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Hearts and Minds (The Gifted) by Marie TreanorFrom the secret diary of Dr. Jenna Hunt, clinical psychologist…

Got leave of absence sorted out, but, damn the boss, had to agree to a working holiday. Bad luck for me that Alan’s heard of Zavrekestan’s paranormal oddities, and will only let me have the time if I do some research while I’m there. Don’t give a damn about his new parapsychology obsession, only care about finding Nell. Still worried sick about her disappearance.

Made it to the capital, Zavrek. No sign of Nell, no leads from family. No leads to Rodion Kosar, the gangster she was last seen with. Still convinced this is the same man she told me about in Edinburgh before she left – the best sex she ever had. But everyone clams up if I mention his name, even in the seediest bars. Underlying sense of menace in this country. They’re building up for an election and their tyrannical president’s sick.

Been in dives you wouldn’t believe. Spent half my money on bribes and still no leads to Nell or Kosar. BUT have directions to an inn just over the Russian border – apparently safe refuge for the worst criminals because even cops afraid to go there. Wouldn’t go near it myself for anyone but Nell – it’s got to be my best hope so far of finding Kosar. Have taken sensible precautions – hired a guide and bought an unlicensed gun for my own protection.

This country just isn’t safe! Been to Russia, shot a man and re-entered Zavrekestan illegally with this guy I think might be Kosar. He’s gorgeous enough to be the best sex Nell ever had. Worse, I have the awful feeling he’d be the best sex I ever had. He’s rough and strange, and is the tiniest bit crazy – he actually seemed to enjoy being shot at and chased by the police. Also, he looks disarmingly like Jesus Christ, and somehow when he touches my hand I stop being afraid. Weird, right? Especially when I want him to touch a lot more than my hand. And now I have to share this shabby motel room with him. No time for more, he’s coming to bed…

Anyone care to guess Jen’s next diary entry?

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Smoke and Mirrors
Hearts and Minds

Excerpt from Hearts and Minds:

Darkness and light in one dangerous, irresistible stranger…

Down to earth psychologist Jenna Hunt arrives in obscure Zavrekestan to find her missing friend, Nell, last seen with notorious gangster Rodion Kosar. But nothing goes the way Jen intended. Complete strangers want to harm her. She shoots one man and travels with another who may or may not be the elusive Kosar, but who’s constantly pursued by armed secret police. Dangerous attraction flares, adding excitement as well as unexpected fun to her search.

But Jen’s dark, mysterious travelling companion is both gifted and cursed. A powerful healer with blood on his conscience and a terrible tragedy in his past, he’s now suffering agonies whenever he exercises his gift, and in this he’s not alone. As Jen is drawn deeper into his world of radical dissidents and the paranormally gifted, she discovers the terrors of a ruthless government which will stop at nothing to hold onto power. She finds herself risking all to help the very people she came to rescue Nell from, and neither common sense nor principles can keep her from the arms of the sexy, tormented Nikolai.

She clutched her hair in one shaking hand, staring down at the still figure. Fuck, I’ve just killed a man. With a gun I’m not supposed to own.

Easing herself away from the body, she stared at the gun, wondering wildly if she should ditch it. Wipe her fingerprints off it, drop it on the body, and run.

But all those people in the bar had seen her leave with him. She stood out like a sore thumb. And they must have heard the shot. She had only moments before they came charging out to investigate and discovered her standing over their friend’s body with a gun…

Self-defence, she reasoned with herself. Self-defence, reasonable force. All right, so she’d killed him, but no force less than killing was really going to stop him raping and murdering her.

So I’m in the clear…

Am I?

At home, maybe. This was rural Russia. A lawless, no-go border region where places like this were allowed to exist.

“I’m toast,” she whispered.

“Nonsense,” a man’s bracing voice said in English. “If you had to shoot the bastard, this is the best place to have done it.”

Jen whipped around to face the voice—which was deep, a little husky, and spoke with a faint but definite Russian accent. Or perhaps Zavreki; Jen couldn’t always tell the difference.

