Tibetan Cross by Mike Bond

Tibetan Cross by Mike BondWhen Sam Cohen accepts a job as travel guide against his better judgment, everything goes haywire. The pace is too aggressive, but the money was too good to turn away–until they accidentally discover what they are carrying and the real purpose of the journey. Read More »

Cooler than Blood by Robert Lane

Cooler Than Blood by Robert LaneJake Travis’ past comes back to haunt him when the niece of an acquaintance is kidnapped. When Susan Blake reaches out to him, he feels as though he cannot tell her no, even if it might throw a monkey wrench into his relationship with the lovely Kathleen. Garrett and Morgan return to be his comrades-in-arms in order to bring the girl home. But will they be in time to bring her home alive? Read More »

The Second Letter by Robert Lane

The Second Letter by Robert LaneWhen a letter dating back to the Cold War resurfaces, Jake Travis is called in to retrieve it and bring it back to where it belongs–into the safe hands of the U.S. government. What starts out to be an easy retrieval mission soon turns into something more sinister, and Jake and his friends find themselves tending to a darker, seedier problem before they can even get their hands on the missing letter. Will Jake and his little band of helpers be enough to take this evil down? Read More »

Shadow Out of the Sky by Brick Marlin

Shadow Out of the Sky (Transitional Delusions Series Book 1) by Brick MarlinAn ancient evil has been released in Woodbury by the Council of Demons. It once went by the name Kabul a very long time ago. A truly bad thing was done to this creature when all he wanted was to help a village with a rat problem. He knew he could play his pipe and lead the rats away, saving the villagers, but was instead betrayed. Kabul has finally been allowed his vengeance. Read More »

Butterfly Kills by Brenda Chapman

Butterfly Kills: A Stonechild and Rouleau Mystery by Brenda ChapmanKala Stonechild has followed Detective Rouleau to the Kingston Police Department from Ottawa, and immediately finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation involving a counselor on a student crisis telephone line. Leah Sampson was brutally murdered after her shift at the crisis line, tortured and bound in her own apartment, and Stonechild and her new partner, Gundersund, have no leads. Rouleau is having some personal difficulties, having transferred to Kingston to care for his ailing father, yet he is still very much in charge of the investigation. Read More »

Universal Alien by Gini Koch

Universal Alien: Alien Novels, Book 10 by Gini KochAs the wife of the Vice President and ambassador in her own right, there are all sorts of things Kitty Martini is supposed to do. Insulting the Australian Prime Minister and causing an international crisis is not one of those things. Luckily, Kitty’s various experiences make her a pro at handling a crisis, but she never imagined that a bit of comic interference would be the way to solve her problem. Of course, Kitty never realized that it was also possible to trade places with one of her cosmic alternates who also has a problem. Read More »

Joyland by Stephen King

Joyland (Hard Case Crime) by Stephen KingLooking to outrun the ache of his first broken heart, Devin Jones takes a job at Joyland, a small amusement park on the coast of North Carolina. He quickly makes friends and finds his niche in the carney world. And that is just about it. Do not get me wrong, Joyland is a good story. King is at the top of his game with the human element that makes him stand out in horror fiction. King’s scares are so scary because he takes such meticulous care with his characters. He does not just tell us what the person thinks and feels, he goes back as far as necessary to tell us why. Read More »

Urban Green Man: An Archetype of Renewal edited by Janice Blaine and Adria Laycraft

Urban GreenMan: An Archetype of Renewal Urban Green Man: An Archetype of Renewal is a collection of short stories and poems centered on the folklore character The Green Man. According to the introduction by Charles De Lint, the Green Man goes by many names in urban myth, and may be mischievous, gentle, or dangerous in his efforts to protect nature and reclaim what was once the domain of Gaia. Read More »

Deamhan by Isaiyan Morrison

Deamhan by Isaiyan MorrisonVeronica Austin has left her father and The Brotherhood behind, determined to follow the trail where her mother disappeared twenty years before. That trail leads to Minneapolis and The Dark Sepulcher, a dance club and haven for supernaturals, particularly the Deamhan. Somewhat of a cross between vampires and demons, the Deamhan come in four different varieties, each living off of some form of human psychic energy. Some Deamhan are less of an immediate threat, but Veronica knows all are Read More »

