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A book reviewer and editor at Bitten by Books since 2008, Carol reads extensively in the urban fantasy genre, and also writes the column on genre television, Screen Bites. Serving as the director of the Urban Fantasy track at Dragon Con, Carol also works at Coastal Magic (formerly Olde City, New Blood), and AnachroCon, and for the last three years has been one of the organizers for a small literary festival in the town where she lives. When not reading, writing reviews, or working at conventions, Carol spends as much time as possible with her three amazing grandsons.

Generation V by M.L. Brennan

Generation V by M.L. BrennanThe first installment in what promises to be a spectacular new series, Generation V  opens with not-quite vampire, Fortitude Scott, receiving a visit from his older brother, Chivalry, while at work at Busy Beans, a local coffee shop. While the owner/manager flirts shamelessly and embarrassingly with him, Chivalry issues to Fortitude an invitation/summons to appear that night at dinner with their mother, Madeline. Not looking forward to spending an evening in the presence of his sister, Prudence, especially, Fortitude nonetheless agrees to appear. At dinner, Madeline tells her three children they need to all be in attendance the following evening, when a visiting Italian vampire will pay a call, seeking permission to stay in Madeline’s territory. Read More »

Undead and Unwary by MaryJanice Davidson

Undead and Unwary (Undead/Queen Betsy) by Maryjanice DavidsonBetsy Taylor, everyone’s favorite vampire queen, returns in the terrifically entertaining thirteenth installment of the series, Undead and Unwary. Picking up shortly after the events of the previous book, Betsy finds herself occupied with attempting to avoid her agreed-upon duties in Hell with home-based concerns such as Jessica’s and Dick’s troubling non-naming of their babies, Sinclair’s continuing obsession with the puppies, Fur and Burr, and Marc’s surprise birthday party plans for Tina. Read More »

Otherworld Nights by Kelley Armstrong

 Otherworld Nights: An Anthology by Kelley ArmstrongFans of the ground-breaking Otherworld series will appreciate this return visit with some of the characters via six stories and two novellas.

“Demonology” opens with Talia Lyndsay in a waiting room with her young son, Adam, there to see a doctor who may be able to help her understand Adam’s fascination with fire, and how he can almost burn things or people with his touch. Read More »

Reckoning by S.J. Harper

Reckoning: A Fallen Siren Novel by S.J. Harper Reckoning, the terrific second installment in the engrossing Fallen Siren series, opens with secret siren and official FBI Agent Emma Monroe in a no-strings-attached relationship with Kallistos, the local vampire king, since Emma’s constantly-monitored love life, courtesy of the goddess Demeter, prohibits her from forming a connection of real love. Emma’s partner, werewolf Zack Armstrong, the true object of her desire, has had the memories of their times together erased by Emma’s witch friend, Liz, in order to protect him. Read More »

Broken Souls by Stephen Blackmoore

Broken Souls by Stephen BlackmooreEric Carter has a problem–well, more than one. A necromancer now “married,” or, at the very least, linked, to Santa Muerte, the Aztec goddess of death (after she killed his sister, no less), Eric now possesses pitch-black eyes that require the use of sunglasses so as to not freak people out. When he meets a fellow mage, Kettleman, at an observatory to get some information on how to separate himself from Santa Muerte, two things happen: he hears a voice warning him about the meeting, and after speaking briefly with Kettleman, a former associate of Eric’s parents, the man attacks him with a wicked-looking knife. Read More »

Cursed Moon by Jaye Wells

Cursed Moon (Prospero's War) by Jaye WellsWhen Cursed Moon, the excellent second installment in the Prospero’s War series, begins, Detective and MEA (Magical Enforcement Agency) officer Kate and her partner, Drew Morales, have their work cut out for them with the advent of the Blue Moon of Halloween coming up in two weeks. During this time tensions run even higher than usual between the Adept population (those with magical ability) and the mundane residents of Babylon, the situation escalating that particular day when a guy in a leprechaun costume hexes the crowd during the Halloween Festival. After subduing and arresting the perpetrator, he warns Kate and Morales of bigger things yet to come during the Blue Moon. Read More »

Shifting Shadows by Patricia Briggs

Shifting Shadows: Stories from the World of Mercy Thompson by Patricia Briggs Shifting Shadows, a superb collection of two novellas (one new, one previously-released) and several stories (three new) covers a wide-range of characters within the world of Mercy Thompson.