The voice’s owner stood just outside the pub door, regarding her from inside a dark hoodie. He seemed tall, and when he walked toward her, his movements were loose and easy, those of a young man. But Jen had learned a lot in the last half hour. Basically, this place operated on different rules from the ones she was used to. All the brains, effrontery, and psychological knowledge in the world couldn’t save her from these people. They would rather harm her than not.

She backed away as he advanced, gripping the little gun convulsively. She really didn’t want to have to use it again. Maybe she could just edge away to her car and drive like hell away from here. She needed more than her own wits to find Nell. She needed the British embassy to gain the cooperation of the Zavreki police, and maybe the Russians too. So she couldn’t wait around to face a murder charge, even in self-defence, could she?

She edged back from the approaching man, her gaze flickering to where her hired car waited several yards away like the Promised Land. The man, however, surprised her by stepping over the body before turning his back on her and crouching down to examine the man she’d shot. She glimpsed the newcomer’s hands, pale in the moonlight which gleamed down from the cloudless night sky, as he turned the body and ripped open the dead man’s shirt. Jen didn’t need to look away. She couldn’t see past him to the wound.

The newcomer in the hoodie flexed his long fingers on both hands, then shoved up his sleeves and seemed to do something with the body—perhaps straighten the clothes he’d just disarranged, it was hard to tell, for Jen’s attention was riveted now to the newcomer’s wrists and arms.

Tattoos. She couldn’t make out the designs, just splashes of colour, but undoubtedly they were tattoos. She could see brightness snaking up the paleness of his skin and disappearing into the sleeves of his hoodie.

Kosar. This had to be Rodion Kosar himself. He must have been here all the time, listening to her conversation with the bald man. She wished like hell she’d known that before she’d tried to get useless information from the poor bastard she’d just killed. She shuddered, then refocused on the man in the hoodie, from whom a weird sound was emanating—a cross between a hiss and a groan. His back was rigid. He gave another, almost inaudible grunt, and she stepped forward in instinctive concern more than alarm. But then he only breathed deeply and rose to his feet before turning to face her.

“You want Kosar,” he said casually. “I’ll take you.”

Jen closed her mouth. “Oh no. That’s what he said.” She jerked her head at the body behind him.

“Well, you’ve still got the gun,” he pointed out. “Come on. You can drive.”

Jen swallowed. Her gaze flickered down to the body. “What about him?”

“He’ll be fine.”

Jen stared. “I shot him! And I doubt he’s going to heaven.”

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“Marie Treanor lives in Scotland with her eccentric husband and three much-too-smart children. Having grown bored with city life, she resides these days in a picturesque village by the sea where she is lucky enough to enjoy herself avoiding housework and writing sensual stories of paranormal romance and fantasy.

Marie is the award winning author of over forty sexy paranormal romances – Indie, New York and E-published.”

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  1. Hey Marie!

    Thank you so much for being with us here today errr tonight. What time is it there in the UK?

    I am so thrilled to have you back again on BBB.

    My question for you today is Does it annoy you when people ask you what your “real job” is right after you tell them you write books for a living? LOL 🙂

    • Hi Rachel!

      Pleasure! Thanks so much for having me! It’s 5.45pm here – I thought just coming up to party time, but I misjudged, didn’t I? I’m late! 🙁

      Actually I usually don’t tell people I’m a writer – I’m secretive that way :). They probably think I’m really lazy and do nothing all day 🙂


  2. hi Marie,

    what is the hardest part to promote your books? and congrats on your release

  3. Congrats on the new release Marie.
    You can only pick 3 words to describe your main characters, what would they be?

  4. Phew – hi everyone! How fab to be back at BBB! Only I got caught on the hop there – suddenly remembered your clocks change the week before ours do and it’s probably past midday CT already! Sorry to arrive late and panting to the party, but delighted to be here 🙂


  5. Hi Marie!

    Do you have a soundtrack for your books?

