Incarnate by Anton Strout

Incarnate (A Spellmason Chronicle) by Anton StroutAlexandra inadvertently created more gargoyles in the war with Stanis’ father. They have slowly been trying to find them and determine whether or not they can recruit it. But, they have their hands full between a police paranormal investigative team and another group that is trying to recruit the reanimated gargoyles. Read More »

Stonecast by Anton Strout

Stonecast (A Spellmason Chronicle) by Anton StroutAlexandra misses her gargoyle friend, Stanis, but per his instructions, is doing everything she can to learn about being a spellmason. Hopefully, she will be able to learn enough to find Stanis and rescue him from his father’s clutches. But, when a thief steals some of her remaining potions, Alexandra is concerned that she will not be able to learn enough in time. Read More »

Cursed Moon by Jaye Wells

Cursed Moon (Prospero's War) by Jaye WellsWhen Cursed Moon, the excellent second installment in the Prospero’s War series, begins, Detective and MEA (Magical Enforcement Agency) officer Kate and her partner, Drew Morales, have their work cut out for them with the advent of the Blue Moon of Halloween coming up in two weeks. During this time tensions run even higher than usual between the Adept population (those with magical ability) and the mundane residents of Babylon, the situation escalating that particular day when a guy in a leprechaun costume hexes the crowd during the Halloween Festival. After subduing and arresting the perpetrator, he warns Kate and Morales of bigger things yet to come during the Blue Moon. Read More »

Rise Again Below Zero by Ben Tripp

Rise Again Below Zero by Ben TrippIt has been two years since the zombie apocalypse hit and Sheriff Danny Adelman is still the leader of her group of survivors. She has a long-lost loved one by her side and a reason to keep on living. The only way to remain alive in this new dead world is to keep on the move, so she heads a caravan, keeping them all moving and looking for supplies. They have to be on the lookout for other survivors, too. Some groups are just like hers, just trying to survive, but there are some that feel might is right and want to cash in on the hard work of others. Read More »

Hades’ Disciples by Michael West

Hades' Disciples (Legacy of the Gods) by Michael WestThe journey begins in the Himalyans and, although it is Summer, the terrain is almost impossible to navigate. If not for the skill of his Sherpa, Dr. Hannigan would have been lost long ago. He was incredibly lucky to get a guide. The locals are terrified by the rumors of Yeti sightings and everyone else has turned away from him in spite of the ridiculous amount of money he is offering. Hannigan believes he is about to face the culmination of his life’s work and will stop at nothing to reach it. Read More »

A Highland Wolf Christmas by Terry Spear

A Highland Wolf Christmas (Heart of the Wolf) by Terry SpearCalla Stewart, a successful party planner, has never had a client like this one. She is used to working on a limited budget, but even though the pack leaders, Ian and Julia, are determined to have a lavish party, the problem lies with Guthrie, the one who handles the money for the pack. Calla is still getting over an uncomfortable situation where she left her intended mate at the altar, causing Baird great embarrassment, and she is understandably cautious about getting involved again. Read More »

In the House of the Wicked by Thomas E. Sniegoski

In the House of the Wicked: A Remy Chandler Novel by Thomas E. SniegoskiAngel-turned-private investigator Remy Chandler receives bad news that Ashley Berg, his young pet-sitter and friend, has disappeared. He soon realizes that her kidnapper is sending him a message. A sorcerer who has discovered the key to harnessing life energies wants to use his seraphic power to get revenge on the sorcerer who destroyed his family. Remy is caught between two dueling sorcerers, and a plot of the Grigori (fallen angels) to regain God’s favor at the cost of millions of human lives. Read More »

Shifting Shadows by Patricia Briggs

Shifting Shadows: Stories from the World of Mercy Thompson by Patricia Briggs Shifting Shadows, a superb collection of two novellas (one new, one previously-released) and several stories (three new) covers a wide-range of characters within the world of Mercy Thompson.

“Silver” introduces Samuel, relating the story of how he came to be a werewolf, and his encounter with the fae in the woods near where he was held in the thrall by the person responsible for his Change. Read More »

Keepers of Runes and the Tower of Shadows by Andrew Cratsley

Keepers of Runes and the Tower of Shadows (Volume 1) by Andrew CratsleyRecently knighted to the Sage Guards, Enzlintine elf Corinth is full of pride, impulsive, stubborn, and eager to prove his worthiness. His teacher and Master Tessius decides that the best way to temper the young knight’s baser emotions is to send him on a quest to find the cause of a number of mounting disappearances. Part of Corinth’s mission to hire himself out as a mercenary and mix with the human locals- something he is not looking forward to, believing in the superiority of elves.
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Braking Points by Tammy Kaehler

Braking Points: A Kate Reilly Mystery (Kate Reilly Mysteries) by Tammy KaehlerThrilled with her contract with Sandham Swift, Kate Reilly is determined to make a good showing on the track this weekend. Unfortunately, Kate loses control and bumps an extremely popular driver’s car, injuring the other driver and putting them both out of the race. Public opinion blasts Kate, attacking her personally and professionally, and it all seems to be fueled by one reporter, Felix Simon, who has as his co-anchor Juliana Parker, one of Kate’s old friends, and a racing blogger who focuses on innuendo as opposed to facts. Read More »

