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A Cat of Silvery Hue by Robert Adams

A Cat of Silvery Hue by Robert AdamsI have not read the previous three installments and there are eighteen books total in the series. If you love the 1980s science fiction/fantasy novels, then surely A Cat of Silvery Hue will be your cup of tea. I enjoy fantasy and love action and violence scenes, and A Cat of Silvery Hue had these in plenty. What I wanted more of was the evolution of the characters, especially the main characters. I felt that I did not know them at all–how they thought or why things were done. Read More »

Wolf with Benefits by Shelly Laurenston

Wolf with Benefits (Brava Paranormal Romance) by Shelly LaurenstonShelly Laurenston is one of my favorite authors (she makes me laugh soooo hard), and the Pride series is always on my auto-read list. Wolf with Benefits is no exception. This time it is about Toni Jean-Louis Parker and her ten prodigy siblings. All ten of her brothers and sisters are either brilliant dancers, artists, scientists, engineers, etc. Toni? She is the only ordinary one and spends her days managing the rest of the Jean-Louis Parker brood. Read More »

Fool’s Errand by Chris Quinton

Fool's Errand (Fool's Odyssey) by Chris QuintonXavi went from having a great day (getting gold gifts from his sugar mama and being able to have a little “fun”) to having a really bad day (his sugar mama murdered and now his is on the run from the murderer and the corrupted police). He can’t trust anyone, and his day is about to get a whole lot more twisted when his conscious made him call one of the good cops and tell them about the murder and what the murderer looked like. Flip over to the other side and we have Andreas. Read More »

The Bonding By J. C. Owens

The Bonding [Gaven 2] by J. C. OwensI’m so glad I read Gavin before The Bonding because the difference between Gaven’s character is night and day. In Gaven, we meet with the son of a laundress who has just blacked out after being attacked by the Masarian army. Everyone around him is dead, and he can’t figure out why he’s alive. Then this man (he can’t really be a man), Vlar, brings him to the Warlord who claims Gaven is his son. Read More »

Wild Invitation: A Psy/Changeling Anthology by Nalini Singh

Wild Invitation: A Psy/Changeling Anthology by Nalini SinghThe Wild Invitation is an anthology that I have been looking forward to; I loved all the small stories that we finally get together in one book. I’ll try to make the plot summaries brief.

“Beat of Temptation” This is Tamsyn and Nathan’s tale. It’s a fantastic backstory to not just Tammy and Nate’s story but also Lucas’s parents’ history. It’s bittersweet, and I loved seeing the strong couple and how they got their roots. Read More »

Absolutely Done by Dominae Primus

Absolutely Done by Dominae Primus Absolutely Done was hard for me to rate. I was unsure what to expect when I first picked up this book. An Angel named Absolute is taking over the Grim Reaper’s job while he’s meditating because he’s become too grim (Absolute’s joke, not mine). Absolute has two co-workers, so to speak: Lady Hope and Trench Coate. He’s determined to see the lighter side of death and not to let his grim job bring him down. Read More »

Orius Sent 2 Kill by Brian Buccellato and Pat Lee

OriusPlot: Orius is home to a people called the Grey, however due to civil war and mistrust they have split into two groups the Black and the White. When Orius becomes uninhabitable the two join forces and warriors to find themselves a new home… Earth, and to two female assassins sent to ensure there will be no trouble in their new home. Read More »

Vigilant by Michele Hart

Vigilant [Sequel to Luminous Nights] (Bookstrand Publishing Romance) by Michele HartWeber and Yadira meet under dire circumstances; Yadira is a part of a kidnapping ring, while Weber is an I-Marshal (think intergalactic marshal/police/detective). The two find themselves neck deep in a shadowy slavery ring that is headed by something darker and more demonic. It turns out that both Weber and Yadira have secrets that are just as big as the war that is brewing. Weber has an angel side, and Yadira is not who she seems. Read More »

Mating Instinct by Charlie Richards

Mating Instinct by Charlie Richards Mating Instinct by Charlie Richards used a new twist on the Werewolf genre. Werewolves have to eat humans (yes, cannibalism) for an enzyme that they require to live. Gavin is a predator and werewolf; as such, he hunts and eats his kills. A new profiler has come in to town to find a serial killer (Gavin), and Gavin’s mate is none other than his daughter. Read More »

The Seventh Veil by Heidi Cullinan

The Seventh Veil (The Etsey Series) by Heidi CullinanThe Seventh Veil is a novel of magic, of betrayal, abuse, and true soulmates. Charles Perry has problems: he sees ghosts, spirits, and horrible visions. The only way they are held at bay is by a good sordid…um necking, so to speak, one of the female and male variety. When that no longer works he seeks help from a sex mage, Read More »

Bastien by Tianna Xander

Bastien (Hidden Breeds) by Tianna XanderCarly is trying to start fresh, away from her husband, away from her past. She’s now a housekeeper for Bastien Sinclair, a man who has a mini zoo and is more than he appears. Bastien realizes immediately she’s his mate, but she’s timid and he’s forced to slowly build her trust. When Carly is stolen away by those looking to kidnap shifters, Bastien must work fast. Read More »

Entranced by Marie Harte

Entranced (PowerUp!) by Marie HarteThe PowerUp! Books are either awesome or just ok for me. I found that Entranced fell in to the later category though the steamy scenes were indeed passionate. I have waited for Jack since the first time I saw him in the Dawn’s Endeavor series. He has the most unique power… he Read More »

Keeping Cambria by Kitty DuCane

Keeping Cambria - Hell's Hunters - Menage by Kitty DuCaneThis is a solid start to a new series that makes me want to continue on and read the rest of the series. Cambria wants to kill all vampires, as she thinks every one is evil and vile, until a vamp saves her from a vamp and then she is ridiculously attracted to the good vamp and his brother. Viper and Venom are not just vampires, Read More »

Pantheons by E.J. Dabel

Pantheons Pantheons is E.J. Dabel’s debut novel, and is stuffed with adventure, mythology and action. Our hero, Isaiah, does not seem to be a hero at all when we first meet him. He is a leader of a street gang and fights, steals and sleeps under a bridge. We learn that Isaiah is much more, Read More »

Heart of Obsidian by Nalini Singh

Heart of Obsidian (Psy/Changeling) by Nalini SinghThis is one of the most anticipated books, not just of the year, but of the Psy-Changeling series. I’ve loved Kaleb since I first met him…yup, I’m a sucker for the powerful, seemingly bad guys. I’ve also been making a short list of who the Ghost could be.

There’s so much plot going on in this book. Kaleb is a councilor who has two goals. One is to fix the rot that is taking root in the Psy-net. The second? To find Sahara. She was taken from him, and he Read More »

Robert Pattinson Vampire Royalty?

Mmmmmm vampires… Immortal, super strength, sexy bod and sparkles in the sun? Hell yeah.  Who wouldn’t want one of those? Now what if I told you the hunky Robert Pattinson is related to vampires?  No wonder he played Edward so well.   Turns out (in Canada) discovered that Rob’s ancestors were from Transylvania, they even traced it back to Vlad the Impaler.
Read More »

Rising Darkness by Thea Harrison

Rising Darkness (A Game of Shadows Novel) by Thea HarrisonRising Darkness is the first a new series by Thea Harrison that has a different vibe than her Elder Races novels. Mary has dreams that keep her awake, she feels different and alone, and is going crazy hearing voices on the wind. When her ex-husband insists Mary go to a doctor for the problems, she decides to skip it and drives off, unknowingly saving her own life. It is this decision that propels her towards Michael — a man she feels connected to, and who finally explains who she is and what that means for both of them. Read More »