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My name is Mary, and I’m a serious book junkie, with a large personal collection of reading material. I’m fascinated by ghosts, the paranormal, and true crime stories. I love discovering the possibilities in the next world and am curious about the reasons people do what they do in this one. I’ve been reading since the age of 3, and always have a book or two or three going. I’m an elementary school substitute teacher, and I always have a book or two in my “bag of tricks”. My new favorite is “Frog in a Bog”. My husband and daughter do not share my passion for books, and secretly think I’ve gone over the top with my collecting and reading habits, but I firmly believe there are worse habits I could have!

The Bones of You by Debbie Howells

The Bones of You by Debbie HowellsKate seemingly has it all – a loving husband, a beautiful daughter, a fulfilling career, and an exciting hobby…it was no wonder Rosie was drawn to her. Kate was so unlike Rosie’s own mother Joanna that it was surprising they were friends, but it was to Kate that Jo turned when Rosie was reported missing and later found dead. Kate did her best to be supportive Read More »

Summer on Lovers Island by Donna Alward

Summer on Lovers' Island (A Jewell Cove Novel) by Donna AlwardAfter a medical mistake caused her suspension, Dr. Elizabeth Howard found a new opportunity in Jewell Cove, Maine, covering at a family practice clinic while her best friend was on maternity leave. Lizzie was not sure if she could handle being away from emergency medicine, since she had always craved that adrenaline rush, but with no other options, she was resigned to it. Read More »

SEAL Wolf Hunting by Terry Spear

SEAL Wolf Hunting (Heart of the Wolf) by Terry SpearPaul Cunningham and his buddy, Allan Rappaport, had just returned from a difficult mission in the Ecuadorian Amazon, where their assignment was to rescue four college students from a hostage situation. Though they were able to locate the students, the kidnappers came after them, killing one of the students, making Paul all the more determined to safely return her body to her parents. Read More »

How Lunchbox Jones Saved Me from Robots, Traitors and Missy the Cruel by Jennifer Brown

How Lunchbox Jones Saved Me from Robots, Traitors, and Missy the Cruel by Jennifer BrownForest Shade Middle School, home of the Raccoons, is the school that always comes in last, so Luke Abbott does not have high hopes for the outcome when he is coerced into joining the Robotics team when he would rather be playing Alien Onslaught with his online friend, Randy. Luke has enough to worry about with his brother Rob going into the Marines, his grandmothers constantly pinching his cheeks, and his grandfathers thinking he should be playing football instead of video games. Read More »

Judy Blume: Women Who Broke the Rules by Kathleen Krull

Women Who Broke the Rules: Judy Blume by Kathleen KrullJudy Blume is an amazing writer, and this book gives an interesting overview of her career. Targeting young readers in grades 1 through 4, it chronicles her young life and how she felt when the adults would not (or could not) answer the many questions she had about growing up, which prompted her to write Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margaret, published in 1970, to help support other curious children. Read More »

Dolley Madison: Women Who Broke the Rules by Kathleen Krull

Women Who Broke the Rules: Dolley Madison by Kathleen KrullDolley Payne Madison was born during a time when women had few rights. She married a young man chosen by her father, but he and their infant died of yellow fever, leaving Dolley a widow with a one-year-old son. Soon James Madison expressed his interest in her, and she accepted his proposal. Read More »

Sacajawea: Women Who Broke the Rules by Kathleen Krull

Women Who Broke the Rules: Sacajawea by Kathleen KrullSacajawea is best known for her association with the Lewis and Clark Expedition, but she had an interesting life even before that. In 1800, when she was about twelve, she was taken from her Shoshone tribe by the Hidatsa as a war prize. She lived with the Hidatsa for several years, learning the language and customs, when she met Toussaint Charbonneau, a French Canadian fur trader, and married him. Read More »

Sonia Sotomayer: Women Who Broke the Rules by Kathleen Krull

Women Who Broke the Rules: Sonia Sotomayor by Kathleen KrullHard-working and dedicated, Sonia Sotomayor decided to be a lawyer when she was just ten years old, because she was a fan of Perry Mason, a television show about an attorney that aired in the 1960’s. She worked hard in school, and was outspoken in college, daring to say or do things that women were not supposed to do or say. Read More »

Suddenly One Summer by Julie James

Suddenly One Summer (Novel) by Julie JamesVictoria Slade, a high-powered divorce attorney, had just finished celebrating a win with her associates when her townhome was broken into, forcing Victoria to hide in her closet and call 911. While waiting for the police to arrive, Victoria was suddenly thrust back to her childhood and had her first-ever panic attack, blacking out while hiding behind her clothes hamper. Read More »

Rowena Through the Wall by Melodie Campbell

Rowena Through the Wall: Expanded Edition by Melodie CampbellDr. Rowena Revel was talking with one of her veterinary students when she noticed the medieval warrior standing in the classroom. She instantly thought she was losing her mind, but when the warrior began visiting her in her dreams, she was even more confused. Alone in the classroom one day, Rowena saw the warrior reappear through the wall, but this time, he had brought a friend with him, and they both stood and stared at her, as if judging her suitability. Read More »

