Legally Undead by Margo Bond Collins

Legally Undead (Vampirarchy) (Volume 1) by Margo Bond CollinsElle Dupree, graduate history student, expects her Monday evening to be just like any other–until she arrives home to find her fiance, Greg, held up off the floor by a tall thin man, who seems to have been, inexplicably, sucking blood from Greg’s neck. When the man, whom Elle presumes to be a vampire, unceremoniously drops Greg and heads in her direction, without thinking clearly and just reacting, Elle runs towards the creature and stabs him repeatedly with the wooden letter opener she had been using with her mail. After realizing she may be wasting effort on a dead vampire, Elle notices two things: a group of men have shown up in her living room, and Greg’s body has mysteriously disappeared. Read More »

Deadly Curiosities by Gail Z. Martin

Deadly Curiosities by Gail Z. MartinCassidy runs her unusual family business, Trifles and Follies, located in Charleston, under the guise of buying old antiques and items people would like to get rid of for one reason or another. Unknown to most, the shop’s true purpose revolves around Cassidy’s psychometic ability (touching an item and seeing the history associated with it) to determine if the piece has an unsettling (haunted or worse) characteristic that may prove a problem for future owners, or even dangerous. For acquisitions that fall into the latter category, Cassidy enlists the aid of her colleague, Teag, who possesses his own magical ability, and Sorren, the five-hundred-year-old vampire who has worked with her family for centuries. Read More »

Wicked Designs by Lauren Smith

Wicked Designs (The League of Rogues) by Lauren SmithEmily Parr was still mourning the deaths of her parents, and knew she should be grateful that her uncle Albert took her in, but she hated his house and his way of life. His only goal was to marry her off, and her only option seemed to be his disgusting business partner. While heading to a ball one evening, without a chaperone, the coach Emily was riding in was hijacked and she was kidnapped. Though she tried to hide in the coach and bravely fought against the men, they drugged her and took her to a country estate. Read More »

How To Date Dead Guys by Ann M. Noser

How to Date Dead Guys by Ann M. NoserEmma Roberts has never really fit in. Painfully shy, she prefers staying in and studying to college parties. Her roommate, Chrissy, is determined to get her out of the dorm room and away from the books and insists that Emma go to a fraternity party with her. At the party, Emma sees a guy who takes her breath away. Mike, the dream guy, turns out to be the brother of Chrissy’s crush, Kevin. When Chrissy’s sister, Angie, visits, she brings along her Grandmother’s Book of Shadows and they decide to perform a love spell for Chrissy and Kevin. The spell is a huge success and with Chrissy spending so much time with Kevin, it is easy for Emma to hang out with Mike. Read More »

Demonic Charms by Elizabeth J. Kolodziej

Demonic Charms (Book 4 in The Last Witch Series) by Elizabeth J. KolodziejFaith was barely coming back from the tragedy of wiping her memories and becoming a vampire slayer, never realizing that her one true love Trent was a vampire. Faith was stressed about her history of slaying and kept trying to make it up to Trent and the others, who had already forgiven her, understanding that everything she had done had been because of the memory wipe. She was slowly coming back, working towards redeeming herself in her own eyes-–often the most difficult of tasks. Read More »

Poison Promise by Jennifer Estep

Poison Promise (Elemental Assassin) by Jennifer EstepThere is a new drug on the streets of Ashland called Burn, and it is terrifying. For Gin Blanco, aka The Spider, Ashland’s most notorious assassin, it is just another problem. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time has Gin involved with the undisputed and ruthless drug kingpin of Ashland. To complicate matters, her sister, Detective Bria Coolidge, is obsessed with stopping Burn and the man behind it at any cost. Read More »

Fated by Lisa Fender and Toni Burns

Fated: Book 1 of The Djenrye Chronicles (Volume 1) by Lisa Fender and Toni BurnsRebellion is afoot in the world of the Djenrye and it reaches the bedchamber of Raynok and his heavily-pregnant wife, Carlynn. Raynok’s instinct is to grab his sword and fight in defense of his city, Ty Raile ai Highlae. However, as the last living Guardian, he knows that his duty is to the entire world and just as importantly, to the unborn babe who will succeed him as Guardian. In this world, Guardian is not just a title, but instead a link between the people and the powerful magic in the five Orthehlae stones that created the Gods themselves. Without a Guardian, the stones would become instable and tear apart not only Djenrye, but also the Human world in the neighboring dimension. He must survive for both worlds and if he cannot, then he must ensure that his child will. Read More »

Untamed Hearts by Heather McCollum

Untamed Hearts (A Highland Hearts Novella) by Heather McCollumWill Wyatt was resenting his new life and the wagon he drove with every step the horses took. Raised at sea on a pirate ship, his sojourn into Scotland, even if it was to save his neck, was not the easiest or most pleasant trip he had ever taken. Will was traveling with his sister, Dory, and her new husband, Ewan, back to Druim Keep in the Highlands instead of heading out to sea, all because King Henry had placed a price on his head. Arriving at Druim on May Day in the middle of a celebration, Will was stunned when he saw the beautiful black-haired woman sitting behind a kissing booth, drumming up pledges to build an orphanage. Read More »