    I am going to say major frustration will be the hallmark of the next entry. It would be to easy to have super fun smexy time happen just yet.

    No experiences with unconventional healers- just a few homeopathic remedies for small things.

    Barrons is my favorite. He is a force unto himself and just does what he needs to do- morality be damned.

    • Hi there, Kristin!

      Some of my books have a soundtrack. SMOKE AND MIRRORS and HEARTS AND MINDS were both written to the the music of one of my sons’ favourite bands, System of a Down – rock with a vaguely eastern quallity. I love it – chilling and moving and raucous 🙂

      You may be right about the diary entry – or not 🙂 Wouldn’t like to say and spoil the story :).

      Fab hero!


  6. Hi there, Kristin!

    Some of my books have a soundtrack. SMOKE AND MIRRORS and HEARTS AND MINDS were both written to the the music of one of my sons’ favourite bands, System of a Down – rock with a vaguely eastern quallity. I love it – chilling and moving and raucous 🙂

    You may be right about the diary entry – or not 🙂 Wouldn’t like to say and spoil the story :).

    Fab hero!


  7. Hello! If you could co-write a book with any author living or dead, who would you pick? Or would you go it alone anyway?

    • Hello, Marie!

      Difficult question! I do have very fixed ideas where I want my stories to go, so I’ve always been leery of writing partnerships! On the other hand, I have written four books with the very talented Bonnie Dee (adult Fairytale Fantasies, published with Samhain) that were great fun to write! Besides that, I feel I learned a lot from Bonnie, so I’d be an idiot to turn down the chance of working with other authors I reallly admire…

      My favourite author of all time is Scottish historical novelist Dorothy Dunnett, who sadly died a few years ago. I’d love to know how she worked, and be involved with anything she wrote. I also liove another completely different kind of author called Christopher Brookmyre, who writes satiricial thrillers set in Scotland, with loads of clever misdirection and humour…. And I’d happilyy write more books with Bonnie 🙂


  8. Author questions!

    Um… I think Jen’s next diary entry will be after one or both of them wakes up with screaming nightmares.

    I don’t have any real life experience with real life healers, but I frequently end up playing the Cleric in DnD!

    My favorite bad boy hero right now is Bucky Barnes because of things in the comics that might or might not be spoilers for the upcoming Captain America movie. Is it a spoiler if I don’t know if they’ll follow the comics?

    • Good answer, Marie, but I won’t tell you if you;re right or not 🙂

      Um… pardon my ignorance – Cleric in DnD????

      Ah well, good question! You never know how far films will follow the original stories…but then you might spoil it for people who hadn’t read so far ahead in the comics 🙂

      • The clerics are a priestly character class in Dungeons and Dragons. They frequently end up being the party healers.

        Given that what I’m thinking about happened in the late 70s or early 80s, I don’t think people get to complain about comic book spoilers. 🙂 But I shall stay quiet for the sake of any people who like the movies and don’t happen to know.

        • Ah, of course! Pardon my ignorance :).I never got into Dungeons and Dragons, although it does sound a little like World of Warcraft – my whole famiily were into that for a while and I remember the healing priests having to be taken on quests 🙂


  9. Given the tensions raised between Russia and Ukraine, do you see any political strife of that kind infused with your fiction Zavrekestan?

    • Hi Fox!

      Yes, the release of this book is really quite timely! Part of the plot was certainly inspired by an earlier incident in Ukraine – you’ll understand if/when you read Heart and Minds 🙂 – but yes, the unresolved tensions in that part of the world are definitely part of what’s going on my Zavrekestan – in a totally fictional way, of course 🙂


  10. Congratulations on the publication of Hearts and Minds! It sounds intriguing. Who are some of your favorite authors and how have they influenced your writing?

    • Hi Bonnie!

      Thank you! And I’m glad the new book intrigues you :).

