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An Update with Rammel Hawking

Victoria: Sir Hawking, it’s such a pleasure to interview you again. A lot has happened since the last time we talked.

Ram: Aye. Some good. Some bad.

Victoria: Yes. Well, that’s life.

Ram: No. ‘Tis no’ life. ‘Tis commercial fiction that has us runnin’ all over the Western world barely recovering from one horrendous injury before you have us doin’ bleedin’ sheet time again. And, when I say “bleedin'”, ’tis meant literally.

Victoria: Yes. I know, but let’s focus on the great things that have happened. You’ve been inducted into the Hall of Heroes. You’ve got a beautiful, healthy, charismatic baby boy…

Ram: I’m no’ complainin’ about Helm and you know it. He’s bloomin’ perfection. ‘Tis the hero thin’ that turned out dubious because now my wife thinks I should conduct myself with a certain decorum befittin’ the honor. Great Paddy. .

Victoria: She’s very proud of you.

Ram: (He smiles.)

Victoria: You see. Your life isn’t so bad.

Ram: It has its moments. But you’re always trickin’ us into believin’ we’re doin’ one thin’ and then you sprin’ somethin’ entirely different on us and we’re goin’ in a bloody different direction. We never have a chance to decide if we’re comin’ or goin’.

Victoria: Give me an example.

Ram: You think I can no’ come up with one? Right off the top of my head? How ’bout this? You led us to believe we were retirin’. Gonna enjoy life! Fruit of the vine and all that. So I’m busy bustin’ hump to get Elora’s dream home finished before the baby comes. Matter of fact that’s where I was when she was bein’ attacked by fuckers from her dimension of origin.

Victoria: (I have to laugh.) Dimension of origin?

Ram: Aye. You have a problem with me callin’ it that, Mistress?

Victoria: No. Not at all. It’s just that the phrase “dimension of origin” seems so politically correct and academic. I guess I wouldn’t have had you say that because I would have thought it was out of character.

Ram: (Scowls.) You think I’m no’ bright?

Victoria: Of course I don’t think that! You wouldn’t have made it through Black Swan training if you weren’t smart.

Ram: (Nods) Exactly right. In the future, if you’re wantin’ to know what is or is no’ in “character” for me, then just ask me. ‘Tis what you should have been doin’ all along anyhow.

Victoria: Quite right. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that.

Ram: Because your vanity does no’ have limits.

Victoria: Did you enjoy that?

Ram: (grins)

Victoria: Okay. If it makes you feel better to say such things to me, go ahead.

Ram: Well, if you’re serious, I have quite a lengthy list of thin’s I’d like to say to you.

Victoria: (My turn to show him a third finger.)

Ram: (grins)

Victoria: This might be a good time to switch topics. You’ve collected quite a fan base since the last time we talked.

Ram: Really?

Victoria: Yes. You’re the focus of nocturnal fantasies for a growing chunk of the fairer sex.

Ram: Fairer sex, is it? I do no’ believe women are especially fair. Selfish or self-involved maybe.

Victoria: No, Ram. The expression doesn’t mean fairness as in justice. It means the prettier sex.

Ram: Duh! It was a joke!

Victoria: Well, forgive me a moment of being uncharacteristically dense.

Ram: (Laughs and shakes his head.) You probably think bein’ dense is “out of character” for you.

Victoria: (blink, blink) What does that mean?

Ram: Have you seriously never considered that you may be just one of the characters in this story? ‘Tis your job to play the spy who lurks and journals on what those of us with real lives say and do.

Victoria: Is that what you think?

Ram: (smiles) Nah. I’m just fuckin’ with you.

Victoria: Okay. Back to your fans…

Ram: Look. I do no’ want to seem rude or unnecessarily conceited, but attractin’ the fairer sex has never been a problem for me. ‘Tis no’ very surprisin’ that some would like to picture themselves in my mate’s position. (He chuckles.) Or maybe I should say positions.

Victoria: Hmmm. No doubt. Well, let’s wrap this up. Why don’t you tell me where you see yourself in five years.

Ram: (narrows his eyes) ‘Tis a trick? I tell you what I’d like so you can make sure it does no’ happen?

Victoria: You know it truly hurts that you think I’m so devious. Of course I want to see you get your happily ever after.

