast–it really was wonderful.

  90. Jim, longtime fanboy, first time talker.

    A few questions:

    1) Will we be seeing the new wielders of the Swords SOON? Harry has been sitting on those for a while.

    2) What did Harry get out of the deal with his fairy godmother? We know what she got, but what did he get out of it, specifically? Was it a power boost (temporarily or permanent)? An augmentation of his abilities, or access to something he couldn’t do at the time? Was it defensive or offensive in nature?

  91. I’ve noticed a trend, two particular types of women you put in your stories. The tall, pale, ‘Touch it and burn’ femme fatales, and the short, blonde/brunette, ‘sweet but it’ll never work out’ like Harry’s first love, and Ana, etc. (The exceptions here being Susan and Lash, who look like one group but belong in the other).

    Is this inspired by something in your life, your particular tastes in women showing through, or is it just happenstance?

  92. Jim-

    Hi I am a fan of the Dresden series and a huge DnD nerd. I have one question: What class dose Dresden play in his games with Billy and the wolves? I’m thinking barbarian.

  93. @Shin – You are correct. IIRC, the first time Harry heads over to play with them, he asks for something with “massive thews”. Billy responded by asking if they still had any Barbarian character sheets.

  94. Hi Jim,

    Hopefully not spoiler in question but will we ever find out about Harry’s headaches? Also, I’ve just finished ‘Welcome to the Jungle’, did you enjoy the process of putting Harry into graphic form?

  95. Hello again Jim,

    First, how can you misinterpret boxers or briefs? I mean, really.

    Second, puffins? They’ve got six or seven states squashed together over there in New England and the most inticing thing they can come up with is puffins? San Francisco has seals. I’m pretty sure they eat puffins like popcorn.

    Third, so, when Harry invades Arctis Tor to rescue Molly, we discover that Mab has imprisoned Lea in ice. Is this because Lea is *possessed* by some entity that was able to take her over due to her possession of the athame? Did this same entity then try to take over Mab, who took possession of the athame from Lea, and injured her in the process? Did Cowl know this was going to happen when he traded the athame for Ammorachuius? Speaking of Cowl, if the Erlking became the Erlking through a Dark Hallow, but is not in the same weight class as Mab, then how come Cowl would have been in the same weight class as Mab if he had succeeded? Was there any interaction the night of the Dark Hallow between the Erlking and Cowl?

  96. @John- HA I was right! Thanks man. Hmm to think of another question.


    Okay sense my first question was answered then my question is:

    What class do you actually favor?

  97. Hi, Jim– I want to thank you for your wonderful “how I do it” posts on your LiveJournal. Great stuff!

    A very good friend of mine got me hooked on your Dresden books–she won’t give them to me when she’s finished with them, but lends them only. She lent them to me one at a time until she felt she could trust me to return them. πŸ™‚ I just saw a quote on Twitter that says, “He who lends a book is an idiot. He who returns the book is more of an idiot. – Arab Proverb (” Gotta love that.

    But back to you–I love the way you use Christian elements in the same way you do other magic systems. I have so many friends who would love urban fantasy, but feel they’re being untrue to their faith if they read it. Michael and company open the genre for them. You write with such integrity and respect, no matter what the subject. That’s one of the things that makes your work so outstanding, IMO.

  98. Hi, Jim. Great interview!

    I just finished reading Turn Coat and LOVED it. Gotta say Mouse is one of my favorite characters and I love the active role you gave him in this book…especially the recurring “I must protect these idiot wizards from each other” scenes. Absolutely priceless!

    Can you tell me if Mouse has a larger destiny to fulfill than simply being Harry’s sidekick / straight dog?

    Other than Mouse, my favorite non-Harry character is Thomas. You did a fabulous job of torturing Thomas into a place where “Turn Coat” can also refer to him. Nice.

    AND…I’m a huge fan of Codex Alera. Actually, as much as I love Harry, I think Tavi’s world appeals to me even more.

