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Blood of Angels (Book 2 of the Blood Hunters Series) by Marie TreanorWounded hunter, damaged vampire…

Could be a recipe for black comedy slapstick, couldn’t it? :).

And I suppose there is a moment when  Blood of Angels comes close to that! Picture our sexy, vampire heroine, Angyalka, who’s just spent an intriguing hour with insatiably curious convalescent hunter, Istvan (who almost died in Blood Eternal). Angyalka isn’t sure which she wants more: revenge for his besting her publicly in a previous encounter (Blood on Silk); or blood and sex. Either way, she considers him her prey, so when she sees him being attacked outside her nightclub, she’s furious. Because the situation is impossible either to ignore or to mend.

Although once a formidable fighter, Istvan is too weak right now to beat off more than a paper bag; and Angyalka can’t let him be killed for political as well as personal reasons. And yet she can’t leave the club in order to help him either – she hasn’t been outside it for over a hundred years.

I won’t tell you how she resolves this dilemma – much more fun to read it for yourself J – but the black humour isn’t lost on either protagonist!

On one level,  Blood of Angels is all about finding alternative sources of strength. Istvan finds his through Angyalka.

Angyalka’s attitude to power is more complicated. She hides both her weakness and her unusual strengths. And yet she’s drawn to might in others. That Istvan has bested her makes him irresistible to her, and by his inventive genius he can always manufacture moments of greater power for himself. His trick is to make Angyalka accept and enjoy such moments, to revel in his sexual domination and her own surrender, and yet still strive to overcome her secret vulnerability.

Anyway, I’m thrilled to be back at Bitten by Books, celebrating my newest release – thanks for joining me! I’d love to know your views on a few things:

Author Bio:

Marie Treanor lives in Scotland with her eccentric husband and three much-too-smart children. Having grown bored with city life, she resides these days in a picturesque village by the sea where she is lucky enough to enjoy herself avoiding housework and writing sensual stories of paranormal romance and fantasy.

Marie has published more than twenty ebooks with small presses, (Samhain Publishing, Ellora’s Cave, Changeling Press and The Wild Rose Press), including a former Kindle bestseller, Killing Joe. Blood on Silk: an Awakened by Blood novel, was her New York debut with NAL.

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Learn more about Marie Treanor here:
Read reviews of the author’s work here.


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  1. What was your favorite childhood book?

    • Hi Dovile!

      It depends which part of my childhood! But I think overall, it was probably Little Women 🙂


      • That is my all time favorite book ever. I have a paperback and I have read it so many times that my book is literally falling apart. I got it as a present one year from my parents and to this day it is my favorite present I ever got.

        • Wonderful, Shannon! I haven’t read it since I was a kid, but it made such an impression on me, I used to get friends to “play” it with me at school and at home :). And I did cry my eyes out for Beth!


  2. Hello from a cold, wet, windy Scotland! Thrilled to be back in the warmth of Bitten by Books :). How are you? Hope the weather’s being kind, wherever you are! Looking forward to chatting with you!


  3. Thanks for chatting with us, Marie. I loved the Awakened by Blood series.

    Question: Will Konrad be the hero of the third book in this series?

    • My pleasure, Lauren, and thanks so much! Delighted you enjoyed the Awakened by Blood trilogy!

      Harder question that it looks :). Konrad is ONE of the main characters of the third book, but he’s a troubled man, and needs more than one book to sort him out :).


  4. Who are some of your favorite paranormal authors?

  5. Have you ever written fan fiction? For what fandom?

  6. Author’s Question – Angels

    Yes, I believe in angels. Sometimes I can even feel that I am being protected by a guardian angel. Stories of angels can even be found in the Bible.

  7. Hi! 🙂 Ooh, Scotland – pretty! 🙂 Is there any place you’d love to visit, especially with the idea of setting a story there?


    • Your questions —

      female vampires – well, ultimately I would say whatever is needed for the story the author is writing. I would be inclined to stay stronger, always, but that might not be the best thing for that particular story, and that must come first.

      inner strength – I’m still trying to figure out if I have any, but from myself if I do. 🙂

      angels – well, no matter the connotation (religious or not), not really.


    • Hi Lois!

      Some of it certainly is – like most places, I expect :).

      I’ve always wanted to visit Russia and would love to set a story there – the nearest I’ve got so far is a fictional ex-Soviet republic :). And I really have to go to America one day, since I’ve already set part of a book there by mere Internet research :).


