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My name is Lynne, and I am blessed to have my husband whom I have been with over half my life. Two beautiful girls, 24 and17, and my favorite boy, Spencer, my Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier. I LOVE to read. Everyone knows I walk around the house, (even outside) with a book in my hand. My very favorite types of books are: Werewolves, Vampires, anything paranormal urban fantasy is fantastic too. I have too many favorite authors to list!

All-American Wolf by Adriana Hunter

All American Wolf (Paranormal BBW Shapeshifter Romance) by Adriana HunterDetective Serena Daniels is newly-promoted when a naked body is found. There is more pressure on Serena because she feels that she has to prove it to the men. She meets Brody Sullivan, the newest resident in Madison County. When they meet, Serena is a little more than interested in him. When Brody becomes a suspect, Serena has to clear his name. The sparks between them could come back and bite her. Serena stands to lose everything she has worked so hard for. Read More »

Dumah’s Demons by Ami Blackwelder

Dumah's Demons (YA Urban Angel Romantic Thriller/ AngelFire Chronicles 1.5) by Ami BlackwelderKian has been stolen by his own sister to serve the Demons in the Underworld. Ali has to decide by herself how to rescue Kian, since his sister, Dumah, is a Dark Angel (demon). Dumah has made a really bad mistake. She is violently attacked, beaten, and much worse. Her only hope of survival is if Kian can save her. Her hope is dwindling, minute by minute, until she loses all hope of being saved. Read More »

Falling Angels by Ami Blackwelder

Falling Angels (AngelFire Chronicles) (Volume 2) by Ami BlackwelderAllison, (Ali) has made a huge transition. She is now an angel. Ali finds out that Dameon is a demon, and wants nothing more than to kill her, and a war is about to break out between the angels and demons. She is thrust in the middle of the two, and the war that is quickly approaching. Her brother and her two best friends are also brought into the war. Ali refuses to give up, there are too many lives at stake. You may think you know what evil is, until you realize the fact that everyone has some type of darkness inside of them. Who will fall in the darkness, and who will survive this unholy war? Read More »

She Speaks to Angels by Ami Blackwelder

She Speaks to Angels by Ami BlackwelderAllison is seventeen, and being a teenager is never easy, but for Ali it is worse. In the past there have been kids that have committed suicide at her school. When a popular, beloved football player allegedly jumps off the roof of the high school, Ali has more questions than answers. Suddenly, three new students start at Ali’s High School, she befriends them, and then she realizes they are troublemakers. Read More »

Arcadia Falls by Jennifer Malone Wright

The Vampire Hunter's Daughter: Part VI: Arcadia Falls (Volume 6) by Jennifer Malone WrightChloe is bored at her dad’s. She asks for a tutor, and right away she gets Oscar, who plays guitar and helps her catch up on her schoolwork. Trevor announces that he is having a party to introduce Chloe to his friends. The first guest is the only one Chloe cares about right now–Oscar. As Chloe walks by the restroom she overhears women talking about what is going to happen when Chloe turns sixteen. Chloe runs. She is so close to freedom, and by the fence is Drew. Read More »

Divided by Jennifer Malone Wright

The Vampire Hunter's Daughter: Part IV: Divided (Volume 4) by Jennifer Malone WrightChloe and the other vampire hunters are suffering the aftermath of the vampire attack on them. Many hunters have been wounded, loved ones murdered. Their peaceful community is no longer peaceful. Chloe feels that it is her fault, and she does not want to put them in danger anymore. She thinks she has the solution: to go to her father, Trevor. She leaves the safety of her grandfather’s home to go find her father. Read More »

Becoming by Jennifer Malone Wright

The Vampire Hunter's Daughter Part: III: Becoming (Volume 3) by Jennifer Malone WrightIt is Chloe’s first Christmas without her Mom, and she is with her new family. She asks Drew to take her to her mom’s grave. While there, they meet Sostrate, the daughter of Artemis. She promises to guide Chloe since her mom is gone. Sostrate gives Chloe a beautiful bow and arrow set, reminding her to fight not for vengeance, but for love. Read More »

