Generation V by M.L. Brennan

Generation V by M.L. BrennanThe first installment in what promises to be a spectacular new series, Generation V  opens with not-quite vampire, Fortitude Scott, receiving a visit from his older brother, Chivalry, while at work at Busy Beans, a local coffee shop. While the owner/manager flirts shamelessly and embarrassingly with him, Chivalry issues to Fortitude an invitation/summons to appear that night at dinner with their mother, Madeline. Not looking forward to spending an evening in the presence of his sister, Prudence, especially, Fortitude nonetheless agrees to appear. At dinner, Madeline tells her three children they need to all be in attendance the following evening, when a visiting Italian vampire will pay a call, seeking permission to stay in Madeline’s territory. Read More »

How the White Trash Zombie Got Her Groove Back by Diana Rowland

How the White Trash Zombie Got Her Groove Back by Diana RowlandThe worst day of Angel’s life became the very day she was saved. Hard to imagine that when the worst day involved losing her humanity by being infected with a parasite that turned her into a rotting Zombie corpse unless she ate human brains. But she went from being a teenaged, drug-addicted felon on a one-way road to hell to being a lab assistant in the morgue with a brand new GED in her hand. Read More »

Walking in the Midst of Fire by Thomas E. Sniegoski

Walking In the Midst of Fire: A Remy Chandler Novel by Thomas E. SniegoskiRemy Chandler is a seraphim who chose to fall and live on Earth after the terrible things he saw and did during the Angelic War many years before. He lost his faith in the angelic world, and while not in God strictly, he questioned why so many of his angelic brethren had to die and were killing each other. He has found a new love after many years of grieving his wife. Along with his beloved, faithful Labrador dog, Marlowe, this keeps him grounded and his marvelous yet destructive seraphim nature under control. He works as a traditional private investigator, but the supernatural and weird seems to be drawn to him. Read More »

Soulfire by Juliette Cross

Soulfire (Nightwing) by Juliette CrossHumans and Morgans are uneasily sharing a world. Morgans are a dragon/human hybrid race and the result of the bonding between a human Princess and a Dragon King that was both a grand love story and a tragedy. Although the races remain separate, more and more in this modern world they are working together, competing in business and in a limited fashion, socializing. Both Human and Morgan children are warned against the dangers of mingling, particularly because there is a chance that they will share Soulfire, a lifetime bonding between mates. Read More »

Undead and Unwary by MaryJanice Davidson

Undead and Unwary (Undead/Queen Betsy) by Maryjanice DavidsonBetsy Taylor, everyone’s favorite vampire queen, returns in the terrifically entertaining thirteenth installment of the series, Undead and Unwary. Picking up shortly after the events of the previous book, Betsy finds herself occupied with attempting to avoid her agreed-upon duties in Hell with home-based concerns such as Jessica’s and Dick’s troubling non-naming of their babies, Sinclair’s continuing obsession with the puppies, Fur and Burr, and Marc’s surprise birthday party plans for Tina. Read More »

The Chase by Lauren Hawkeye

The Arrangement: The Chase (Kindle Worlds) by Lauren HawkeyeCarly Daniels is desperate for money. Her mother, a gambling addict, has drained her bank account of the scholarship money she desperately needs to finish her college education. Desperate for quick cash, she agrees to go to work for the infamous Miss Black who runs a high-priced call girl ring. A chance encounter in Miss Black’s office with the famous rock star Adam Kincaid leads to a well-timed rescue when Carly’s first “date” takes a dangerous turn. Read More »

Escape by Theresa Ragan

Wayward Pines: ESCAPE (Kindle Worlds Novella) by Theresa RaganAshley Myers knows that she is living a life that is not her own. As a CIA agent, she was sent to the town of Wayward Pines looking for other agents who had gone missing. That is the last she remembers about her previous life. Frozen for over one thousand years, she is revived and told she had been in a car accident. Her “husband” and “children” are people she has no memory of. Her past life is what she remembers, but there is no escape. Read More »

The Job by Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg

The Job: A Fox and O'Hare Novel by Janet Evanovich and Lee GoldbergWhen someone starts stealing works of art and makes it seem as though Nick Fox is at it again, Kate O’Hare steps in to find the real culprit. What neither she, Nick or the FBI expects, however, is a link to much more dangerous criminal–namely a vicious drug-smuggling overlord the FBI has been after for a very long time. Will Fox and O’Hare be enough to bring him down, or will this be the mission that ends them both?
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Black Water by Faith Hunter

Black Water: A Jane Yellowrock Collection by Faith HunterJane Yellowrock is a force to be reckoned with now, but before she was the Enforcer, Jane was just a girl breaking into the private security field. Snafu is a glimpse of Jane at the beginning. A bad neighborhood and some sketchy characters force Jane to use her newly-discovered Beast magic to save herself.
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Veronica Mars: Fast Times at Neptune High by Peter J. Wacks and David Boop

Veronica Mars - the TV series: Fast Times at Neptune High (Kindle Worlds Novella) by Peter J. Wacks and David BoopVeronica Mars is at it again. This time her case is a little unusual–not a missing person, not a theft, but a makeover. Daphne Clump wants Veronica to make her popular. Sheltered, shy, and beyond invisible in the halls of Neptune High, Daphne wants to experience her Senior Prom the way an 09er would. With some reservations, Veronica agrees to take the case. Along the way though, Veronica uncovers a much darker truth that threatens to truly destroy Daphne.
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Betting on Julia by Nina Croft

Betting on Julia by Nina CroftJulia Melville is in deep denial. She’s only a werewolf during the full moon – all other times, she’s fully human. Or, so she tries to convince herself. Bastian Crane is something else completely. Like an ancient warlock who happens to be possessed by a demon. When that demon offers up Julia in a bet, Bastian’s prize for winning is too good to resist. But will he risk the woman he’s grown to care for in order to get rid of the demon inside him? Read More »

Otherworld Nights by Kelley Armstrong

 Otherworld Nights: An Anthology by Kelley ArmstrongFans of the ground-breaking Otherworld series will appreciate this return visit with some of the characters via six stories and two novellas.