  8. Author’s Question – Inner Strength

    I think my inner strength comes from all three sources – spirit, faith, and loved ones.

  9. Author’s Question – Female Vampires

    Definitely stronger!

  10. Angels Question – I would like to say yes, but the realist in me says no.

  11. Inner strength question – family and friends

  12. Female vampires question – heroes and heroines should be equals and that applies to vampires too.

  13. hi Marie, thanks for coming agian to share info about your books 🙂 sound like a fun read 🙂



  16. JESUS

  17. i love your style of writing and i have two questions of all you books which were hardest and which was your fav ?

    • Hi Helene – thank you so much!

      Hard questions, though!!! I think the hardest is actually the one I’m working on now, the third Blood Hunters book. Not sure why – maybe I’m trying to get too much into it and I need to simplify it a little – but something’s not quite working! Or maybe I always think the current book is the hardest :).

      My favourite IS nearly always the one I’ve been working on! Because I get so involved in the characters’ story I’m convinced it’s the most wonderful thing I’ve written :). Some do stand the test of greater time, but they vary according to my mood.

      Do you have a favourite, Helene?


  18. Happy release day!

  19. Thanks for being here! So what’s your favorite scene in Blood of Angels?

    • My pleasure, Lesley – thank you for coming too 🙂

      My favourite scene from Blood of Angels… hmmm, maybe the sex scene where Istvan ties Angyalka to the bed, and all the range of emotions she goes through. Mind you, I also like the one where he entices her onto the roof and distracts her from her fears and makes her cry – in a good way 🙂


  20. Happy release day! Stupid question but milk or dark chocolate / coffee or tea?

  21. Do you wear nail polish? What is your favorite color? I find that I bite my nails far too much to wear any 😐

    • Hi Steph!

      No, I haven’t worn nail polish for years! I’m lucky if I can remember to cut or file my nails, never mind make them PRETTY :).

      But my daughter, who’s only nine and gets phases of girliness, has some of a particularly beautiful shade of dark green. Actually, I enjoy looking at the amazing designs of people’s nails these days, but I’m just not patient enough to do it myself!


  22. What book do you wish you had written or thought of first? 🙂

    • The ones that made big money like Harry Potter and Fifty Shades :). More seriously, I was blown away by Meljean Brook’s Iron Duke and did get a twinge of envy that I hadn’t thought of such a such an amazing world with such brilliant characters. Sigh. Never mind, I get all the pleasure of reading them :).


  23. Well, I’m going to grab a few hours sleep and come back in the morning! Look forward to answering more comments and questions then!


  24. I love the characters names. Where did you get the inspiration for them? Book sounds awesome!

    • Morning, Angela!

      Thank you! The names are Hungarian, like the characters. Being a traditionalist, I’ve set the centre of vampire activity in eastern Europe :).


  25. What is your favourite genre to read?

    • Hi Cheryl,

      I like to read in different genres. I do love paranormal romance, but I also like historical, suspense, science fiction and fantasy – with and without romance! – and indeed any intriguing story that’s well written!


  26. Happy release day! What are some must-see sights in Scotland, as far as you’re concerned?

    • Thanks, Julie!

      Goodness! Scotland’s a small country, but there’s a lot of variety in scenery, architecture etc. You would have to visit Edinburgh, see the castle and other historical attractions. Fab museums and art galleries there and in Glasgow too. And you should check out the wonderful scenery in the Borders and the Highlands and Islands – interesting castles etc up there too. Back in the lowlands, I also have a soft spot for St. Andrews, and Dunfermline Abbey…

      There’s lots more, but I;m going to leave it there! 🙂


  27. How do you avoid housework? =D

    • :)By doing other things like writing and reading and walking away :).

      Of course, it can’t ALL be avoided for very long. Washing and dishes do need dealt with, and you’ll be glad to know I do feel obliged to feed my children. Ignoring the rest for long periods comes at the price of an untidy, chaotic house, but whenever it depresses me, I do take time off the writing and reading to beat it back into submission. I can then avoid it again quite successfully for some time :).


  28. I believe that angels are real to other people. My beliefs are pretty much that if you honestly believe in something, it’s real.

  29. Which has been your favorite character to write? Which character has been the hardest to write?

    • Hi Susan,

      My favourites change with whoever I’m writing about! I suppose Saloman from the Awakened by Blood trilogy and the Blood Hunters series, stands out just because he’s such a huge and powerful personality, and he’s great fun to write for that reason. And of course Angyalka and Istvan are up there :).