Powerful Blood by Jennifer Malone Wright

The Vampire Hunter's Daughter: Part II: Powerful Blood (Volume 2) by Jennifer Malone WrightChloe begins her new life when the people that saved her bring her to her grandfather’s home. There she meets Drew, who is eighteen and will be training Chloe to be a vampire hunter. Chloe has no idea how important it is to train, but she will. Once she sees Drew kill a vampire, she realizes this is real, and she needs to train in order to protect herself. Read More »

The Beginning by Jennifer Malone Wright

The Vampire Hunter's Daughter: Part 1: The Beginning (Volume 1) by Jennifer Malone WrightChloe is woken in the middle of the night by her mom, who shoves Chloe into her closet and telling her to stay, no matter what, and that she loves her. Suddenly, fourteen-year-old Chloe’s bedroom door is slammed open. Men have come for Chloe. The men are working for Chloe’s Dad, Trevor, who Chloe thought died when she was a baby. Read More »

Tigress by J.E. Taylor

Tigress (Night Hawk Series) (Volume 2) by J.E. Taylor Tigress is book two in the Nighthawk Trilogy. Naomi’s immortality is stripped from her, making her a target to the ones who consider her a conquest. Naomi winds up with a deadly elixir that makes her blood lethal. It is a huge problem for her, considering Damian is a vampire. Her blood is poison to him. Read More »

Trinity Rising by J.E. Taylor

Trinity Rising (Night Hawk Series) (Volume 3) by J.E. TaylorDamian’s world is perfect. Things are beginning to look up for him and Naomi. But perfection cannot last, especially when Lucifer wants Naomi for his own devious reasons. When Lucifer takes extreme interest in Naomi, he will do anything within his power to take her. To make it easier, Lucifer frames Damian for murder. Armageddon—or worse—is on the line. Will Damian and Naomi be able to prove his Read More »

Eternal Embrace Billi Jean

Eternal Embrace (Sisterhood of Jade) by Billi JeanWhen an ancient vampire starts following the gorgeous redhead, Joey, he realizes that she intrigues him, and when his heart becomes involved, he has to protect her even though he winds up breaking vampire law. He turns her, though she may hate him or love him for it. Meanwhile, Death Stalkers continue to close in on them, and the two must battle to stay alive. Read More »

Sorcha’s Wolf by Billi Jean

Sorcha's Wolf (Sisterhood of Jade) (Volume 3) by Billi JeanSorcha is kidnapped– and as if that is not bad enough, she is taken by a Lykae that once broke her heart. Sorcha is the most powerful witch of her era, and head of the Jade Coven. Being the most powerful witch can be bad, especially when she realizes all of her magic is gone. With no knowledge of where she is, and how she was taken, Sorcha panics. She has to get her powers back, and find out what happened. Read More »

Golden’s Rule by Billi Jean

Golden's Rule (Sisterhood of Jade) (Volume 2) by Billi JeanSusanna, a witch, has been captured and tortured. She escapes only to realize that she has a bigger problem at the moment–battling Giants, and somehow she realizes that the Death Stalkers are on their way. She must avoid them at all costs. She has not been able to use her magic since she was taken captive. As she fights to get free, she hits her head hard enough to make her pass out. Susanna does not know that someone is helping her. Read More »

A Spartan’s Kiss by Billi Jean

A Spartan's Kiss (Sisterhood of Jade) (Volume 1) by Billi JeanIn A Spartan’s Kiss, we are introduced to Tabitha, a witch who is Wiccan, a daughter of the three. Tabitha wishes that she were a Vampire instead. Working with her aunt Cicerran, nicknamed “Trouble,” she lives up to her nickname. While helping her aunt on a “mission,” Tabitha’s job is to help her aunt steal a briefcase from a Vampire. Not knowing what is inside, they work together and are able to retrieve the briefcase. Read More »

How to Run With a Naked Werewolf by Molly Harper

How to Run with a Naked Werewolf by Molly HarperAnna Moder is having a bad day. She is a witness to a shooting, her car gets squashed, and she has an injured stranger that she tries to help, but then realizes he is a werewolf. She had a home, and she was the pack doctor, but unfortunately, she had to run because the Alpha was horrid, and she feared for her safety. She feels she should patch up the man, Caleb, the werewolf. Once finding that out Caleb is a bounty hunter, Anna is terrified–she is a fugitive from the law. Read More »