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Storm Reyes has been reading paranormal, science fiction and fantasy books for over 50 years and writing reviews for 3 years. She recently retired from her position as Executive Assistant for the Pierce County Library System and now spends her time doing whatever the heck she wants to do. She's a Puyallup Indian, living on an urban reservation and so has the best of both worlds. Storm also spent 40 years as a human rights activist and public speaker. Her future plans include learning Tai Chi and making a dent in her stack of books to-be-read.

The Serpent Bearer by Frank Say

The Serpent Bearer by Frank SaySydney considers herself cursed because she is just too damn agreeable, particularly when her Grandmother, Mamaw, has a request-–strike that, an order. Sydney just cannot say no to the woman who raised her and her sister, and Mamaw knows it. This particular request involves the use of Sydney’s special talent, dreaming. The family is full of members with special gifts. They all come from New Orleans, after all, a bastion of “special” people. Read More »

King by Right of Blood and Might by Anna L. Walls

King by Right of Blood and Might by Anna L. Walls“There came a day when everyone’s eyes were turned to the sky, to the exclusion of all else. Those who couldn’t see with their naked eyes, turned to their televisions, their computers or even their radios. They watched in helpless, disbelieving horror as Read More »

Heart Change by Robin D. Owens

Heart Change by Robin D. OwensCelta is a tightly structured society of Great families and lesser families, all escapees centuries ago from a rebellion on Earth. They brought with them their family pride and professions and a gift for Flair, psi powers that are as varied as the families themselves. Some of the families have prospered greatly, and some have dwindled. Heart Change is the story of Signet, the last of the Read More »

Tourquai by Tim Davys

Tourquai: A Novel (Mollisan Town) by Tim DavysPeace and order in Mollisan Town is watched over by Superintendent Larry Bloodhound and his law enforcement officers. The crimes run the ordinary gamut of petty thefts, gambling and nefarious nighttime activities of its good daytime citizenry. Murder is exceedingly rare, because frankly, it is almost impossible to murder anyone. All the citizens are stuffed animals and the most heinous of injuries can be repaired with needle and thread. Read More »

Resurrecting Flame by Viola Grace

Resurrecting Flame (Sector Guard Book 14) by Viola GraceJenya tunnels her way out of a prison, taking almost one hundred of her captured people with her, and the amazing thing is that she burrows through the rock using her psychic skill – the very same talent that her people scorned and that had made her an outsider. She collapses as soon as the last person is free of the tunnel and would have died had not Flame used his special healing talent to save her.
Read More »

Silent Doll by Sonnet O’Dell

Silent Doll by Sonnet O'DellCassandra Farbanks has issues. Of course, she has had issues since she reached adulthood and every night was unwillingly transported to an alternate world where magic is commonplace and which is populated by vampires and other creatures of myth. It was clear that a normal life was not going to be in the cards for her, so she accommodated her new reality by learning all she could. Read More »

Untamed by Sara Humphreys

Untamed (The Amoveo Legend) by Sara HumphreysLayla Nickelsen is an acclaimed photographer and a very private person-–for good reason. Abandoned as a child, she suffered through loss and a series of foster homes until she had the good fortune of finding a Foster Mother who gave her a real home, with the added bonus of foster siblings. To add to the sense of security, her siblings shared her secret. They were all the offspring of a human and an Amoveo parent. Layla knew very little about the Amoveo, except that they represented a danger to her and her family. Read More »

Elementary by Mercedes Lackey

Elementary (All-New Tales of the Elemental Masters) by Mercedes Lackey Elementary: All New Tales of the Elemental Masters includes 19 short stories all woven around of themes of elemental magic-–Earth, Fire, Air, Water. The timeframes of the stories range from early Greece to Great Britain’s steam-age. Read More »

Indulgence in Death by J.D. Robb

Treachery in Death by J.D. RobbThere are crimes of rage, passion, greed, madness, and yes, even crimes of stupidity, but Lt. Eve Dallas is faced with murders that do not seem to fit any pattern she has ever seen, and she is an experienced homicide detective. As she searches for links between a limo driver, a paid escort and a world-renowned chef, she finds dead ends, misdirection and hints that something (or someone) Read More »

Trail of Tears by Derek Gunn

Vampire Apocalypse: Trail of Tears (Book 4) (Volume 4) by Derek GunnThe world was reeling from nuclear wars that broke out in the Middle East. The natural power resources were lost in flames and radiation. Communication abilities were nearly non-existent in every nation and each struggled to survive this new era in mankind. In the United States, power became the new currency. Those states that could generate power through oil, coal or nuclear plants soon became almost fiefdoms, bleeding the riches and manpower from less-fortunate neighboring states. Humanity was struggling to adapt to this new reality when yet another blow was struck against it. Read More »