    Thanks for sharing these stories with us. Your writing is an inspiration.

  99. “I remember reading somewhere that you really wanted to do the Codex and were a bit disappointed when you couldn

  100. “and they either created themselves in an emulation of beauty”

    That’s an interesting thought, that those that can look that way made themselves look that way.

    It makes sense for Mab, sure (since she is the ice queen), but for the White Court… Being able to actually alter their appearance consciously with their power wasn’t a thought that occured to me.


  101. Crap, he just left. Le sigh. Working stiffs never catch a break. So what I wanted to ask was: Jim, I hear you’re into martial arts but I’ve never seen specifically which ones. My boyfriend is a Shihan in the bokuyokan school of daito-ryu aikijujutsu, kendo, and is also a master of kung fu and taiji. Just curious – do you practice any of these arts? If not, which do you practice and where did you study them? Which budo is your favorite?

  102. Hey Gina!

    Here is the answer to your question:

    In the first paragraph he talks about the various disciplines he’s worked in.

    You may have missed him, but you can read through all the posts and see the great convos. AND you are not to late for the contest. πŸ™‚

  103. Theresa Brundage

    First let me say THANKS to Jim and Rachel for the interview!
    To answer the question, Harry has to be my favorite character, but so many others are a close second.
    My favorite scene is in DeadBeat. It’s my favorite because my daughter and I re-enact it all the time. “Life is a journey. Time is a river. The door is ajar” . LOL!
    I re-tweeted :
    I’ve been a member of Jim’s forum for, gosh, about 3 years now.
    I’m already Facebook and Myspace friends.
    I already have BBB on my blog roll.
    I’m already a member of the Blood Bank.

  104. Greetings, Jim
    I just wanted to thank you again for sharing these tales with us. I mentioned on the forums that I grabbed the Dresden Files, and became hooked. When things were at there worst, I could always turn to Harry and the gang for a laugh. The darkest days seemed a lot brighter for the experience.
    Thank you again for Harry.

  105. I havn’t read your books yet, but will be looking for them now. They sound wonderful.

    I did catch the show on the Sci Fi channel and loved it. My hubby and I both enjoyed so much. Bob is a close second to Dresdan. Great humor!

    Why did you choose a hockey stick as his wand?

  106. Strogan (twitter)

    I think my favorite character (aside from Harry that is) is Lt. Murphy.

    My favorite scene with her is actually her introductory phone call in Storm Front. For some reason, that sort of sets the tone for me.

  107. A horse huh? Any particular reason??? Shiny coat maybe??? LOL Got your books on my TBR list already….librarian trying to get them in order for me. Great to see you here!!!
    Already a fan on FB
    Twittered the link
    Bloodbank member
    All of the BBB possibilities done.
    FB link posted too!!

  108. Thanks Jim, for all the wonderful answers.
    6. 10. 11.

  109. Hi, Jim! I have a question for you – do you (or did you) help your wife when she first started writing books considering you had been doing that for a while by then? Because I’ve read both of you two’s books and while I definitely love both, her writing voice, if you will, is different from yours, which I think it’s great. But I was just wondering. πŸ™‚

  110. Hah, my favorite character? Mouse, of course! MAN, what a cutie.

    But seriously, I love Harry and I would be totally okay if he found a girl named Wendy and married her. Ahem.

  111. Oh! One more thing – Jim, I totally agree about Green’s the Nightside series. Love those books!!

  112. Jim Butcher as I unlive and breathe! It’s very nice to ‘meet’ you here at BBB. My husband who’s in the Navy (guaranteeing safety and freedom for all) is a HUGE fan of your books. I confess I haven’t read one yet but in my defense we have every book in the Dresden Files series (except book 11) and every book so far in your Codex Alera series. I knew your interview would be entertaining and it was!
    LOL! about your ‘horse’ comment.
    I’ve done everything for BBB! And I’m now going to invite friends. Everyone should stop by and enjoy Jim’s interview. I can call you Jim can’t I? Btw I want to read your wife’s books too.
    If I don’t win a copy of TC this time I’m going to bite someone!! Or cry for days. Take your pick!
    I told about this contest.

