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Kersyn is an avid reader who dreams of one day having books listed on Bitten by Books. Until that time she keeps up her constant diet of books; read, devoured, savored, and digested. She lives in a zoo with many pets, both four and two legged who keep her pretty busy chasing them all, but in between times of running she has her trusty book at her side. If a book is not in her hands then it is either a cross-stitch or craft project.

Proxima by Stephen Baxter

Proxima by Stephen BaxterColonization of a Red Dwarf star planet could be the answer to mankind’s search for habitable planets in the universe. The atmosphere shows it is habitable, but will humanity be able to survive long-term on such a planet? Only time will tell. But to find out requires volunteers, most of whom are not so willing. Read More »

Hunter’s Game by Denysé Bridger

Hunters' Game [Paranormal, vampire, ménage] by Denyse BridgerCliantha has mourned for her lost Sire, Savros, for years, but her heart is now governed by Demetri. Demetri’s dark games push Cliantha to new limits and reveal to her depths she never knew she would enjoy. Her dark secrets are exciting and daunting at the same time. When Demetri draws her to a local club for a night of hunting her lusts begin to boil.
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Stolen Rapture by Denysé Bridger

Stolen Rapture [ménage, vampires] by Denyse BridgerCordeaux Vincente is at a fashion show to check up on the competition’s newest offerings for the coming season. He does not expect to find the astonishing beauty Deluna Jordan. Something about her draws him in and he is transfixed. Their relationship heats up as he drives them to levels of passion she did not Read More »

Soul Awakened by Jean Murray

Soul Awakened by Jean MurrayBecause the safety of the Carrigan sisters is at stake, Asar insists they stay in the Underworld, under his protection. With Bakari’s sarcophagus recovered, Kendra is the best hope for deciphering the spell used to keep it sealed. When she succeeds, Bakari’s twisted mind unknowingly links himself to Kendra. But with Bakari still out of his mind Bomani must step in to protect Kendra and keep her alive. Read More »

Soul Reborn by Jean Murray

Key to the Cursed: Soul Reborn by Jean MurrayThe Earth is ravaged by zombie-like revens whose slightest scratch infects humanity, creating more hunger-filled reven. The Nehebkau, a group of women who are modified using a spell from the Egyptian god, Nehebkau, hunt the reven, trying to cull their numbers. Lilly along with her sister, Kit, fight the reven while their younger sister, Kendra, searches for the key to cure the reven and save humanity. Read More »

Vicious by Bryan W. Alaspa

Vicious: A Novel of Suspense by Bryan W. AlaspaTwo Presas Canarios dogs, Demon and Delilah, escape from their owner who has beaten, trained, and used them for dog fighting. Free of their bonds the two dogs find an empty house and claim it for their own, marking it so all can sense and smell it.

Jeremy and Amelia own a small cabin on a lake in Wisconsin though they have never spent much time there. When their friends’ marriage is on the verge of collapse Jeremy suggests they all spend a weekend at the cabin. Read More »

Amish Vampires in Space by Kerry Nietz

Amish Vampires in Space by Kerry NietzJebediah Miller has a secret that has been handed down to him, but can he keep it hidden? When situations arise that cause this group of Amish to flee their home they have no ideas of what sorts of things exist in the rest of the universe. God’s plan unfolds from the beginning to the end.
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Sinking Down by Eric Garrison

Sinking Down by Eric GarrisonBrett and Liz go in search of an elusive chupacabra, but what they find is even more bizarre: a young girl. Brett begins to have weird dreams. Then Jimbo calls them concerned about Frannie. As the pieces begin to stack up the crew must once again scramble to find the linking factor so they can save the girl, Frannie, and Brett, before it is too late. Read More »

Four ’til Late by Eric Garrison

Four 'Til Late by Eric GarrisonFour friends head off for a weekend in New Orleans, but they are beset by strange sights, phenomena, and occurrences before they even reach their destination. Running for their lives they must try to figure out the source of these events and how to stop them before whomever or whatever is after them succeeds. Read More »

