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My name is Mary, and I’m a serious book junkie, with a large personal collection of reading material. I’m fascinated by ghosts, the paranormal, and true crime stories. I love discovering the possibilities in the next world and am curious about the reasons people do what they do in this one. I’ve been reading since the age of 3, and always have a book or two or three going. I’m an elementary school substitute teacher, and I always have a book or two in my “bag of tricks”. My new favorite is “Frog in a Bog”. My husband and daughter do not share my passion for books, and secretly think I’ve gone over the top with my collecting and reading habits, but I firmly believe there are worse habits I could have!

Butterfly Kills by Brenda Chapman

Butterfly Kills: A Stonechild and Rouleau Mystery by Brenda ChapmanKala Stonechild has followed Detective Rouleau to the Kingston Police Department from Ottawa, and immediately finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation involving a counselor on a student crisis telephone line. Leah Sampson was brutally murdered after her shift at the crisis line, tortured and bound in her own apartment, and Stonechild and her new partner, Gundersund, have no leads. Rouleau is having some personal difficulties, having transferred to Kingston to care for his ailing father, yet he is still very much in charge of the investigation. Read More »

Cold Mourning by Brenda Chapman

Cold Mourning: A Stonechild and Rouleau Mystery by Brenda ChampmanKala Stonechild had recently transferred to the Ottawa Police department, and was assigned to a special unit designed to work closely with Major Crimes. The first case she worked on was the disappearance and murder of Tom Underwood, and she assisted with interviewing the family. Tom was planning a major life change, both professionally and personally, and to that end was making amends to his ex-wife, Pauline, and his son, Hunter. When Tom’s body was discovered in the trunk of his Read More »

Somewhere in France by Jennifer Robson

Somewhere in France: A Novel of the Great War by Jennifer RobsonLady Elizabeth Neville-Ashford wants more from her life than a titled husband and a large brood of children. Lilly wants to go to university, to travel, and work if she so chooses, but her parents are against anything that might reflect badly on them. When World War I begins, Lilly feels the need to help in some way with the war effort, but her parents, highly conscious of their social status, will not allow her to join the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps, or help in any other way. When Lilly’s correspondence with her brother’s friend, a doctor working in the war effort in France, becomes known, Lilly’s mother reacts violently and disapprovingly, causing Lilly to leave home and forge her own way in the world. Read More »

After the War is Over by Jennifer Robson

After the War Is Over: A Novel by Jennifer RobsonAt the end of World War I, Charlotte Brown leaves her position as an associate nurse and returns to her job as a counselor for people in need of assistance. She takes her work very seriously and is determined to find resources for families devastated by the war. Her closest friend Lilly, formerly Lady Elizabeth Neville-Ashford, is finally to be married to her fiancé, Dr. Robert Fraser, and though Charlotte is very happy for them, she is reluctant to attend the wedding, knowing that Lilly’s brother, Edward, will be in attendance. Read More »

Return to You by Samantha Chase

Return to You (Montgomery Brothers) by Samantha ChaseSelena Ainsley left Long Island ten years earlier, after a terrible car accident, and she made a decision to put the past behind her when she finally realized James was not coming for her. Finishing college and starting a successful career as an event planner in North Carolina were challenges, but Selena loved her job and managed to stay too busy to remember the past. When her best friend called and asked her to plan their ten year reunion, Selena contemplated refusing, but knew she had to face her demons head on, even if it meant running into James again. Read More »

When a Rake Falls by Sally Orr

When a Rake Falls (The Rake's Handbook) by Sally OrrLord Boyce Parker, the youngest son, had spent a lifetime feeling as if he did not fit in anywhere. His brother Richard, the war hero, definitely had his father’s respect, but all Boyce had was a tarnished reputation from arranging a pig race and co-authoring The Rake’s Handbook-–Including Field Guide. When an earl announced a race, from London to Paris, where young men would have to exemplify five character traits, Boyce decided to enter and win the earl’s daughter’s hand in marriage. Deciding that courage would be one of the traits he would demonstrate, he hired a balloon to fly him to Paris. Read More »