“Demonology” opens with Talia Lyndsay in a waiting room with her young son, Adam, there to see a doctor who may be able to help her understand Adam’s fascination with fire, and how he can almost burn things or people with his touch. Read More »

His Wicked Seduction by Lauren Smith

His Wicked Seduction (League of Rogues) by Lauren SmithLucien Russell, the Marquess of Rochester, was coming dangerously close to breaking Rule Two of the Rogue’s Code of Conduct, which stated that one must never seduce another member’s sister. His deepening attraction to Horatia Sheridan was one that he tried to hide under a veneer of hostility and coldness. Lucien was walking with another Rogue and keeping a close eye on Horatia when he noticed she had dropped a glove, and as he hurried across the street to retrieve it for her, he was nearly run over by a careless carriage driver. Read More »

Soulceress by Linsey Hall

Soulceress (The Mythean Arcana Book 2) by Linsey HallHidden in the city of Edinburgh, Scotland, lies the Immortal University, a safe haven for its supernatural residents where they can study, research, hone their craft and live without fear. The University also houses a security division, the Praesidium, responsible for the safety of the residents and mortals who may be in danger from demons and rogue immortals. Warren is the head of the Praesidium and supervises the Mythean Guardians who are tasked with protection and elimination of rogues. One of his staff is a contractor, Esha, a powerful Soulceress who excels at her job of dispatching demons. Read More »

The Surgers by Julian R. Vaca

The Surgers! by Julian R. VacaThirteen-year-old Finley McComb thinks it would be pretty cool to be a surger. After all, it would really help if he could move the hands on the clock at school to bring the day closer to ending. However, he has resigned himself to the fact that he is not a surger and has no special abilities. So what is a recruiter from Brighton Preparatory School for Surgers doing at his house? And how in the world is Finley able to produce a flame from a dead lighter? Read More »

How to Bake a Man by Jessica Barksdale Inclan

How to Bake a Man by Jessica Barksdale Inclan Becca Muchmore feels like a failure. Her boyfriend of two years moved away to build schools in the Congo, she recently quit her job to attend graduate school, and only lasted one day at that. The only thing Becca knows she is good at is baking. It is comforting, soothing, and as long as you follow the recipe, you get perfect results, unlike in life. With the help of her neighbor, too-cool-for-words Sal, Becca starts a baked goods project, to be delivered twice a day to the law offices of a friend of a friend. Read More »

The Younger Gods by Michael R. Underwood

The Younger Gods by Michael R. UnderwoodJacob Hicks has secrets. He is not really Jacob Hicks at all, but instead is a member of the notorious Greene family, a cult known for their blood sacrifices to appease the Gatekeepers of the unborn Younger Gods who were imprisoned after a war of the Gods. He escaped from his family’s North Dakota compound and is hiding in New York City and attending university. And he is a sorcerer able to tap into the magic pool of the Deeps. His goals in life are simple-–stay hidden from his family, fit into regular life and never use magic again. Read More »

Tales From Rugosa Coven by Sarah Avery

Tales from Rugosa Coven by Sarah AveryClosing Arguments: Bob and Sophie are cleaning out their parents’ house after their premature death, and they are shocked at the condition of the house. Apparently, their parents had become secret hoarders, and Bob, an attorney, is desperately searching for the will to ensure he is following his parents’ last wishes. After tripping over cases of toilet paper and bundles of Post-It Notes, Bob calls in the other coven members to help them out. Solving the mystery of the hoarding behavior drags Bob into a dangerous place where he fights against a pretender to save his parents and enable them to reincarnate. Read More »

Alice Through Blood Stained Glass by Dan Adams

Alice Through Blood-stained Glass by Dan AdamsAlice is babysitting her younger sister, Elizabeth, in the park when they notice a man running towards them. He is wearing a waistcoat, sweating profusely, and keeps looking at the time on his phone and muttering to himself. “Waistcoat” informs them that they have missed the news that a deadly infection is running rampant in the city, making people die and then get back up and start feeding on the nearest human. They have twenty minutes to get to the nearest evacuation site before the whole city is quarantined. And then off he goes. Read More »

V-Wars Volume 1: Crimson Queen by Jonathan Maberry and Alan Robinson

V-Wars Volume 1: Crimson QueenThe Ice Virus has arrived. Possible origin point is from melting artic ice. This new virus is triggering dormant genes from our junk DNA, genes that might once have created vampires. Right now the infection rates are low, but we could potentially be looking at a global pandemic. Be on the look-out for anyone who appears to have an unnatural and unstoppable hunger. And pray. Read More »