      The hardest to write… probably Konrad in the third Blood Hunters book which I’m writing now. He’s such a mixed up, angry person that it’s hard getting at the good, strong man underneath!


  30. Sorry I’m late to the party… I thought I’d throw out a writer’s question. What was the hardest thing for you to master in your writing– dialog, POV, emotion etc.?

    By the way, I always love your covers because they are so striking:)

    • Hello, Brenda!

      You’re not late at all – the nice thing about BBB parties is they go on for so long and everyone can drop in when their time zone and commitments allow :). Glad you made it!

      Good question – you’re making me think and scratch my head :). I think the hardest for me is probably showing an emotion rather than telling it. I have a long-standing love of obvious adverbs that my editor is still forcing me to wrestle with :). I wouldn’t say I’d mastered it, but I hope I’m getting better :).

      So glad you like the covers! I have been very lucky with a lot of mine, and with the most recent ones, I think Kimberley Killion has done a wonderful job!


  31. Hi there! Have any news about any of your books going audio?

  32. I’m late to the party, but wanted to say congrats on the release! I just picked up Blood of Angels, can’t wait to check it out!

  33. My inner strength comes from my past experiences, mistakes and triumphs. They have taught me and molded me into who I am, how to rely on my self and know when to lean on others (along with being someone others can turn to).

  34. I do believe in angels, there’s so much out there in the world we can’t explain, how can there not be angels? Of course if you watch ancient aliens like I do, everything can be explained due to aliens!! 🙂

  35. As for my strength, I think I’m a strong person on my own, but if I’m feeling down I can always turn to my family. Family is one of the most important things.

    As for female vampires, that’s a tuff one. I think women are stonger than men in a lot of things. When it comes to vampires I think women would def be stronger.

    • forgot to add I think it would make a great story to have a stronger female. But I think there are great stories where the men and women are equal, too. I guess it depends on each individual storyline.

      • Exactly, it HAS to depend on the story. In BLOOD OF ANGELS, Angyalka, being a vampire, is physically stronger than Istvan, but he has other strengths. And it turns out she has some she’s never explored :).


    • Yss, I can relate to the importance of family, Joani!

      About strength of women, I take your point – and some of it’s in the definition of strength!


  36. I’m intrigued by the powers your characters have. I like this about paranormals. Their special traits keeps things interesting.

  37. I believe in angels. I believe something guides me or visits my consciouness. I’ve never experienced an angel encounter but there are people who claim they have, and miracles.

    My strengths and beliefs come from my love ones. They help shape who I am.

    I like for female vampires to be equal to their loves and balance them out. They can have weaknesses but also strenths to counter them. Likewise their partners can have strengths and weaknesses but being together helps them.

    • That’s nice, Na – thanks for sharing!

      And about vampire strengths and weaknesses, I agree it’s all about balances, just like with real people, except there’s more to play with :).


  38. I’m also curious about the names of your characters. Are they real names (that are foreign to Westerners) or did you make them up entirely? Are all the characters named so colorfully or are there any Annas or Bills?

    • Hi Bethany!

      Yes, most of them are real names, common in the countries the characters are meant to come from. Istvan and Angylaka are Hungarian, Mihaela is Romanian – so is Dmitriu, (although that one’s a bit of a corruption!). But I do have some plain western-sounding names in there too :). Elizabeth, John, Cynthia, Robbie…


  39. Female vampires- They should be equally as strong for a good story.

  40. Hi,

    do you pursue any other creative outlets?

    • Morning, Mary!

      I love music and film and theatre but mostly by observation rather than doing the creating :). The creative seems to all come out in writing!


  41. Welcome back to BBB, Marie!

    Are there any subjects, topics, or beings that you have considered writing about byt just haven’t gotten around to yet?

    • Thanks, Carol! Nice to see you again too 🙂

      Goodness, yes. To name but a couple, I would like to write a thorough new steampunk world (I have written one steampunk, but it was episodic and really the incursion of an alien into our world at different times). And I keep coming back to a different kind of vampire…



    • Hi Lisa! How are you?

      Hmmm, I’m not much of a planner, so I tend just to grab whatever gets my attention, especially by my favourite authors, but I don’t keep track of release dates.

