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Moonlight Temptation by Stephanie Julian

Moonlight Temaptation (Lucani Lovers) by Stephanie Julian  Moonlight Temptation was a very interesting story. The author wrote in such a way that you, the reader, could actually feel like you were standing next to the main character and living her life with her, seeing the entire goings on around her first hand. The story was told so well that it just excitedly pulled me at a rapid pace through the book. Read More »

The Dream Crystal by Mark O’Bannon

The Dream Crystal (The Dream War Series) by Mark O'BannonThis was an excellent book, probably one of the best I’ve ever read! I was pulled through the 361 pages so quickly that I didn’t even realize how fast it went. The story was so well crafted that I really believed it. It was a great story with lots of fairies, changelings and elves. I felt like I was really there with the main character, experiencing everything she saw and did. Read More »

The Longest Night by Gary Dini

The Longest Night by Gary Dini hardly kept my attention. I found myself falling asleep while reading it. The chapters were way too long. As an example, the Prologue is fifty-five pages, and the entire book is 193 pages. The author did, however, give great background information for each character which made it easier to relate to them throughout the story.

The story follows the Tremaine brothers Malcolm and Tristan. Malcolm is in a position of power for the duration of the story yet it originally said he was a recluse. Tristan is a more wild character. They travel through the mountains and come across a baby Yeti which they take it in and help it develop. What will happen to the Yeti? Read More »

The Order of the Blood by Nicole Vlachos and Lane Morris

The Order of the Blood by Nicole Vlachos and Lane Morris was a great book. The storytelling and background of the characters made for an interesting story. The writers spelled out their story in such a manner that you could relate to the characters and look forward to what’s coming next.

Ian and Robin had been friends as mortals over ten years ago. Finally they are reunited, and Ian is a newly turned fledgling vampire without a Sire while Robin has managed to stay human despite others’ attempts to do otherwise. The Brethren is looking for both Robin and Ian to kill them both. Robin takes Ian to Simon, an angry man who’s application to become a member of the Brethren was denied centuries ago. He is now the leader of the Order of the Blood and has a constant rivalry with the Brethren. He even went so far as to create an army to kill all the Brethren they could find. Read More »

Vampire Blood Author’s New Revised Edition by Kathryn Meyer Griffith

The Story of the Vampire Blood is a great example of contemporary paranormal genius, combining modern day life with vampires of a much older era who try to keep up with the times. The old vampire mentality that “humans are cattle” resonate in this story with all the gruesome attacks on them and the way they are treated by the vampires. Combining the vampires with wolves is a genius idea and goes along with the theory that vampires can shift into anything they want as one of their powers. The story is a great one, though it starts out slow with a lot of background information.
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Never Too Many Valentines by Trinity Blacio, Kristabel Reed, and Bethany Michaels

Never Too Many Valentines is a book with three short stories about Valentine ménage.

“Killer Valentine” by Kristabel Reed is about three FBI Agents who are called in to catch the Wilderness Killer. Jareth Reese is the Lead Agent and also controls Tony and Sophie. He is their Dom and he is very protective of them. When they have to separate to catch the killer’s accomplice, he gets very upset and ends up having to save Sophie. The three of them have a great time together, sexually, in their cabin. In the end, Jareth realizes he’s in love with both of them and wants to keep them safe and for himself.
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