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Storm Reyes has been reading paranormal, science fiction and fantasy books for over 50 years and writing reviews for 3 years. She recently retired from her position as Executive Assistant for the Pierce County Library System and now spends her time doing whatever the heck she wants to do. She's a Puyallup Indian, living on an urban reservation and so has the best of both worlds. Storm also spent 40 years as a human rights activist and public speaker. Her future plans include learning Tai Chi and making a dent in her stack of books to-be-read.

How the White Trash Zombie Got Her Groove Back by Diana Rowland

How the White Trash Zombie Got Her Groove Back by Diana RowlandThe worst day of Angel’s life became the very day she was saved. Hard to imagine that when the worst day involved losing her humanity by being infected with a parasite that turned her into a rotting Zombie corpse unless she ate human brains. But she went from being a teenaged, drug-addicted felon on a one-way road to hell to being a lab assistant in the morgue with a brand new GED in her hand. Read More »

Soulfire by Juliette Cross

Soulfire (Nightwing) by Juliette CrossHumans and Morgans are uneasily sharing a world. Morgans are a dragon/human hybrid race and the result of the bonding between a human Princess and a Dragon King that was both a grand love story and a tragedy. Although the races remain separate, more and more in this modern world they are working together, competing in business and in a limited fashion, socializing. Both Human and Morgan children are warned against the dangers of mingling, particularly because there is a chance that they will share Soulfire, a lifetime bonding between mates. Read More »

Soulceress by Linsey Hall

Soulceress (The Mythean Arcana Book 2) by Linsey HallHidden in the city of Edinburgh, Scotland, lies the Immortal University, a safe haven for its supernatural residents where they can study, research, hone their craft and live without fear. The University also houses a security division, the Praesidium, responsible for the safety of the residents and mortals who may be in danger from demons and rogue immortals. Warren is the head of the Praesidium and supervises the Mythean Guardians who are tasked with protection and elimination of rogues. One of his staff is a contractor, Esha, a powerful Soulceress who excels at her job of dispatching demons. Read More »

The Younger Gods by Michael R. Underwood

The Younger Gods by Michael R. UnderwoodJacob Hicks has secrets. He is not really Jacob Hicks at all, but instead is a member of the notorious Greene family, a cult known for their blood sacrifices to appease the Gatekeepers of the unborn Younger Gods who were imprisoned after a war of the Gods. He escaped from his family’s North Dakota compound and is hiding in New York City and attending university. And he is a sorcerer able to tap into the magic pool of the Deeps. His goals in life are simple-–stay hidden from his family, fit into regular life and never use magic again. Read More »

Braving Fate by Linsey Hall

Braving Fate (The Mythean Arcana Book 1) by Linsey HallSouls are rarely reincarnated and then only for the most desperate reasons. The Immortal University, located in Edinburgh, Scotland, had been warned by a Goddess of Fate that a reincarnated soul would soon awaken to take on a world-altering task. It will be up to a Mythean Guardian to ensure the safety of the person so that the task will be successful, even though the cost to the person will be death. Cadan Trinovante was chosen as the Guardian and little did he know that his own past was coming back to haunt him. Read More »

Blood Tears by Denise K. Rago

Blood Tears by Denise K. RagoThe story begins in the late 1770’s in France, a time of decadence and revolution. Christian and Michael, two young men who are best friends, are seduced by the vampire Gabriella, and for a time the threesome enjoy passion and life together. But Christian meets Josette, a young and exquisitely beautiful woman, bound in an arranged and loveless marriage, and falls hopelessly in love. Josette is a powerful psychic whose blood calls vampires to her, and Christian is not her first vampire lover and he will not be her last. Read More »

