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Night Heat by Kassie Burns

Night HeatJalie is an immortal from both a distant planet and a distant time. She makes a return back to Earth, where the few remaining people living on the planet eek out a living as peasants, the great structures long turned into ruins. Her return back to earth at this particular time was to a lonely beach in Europe on Midsummer’s Eve in search of a vampire of legend. Read More »

WWW: Wonder by Robert J. Sawyer

Warning: This is the third and final book in the series; please read the other two books before you read this book! I didn’t realize this until partway into the book, but thankfully, the author was fairly good at recapping the general gist of what was going on.

An Artificial Intelligence—or AI—is “born”, or really “emerged”, through a string of mutant packets on the Internet. One 16-year-old-girl, blind from birth, is the first one to “see” and make contact with this AI, whom she has named Webmind. Through a newly developed (and uber futuristic) device, cleverly called an eyePod, she has been given the gift of sight…and what she sees is webspace and an AI!
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Night’s Kiss By Catherine Lundoff

HOT! I’ve been wracking my brain trying to come up with something flashy to describe this book, but this is the first word I thought of at the first story and the last word I thought when I finished the book. This is a book of 16 stories, all with their own identities. These stories range the spectrum of background topics, all centered squarely in steamy erotica. Elvis impersonators, vampires and even pirates abound through the book. Each story is wholly its own with no carry over to the next, which makes this book a very thrilling and exciting read.

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Making Mischief by Leila Brown

Mischief is smack in the middle of the planet Mirage left her on when they split trying to each evade their captors. Mischief has a keen eye on the both of her captors, knowing exactly when they landed on the planet to search for her. Read More »

The First Vampire By Alicia Benson

I’m not even sure where to begin with this review! There was so much great story packed into its 263 pages!

As the title indicates, this is a story about Samson and Delilah, the ones from the biblical story. However, it also turns out that during Samson’s demise under the rubble of the temple – which Samson brought down upon himself – something unexpected happened: he was turned into the first vampire.
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Out of This World Lover by Shannon Stacey, Summer Devon and Charlene Teglia

Interstellar Sparks by Shannon Stacey

In a world that resembles ours, but very far into the future, an alien Diplomat to Earth is here visiting and embarking on her Diplomatic responsibilities. But this girl is different than the others of her planet who were manufactured as she was. This girl has a sex drive…a real one. It’s a sex drive so real that her electronic toys won’t even make a dent in her wanting. Too bad it’s against law and protocol for the Acelan ambassador to even merely touch a human being. But maybe a little adventure wouldn’t be so bad; maybe it wouldn’t even be noticed. According to her pornographic tapes, electricians sure seem to be handy creatures.

Futurelove by Summer Devon

Gorgeous, sexy men don’t normally drop out of the sky around Candy…or even walk past her with an ignoring glance. Past aside, this hunk of a man certainly fits the bill of the most gorgeous and sexy man she’s ever met – and he practically dropped out of thin air. Although deliciously strange, Candy doesn’t find herself afraid of him, and with her lust, finds a touch of sympathy for the obviously lost man next to her. Taking him home to let him freshen up and rest, what seemed like an innocent flirtation – at first eagerly returned – seemed to be the end of it for both of them. Things are not always as they seem, especially in this case. The gorgeous man – an agent from the future – needs to go back…but wants to stay.

Wolf in Cheap Clothing by Charlene Teglia

Lou dressed up as what she termed “Beach Slut Barbie” and sauntered into a beach bar on the California coast. She’s there to find the rogue wolf murdering women…and who attacked her in an alley, causing her to turn furry once a month. With a carefully casual stop at the bar and a beer in her hand, she quickly feels the wolf enter, and he zeros right in on her. Her attempt at being open, casual and available to the magnetic man that comes up to her is rewarded…quickly. This one takes a good twist – what she finds, she never expected…hell, she didn’t even know it existed.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed all the three short stories. They were quick, delightful erotica and had twists within their small amount of pages that I didn’t see coming.