Meant For You by Samantha Chase

Meant for You (Montgomery Brothers) by Samantha ChaseSummer Montgomery loved Portland, and found the various departments she had worked in interesting, always finding something positive in each one. The only downside Summer had found was that her brother, Zach, who was also her boss, was overly critical about everything she did. He and his best friend, Ethan, who also worked for the company, were planning a climb up Denali, and Summer was quite vocal in her belief that Zach was not yet ready for the trip, despite his love of extreme sports, because of the broken leg he had suffered just a few months earlier. Ethan found himself playing peacemaker, and found that he was developing an attraction to Summer, though he would never dare to act on it because of the protectiveness of the Montgomery men. Read More »

Magick by Moonrise by Laura Navarre

Magick by Moonrise (The Magick Trilogy) by Laura NavarreLady Rhiannon le Fay was on a sacred mission to save both the Fae world and the mortal world from The Convergence, a meeting of the worlds that was guaranteed to be destructive. Rhiannon had passed through the Veil that separated Fae from mortal to travel to the Tudor Court to deliver a missive from her mother, the Faerie Queene, asking for a treaty of peace. On the way, Rhiannon and her fellow travelers were attacked by a band of robbers, nearly losing their lives, until a dark man swooped in to assist in the battle. Read More »

Knight of Love by Catherine LaRoche

Knight of Love by Catherine LaRocheLady Lenora Trevelyan had traveled from her father’s estate in England to her fiancé’s castle in Germany, in order to prepare to become a proper “prinzessin” and acceptable mistress of Rotenburg. However, Prince Kurt turned out to be abusive, taking pleasure in inflicting pain and humiliation on Lenora. At first, it was pinches and blows, but the abuse quickly escalated to Lenora being tied to the flogging post while Kurt called the village together, and announced her perceived sins before having the groom flick the whip, connecting painfully with Lenora’s back. Kurt finally stopped the groom, and rather than soil his own hands, he bade the blacksmith to carry Lenora to her chambers. Lenora became determined that somehow, she would escape Schloss Rotenburg and return to England. Read More »

The Duke’s Disaster by Grace Burrowes

The Duke's Disaster by Grace BurrowesLady Araminthea Collins had been a paid companion for various titled folk since the death of her father several years earlier, but she had never had a proposal of marriage before. Recognizing that her brother was well on his way to becoming a drunken sot, and that she had to provide for her younger sister, Lady Thea accepted the proposal and the amount the Duke of Anselm was willing to settle on her. Still, Lady Thea was too afraid to tell her new husband everything that had happened to her while in service, even though he was well aware that paid companions had no protection at all. Read More »

Ghost of a Promise by Kelly Moran

Ghost of a Promise (Entangled Covet) (Phantoms Behind the Bar) by Kelly MoranAva Trumble has always wanted to own the family mansion, and after her Aunt Lois’ death, she is left the house-–with one stipulation. Ava has to discover what had happened to Sarah Kerrick two hundred years earlier, and present the evidence to her attorney. If she fails to provide the proper verification, the house will go to the historical society. Ava will do almost anything to prevent that, so she calls a national television show and requests they investigate the house to help her solve the mystery. Read More »

No Grits No Glory by Elaine Calloway

No Grits No Glory: Southern Ghosts Series, Book One (The Southern Ghosts Series) (Volume 1) by Elaine CallowayLeaving Boston and moving to Savannah, her deceased brother’s favorite city, was a way for Brianna McNeil to start her life over. She found a beautiful house for rent in the historic district, and was concerned on her first night in the house when lights began to flicker on and off. Brianna had a special gift of communication with those who had passed on, and she was not sure if faulty wiring or someone wanting to contact her was the reason for the flickering lights. After checking the house with a butcher knife clutched firmly in her hand, she discovered a black pile of ashes in the bedroom closet. Read More »

Hero by Samantha Young

Hero by Samantha YoungAlexa Holland had been at loose ends since her mother passed away, and her boss did not seem to fully understand what she was feeling. As the personal assistant to a successful photographer, Alexa usually handled everything for Benito flawlessly, but today’s shoot was just too difficult, even though Benito told her how vitally important this shoot was. Their subject today was Caine Carraway, divinely handsome CEO, and with a tie to Alexa that he was deeply ashamed about. The photo shoot would have gone smoothly, however, if Alexa had not taken it upon herself to reach out to Caine and apologize. Read More »