    Bites! Draculissa :-)=

  113. I have been reading this series since it atarted and I love it!!! I have introduced to family and friends and they have also fallen in love with it. This book has a different take on everything and thaqt i why I like it. Same old stuff is just boring. Thanks for these and books and keep writing!!

  114. After reading all the comments I have to say I don’t know how I’ve missed reading one of your books – it all sounds very fascinating. And Draculissa sent me πŸ™‚

  115. Fav char: Mouse, licking spaghetti sauce off his muzzle in one of the books in the middle. SO CUTE!

    So, yeah, anyways… I posted your links to my Facebook and LJ page.

    Joined the BbB and Jim Butcher Appreciation Facebook Groups, friended Rachael and Jim, I’ve got Jim’s mailing list on my Google Reader…

    But I’m probably not gonna win anyways, so that’s all I did. XD

  116. Draculissa sent me!

    Hi Jim,
    I’ve never read your books but from what everyone is saying they sound really good! Draculissa told me how much her husband loves them! I can’t wait to read one.
    When did you know that you wanted to be a writer? How did you decide what kind of books you wanted to write?
    Carol M
    mittens0831 AT

  117. Hi again, Jim,
    I forgot to ask you how long it took you to sell your first manuscript and how did you react when it happened?
    Carol M
    mittens0831 AT

  118. Per #2:

    One of my favorite characters is Mouse!

    I always remember his first appearance in BLOOD RITES, when Harry is trying to rescue the puppies and one pup keeps barking at enemies behind them! Good puppy!

  119. I have bitten by books on my blog list

  120. This is a great website, I just found out about it and signed up for your newsletter. I was glad to have a link to put on my facebook page. Jim showed up here in Michigan last week and I was able to go, meet, hear, and get books signed with my niece, who I am currently corrupting (Thanks Jim!).

    Favourite scenes… there are so many, very hard to narrow things down-
    Flying monkeys flinging flaming poo balls.
    A reanimated T-rex, Sue, rampaging in Chicago.
    And the classic I have on my Harry badge “You’re selling me on e-bay?”

    What’s not to like, life is better with Harry Dresden.

  121. I wouldn’t know, I never read any of the books. But , I would love a free one to try πŸ™‚

  122. Howdy:

    I have been assigned by Draculissa to visit your website under pain of being bitten. Please let her know I was here.

    Thanks, Jim.
    Continued success to you.

  123. Hi there!

    I love Mouse and one of my favorite Mouse scenes occurs on the last page of BLOOD RITES: Harry has decided to keep him and name him Mouse because he’s so small, and Thomas has been shopping for puppy supplies. And Harry asks Thomas why he bought LARGE BREED puppy food? That cracks me up!!

  124. I wish I’d heard about this Q&A session when it was going on, but if your still checking in, Mr. Butcher, I just wanted to say that your Dresden books have gotten me through a real rough couple of years. Reading them has had such a good impact during some of my darkest times. Thank you. πŸ˜€

  125. Oh I just Love Jim’s books. I’m currently being stationed here in England for school and I can’t get the newest one! It’s driving me a little insane.

    But I’d have to say that my favorite character is… Mouse. ~laughs~ I love that dog. I think my favorite scene he’s in would be… When he’s growling under the carseat in Blood Rites and Herry drops him into his pocket ~Laughs~

  126. Ooh I joined the Blood Bank! That will be fun. Over there I’m Jenna though. That’ll be confusing..

  127. If Jim ever comes back and answers questions:

    I believe you mentioned in an interview that you had played on a World of Darkness MUSH as well at some point…can you say which one?