Ram: If I’m feelin’ distrustful of you, ’tis entirely your own fault. Reapin’ what you sow, you know.

Victoria: Okay.

Ram: I’d like us to be home on the farm, feeling safe and secure, raising elfren and Alsatian dogs. I want my mate happy every second of every day. She deserves it.

Victoria: I’ll see what I can do.

Books in the Black Swan Series in the order they should be read:
My Familiar Stranger
The Witch’s Dream
The Summoner’s Tale

Read an excerpt from the newest book Moonlight here:

Author Bio:
For the past fourteen years, Victoria has illustrated and authored Seasons of the Witch calendars and planners and written several non-fiction books on magickal arts. She lives in a town north of Houston known as The Woodlands even though the idea of the witch in the woods may be a clichΓ©.

She owns 7th House Publishing and contributes to its enterprises. In addition to art and writing, she plays Classic Rock music (keys, rhythm guitar, vocals) and manages one of Houston’s premier party bands. Married. Four children.


Learn more about Victoria Danann below:
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  1. Hi Everybody.

    Here we are again. In some ways it seems like I just released Book 3. In other ways it seems like it’s been a long time. I will be checking this site from time to time throughout the day to answer questions or just chat.

    Hope you Rammel fans enjoyed the update interview.

    My best,

    • Hi Victoria,

      I was wondering how you actually got started writing. I have been toying with several ideas myself and do not know where to begin so I thought I’d ask one of my favorite authors for her insight. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Love all your books and can’t wait to read Moonlight.

      • Hi Donna –

        Please forgive the delay in answering. I just now saw your question.

        I got started at about eight-years-old. I wrote Bobbsey Twins fan fiction although the term “fan fiction” wasn’t yet coined. I stopped writing when boys became a huge distraction and didn’t start again until I was married. Somewhere else in these posts I mentioned that showing my spouse my manuscript was disastrous and I didn’t write again for decades after hearing what he had to say.

        The point of this is to say that the impulse was there. It was interrupted by adolescent premating rituals and disrupted by hurt feelings, but I came to this lifetime ready to write.

        My best advice is to stay far far away from “creative writing” courses. Those people will kill every fine, artistic, creative thing about you if they can. (See “How to Write a Poem”, Dead Poets Society 1989.

        Sit down and write something. Put it in a drawer. Come back in a week and read it. If you think it has promise and could be refined into something other people might want to read, then call yourself a writer. We’ve practically killed the monstrous gatekeepers protected the evil publishing houses that wanted to shield the world from the divine and creative light of something new or different. There’s nothing stopping you now.

  2. BTW – If anybody would like to give me input as to what you would love to see happen next, this is your chance.

    Do you have a favorite Black Swan character you’d like to see play a bigger role?

    Do you hope that a minor character will get his/her own story?

    Etc. Etc.

  3. I love this series! How long has this epic world/story been in your head? And we know you changed the ending to book 1 what kind of ripple effect does a change like that have on the story as you had it in your head?

    • Hi Leah –

      I once spent a year writing a musical. Yeah. A Broadway musical. I’d never composed before (except for college assignments like “go home and write a march” – WTF??? A march? Seriously? Do I look like John Phillips Sousa?”), but I discovered something astounding. People go through life thinking, “I’m not a poet or composer or artist or what have you,” but they reach that conclusion without every trying. You can’t compose unless you sit down at the piano by yourself and say, “Bring me a melody.” And it comes.

      I knew I was going to try my hand at PNR. I spent two years reading everything worth reading so that I would know what had already been done and avoid that. When the day came to sit down and write, I just used my creative technique. “Bring me a story.” And it came.

      When Rammel turned out to be a person and not a character, it did cause a major overhaul in my thinking. When my characters decide they want to do something different from what I planned, I don’t resist it because they’re usually right. I just rewrite around their changes.

      Thank you for asking. Should I pack a bag for the sanatorium? Will they be coming soon?

  4. I would love to learn more about the fairy prince πŸ˜‰

    • Okay. Well, first, let me correct a slight misimpression. Duff Torquil is the Fae prince. When Ram calls him “fairy”, it’s a pejorative.

      I keep pushing that story back. It was originally going to be #4. Now it’s been bumped to at least #6 and maybe #7. When they want the exposure, I guess they’ll let me know.

