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Kristin is loving wife and doggie mom with a serious book addiction. When she is not in the kitchen whipping up a tasty confection (or cocktail) she can usually be found on the couch with her nose in a book. And she really did not hear what her husband just said to her, never mind that she responded… he should know better, she was reading. Her favorite books to read feature vampires, fae, & Gods of any pantheon (oh my!) but she has been known to pick up some pretty heavy philosophical tomes, funny memoirs, and scientific gobblygook. She also has a soft spot in her heart for good high fantasy. She fell in love with Anne Rice at far to young of an age and still has not found her way to NOLA! Kristin also spends time as a foster mom for a herding breed dog rescue in Illinois, indulging her husbands’ “silly” hobby of import/vintage video gaming, and spending as much time as she can with various members of her ridiculously large family. Somehow she manages to work full time in insurance sales but would much rather be having a kitchen dance party.

Universal Alien by Gini Koch

Universal Alien: Alien Novels, Book 10 by Gini KochAs the wife of the Vice President and ambassador in her own right, there are all sorts of things Kitty Martini is supposed to do. Insulting the Australian Prime Minister and causing an international crisis is not one of those things. Luckily, Kitty’s various experiences make her a pro at handling a crisis, but she never imagined that a bit of comic interference would be the way to solve her problem. Of course, Kitty never realized that it was also possible to trade places with one of her cosmic alternates who also has a problem. Read More »

Black Widow by Jennifer Estep

Black Widow (Elemental Assassin) by Jennifer EstepM.M. Monroe has finally arrived in Ashland, and Gin Blanco is stuck waiting. Sure that the new Monroe in town has it out for her, but unsure of how the attack will come, Gin goes about her life as usual, all while keeping tabs on M.M. When the attack comes, it is out of left field. M.M. will prove to be a difficult adversary, one who plans and covers all the angles. Gin is not the only target and M.M. may finally be able to do what no one has–take down the Spider. Read More »

The Vines by Christopher Rice

The Vines by Christopher RiceSomething dark and sinister lurks beneath the manicured lawns of Spring House, an old plantation on the outskirts of New Orleans. When Caitlin Chaisson witnesses her husband’s long suspected infidelity, a rash decision wakes the darkness that has been waiting for years to come out in the open and enact its terrible plan. Read More »

Celebromancy by Michael R. Underwood

Celebromancy (Ree Reyes series Book 2) by Michael R. UnderwoodFledgling Geekomancer Ree Reyes has had a strange year. In addition to finding out that she is a Geekomancer (a sort of wizard that can harness the magic of pop culture), getting clued into the underground world of magic in her home of Pearson, and discovering the truth of her mother, Ree also sold her first screenplay. Read More »

Prince Lestat by Anne Rice

Prince Lestat: The Vampire Chronicles by Anne RiceIt has been years since Akasha tried to destroy the vampire nation descended from her, but was thwarted by Lestat, the other vampires of the Coven of the Articulate, and the ancient twins, Maharet and Mekare. Now, a new Voice is rousing old vampires from their sleep, pushing them to destroy the younger generations the world over. Read More »

Black Water by Faith Hunter

Black Water: A Jane Yellowrock Collection by Faith HunterJane Yellowrock is a force to be reckoned with now, but before she was the Enforcer, Jane was just a girl breaking into the private security field. Snafu is a glimpse of Jane at the beginning. A bad neighborhood and some sketchy characters force Jane to use her newly-discovered Beast magic to save herself.
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Veronica Mars: Fast Times at Neptune High by Peter J. Wacks and David Boop

Veronica Mars - the TV series: Fast Times at Neptune High (Kindle Worlds Novella) by Peter J. Wacks and David BoopVeronica Mars is at it again. This time her case is a little unusual–not a missing person, not a theft, but a makeover. Daphne Clump wants Veronica to make her popular. Sheltered, shy, and beyond invisible in the halls of Neptune High, Daphne wants to experience her Senior Prom the way an 09er would. With some reservations, Veronica agrees to take the case. Along the way though, Veronica uncovers a much darker truth that threatens to truly destroy Daphne.
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The Vampire Chronicle Convos: Lestat is Back! and Halloween Contest

keep calm Lestat is back!Well, dear readers, the time is almost here. Prince Lestat will be out on 10/28 and I am beyond excited (and hoping my pre-order shows up on my doorstep a day or so early). I have really enjoyed all of our talks and want to thank all of you for hanging in there with me. As a thank-you, Bitten by Books is holding a Halloween contest this week with some fun and spooky prizes. Just enter using the contest widget below!
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The Vampire Chronicle Convos: Other Works by Anne Rice

The Mummy or Ramses the Damned by Anne RiceHello, dear readers.