House Immortal by Devon Monk

House Immortal (A House Immortal Novel) by Devon MonkThe extraordinary House Immortal introduces a world two hundred years in the future, where resources are governed by eleven Houses and doled out as considered appropriate by their leaders. Matilda Case wants to continue to live and work below the radar, taking care of her farm populated by animals created (literally) by her father, her only constant company her grandma and her farmhand, Neds (the plural due to the fact that Ned possesses two heads). With her parents dead, killed several years earlier, and her brother, Quinten, missing for three years, life on the farm can be challenging but not more than Matilda can handle, as long as she does not call undue attention to herself. Read More »

Dead Man’s Switch by Tammy Kaehler

Dead Man's Switch: A Kate Reilly Mystery (Kate Reilly Mysteries) by Tammy KaehlerKate Reilly was hoping to drive during the American Le Mans Series race at Lime Rock Park over the Fourth of July weekend, though she did not have a dedicated sponsor. Kate followed the Series, traveling around and making sure she was available to drive. On her first morning at Lime Rock Park, she pulled into a parking place and hit what she thought was a pile of clothes, but turned out to be a dead body.
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Avoidable Contact by Tammy Kaehler

Avoidable Contact: A Kate Reilly Mystery (Kate Reilly Mysteries) by Tammy KaehlerRacecar driver Kate Reilly is looking forward to the endurance race she and her teammates from Sandham Swift Racing are participating in, until word came in that her boyfriend Stuart, Series Vice President of Operations, has been seriously injured in a hit-and-run accident earlier that morning. Kate is stunned and upset, feeling guilty for cancelling their date the night before, and eager to get to the hospital, even though Stuart is still in a coma. The police are investigating the accident, but Kate is sure that someone connected to racing is responsible, and some strange text messages she receives make her even more certain. Read More »

Last Impressions by A.J. Aalto

Last Impressions (The Marnie Baranuik Files) (Volume 3) by A.J. AaltoMarnie Baranuik is back to solve more paranormal crimes in her usual wacky, bumbling way in Last Impressions. She has barely recovered from a case chockful of exploding zombies, and is dealing with her Paranormal Crimes Unit of the FBI getting suspended for an Internal Affairs investigation, when she gets a call from Constable Patrick Schenk in the sleepy town of her origin in Ontario, Canada. A missing woman had Marnie’s business card, and the detective asks for her help. Read More »

Cougar’s Mate by Terry Spear

Cougar's Mate (Heart of the Cougar) (Volume 1) by Terry SpearAfter witnessing her cop boyfriend’s murder at his brother’s hand, Shannon Rafferty runs…and spends the next few weeks in the Colorado wilderness, staying in her cougar form and trying not to call attention to herself. While resting in a cave, she notices a young boy in the river below, barely hanging onto a rock. Knowing she cannot let the boy drown, Shannon leaps into the water, still in cougar form, and rescues him, pulling him up onto shore with her teeth. The local authorities in Yuma become aware of the cougar that saved the boy, and send a deputy out to find it, armed with a tranquilizer gun. Read More »

The Crystal Slipper by Selena Fulton

The Crystal Slipper (Entangled Covet) by Selena FultonShy and plain, librarian Celinda Branham is uncertain about attending a Christmas party given by her friend and co-worker. The gift exchange is a bit uncomfortable, since it seems no one but Celinda has stuck to the budget, but she is surprised at the strange gift she ends up with. Who gives someone a single crystal slipper outside of a fairytale? Though Celinda has read her share of stories, she definitely does not believe in magic, witchcraft, or anything relating to them, even though she has the dysfunctional Cinderella-type family. Read More »

Vixen in Velvet by Loretta Chase

Vixen in Velvet by Loretta ChaseLeonie Noirot, with her sisters, owns one of the most successful dressmaker’s shops in London. While her sisters tend to be more artistic, Leonie has a head for numbers and runs the business side of the shop with ease. While attending an art exhibit at the British Institution in order to gain new clientele, Leonie meets a handsome marquess who saves her from an embarrassing fall after she trips over an artist’s canvas in her hurry to get away. Read More »

Under the Same Sky by Genevieve Graham

Under the Same Sky by Genevieve GrahamMaggie Johnson was blessed (or cursed) with The Sight. In addition to having visions of the future, she saw a boy not much older than she was, and he became her silent support. After her father’s accidental death and her mother’s murder, Maggie and her sisters were kidnapped and raped by a group of men, yet Maggie was still able to use The Sight to contact the young man, and he was able to help her escape by showing her a hidden knife, which she used to kill the man responsible for the kidnapping. The Cherokee rescued the girls and allowed them to live in their village, while tending their wounds and helping Maggie learn to control her visions. Read More »

Magic Rises by Ilona Andrews

Magic Rises (Kate Daniels) by Ilona Andrews Magic Rises, the terrific sixth installment in the excellent Kate Daniels series, begins with Kate in the midst of a training session with her adopted daughter, Julie. While pondering the difficulties of dealing with a fourteen-year-old girl, Kate gets called to an emergency–Julie’s best friend and her twin sister have both gone loup, the feral state that adolescent shapeshifters often never recover from. Though a cure, referred to as panacea, exists but remains difficult to come by outside of Europe, this means that typically the afflicted are killed in order to protect everyone around them. The pack only has one dose available at the time, which Curran orders the doctor to split between the two girls. Read More »