      Wow, that is a big question :). I mentioned Dorothy Dunnett and Christopher Brookmyre earlier – I love subtlelty and humour that still manages to convey big emotions. Also Georgette Heyer for her evocation of a world, and romance with humour, Anne Rice for vampire snesuality – INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE really blew me away when I read it!

      There are loadsa more but I’ll leave it there just now and come back to it 🙂


  11. Author questions

    Jen’s next diary entry will be about the steamy night she spent together with the mysterious stranger.
    I don’t have any experience with unconventional healers.
    My favorite bad-boy hero is Acheron from Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunter series.

  12. Okay, Marie. So good to see you being promoted!!! I think that Jen’s next diary entry would be that she just realized that this guy she’s wish isn’t Kosar! No, I have no experience with unconventional healers. So far, Kosar is my favorite bad boy, but Nikolai is coming up fast!
    My question is, which book are you going to be writing next and from which series?

    • Hi Cindy! Lovely to see you here 🙂

      Another brilliant diary guess, though I won’t comment fuirther 🙂

      Aha, so Rodion from SMOKE AND MIRRORS got you, did he? :). I must admit I have a soft spot for him still. Although I do love Nikolai too…

      I’ve actually just started writing the third book of this series, The Gifted, but I’m not happy with the opening so I need time to think about it :). For my own curiosity, which is your favourite of all my series so far?


  13. What was your favorite book growing up?

  14. Where do you get all the ideas for your Books? I am about as good as writing as I am at drawing stick people. It just amazes me what you authors do and make it sound so easy to read.

    • Hi Helen!

      I love writing, but was hopeless at drawing – even my stick figures are bad :). I get ideas from anywhere and everywhere – a face on a train, a headline in a newspaper, something said in a film or a line in a book. Old houses, myths, superstitions. I’m never sure what will set off an idea. Sometimes they fall by the wayside, other times, they grow into plots and characters and full stories 🙂


  15. If you could do a crossover with any book, film, or TV show, what would it be and why?

    • Hi Trix!

      Not sure I know what you mean :). Do you mean my characters/stories involved in a different film or TV world? Interesting idea! Maybe Saloman and my Blood Hunters vampires could take on True Blood :).

      Do you have any ideas?


  16. I’m guessing that Jen’s next diary entry will be riveting, but too steamy to reproduce here…

    I personally haven’t had experience with unconventional healing, but in my area of California people do tend to discuss alternative medicine a lot.

    My favorite bad-boy hero is Lucky from Eden Winters’ Diversion series. He totally subverts the conventions of m/m romance (and romance in general): he’s not handsome, has a lot of faults, and is completely smartalecky. Yet he’s loyal and loving, brilliant at his job, and so sexy thanks to his quick wit!

  17. Raonaid Luckwell

    What do you think is the most important advice newbie writers and newbie authors should get?

  18. What actor do you think would be perfect to play the character on your cover?

    • Hi Laur!

      I don’t know! I’ve just started to think about it! Maybe Johnny Depp when he’s not hamming it up a la Captain Jack Sparrow :). Do you have any better ideas?


  19. Raonaid Luckwell

    Do you have any experience with unconventional healers or healing? No – when I was in college and this one class we were to design business cards and such for a horoculture. I know I misspelled it. We took a field trip to the place. It was unconventional healing but so neat. I can’t remember what it was she did. It was close to 15/16 years ago (I know because my son is gonna be sixteen soon)

    • I suppose some unconventional stuff, like acupuncture, has become almost mainstream. The really strange ones are the guys who seem to perform complicated operations with just their healing hands. Difficult to get your head around!


  20. Raonaid Luckwell

    Anyone care to guess Jen’s next diary entry
    Umm, I have no clue… How about an erotic naughty dream she’s had?

  21. Raonaid Luckwell

    Who’s your favourite bad-boy hero and why?
    Only one that is coming to mind is Vegita from DBZ. Though he’s reluctantly helping the good guys.
    Tony Stark/Iron Man. he’s a bad boy hero type right?

