Ill Fated by Rachel Rawlings

Ill Fated: A Maurin Kincaide Series Novel (The Maurin Kincaide Series Book 5) by Rachel RawlingsMaurin Kincaide certainly has led an interesting life–from unloved troubled child to Regulator for the Council (the collective heads of the supernatural community in Salem) and daughter of the Lord of the Wild Hunt–she has been dealt a complicated hand. Now, when things seem to be calming down, Maurin finds herself the object of an assassination order. To complicate matters, it seems the Dark Court is also hunting Maurin, and her father, magic dog, and boyfriend have all disappeared. Read More »

Hold Me Like a Breath by Tiffany Schmidt

Hold Me Like a Breath: Once Upon a Crime Family by Tiffany SchmidtOnce upon a crime family, there was a princess named Penelope. She is the only daughter of the head of one of the three crime families controlling the black market for organ transplants. However, the best that money can buy is not always enough. Tragically, Penny Landlow has an autoimmune disorder that causes her to bruise with little pressure. Her family has always shielded her from the business and kept her protected on the estate like a bird in a gilded cage. Read More »

Lies Ripped Open by Steve McHugh

Lies Ripped Open (The Hellequin Chronicles Book 5) by Steve McHugh Lies Ripped Open is Steve McHugh’s latest installment about his hero Nate Garrett, known for many years as the Hellequin. Nate is forced yet again to face his past, and living demons from that past, including his former father figure, Merlin.

Back in the late 1800s Nate uncovered a conspiracy of wanton murder instigated in part to preserve a beloved figure of ancient Camelot. He thought they had laid it to rest, but when he is called on the scene of a hostage crisis in modern London, he realizes that his former enemies are still very much alive and have put his loved ones, and the future of Read More »

The Raven’s Child by Thomas E. Sniegoski; illustated by Tom Brown

The Raven's Child by Thomas E. Sniegoski and illustrated by Tom BrownThere is a horde of creatures called The Throng that roam from planet to planet through a gateway, subjugating the inhabitants for food and sport. They take all they can from the planet and then move on to the next. Right now they are on Earth. Humanity had been overconfident, thinking they were a superior race, but the monsters took over. They are soon ready to move on to the next planet, seeing as how the human race is all but extinct. But all hope is not gone quite yet. There is The Raven’s Child. Read More »

Hazardous Material by Matthew Quinn Martin

Nightlife: Hazardous Material by Matthew Quinn MartinJarrod Foster feels as though he is going nowhere. He has a student loan to pay off, but a job he could have done with no high school education. His boss, Ludwig, is a chain-smoking shark, getting all the lousy jobs of hazardous waste removal. Their current job is gutting a decades-old roller rink. Read More »

The Bones of You by Debbie Howells

The Bones of You by Debbie HowellsKate seemingly has it all – a loving husband, a beautiful daughter, a fulfilling career, and an exciting hobby…it was no wonder Rosie was drawn to her. Kate was so unlike Rosie’s own mother Joanna that it was surprising they were friends, but it was to Kate that Jo turned when Rosie was reported missing and later found dead. Kate did her best to be supportive Read More »

Hex by Mackenzie McGuire

Hex (Saxton Academy) (Volume 1) by Mackenzie McGuireWhen Reece and her two best friends are in a serious car accident, Reece feels herself die. She does not stay dead. Miraculously, she survives and she wishes she had not. Nothing is the same without her two best friends. She hears things and has horrible nightmares. And no one believes her when she talks about the black panther that caused the accident. After all, Read More »

Swerve by Vicki Pettersson

Swerve by Vicki PetterssonWhen Kristine Rush and her fiancé Daniel set out from Las Vegas for a holiday trip to Lake Arrowhead, California, it starts out like any other trip. Long stretches of hot, sun baked road lay ahead of them. But so does something unexpected. Something terrifying. Something that was going to change their lives forever.
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The Devil You Know by Trish Doller

The Devil You Know by Trish DollerArcadia, or Cadie as her friends call her, is 18 years old and she is sick of her life. Living in a small town, nothing ever happens. After losing her mother to cancer, Cadie has become mother to her little brother Daniel. She loves Daniel but she wants to be a normal teenager. So when she meets two very cute guys at a a party at a party who are on a road trip, she jumps at the opportunity to go along with them. She is instantly attracted to the older guy, Noah, and the feeling is mutual. Read More »

Amish Zombies from Space by Kerry Nietz

Amish Zombies from Space by Kerry NietzAfter the trials on board the Raven, life has changed for the Amish who were resettled on Miller’s Resolve. Life is not as isolated as it had been on their old planet, plus they have been taking in pilgrims willing to settle with them and follow their lifestyle. Occasionally though the odd voyeur comes by, curious to see what the Amish are, especially since Amish stories have become very popular among the vids.
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The Loss by Julie Plec

