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Kristin is loving wife and doggie mom with a serious book addiction. When she is not in the kitchen whipping up a tasty confection (or cocktail) she can usually be found on the couch with her nose in a book. And she really did not hear what her husband just said to her, never mind that she responded… he should know better, she was reading. Her favorite books to read feature vampires, fae, & Gods of any pantheon (oh my!) but she has been known to pick up some pretty heavy philosophical tomes, funny memoirs, and scientific gobblygook. She also has a soft spot in her heart for good high fantasy. She fell in love with Anne Rice at far to young of an age and still has not found her way to NOLA! Kristin also spends time as a foster mom for a herding breed dog rescue in Illinois, indulging her husbands’ “silly” hobby of import/vintage video gaming, and spending as much time as she can with various members of her ridiculously large family. Somehow she manages to work full time in insurance sales but would much rather be having a kitchen dance party.

Sex and the Single Vamp by Robin Covington

As a successful business owner of a cross-species dating service, vampiress Cici Trent is loath to ask for help–especially because the one man who can help her is the one man that broke her heart over two hundred years ago. However, someone is targeting her clients and framing her for their murders, and the only vampire she knows that will fix this for her is Deacon. Read More »

Playing Against Type by Heather Long

Playing Against Type (Soulgirls) by Heather LongPepper Kirk is a little bit different than the other dancers at the Midnight Mystery Lounge. Unlike the others, Pepper wants to there—her contract at the lounge is the only thing keeping her alive. She owes her life to Heidi and loves the other dancers like a family. She will do anything for them. The time has come for Pepper to repay the favor of saving her life. The Read More »

Waiting in the Wings by Heather Long

Waiting in the Wings (Soulgirls) by Heather LongKiki has finally landed the lead spot at the Midnight Mystery Lounge, but only because Rose and Pandora before her found love and got out of their contracts with The Overseers. Still, for a woman that loves to dance and have fun, Kiki’s life at the Lounge is great. It is not as though she has anything to compare it to–all her memories prior to being at the club are a blank. She never really thinks about that until a restlessness causes her to break out into the casino, something she has done before but this time there is a driving force that only eases when she lays eyes on a man who brings out feelings she never knew she had. Read More »

Taking the Stage Heather Long

Taking the Stage (Soulgirls) by Heather LongRoseâtre is adjusting to her life as the lead dancer in the Midnight Mystery Lounge at the Arcana Royale, but Heidi’s newest idea to recapture some of the magic that left with Pandora is utterly repulsive to Rose. The tigers are beautiful and any show based around them would be breathtaking, but the tigers, and worse, their trainer, Anthony diNapoli, represent a part of Rose’s past she wishes to avoid while she serves her time as an “employee” of the Arcana. Read More »

Into the Spotlight by Heather Long

Into the Spotlight (Soulgirls) by Heather LongMalcolm Reynolds is the ultimate family man. In his six centuries of life as a vampire, Malcolm has done whatever his family has required of him, and it is in that spirit he finds himself in Las Vegas at the storied Arcana Royale casino. His much-younger cousin, Frederick, has managed to land himself into hot water with the mysterious owners of the casino, the Overseers, and it is up to Malcolm to get Fredrick out of trouble. While waiting for a response to his request, Malcolm finds himself enchanted with Pandora, one of the headlining showgirls at the Arcana. Read More »

Blood Bath by Rachel Rawlings

Blood Bath, A Paranormal/Urban Fantasy (The Maurin Kincaide Series Book 4) by Rachel RawlingsSomething is happening in Salem, and the SPFT is calling on Maurin once again—this time in her capacity as the Liaison. A serial killer is targeting young women in a seemingly random pattern and it screams of a rogue vampire. With Aidan still acting a bit shifty, her father being a busybody and a new Captain of the SPFT to complicate her life, Maurin can hardly wait to find the vampire responsible so she can kill something. When your suspect is a vampire, things will never go smoothly, and Maurin may just be the next mark on the killer’s list. Read More »

The Girl and the Raven by Pauline Gruber

The Girl and the Raven by Pauline GruberWith the death of her troubled mother, Lucy Walker is making a fresh start. Life in Chicago is a bit different; she is living with her loving uncles, making friends, and enjoying a flirtation with her hunky upstairs neighbor. As Lucy settles in, though, she learns that there is much more going on than she ever knew. Lola, her deceased grandmother’s pet raven, is missing, and Lucy must recover her in order to receive the full legacy of her blood line. Read More »

The Royal Scam by Gini Koch

The Royal Scam (The Martian Alliance) by Gini KochPrincess Olivia of Andromeda will do anything to avoid her arranged marriage to a greedy prince from a neighboring planet, including running the night before her wedding. But not all is as it seems on board the Hummingbird. Captain Roy and the rest of the crew are the best con-artist in several galaxies, and rescuing princess is just a small part of their greater mission.
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Anointed by Maggie May Gallagher

Anointed: The Cantati Chronicles (Volume 1) by Maggie May GallagherDemons have overrun the planet. Alana Devereaux is one of the last of her kind, The Cantati, those people blessed with supernatural powers that help them fight off the hordes, but it is a losing battle. Entrusted with the collected knowledge of how to possibly stop the demons, Alana is sent back in time, to before the demons came, in order to stop their arrival. Something goes wrong in her leap, though, and she arrives with little more than a week to stop the apocalypse and save everyone she loves. Read More »