  22. Party on, guys :). I’m going to grab a few hours sleep and catch up with the fun in the morning (my morning :)) . See you then!


  23. I am currently reading one of your books on my Kindle, and I am really enjoying it. Do you have a favorite book that you have written? Or a favorite series you have written that I should definitely check out? I am currently reading Serafina and the Silent Vampire.

    • Hi Susan!

      Thanks for reading SERAFINA AND THE SILENT VAMPIRE!

      To be honest, I think they’re all favourites while I’m writing them :). I do like the Serafina’s series because there’s that bit more humour in them – for me, anyway 🙂 There are two more in the Serafina’s series, if you enjoy this one, and another coming in May!

      The Gifted series is a bit more intense and action-packed – which again I enjoy when I’m writing them!

      For vampire stories, the Awakened by Blood trilogy is my homage to the old Dracula films and of course to Bram Stoker! I still love SAloman, my all powerful vampire awakened from his eternal agonies and tamed (a little bit!) by love of his awakener :). The Blood Hunters series is also set in this world.

      Thanks for asking, Susan! I should probably stop now 🙂


  24. do u find it tiresome to write about vampires? i hope u and other authors dont, cause i for one cant seem to get my fill!!!! loved vampires since i was a child, going to the drive-ins w/my mother. thank u for ur works!

    • Hi Laura!

      No, if I found it tiresome, I don’t think I could write convincingly enough for anyone to want to read it :). Like you, I love vampire stories and enjoy writing them as much as reading them. It’s a full genre, but there are always new angles to play up, I think 🙂

      And you’re very welcome 🙂


  25. I love novel length stories but I have recently discovered serial novels. Have you ever considered publishing a serial novel?

    • Hi Jen!

      It’s an interesting idea, but no, I haven’t seriously considered it. I think I would have to write the whole novel first, because bevause by the time I’d got to the end, I’d want to change stuff at the beginning – which would be difficult if people had already bought the beginning :).

      On the other hand, I wouldn’t rule it out 🙂 I’d like to read Meljean Brook’s Iron Seas serial too…


  26. Hi, I was wondering if you have scheduled times of day when you write, or if you just take it up when ideas strike? Is word count or timing (such as blocking out 3 hours to write) more important to you?

    • Hi Bethany!

      I have three kids, one of whom’s still at primary school,so I tend to fit my writing around her. I write while she’s at school. and also first thing in the mornings before I get up :). And weekend mornings have begun to be consumed by writing too!

      My house is too chaotic to block out certain times in stone but I do try to write at least 3,000 words a day. Of course when I;m editing or promoting, that doesn’t work :). And other times, when I’m well into a book, I can write 5,000 or 6,000 words in a day. Part of the beauty for me is flexibility.

      Thanks for asking 🙂


  27. I couldn’t begin to guess the next diary entry. How do you choose your character names? Your gangster Rodion Kosar for example.

    • 🙂 Well, I won’t tell you anyway :). Hi Mary!

      Sometimes names just come to me. Other times, I go hunting for one that seems to fit my character. For Rodion, I wanted a Russian name, and I rather liked that one. I found his surname on a handy website of Russian names – I wanted one that was short and just a little different from the usual Russian-sounding -ov or -sky names, because after all Rodion himself is quite different!


  28. what you favorite part about being a writer?

    • Hi Stacey!

      My favourite bit is the actual writing, having the stories and the characters in my head and getting them down on paper (or computer file anyway 🙂 ).


  29. Hi! 🙂 This is probably a very unimaginative question, but has your picturesque village by the sea inspired any books that you have written? 🙂


    • and your questions –

      next entry – lordy, certainly better be what it sounds like it could very well be, or I’m going to be utterly disappointed! LOL

      unconventional healers or healing – nope.

      bad boy – this kind of does pretty much change with each new book that I read and love… right now it could very well be one from Jaci Burton, but I haven’t gotten too far into it just yet. But yeah, I seem to have a very huge harem going on here… good thing they are all fictional! LOL


      • 🙂 Well it might be, Lois, but I can’t possibly give the game away here 🙂

        And I’m with you on those bad boys! Non-fictional might make for a very complicated life 🙂


    • Hi Lois – not at all unimaginative! And yes, it’s inspired bits of stories, if not the basic ideas. I’ve set certain things here without naming the village – Via’s home in THE DEVIL AND VIA for example, and the Scottish house where Rodion and his guys are hiding out when Nell first meets them in SMOKE AND MIRRORS.