Book Stats:

  • Paperback: 208 pages
  • Publisher: Pocket (January 6, 2009)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1416578250
  • ISBN-13: 978-1416578253

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Destiny’s Prerogative By Karen Michelle Nutt

Gabriel is a werejaguar and, more specifically, a nagual. The nagual are the herders of lost souls in the spirit plane. They find the souls who have died and become lost, guiding them to safety. It’s a very ancient calling and one that Gabriel takes seriously – a lot more seriously than his brothers, Demetrius and Lucas. Answering the call of a lost spirit one day, he’s faced with a very fascinating woman on the spirit plane, one that isn’t afraid of him in his jaguar-form. Although the time they spend in the spirit plane is short, they connect on a level that makes Gabriel mark her soul before telling her that it’s her prerogative to stay in this plane and pass or go back to her body and live again. She chooses life.

Two very important changes happen in a were’s life: once around puberty when they shift for the first time and another when they come into their adulthood and must pick a mate. Gabriel’s thoughtful, sensitive and gallant nature would never allow him to take a mate by force; it must be her choice. Due to the dwindling numbers of were’s, the mate must be human and be changed into a were upon mating – that is, if she survive the mating and the first shift.

Dr. Shay McCormick works at the Feline Wildlife Preserve. She loves her job and the cats at the facility with which she’s bonded. Throwing herself back into her work after a much needed vacation, she can’t keep from thinking about the dream that she had, the one in the forest with the beautiful jaguar…wait, he was a man, then he was a jaguar. On a whim, she looks up “shapeshifting” on the Internet and is faced with a very realistic and gruesome scene – one with teenage boys screaming and bloody and changing shape into animals, ripping each other apart.

From here, the action really speeds up. If I go into more of the synopsis, it’ll give away the story. There’s kidnapping, intrigue, torture and love. There’s a part of the storyline that the romantic in me loved and was silently cheering for throughout the entire book, all while I was kept on the edge of my seat by the twists and turns handed out in this book. It’s a quick read and a very fast-paced book. I am very impressed with the thoughtful progression of time, the storyline and the depth of character Nutt gave each person in the book.

Book Stats:

  • e-book, digital format
  • Publisher: Tease Publishing LLC
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 978-1-934678-62-2

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Mastering Mirage By Leila Brown

Mirage and Mischief are searching for their long lost sister, Soundwave. This endeavor has taken them from their home planet of Galis all over the universe and through a variety of unpleasant tasks in order to get a piece of information or another ride on a ship…just a little more to get them closer to finding their sister.

This need lands them on The Bridal Boat headed towards the planet Yarthax. Sure, “The Bridal Boat” didn’t sound very appetizing to either of them, but it was a free ride to a planet where Soundwave was rumored to be. Neither Mirage or Mischief was ready for what they faced when they stepped off the boat – after, that is, signing the pre-requisite contract of signing their life and rights away!

Mirage has the gift of projecting images at people and making them believe what they see, which lets the reality of the actual situation slip away. During their first encounter off The Bridal Boat, Mirage was able to project a happy image to the audience and the men involved in the show while she and her sister escaped to a spaceship docked nearby.

This is just about all of the synopsis of the book that I can give you. It’s a short book and a quick read that has a rapid-fire pace to it. Any more specific review would spoil the rest of the book for you!

As with “Soundwave’s Surrender”, Ms. Brown shows a skill for creating hot and steamy sexy scenes while keeping them realistic – even in a spaceship orbiting other planets. Yes, they are very hot, believable and abundant. I would definitely suggest this book to all of you out there – but just don’t read it at work on your lunch hour!

Book Stats:

  • e-book, digital format
  • Publisher: Changeling Press
  • Book Length: Novella
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 978-1-60521-015-5

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Books in the Super Sex series in the order they should be read:
Soundwave’s Surrender
Mastering Mirage
Making Mischief

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Beyond Shadows by N.J. Walters

Book Stats:
e-book, digital format
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Book Length: Short Novel
Language: English
ISBN: 9781419919039

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Jacqueline Harris is a hard working Accountant, one whose life is full, even though very predictable. Her sister, Josephine, is a cop and her closest friend. In the every day business of her life, she takes on assembling the books for a local bar – one that her boss normally does, but she does this one time. She quickly finds out why her boss always handles this account– it’s a front for organized crime.

The Shadow Realm is a space and time apart from our living world. Filled with immortal warriors who depend on the shadows for their lifeblood, entering our world when their help is needed. The Shadow Lord is becoming worried about his warriors as they surrender themselves to the darkness, filling themselves with an apathy that causes them to hang in a sort of suspended animation, simply filling with despair of the monotony of the nothingness.