  128. I would like a free book please! Pretty please!!

    I’ve added Jim’s blog in my blog’s BlogRoll links. The url is :

    Joined Jim’s Facebook. My Facebook is at:

    Have Jim in my links in my website under authors. The url is:

    Added BBB to my friends’ list at MySpace. Still awaiting approval by BBB’s MySpace. My MySpace url is:

    Will be adding more entries as I have them.


  129. I would love to read one of your books. Thanks for a chance to win one.

  130. I would have to say out of the people. I liked Harry the most. But I would have to say most people would as well. as of a specific scene Harry is in, I can’t recall which would be my favorite. However someone added about Mouse when he is growling under the car seat and I’d have to say I did love that scene.

  131. I haven’t had a chance to read your books yet but I have a request in the library at this very moment. I did get a chance to watch some of the TV episodes and would have to pick Harry Dresden as my favorite character. Once I have read and discovered my favorite scene, I’ll get back to you. Thank you for the contest!

  132. Jennifer S. / USA

    I too am also a Mouse fan! I always remember his first appearance in BLOOD RITES, when Harry is trying to rescue the puppies and one pup keeps barking at enemies behind them. As an owner of three pups myself, it’s hard for me to forget this scene.

  133. Hee.. I am so excited for this!

  134. My favorite character is Harley MacFinn and my favorite scene is in Fool Moon when MacFinn changes into a loup-garou while in jail and slaughters the inmates and staff there.

  135. I am reading graphic novel now, Jim rocks!!!
    Hope there is still more out there man.

  136. I hope I win.
    God bless!

  137. Actually, I never heard of you until I came across this contest on a sweepstake site. I read the reply of others and now I would like to start reading your books.

  138. George Ferris> You haven’t read the Dresden Files!?? Oh, George, you have a very, very pleasant surprise waiting for you once you start reading this series. I envy you that chance. I already had mine and I want it again. Well, I could but, it wouldn’t be the same. I would suggest though that you start reading from book one, which is Storm Front. This book they are giving away, Turn Coat, is book number 11.

    BBB> I emailed a copy of the Amazon receipt to you at your email above.

  139. My favorite Dresden Files character (other than Harry, of course) is Bob, the spirit who lives inside a skull. I love his sarcasm and the fact that he is perpetually horny. My favorite Bob scene is in “Dead Beat,” when timid little Butters meets Bob, who is zipped up in Thomas’ backpack. Butters pokes Bob with a fork, and Bob’s indignant reply … “Stop that! You’ll scratch it up!” is hilarious.

  140. My friends and I are addicted to The Dresden Files and often loan the same book to each other until we can buy our own copy. I just finished Turn Coat like an hour ago, and I’m still reeling from the shock of some of the twist Jim has thrown at his audience. Jim Butcher hands out stay-up-until-your-mom-yells-at-you-to-turn-out-your-freaking-lights stories every single time.

    As for the favorite character/scene:

    Bob. Hands down, it’s Bob. A super-intelligent, sex-craved, ancient air spirit that lives in a skull in a subbasement of a maverick spell-slinger that was once the servent of a god-like necromancer that ravaged the whole continent of Europe?1? -breathes-

    Close second is Mavra. Not sure why, but Mavra always gave me the freaking creeps.

    Pretty awesome in my book.

    And the scene where one of Mavra’s lackeys gets hit with the frozen guided turkey missile triggered by the entropy curse in Blood Rites has always been my favorite.

    I’ve added Bitten By Books on: Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter.

    I’ve added Jim Butcher on Facebook.

    I’ve joined the Blood Bank Community.

  141. Hi Jim,

    Thanks for a great interview. I have not read your books yet but I will. Grins.

    My question is What made you publish your series as a graphic novel?
    Why do you think many others began to publish their series as graphic novels? It seems like a new trend.


  142. I started reading the first book by accident and burned right through the whole series in a month and a half. Awesome story. Probably the best I’ve ever read. Keep ’em comin.