Freaky Friday – Fluff and Puff Tell All! Exclusive Scoop!

Bitten by Books is excited to welcome reporter Phoebe Mack today as our Freaky Friday guest! She will be talking with Fluff and Puff from the man eating magickal bunny slippers from Linda Wisdom’s book series. Fluff and Puff will be answering your questions today and tomorrow until noon Pacific time! Check out the contest at the end of this post! You could win a copy of the upcoming release Hex Appeal that Fluff and Puff snagged and are offering up as a prize today! Phoebe take it away…..


Welcome! I’m Phoebe Mack and I’m the lead reporter for the Dark of the Moon Times. The newspaper where you’ll find news no one else will report. The news no one can guess. The news that sounds made up but isn’t.

Fluff and Puff have graciously agreed to “tell all” about their housemates and fellow creatures. Talk about the ultimate interview! One that no one else has or will ever have. Just don’t expect to find carrot cake or chocolate in your local stores for the next five years. These guys don’t come cheap!

Phoebe – “Thank you for agreeing to talk to me, Fluff and Puff.”

Fluff (smoking a Cuban cigar – who knew?) – “We love talking to the press, Phoebe.”

Puff – “Not all the press, just any who will listen to us. The things we know.” (utters huge sigh)

Phoebe – “So guys, what’s it really like living with Jazz? Is she always that gorgeous?”

Puff – (laughing) – “Are you kidding? You haven’t seen her first thing in the morning, have you? Talk about major bed head, pillow creases, puffy eyes, and nasty? Man, no one talks to her before she’s had at least three cups of coffee. And she doesn’t even really cook, so she’s always stealing whatever Krebs eats. You’d think she’d use a glamour, so we wouldn’t have to see bad Jazz. Plus she has a pair of ratty old pjs that she seriously needs to toss. Even the rubber duckies don’t like them.”

Fluff – chiming in – “Not to mention, she’s had her share of zits and on a witch they ain’t pretty.”

Phoebe – “So she’s not this perky and lovely witch all the time?”

Puff – “Not even close and if you use the word perky around her she might zap you with a never-ending yeast infection.”

Phoebe – “I’ve heard her closet is limitless. Is that true?”

Fluff – “It holds a lot of clothes and we haven’t seen the wall. When she moved in, she fixed the closet and with her love of shopping, she needs something that holds everything.”

Phoebe – “Let’s move on to her mortal housemate Krebs? What’s he like?”

Puff – “He’s a nice guy, but man, he farts really bad! (nose scrunches up) And he doesn’t like it when we go upstairs where his computers are. Sheesh! You eat one CD and you’re banned.”

Fluff – “But he’s funny. And we think he’s got a secret Jazz won’t like.”

Phoebe (perking up) – “Really? What is it?”

Fluff – “We’ve tried to find out, but even our magic doesn’t work on his computers. Jazz made sure of that. There’s times she’s so not fun! And we can’t read his mind.”

Phoebe – it seems you’re banned from a lot of places. How come?

Puff – “We’ve been framed every time! We didn’t trash all those Midway booths at the boardwalk or eat all the funnel cakes. Jazz is the one addicted to funnel cake. Trust me, she can eat twice her weight in those things and that’s not a pretty sight either. We’re just these sweet harmless bunny slippers.” (offers up big bunny slipper eyes)

Phoebe – “Why can’t I believe that?”

Fluff – “No one does, but there’s nothing we can do about that!”

Phoebe – “And what’s this I hear that you call Irma scary?”

Puff – “You got it! That ghost is downright nasty. Sometimes she’s even nastier than Jazz. She’s stuck in 1956 and she doesn’t like it. She’s stuck in the T-Bird and she doesn’t like that either.”

Fluff – “But her digs aren’t that bad. Jazz set up a DVD/TV combo for her and she has tons of DVDs to watch. Not that she invites us out there for a movie night. She calls us monsters. (sniffs) She forgets we’re not the one who’s dead and stuck in a car. And she gets to go to more places than we do. So we don’t know why she complains so much.”

Phoebe – “And what about Nick? I hear he’s totally hot.”

Fluff – “Personally, he’s not our type. And he thinks he can make us behave. At least we let him think that. But the few times we’ve been at his lair with Jazz, well, (he makes a gagging noise) Puff and I had to totally cover our ears. But he’s cool although he’s been known to flash fang occasionally and when he and Jazz are having a battle, it can get pretty crazy. Magick flying everywhere, threats to stakes, fireballs sometimes, Nick willing to get sick on her blood just to drain her dry.”