Kiss Me Hello by Grace Burrowes

Kiss Me Hello (Sweetest Kisses) by Grace BurrowesSidonie Lindstrom was trying to adjust to her new life on a farm, believing it would be best for Luis, her foster son, to be out of the dangerous atmosphere of downtown Baltimore. She was unpleasantly surprised to find two giant draft horses in her pasture, and she and Luis were at a loss as to how to handle the situation, even though Luis had been taking therapeutic riding lessons since they arrived. A local farrier came by to help, and Sid noticed how interested Luis was in learning to care for the horses. Read More »

From the Cradle by Louise Voss and Mark Edwards

From the Cradle by Louise Voss and Mark EdwardsDetective Inspector Patrick Lennon had dealt with numerous tragedies in his career, but the hardest he had to deal with came when his wife tried to strangle their baby daughter. Arresting his wife, living through her trial and subsequent placement in a mental hospital, then giving up their home and moving in with his parents all took a toll on Patrick. The two missing children’s cases really hit close to home, and Patrick was determined to solve the mystery and bring the abductors to justice. Read More »

Dragon Her Back by Susannah Scott

Dragon Her Back by Susannah ScottDarius Dachien, head of security for the Crown Jewel casino in Las Vegas, took his job of protecting the casino and its guests very seriously. Crown Jewel, a one-of-a-kind dragon sanctuary, had both dragons and humans on the payroll, though the dragons kept their shifter talents hidden. Darius, an ice dragon, was in the King’s inner court, and as such was well-respected by the others at Crown Jewel. His dragon powers were waning, however, all because of a prolonged separation from his chosen mate. Read More »

Dying for the Past by TJ O’Connor

Dying for the Past (A Gumshoe Ghost Mystery) by Tj O'ConnorDetective Oliver Tucker was a good cop, always determined to solve the case and get justice for those who were wronged. After his death, he continued on, as a ghost, helping his partner, Bear Braddock, solve cases and protecting his wife, Angel, to the best of his ability. Angel, formally Dr. Angela Hill-Tucker, was a history professor who had sponsored a black-tie charity fundraiser, and Tuck dropped in to see how it was going. Noticing a man across the room, dressed in the style of a 1930’s gangster, Tuck became suspicious when the gangster headed in the direction of Angel’s table. As Angel danced with one of her guests, he tried to catch up to his wife, who was also dancing, but before he could, he was shot and killed. Read More »

What a Lady Needs for Christmas by Grace Burrowes

What a Lady Needs for Christmas (MacGregor Series) by Grace BurrowesRight before Christmas, Lady Joan finds herself in a bit of a predicament…she became intoxicated one night and fears she may now be ruined, and if anyone finds out, her good name, and that of her family, will be destroyed. She hurries to the train station, desperate to get to the house party her family was attending, but there are no seats left on the train. Fortunately, Dante Hartwell is traveling with his children and his sister, and offers Lady Joan a seat in their private car. Mr. Hartwell is in trade, so he is a less-desirable suitor than those who are titled, but Lady Joan had danced with him at one event and found him to be a decent man. Read More »

Love Beyond Sanity by Rebecca Royce

Love Beyond Sanity (the Outsiders #2) by Rebecca RoyceCharma attempted to calm her breathing and focus her energies in order to defeat the dark forces she felt threatening their sanctuary. Her talent as a healer was enhanced by her compassion, and she wanted to help everyone she came into contact with. Her sister and friend, Marina, swept into the room, interrupting the energy flow, excited about locating another missing Outsider. Read More »

The Rake’s Handbook by Sally Orr

The Rake's Handbook: Including Field Guide by Sally OrrElinor Colton was recently re-entering society after a year’s absence mourning the death of her husband. She attended a neighborhood dance where there was a stone statue of Apollo, and someone had stuck a leaf over the offending male part. Elinor found that highly amusing, and was surprised to find that the handsome man, who entered the vestibule after her, also found it funny. She enjoyed chatting with him, and thought nothing more of their brief acquaintance, until her attorney, Henry Brown, came to her with several scandalous rumors about the new neighbor at Blackwell. Read More »