      Thank you for asking.

      • LOL of course he is a Fae prince! I distinctly heard Ram saying “fairy prince” though and couldn’t resist πŸ˜€

      • Let me just say everything about your books makes me smile!!! πŸ˜€ I feel a tiny bit crazed that I won’t hear more about Duff and Song till LATER! LOL

  5. Congratulations on the Black Swan series! Who is your favorite character in this series?

  6. Who are some of your favorite paranormal authors and how have they influenced your writing?

    • Anne Rice and Stephen King were both big influences in regards to horror and writing. It was Kresley Cole’s IMMORTALS AFTER DARK series that made me want to write Paranormal ROMANCE specifically.

      • Ami Russell-Champlain

        I will have to go get Immortals after Dark now after such a recommendation! Already own Ann Rice and most of Stephen King in hardcover. I love how well you portray Ram. I can almost hear his musical lilt. Commonly people do no’ for the Scottish accent, but Northern Ireland tend to do that as well. You really seemed to do your homework. I look forward to many more of these books and seeing what happens next with all of the characters!

        • Okay. If I was going to make recommendations, it would be these books in this order.

          Karen Marie Moning – The Fever Series (5 books)

          Kresley Cole – A Hunger Like No Other, Wicked Deeds on a Winters Night, Demon from the Dark

          Happy Reading.

  7. I am so happy the book is out will there be more to follow

    • Hi Michele –

      There were originally seven books planned, but much has changed. Now there are at least eight I would like to write in this series. That could change to plus, but not minus.

  8. Are your characters based on people you know? Love these books!

    • Some of Ram’s antics have come straight from my history with my own mate. When he did things that were outrageous, I was outraged. Somehow, when Ram does the same thing, It’s funny. Please don’t tell my husband. He’s not allowed to read my books and I wouldn’t want him to know I used things he got in hot water for.

      • That’s hilarious, and I believe someone should get him a copy of your books, asap!!! πŸ˜‰

        • Let me explain why he is not allowed to read.

          The year that I was 25 I had finished a PNR manuscript. I showed it to my husband who was a lot younger than I at the time. Come to think of it, I guess he’s still a lot younger. Funny how that works.

          Anyway, after hearing what he had to say, I didn’t write again for decades. I won’t say how many. He was, of course, the very very furthest thing from my audience, but I didn’t run his comments through that filter. That’s the bad news. The good news is that I didn’t start writing until I actually had something to say which, I think, is partly responsible for the faster-than-usual success to which JoBeth referred.

          Right or wrong, he’s not allowed to read my stuff. He had his chance.

  9. I’m thrilled that book 4 is releasing- I’ve been jonesing for it!

  10. I love the Black Swan Series. I love how the different characters come from different places and have different pasts but come together in a well formed group. The love and respect the characters have for each other reminds me of a family instead of a an elite group of military trained personal. These books are awesome. They keep me wanting to know more about the group. After you come up with the characters,how do you start writing the story ?

    • I do have a process and it’s the most unlikely thing. I’m the exact sort of personality who would be into “pantsing” (verb for writing by the seat of your pants), meaning just sit down with a blank page and start writing. For whatever reason – divine providence perhaps – I have ended up doing the exact opposite of that.

      Once I have made a choice about the subject of the book, I create three documents in Word. The first I call “Outline”. The second I call “Extended Outline”. The third I call “Manuscript”.

      I put numbers 1 through 22 into the document called “Outline” to represent possible chapters. I know there may be more or less in the end, but it’s a good bet that will be close. I start plugging in ideas for what should go where using short thoughts or sentences. It may take a couple of weeks to be happy with the outline because some of it gets worked out while sleeping.

      When I’m happy with the “Outline”, I copy that to the “Extended Outline”. Now I have a chronological place to plug in this or that so that I can keep straight who is doing what to whom and when. Over the next few weeks the extended outline gets fleshed out. Sometimes I get ideas that are better than the original concept. This allows me to make changes and still keep everything straight.

      Last, when I’m satisfied with the Extended Outline, I start on the manuscript. This last step goes really fast because it’s the heart of the writing that I love – the dialogue, description, etc.

      Thank you for asking. Great question.