Phoebe – “A love/hate relationship then?”

Puff – “Nah. I think they just love to fight because they can have hot monkey sex afterwards.”

Fluff – “AUGH! Don’t remind me!”

Puff – “Yeah, that was a wild night better left forgotten. I thought I’d need therapy.”

Phoebe – (leaning forward) “Tell me more!”

Puff – “Let’s just say that the steel door to Nick’s lair almost melted.”

Fluff – “There was an earthquake that night too and not because of Mother Earth either.”

Phoebe – “Oh my! Anything else”

“Fluff? Puff? Where are you?”

Puff straightens up. “Whoops! Jazz is here. Not a good thing.”

Phoebe – “But I have more questions!”

Fluff shakes his head. “Don’t call us. We’ll call you.” He and Puff disappear in the wink of an eye.

Phoebe, sighing “Don’t worry, folks. I won’t give up on them and we’ll find out more. Or perhaps I’ll try Irma next time or even Stasi’s gargoyle, Horace. Still, you read it here first at Bitten by Books!!”

Questions and Contest: Now, I am going to open up the internet floor so to speak and let our readers ask Fluff and Puff some questions. Feel free to post as many questions or comments as you like. They will be sneaking back to BBB when Jazz heads for the mall!

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  1. My question for you 2 crazy slippers:

    Who has the worst tasting toenail clippings?

    Is their anything you won

  2. Crazy? Us?

    Definitely Krebs. Not that we’ve ever eaten them. (Puff looking so innocent it’s downright scary) But he has the nasty habit of clipping his toenails and not picking up the clippings. After once stepping on them in her bare feet, Jazz told him he really needs to start doing pedicures.

    Broccoli and cauliflower. They’re way too healthy and gives us bad gas.

    Fluff & Puff

  3. Hey F&P! Glad you could be here today. Good thing for you Jazz likes to shop. LOL

    If they decide to give slippers the vote, which candidate would you choose and which one would you eat? LOL

  4. Fluff and Puff:
    It seems to me that Jazz is always carrying you around rather than wearing you. What’s up with that? Aren’t you supposed to be footwear? And what type of designer clothing matches up with bunny slippers anyway?

  5. Hi Rachel! Thanks for having Phoebe interview us.

    We have a write in candidate — Bunnicula.

    Fluff & Puff

  6. Hi Laurie!!!!!

    Everyone, Laurie’s our super awesome agent and we guess we’d have to say she represents Linda too. And rumors have it she might be Thea’s agent too . Poor Laurie on that.

    We love to be carried around, plus that’s when Jazz is at the boardwalk since we usually hide in her tote bag. Not that we want to but illusion spells won’t work to fool the Weres there. And Rex is really mean. He doesn’t like us and it’s not like we did anything to him either.

    Designer clothing? We think we go with everything, but Croc and Delilah are trying to claim they do. Ha!

    Fluff & Puff

  7. I heard that Croc and Delilah are a bit “easy” is that true?

  8. Hey Fluff and Puff!

    It’s a pleasure to meet you! Do you have any other friends in the slipper world? And what do you guys like to do for fun?

  9. Hey Fluff and Puff

    Loved the first book – you 2 are my favorite in the book. You sure do give Krebs a hard time!!

    If there were 2 feet that you guys could occupy other then Jazz’s who would they belong to and why?

  10. Thanks for stopping by and chatting with us. You do seem to have an inside scoop on Jazz.

    I have been dying to know if Nick has ever tried you on or did you manage to escape situation?

    One more thing…the above mentioned earthquake sequence? How much is it worth to you for more spillage?

  11. Love this story premise. Must’ve been fun.

  12. Hi Rachel!

    Yeah, they’re easy even if they claim they’re not, but they REALLY LIKE Krebs. I think if they found a way to take human forms he’d be in major trouble.

    Fluff & Puff

  13. Hi Virginia!

    Nope, it’s just us. Dyfynnog, the wizard who created us, figured one pair of us was enough. And we like being originals.

    We love to hang out at the boardwalk for cotton candy, but they don’t like us there. And we love making the neighbor’s cat crazy, but Jazz said it’s not allowed. So we sneak around the neighborhood and see what’s going on.