Tangled Hearts by Heather McCollum

Tangled Hearts (Highland Hearts) by Heather McCollumTraveling to London with the body of a traitor rotting in his wagon was not Ewan Brody’s idea of fun, but it was important to the entire Macbain clan to protect one of their own and answer the King’s summons to court. The trip had been mostly uneventful, until Ewan and Searc Munro entered the small town where Rowland Boswell, the deceased traitor, had his estate. The residents were out in force for a witch burning, and Ewan became determined to rescue the young woman from the pyre. Read More »

Captured Heart by Heather McCollum

Captured Heart (Highland Hearts) by Heather McCollumMeg Boswell was risking everything to travel to her aunt’s castle in the Highlands, seeking protection from her father and his treacherous ways. Meg was terrified she would be burned as a witch for her healing powers, and escaping England with little but her horse and wolf companion, she headed for Munro Castle, only to run into a battle between Highlanders and Englishmen. After the battle, Meg healed the Highlanders, and their leader, Caden Macbain, offered his protection and safe passage to Munro Castle. Read More »

Highland Heart by Heather McCollum

Highland Heart (Highland Hearts) by Heather McCollumIn Highland Heart Rachel Brindle was traveling from England with her father and sister to Munro Keep in the Highlands when they were attacked. After she used her healing magic on one of the warriors, she fell into unconsciousness and was discovered by another warrior. Carried along to Druim Keep, Rachel knew she needed to keep her senses alert and to leave Druim as quickly as possible, to find her sister and her father, who hopefully made it safely to Munro Keep. Read More »

Crimson Heart by Heather McCollum

Crimson Heart (A Highland Hearts Novel) by Heather McCollumSearc Munro had hidden his dark power from everyone his entire life, even though his family embraced magic and healing. Searc was forced to display his power one afternoon when he and his father, along with other faithful warriors, were ambushed by the Davidson clan. He grabbed onto the man fighting with his father, and drained the life spirit out of him, reducing him to a pile of ash. Feeling uncomfortable around the family, Searc decided to travel to Edinburgh, leaving behind Munro Castle and everything he had ever loved. Read More »

Fire Kin by M.J. Scott

Fire Kin: A Novel of the Half-Light City by M.J. ScottThe wonderful Fire Kin, the fourth and final installment in the Half-Light City series, grabs the reader from the first page and keeps them enmeshed in the story until the very end. Asharic, Fae warrior exiled thirty years earlier for having killed another in a duel, now a mercenary, receives an offer from the Templars of the City to help defend them in an uneasy peace with the Blood (vampires) and the Beast Kind (werewolves), that since the death of the Fae queen may descend into war at any time. Asharic agrees, realizing that the queen’s death also means the end of his exile, along with the added bonus of giving him the chance to possibly see once more a woman he thought lost to him forever. Read More »

Paradigm by Ceri A. Lowe

Paradigm (Volume 1) by Ceri A. LoweWhen Alice Davenport’s father dies, her perfect childhood comes to an abrupt end as she and her mother are forced to move. When her mother is around, which is not often, she does not pay much attention to Alice, so Alice learns to take care of herself. One day, Alice wakes up to find that her mother has not come home and that horrific storms have left London flooded. Read More »

The Union Club by Don Winston

The Union Club by Don WinstonClay Willing returned to San Francisco after his brother’s murder in order to take Dean’s place in the family business. Clay, an artist, loved his unconventional life in New Mexico and his wife, Claire, whom he had met at Yale, but he accepted his family responsibilities. The building he and Claire chose to move into did not meet with his family’s approval, but they stood firm until someone broke in and attacked Claire, causing her to miscarry. Read More »

Skin Game by Jim Butcher

Skin Game (Dresden Files) by Jim ButcherHarry Dresden has been on Demonreach, an island (and living entity) that serves as a prison for some of the worst of the worst demons. He’s spent the year healing, training, and trying to come to grips with the Winter Mantle that is now a part of him. He knows that time is running out for him, though. Queen Mab has not yet called him into service as her Winter Knight and the parasite in his head that kept him alive is getting stronger and a lot more painful. Read More »

A Plunder of Souls by D.B. Jackson

A Plunder of Souls (The Thieftaker) by D. B. Jackson A Plunder of Souls, the fabulous third installment in the outstanding Thieftaker Chronicles series, returns once again to the streets of eighteenth-century Boston and the trials and tribulations of Ethan Kaille. The story begins with Ethan attempting to elude fellow thieftaker and perennial thorn in his side, Sephira Pryce, and her band of enforcers. After an encounter in which Ethan, at great Read More »

Night’s End by Yasmine Galenorn

Night's End (An Indigo Court Novel) Night’s End, the fifth and final installment in the excellent Indigo Court series, picks up right where its predecessor leaves off. Now Queen of Snow and Ice, Cicely and her band of friends and acquaintances, along with her cousin, Rhiannon, now the Queen of Summer, face their biggest and most important test–the defeat of Myst and her Indigo Court who seek to plunge the whole world into perpetual winter and use it as a never-ending buffet for their insatiable appetites. Read More »