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Kristin is loving wife and doggie mom with a serious book addiction. When she is not in the kitchen whipping up a tasty confection (or cocktail) she can usually be found on the couch with her nose in a book. And she really did not hear what her husband just said to her, never mind that she responded… he should know better, she was reading. Her favorite books to read feature vampires, fae, & Gods of any pantheon (oh my!) but she has been known to pick up some pretty heavy philosophical tomes, funny memoirs, and scientific gobblygook. She also has a soft spot in her heart for good high fantasy. She fell in love with Anne Rice at far to young of an age and still has not found her way to NOLA! Kristin also spends time as a foster mom for a herding breed dog rescue in Illinois, indulging her husbands’ “silly” hobby of import/vintage video gaming, and spending as much time as she can with various members of her ridiculously large family. Somehow she manages to work full time in insurance sales but would much rather be having a kitchen dance party.

Ill Fated by Rachel Rawlings

Ill Fated: A Maurin Kincaide Series Novel (The Maurin Kincaide Series Book 5) by Rachel RawlingsMaurin Kincaide certainly has led an interesting life–from unloved troubled child to Regulator for the Council (the collective heads of the supernatural community in Salem) and daughter of the Lord of the Wild Hunt–she has been dealt a complicated hand. Now, when things seem to be calming down, Maurin finds herself the object of an assassination order. To complicate matters, it seems the Dark Court is also hunting Maurin, and her father, magic dog, and boyfriend have all disappeared. Read More »

Immortal Hope by Claire Ashgrove

Immortal Hope: The Curse of the Templars by Claire AshgroveLong ago, the Templar Knights discovered secrets meant to be buried, and for their impertinence, they were cursed to roam the earth and protect it from the evil forces. Part of the curse means for every evil they destroy, their own immortal soul will be darkened until eventually the Knight will turn from the Almighty. An ancient prophecy tells of the seraphim, human women with the ability to heal the darkness in a Templar soul. Through the centuries, though, the Templars have lost hope, and the darkness is beginning to make a push that will destroy them all. Read More »

Sunset Warrior by Leanore Elliott

The Sunset Warrior: ~Nowhere Arizona (Volume 1) by Leanore ElliottMadeline Sayers is at the top of her game. Young and beautiful with killer instincts in the boardroom, she is everything she ever wanted to be, but she is alone. Her mother’s death sends her on a trip to nowhere. Nowhere, Arizona. There she will discover the truth about her past and encounter the most captivating man she has ever met. Will Devon be able to reach past Madeline’s walls and help her see all the colors of the world? Read More »

2-in-1 Olympians: Lesson in Love and Arcadian Nights by Susan M. Sailors

Lesson in Love & Arcadian Nights by Susan M. SailorsThis is the first volume in a collection of erotic shorts about the Olympic Gods in the modern age. There are two stories in this initial offering, Lessons in Love and Arcadian Nights.

Lessons in Love finds the God Eros alone on Valentines Day. While he has always been good at matching mortals, he has yet to find his own perfect match. Spurred into action by Eros’ casual treatment of a mortal woman, his mother, Aphrodite, and the queen of the Gods, Hera, have decided it is time for Read More »

Bound by Night by Larissa Ione

Bound by Night (Moonbound Clan Vampires) by Larissa IoneTwenty years ago a rebellion by her family’s enslaved vampire servants all but destroyed Nicole Martin’s life. Fear and hatred for what the vampires did to her family has led Nicole on a lifelong search for a vampire vaccine and ways vampires can actually be used to help humankind. As the heir to her father’s company, The Daedalus Corporation, a world leader in vampire research and training, Nicole has returned from Paris to take her place as the CEO. Read More »

Destiny Divided by Leia Shaw

Destiny Divided (Shadows of Destiny) (Volume 1) by Leia ShawSage Peterson has lived her entire life on the outside. Shuffled from foster home to foster home, she has never gotten close to anyone and her only objective was survival. Strange things have happened around Sage all her life, so when she meets Prof. James Elias, Sage take a very large chance in trusting him to teach her all about what she is. Read More »

Blood & Spirits by Dennis Sharpe

Blood & Spirits (The Coming Storm) (Volume 1) by Dennis SharpeVeronica Fischer is having a bad day. Scratch that, she is having a really bad week. Life is not easy for this vampire madam in small-town America. Not only does she have to look after her girls, wrangle her right-hand man, Frank, deal with a local vampire council that is none too fond of her less-than-pure bloodline, but she is also looking after Rachel, a child ghost placed under her protection by the community’s ghostly boss, Lucy. Read More »

Dark Heat: The Dark Kings Stories by Donna Grant

Dark Heat: The Dark Kings Stories by Donna GrantFor millennia the Dragon Kings have hidden their existence behind the facade of the Dreagan Distillery. Betrayed by one of their own and a human woman, they hold themselves apart from the world while guarding humankind. Cursed to feel no real emotions to prevent another betrayal and all-out war, something is changing at Dreagan. Enemy dragons frozen by magic show signs of waking, a new king with no knowledge of what he is mysteriously appears in the highlands, and one by one each find a human woman who wakes emotions once thought dead. Read More »

Deception by D.B. Reynolds

Deception: Vampires In America, Book 9 by D. B. ReynoldsRaphael, the Vampire Lord of the West, has been making moves and setting up allies across the North American continent for years in anticipation of the coming fight with the European vampires he left behind in the Old World. In a last-ditch effort to avoid a costly war, Raphael agrees to meet with one of those vampires from his past claiming to want peace. Despite Cyn’s misgivings, Raphael believes he is powerful enough to handle whatever his enemies throw at him. Read More »

