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A deep and abiding love for words—written, spoken, or sung—drives Lacy in everything she does—work, creativity, and spare time. I love reading, writing, listening to music, and watching movies and TV. My love affair with books began as a young child and shows no signs of stopping. A number of my earliest and fondest memories are of going to the library and checking out books with my sister and my mom. As children my sister and I spent a lot of time at the library, and as we’ve grown older we’ve amassed so many books that we don’t need to go to the library quite as much but it’s still such a treat to be in that place that stores so much knowledge, adventures, and new experiences. In my spare time you can catch me either at the bookstore, reading, writing, or watching movies at the theater, or watching movies and TV shows at home. Watching movies and TV is a close second for my favorite way to chill out. Although I love to read and can be found reading just about any type of fiction, my first and current love is for romances. So, if you find me reading a book that’s not romance, chances are it has a love story either at its core or somewhere in the novel. I’m fascinated by the relationships and connections forged between people and I think that’s why I love romance so much in books, movies, and TV.

Wynter’s Captive by Milly Taiden

Wynter's Captive by Milly TaidenNarrowly avoiding running over a man while driving to her cousin’s wedding, Lili is kidnapped and held hostage by Alpha werewolf Cade. To get revenge on a friend who he believes betrayed him, Cade planned to kidnap his friend’s fiancé so she will miss the wedding. Read More »

Deeper Than Need by Shiloh Walker

Deeper Than Need: A Secrets & Shadows Novel by Shiloh WalkerTo make a fresh start for herself and her son, Trinity Ewing buys an old house in need of renovation. Something about Noah Benningfield, the contractor she hired to do the renovations, makes her feel like Madison is the place where she belongs. What she does not know is that her house is at the center of the small town’s deadly, dark secrets that threaten being revealed when a dead body is found inside her house. Read More »

Hearts and Minds by MarieTreanor

Hearts and Minds (The Gifted) by Marie Treanor Hearts and Minds continues Treanor’s Gifted series, focusing on the characters of Nikolai Pavelovich Svastianov and Jenna Hunt. Jenna travels to Zavrekestan looking for her friend Nell, on a mission to save her from the criminal Rodion Kosar. Totally out of her element, she is rescued from a vicious attack by a mysterious stranger she thinks might be Kosar, but who turns out to be his friend, Nikolai-–someone just as deadly. As the two evade the secret police and search for Kosar and Nell, Jen learns that things are not as black and white as she once believed. Read More »

Surrender To Me Tara Fox Hall

Surrender to Me by Tara Fox Hall Surrender to Me is a super-short novella exploring Devlin Dalcon’s experience of first love. Once aristocratic, Devlin is now a vampire, traveling musician, and a thief. After he rescues Annabelle from a bear, the two explore the simmering attraction between them and quickly fall in love. However, their love seems impossible because Annabelle is to be married and Devlin is a vampire. Read More »

West of Want by Laura Kaye

West of Want (Hearts of the Anemoi) by Laura KayeHeartbroken and burdened by anger, sadness, and loss from centuries of betrayal, Zephyros Martius— Supreme God of the West Wind and Spring—loses control of his emotions, causing a violent storm at sea. While taking True Blue, her and her brother’s sailboat, out to sea to spread his ashes, Marcella gets caught in the storm, is severely injured, and almost drowns. Read More »

RetroCog by Marie Harte

RetroCog (Power Up!) by Marie HarteGifted with the psychic ability to see the past and experience first-hand moments of intense emotions, Noah finds it hard to stay grounded in the present. Newly civilian, he is assigned to locate and retrieve a stolen painting, which takes him to Read More »

Blood Vow by Karin Tabke

Blood Vow (Blood Moon Rising) by Karin Tabke Blood Vow picks up immediately following Blood Right, with Lucien and Rafael, rival alphas and estranged brothers, pursuing Falon, the Lycan and Slayer alpha female marked and loved by the brothers, who has been taken prisoner by Fenrir. While the three work together to defeat Fenrir and prepare the Lycan nation for the rising of the Blood Moon, Read More »

Blood Descent by Marie Treanor

Blood Descent (Book Three of the Blood Hunters Series) by Marie TreanorBlood Descent picks up where Blood of Angels left off, following Konrad, the former leader of the first team of Hungarian vampire hunters, on his search for allies in his embittered vendetta against all vampires. Fearing that the impending birth of the vampire Saloman’s child with Konrad’s human friend, Elizabeth, will lead to humanity’s annihilation, he makes it his mission to destroy Saloman and his plans for vampire integration into mainstream society. Read More »

Soul Reaper by Crymsyn Hart

Soul Reaper Series Book II: Soul Reaper by Crymsyn HartIn spite of an interesting premise and a tough, intriguing heroine, Soul Reaper is a book that I wish I could unread. Told from the shifting first-person viewpoints of Brenna/Raven and Miranda, Soul Reaper is an intense, dark, deeply disturbing, horror-filled exploration of the demonic nature and darkest and twisted desires of vampires that is not for the faint of heart. Read More »