    • Mark, I think you’ll find that most small units who have spent a significant time in extreme pressure situations become more like family than friends especially if they tend to spend a lot of their downtime with each other as well.

  11. peggy rispo-boess

    Love your books. When I read your books I truely feel as if I am a part of another world. They aren’t characters in a book but real people who’s life I get to be a part of. It kind of makes me sad that one day the series will end and I won’t get to visit with my “new friends “.

    • Dear Peggy –

      When I used to trade my time for money, a.k.a. having a job, I used to start dreading Monday morning on Saturday night.

      Please don’t be sad about the series ending. I have no plans to do so. Before the series ends, Ram is going to narrate what happened with B Team, before Lan’s death and before Elora, to his granddaughter who will be the first non-alien female Black Swan knight.

      • OMG Tears!!!

      • Ami Russell-Champlain

        I love that you are already planning on Ram and Elora’s daughter being a Black Swan. But does that mean that they will not solve the Vampire problem? They have the anecdote and the Vampires who started it, I was hoping they would be able to cure them all somehow in the next book.

    • Glad I’m not the only one who feels this way!

  12. Well, I can’t seem to enter. Don’t know what’s wrong. But, I thought I would leave a comment anyway.
    I would like to say…
    CONGRATULATIONS to Victoria. I am so very happy to see you so successful in a relatively short time! Your books are captivating and a pleasure to read. You are a wonderful, generous person who deserves happiness and success. Cheers! …to more of the same in the years to come!

  13. I love your books.. Do you know how many books u plan to write in the series?

  14. Hello, not sure if i’m the only clueless person. πŸ™‚ Can’t figure out how to get my rsvp credits to enter….

  15. Nelta Baldwin Mathias

    Stopping by to show you some love! Love ya books!

  16. Nelta Baldwin Mathias

    Can we expect some shenanigans with Fae and the Fairies? Hoping so!

    • There will be some elf/fae history in A Tale of Two Kingdoms. I don’t know if it will qualify as shenanigans. I think you can expect shenanigans from Z Team, but can’t know for certain until they tell me more about themselves.

  17. I truly love all your books and as you know I am a BIG fan of Deliverance, will he have his own story and I am truly intrigued with z team and am wondering about Glen and the new team. Moonlight is again another favorite of mine and I love how the stories. Just keep going so you don’t look back and say I wonder what is going on with …, you are one of the greatest if not THE greatest in this genre.

    • Deliverance will definitely not get his own book. He was the star of the subplot in The Witch’s Dream. Glen and Z Team are part of Book 5. There’s a big surprise waiting for Glen and he may get Book #6. Not sure yet.

    • Got so deep into the answer about Deliverance and rewrote a few times and then forgot to thank you for the fabulous compliment. THANK YOU. πŸ˜€

  18. Cindy Mucha Barton

    I was just wondering if, when you are writing, do you have particular music playing, does it have to be real quiet, do you need to be in a certain place? The little odd things you do when you write. Thank you.


    • Hi Cindy –

      Let’s start with your assumption that I do odd little things when I write. I do, but how did you know?

      The most incriminating thing to which I will admit is this. I steal coffee cup sleeves from Hubbell and Hudson when I’m there and reuse them with my paper cups at home. They’re very sturdy and last about two months. Anyway, I have to have the seam on the sleeve lined up perfectly with the seam on the coffee cup. I know it’s OCD, but knowing that doesn’t change a thing.

      I’m descended from that person in the hunter tribe who was SUPER aware of everything in his/her environement. Every tribe needed one of these for obvious reasons. It doesn’t always work well in modern society. Experts told my parents I would perform best if put in a soundproof closet with a flashlight.

      I don’t write in a soundproof environment, but I certainly can’t play music or write if a neighbor is having a party. Part of that is because I’m a musician. It’s very easy to get distracted by breaking music down to parts or thinking how I would have arranged something differently.

      Probably TMI. I don’t know.

  19. Gathering Storm?!? I can’t wait. Do you have an order of these books or do the characters tell you when it’s time for their story. Another favorite author in a different genre says she sometimes has to argue with characters as to when to tell their story.

    • That’s an interesting thought. I don’t ever argue with characters (unless it’s Ram). I’m the alpha around here.