The Originals: The Loss by Julie PlecWhen The Loss opens, forty-four years after the events of book one, The Rise, the Mikaelson siblings run New Orleans, creating new vampires to increase their ranks, rebuilding the city after the devastating hurricane summoned by the witches in 1722. While Elijah and Rebekah have worked to solidify their power and make their home comfortable, Klaus has had a completely different and secret agenda–to somehow bring back to life his beloved Vivianne who died in the siege of their home at the end of the previous book. Read More »

Rot and Ruin #1 by Jonathan Maberry

Rot & Ruin #1 2nd Print by Jonathan MaberryBenny Imura and his friends Nix, Chong, and Lilah have seen the impossible:a plane flying way up in the clouds. It is impossible because they are living in a time of zombies. There have not been planes in many years, society is barely scraping by as it is. Benny has nothing to hold him back, his brother, Tom, died saving him and a bunch of other people, so he decides to track down where the plane came from with his friends. Read More »

Werewolves Be Damned by Stacey Kennedy

Werewolves Be Damned (Entangled Edge) by Stacey KennedyOne half witch and the other half Guardian, Nexi has just lost the only family she has ever known and is rescued by a group of barely-clad hunks that whisk her away to the Otherworld. While Nexi is struggling to accept that werewolves and witches really do exist, she also needs to adapt to all the Read More »

The Last Vampire by Kathryn Meyer Griffith

The Last Vampire: Author's New Revised Edition by Katherine Meyer GriffithThings have been coming apart for a while now, but every day the earthquakes become stronger, more violent. Coupled with the plague decimating the world’s population, things are looking bleak for the survivors. Unable to make it home to her family before the earthquakes destroy their home, Emma finds herself running for safety with her friend, Larry. But when she loses Larry, too, she is left facing the future alone. But what kind of future does she have left?
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Follow You Home by Mark Edwards

Follow You Home by Mark EdwardsWhat starts out as a grand tour of Europe suddenly turns into a nightmare for Daniel and Laura. When they’re tossed off a train in the middle of nowhere, just inside the Romanian border, everything goes to hell in a handbasket. Discovering they’ve lost their passports, their money, and anything that might help them get home to London, they head for the nearest town. Which is when the weirdness starts. Upon their return to London, they think they’ve put it all behind them… but they’re wrong.
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Summer on Lovers Island by Donna Alward

Summer on Lovers' Island (A Jewell Cove Novel) by Donna AlwardAfter a medical mistake caused her suspension, Dr. Elizabeth Howard found a new opportunity in Jewell Cove, Maine, covering at a family practice clinic while her best friend was on maternity leave. Lizzie was not sure if she could handle being away from emergency medicine, since she had always craved that adrenaline rush, but with no other options, she was resigned to it. Read More »

SEAL Wolf Hunting by Terry Spear

SEAL Wolf Hunting (Heart of the Wolf) by Terry SpearPaul Cunningham and his buddy, Allan Rappaport, had just returned from a difficult mission in the Ecuadorian Amazon, where their assignment was to rescue four college students from a hostage situation. Though they were able to locate the students, the kidnappers came after them, killing one of the students, making Paul all the more determined to safely return her body to her parents. Read More »

Spell Blind by David B. Coe

Spell Blind (Case Files of Justis Fearsson) by David B. Coe Spell Blind, the excellent first installment in The Case Files of Justis Fearsson, opens with former-cop-turned-private-investigator Justis, or Jay as his friends call him, on the trail of a missing young woman. After successfully rescuing the girl, later that evening Jay gets a call from his former partner, Kona, a close friend who also happens to be the only person he has ever told the important truth about his identity as a weremyste, or magic-user–the reason behind his leaving the force. It seems that the murder of a senator’s daughter has all the signs of the Blind Angel Killer, the very case the two had been working together when Jay left the department. Kona feels Jay’s magical skills may prove useful in tracking down the killer, and asks for his assistance. Read More »

Beach Patrol by Michelle Moore

Beach Patrol (Playa Escondida) By Michelle MooreDan is in Playa Escondida, hoping to tag a sea turtle for his thesis as an Oceanography student. His first encounter with Jay, the lifeguard, is awkward at best. After some strange and frightening events, Dan turns to Jay for help to make sense of what is happening to him. Fortunately, Jay has some experience with these matters thanks to a 400 year old curse on his family. Jay quickly enlists the help of two other friends who have some expertise in this situation and the dangerous and bizarre adventure begins.
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Rocco’s Wings by Rebecca Merry Murdock

Rocco's Wings (Book 1, Tales of Terrakesh ) by Merry MurdockRocco is the only one in his village with wings but they cause him to stand out in a negative way. His wings are huge, blue and they glow at night. One afternoon the village bullies set a trap for Rocco but he manages to break free and fly away as they are still earthbound. Before he realizes it, he finds himself at the escarpment where his Mother has warned him never to go. Thinking he is out of Read More »