Last Impressions by A.J. Aalto

Last Impressions (The Marnie Baranuik Files) (Volume 3) by A.J. AaltoMarnie Baranuik is back to solve more paranormal crimes in her usual wacky, bumbling way in Last Impressions. She has barely recovered from a case chockful of exploding zombies, and is dealing with her Paranormal Crimes Unit of the FBI getting suspended for an Internal Affairs investigation, when she gets a call from Constable Patrick Schenk in the sleepy town of her origin in Ontario, Canada. A missing woman had Marnie’s business card, and the detective asks for her help. Read More »

Cougar’s Mate by Terry Spear

Cougar's Mate (Heart of the Cougar) (Volume 1) by Terry SpearAfter witnessing her cop boyfriend’s murder at his brother’s hand, Shannon Rafferty runs…and spends the next few weeks in the Colorado wilderness, staying in her cougar form and trying not to call attention to herself. While resting in a cave, she notices a young boy in the river below, barely hanging onto a rock. Knowing she cannot let the boy drown, Shannon leaps into the water, still in cougar form, and rescues him, pulling him up onto shore with her teeth. The local authorities in Yuma become aware of the cougar that saved the boy, and send a deputy out to find it, armed with a tranquilizer gun. Read More »

The Crystal Slipper by Selena Fulton

The Crystal Slipper (Entangled Covet) by Selena FultonShy and plain, librarian Celinda Branham is uncertain about attending a Christmas party given by her friend and co-worker. The gift exchange is a bit uncomfortable, since it seems no one but Celinda has stuck to the budget, but she is surprised at the strange gift she ends up with. Who gives someone a single crystal slipper outside of a fairytale? Though Celinda has read her share of stories, she definitely does not believe in magic, witchcraft, or anything relating to them, even though she has the dysfunctional Cinderella-type family. Read More »

Vixen in Velvet by Loretta Chase

Vixen in Velvet by Loretta ChaseLeonie Noirot, with her sisters, owns one of the most successful dressmaker’s shops in London. While her sisters tend to be more artistic, Leonie has a head for numbers and runs the business side of the shop with ease. While attending an art exhibit at the British Institution in order to gain new clientele, Leonie meets a handsome marquess who saves her from an embarrassing fall after she trips over an artist’s canvas in her hurry to get away. Read More »

Under the Same Sky by Genevieve Graham

Under the Same Sky by Genevieve GrahamMaggie Johnson was blessed (or cursed) with The Sight. In addition to having visions of the future, she saw a boy not much older than she was, and he became her silent support. After her father’s accidental death and her mother’s murder, Maggie and her sisters were kidnapped and raped by a group of men, yet Maggie was still able to use The Sight to contact the young man, and he was able to help her escape by showing her a hidden knife, which she used to kill the man responsible for the kidnapping. The Cherokee rescued the girls and allowed them to live in their village, while tending their wounds and helping Maggie learn to control her visions. Read More »

Magic Rises by Ilona Andrews

Magic Rises (Kate Daniels) by Ilona Andrews Magic Rises, the terrific sixth installment in the excellent Kate Daniels series, begins with Kate in the midst of a training session with her adopted daughter, Julie. While pondering the difficulties of dealing with a fourteen-year-old girl, Kate gets called to an emergency–Julie’s best friend and her twin sister have both gone loup, the feral state that adolescent shapeshifters often never recover from. Though a cure, referred to as panacea, exists but remains difficult to come by outside of Europe, this means that typically the afflicted are killed in order to protect everyone around them. The pack only has one dose available at the time, which Curran orders the doctor to split between the two girls. Read More »

Maplecroft by Cherie Priest

Maplecroft: The Borden Dispatches by Cherie PriestEveryone knows the story of Lizzie Borden–or thinks they do, anyway. The fabulous Maplecroft provides a compelling alternate theory…

The story begins in March of 1894, with Lizzie Andrew Borden and her sister, Emma, living in the estate of Maplecroft on the outskirts of Fall River. The two women have more than one reason to hide from prying eyes. Aside from having been tried and acquitted for the murders of their father and stepmother two years earlier, Lizzie has a formidable task, one that the often-bedridden but brilliant scientist, Emma, assists with: fending off the attacks of the marauding creatures that show up outside their doors frequently–those that may indeed be connected to the entities inhabiting Andrew and Abigail Borden at the time of their deaths. Read More »

Basil Instinct by Shelley Costa

Basil Instinct by Shelley CostaThe zany staff of Miracolo returns in the second installment of Miracolo Mysteries. Eve has been recruited by her cousin to teach at the local vocational school. She is looking forward to influencing the next generation, but when she gets there, she begins to wonder if they are a bunch of juvenile delinquents looking for easy grades. When she hires several of them to help with a dinner party being held by Maria Pia, her grandmother, Eve never dreams that murder will find the restaurant again. Read More »