      I have a spreadsheet on the series. Books get moved around depending partly on the momentum of the overall story, but mostly on what I’m feeling like writing about. If I go with what’s exciting me, the result is going to be better than what would happen if I was rigid about sticking to a plan.

      Thank you for asking.

  20. Hi V.,

    You are my favorite writer!! I have been waiting anxiously for this newest addition to the Black Swan saga. πŸ™‚

    The Rammel update – hilarious!!

    I have my own mental image of what Ram looks like – is there anyone in pop culture now or even from the past – that resembles Ram?

  21. I absolutely love the cover! Well my question is, you are multitalented and artist from your bio, do you find your musical background helps at all in the writing world. I took piano for years and found the discipline helpful, does that translate/transfer at all to your writing life?

    • I honestly don’t know. I have a friend who recently said, “Well. You’re not just doing an art form in this lifetime. You’re doing ALL the arts in this lifetime.” With the exception of sculpting, that’s pretty much true.

      I don’t know if music, per se, helps with writing, but I think my theatre background does. When I refer to my theatre background, I mean that, as a child, I wrote plays and drafted neighborhood kids into playing the parts. I even dressed my dog in doll clothes and put her in a Radio Flyer wagon.

      This is to say that I’ve always been interested in dialogue. That’s the only real connection I can make.

  22. I’m craving more from Glen, Duff, and Deliverance; I want to find out more about Z Team, I want Storm, Litha, Elora, & Ram all the time. LOL More Baka, more Greyson. πŸ˜€

  23. You woke up this morning and realized you had been reincarnated as a pair of shoes.
    Describe yourself.

    • I bring so much bad luck to my owner that I end up being that mysterious pair of shoes that was tossed to the side of the road, first one, then the other a quarter mile further. Teenage boys go out of their way to run over me for points, thereby realizing my dream of checking out early from a manipulated suicide. Because I mean, who wants to be shoes?

  24. Do you have any unusual or special talents excluding your storytelling abilities?

    • I’m good with adolescents. It must be in the genes. One of my cousins runs a clinic that does nothing but get families back on track when a teenager has laid waste to the landscape. Another of my cousins was the person who established the national runaway hotline from New York.

      I spent an entire year writing a musical. I got as far as pitching it to producers in London, but gave it up when it became clear that investors don’t want to take a chance on new musicals – especially when the composer is unknown.

      You know I play Classic Rock (keys, rhythm guitar, vocals), but you probably don’t know that I was classically trained as a pianist (from age 5) and originally went to college with a piano performance scholarship.

      For fourteen years I’ve done all the illustrations for Seasons of the Witch. For a time my art was popular in Japan and I sold some original canvas paintings for nice chunks of change.

      I designed glam evening wear for about five years and had a New York showroom. My dresses were copied by the biggest names in the business and for years after I had moved on I would see my designs in movies or magazines.

      I have “card sense”. I use it for contract bridge and I have a once a month ladies’ poker night. I tried to talk them into pairing that with porn and cigars, but got voted down.

      I get along well with plants and animals like me. I’ve enjoyed many remarkable encounters with things in the woods.

      I grew up on horses and expect that I could still ride if pressed. I gave it up when my children started arriving because, if you hang out with animals that weight nearly a ton, sooner or later you’re gonna get hurt. Again. And have to do sheet time.

      You wouldn’t want to debate me. No. Really.

      Sometimes when I look back on my life it feels like I’ve had the equivalent of several lifetimes’ experience. I could go on with this, but I have to stop somewhere. I suspect that everyone of us has hundreds of things we could claim.

  25. I love the power of words, and you are a master with them!!!

    Ok, Disappointed as HELL in Ram for never making-love SLOWLY and Intimately with Elora before this book!!!! I KNOW he’s fun and sexy and light-hearted, but he also loves her to the ends of the Earth and back… Is he such an idiot NOT to realize she needs that kind of love also?!?! LOL Sorry, soap-box over. πŸ˜‰

  26. Are spoilers ok here???

  27. I loved the fourth book! I’m getting my dimensions a bit confused, though…maybe it’s time for a chart? LOL


      I am in the process of putting together a Perpetual Black Swan Compendium. I’m going to sell it on Smashwords and update the details with each new release. Once you buy it, you will be able to upload each revised version without ever paying more.

