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Danielle is a stone-cold addict. Of books, that is. She loves to read. Her book collection is in the thousands. Several years ago, she read Night Pleasures by Sherrilyn Kenyon and became a die-hard paranormal fan. The same thing happened with urban fantasy/occult detective stories when she read Guilty Pleasures by Laurell K. Hamilton. Danielle grew up on fairy tales and mythology, so reading excellent urban fantasy which draws from the ancient myths and legends is a joy for her. Her heart goes pitter patter when she hears of an urban fantasy based on some obscure folk legend that most people never heard of. In her real life, she works in the veterinary field, and aspires to one day be a published author. She’s not married and doesn’t have kids, unless you count two spoiled cats. She lives in Texas.

The Doppelganger Song by Caitlin Sumer and Bill Shears

The Doppelganger Song by Caitlin Sumer and Bill ShearsBusiness partners and longtime lovers Frank Zhelikhovsky and Dr. Holly Ambrose are called in as consultants to investigate a suspicious accident involving a teacher at an exclusive boarding school. She might have been pushed out the window by a resident spirit that lives in the school, one who the students call Shadow Emma, the apparent doppelgänger for the accident victim, Emma Ward. Read More »

Ember and Ash by Pamela Freeman

Ember and Ash (Castings Trilogy) by Pamela FreemanA day that should have been one of happiness for Ember, the start of a joyous life as a new bride, results in tragedy when her new husband is consumed by the wedding fire as they jump over it to celebrate their vows. It seems that Fire, one of the five ancient powers, has rejected Ember’s choice of a husband. He claims that she belongs only to him, and that she must come to him. And until she does, he will take fire away from everyone. Read More »

Prison of Hope by Steve McHugh

Prison of Hope (The Hellequin Chronicles) by Steve McHughNate Garrett, a powerful sorcerer known as Hellequin, is back in the fourth addition to this action-packed series. Nate has been given the task to capture Pandora each time she escapes from her prison. Even after many thousands of years after her creation, Pandora still has a beef with the Greek gods who brought her into existence. The story jumps between modern day and 1936, telling the story of the last time Pandora escaped, an event that almost lead to the deaths of many at the Berlin Olympics. It is a good thing that Nate was there to fight, along with a few friends and allies. Read More »

Eternal Beast by Laura Wright

Eternal Beast: Mark of the Vampire by Laura WrightLaura Wright’s fourth entry in the Mark of the Vampire paranormal romance series features Gray Donohue and Dillon, a shapeshifting pureblood vampire. Gray is the leader of the Impure Resistance, a group dedicated to freeing mixed-blood vampires (called Impures) from the tyranny of the vicious Order, a ruling body which believes it is a moral imperative to blood castrate Impures so they cannot breed. Gray was once saved by Dillon when he was mentally and physically incapacitated, and he has been obsessed with her since then. Read More »

Steadfast by Jack Campbell

The Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier: Steadfast by Jack CampbellAlliance Admiral “Black Jack” Geary takes a short visit to the home of the ancestors, Planet Earth in the Sol System, where two of his key lieutenants are kidnapped. He tracks them to the condemned moon of Jupiter, Europa, a place where there is no return due to its quarantine status. He has to come up with a plan to get his lieutenants off without breaking a strict quarantine and starting an incident with Sol System authorities. Read More »

The Curse of the Wendigo by Rick Yancey

The Curse of the Wendigo (The Monstrumologist) by Rick Yancey The Curse of the Wendigo is the second book in the Monstrumologist series and it succeeded in being even more disturbing than its predecessor. Young Will Henry, assistant and constant companion to the eminent Doctor Pellinore Warthrop, ends up in situations that would be exceedingly harrowing for a grown man, let alone a twelve-year-old. This story is told through his eyes based on a series of journals he wrote as a very old man. The language and prose is indescribably beautiful and Read More »

Retribution Falls by Chris Wooding

Retribution Falls by Chris Wooding Retribution Falls uses the archetype of a rag-tag group of lovable, rogue adventurers and takes the reader on a journey in more ways than one. I felt as though I was constantly reevaluating everything I encountered in this story as I read. I thought it was going to be a straightforward steampunk adventure, but Wooding challenges the reader in various ways.
Read More »

The Iron Jackal by Chris Wooding

The Iron Jackal by Chris WoodingThe crew of the Ketty Jay returns for more adventures in The Iron Jackal where their captain, Darian Frey will be forced to face his checkered past head on and a ruthless supernatural threat bent on killing him. Frey is hired by a thief and street rat named Ashua to steal an ancient and valuable artifact. After some twists and turns and lots of things blowing up, Frey contracts a curse from the object, an ancient sword. He is told that he will die horribly when the Iron Jackal comes for him if he doesn’t take the object back where it belongs. Read More »