Serafina and the Silent Vampire by Marie Treanor

Serafina and the Silent Vampire (Book 1 of the Serafina's Series) by Marie TreanorPsychic Serafina MacBride runs her Edinburgh psychic investigation agency, Serafina’s, with a combination of her natural psychic ability, theatrics, and con artistry. Though she speaks with the dead, she refuses to believe that such things as vampires exist. Her attempt to prove it to a client by throwing a vampire-themed party and a fake vampire attack backfires when her client’s son is murdered by uninvited guests who turn out to be vampires. Sera comes face-to-face with Read More »

Blood of Angels by Marie Treanor

Vampire hunter and gadget inventor István is slowly, but steadily, on the mend from a near death encounter six months ago that set the Vampires and Hunters on the road to trying to peacefully co-exist. At loose ends, he goes to vampiress Angyalka’s club, seeking answers about angels to help him with his latest invention. At least that’s what he tells himself and her. Angyalka is thrilled to have the chance to get back at István for his victory in their first encounter. Read More »

Blood Guilt by Marie Treanor

On vacation, seasoned vampire hunter Mihaela sees vampires stalking a little boy through Edinburgh and rescues him, plunging her into the midst of a deadly struggle for power between warring vampires. To make matters even more complicated, she unexpectedly encounters and ends up saving Maximilian, the lethal, mysterious vampire that saved her life months ago and of whom she has been having erotic thoughts and dreams ever since. Read More »

Liking It Ruff by Mina Carter

Used to working alone and following her own rules, mercenary and bounty hunter takes a job working with Tannick Ruff’s crew to rescue a kidnapped girl. Tannick is an Alpha weredog known for getting the job done. Tan and Naz go undercover as courtesans at a sex pleasure palace to rescue the girl. Can they keep things strictly business or will working in such close proximity push them to give in to the out of control chemistry and desire raging between them?

Naz is beautiful, independent, tough, and resourceful. While she works well with Tan and his team, she’s determined not to become one of his many sexual conquests. Read More »

Smoldering Nights by Lisa Carlisle

Firefighter Nike’s plans to unwind with drinks and dancing take an unexpected but thrilling turn when she gets up close and personal with the gorgeous man from the gym she has been crushing on and fantasizing about from afar. A far from normal man with a lot of secrets, Michel is just as into Nike as she is him. When he spots her at Vamps, he finally makes his move, inviting her to spend the night with him. A vengeful enemy from Michel’s past tries to kill Michel and Nike, sending them on the run together.

Nike sheds her firefighter uniform and persona at night to dress like a sexy Goth girl and dance the stress of her job away at her favorite night club Vamps with her co-worker and friend Maya. Although she is usually confident and assertive, Michel makes her feel like a tongue-tied school girl. Read More »

Lucca by Karen Michelle Nutt

Nephilim Lucca Marlowe has been banished and sent to live as a human with both his wings and his glamour bound so he can make peace with his human side. Working as a private detective, he keeps to himself, not caring whether he lives or dies, or at least not until he meets a beautiful, mysterious human woman—with deadly secrets—and her nephew who seamlessly slip into his life and his heart. Things are further complicated by a series of bizarre, brutal murders of supernatural beings and the return of Lucca’s father.
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Smoke and Mirrors by Marie Treanor

Writer Nell Black’s freelance job translating for an arson suspect from ex-Soviet Republic Zavrekestan, who is arrested by the Edinburgh police, throws her quiet life into a tailspin. Rodion Kosar is a notorious thief who gets inside anywhere past locks and alarms and back out with valuable items without detection when it should be impossible. Nell and Rodion encounter each other after the interrogation and have coffee together. When someone tries to kill them, Rodion keeps them alive and kidnaps Nell, taking her on the run with him from Russian gangsters, drug dealers, and British Intelligence. But who will keep Nell safe from Rodion, a dangerous criminal she should loathe, but to whom she inexplicably, desperately aches to give herself instead?
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A Job From Hell by Jayde Scott

Amber is hired as a housekeeper at a Scottish mansion for the summer. Unfortunately, she can neither cook, clean, nor keep house well at all. But that’s not too important because her boss has other reasons for keeping her around. Her reclusive, wealthy, and youthful employer, Aidan, has huge secrets, secrets that can get Amber killed. When she agrees to help her brother steal some jewels from the forest, she unwittingly becomes embroiled in an immortal race for a valuable prize and a war between vampires, shades, and other paranormal beings.
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Promise Me by Tara Fox Hall

Promise Me opens with vampire Danial Racklan escaping his pursuer into the country, headed for the safety of a campsite in the woods. The poison in his blood saps his strength, and he loses consciousness just after pulling onto a path in the woods. Alone in her country home with only the company of her menagerie of cats and dogs, Sarelle McGarran slowly recovers from the sudden, heartbreaking death of her husband. Her plans for a quiet night of reading are interrupted by weird noises outside her house. She explores them to find Danial injured and unconscious on her land. Sarelle rescues him, takes him into her home, and saves his live.
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Fierce Dawn by Amber Scott

All Sadie Graves wants is a quiet, unmedicated, normal life in which she is free to make her own decisions and live her life as she chooses. When the gorgeous stranger she’s been crushing on at the library where she volunteers saves her life and tells her he is immortal and that she is a changeling, she can feel that dream slipping from her grasp.
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