Best UF/PNR BOOK Cover for November 5 – 12, 2012 Book Releases (Pick up to 3)

Welcome to the poll of the week!! Polling runs through Sunday, November 11, 2012 at or around 11:00 pm CST. VOTE on the RIGHT HAND SIDE of the site then stop here to tell us what the “Best UF/PNR BOOK Cover for November 5 – 12, 2012 Book Releases” is and why you chose your answers.

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  1. I chose Bitter Blood. I love these cover, they look good alone and together as a series.

  2. voted for Sara Humphreys

  3. Ooh, another tough one! Hard to narrow down. But, and I was kind of surprised by my choices, I picked Days of Blood and Starlght. That image with the markings over the eyes grabbed me right away.

    Then I picked Polterheist because well it’s just cool.

    And then I kept coming back to The Silvered. There’s something about the way the images are placed and all the stuff that’s on the cover without being overcrowded that’s very cool as well.

    I did really like 3 others too. Darkness Hunts, Magic for a Price and Still Life with Shapeshifter. But alas, we can only pick 3!

  4. I’ve only seen three and so I voted for Untamed.

  5. I voted for Sara. I love her books!!

  6. Bitter Blood by Rachel Caine
    Darkness Hunts by Keri Arthur
    Lord’s Fall by Thea Harrison

  7. Days of Blood and Starlight
    Darkness Hunts

  8. I think I was the first voter yesterday and it would only let me pick one. I picked Days of Blood and Starlight by Laini Taylor.

  9. darkness hunts by keri arthur

  10. I picked Keri Arthur’s Darkness Hunts and Days of Blood Starlight by Liani Taylor and Tanya Huffs the Silvered they where all books that drew my interest just by the book cover alone.

  11. I want to read Thea Harrison but not in love with the cover. I like the Devon Monk cover which I did vote for. Easily recognizable as part of the series.

  12. I like Bitter Blood, because it’s really attractive, and different. I also like The silvered, as it is very pretty and looks like a fantasy to me, and also Darkness Hunts, which is one of the most eye-catching UF covers I’ve ever seen.

  13. I really like Devon Monk’s covers, they are really interesting.

  14. My vote is Untamed by Sara Humphreys

  15. I voted for Bitter Blood because it seems like more of a book for me

  16. Still Life with Shape-shifter by Sharon Shinn

    I love shifters and this looks interesting.

  17. Untamed
    The Fangover
    Darkness Hunts

    No covers this round that really jumped out at me and said “must have” though
    their were at least 6 or 7 that were on my must read list as part of series.

  18. Stephanie Mayfield

    Darkness Hunts

  19. The Fangover
    Lord’s Fall

    Hard to beat yummy eyecandy on covers!

  20. I choose Bitter Blood.

  21. I picked Eternally Yours, Darkness Hunts, Days of Blood and Starlight. Those 3 drew my attention the most after watching them scroll by several times. All of them were interesting, but those 3 were my favs.

  22. Keri Author – Darknss Hunts. Visually its stunning and I love the wings.

  23. The Fangover – Fun and Sexy like the writer’s style!

  24. Darkness Hunts by Keri Arthur
    Lord’s Fall by Thea Harrison
    Untamed by Sara Humphreys

    (there were so many great ones! Hard to pick even just 3, lol)
    Cathie M.



  27. I really like the cover for Bitter Blood. It’s simple and the face-close up does stand out.

  28. I voted for Magic for a Price. The fire in the background was illustrated really nicely, and I like a uf heroine who isn’t mysteriously dressed for a cocktail party on the cover.

  29. I really liked UNTAMED, THE FANGOVER, and LORD’s FALL. The first two I loved because I am a sucker for a hot guy on a cover, the last I really liked for the guy behind what looks like bars or a door. Cool 🙂

  30. Keri Arthur and Vicki Pettersson, love their books!

  31. I picked Lord’s Fall by Thea. Love her series.

  32. I love all the Devon Monk Allie Beckstrom covers, so it’s no surprise this is a top pick for me. The Shinn cover is beautiful, and the cover for Dragon Men totally makes me want to pick it up with no other knowledge of the book or author. So those are my three!

  33. Untamed by Sara Humphreys is sexy hot but the Sharon Shinn one is gorgeous

  34. I voted for Eternally Yours, Darkness Hunts and Days of Blood and Starlight.
    All of their covers is beautiful and they also look interesting:)