The God Killers by John F. Allen

The God Killers by John F. AllenIvory Blaque is not your typical art dealer. While she does run a very successful gallery in one of Chicago’s trendier neighborhoods, she desires a little bit more excitement in her life. Her enhanced skills and past experiences make her uniquely qualified to also recover unique items that go missing. Retained to secure a pair of antique pistols, Ivory learns there is far more going on than a simple recovery job. Her client is a government spook and he has a whole lot of information on Ivory’s past, including where her unique abilities stem from and how she is related to the pistol, and he makes her an offer she cannot really refuse. Read More »

Prince’s Fire by Amy Raby

Prince's Fire: The Hearts and Thrones Series by Amy RabyAs the Imperial Princess, Celeste knows that she has a duty to the empire, but when her brother Lucien springs the ideal of a political marriage to the crown prince Rayn of Inya to cement an alliance and trade agreement, she cannot help but be wary. Damaged from past political machinations and romances gone wrong, Celeste still has every intention of honoring her brother’s wishes, but the taciturn Rayn is certainly making it difficult to reach an agreement.
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Spy’s Honor by Amy Raby

Spy's Honor: The Hearts and Thrones Series by Amy RabyDesperate to save his country, crown prince Janto of Mosar has infiltrated the Kjall Imperial palace intent on finding a missing spy. Acting as a palace slave puts him close to the Imperial Princess Rhianne and hopefully the intelligence he needs to save his home. What Janto did not count on was being thoroughly enchanted by Rhianne…or the terrible choices he would have to make for the sake of his kingdom.
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Attack the Geek by Michael R. Underwood

Attack the Geek: A Ree Reyes Side-Quest by Michael R. UnderwoodIt is a typical Saturday night at Grognard’s Grog and Games, and drink-slinger Ree Reyes is working for her money. She just did not expect that her Saturday would involve battling sewer trolls and a never-ending wave of magically-possessed game pieces. Together with her boss, Eastwood, her unrequited crush object, Drake, and some of the regulars they must figure out where the attack is coming from and shut it down before the shop can double as a stand-in for the hellmouth.
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Masquerade by Heather McCollum

Masquerade by Heather McCollumKat is a modern-day Robin Hood, an orphanage director with a few special abilities. She keeps the bill collectors at bay with some high-scoring jewel heists. When she hears about a traveling collection featuring a priceless pendant, Kat has to try for another score. Toren McCollum has been in this time for five years. Ripped from his sixteenth-century highland home by an old witch, Toren thinks the dragonfly pendant is the only way to entice the witch to send him home. When the pendant is stolen by the mysterious Kat, Toren will stop at nothing to get it back. The theft sends Kat and Toren on a journey back to the sixteenth century, on the run from demons and into the mystery of Kat’s past. Read More »

Voodoo Love and the Curse of Jean Lafitte’s Treasure by Victoria Richards

Voodoo Love: And the Curse of Jean Lafitte's TreasureTwo years ago Elizabeth Brown narrowly escaped death. She was on the run from a thug who believed she knew the location of a lost pirate treasure, and her lover, Juan Carlos, sacrificed himself to save her. Now Elizabeth lives in Barista Bay with her husband Eddie, in a fake marriage meant to protect her, but she has been dreaming of Juan Carlos and struggling to remember the events that turned her life upside down. Dreams turn to reality when Juan Carlos’ ghost pays Elizabeth a visit and she is thrown right back into the race for the treasure. With the help of a Voodoo Queen, will Elizabeth be able to free Juan Carlos and finally find some peace? Read More »

Eliana by Evey Brett

Eliana by Evey BrettBroken in mind and body, nineteen-year-old Eliana is saved from a horrific attack by the mysterious and beautiful Kon. Drawn to her inner fire, Kon convinces Eliana he means her no harm and brings her to his home, the enclave, for some rest, and, if he can convince her, some healing. Unbeknownst to Eliana, the man that attacked her was an Incubus and Kon is a Warder, sworn to protect the innocent from the Incubi. Kon convinces Eliana to let him and his lover, half-Incubus, Dane, to let them drive her to South Dakota to search for her father’s family. Read More »

As Twilight Falls by Amanda Ashley

As Twilight Falls by Amanda AshleyA wrong turn leads photographer Kadie Andrews to the little town of Morgan Creek, WY.  Familiar with ghosts towns of the Southwest, Kadie knows that something is not quite right in Morgan Creek from its quirky inhabitants to the sinister air it takes on at night. What is worse is that Kadie quickly discovers that  there is no way out of town, vampires are real and Kadie has captured the attention of Master Vampire Raylan Saintcrow. Read More »

A Darker Blood by Jennifer Lawrence

A Darker Blood (Véradó Series) by Jennifer LawrenceNicole Silverson has returned to Crete, having been seduced by the sun and mystique of the island the previous summer. A mildly-successful book publication affords her the opportunity to soak in equal amounts of sun and booze on the island, all while she pursues leads for her next book. Sure that the island has its own paranormal secrets, she settles in with a crew of service industry locals intent on researching her story by day and partying by night. One of those late nights with her new friend, Anna, leads to an attack and an impossible secret. Read More »