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Defining Steampunk with Author Meljean Brook

The Kraken King Part I: The Kraken King and the Scribbling Spinster by Meljean BrookSteampunk can be so many things and interpreted in so many ways, but at the core, the genre is defined by the two parts of its name: the “steam” and the “punk.” The steam is a little bit easier to define – it tells us that the setting of the story is historical science fiction, in which the primary technology is steam-powered (or hasn’t evolved beyond steam-power. Clockworks and similar technologies are fine, too.)
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Defining Steampunk with Artist Irina Jordan

Power Up Your Destiny Steam Engine

As a child growing up in the Far East of Russia, I was fascinated with books. I spent hours at local libraries tearing through books of many authors and genres. Jules Vernes was by far my favorite. How can he not be with all the stunning imagery and breathtaking adventures? While reading his books I dressed up as a swashbuckling pirate. My costume had a leather belt with a holder for a wicked ray Read More »

Author Molly Harper Guest Blog and Book with Gift Card Contest

Better Homes and Hauntings by Molly HarperSo here’s a confession. I’ve never seen a ghost.

Molly Harper, believer in all things paranormal, has never seen a whisper of an apparition. I’ve seen things that I thought were apparitions that turned out to be shifting curtains or tricks of light. I have had dizzy, cold, uncomfortable feelings in old buildings. Hell, I avoid antique stores because I think I’m too sensitive to whatever emotional residue people leave behind on their belongings. Read More »

Author Marilu Mann Guest Blog and $100.00 Amazon Gift Card Contest

Changing Paths: 4 (Lusting Wild) by Marilu Mann Writing one book can be a challenge keeping up with the plot much less the height and hair color or your hero. Add a series to this mayhem and you have literary chaos. I’ve had heroines whose eye color changed with the turn of the page, steps that simply went missing and rooms that moved more than Hogwarts’ staircases. As any good writer (or writing team) would do, I’ve come up with a few tips.
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Defining Steampunk with Author Eva Gordon

Defining Steampunk and My Journey as a Steampunk Novelist

Defining steampunk is almost as tricky as defining the paranormal romance genre. Is it fantasy, science fiction, urban fantasy or alternative Victorian history? Steampunk, which was added to the Oxford English Dictionary, is defined as “a genre of science fiction that typically features steam-powered machinery rather than advance technology.” When I mention I’ve written a steampunk novel, Read More »

Charlie Higson’s Guide To London and Contest

Charlie Higson's Tour of London

Natural History Museum

Tour 5main hall at NHM

This, for me, is where it all started. I probably wouldn’t have written my Enemy series of zombie books if I’d never visited the place. When I was a kid I loved coming to London for visits, and I have very vivid memories of going to the Natural History Museum. My father tells the story that he took me on an outing to the museum when I was very young and lost me. After a couple of very anxious Read More »

Defining Steampunk with Author Lisa Falkenstern

Professor Whiskerton Presents Steampunk ABC by Lisa Falkenstern

Note From the Editor: This is the first installment of an ongoing series of articles on the Steampunk genre and what it means to different authors, artists and readers. Today’s guest blog is from author Lisa Falkenstern. I hope you will all give her a warm welcome and answer some of the great questions she has posed.

I know I am trespassing here, as this is a blog dedicated to authors. I am an illustrator by trade. I have painted book covers for many years, so perhaps not trespassing, but living next door. I am now an illustrator and author since I have written and illustrated two children’s books. The latest book is an alphabet book done in steampunk, Professor Whiskerton Presents Steampunk ABC.
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The Fault in Our Stars: The Next YA Book to Movie Blockbuster?

The Fault in Our Stars by John GreenWhen thinking of YA books that have been turned into movies, the obvious the first thoughts are usually Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, or perhaps the recent Divergent – all of which are series that are packed with action and adventure. One doesn’t necessarily think of a touching dark comedy about a pair of teenagers who meet in a cancer support group when they imagine the next great YA success, and they certainly wouldn’t register a film like that as a “must see” summer movie for most of us. However, Read More »

What is Urban Fantasy? with Author Bill Blume

Editor’s Note: Welcome to the final installment in the “What is Urban Fantasy? series of guest blogs. Stay tuned for our next series “Defining Steampunk” coming in June.

Many writers offer the advice to “Write what you know.” Let’s be honest. The real world we know and live in is boring. We see it every day, and all too rarely does it ever change. This simple fact is what makes urban fantasy so exciting.
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What is Urban Fantasy? With Author Missy Jane Plus a Contest!

Read the next installment in this series with author Ally Shields by clicking here.

I was first introduced to Urban Fantasy in the form of Lilith Saintcrow’s Dante Valentine series. I felt like I’d been punched in the gut. It featured a hardcore, gritty, in-your-face heroine who could easily kick ass and take names, even when dealing with the devil himself. After that I went on to read Saintcrow’s Jill Kismet series and my love for her work was cemented. To me, Urban Fantasy means an inner-city setting for at least part of the book, characters that could be just Read More »

What is Urban Fantasy? with Author Vincent Marrone

Urban Fantasy a combination of the ordinary world with the extraordinary world. It’s a blend of elements that we’re familiar with, the small town, the large city, the school prom, the detective dressed in a duster, or even the subway system.

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to go to school with a wizard? Might liven up math class, right? Or if you had a coworker who was a vampire? Imagine if he asked you to go out after work for a drink or a quick bite to eat.
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