Salvation Eternal by by Joseph Mazzenga and Christine DePetrillo

Salvation Eternal (The Eternal Series) (Volume 2) by Joseph Mazzenga and Christine DePetrilloFather Nathaniel O’Ryan saves souls. His purpose is to guide those willing to be redeemed back to the Light. He is unyielding in his faith and whole in his calling. Lucia Demone Cavaliere is something older, something sinister, something that tempts those around her with the darkness that battles the Light. When they clash, neither is sure who will survive but both are determined to be victorious.
Read More »

Aden by D.B. Reynolds

Aden: Vampires In America (Volume 7) by D.B. ReynoldsAfter the tragic death of a friend, investigative reporter Sidonie Reid is determined to deal a large blow to the human trafficking ring centered in Chicago. Despite her reporting and even calling in family favors, the police show no interest in helping Sidonie. Her research has led her to those responsible and they are some seriously nasty vampires. Sidonie decides the only way to get justice for her friend and put an end to the syndicate is to get in touch with the vampire in charge. Read More »

Heart of Venom by Jennifer Estep

Heart of Venom (Elemental Assassin) by Jennifer EstepWhen Harley Grimes, the man responsible for Sophia Deveraux’s ruined voice, comes back into town to reclaim the dwarf who escaped him so many years ago, he does not realize that hurting those who belong to the Spider is not good for your health. Desperate to save Sophia, Gin will go to extreme lengths to stop Grimes and all those who are helping him. The problem is Grimes is not a foe to be underestimated, and Gin may have bitten off more than even she can handle. Read More »

Kiss of Venom by Jennifer Estep

Kiss of Venom (Elemental Assassin series Book 8.5) by Jennifer EstepA boys’ night on the town quickly turns into something a bit more dangerous when your ex happens to be the most infamous assassin in Ashland. Owen Grayson, still nursing a broken heart over the state of his relationship with Gin Blanco, cannot figure out how to apologize and make things right between he and Gin. Read More »

Deadly Sting by Jennifer Estep

Deadly Sting (Elemental Assassin) by Jennifer Estep*This review may contain spoilers from previous novels in the series.

In a valiant effort to perk up assassin extraordinaire The Spider, aka Gin Blanco, her foster brother Finn Lane has convinced Gin to attend an exclusive gala at the Briartop museum, where all of the late and unlamented Mab Monroe’s estate treasure will be displayed. Gin is still hurting from the fallout of Widow’s Web and Owen’s rejection, and this gala is all part of Finn’s plan to push the two together to talk things out. Sadly, this is Ashland and nothing is ever simple. Gin even has to step in when a robbery takes place while she and Finn are shopping for a dress, but at least she realizes that red is her color. Read More »

Dark Heir by Faith Hunter

Dark Heir: A Jane Yellowrock Novel by Faith HunterJane Yellowrock may finally be up against a foe she cannot beat. Son of Darkness, the monster that Leo Pellissier had chained up in his basement, has escaped and is wreaking havoc in New Orleans. The humans of the city are ready to gather their pitchforks and torches, the witches are making their own moves, and the European contingent of vampires have gone Read More »

Universal Alien by Gini Koch

Universal Alien: Alien Novels, Book 10 by Gini KochAs the wife of the Vice President and ambassador in her own right, there are all sorts of things Kitty Martini is supposed to do. Insulting the Australian Prime Minister and causing an international crisis is not one of those things. Luckily, Kitty’s various experiences make her a pro at handling a crisis, but she never imagined that a bit of comic interference would be the way to solve her problem. Of course, Kitty never realized that it was also possible to trade places with one of her cosmic alternates who also has a problem. Read More »

Tut by P. J. Hoover

Tut: The Story of My Immortal Life P.J. HooverThe story you know about King Tut, Egypt’s most famous Pharaoh, is a total lie. Tutankhamun did not die, and it was not his body Carter discovered in the tomb. A fight with his uncle, General Horemheb, should have ended Tut’s life, but the Gods had other plans. Read More »

Black Widow by Jennifer Estep

Black Widow (Elemental Assassin) by Jennifer EstepM.M. Monroe has finally arrived in Ashland, and Gin Blanco is stuck waiting. Sure that the new Monroe in town has it out for her, but unsure of how the attack will come, Gin goes about her life as usual, all while keeping tabs on M.M. When the attack comes, it is out of left field. M.M. will prove to be a difficult adversary, one who plans and covers all the angles. Gin is not the only target and M.M. may finally be able to do what no one has–take down the Spider. Read More »

The Vines by Christopher Rice

The Vines by Christopher RiceSomething dark and sinister lurks beneath the manicured lawns of Spring House, an old plantation on the outskirts of New Orleans. When Caitlin Chaisson witnesses her husband’s long suspected infidelity, a rash decision wakes the darkness that has been waiting for years to come out in the open and enact its terrible plan. Read More »

Celebromancy by Michael R. Underwood

Celebromancy (Ree Reyes series Book 2) by Michael R. UnderwoodFledgling Geekomancer Ree Reyes has had a strange year. In addition to finding out that she is a Geekomancer (a sort of wizard that can harness the magic of pop culture), getting clued into the underground world of magic in her home of Pearson, and discovering the truth of her mother, Ree also sold her first screenplay. Read More »