The Dark Glamour by Gabriella Pierce

The Dark Glamour: A 666 Park Avenue Novel by Gabriella PriceOn the run after her disastrous wedding, Jane Boyle Doran is doing her best to hide in plain sight, right under her mother-in-law’s nose, in the middle of Manhattan. Discovering that her mother-in-law, Lynne, only wanted her to produce an heir to pass the family’s magic on was enough to make both Jane and Malcolm, her husband, run in separate directions to save themselves. Read More »

Fair Game by Taylor Keating

Fair Game by Taylor KeatingRiver Weston had designed the best video game of her career, called Hollow Man. It allowed users to project an image of themselves into a dangerous situation, making it seem as though they are present. Her technology was amazing, and with the breakdown of social guidelines and the world in chaos, it seemed that maybe River’s game could be useful on many levels. River’s Fae magic was the secret addition, the added touch that helped make her program so successful, but the program revealed a small glitch, producing a buzzing sound that foretold the demise of the user. Read More »

Mad, Bad, and Dangerous in Plaid by Suzanne Enoch

Mad, Bad, and Dangerous in Plaid: A Scandalous Highlanders Novel by Suzanne EnochAs the clans gather for Lord Glengask’s wedding, Lady Rowena MacLawry is pondering her future. Since the bride is English, Rowena invites many of her London friends to travel to the Highlands to attend the wedding, and she hopes that one of the young lords present will propose marriage. Rowena loves the excitement of London, and had run away three months earlier in order to have a Season, leaving behind the man the MacLawrys-–and Rowena–had all assumed she would marry. Lachlan lets Rowena know he is nothing but another brother to her, but she refuses to let that crush her spirit. Read More »

Night and Chaos by Naomi Clark

Night and Chaos: The Deva Chronicles by Naomi ClarkImplanted with a deva as a toddler, Ryan walked away from Applied Paranormal Theory and Tactics six years earlier, in disagreement with the scientific experiments being performed by her father on unsuspecting humans. Ryan had finally built a comfortable life for herself in a small town in Scotland, and felt safe and secure, until a former lab tech turned experiment kidnapped and tortured her, all in an effort to locate Van. Read More »

Love Immortal by Linnea Hall

Love Immortal by Linnea HallJewell McKean was horrified at the screams of the injured man echoing through the hospital emergency room. Being a nurse, she was expected to perform her duties with great precision, but this victim of a drunk-driving accident brought back all the sadness and trauma of her mother’s death several years earlier. Read More »

Opal Fire by Barbra Annino

Opal Fire (A Stacy Justice Mystery) by Barbara AnninoAfter surviving a fire at her cousin Cinnamon’s bar, Stacy Justice reluctantly accepts the fact that she is the heiress-apparent to the family business–witchcraft. Her three aunts show up at the Black Opal, Cinnamon’s bar, dressed and ready to hold an Imbolc ceremony in the midst of the investigation, her dog Thor will not leave her side, and her boyfriend is the Chief of Police, who has questions of his own about the fire. Read More »

Shadows of Ladenbrooke Manor by Melanie Dobson

Shadows of Ladenbrooke Manor: A Novel by Melanie DobsonArt restoration expert Heather Toulson had a successful career in Portland, one that kept her busy and satisfied. Her daughter, Ella, had recently married and moved to Arizona, and Heather was planning a trip back home to England in order to sort out the family home, vacant for the past few months since the death of her father, Walter. Ella had agreed to go along to help, so the two ladies met up at Heathrow, rented a car, and drove to Bibury, the small village where Heather had been raised. Read More »

Never Resist a Rake by Mia Marlowe

Never Resist a Rake (Somerfield Park) by Mia MarlowLearning to be a peer of the realm is something John Fitzhugh Barrett was certain he would never have to do, being fostered out as an orphaned child that no one wanted in his early years. He is stunned when the Somerset family tracks him down, discovering that he is actually Lord Hartley and a legitimate heir to the family fortunes. Read More »

Stay With Me by J. Lynn

Stay with Me: A Novel (Wait for You Saga) by J. LynnCalla Fritz has a plan for her life, centered around finishing her degree in nursing and finding a job in her field. With only one semester to go, Calla is certain that her plan will be realized and she can finally escape the dark past that she deals with every time she looks in the mirror. When Calla goes in to register for her final semester, she discovers that the check she has written for tuition has bounced, her bank account has been cleaned out, and her credit has been ruined from numerous credit cards opened and maxed out, all due to her mother. Read More »

The Witch of Painted Sorrows by M. J. Rose

The Witch of Painted Sorrows (The Daughters of La Lune) by M.J. RoseFleeing her abusive husband and mourning the suicide of her father, Sandrine bravely travels from New York to Paris, alone and without the protection expected of a young woman in the 1890’s. Knowing her grandmother will take her in, Sandrine arrives at Maison de la Lune during a rainstorm, only to find her grandmother has closed up the house, supposedly for renovations. With the help of the next-door neighbor, Sandrine finds her grandmother, and is stunned when her grandmother is not happy to see her, telling her that she should never have returned to Paris. Read More »