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Jennifer’s Lion by Lizzie Lynn Lee

Jennifer White, a school teacher from New Jersey, is on the trip of a lifetime. Her fiancé, Seth Richards, took her on a trip to Serengeti, Africa. Jennifer was having a wonderful time until, on the sixth day of her trip, she wakes up deep in the Serengeti Jungle very groggy and unsure of what has happened to her and to her fiancé who is nowhere to be found. Jennifer tries to get up and walk, but her knees give out and she falls back into the dirt.
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Mac’s Mate by Kitty DuCane

Mac McNamara is a special agent for the DEA. His team has been assigned to a possible drug smuggling operation in Texas near the Mexican border. So much for covert operations, the helicopter Mac’s team is using malfunctions and crash lands in the front yard of their suspect. Callie Johnson has no idea what’s going on when she sees a lot of heavily-armed men dressed in black military gear climbing out of the chopper.
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Dragon Food by Emily Carrington

Mark Tavery is a dragon specialist for Searchlight. While on an investigation, Mark finds a genie’s lamp. When Mark rubs the lamp, out pops Luke, the most attractive man that he has ever seen. There is an immediate attraction between them, but Mark fights this attraction because of his past abusive relationship. Luke wants to give his Master Mark his heart’s desire. Luke also wants to give himself to his new Master.

There is something killing magical beings along the coast of Florida, and Mark is determined to find out who it is and why. He hopes to talk them into going to Searchlight and getting the free manmade blood that will nourish and help them to survive. Mark is pretty sure that it’s a dragon killing these creatures.
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Wolf at the Door by J. Damask

Jan Xu is a wife, mother, ex-teacher, daughter and wolf. Her family is all Lang, which is Mandarin Chinese for wolf. It’s not always easy for Jan Xu to be a wolf in a human world. Jan Xu and her baby sister, Marianne, grew up like typical cubs playing, chasing each other, and hunting small game in their backyard. As they grew older, they grew apart and their relationship became almost nonexistent. Now six years have passed, and Marianne returns home with her new boyfriend. Read More »