Best UF/PNR BOOK Cover for January 22 – 28, 2013 Book Releases (Pick up to 3)

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  1. Ever After by Kim Harrison has the very best book cover, in my opinion. It jumps out at you, and as a HUGE fan of Kim’s, I cannot wait to read her book! My second choice is Everbound. The cover is hauntingly beautiful! Another book that I would love to read!
    Maggie Shaynes Blood Sorceress is my third choice. Also a fantastic cover, and she also happens to be on my top ten favorite authors!

  2. I chose Ever After and Ever Bound. EB is very elegant and stunning, and Ever After…I feel like I don’t even need to explain. I try not to be biased judging covers of books in series I love, and I don’t think I am here, but I’m probably not qualified to determine that. It really is great, right?

  3. Every Other Day is my favorite – it’s unique, beautiful and eye-catching. My two second favorites were Boundless and Everbound.

  4. Everbound, Savage, and Every Other Day are my picks.

  5. I picked Ever After, Everbound and Six Gun Tarot.

  6. My choices were Everbound, Ever After and Six Gun Tarot. The first two grabbed my attention because I really love the dynamics of the covers.

    I was a little shocked about Six Gun Tarot. It was kind of creepy, yet I found myself coming back to it. So weird. (Me not the book!)

    And does anyone else find themselves playing with the new spinning widget? Or is this just me being weird again?!

  7. Everbound is my fav! It’s beautiful, intriguing, dark and sexy all at the same time. My runner up would be Six Gun Tarot because it’s interesting and different, not to mention a little creepy.

  8. Ever After, because I really love Kim Harrison and this cover shows Rachel’s developing demon powers. Plus it’s not a cover I am embarrased to have on my kindle’s carosel page 🙂

  9. My favorites are The Archived and Ever After. I like the color tones of both these. The fire is Ever After simply stands out and the woman looks so strong!