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Never After by Laurell K. Hamilton, Yasmine Galenorn, Marjorie M. Liu, and Sharon Shinn

Who says Prince Charming is the answer to your happily ever after? Are you still waiting for him to come around? Chances are you will end happy never after. If you like parodies on fairy tales, this is an excellent anthology. All the stories are superbly and intelligently written. I love the wit and common sense embedded in each novella. I highly recommend Never After to everyone, young and old.
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The Ancient by Anida Adler

Morrigan lives a very lonely existence. Being the goddess of death, she scares even the most courageous fae. Of course, her PMS personality and always-in-black appearance make matters worse. However, she never expected to meet someone like Tadgh.
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Wolf by Madeline Montague

Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time (by the shores of Cuba would always be a wrong place)! Obviously, Sylvie’s plans do not include entangling herself with rogue escapees, especially when they are “at least two dozen hard-faced, mostly naked men.” Oh, and by the way, they are animalistic, trained former marines that are now hunted by the government due to being infected by parasites. Read More »

Valley of Shadows by Desiree Acuna and Juliet Barrymore

Crown Princess Tyra is on her way to her coronation when Lord Avoran, her uncle, tries to usurp the throne. He summons a daemon to kill her. However, he never expected the daemon to fall for her. Instead of killing her, the daemon abducts her and runs away to the much feared Valley of the Shadows.
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Lessons Learned by Katrina Strauss

Brave and scandalous Camille Rocheford was born centuries too early. No one can stop her from publishing a book under her name instead of under male pseudonym as the practice during that era. She wants to prove to everyone that a woman like her has the talent and the brains to write an excellent book. Thus, she courageously faces whatever consequence her actions meted.
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Bonnie and Clive by Kate Hill

Bonnie is drowning in boredom; nothing much happens in her humdrum life. Then, a gentleman thief (he thanked the bank teller after giving what he kindly asked for) robs the bank she works for, stealing a coin. She decides to follow the thief and “hitchhikes” in his getaway car. The adventures awaiting her afterward exceed all her expectation and imagination.
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JarDan by C. J. Johnson

Melodie Smith has nothing left – no family, no friends, no money – nothing. But she is still alive and she has strength and pride in herself that no matter what she will survive. Then, she faces a literal storm that is about to kill her until an angel snatches her from impending doom.
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Dare to Believe by Dana Marie Bell

Leo Dunne finally found the woman born to be his. The problem is Ruby Halloway is too shy and insecure to believe a handsome hunk like Leo could be interested in her, so she carefully avoids him at all times even if she is extremely attracted to him. Yes, it has been very frustrating for him that months after finding her, he has not even formally met her yet. Fortunately for him, her best friend willingly helps him set them up. And after having her in his arms, he is never ever letting her go again.
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Drawing Blood by Mary Lou George

Holly Seaton, a successful children’s book illustrator, is finally living on her own, away from her father’s encroaching over protectiveness. She enjoys a peaceful life in the small town of Muskoka with her best friend, Avery. Then, Stryker Cain, a vampire, enters her world, turning it upside down.
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Sweet Dreams by Evangeline Anderson

Alisha Johnson has always been in love with Clayton Daniels. The problem is her aunt is his ex-stepmother. Sure, they’re not blood related, but Clayton’s growing up very close to her family creates an almost impenetrable wall between them. But she cannot give up on getting the man of her dreams, and she knows that once Clayton jumps that big barrier, he is hers for keeps. However, all her attempts to seduce him fail. Fortunately (or unfortunately), an incredible opportunity arises through testing the drug Sweetdreams. Read More »

The Feline Fugitive by Esmerelda Bishop

Life should have been wonderful since Luca Doyle already found and moved in with his life mate who adores him. The only problem is Claudine Richards loves him as her cat, Fluffy. Which macho tomcat would appreciate being named Fluffy, anyway? So, no, she doesn’t know the human side of Luca exists, and as much as he wants to be his human form, he cannot because the police are after him for a murder he did not commit. Read More »

Hearts Afire: May by Nina Pierce and Julia Devlin

Only Shadows of Fire by Nina Pierce is paranormal.

Shadows of Fire by Nina Pierce – 4 Tombstones
Alexandra Flanagan dislikes being a vampire. Of course, she understands that Glenn Karr, her foster father, was forced to turn her to a vampire, so she will not die. But understanding and accepting are two different things. She cannot accept being one; thus, she lives a very lonely existence despite all the friends surrounding her. Read More »

Soul Mate by Catherine Bybee

After becoming a werewolf, Kari Pearce lives a very lonely life. Fearful of rejection, she hides her “affliction” from everyone, even her sister, and she constantly guards her heart. However, she is able to accept and make the best of it. Her wolfish senses are magnified in comparison to normal humans, which help her become an exceptional private investigator. Thus, it is not surprising that she saves a child from an abductor and helps the police catch the perp.
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The Rosemary Thief by Fiona Law

Megan takes pride in her cooking. She doesn’t even mind that the owner of Stile and Wynch Inn cheats her – that’s how much she loves to cook. Just like any proud chef out there, she has to have only the best ingredients – and she definitely needs fresh rosemary to roast the lamb. Unfortunately, she ran out of it.