Can you believe that Prince Lestat is almost here? I am obviously very excited, and this time I thought we could talk about some of Anne’s other works. If you want to see what else we have covered so far, please check out the other convos. You can go back and read parts onetwothreefourand five, six and seven. Do not forget to come back next week, as we will be celebrating the release of Prince Lestat and having a fun Halloween giveaway.
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The Vampire Chronicle Convos: Blood and Gold, Blackwood Farm and Blood Canticle

Blackwood Farm (The Vampire Chronicles, No. 8) by Anne RiceWelcome back, friends and vampire lovers! This is the seventh installment of our chat series about Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles, leading up to the release of a new Vampire Chronicles book, Prince Lestat, and a fun Halloween giveaway here at Bitten By Books. If you want to increase your chances for that giveaway you can find you can go back and read parts onetwothreefour, and five, and six.
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The Vampire Chronicle Convos: The New Tales of the Vampires – Pandora and Vittorio the Vampire

Vittorio, the Vampire (New Tales of the Vampires) by Anne RiceHello again, dear readers.

I hope fall is treating you well in your part of the country (went from summer to fall in about a day here in Chicagoland). Thank you for joining me for the sixth Vampire Chronicles installment. If you want to catch up you can find parts one, two, three, four, and five here. Of course, this is all to celebrate the much anticipated release of Prince Lestat at the end of this month. We will be celebrating with a fun Halloween giveaway, so make sure to participate.
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Keepers of Runes and the Tower of Shadows by Andrew Cratsley

Keepers of Runes and the Tower of Shadows (Volume 1) by Andrew CratsleyRecently knighted to the Sage Guards, Enzlintine elf Corinth is full of pride, impulsive, stubborn, and eager to prove his worthiness. His teacher and Master Tessius decides that the best way to temper the young knight’s baser emotions is to send him on a quest to find the cause of a number of mounting disappearances. Part of Corinth’s mission to hire himself out as a mercenary and mix with the human locals- something he is not looking forward to, believing in the superiority of elves.
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The Vampire Chronicle Convos: The Mayfair Witches

The Mayfair Witches Series 3-Book Bundle: Witching Hour, Lasher, Taltos (Lives of Mayfair Witches) by Anne RiceHello, dear readers.

In case you missed it we have been talking about all things Vampire Chronicles and Anne Rice in anticipation of the October 27th release. If you want to catch up, click here for our first week and you can find the link for the second by clicking here. This nine week series will culminate with the release of Prince Lestat and a vampire/Halloween-themed contest here at BBB.
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The Vampire Chronicle Convos: Queen of the Damned and The Tale of the Body Thief

The Tale of the Body Thief (The Vampire Chronicles) by Anne RiceWelcome back, dear readers.

In case you missed it, we are in the middle of celebrating the exciting upcoming release of Prince Lestat by Anne Rice. This is the second installment in our nine-week series where we are chatting about all things Anne Rice and Vampire Chronicles-related. If you want to catch up click here for our first chat. Please check back with us between now and 10/27. Our last Convo will be a fun vampire/Halloween-themed giveaway!
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Broken Soul by Faith Hunter

Broken Soul (Jane Yellowrock) by Faith HunterDespite the fact that Jane is no longer his Enforcer, Leo, the Master of the City, still wants her to update and design the security protocols, and for a ridiculous price she agrees to this last job. Much to her chagrin, the reason for the updates is an impending visit from some of the European vampires will affect her and Jane knows she needs to protect Leo’s territory. What Jane does not know is that Leo has been keeping secrets, secrets that will endanger them all. To make Read More »

Poison Promise by Jennifer Estep

Poison Promise (Elemental Assassin) by Jennifer EstepThere is a new drug on the streets of Ashland called Burn, and it is terrifying. For Gin Blanco, aka The Spider, Ashland’s most notorious assassin, it is just another problem. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time has Gin involved with the undisputed and ruthless drug kingpin of Ashland. To complicate matters, her sister, Detective Bria Coolidge, is obsessed with stopping Burn and the man behind it at any cost. Read More »