      I think adding a chart to that is a fabulous idea.;)

      • I love BOTH ideas, actually! That’ll be a big help as the story continues, for sure. I’m one of those readers who love to pour over ancestry charts when included with the book, so I know I’d be a huge fan of more background info….especially if it’s updated.

  28. I think a visit of the team to the deep south (i.e., GA so they can come see me or find me or rescue me) is in order!! hehehe

    • Maybe at some point in the future, there will be holographic romance novels that can be programmed and integrated to put you in the place of the heroine. Don’t know if I’ll live that long, but I suspect it’s coming.

  29. I cant wait to read more about Song & her romance with a Fae Prince.

  30. Sorry, Pam. You’re going to have to wait at least until Book 6 to get their story and it may be #7.

  31. What’s the outline for book 5 like???? (Pretty Please!?!?!) πŸ˜€

    • It’s in a letter sized doc. Black text. White background. There are words on the page.

      I will tell you one thing, but it won’t make you love me more. The tag line at the top of the cover says, “The smallest turn of fate…”

  32. More Storm & Litha! And Aelsong!

    I really enjoy this series (even if I am not as enamored of Ram/Elora as some others are). Your world building is fantastic! How do you keep it all straight?

    Oh- and Monq, more Monq!

    • When it comes to the inner circle of major characters, I don’t have to worry about the details. I know them like I know my own social security number. As to minor characters, names, places… I keep it in a document that I started compiling during the writing of this book. Eventually it will be made available to everybody. Hopefully that will be before the next release.

  33. Hi Victoria –

    I love character interviews. Do you enjoy doing them and is it difficult to do so long after you’ve finished writing the book?

    Thanks – Victoria

    • Hi Viki –

      It’s not at all hard to do interviews with Ram. I’m donig an interview with Glen tomorrow at Between The Bind for their stop on the release tour. We’ll see how that goes.

  34. I just discovered your books wow !!! Thanks again for all you do. πŸ™‚

  35. Hi Victoria

    Are there any plans to turn your books into either full length movies or a tv mini-series?

    • Gotta LOVE that question!!!

      It would probably surprise you that I get feedback on that subject pretty often. No offers though. So far none of them have been Hollywood or New York producers with checks.

      If HBO came calling, I would say there’s just not enough money to let them to do my serial what they did to Sookie.

  36. Wanted to add another comment of thanks and support. I love your work. So fresh and new. Not just more of the same old repeated stories. Keep up the great work so I can keep on following you…. πŸ™‚

  37. Thanks for the visit with Ram (heavy sigh). What a hunk. Nothing like a cocky Irishman.

  38. Just wanted to chime in and say your series is awesome and I can’t wait to get my hands on Moonlight! Best wishes for continued success in all of your endeavors! πŸ™‚

  39. Raonaid Luckwell

    If you could live in a book/literary world which one would you choose? And what would you do there? Would you be yourself? Or would you assume a character’s life?

    • I remember your name from the release of Book #3. If it’s yours, congratulations. If it’s a pseudonym, good choice.

      I would choose Loti Dimension, the world that is Black Swan and of my own making. I would step into the shoes of my supreme heroine and alter ego, Elora Laiken.

      Thank you for asking. You should probably be a therapist.

  40. When are we going to get to read Aelsong’s story. Really looking forward to it. Also, can’t wait for Moonlight. I have recommended this series to a number of friends that read paranormal fantasy.

  41. Thank you all for coming to the Pre-Release Party. You’ve helped me celebrate the ushering in of a new installment in the saga.

    Much fun. Until next time. πŸ˜€

  42. Hi, I was wondering if you could tell us about your non-fiction magickal works?

    • I was a semi-famous teacher of magickal arts before I was a fiction writer. One of my daughters now administrates the school so that I’m freed up to pursue PNR.

  43. Hello and congrats Victoria! Awesome interview with Ram. πŸ™‚ I may have missed you. I had to work late. πŸ™

  44. How have I not read this series? πŸ™‚ I must remedy that! If you could invite any fictional characters to a dinner party who would you invite? πŸ™‚

    • Istvan Baka, my beautiful vampire. Since he and I are both musicians and writers, we have a lot in common. I did graduate work in history. He lived through those times. Dinner wouldn’t be nearly long enough to cover the conversation.