  30. Answer Authors Questions
    1. Going to skip
    2.I wish could yous one right now in my Fibromyalgia is driving me crazy.
    3.Acheron =why don’t no why just love him.

    • 1. Feel free! 🙂
      2. Oh dear – sympathy :(. Have you tried alternative medicine? Which might be easier to find than “faith healers”… Whatever, I hope you get some relief soon!
      3. Don’t need a reason to love 🙂


  31. What movies and books (other than your own) are you most excited about being released in 2014?

    • Ha! I wish 🙂

      Hi Lisa! To be honest, I’m not very sure what’s coming out this year! I love movies but I’m a bit erratic in keeping track – I tend to go by whatever grabs my attention, and it’s usually out by then! I did notice The Grand Budapest Hotel being advertized and that sounded fun 🙂


  32. Is there some of your personality in any of your characters?

    • Hi Fawn!

      Yes, probably in all of them! None of them ARE me, obviously – I’m just not that brave or adventurous 🙂 – but there’s always some of me in there – probably whether I want there to be or not – even if it’s just how they understand things or react to emotion. Most of my characters are a mix of people and imagination.


      • I think I would have a hard time not putting a little piece of myself in my favorite character if I was in your shoes…. I’m sure everyone wants to be able to relate like that.

        • Yes. I think that’s part of what makes writing such a personal thing, and why perfectly valid criticism of your book can seem like a knife in the heart :). One of the many things I had to learn was how to stand back a little and separate myself from my book-baby 🙂


  33. Do you have a favourite genre to read?

  34. What was the first book that you really loved?

  35. Hello! When you began writing your book was there anything taken out in editing that you wish you could have left in?

    • Hello, Sarah!

      Actually, no, in this case, I don’t think there was! In any case, if I felt strongly enough, I’d have left it in anyway :). One of the beauties of self-publishing! Although to be honest, I’ve rarely disagreed with an editor to that extent…


  36. Did you research psychology to better write the book?
    Did you research the paranormal? Do you believe in ghosts?

    • Hello, Penelope!

      I didn’t research psychology for the book, although I have studied the subject very generally in the past. The paranormal in my stories is pretty much all from the imagination. I’ve never seen a ghost, but I’m not sure anyone necessarily would – I could believe in them 🙂


      • Marie,
        As a writer myself I am always curious how much research goes into a book, I tend to research a lot, but that’s because I want a certain level of information on some things…which is scary considering I write horror.
        I am one of the rare people who have seen a ghost, actually two in my life, both were seen by multiple people…so I know I am not 100% crazy, only 99.5% crazy.

        • 🙂 99.5 is pretty good where I come from 🙂

          Interesting that you’ve actually seen ghosts – I can imagine that would inspire more paranormal research. My paranormal romances are imagination driven – any research is usually to do with setting, although I’m always interested in people’s experiences, which can inspire so unexpectedly!

          Thanks for stopping in to chat!


  37. Hi Marie,

    I was wondering what your favorite paranormal movie is. Do you like zombies, vamps, maybe the Exorcist?

    • Hello there, Heatwave!

      Oddly enough I never really got into The Exorcist, although it is a great story. Zombies – loved Sean of the Dead :). I suppose vampires have to be my favourites! Loved Bela Lugosi’s Dracula, and Christopher Lee’s! But my favourite is probably Bram Stoker’s Dracula with Gary Oldman – the attraction/romance is so much stronger. Love that 🙂


  38. Do the story lines for your characters come easily to you or do you have to work hard to decide where your characters will end up? Who is the most difficult character you have ever written?