    Fluff & Puff

  14. Thanks Colleen G!

    What can we say? Krebs is way too much fun to mess with.

    We wouldn’t mind hanging out on Sandra Bullock’s feet. Her dh has a motorcycle and we could ride on it that way!

    Fluff & Puff

  15. Thanks Lina! Yep, we are fun. :}

    Fluff & Puff

  16. TY for this today! I needed a smile! I wonder what my fuzzy slippers would say about me…. what would yours say about you? Hmmm maybe they need a day off just to sweetin’ them up a bit. Or I can get some odor eaters. LOL


  17. Hi MarnieCollette!

    We don’t think Nick likes us much. And he thinks flashing fang makes us behave.

    Are you kidding? We almost had to bleach out our eyes and brains after that earthquake! That’s something we’d really prefer not to remember.

    Fluff & Puff

  18. Linda has two pair of bunny slippers and she’s convinced they get into trouble when she’s not wearing one of the pair. We don’t tell her the truth about them.

    Fluff and Puff

  19. Hi,

    I am wondering what is “Jazz’s I need to glam up in the morning” routine and whats her favorite product?

  20. Hi Fluff and Puff. After reading your interview I have to go and get this series. Thank you for the laugh today.


  21. Hi Peggy,

    We went through her make up and she loves her Cargo Blu Ray peachy pink blush and Benefit That Gal. But she also refuses to leave the house without mascara and lipgloss.

    Fluff & Puff

  22. Thanks Katie Bug!

    We do think we’re fun. :}

    Fluff & Puff

  23. Hi Fluff & Puff

    You guys are so funny (perhaps inadvertently), but anyway, have you every thought about writing your own books?

    Or how about a sitcom? I would certainly be in the audience.

  24. My question for you guys is:

    Why in the heck did the wizard turn two bunny slippers into animated man eaters who like to talk and well do stuff?

    AND how do you feel about other footwhere?

  25. Thanks Patricia!

    We’re in talks with Linda and her agent about graphic novels. The guy who tattooed us on Linda’s ankle said he can do the graphics.

    And a producer optioned Jazz and the witchy books to pitch for TV and movies, so who knows what will happen. But we do think we deserve a show of our own.

    Fluff & Puff

  26. Lyda,

    Actually, we were created to do bad things with magick because he felt no one would suspect us. We don’t like to think about what we did back then and it was a good thing when Jazz rescued us from his dungeon. When she told us we were free to do what we wanted, well, we probably went overboard.

    Other footwear is okay, but you gotta admit we’re the most fun!

    Fluff & Puff

  27. Hey Fluff and Puff! =) Great interview today!

    My question for you guys is…
    What’s the most outrageous thing you’ve ever gotten away with?

    LOL. Tell Jazz and Aunt Lin “Hey!” for Jordan and I.

    Love ya,
    *Ash Nay*

  28. So Puff… What in the world does a CD taste like? Inquiring minds want to know 😉 If y’all could buy stock in any sweet manufacturer in the world, thereby securing a lifetime supply of their goods, which would it be? Seriously, I’ve been thinking sweet stocks are the way to go lately ;P

  29. Hey AshNay!!!!

    So cool you came to see us! Just don’t tell Jazz we talked about her, ‘kay?

    Most outrageous? Wow, that covers a lot of territory, but maybe back in 1780 when we got really sick on some kinda fish in Venice and we ended up hurling all over a palace there. ‘Course, who’d notice the smell since Venice didn’t smell all that good anyway.

    Love ya!
    Fluff & Puff

  30. Hi Sarai!

    CDs aren’t all that tasty and then you have to pick splinters out of your teeth, so we don’t think we’ll do that again.

    We share Jazz’s addiction to See’s bordeaux which is a brown sugar cream. She says they’re almost as good as sex. We’re not too sure about that, but they are good.

    Fluff & Puff

  31. LMAO, You got sick all over a PALACE!?!? ROFL, You would. -Rolls Eyes-

    I Promise I won’t tell Jazz. =) But I think Lin is suspicious…

    As for the previously stated sex comment, how would you know? WAIT, NO, Don’t answer that! There’s just somethings that even I can’t handle knowing! LOL.

    *Ash Nay*

  32. Yeah AshNay, You DO NOT want to know.

    Fluff & Puff

  33. Do you believe in love for yourselves and if so, is there any kind of potential love life brewing?

  34. We like being bachelors plus we can’t see there ever being girly bunny slippers out there for us unless Cupid got really pissed at us for something and made them happen. And since Cupid so doesn’t have a sense of humor that could happen.

