The Kraken King and the Scribbling Spinster by Meljean Brook

The Kraken King Part I: The Kraken King and the Scribbling Spinster (A Novel of the Iron Seas) by Meljean BrookZenobia Fox (an assumed name to conceal her identities as both an author and an heiress who seems to get kidnapped frequently), sets out on a trip with her longtime, friend, Helene, now married to an ambassador. Viewing the journey as an adventure she can use as fodder for her next Lady Lynx story, Zenobia feels secure on the airship, especially given the presence of her bodyguards-in-disguise, Mara and Cooper. Read More »

Masks by Karen Chance

Masks by Karen ChanceMircea Basarab is a baby vamp walking the streets of fifteenth-century Venice. He was cursed to be a vampire, not bitten, so he is masterless. Venice should have been a safe haven for him, but he finds himself in jail and then sold to a whorehouse.

Convocation, the biannual meeting of the Vampire Senate, is being held in Venice, so the city is overflowing with vampires and guards to patrol the area. Read More »

Mind Games by Christine Amsden

Mind Games (Cassie Scot) by Christine AmsdenCassie Scot’s life has crumbled, and every time she thinks she has her feet firmly planted, she gets knocked down again. As the eldest child of a powerful Sorcerer family, she was raised in a loving household where her every need or want was met. The first blow on her long ride to the bottom was being disowned by her parents, with little to no explanation or logic. True, she had no magic of her own so was a bit of a black sheep, but the lack had always seemed to bother her more than it did her parents. Read More »

Beach Blanket Bloodbath by Mark Henry

Beach Blanket Bloodbath (Amanda Feral) by Mark HenryAmanda is a Zombie who has recently written a tell-all book about the dark underside of Seattle, all about the vampires and zombies and weres living in the area. This has not gone over well. Her friend, Wendy, has started selling Cloud to the vampires, which is a drug made from the breath of certain zombies and is making the vamps all smexy and kittenish. Since Amanda owes Wendy money, she gets suckered into being her drug pimp. Read More »

Nature of the Beasts by Trista Ann Michaels

Nature of the Beasts (Spark of Magic) by Trista Ann MichaelsRaised her entire life to believe that shifters are evil, Sarah is a bundle of confliction. She is finding it harder and harder to reconcile what she has been taught with what she is learning about shifters from living with Dmitry and Dastan. She’s finding it harder and harder to fight the growing attraction she has for both men. Can she put aside the beliefs her mother has instilled and act on the attraction? Read More »

Knight Assassin by Rima Jean

Knight Assassin (Entangled Teen) by Rima JeanYoung Zayn has powers that are uncontrolled and unpredictable but offer her supernatural strength and speed. Her Mother has always protected her and kept her safe, living a quiet life in the village. After a devastating chain of events, she is rescued by a stranger who offers her a chance to learn how to control her powers and seek revenge on the ones who brought her to ruin. Zayn must become an Assassin, but in doing so, she will also become the enemy of the Knights Templar and her only childhood friend. Read More »

All the Shadows of the Rainbow by Inanna Arthen

All the Shadows of the Rainbow (The Vampires of New England Series) (Volume 3) by Inanna ArthenIt is the turbulent 1960’s in an uncertain world, with civil rights, women’s rights, war protestors, free love, drugs and nuclear threat lying over the heads of everyone. In this chaotic atmosphere there are those who are trying to bring sanity back. Diana Chilton is dealing with her own internal chaos as a powerful witch recovering from a Great Working gone wrong, an encounter with the Fairie world, and a newly turned vampire. About the only thing that has not changed is her single-minded commitment to making the world a better place. Read More »

Nights of Villjamur by Mark Charan Newton

Nights of Villjamur (Legends of the Red Sun) by Mark Charan NewtonThe red sun is dying and an ice age beginning on an ancient world. It is a world so ancient that its earliest civilizations are either forgotten or myth, although the antiques and relics left behind speak of great power and a technology that cannot be reproduced and only vaguely understood by cultists who have made it their life’s work. And while the world slowly dies and the ice creeps ever forward, the current civilizations struggle to survive. One of these is a great empire, and it, too, seems to be caught up in the slow death and decay of the world. Read More »