      One film I DO want to see is Les Miserables – I’ve seen it on stage a couple of times and I love the music!

      What about you?


  43. If you could live in any time period, when would it be?

    • Goodness, there are loads I’d love to VISIT – medieval Scotland, Renaissance Italy, 17th century England… But the sensible part of me knows I’m much better off living in the present :). I would love to time travel, so long as I could come home 🙂


  44. – Where does your inner strength come from? Your own spirit? Religious faith? Loved ones?

    from the love of my family

  45. – Do you believe in angels, and why?

    I think there’s a pretty good possibility. Just watch the news someimes and you will see angels at work

  46. And what about female vampires? Should they be stronger or weaker than their lovers to make a good story?

    Well of course, in real life women are often the stronger one. Anything is acceptable if it makes a good story.

  47. my ? is do you ever fill like moving to a warmer place to live or do you like the cold weather where you live?

    • Hi Stacey!

      Absolutely, I do :). I think my ideal would be to have two homes (because secretly I do like Scotland too :)), one somewhere on the Mediterranean or Aegean to escape too when the skies get too grey and depressing at home :). What about you?


  48. I used to believe in angels, and I guess I still kind of do, because I like the idea that they exist.

  49. Hmm, my inner strength… Definitely not from religion, as I’m not into it. My loved ones are a support just by being there for me. And I also always remind myself that however bad things might look, they will get better someday.

  50. I think female vampires should be a bit weaker when compared to male vampires, unless the book has established that the older the vampire the stronger it is, then it would depend on their ages.

  51. Well, I think my chat time is officially up, but I will keep checking in to answer any more comments until the contest’s over. As always, I want to thank Rachel and Bitten by Books for being such fabulous hosts. And of course, thanks to everyone who came along to help me celebrate the release of BLOOD OF ANGELS – great talking to you!


  52. Hi Marie,

    Happy (belated) release day! I love covers and their reflection of the book and the author. How much of your cover did you get input in?


    • Thanks, Biki!

      Because I’m self-publishing this series and buying my cover art direct, I have much more say in the design than I would have at most publishers. On my request, Kimberly Killion came up with the design of Blood Guilt as something in the elegant style of the Awakened by Blood trilogy, and yet different, and I loved it! And we agreed Blood of Angels should follow the same style, using the same fabulous purple.

      So I suppose I had a vague, unformed idea of what I wanted. Kim supplied the form and the artistic flair :).


  53. I do believe in angels; there’s no reason or basis but I do.

    My inner strength comes from my love for my family and those I’m really close to. I’m sure part of it is also just my spirit and appreciation for life, with its ups and downs, but I try to keep an open mind on the events that occur and just roll with it. It takes a lot of effort to hold onto the negative emotions so I’ll let it go whenever possible.

    A weak heroine rarely makes a good story for me. They become hard to relate to and to empathize with so I’ll stop reading a book if the heroine or hero is too lame, for lack of a better word. The heroine needs to be strong in some sense otherwise there really isn’t a story.

  54. Do you have any wish to try your hand at m/m?

    • Hi Trix!

      Good question. It has crossed my mind, because it is a very popular genre, and I have read some very moving m/m romances – lots of different conflicts to play with there. I might get to it one day, but for now, I have difficulty thinking myself enough into the right POV and I’m not sure I could do it convincingly. Much, for me, like BDSM romance – I can appreciate reading it, but can’t really relate to it enough as a writer. Or at least, not yet :).


  55. Do your story ideas ever come to you in dreams?

    • Hi Sherry!

      Yes, odd bits of dreams can slip into my stories, or even inspire them. THE DEVIL AND VIA and SMOKE AND MIRRORS both owe something to dream fragments :).


  56. What is your favorite part of the story process?

    • Hi Donna!

      I think when the story begins to flow and the characters start taking ME forward from my vague plan for them. They may start going in directions that make my life more difficult, but it keeps me on my toes, and keeps me excited about the story. I love that :).


  57. Do you believe in angels, and why?
    – I do, just something I have always felt was there

  58. And what about female vampires? Should they be stronger or weaker than their lovers to make a good story?

    – neither really. It should be proportionate to what they were before they became a vamp.

  59. What is the best thing you have ever done in the name of research?

    • The best thing? Goodness, I wish I could say I had somehow benefitted humanity – or even one person! – by my research, but sadly it only ever benefits me and my story :).