    Plus, if you’ve got girlfriends you can’t belch and fart when you need to. They don’t like that.

    Fluff and Puff

  35. Splinters, gotcha. Maybe that explains why my PC hasn’t eaten any since that one semi-unfortunate incident with the shall remain nameless pop CD… 😉

  36. What no Hot Magical bunny monkey love? Come on guys! You *are* guys right? ooohhh my…err you do have the right ummmm equipment to get the job done so to speak? LOL

  37. Sarai loves Brittney Spears. LOL

  38. Britney Spears? Yikes! Did your computer totally lurve the CD?

    Fluff and Puff

  39. Yep, we got what it takes for some bunny looooovvvveeeee, but we like being happy bachelors. Of course, if Thea would find some sexy girl bunny slippers for us the way she go Croc and Delilah for Jazz we might consider it. But Thea hasn’t liked us since the time we called her books bodice rippers. What can we say? It was the 70s and the words seemed right. Trouble is, no one gave us credit for coming up with the term. (insert bunny snarl here)

    And if Jazz has the spell that Dyfynnog used to create us, she’s sure not mentioning it.

    Fluff and Puff

  40. do you think Jazz and Nick are ever going to hook up? Sheez already. LOL those two!

    OH hey, I heard you guys have your own blog, is that true?

  41. I confess. I totally freaked out about Toxic for about ten minutes, bought the CD, and had my PC eat it in disgust (yeah Thomas is a lot harsher then Simon 😉 ). It was one of the low points in my music history, but what can I say? that song was somehow addictive ;P Oh, new question: Do y’all have a favorite band or theme song?

  42. bunny snarl? What on earth does THAT sound like?????????

  43. Rachel,

    We do have our own MySpace. http://www.myspace.commagickbunnyslippers and yep, our own blog and even Linda’s agent has guest blogged about our going on vacation with her and her husband and they’re willing to take us again!

    Linda’s editor wants another Jazz book, so we bet it will happen then.

    Fluff and Puff

  44. We like all kinds of music except classical. We cover our ears when Krebs plays that. Anything with a beat is fun because we do know how to shake our tails.

    Fluff and Puff

  45. You think bunny slippers can’t snarl? We do and it’s a nasty sound. Pretty much like a cat coughing up a hairball.

    Fluff & Puff

  46. do you think there will be other bunny slippers in your future?

    will they be nice or not

    and can i borrow you for biting my not yet son in law? that would be nice hehehe

  47. Review – I agree that is always a welcome surprise to stumble across a fabulous new read while browsing at the bookstore. It can also be dangerous(to my wallet) if you have too many such finds in one trip!!!

  48. Fluff & Puff question: Does your creative imagination ever get you into trouble?

  49. Hi Tami,

    If you mean girl bunny slippers, who knows what will happen? Although it would serve Jazz right for taking Croc and Delilah from Thea. Ugh!

    Hm, we get into major trouble for biting humans. You’ll have to come up with a REALLY GOOD bribe.

    Fluff & Puff

  50. Hi Michele B

    Oh yeah! Last Christmas was a good example. We blogged about it at our MySpace.

    Fluff and Puff

  51. Morning F&P!

    It sure has been fun having you here! (well outside that bunny snarl moment lol)

    Where’s your next appearance going to be? Or you are you going to be touring around with Linda for her upcoming release??

  52. Thanks Rachel!

    We’ve got another interview coming up with Katie and we’re asking Linda for more exposure. We are the stars, true?

    We had a blast here. We’re hanging out with Linda for her tour, but you’ll also read about us in her third book Wicked By Any Other Name, which comes out next March and we’ll be in her fourth book too.

    Fluff & Puff

  53. I hope I am not too late. It was an awesome interview.

  54. question for fluff and puff what are your pet peeves ?and whats one thing no one else knows about you ?

  55. Hi Wanda,

    Sorry I didn’t see your question last night

    If we told you something that no one knows then everyone would know and some secrets are best kept secrets.

    Fluff and Puff

  56. Thanks Debby!

    Fluff and Puff

  57. Peggy G. is the winner of a copy of Hex Appeal by Linda Wisdom for the contest!

    Congrats and check your email for instructions on how to claim your prize. 🙂

  58. Thank you so very much!!