The High King’s Tomb by Kristen Britain

The High King's Tomb: Book Three of Green Rider by Kristen BritainSecond Empire has been discovered and some have fled major cities before they could be routed out. King Zachary’s wedding plans proceed and the Green Riders continue their job of carrying messages for the king throughout the realm. At the D’Yer wall efforts continue to try and complete its repair but nothing seems to work. When the knowledge arises of a book telling about the building of the wall, both King Zachary and Second Empire are desperate to find it, but for opposite goals. Read More »

Green Rider by Kristen Britain

Green Rider by Kristen BritainKarigan G’ladeon finds a dying Green Rider on the road. One of the King’s messenger force, he entrusts her with the message he has that must reach the King. After accepting the challenge she experiences adventures way beyond anything she ever expected in her wildest dreams. Pursued she delivers her message to the king but the adventure is only beginning. Read More »

Dangerous Love by Margie Church

Dangerous Love by Margie ChurchIn the sequel to Love Bites we find Wade and Jui in Seattle as they try to adjust to life together, and as Wade adjusts to life as a human again. Now his focus is to keep himself and Jui safe from Ladislav Husek and the rest of the vampires and Prophets. Read More »

Love Bites by Margie Church

Love Bites by Margie ChurchWade Kairos has spent years enjoying humanity, using them as a play toy, until he meets Jui. Suddenly things change. He cannot seem to get her out of his mind, though he has not done anything more than talk to her a few times. Something about her draws him. His friend tells him to use her and he will get over his obsession, but he cannot bring himself to do it. However, the head of the vampires warns Wade several times to use the humans for food and sex, then leave them be. It is a directive Wade cannot follow. Read More »

Harvest by Steve Merrifield

Harvest by Steve MerrifieldWhen an ancient rite is completed in modern day Camden, an evil presence is unleashed upon the inhabitants of an apartment building. Horrific deeds happen, people disappear, and the police are stumped as to what is going on. When a small group catch a glimpse of what is happening in the building, they band together to fight the evil presence before it wipes everyone out. But will they be strong enough to overcome the attacks? Read More »

Fate Unbound by Isabella Drake

Fate Unbound by Isabella DrakeAfter a visit to the oracle, Taryn is cast out to present day L.A. where she must submit to any man who demands her attention. Adrian finds himself also in L.A. after the oracle tells him he must learn patience and self-restraint. After months of these lifestyles they learn that some things are worth giving up yourself for. Read More »

Biteless in Seattle by Holli Winters

Biteless in Seattle by Holli WintersWhen Rex spies the black-haired temptress at the registration desk of the writers convention, he cannot wait to seduce her, maybe even release a little tension before some of the evening’s activities begin. When he finds out she is his competition in the Hot Author’s category, all thoughts of seduction are gone and the battle is on to retain his place as top writer. But the battle for top author is not the only battle being waged. Read More »

Odonata by Jessica Zellman

Odonata: City of Night by Jessica ZellmanKatrina is an Odonata, a being with the ability to kill vampires. Thought to be a legend, Katrina lives in the light and fights in the dark. Her life is comprised of those who are vampires and those who are not vampires. Vamps must die. When she finds a den of vampires feeding on tourists she must face her past and re-evaluate her black and white existence. Read More »

When, Were, & Howl by Jeanette Raleigh

Episode 1: Wolf n' Mouse (When, Were, and Howl) by Jeanette RaleighJen has it bad. She is in love with her boss, but afraid to tell him about it. He is a werewolf. She is not. If he were to find out what kind of shifter she is, well, she would not be able to show her face to him. Her best friend steals an amulet purported to allow the wearer to shift into any form they desire and asks Jen to hold on to it for awhile. Jen decides to check it out and mayhem ensues. Read More »

Tia’s War by Kama Spice

Tia's war by Kama SpiceTia, a member of a secret band of fighters, is captured during a raid against the shifters whom the humans have battled for years. She awakes to discover her captor is the same man who has plagued her dream visions. In her dream visions she is never aware whether the man is a friend or foe, and now that he holds the key to her survival and safety the question is still unanswered. She does know that she is drawn to him, regardless of his status. Read More »