This is where Jacqueline (call me “Jac”) and The Shadow Realm converge. The Shadow Lord sends his warriors out to help the living world when help is needed – and Jac is in serious need of help – and it turns out that she’s pretty important to The Shadow Realm. Once she discovers the mob business and has an unfortunate, albeit brief conversation with the head of the organization, she quickly leaves town, leaving a message for her sister and goes into hiding.

Blade appears from the shadows next to the beach house where Jac has taken up refuge, knowing that his job is to protect his charge from any harm. What he never anticipates, however, is his instant and painfully strong attraction to her. With Blade being about 3,000 years old, he’s in pretty good control of his emotions. Then he meets Jac.

This is where the book speeds up in action. Two stories happen at once at this point – Jac and Blade’s mutual attraction while running from the Mob. What I really enjoyed from this book was the realistic movement of time and reactions of the characters. Not only did the storyline move along at a nice fast clip, the sparks of sexual attraction between Jac and Blade could practically be felt jumping off the pages.

But where does an immortal warrior from The Shadow Realm have in a place of light on Earth with a mere human? You’ll have to take a quiet evening with this book to find out. It’s a quick read and one that draws you in – you won’t need more than an evening to finish this one.

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Mauldgen: Blood God by Kody Boye

Montana was a normal boy in his Senior year at high school. He lived with his brother, Rhode, and attended classes. He was also gay and very much still in the closet. Only his brother knew, and his parents – which is why Montana now lives with his brother. One day after gym class, Montana’s whole world fell apart. While changing back into street clothes after class, Montana is taunted by a hand full of other boys in the locker room and then raped. By all of them. Montana doesn’t even remember the entire horrifying experience or how many boys took their turns with him, as the trauma caused him to black out, waking up covered in blood and bruises in the shower room.

Montana decides not to tell anybody, but as soon as his brother sees him, Montana tells him the story, begging him not to call the school and report the incident as the leader of the boys, Paul, threatened Montana with further violence. Taking the next day off school to try and get his head together, he goes out to the small fountain in the back of the apartment complex to take some quiet time. A strange man approaches, Mauldgen and there’s instant sparks from the start. But the sparks are more than lust, there’s already and undercurrent of love and caring between them as Montana talks to Mauldgen, telling him what had happened to him.

Montana and Mauldgen begin spending time together, watching their feelings grow for each other by the day with Mauldgen feeling very protective of Montana. This is when Mauldgen divulges to Montana that he can help him get revenge against the boys that gang raped him. That’s what Mauldgen does, it’s what he is. A bit confused, a little in love and still ashamed by the experience, Montana agrees to go along with the plan that Mauldgen has hatched.

Without giving too much of the story away, the night that the revenge takes place is a bloody and scary experience for both Montana and Mauldgen. One where they have to run in order to be safe from the authorities. They flee to Mexico, where Mauldgen knows somewhere they can stay and be safe.

When down in Mexico, more of Mauldgen’s true nature is reveled to Montana. He’s not just good at exacting revenge, he’s worshiped by a sect of people in the little town in Mexico. Montana asks if Mauldgen is human and immortal, Maulden only vaguely answers these questions.

This is where I have to stop the synopsis of the book, as you really have to read this one to get the full impact of what a Blood God is and what he can do. Given that, there’s still a romantic twist to the book that I really enjoyed and didn’t expect with a title such as the one this book carries with it. It was a quick read and a short book so the time seems to move really fast between the different scenes, making you have to pay attention to keep up.

Book Stats:

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Calling By Jack Brokenshire

In a bar, encased within drunken boredom, he decides to make it look like he’s talking to someone on his cell phone. He punches in a few numbers, take a sip of his drink and looks around the bar, as if to show anybody watching that he’s important and not just some bloke sitting alone in a bar getting trashed. He thinks of his Dad and pushes some numbers on his phone. When the phone starts ringing, he’s mildly surprised, but almost too drunk to care at this point who answers the phone.

The phone is answered and he asks for his Dad. When the person on the other end of the phone tells him to hold on a minute and then his Dad picks up the phone – the world stops in his tracks.