Cold Mourning by Brenda Chapman

Cold Mourning: A Stonechild and Rouleau Mystery by Brenda ChampmanKala Stonechild had recently transferred to the Ottawa Police department, and was assigned to a special unit designed to work closely with Major Crimes. The first case she worked on was the disappearance and murder of Tom Underwood, and she assisted with interviewing the family. Tom was planning a major life change, both professionally and personally, and to that end was making amends to his ex-wife, Pauline, and his son, Hunter. When Tom’s body was discovered in the trunk of his Read More »

Crossroads by Jimmy Gillentine

Crossroads by Jimmy GillentineAndrew has disappeared from Memphis after revealing himself to Angela. The gentle, loving, strong man she knew is actually an ancient shape-shifting immortal Beast who has walked on Earth since the beginning of time. Angela tries to rebuild her life, but without Andrew, her life seems empty and meaningless. Determined to find him and prove her love, she set out on a journey that brings her even more terror and despair. Read More »

Suffer the Children by Craig DiLouie

Suffer the Children by Craig DiLouieEvery parent’s worst nightmare is outliving their children. What is it when every child in the world dies within days of each other? It’s being called Herod’s Syndrome, and it traveled the world. Every person is infected, but it only kills those that have not reached puberty yet. Society collapses, there are mass suicides, parents cannot live without their children. What happens when the current generation dies? It will be the end of the world if no more children are ever born. Then a miracle happens and the children wake up three days later. Read More »

Somewhere in France by Jennifer Robson

Somewhere in France: A Novel of the Great War by Jennifer RobsonLady Elizabeth Neville-Ashford wants more from her life than a titled husband and a large brood of children. Lilly wants to go to university, to travel, and work if she so chooses, but her parents are against anything that might reflect badly on them. When World War I begins, Lilly feels the need to help in some way with the war effort, but her parents, highly conscious of their social status, will not allow her to join the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps, or help in any other way. When Lilly’s correspondence with her brother’s friend, a doctor working in the war effort in France, becomes known, Lilly’s mother reacts violently and disapprovingly, causing Lilly to leave home and forge her own way in the world. Read More »

After the War is Over by Jennifer Robson

After the War Is Over: A Novel by Jennifer RobsonAt the end of World War I, Charlotte Brown leaves her position as an associate nurse and returns to her job as a counselor for people in need of assistance. She takes her work very seriously and is determined to find resources for families devastated by the war. Her closest friend Lilly, formerly Lady Elizabeth Neville-Ashford, is finally to be married to her fiancé, Dr. Robert Fraser, and though Charlotte is very happy for them, she is reluctant to attend the wedding, knowing that Lilly’s brother, Edward, will be in attendance. Read More »

The Eterna Files by Leanna Renee Hieber

The Eterna Files by Leanna Renee Hieber The Eterna Files, the excellent first installment in a unique new series, begins with a familiar story–the death of Abraham Lincoln. Immediately thereafter, the tale veers into less-recognizable territory, with young “spiritualist” Clara Templeton declaring that the president should have been made immortal in order to protect the position. Lincoln’s widow, Mary, instantly latches onto the idea, resulting in the birth of the Eterna group, with the secret mission to investigate immortality. Read More »

Return to You by Samantha Chase

Return to You (Montgomery Brothers) by Samantha ChaseSelena Ainsley left Long Island ten years earlier, after a terrible car accident, and she made a decision to put the past behind her when she finally realized James was not coming for her. Finishing college and starting a successful career as an event planner in North Carolina were challenges, but Selena loved her job and managed to stay too busy to remember the past. When her best friend called and asked her to plan their ten year reunion, Selena contemplated refusing, but knew she had to face her demons head on, even if it meant running into James again. Read More »

Lucky Break by Chloe Neill

Lucky Break (Chicagoland Vampires Series) by Chloe NeillAfter all the excitment that Ethan and Merit have been through, they decide to go on vacation. How much trouble can they get into in Colorado? Unsurprisingly for these two, more than enough. The murder of their host occurs and of course his wife is suspected. Throw in a vampire/shifter feud and the plot thickens. Read More »