Lion Heart by A.C. Gaughen

Lion Heart: A Scarlet Novel A.C. GaugenThis is the third installment and the conclusion of the Scarlet series. Scarlet has been moved from one prison to another as Prince John tries to keep her location a secret. When he finally reveals his plan to kill the King and end her life, Scarlet finds a friend in one of the guards and manages to escape. Her Grandmother, the Queen, is telling her that the only way to escape with her life is to leave the country. Her heart is torn between leaving to ensure her safety and the safety of her beloved Robin, and returning to the only man she has ever loved. Will she return to Nottinghamshire and bring the wrath of Prince John with her? Read More »

Judy Blume: Women Who Broke the Rules by Kathleen Krull

Women Who Broke the Rules: Judy Blume by Kathleen KrullJudy Blume is an amazing writer, and this book gives an interesting overview of her career. Targeting young readers in grades 1 through 4, it chronicles her young life and how she felt when the adults would not (or could not) answer the many questions she had about growing up, which prompted her to write Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margaret, published in 1970, to help support other curious children. Read More »

Some Kind of Magic by Adrian Fogelin

Some Kind of Magic (Neighborhood Novels) by Adrian FogelinIt is the beginning of summer vacation and the end of middle school for Ben, Cassie, Jemmie and Justin. Ben is worried that he will be facing a long, boring break babysitting his little brother, Cody. When Cody helps his Mom clean out the closet, he finds an old grey hat that belonged to his uncle, Paul Cody, who mysteriously disappeared years ago. They share a birthday and now that Cody is using his Uncle’s hat, magical things seem to be happening. Read More »

Alias Hook by Lisa Jensen

Alias Hook: A Novel by Lisa JensenEveryone knows the story of Peter Pan. So many of us have fallen in love with the boy who never wants to grow up and his band of lost boys. We have been led to believe that Captain Hook is an evil, treacherous pirate who fights with children. Perhaps there is much truth in that, but we only know one side of the story. Read More »

Dark Alchemy by Laura Bickle

Dark Alchemy by Laura BickleGeologist Petra Dee arrives in the small town of Temperance, Wyoming, for a job in Yellowstone National Park, taking soil samples for the U.S. Geological Survey. Mike, the park ranger who picks her up at the airport and drives her to her ramshackle rental trailer in a desolate area, tries to convince Petra she should go to the park lodge rather than stay there, but she tells him she will be fine, especially as the less-than-ideal accommodation represents an improvement over the oil rig she just left. Mike does insist that Petra needs protection, and leaves her one of his personal firearms. Read More »

A Good Killing by Allison Leotta

A Good Killing: A Novel (Anna Curtis Series) by Allison LeottaAnna Curtis, a sex-crimes prosecutor, has enough on her plate. Having just broken off her engagement, all she wants is a little bit of downtime to wrap her head around everything. But when she gets a call from her hometown informing her that her high school coach has been murdered, she is caught by surprise. She is even more shocked to find out her little sister, Jody, is a suspect. What will it take to get to the bottom of it all? And will the town survive the death of their very own hero? Read More »

Eighth Grave After Dark by Darynda Jones

Eighth Grave After Dark (Charley Davidson) by Darynda JonesKidnappings, weddings, hellhounds, and contractions – Eighth Grave After Dark seriously has everything. Charlotte “Charley” Davidson, A.K.A. the grim reaper, and her son-of-Satan husband, Reyes, are expecting their own little bundle any day now. Cooped up in an abandoned convent for months while the prophesied daughter incubates, everyone is getting a little jumpy. The whole gang is here–the dead, the living, and the in between–solving a few problems while they wait for the big day.
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Sacajawea: Women Who Broke the Rules by Kathleen Krull

Women Who Broke the Rules: Sacajawea by Kathleen KrullSacajawea is best known for her association with the Lewis and Clark Expedition, but she had an interesting life even before that. In 1800, when she was about twelve, she was taken from her Shoshone tribe by the Hidatsa as a war prize. She lived with the Hidatsa for several years, learning the language and customs, when she met Toussaint Charbonneau, a French Canadian fur trader, and married him. Read More »

Day Shift by Charlaine Harris

Day Shift (Midnight, Texas) by Charlaine HarrisThe residents of Midnight, Texas are an odd bunch. They are a small community and outsiders do not feel very welcome. Being off the beaten path helps keep their secrets safe. When Manfred takes a trip to visit a client in the big city, chaos ensues. He sees one of the other residents of his little town there, and then somehow dead bodies turn up–his client and the people Olivia was meeting with. Manfred will need to prove he is innocent of both murder and robbery so that the little sleepy town can return to normal and its inhabitants continue to hide their secrets.
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Treadmill by Warren Adler

Treadmill by Warren AdlerJust when Jack Cooper thinks that everything is going his way, it all comes undone. Within the space of a month, he loses his job, his wife to another man, and his mother to illness. Dejected and alone, he focuses on one thing alone-–his daily workouts at the Bethesda Health Club. Not looking to make friends or find a girlfriend, Cooper is befriended by a mysterious man named Mike Parrish. Read More »

The End of Healing by Jim Bailey

The End of Healing by Jim BaileyDon Newman is a resident physician in one of the city’s most prestigious hospitals. But when a patient, being treated against her will, catches his gaze with her own, he begins to rethink his entire life plan. What if he is on the wrong track and this is not what he is meant to do with his life? Can he justify working the medical system to make good money and rest comfortably on the suffering of others? Read More »

Happily Ever After edited by John Klima

Happily Ever After by John KlimaI grew up on fairy tales. Even as I get ready to enter the fourth decade of life, I still embrace their magic, and cherish the life lessons available in these old stories of magic and perseverance against the ugly and dark aspects of life. I appreciate reading an author’s reinterpretation of the old fairy tales, which was why I looked forward to reading this volume. It started very strong with an impressively innovative introduction by Bill Willingham, in which he is faced the consequences of a life of writing fantasy, and making some powerful and otherworldly enemies in the process. Read More »

Initiation by Rebecca Royce

Initiation (The Warrior, Book 1) by Rebecca Royce Initiation is the story of just-turned sixteen-year-old Rachel Clancy. Her life has not ever been easy, and it is about to get more complicated. Rachel is a Warrior by birth. Her parents both carried the gene, which makes her physically ideal for fighting the vampires and werewolves that prey on the surviving humans living underground after the world as we know it ended. Her father has been a drunk since she was born, right before her mother was killed by vampires. She has spent most of her young life taking care of him, and training to be a Warrior, and feeling like an outcast because of the way her father failed their community. Now the day of her sixteenth birthday has arrived and she must take her place Above, fighting their inhuman enemies. Read More »