    • Hi Carly!

      Some of them come easier than others! The hardest was probably Konrad, the hero of BLOOD DESCENT – I’d made him so unlikeable in previous books that it was quite hard to save him without changing his character! I had to learn to like him myself first – finally found a way through his heroine, who’s one of my favourite characters 🙂


  39. 1) Next Diary Enter: “Dear Diary, Today I’m getting a tattoo. Let’s just say I’ve been inspired. ;)”

    2) Healers: When I was a kid my parent’s thought they were taking me to see a podiatrist for my arches but we ended up at an acupuncturist by mistake…. let’s just say my Dad wasn’t impressed! Later in life I went to see a Healing Touch practitioner for migraine headaches. It actually helped!

    3) Bad Boy Hero: This one is easy. Alphonse from Through the Window by Hollis Shiloh. He’s the kind of hero you love to hate!

    • 1) LOL! Great answer!

      2) Interesting! Does it still help? Did you have to go back or did one visit last, as it were?

      3) Thank you! Will have to track him down!


      • The healing touch did help, and would last as long as I could keep the stress level of my life down. I get migraines from tension. The practitioner I used to see moved out of state though and I never found another one locally. 🙁

  40. IF you could have dinner with three folks living, dead, real, or imaginary who would they be and why.

  41. 1. I was right he was the best sex I’ve ever had.
    2. no experience at all
    3. Zarak from Sk Dark Hunter’s series cause he a badboy but he’s got a soft touch with those he care about.

  42. What books have you read in the last year that you would absolutely reccommend and what 2014 books are you most looking forward to?

    • Hi Vanessa!

      Hmm. The ones that made the biggest impression on me were Kate Rothwell’s THANK YOU, MRS. M, and Jennifer Ashley’s THE MADNESS OF LORD IAN MACKENZIE. Also enjoying Meljean Brook’s Iron Seas novellas.

      I’m not watching for any in particular, just grabbing what catches my eye!


  43. Answer this Question from Marie: Anyone care to guess Jen’s next diary entry?
    Hopefully something naughty!

    Answer this Question from Marie: Do you have any experience with unconventional healers or healing?
    Yes. Although in the PNW, home of Bastyr University, we think of them as pretty normal….

    Answer this Question from Marie: Who’s your favourite bad-boy hero and why?
    Hmmm. 1st one to come to mind is Roarke, there are dozen’s more, but I’m going with impulse.

    • LOL! You;re probably right.

      Intriguing! Tell me more!

      I’m with you on Roarke! 🙂


      • Here in the PNW a lot of “alternative” healing techniques are just standard. Many homeopathic, acupuncture and etc are actually mandatory for insurance to cover per state law. Bastyr is pretty much the largest school of it’s kind and has become extremely well established. The have all kinds of training and all our major hospitals offer midwives and etc.

  44. Anyone care to guess Jen’s next diary entry?
    It will be about the steamy night she spent together with the stranger.

    Do you have any experience with unconventional healers or healing?
    nope not a bit

    Who’s your favourite bad-boy hero and why?
    It’s JD Robb’s Roark, cause even though he has more or less gone the straight and narrow path for Dallas, that bad boy is still right under the surface and will pop out if or when necessay

  45. I’m curious, do you play any music while you write, if so, what?

    • Hi Liz,

      I don’t always listen to music when I write – sometimes I prefer silence, other times I like the music for mood, so it depends what I’m writing what I want to listen to. Writing this book, I listened to a lot of rock music – my hero used to play in one, so I imagined the kind of music he’d have played 🙂


  46. Hi Marie –
    Do you keep a ‘book bible’ for each of your books/series (aka ‘style guide’), in order to keep track of each character’s description and traits to keep everything consistent? Assuming you do, do you hand write this or put it on the computer? If you use the computer, do you use an app or program or use your own set-up?

  47. No, I do not have any experience with unconventional healers or healing.