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Marie’s first memory of reading is at 3 years of age and involved a Pizza Inn placemat. Her family was amused by her pronunciation of Oh-clay-loma. Luckily, her speech and subject matter picked up speed after that. Now Marie can’t wait until Matrix-like technology is real and she can absorb a book by plugging it into her brain/hard drive. She will always love the smell and feel of words on paper, but let’s face it – there just aren’t enough hours in a human lifetime to take in all the great stories out there. Marie pushes paper during the day but on weekends you can find her hiding backstage, doing tech jobs for live theaters. Her favorite place to read is in her giant claw-foot bathtub, with bubbles, a fruit & cheese plate, and an icy martini. Ok, she hasn’t actually got any of that. She makes due with Mr. Bubble, a box of cheese crackers, and a Diet Coke. Marie loves book nooks, dogs, scary movies, and teasing those with coulrophobia. She lives in Wichita, Kansas, with her weapon of mass destruction, a rescue dog otherwise known as Piglet.

Eighth Grave After Dark by Darynda Jones

Eighth Grave After Dark (Charley Davidson) by Darynda JonesKidnappings, weddings, hellhounds, and contractions – Eighth Grave After Dark seriously has everything. Charlotte “Charley” Davidson, A.K.A. the grim reaper, and her son-of-Satan husband, Reyes, are expecting their own little bundle any day now. Cooped up in an abandoned convent for months while the prophesied daughter incubates, everyone is getting a little jumpy. The whole gang is here–the dead, the living, and the in between–solving a few problems while they wait for the big day.
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Joyland by Stephen King

Joyland (Hard Case Crime) by Stephen KingLooking to outrun the ache of his first broken heart, Devin Jones takes a job at Joyland, a small amusement park on the coast of North Carolina. He quickly makes friends and finds his niche in the carney world. And that is just about it. Do not get me wrong, Joyland is a good story. King is at the top of his game with the human element that makes him stand out in horror fiction. King’s scares are so scary because he takes such meticulous care with his characters. He does not just tell us what the person thinks and feels, he goes back as far as necessary to tell us why. Read More »

Urban Green Man: An Archetype of Renewal edited by Janice Blaine and Adria Laycraft

Urban GreenMan: An Archetype of Renewal Urban Green Man: An Archetype of Renewal is a collection of short stories and poems centered on the folklore character The Green Man. According to the introduction by Charles De Lint, the Green Man goes by many names in urban myth, and may be mischievous, gentle, or dangerous in his efforts to protect nature and reclaim what was once the domain of Gaia. Read More »

Deamhan by Isaiyan Morrison

Deamhan by Isaiyan MorrisonVeronica Austin has left her father and The Brotherhood behind, determined to follow the trail where her mother disappeared twenty years before. That trail leads to Minneapolis and The Dark Sepulcher, a dance club and haven for supernaturals, particularly the Deamhan. Somewhat of a cross between vampires and demons, the Deamhan come in four different varieties, each living off of some form of human psychic energy. Some Deamhan are less of an immediate threat, but Veronica knows all are Read More »

Vampire Syndrome by Daven Anderson

Vampire Syndrome (Vampire Syndrome Saga, Book 1 Adult) by Daven AndersonVampire Syndrome by Daven Anderson is the story of Jack Wendell, a young man with Down Syndrome who is bitten by a rabid vampire. With this bite, Jack is yanked out of his comfortable world and thrown into the battle between human vampires and the alien vampire species known as Pures. The human vampires scoff at the way popular fiction portrays them, since they are not the undead, they can eat anything they want, and they cannot fly or levitate. They do, however, have superhuman Read More »

Seventh Grave and No Body by Darynda Jones

Seventh Grave and No Body (Charley Davidson) by Darynda JonesCharlotte “Charley” Davidson, part-time private investigator and full-time grim reaper, is back for Seventh Grave and No Body, the next in Darynda Jones’ sassy Grave series.

In this seventh installment, Charley investigates a string of seemingly unconnected suicides. Her investigation is hampered by the threat of a pack of slavering hellhounds sent by Satan himself to rip the reaper to shreds. Not even Reyes, her steamy fiancée (who is, coincidentally, the Son of Satan) knows how to fight the dozen demon dogs. Read More »

Sixth Grave on the Edge by Darynda Jones

Sixth Grave on the Edge (Charley Davidson) by Darynda JonesCharlotte “Charley” Davidson needs a vacation in the worst way. Sadly, there is no PTO for the grim reaper, and Charley continues to get visits from the dead but not departed at every hour of the night and day. Most spirits drawn to Charley just need help getting to the other side, but a growing number of them are starting to stick around. Read More »

Fifth Grave Past the Light by Darynda Jones

Fifth Grave Past the Light (Charley Davidson) by Darynda JonesFor those not in the know, Charlotte “Charley” Davidson is a grim reaper. She prefers jeans to black cloaks and is typically armed with nothing sharper than her scathing wit, but Charley is responsible for guiding souls across to the other side. Charley’s love/lust interest and protector, Reyes Farrow, also happens to be the Son of Satan. Read More »

Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet by Darynda Jones

Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet (Charley Davidson) by Darynda Jones Fourth Grave Beneath My Feetcontinues the exploits of Charlotte “Charley” Davidson, grim reaper and newly-minted QVC addict. Charley is having PTSD symptoms after surviving a torturous knife attack. She has not left her apartment in weeks, she does not answer her phone, and she is building literal walls out of home shopping purchases. Read More »

Vampire Dolls: The Legend of Adocinda by L M Boelz

Vampire Dolls The Legend of Adocinda by L M BoelzAdocinda is queen of the last known vampire nest in the world. She and her brood lost their human bodies to a small band of vampire hunters. With the help of a frightened Wizard and a set of ancient scrolls, Adocinda and her King, Barnabus, along with their children, have been brought back to life in new vessels. As harmless looking dolls, the vampires are taken into houses and curio shops where they come alive and feast on terrified human prey. The newly reformed nest has a two-fold purpose: to gather healthy human hearts for a dark ceremony described in the scrolls, and to find and destroy the hunters who demolished their previous home. Read More »

Forever And Ever, Amen by Liv Rancourt

Forever and Ever, Amen by Liv RancourtMolly Spenser wakes up after a night out with her best friend, Sam, with a headache, a Swiss cheese memory, and an oh-my-god-is-that-a hickey. Even with Sam’s help, Molly cannot put together all the pieces, including the name of the tall, dark stranger she sipped cocktails with the night before. If only some embarrassment were all life had in store for the not-quite-single mother of two. Read More »

Grave Sight: A Harper Connelly Graphic Novel by Charlaine Harris

Grave Sight: A Harper Connelly Graphic NovelNine years ago, teenaged Harper Connelly barely survived being struck by lightning in her Texarkana trailer home. Tolliver, her step-brother, kept her alive that day and has been looking out for Harper ever since. Harper wakes up from the accident with scars inside and out, plus a strange new power that sets her on an unusual career path. With Tolliver as her business manager and oftentimes caretaker, Harper is a freelance detective of sorts, able to sense the bodies of the deceased and see how they passed. Whether these powers are a blessing or a curse is a question Harper asks every day. Read More »

A Little Bite of Magic by MJ O’Shea

A Little Bite of Magic (Little Magic) by MJ O'SheaThe Vallerand coven has a long and powerful history in Louisiana’s French Quarter, but Francois “Frankie” Vallerand hopes moving to the West Coast will get him out from under his mother’s witchy thumb. He realizes his dream of opening his own restaurant and uses his witch’s skills to infuse his dishes with more powerfully good stuff than butter and cream. Read More »

Quagmire Fen by Scott Harper

Quagmire Fen by Scott HarperWhen Spencer Foster realizes how far his abusive father is willing to go to keep his son from leaving their swampland home, it is already too late. Waking with a shotgun blast echoing in his ears, Spencer finds his life is changed completely and forever. He hopes his fiancée will accept him in this new, misshapen form, but he has to make a long and difficult journey to find out.

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Ghost Writer by Nick Wisseman

Ghost Writer (Short Story) by Nick WissemanGhost Writer is the story of an unnamed author: how he became a writer, the price he paid for success, and the justice he hopes to have before dying. I was reminded forcefully of The Cask of Amontillado, Poe’s famous tale of wrongdoing and revenge, not by the plot but by the careful choice of descriptive passages and tone to create an overall mood of solemnity, eeriness and tension. Read More »

Excuse My Fairy by Kinley Baker

Excuse My Fairy (Misbehaving Magics) by Kinley BakerIt is not as though Dray has had an easy life. Exiled from her homeland by her own father because she has no magical powers, she now runs a tavern in a town of Impassibles, humans who are immune to all kinds of magic. But now the dark side of Dray’s fairy nature is starting to build, a Soul-Sucker is preying on the town’s magical beings, and her beloved tavern has just been burned to the ground. What next?
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The Red Barn by October Weeks

The Red Barn by October Weeks  The Red Barn is a brief glimpse into the final days and final unspeakable acts of an unnamed woman who now haunts the namesake farm building. I would like to have more details about the victims of the haunting, and more backstory about the woman’s past, Read More »

Heaven in a Hearse by Carol Hercun

Fraternal twins with a telepathic link, Kiley and Wiley Rhodes have been bad news since the day they were born. They have taken very different paths, one an ex-priest, one a Vietnam vet, but both have scars on their bodies and souls that keep them awake at night. The Rhodes brothers have parlayed their skill for mayhem into a search (and sometimes destroy) business called Rhodes Recovery, which promises to recover anyone, anything, anytime.

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Pistons and Pistols by Regina Riley

The second installment of the Clockworks and Corsets series finds the all-female crew of the Merry Widow on a another job, this time for Atom Loquacious, who is quite an unusual man. Part human, part mechanical creation, Atom finds his clockwork heart beating faster for the ship’s navigator, Gabriella “Guppy” Upstairs. Gabriella feels the same, Read More »

Pussyfooting Around by Ashley Ladd

Pussyfooting Around by Ashley LaddEddie is in the process of burying his beloved cat, Diamond, when a ravishing white-haired beauty walks into his life. He is immediately smitten by her unbelievable good looks, her innocent nature, and her outrageous body. Eddie is so taken with this stranger that he invites her to lunch, ignoring her odd behavior, including the fact that she is not sure of her own name. Read More »