He’s just called his Dad. His Dad who has been dead for over 20 years. He knows he’s drunk, but he can’t possibly be that drunk, right?

Since his Dad died when he was a child, he doesn’t have a lot of memories of him, but is able to reach through this miracle of a cellular phone to talk to him. It worked to talk to his Dad, he wonders if it will work to talk to his Mother – who more recently died. It did. There was some sort of miracle on this particular cellular phone and its carrier. Right? But he’s a regular guy. He has a family, he works as a furniture packer and whose hobby is getting fall-down drunk on a regular basis.

Soon, he’s unable to contain his excitement about this phone and his discovery. He speaks daily with his Mom and his Dad. His Dad urges him not to share this news with anybody, the news becomes too big for him to contain within himself and he shares it with the world.

Once the news is out, it has to be proven. Once it’s proven, the theological debates begin … as does the monetary rewards from people and companies who want to buy the phone, who want to use the phone only once, who want to use his image in their marketing campaigns. As his world begins to spiral out of control, he uses his massive amounts of money to numb himself with drugs and alcohol. But that only seems to make it worse. His world crumbles, his wife and kids run away to hide from all of the media attention and he’s essentially given carte blanche to the world. He has so much money that nothing matters to him. Nothing matters except the memory of his Mother and the fact that she told him that she hated him as she was dying.

Can he wrap his mind around what’s happened to him and his family? How can he possibly find his way out of this dark hole that he’s managed to throw himself into?

Overall, I enjoyed this story. The idea itself was very creative and the execution of the endless number of questions that can arise from it were dealt with in a very good manner. The answers were almost non-answers, giving me – the reader – the chance to impart my own insight into the book, into Heaven and the whole scheme of things.

However, I felt that the story was far too long and the self-destructive nature that our main character faced was repetitive.

Book Stats:

  • e-book, digital format
  • Publisher: Aspen Mountain Press
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 978-1-60168-130-0

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Love, Vampire Style By Toni V. Sweeney

When Valerius was told by his brother, Marcus, that he was to take over their Clan upon Marcus’ marriage to a human, Valerius threw a bit of a temper tantrum. Since procreating with humans – and thus, out of their species – was against their Law, Marcus could no longer be head of Clan Andriescu and deems that his brother step up, marry a nice female vampire and start having children to continue the bloodline.

The brothers and Clan alike call New Orleans home now, and have for the past few hundred years. Before that, they were centered in the Carpathian Mountains until exile to the family came down from the Crown Prince. It’s hinted that the exile was due to the Crown Prince’s jealousy of Marcus’s ability to woo away women from him. When Valerius – Val – hears of his brother’s news, he quickly figures the time difference and transports himself to his old home in the Carpathians.

Intending to sulk about the impending forced nuptials and explore his beloved home, he never expects to find a young girl exploring his old castle. Val quickly makes up a story about an exploring University student from the States that the girl, Aneke, effortlessly accepts. They spend several nights together, talking and exploring the castle. Aneke being sent home by Val at the first hintings of morning and Val transporting himself back to New Orleans.

Suddenly, things become serious for Val … how can that be? He’s only 300 years old and has been described as quite a playboy. What is it about this girl that is different? But, alas, she’s human and nothing can come of their continued relationship …. Right? I’d be a bad reviewer if I gave away the surprising twist of an ending – so you’ll have to read this one for yourself.

For such a quick read, the plot and characters were surprisingly developed and there was a complexity to the story that would lend itself to a full novel. I, for one, would enjoy a follow up to this novella that explored Val and Aneke and the lives of the Clan Andriescu.

Book Stats:

  • e-book, digital format
  • Publisher: Wild Rose Press
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: n/a

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Twilight’s Embrace By Ericka Scott

Temperance is a beloved family-run nightclub that had been in the family for generations, always passing to the women on the family. Maxine Twilight is the daughter of the owner – and a vampire. Maxine has turned the club into an exclusive vampire nightclub where the living and non-living can linger through the evening together.

In the midst of the successful running and managing of the club, everything in Maxine’s world turns upside down as her dearest friend is staked, turning to a mere pile of ashes while greeting customers into the Club one evening. One of her employees, Tessa, suggests the perfect person to help solve this mystery, her own ex-husband, Zach. Who, just happens to be, a vampire slayer.