“Silver” introduces Samuel, relating the story of how he came to be a werewolf, and his encounter with the fae in the woods near where he was held in the thrall by the person responsible for his Change. Read More »

House Immortal by Devon Monk

House Immortal (A House Immortal Novel) by Devon MonkThe extraordinary House Immortal introduces a world two hundred years in the future, where resources are governed by eleven Houses and doled out as considered appropriate by their leaders. Matilda Case wants to continue to live and work below the radar, taking care of her farm populated by animals created (literally) by her father, her only constant company her grandma and her farmhand, Neds (the plural due to the fact that Ned possesses two heads). With her parents dead, killed several years earlier, and her brother, Quinten, missing for three years, life on the farm can be challenging but not more than Matilda can handle, as long as she does not call undue attention to herself. Read More »

Magic Rises by Ilona Andrews

Magic Rises (Kate Daniels) by Ilona Andrews Magic Rises, the terrific sixth installment in the excellent Kate Daniels series, begins with Kate in the midst of a training session with her adopted daughter, Julie. While pondering the difficulties of dealing with a fourteen-year-old girl, Kate gets called to an emergency–Julie’s best friend and her twin sister have both gone loup, the feral state that adolescent shapeshifters often never recover from. Though a cure, referred to as panacea, exists but remains difficult to come by outside of Europe, this means that typically the afflicted are killed in order to protect everyone around them. The pack only has one dose available at the time, which Curran orders the doctor to split between the two girls. Read More »

Maplecroft by Cherie Priest

Maplecroft: The Borden Dispatches by Cherie PriestEveryone knows the story of Lizzie Borden–or thinks they do, anyway. The fabulous Maplecroft provides a compelling alternate theory…

The story begins in March of 1894, with Lizzie Andrew Borden and her sister, Emma, living in the estate of Maplecroft on the outskirts of Fall River. The two women have more than one reason to hide from prying eyes. Aside from having been tried and acquitted for the murders of their father and stepmother two years earlier, Lizzie has a formidable task, one that the often-bedridden but brilliant scientist, Emma, assists with: fending off the attacks of the marauding creatures that show up outside their doors frequently–those that may indeed be connected to the entities inhabiting Andrew and Abigail Borden at the time of their deaths. Read More »

Omens by Kelley Armstrong

Omens (Cainsville) by Kelley ArmstrongWhen the terrific Omens begins, Olivia Taylor-Jones feels as though her life may not be going quite the way she wishes, even with her position as the daughter of a distinguished Chicago family having lead to her engagement to an equally well-heeled, and, she learns, ambitious, man, James. Finding a small level of fulfillment in her volunteer position at a women’s shelter, Olivia plans to return to school for a Ph.D. in literature, hoping to teach at a university–information she has been keeping to herself. Olivia decides to share her plans with James when he breaks the news that he will be running for senator–a prospect that Olivia does not care for. Read More »

Screen Bites: Something for Everyone: A Golden Age of Genre Television

Greetings, Watchers. The last few years have seen a resurgence in genre television, now providing fantasy/paranormal/science fiction fans with a number of different choices. Whether you want to follow stories about vampires, werewolves, and other supernatural beings, fantasy taking its stories from fairy and folk tales, or prefer post-apocalyptic/dystopian fare, it is very likely you will find numerous possibilities. Read More »