City of Ruin by Mark Charan Newton

City of Ruin (Legends of the Red Sun) by Mark Charan NewtonAn ancient world under a dying red sun is slowly being engulfed by an ice age. The Jamar Empire should have been fortifying itself against the ice siege, but instead is being torn apart by internal corruption, a regime change and rumors of a horde of invaders slowly destroying the countryside. As most of the population rushes to supposed safety of the capital city of Villjamur, a few have fled the capital for the port town of Villren. Read More »

Fable by Lisa Fender and Toni Burns

Fable: Book 1 of the Lorn Prophecy (Volume 1) by Lisa Fender and Toni BurnsImagine two dimensions sharing one world. At one time in the far-away past, the world was shared by both populations, but one took the road of science and technology while the other held tightly to the natural order of the elements. With the help of the elements and magic, a portal to another dimension was created and the Djen left and soon their very existence was remembered only through myth and legends about genies, elves and fairies. Read More »

Blythewood by Carol Goodman

Blythewood (A Blythewood Novel) by Carol GoodmanAvaline Hall was forced to take a job at the Triangle Waist Factory after her mother Evangeline’s suicide, and narrowly escaped the tragic fire that killed over one hundred young women. Ava was saved by a young man whom she believed had sprouted wings and caught her as she fell off the ladder while escaping the flames. Her belief in the young man, and her statements to hospital personnel, ended with Ava being confined to a mental hospital for five months, until her grandmother located her and forced the doctors to release her. Read More »

Love You to Death by Jackie Uhrmacher

Love You to Death by Jackie UhrmacherJill and Elle have been best friends ever since the time Elle killed her alcoholic husband in the back alley of a bar in New York. As time went by, they met handsome men, were married, discovered that the men had some sort of personality defect, and then they killed them. Elle kept a notebook with extensive notes on her husbands, keeping up with dates and places, and of course, a copy of the obituary. Jill’s notebook was not as complete, but her notes were also clear and concise. Read More »

Sharp by Alex Hughes

Sharp: A Mindspace Investigations Novel by Alex HughesSix weeks after nearly shorting out his brain and his telepathic ability with it on a big case, police department-consultant Adam finds himself trying to hide from his co-workers the fact that his telepathy still remains at less than full strength. To make matter worse, his former homicide detective partner (of sorts), Isabella Cherabino, has been actively avoiding him due to the mind-link Read More »

The Thirteenth Sacrifice by Debbie Viguié

The Thirteenth Sacrifice: A Witch Hunt Novel by Debbie ViguieSamantha Ryan does not remember a lot of her childhood. Raised in a coven that practiced very dark magic, including human sacrifice, she was the sole survivor in a bloody massacre that claimed the lives of all of the other coven members, including her mother. Adopted by a kind couple who knew about her past, Samantha changed her name and swore to never practice magic again. Read More »

Arcadia Falls by Jennifer Malone Wright

The Vampire Hunter's Daughter: Part VI: Arcadia Falls (Volume 6) by Jennifer Malone WrightChloe is bored at her dad’s. She asks for a tutor, and right away she gets Oscar, who plays guitar and helps her catch up on her schoolwork. Trevor announces that he is having a party to introduce Chloe to his friends. The first guest is the only one Chloe cares about right now–Oscar. As Chloe walks by the restroom she overhears women talking about what is going to happen when Chloe turns sixteen. Chloe runs. She is so close to freedom, and by the fence is Drew. Read More »

Divided by Jennifer Malone Wright

The Vampire Hunter's Daughter: Part IV: Divided (Volume 4) by Jennifer Malone WrightChloe and the other vampire hunters are suffering the aftermath of the vampire attack on them. Many hunters have been wounded, loved ones murdered. Their peaceful community is no longer peaceful. Chloe feels that it is her fault, and she does not want to put them in danger anymore. She thinks she has the solution: to go to her father, Trevor. She leaves the safety of her grandfather’s home to go find her father. Read More »