You Cannoli Die Once by Shelley Costa

You Cannoli Die Once (Miracolo Mysteries)  by Shelley CostaEve Angelotta had dreams and they did not include working for the family restaurant. When she is sidelined by an accident, she has no choice but to come home and be a chef in the family business. She and her grandmother do not always see eye to eye, but Eve does the best she can. However, when Eve discover’s her grandmother’s boyfriend dead in the restaurant, any disagreements she has with Maria Pia are minor. Her grandmother is the chief suspect and the staff of Miracolo has to work together to prove Maria Pia’s innocence. Read More »

Galilee Rising by Jennifer Harlow

Galilee Rising (The Galilee Falls Trilogy) (Volume 2) by Jennifer HarlowJoanna’s world has been turned upside down in the year since her best friend, Justin, sacrificed himself to save her. In his role as “Justice,” a Superhero, he chose to let go of a railing that barely supported both their weights and plunged to his death in the river below. For twenty years he had been the center of her life and romantic fantasies. Unable to deal with the loss, she had plunged into alcohol and rage, causing her to overstep the bounds of use of force on a criminal and losing her career as a police officer in the process. And as an added pressure, Justin had left the multi-million dollar Pendergast businesses to her. Read More »

Alchemystic by Anton Strout

Alchemystic (A Spellmason Chronicle) by Anton StroutAlexandra Belarus just wants to be able to work on her art, but when an accident befalls her brother, she is forced to take over the reins of the family business. However, she finds her own life in danger and begins to suspect her brother’s death was not an accident, after all. An old family secret becomes revealed when a gargoyle shows up to protect her. Read More »

My Highland Spy by Victoria Roberts

My Highland Spy (Highland Spies) by Victoria RobertsLady Ravenna Walsingham has a new and dangerous assignment– to travel to the Highlands, posing as a governess, to uncover the Sutherland clan’s dealings against the Crown. Since Laird Sutherland has not appeared at Court or sent his young son to learn English, Ravenna will teach Torquil English, all while gathering information the Crown can use against the laird. Ravenna never expects to develop such an attraction to Laird Sutherland, and she does not know how to confess her secret. Read More »

Omens by Kelley Armstrong

Omens (Cainsville) by Kelley ArmstrongWhen the terrific Omens begins, Olivia Taylor-Jones feels as though her life may not be going quite the way she wishes, even with her position as the daughter of a distinguished Chicago family having lead to her engagement to an equally well-heeled, and, she learns, ambitious, man, James. Finding a small level of fulfillment in her volunteer position at a women’s shelter, Olivia plans to return to school for a Ph.D. in literature, hoping to teach at a university–information she has been keeping to herself. Olivia decides to share her plans with James when he breaks the news that he will be running for senator–a prospect that Olivia does not care for. Read More »

Charming by Krystal Wade

Charming by Krystal WadeAfter her mother’s death, Haley Tremaine dreaded going home. Her alcoholic father, selfishly entitled younger sister, and a never-ending list of household chores were the only things that awaited her when she walked through the door after work. Her schoolwork was suffering, and she had only one friend to offer caring and support. Even Haley’s younger sister, Jocelyn, did not understand Haley’s behavior and continually sided with their father against her. Read More »

Trace of Magic by Diana Pharaoh Francis

Trace of Magic: The Diamond City Magic Novels (Volume 1) by Diana Pharaoh FrancisDiamond City was built in the caldera of a Colorado volcano and began as a mining community when diamonds were discovered. The diamond rush brought not only miners, but eventually families, businesses and, of course, those who prey on them. Crime began with small gangs of thugs, but as the town evolved, so did the criminal element until the Tyet (a criminal alliance of sorts) was formed. Tyet’s influence is felt everywhere and staying below their radar is almost impossible, particularly if one has a special magical talent. Read More »

Welcome to the Dark House by Laurie Faria Stolarz

Welcome to the Dark House by Laurie Faria StolarzSeven people are chosen as winners in an essay contest where they have shared their worst nightmare. Six of these people are subscribed to the Nightmare Elf newsletter; a newsletter from their favorite horror movie maker, Justin Blake. One of the winners has received the newsletter for the first time with the contest information in it. She does not really know Justin Blake or any of his movies but the idea of a contest where the winners will face their own fears and meet a famous director appeals to her. The rest of the winners are all huge Justin Blake fans and know all of his work. Their nightmares are all Read More »