Servants of the Storm by Delilah S. Dawson

Servants of the Storm by Delilah S. DawsonThe explosive and thoroughly engrossing Servants of the Storm grabs the reader immediately, never letting go for the duration of the novel. Seventeen-year-old Dovey feels as though she has been operating in a fog since the ferocious Hurricane Josephine hit Savannah a year earlier, claiming the lives of many, including her best friend, Carly, right in front of her eyes. When the story begins, Dovey makes the decision to stop taking the medication she was prescribed after the storm, when she claimed to see things that were not there. The impetus for this action–seeing Carly at their favorite coffee house the day before. Read More »

Legally Undead by Margo Bond Collins

Legally Undead (Vampirarchy) (Volume 1) by Margo Bond CollinsElle Dupree, graduate history student, expects her Monday evening to be just like any other–until she arrives home to find her fiance, Greg, held up off the floor by a tall thin man, who seems to have been, inexplicably, sucking blood from Greg’s neck. When the man, whom Elle presumes to be a vampire, unceremoniously drops Greg and heads in her direction, without thinking clearly and just reacting, Elle runs towards the creature and stabs him repeatedly with the wooden letter opener she had been using with her mail. After realizing she may be wasting effort on a dead vampire, Elle notices two things: a group of men have shown up in her living room, and Greg’s body has mysteriously disappeared. Read More »

Deadly Curiosities by Gail Z. Martin

Deadly Curiosities by Gail Z. MartinCassidy runs her unusual family business, Trifles and Follies, located in Charleston, under the guise of buying old antiques and items people would like to get rid of for one reason or another. Unknown to most, the shop’s true purpose revolves around Cassidy’s psychometic ability (touching an item and seeing the history associated with it) to determine if the piece has an unsettling (haunted or worse) characteristic that may prove a problem for future owners, or even dangerous. For acquisitions that fall into the latter category, Cassidy enlists the aid of her colleague, Teag, who possesses his own magical ability, and Sorren, the five-hundred-year-old vampire who has worked with her family for centuries. Read More »

Fire Kin by M.J. Scott

Fire Kin: A Novel of the Half-Light City by M.J. ScottThe wonderful Fire Kin, the fourth and final installment in the Half-Light City series, grabs the reader from the first page and keeps them enmeshed in the story until the very end. Asharic, Fae warrior exiled thirty years earlier for having killed another in a duel, now a mercenary, receives an offer from the Templars of the City to help defend them in an uneasy peace with the Blood (vampires) and the Beast Kind (werewolves), that since the death of the Fae queen may descend into war at any time. Asharic agrees, realizing that the queen’s death also means the end of his exile, along with the added bonus of giving him the chance to possibly see once more a woman he thought lost to him forever. Read More »

A Plunder of Souls by D.B. Jackson

A Plunder of Souls (The Thieftaker) by D. B. Jackson A Plunder of Souls, the fabulous third installment in the outstanding Thieftaker Chronicles series, returns once again to the streets of eighteenth-century Boston and the trials and tribulations of Ethan Kaille. The story begins with Ethan attempting to elude fellow thieftaker and perennial thorn in his side, Sephira Pryce, and her band of enforcers. After an encounter in which Ethan, at great Read More »

Night’s End by Yasmine Galenorn

Night's End (An Indigo Court Novel) Night’s End, the fifth and final installment in the excellent Indigo Court series, picks up right where its predecessor leaves off. Now Queen of Snow and Ice, Cicely and her band of friends and acquaintances, along with her cousin, Rhiannon, now the Queen of Summer, face their biggest and most important test–the defeat of Myst and her Indigo Court who seek to plunge the whole world into perpetual winter and use it as a never-ending buffet for their insatiable appetites. Read More »

Captured by S.J. Harper

Captured: A Fallen Siren Novella by S.J. HarperFans of the Fallen Siren series will very much appreciate this exciting novella documenting the first case Emma and Zack worked on, alluded to in Cursed. The kidnapping of a young boy in Charleston leads to FBI Agent Emma Monroe being flown in from San Diego to assist Agent Zack Armstrong on the case while his partner stays by the side of his wife, an accident victim in critical condition. Though the two agents have consulted on the phone about prior similar cases, they have never met in person. Read More »