      In the sense of most fun… well, I often use knowledge I already have, or settings I visit for other reasons. So I suppose visiting Romania and Hungary (many years ago!), Italy and Turkey must be up there :).

      We won’t discuss romantic research 🙂


  60. congrats on your new release sounds like another winner.

  61. I would like to believe in angels but i’ve not seen any evidence of one. Since my mom passed when I was young 17 actually I’d like to think that if she was able i’d have seen some sign of her.

    • I suppose that’s the thing about faith – we shouldn’t need evidence, but being human, we often do! I’d like to think my parents are somehow still in touch with my life too, and know how often I think of them.


  62. I think my inner strength comes from a combo of things my faith that there is a god, my spirit and the inheriting the strength of the folks that came before me.

  63. Female vamps I think they need to be strong enough. At least not to be weak and whiny and dependent on their partner.

  64. Sounds twisty. But… how come she cannot leave the club?

  65. I do believe in Angels. Why? Faith and logic that all the stories that developed all over the world did not come from nowhere.

  66. Inner strength can certainly be strengthened by faith, loved ones, and other outside forces… but ultimately the core has to come from you… your passion, spirit, soul, brain, heart, gut… whatever you call it.

  67. Female vampires can be stronger or weaker than their lovers to make a good story. It all depends on the lover.

  68. I avoid housework, too, but instead of writing, I’m reading 🙂

    Enjoyed your Awakened by Blood books!

    • Well done, Beth! Life’s too short and there are too many books in the world to waste one’s time on dull old housework 🙂

      Very glad you enjoyed the Awakened by Blood trilogy – hope you like the sequels too!


  69. I do believe in angels because I feel like I’ve been saved several times by them.
    Once I was on a scooter in a foreign country and I looked up, there were no cars coming, I rode out into the street and was very narrowly missed by a bus. I know I didn’t see it when I looked at the traffic, it was just suddenly there but I swear, an angel saved me from what would have been certain death. I felt it at the time and believe it to this day!

  70. My inner strength comes from within but I also get a boost from my family.

  71. I like female vampires to be strong but they should be equally matched with their partners. There shouldn’t be a one up game. They should each have their own strengths and weaknesses that balance each other.

  72. Okay, you are a new author to me so of course the series is definitely new to me. Thank you Bitten By Books for introducing me to another author that I need to add to my TBR list.
    My question is how many books are there going to be in this series or is this the last one?

    • Authors Questions –
      – I do believe in angels. I lost my brother when he was a young 34 and he had a 5 and an 8 year old at the time and they have told many stories about seeing him and feeling his presence when they were little so I definitely think he is their guardian angel.
      – My inner strength comes from all of the above. I was raised to be a really strong women by my parents. I was also raised to trust in my faith and beliefs. Also I have an amazing firefighter husband and five beautiful children that give me all the strength in the world.
      – Yes, female vampires should be stronger because a kick butt women in books is always refreshing from the amount of weakness they are shown in movies and television.

      • Hi Shannon – lovely to meet you!

        No, this won’t be the last book in the series! Not sure how many more there will be – originally I planned three books, but other ideas have taken hold and now I’m pretty sure there will be at least five…

        How sad to lose your brother when he was so young, and I’m sure it must be a great comfort to think of him still looking after his family. I have heard that children are much more open to such experiences than adults, who’ve trained themselves to rationalize, perhaps too much.

        Shannon, I think you must give as well as receive that strength!

        Good point too about female vampires – although I think there are a few more good butt-kicking female roles in film and tv than there used to be. Books will have led the way :).


  73. Marie! I just finished BLOOD SIN and am absolutely intoxicated by the whole series… I just started the third book, and am looking forward to your newest series!

    Q: How much of your real life is written into your fictional stories? (Do you know any real vampires in real life? Can you introduce me to them???)

    Much love,
    Karielle Stephanie

    • Hi Karielle,

      Thank you! Delighted you enjoyed BLOOD SIN and the rest of the series, and hope you like the sequels as much :).

      Hmm, afraid I’m not acquainted personally with any vampires (although if I was, I confess I’d probably keep it to myself :)). Apart from that, I suppose there’s some of my own character in the ones I write about, and I use places I’ve been as settings for the stories. But characters and any events based on reality, are usually a mish-mash of lots of different people and happenings. Plus a very large doze of imagination :).


  74. Have you done an university or a course about how to write?

  75. How many books are u planning for this next part of the series?