Imperfect Sword by Jack Campbell

The Lost Stars: Imperfect Sword by Jack Campbell Imperfect Sword begins immediately after Perilous Shield ends. General Artur Drakon receives a bombshell from one of his seconds-in-command, the calculating and unpredictable Colonel Roh Morgan. She is holding a bargaining chip over his head, one that she knows that Drakon cannot resist. However, her acts are deemed a betrayal against the fledgling Midway Star System Republic, and she is a prisoner. His co-leader, President Gwen Iceni, demands that he handle the situation without allowing his feelings to get in the way. Read More »

Perilous Shield by Jack Campbell

The Lost Stars: Perilous Shield by Jack CampbellThe Lost Stars series continues with more adventures of the newly formed Midway Independent star system. With the collapse of the Syndicate Worlds empire, star systems are either falling into chaos, or exerting their independence and shaking off the shackles of the corrupt Syndic system. Former Syndic CEOs turned co-leaders of the new government–President Gwen Iceni and Mobile Forces General Drakon–have formed an uneasy alliance. Uneasy because they were trained throughout their careers in the Syndic way: cut any throats in the way of achieving goals, break any and all rules you need to in the process, and trust no one. Yet each wants a different way and a chance for their embryonic government to have real freedom and democracy. Read More »

On the Steel Breeze by Alastair Reynolds

On the Steel Breeze (Poseidon's Children) by Alastair Reynolds On the Steel Breeze is the follow up to Blue Remembered Earth, although set many years in the future. Chiku Akinya is the daughter of Sunday Akinya, one of the main protagonists from the previous book, and the member of a family that is heralded as the originators of a great space exploration movement. She lives in a world in which everyone is wired into an artificial intelligence net that facilitates (and controls) their lives. As such, Earth and the neighboring space are called The Surveilled World. Chiku underwent a procedure to fracture her genes and consciousness into three, creating two identical sisters. They decided to go their separate ways, and Chiku Yellow was the only one who remained on earth. Read More »

Undone Deeds by Mark Del Franco

Undone Deeds (Connor Grey) by Mark Del FrancoIn the sixth novel in the Connor Grey series, Mark Del Franco takes the reader deeper into the escalating situation between the Elves and the Faerie contingents, and now things are right on the brink of war. Disabled druid, Connor, always seems to make more enemies than friends, including the Murdocks–with the exception of Leo Murdock, Connor’s steadfast friend in the Boston Police Department Homicide division. Connor is wanted by the authorities in the aftermath of the Guildhouse’s destruction and the death of the Elven King, even though he actually saved lives in the situation. Read More »

The Severed Streets by Paul Cornell

The Severed Streets by Paul Cornell The Severed Streets is Paul Cornell’s follow-up to London Falling, a novel in which the city of London is a prominent and mysterious character itself. DI Quill and his small team investigae weird happenings in London for the Metropolitan Police Department. They have barely recovered from their harrowing ordeal with ancient witch, Mora Losely, when they have to catch a supernatural killer who wears the façade of Jack the Ripper. This killer can seemingly squeeze through walls to get to his prey, all prominent men around the city. Read More »

Walking in the Midst of Fire by Thomas E. Sniegoski

Walking In the Midst of Fire: A Remy Chandler Novel by Thomas E. SniegoskiRemy Chandler is a seraphim who chose to fall and live on Earth after the terrible things he saw and did during the Angelic War many years before. He lost his faith in the angelic world, and while not in God strictly, he questioned why so many of his angelic brethren had to die and were killing each other. He has found a new love after many years of grieving his wife. Along with his beloved, faithful Labrador dog, Marlowe, this keeps him grounded and his marvelous yet destructive seraphim nature under control. He works as a traditional private investigator, but the supernatural and weird seems to be drawn to him. Read More »

In the House of the Wicked by Thomas E. Sniegoski

In the House of the Wicked: A Remy Chandler Novel by Thomas E. SniegoskiAngel-turned-private investigator Remy Chandler receives bad news that Ashley Berg, his young pet-sitter and friend, has disappeared. He soon realizes that her kidnapper is sending him a message. A sorcerer who has discovered the key to harnessing life energies wants to use his seraphic power to get revenge on the sorcerer who destroyed his family. Remy is caught between two dueling sorcerers, and a plot of the Grigori (fallen angels) to regain God’s favor at the cost of millions of human lives. Read More »