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Book Of Shadows by Alexandra Sokoloff

Book of Shadows by Alexandra SokoloffAdam Garrett is a rising star in the Boston police department, and he has just been given a case that could make his career. A young coed has been ritualistically murdered and it appears to be satanic in nature.

Garrett and his partner, Landauer, quickly arrest a suspect, a college student who was involved with the girl. All evidence points to him and the case appears solved. But then a beautiful woman, Tanith Cabarrus, a witch, claims to have visions of other murders and that their suspect is innocent. Read More »

Radiance by Alyson Noël

Radiance by Alyson NoelTwelve-year-old Riley Bloom is in the afterlife. She and her dog, Buttercup, are now with her parents, and though Riley badly wants to rejoin the living she is settling into a fairly normal routine. But then she is summoned to appear before the council, a group of beings surrounded in glowing light. Read More »

Dangers Untold by Editor Jennifer Brozek

Dangers Untold Edited by Jennifer BrozekMembers of the Horror Society, authors, artists, editors and publishers, combine their talents to produce a horror anthology that is original and chilling. Inside these pages, traditional monsters, vampires, zombies and the like, will not be found but rather a more sinister and less obvious evil lurking just beneath the surface of our reality. Read More »

Dark Corners – Twelve Tales of Terror by Michael Bray

Dark Corners: Twelve Tales of Terror by Michael BrayMichael Bray has written an anthology that steers away from the traditional monsters readers have become accustomed to and takes us on a journey to a place where evil lurks around every corner. Bray portrays examples of extraordinary evil can be found in rather ordinary places and often simmers beneath the surface in the hearts of men. Read More »

The Measure of the Magic by Terry Brooks

The Measure of the Magic: Legends of Shannara by Terry BrooksFive hundred years after the Great Wars, the valley once protected by magic and that served as a refuge is now under threat from trolls, a demon and a murderer in the Elven King’s palace.

Sider Ament has bequeathed the Black Staff to Panterra Qu, a young tracker. Though Panterra wields the Black Staff, he has yet to learn the secrets of the magic it possesses, and time is short. Read More »

Anathema by Megg Jensen

Reychel, a young slave, has been deprived a view of the outside world unless in the presence of her master. Windows are shuttered, curtains drawn. She is the only one who does not have the freedom to see the sun, but her master allows her to see the world when in his presence. He allows her a special audience where she entertains the man with imaginative stories.

He has always been kind to her but today marks her fifteenth birthday, Read More »

The Death of Torberta Turchin by Shannon Mawhiney

Torberta, orphaned at an early age, hears ghosts. Everyone thinks she is crazy so her guardians enroll her in a school for children with emotional problems. Life is as normal as can be expected at school. Torberta has a few friends but most of the kids avoid her.

When strange things begin to happen at school — power outages, fires, students being injured — Torberta must listen to the voices and try to save her classmates and herself before it is too late.

Mawhiney has written a powerful young adult novel that is disturbing in its honest portrayal of an orphaned and outcast teen who suffers harsh treatment at the hands of her guardians and her peers. Read More »

All This and Family, Too by Sarah E. Glenn

Transitioning to life as a vampire has been a struggle for Cynthia; she has no one to explain the rules. Is she allergic to garlic? Will holy water burn? The one thing she does know is that vampires can be killed. Her partner was murdered, and now the vampire hunters are on her trail. Cynthia has decided to leave North Carolina behind and is heading for California. On the way, she rescues Josie, a teen in trouble, a wisecracking, smart and funny runaway who certainly makes life entertaining. Together with her family, Cynthia will face the vampire hunters and adjust to her new life as one of the undead and, in the process, discover love.
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Hybrid by Brian O’Grady

Amanda Flynn contracted an mysterious virus years ago, a virus that kills almost everyone who contracts it. Those that do survive become violent and kill with no qualms. Amanda is different. She has gained the supernatural strength and the ability to use her mind to control others and read their minds, but she resists the urge to kill. But these powers tempt her to see just how far she can take these extraordinary abilities. A spate of violent deaths in a Colorado town has convinced Amanda that the virus has been released and the government believes she holds the key to a vaccine. But no government, no agents can detain a woman who holds such power.
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Jim and the Flims by Rudy Rucker

Jim Oster, a bio-engineer, inadvertently tears a hole between two realities, and in the process, his beloved wife Val is killed. A grieving Jim must enter this world and find the Dark Gulf, a place where souls eventually ascend or are forever swept away in darkness, if he ever hopes to be reunited with his wife.
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Vision Impossible by Victoria Laurie

Abby Cooper, psychic extraordinaire and FBI profiler, has been recruited by the CIA as a spy. Some nasty criminal types have stolen a drone from the U.S. military, a drone which contains powerful software that has the ability to detect a person’s unique aura. With the software in the wrong hands the world’s leaders can be targeted and terminated by identifying their one-of-a-kind aura. With no time to spare, Abby and Dutch Rivers work hand in hand to retrieve the software before something terrible happens. But Abby quickly finds out that world leaders are not the only targets.
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The Warded Man by Peter V. Brett

The corelings rise from the earth each night as the sun sets. These demons have one objective: wipe out all humans. The magical wards the villagers use can be breached, and the wards that have the power to kill have been lost for generations.

Now a group of young survivors sets out beyond the safety of their warded villages to seek the ancient knowledge that can save mankind. A great battle looms on the horizon and these brave young fighters are all that stand between the demons and the rest of the world.
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Fantasies Unbound by Raine Delight

Skye has yet to find her true love, but with the help of her Aunt Mary’s love potion all that is about to change. The potion, found in a second-hand spell book, promises to deliver her true love within seven days, and although Skye is skeptical she has nothing to lose. Prince Aryan also seeks his true love, and if he does not find her soon he will be forced to marry a stranger. With the Queen’s blessing Aryan is granted leave from the fairy court to search for her. With the help of a well-meaning aunt and Queen mother will true love finally be revealed to Skye and Prince Aryan?
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The Kingdoms of Dust by Amanda Downum

Isyllt Iskaldur, necromancer and spy, has broken her magical vows, her former master is dead, her magic is weak and she has been exiled from the city she served. With determined assassins shadowing her every move, Isyllt seeks refuge in Assar.

Deep in the desert, a ghost wind is unleashed, a wind that strips flesh from bone and leaves death in its wake. The wind is driven by ancient spirits who after centuries of imprisonment are now finally loosening their bonds.
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The Ruined City by Paula Brandon

Jianna Belandor, liberated from the rebel stronghold by Falaste, has now convinced him to escort her back to her home so she may be reunited with her beloved father.

What Jianna finds is not the beautiful city she remembers. Not only has her father left the city but much of the Veiled Isles lies in ruin stricken by plague and violent uprisings. Read More »

The Traitor’s Daughter by Paula Brandon

Change is upon the Veiled Isles. A great shift in magic is about to occur and that shift will destroy the world as it is known. Humans will no longer have a place. Time is short and only a small number of people have the ability to sense the oncoming change. They will have to pool their magic to stop the oncoming cataclysm, but can enemies put aside generations of hatred for the greater good?
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Heir of Danger by Alix Rickloff

Brendan Douglas has spent years in hiding. Máelodor, an evil mage, is determined to use Brendan to open King Arthur’s tomb so he can claim power for the Fae. But Brendan knows he must be stopped, and the only way to do that is to retrieve a special key which he gifted to a woman he abandoned seven years ago. Elisabeth Fitzgerald is about to be married to a man who can provide a stable home. But just days before the wedding a man she thought was dead, a man she loved deeply, has returned.
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