Blood Chimera by Jenn Lyons

Blood Chimera (Volume 1) by Jenn LyonsJackson Pastor has pretty much seen it, done it and experienced it all, or at least he thinks so. As a former Special Forces operator and now contractor with Kidnap & Ransom, he is highly skilled in combat, weapons, intelligence and negotiations. Nothing he has experienced, however, prepared him for dying and coming back as a vampire. As he comes to discover, being a vampire is the least of the surprises in store for him. Read More »

Galilee Rising by Jennifer Harlow

Galilee Rising (The Galilee Falls Trilogy) (Volume 2) by Jennifer HarlowJoanna’s world has been turned upside down in the year since her best friend, Justin, sacrificed himself to save her. In his role as “Justice,” a Superhero, he chose to let go of a railing that barely supported both their weights and plunged to his death in the river below. For twenty years he had been the center of her life and romantic fantasies. Unable to deal with the loss, she had plunged into alcohol and rage, causing her to overstep the bounds of use of force on a criminal and losing her career as a police officer in the process. And as an added pressure, Justin had left the multi-million dollar Pendergast businesses to her. Read More »

Trace of Magic by Diana Pharaoh Francis

Trace of Magic: The Diamond City Magic Novels (Volume 1) by Diana Pharaoh FrancisDiamond City was built in the caldera of a Colorado volcano and began as a mining community when diamonds were discovered. The diamond rush brought not only miners, but eventually families, businesses and, of course, those who prey on them. Crime began with small gangs of thugs, but as the town evolved, so did the criminal element until the Tyet (a criminal alliance of sorts) was formed. Tyet’s influence is felt everywhere and staying below their radar is almost impossible, particularly if one has a special magical talent. Read More »

The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison

The Goblin Emperor by Katherine AddisonMaia is an 18 year old half-Elf, half-Goblin prince, although anyone would be hard-pressed to say that he lives a princely life. To cement a political alliance, his Goblin mother had been married to an Elven Emperor and it was a marriage unwanted and unwelcomed by both. When the Emperor learned his wife was pregnant, both mother and child were exiled to a far-away estate, where they lived in more squalor than plenty. As he was the fourth son, there was no hope of succession, so a Read More »

First Bite by Dani Harper

First Bite (The Dark Wolf Series) by Dani HarperJust a few running steps off a cliff and the misery and fear of life to be will be ended for Neva Ross. She doesn’t want to die, but she knows that she can’t live with what she’ll turn into. Unfortunately – or fortunately – for Neva, it just isn’t that easy to die and that is without the interference of Travis Williamson doing everything in his considerable power to keep her alive. Travis was born a Changling and it annoys him to no end that Neva keeps referring to him as a Werewolf. As Read More »

The Ophelia Prophecy by Sharon Lynn Fisher

The Ophelia Prophecy by Sharon Lynn FisherMan’s drive to be God-like has led to almost complete extinction of the human race. Whether it was scientific curiosity, greed or power-driven, the experiments with mixing human DNA, insect DNA and animal DNA led to a war that humanity lost. Sanctuary, a small enclave of human survivors, still exists in a foreboding desert wasteland waiting for the day that their creations, the Manti, come to destroy them. It is a precarious existence, but Sanctuary is devoted to retaining as much human knowledge as possible. Read More »

Justice by Jennifer Harlow

Justice (The Galilee Falls Trilogy) (Volume 1) by Jennifer HarlowGalilee Falls is a somewhat normal metropolitan city, although it seems to have a higher number of incidents between superheroes and supervillains than most cities its size. Common wisdom is that supervillains are drawn to the city to test their strength against Justice, the local and renowned crime-fighting superhero. Although Justice always prevails, the super-fights do leave a lot of civic destruction and mayhem in its wake. Things have been quieter since Alkaline, the arch-enemy of Justice, was caught and imprisoned three years ago, but all of that is about to change. Read More »