So she goes out looking for fresh rosemary, walking for miles on a rainy day. In the witch’s garden, the healthiest rosemary bush beckons her to pluck some of its sprigs. Read More »

The Seventh Taboo by Yvonne Eve Walus

Lorri-Ann lives in the future where life is vastly controlled and regulated. All she dreams about is finding her clone – the seventh taboo. “Only the Bureau decides when and which clones meet,” otherwise it is against the law. She joins a group of people to play Fiasco, an illegal board game giving the illusion of finding one’s clone. Jade is part of the group. From the first moment they laid eyes on each other, they feel mutual attraction. But would they be able to come together? Read More »

Cat’s Curse by Kelley Heckart

Cardea, a priestess of pagan goddess Astarte, has lived for centuries with great hatred for humans, especially the followers of the Hebrew God. Who can blame her? After all, a Levite priest cursed her to live as a blood drinker for eternity. She contentedly exists alone, considering humans as just sustenance until she meets Aedan mac Gabrain, a royal prince and a Christian.

From the first moment Cardea meets Aedan, she is exceedingly attracted to him. He feels the same way about her. But, just like her, he is cursed by a powerful being called Cat Anna. He will turn to a black cat if a woman touches him. Despite the mistrusts and misunderstandings, their love for each other grows. Read More »

Shaylee Druid’s Daughter by Bret Jordan

Shaylee lives with her father Grom, a former druid, away from the village. She avoids going there because the villagers, especially the children, are cruel to her. But as she enters puberty, the changes in her body coincides with dormant powers manifesting themselves in her, and her father’s revelations make it even harder for her to accept all these changes. However, with the help of another outcast, Oran, and his friendship, she discovers more abilities and her inner strength. And while together, they are capable of fighting against the whole village, if needed, and much more.

Shaylee Druid’s Daughter is a well-written novella. It is a touching coming of age story told in a straightforward way. The main characters, especially Shaylee, are well-developed. It is an excellent read for younger readers, but adults will also appreciate this feel-good story, particularly the important message it delivers.

Book Excerpt: Her heart thrummed in her chest. It felt like the embarrassment Ghazi had put her through, but instead of making her want to cry she wanted to shout for joy. The boy had asked for a kiss from her! He thought she was pretty, or nice, or sweet, or something. He didn’t dislike or shun her like the rest of the town. He was different. He wanted a kiss.

She didn’t think she would be able to answer. She had never kissed anyone before, besides Gorm, and that didn’t count. She wasn’t sure if she knew how to do it right. Finally she stammered, “Oh…y…yes. Certainly. It’s the least I can do. You were so brave.”

She stepped forward and felt her cheeks grow warm, knowing that a stupid smile stretched her mouth from ear to ear. She forced the smile away by puckering her lips. He stared, as if waiting for something. Finally he said, “Well, ye got to close yer eyes. I can’t be kissin’ ye with yer eyes open. That ain’t how it’s done.”

Her cheeks reddened at her foolishness and inexperience, but the comment didn’t extinguish the flutter that she felt within her chest. “Oh, of course.”

She closed her eyes. Her lips puckered, head tilted forward. She waited in silence.

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The Pebble by Nadia Williams

In 924 AD, at the age of twelve, Ronan’s father gives him away to Muirgen, a powerful witch. Mind you, he does willingly go with her for he had finally found someone who is not afraid to use magic like him. Through her (her books on magic mostly), he learns how to hone his power.

However, Muirgen is an extremely cruel taskmaster. She usually locks Ronan in his cold room until he learns whatever new magic there is to learn. Read More »

Treasure Laid Bare by Lynne Connolly

Have you ever met a 30-year-old male virgin? Probably not. Well, readers, meet Sorcerer Garon Rothwell. And do not make the mistake of comparing him to Steve Carell in “The 40-Year-Old Virgin.” Considering all the women after him, Garon is a first-rate handsome hunk. He chooses not to have sex because he will lose his power. In fact, he does not even ejaculate. Yes, dear readers, he cannot even masturbate. Read More »

Stonehenge by Bill Haworth

To celebrate Holly’s fourteenth birthday, the Bush family visits Stonehenge, taking advantage of the only time it is open to the public – during Summer Solstice. Unbeknownst to them, it also acts as a portal to another time. Thus, on her birthday, Holly disappears and discovers she “travels” to the year 60 AD. Fortunately, an open-minded boy finds her, and his parents are equally supportive of her. Sadly, the superstitious folk of that era are not as understanding, and she, with her family’s help in the present time, has to find a way back to her own time before she and her fostering family are all burned at the stake. Read More »