    • Dear Amber –

      Just realized that was character(s) in the plural. I have to call no fair on that question because I could still be here next Tuesday making a list. πŸ˜€

  45. I haven’t read this series yet, but I did just get book one. I am looking forward to reading it.

  46. Love this series Can’t wait to read Book 4.. My Question is: Since Monq is a factor with the Black Swans and Elora’s Monq.. do u have any intentions of maybe having him finally have a love interest and some adventures.. Just in case cause he is a by the book and intelligent man always looking for answers for everyone else???

    • I have a feeling Monq will get a love interest….most likely someone from the “other” to totally confound him and make him feel less like the smartest person in the room. LOL

      • Ugh. Keyboards!

        If Monq gets a love interest, it’s going to have to be fan fiction. I strongly suspect that Monq is gay and, while I have nothing against M/M, I really don’t feel empowered to write it.

        • That’s ok too if Monq is Gay.. Love is Love and I like to think he is happy in his work and love life.. Ok just Bought Moonlight, so off to read this book before family starts coming over and wanting to have a cookout… Thank you again Victoria for the interview, questions and answers, but most of all for keeping our beloved characters going….

  47. Stacey A Smith

    How do you fit all the stuff you do and still have time to raise 4 kids?


      My kids are firecrackers. When I was raising them, there wasn’t time for ANYTHING else. If I got a bath in 24 hours, I was lucky.

      Now they’re grown and I’m trying to make up for lost time. Sometimes I get up at 2:30 am.

  48. Michelle Bledsoe

    Hi Victoria.
    I won books 1=3 a while back and love Micah’s story. I haven’t gotten to the other’s yet, but I am working my way to them. I recently added up all the books on my Kindle and I have over 1000 and counting. So I should get to them soon….LOL
    Thank you for a wonderful new world and characters for me to explore. Good luck with your new release. And give the guys a hug for me.

  49. Do these books have to be read in order or are they stand-alones?

    • This is a serial saga. Each book picks up where the last ended.

      Every book comes with WARNINGS! about reading in order. Still, I often get feedback from people who say things like, “I started with #2 or #3 anyway and didn’t have any problem following.

  50. What a fabulous interview thank you!!

  51. You come highly recommended by my sister, Ami C., Victoria πŸ™‚

    What made you decide that you had to become a writer? Did you know when you wrote My Familiar Stranger that it’d be a series?

    • YES. Book #1, My Familiar Stranger, was absolutely set up as the foundation for the series. That’s why it’s SO long and SO descriptive. It set the stage and the core characters.

  52. Do you have a favourite genre to read?

    • I spent my childhood on fairytales, my adolescence on classics and science fiction. Twenty years of adulthood went to non-fiction, academia, religious and mythological studies, and psychology/parapsychology.

      Now I read romance, paranormal or otherwise.

  53. It does seem you are multi-talanted. How do you choose you prioritize?

    • Usually by deadlines. It’s easiest to keep moving forward if I establish hard deadlines.

      Last Sunday I had 22 people for brunch in relation to Iron Man Texas which is run here in The Woodlands. Saturday afternoon I was forced to drop everything else and prepare for that.

      When I release a book, I usually publish the release date for the next which creates a put-up-or-shut-up situation.

  54. It’s officially the full moon and release day for MOONLIGHT. All four Black Swan books high up in Amazon’s Best Seller lists for paranormal romance and fantasy romance.

    Buy links are posted on the blog.

  55. What was your favorite childhood book?

  56. Have you ever written fan fiction? For what fandom?

  57. I love this series. With each book the pieces off a very large puzzle start to fit together. One of the pieces was noticeable missing in “Moonlight”. Will Jay be in the next book?

  58. I am new to your writing, but based on your one-on-one with Ram, and if he is like this in your books, it is definitely a storyline I want to read.

  59. Looks like a fun series!

  60. How does your publishing work affect your writing, and vice versa?

  61. What inspires you to write?
    Thanks for the giveaway! =)

  62. Just wanted to say your series sounds fantastic and I’ve added them to my wish list.

  63. Hi Victoria!!! What’s your favorite guilty pleasure? In the sense of something, you are almost embarrassed to admit you enjoy. Like, I love the Joan & Melissa Rivers reality show. Just kills me. πŸ™‚