I Dream of Danger by Lisa Marie Rice

I Dream of Danger: A Ghost Ops Novel (Ghost Ops Novels) by Lisa Marie RiceThe Ghost Ops were a small, elite team of Special Operators who do the ultimate in risky, dirty jobs. Coming from a variety of military branches, each brings exceptional skills, tightly focused determination, and all share a unique background. None have family ties or had any semblance of a normal upbringing. It was this very lack that made them ideal candidates for Ghost Ops because their personal identity is removed from the system – all systems. They no longer exist in the databases of the world and live and work completely undercover and non-existent.
Read More »

Shades of Virtue by Jack Whitsel

Shadows of Kings by Jack Whitsel Shadows of Kings is the first book in the Dragon Rising series, setting the stage for the series, and with the second book, Shades of Virtue, the play has begun.

The invasion by the Horde, a race of brutish and mindless killers, had been stopped. The cost to stop the invasion had been huge, with many noble Knights lost, kingdoms devastated, and the King himself slain. Peace has come to the land, but it is an uneasy peace as kingdoms vie with each other for power, wealth and prestige. The Order of the Dragon has withdrawn and is trying to build its own nation on the frontier. Allies are becoming enemies, saviors are now looked upon with suspicion, and the hidden, unknown enemy lies outside the boundaries of the lands still weaving plots and directing evil acts. Read More »

Shadows of Kings by Jack Whitsel

Shadows of Kings by Jack WhitselThe Harhn are invading the lands of Hugue, domain of men, after fifty years of quiet. The green, savage monsters have invaded before, but this time is different. The Harhn Horde usually strikes in mindless fury, more intent on destruction than conquering lands. This time, however, they seem well-organized, making strategic moves and attacking defended fortresses. Worse yet, sorcerers travel with them. Read More »

Fated by Lisa Fender and Toni Burns

Fated: Book 1 of The Djenrye Chronicles (Volume 1) by Lisa Fender and Toni BurnsRebellion is afoot in the world of the Djenrye and it reaches the bedchamber of Raynok and his heavily-pregnant wife, Carlynn. Raynok’s instinct is to grab his sword and fight in defense of his city, Ty Raile ai Highlae. However, as the last living Guardian, he knows that his duty is to the entire world and just as importantly, to the unborn babe who will succeed him as Guardian. In this world, Guardian is not just a title, but instead a link between the people and the powerful magic in the five Orthehlae stones that created the Gods themselves. Without a Guardian, the stones would become instable and tear apart not only Djenrye, but also the Human world in the neighboring dimension. He must survive for both worlds and if he cannot, then he must ensure that his child will. Read More »

Skin Game by Jim Butcher

Skin Game (Dresden Files) by Jim ButcherHarry Dresden has been on Demonreach, an island (and living entity) that serves as a prison for some of the worst of the worst demons. He’s spent the year healing, training, and trying to come to grips with the Winter Mantle that is now a part of him. He knows that time is running out for him, though. Queen Mab has not yet called him into service as her Winter Knight and the parasite in his head that kept him alive is getting stronger and a lot more painful. Read More »

Red Summer by Antoinette Houston

Red Summer by Antoinette HoustonEvery teenager in the summer of graduation faces the scary question of “what do I do with my life.” For a group of four teenagers, the question suddenly becomes moot when they are faced with simply surviving their summer. The four are unlikely friends, although they all share the unfortunate bond of having grown up parentless. Red and Ingrid live with Thomas, Ingrid’s older brother. Wil and Nik share an apartment. And the last year of school, they coupled up: Red with Wil and Ingrid with Nik. Read More »

Mind Games by Christine Amsden

Mind Games (Cassie Scot) by Christine AmsdenCassie Scot’s life has crumbled, and every time she thinks she has her feet firmly planted, she gets knocked down again. As the eldest child of a powerful Sorcerer family, she was raised in a loving household where her every need or want was met. The first blow on her long ride to the bottom was being disowned by her parents, with little to no explanation or logic. True, she had no magic of her own so was a bit of a black sheep, but the lack had always seemed to bother her more than it did her parents. Read More »