Night’s Mistress by Amanda Ashley

Night's Mistress (Children of the Night) by Amanda AshleyMara was born in Egypt at the time of the Pharaohs. Sold into slavery by her mother, abused, beaten and chained in a cell at age twenty, she welcomed death when it appeared in the form of a stranger in her cell. Instead of dying, however, she was reborn as vampire. The long centuries have passed and now she is the oldest vampire and has grown weary of her solitude. Life seems to no longer hold any mysteries or joy for her. If not for meeting and falling in love with a human male, Kyle, she might have given up her existence, but Kyle rejects her when he learns she is vampire and she is even more alone. Read More »

Night’s Promise by Amanda Ashley

Night's Promise (Children of the Night) by Amanda AshleyDerek Blackwood is at a family gathering hosted by his mother, Mara, the oldest of all vampires, and his step-father, Logan Blackwood, a powerful vampire in his own right. Such a gathering is rare in the vampire world, but common for his “family.” This night he is feeling a strange restlessness as he looks at all the happy couples. He recognizes part of the restlessness as being lonely. True, he is only twenty-six, but he has not met any woman, vampire or human, who has really touched his heart. Finally driven out to the night, he goes to a vampire-friendly club and sparks fly when he meets Sheree, a human fascinated by the possibility of vampires. Read More »

Beauty’s Beast by Amanda Ashley

Beauty's Beast by Amanda AshleyOne is imprisoned in his own body from a witch’s curse. One is imprisoned in a dungeon waiting to meet an executioner. Erik Trevayne, seventh lord of Hawksbridge, is turning into a beast. His wife and child died on the birthing bed and her mother, calling him a “rutting beast,” laid a curse on him that he would slowly and painfully turn into a beast. The only way for the curse to be broken is if his dead wife forgave him. A school-teacher’s daughter, now orphan, Kristine Arrington is awaiting the executioner’s noose for the murder of a Lord who tried to take her innocence. Read More »

Closer to Home by Mercedes Lackey

Closer to Home: Book One of Herald Spy (Valdemar) by Mercedes LackeyThe Kingdom of Valdemar is experiencing a peaceful period and it is the job of the Heralds to ensure that it stays that way. Mags is a full Herald, with a powerful Mind-Magic that allows him to mind-speak and hear all Companions and humans. He also has less obvious skills and expertise that makes him a perfect fit to work under the Spymaster Nikolaus. The Midwinter celebration is underway in Valdemar and highborn families are traveling to Haven to participate in the many parties, celebrations, and to find spouses for their children. Read More »

Bastion by Mercedes Lackey

Bastion: Book Five of the Collegium Chronicles (A Valdemar Novel) by Mercedes LackeyMags, a Herald of Valdemar, escaped the clutches of the Sleepgivers, a clan of assassins, but he knows that there will be no safety for him and his loved ones in Valdemar against the determined clan. He suspects the kidnapping attempts are somehow related to his parents, but he was orphaned so young that he has no memory of them or his heritage. Mags’ earliest memories are of the mines where he had been enslaved as a child. Of course, being Chosen by his Companion, Dallen, changed everything. Today he has the love of Amily, daughter of the King’s Own, close friends, and allies in the highest of places in Haven. Read More »

Dark Skye by Kresley Cole

Dark Skye (Immortals After Dark) by Kresley ColeA more unlikely mated pairing one would never expect to find: one is a winged Prince of his very staid people, and the other a mischievous, free-spirited Sorceri girl with an unpredictable gift of Persuasion. Their species are bitter enemies and their stations in life are night and day. Yet when young Thronos, prince of Skye Hall, first laid eyes on Lanthe, she smelled like home and sky and he knew her for his one and only fated mate. Lanthe, at eleven, viewed Thronos as a new and intriguing playmate and yet instinctively recognized the danger he presented. For a brief time, there was only joy and discovery in their meetings. Then came the day of the violent encounter between their parents which changed everything. Read More »

Sea of Sorrows by James A. Moore

Alien: Sea of Sorrows (Novel #2) by James A. MooreThe planet New Galveston has been terraformed and it is Alan Decker’s job to inspect the work and diagnose problems–and New Galveston has problems. An unstable sandy area has appeared and is spreading uncomfortably close to a colonized town. In addition, there are tubes beginning to push through the sandy area, and Alan almost loses his life in an accident when a platform collapses. Read More »

Crossroads by Jimmy Gillentine

Crossroads by Jimmy GillentineAndrew has disappeared from Memphis after revealing himself to Angela. The gentle, loving, strong man she knew is actually an ancient shape-shifting immortal Beast who has walked on Earth since the beginning of time. Angela tries to rebuild her life, but without Andrew, her life seems empty and meaningless. Determined to find him and prove her love, she set out on a journey that brings her even more terror and despair. Read More »

Stolen Fate by Linsey Hall

Stolen Fate (The Mythean Arcana Series Book 4) by Linsey HallFiona is a Historious, working with The Immortal University, and on a mission to find the lost Book of the Worlds. However, for her, the task is more than just a mission–it is her Fate and as yet unrealized. Ian MacKenzie is a prisoner of The Read More »