When Zach comes to the Club, at Tessa’s urgent request, he has no idea what to expect. Except that all vampires were dead, inhuman and animals and that he’s spent more than half of his life slaying them. What he finds when he meets Maxine and the other vampires living at Temperance is something that he never expected – vampires are more human than he ever imagined they could be.

Maxine and Zach tumble head-first in a very passion-filled and confusing relationship. It’s business, it’s unknown, it’s a first for the both of them. First and foremost, however, is the mystery to be unraveled that’s winding itself around each employee of Temperance.

This is a great seductive detective-action book. The twists and turns in the book are almost always unexpected, but they always make sense in the end, making you ask yourself why you didn’t think it would happen that way in the first place. The passion that ignites between Maxine and Zach right from the beginning is palpable and enticing to the reader.

I would love to give more of an in-depth review of the book, giving you more character and plot development, but it’s a very deep and twisted story and I’ll give away too much. You will truly have to experience this one for yourself.

Book Stats:

  • e-book, digital format
  • Publisher: Tease Publishing LLC
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 978-1-934678-92-3

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Soundwave’s Surrender By Leila Brown

Soundwave’s Surrender is a futuristic novella is a spicy view into the life of Soundwave, a very talented mercenary. Her abilities to manipulate and create sounds that aren’t detectable by the average human ear has come in very handy. She accepts a job to hunt down a rebellion ship and furthermore, destroy her enemy General Pane. The destroying isn’t her job anyways and leaves that to those most capable when she spies an escape pod that thrusts out of the ruined and exploding ship.

Using her abilities, Soundwave talks a large bat-like creature into taking her into the air and tracking down that escape pod – knowing that it holds General Pane. Unfortunately, the noise from the explosion ricochets off the surrounding mountains and overloads her sensitive ears, sending the creature, holding both her and General Pane, into a fit and dropping them both to the ground.

White hot passion lights up the cave that General Pane has found as a hideout – taking the unconscious Soundwave as his prisoner. The language of the heated sex is just as it should be for this couple and their surroundings – detailed with some very colorful verbiage. The flow of the sensual action was great and there was quite a surprise in the midst of the fervor.

Ms. Brown touched on a skill that isn’t easy to do – at least it’s not always easy to read – each chapter is written almost exclusively from the other character’s perspective. It was a very interesting way to read into the story and it kept it alive for me, it kept each chapter fresh.

But what will happen to these two? Sworn enemies that can’t seem to keep their hands off each other … and they don’t hide the fact that they both burn for the other. This was a great view into these two characters which left me wanting more.

Book Stats:

  • e-book, digital format
  • Publisher: Changeling Press
  • Book Length: Novella
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 978-1-60521-007-0

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Neptune’s Lair by Dorothy McFalls

Neptune's Lair by Dorothy McFallsThe old gypsy woman looked at Dallas St. John and told her the future – that she would fall in love with the Fish. Dallas, a skeptical lawyer by nature and profession, thought the old woman was off her rocker. Dallas prides herself on being able to take care of herself, as she’s an orphan and has had nobody to depend on all of her life. Read More »

Roman Rhapsody by Rita Trevalyan

Oliva Fortescue is wealthy, established, a loving wife and mother who has begun having nightly dreams about herself in Roman time. These dreams begin slowly and then build to more detail and action, with a splash of sensuality. The dreams are very disturbing to her, especially since they begin revolving around a particular gladiator, making her almost feel like she’s cheating on her husband.
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Summer Passion By BJ McCall

Treya is a procurer – maybe a pirate? – and she’s found a buyer for an item of extreme value. Summer Passion, the universe’s most powerful aphrodisiac. One drop of the precious liquid promises pure ecstasy. Treya’s buyer has already promised her 2 million credits for the tiny vial of liquid. Read More »

Chased By You by Michele Bardsley

“Chased by You” finds FBI profiler and psychic Kate Simmons in need of a vacation, one she finds with an old high school friend in her new town of Miller’s Lake. After coming off an especially gruesome case where Kate Simmons sees into the mind of the human monster she’s chasing, it’s obvious that she needs the time away – the time to gather her thoughts and rebuild the psychic walls that have started crumbling. Read More »