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The Warlock's Curse by M.K. HobsonPlease join me in welcoming author M. K. Hobson as she guest vlogs, chats about her latest release The Warlock’s Curse

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Author Bio:

By night, I don a cape and mask and fight crime.

Actually, I don’t fight crime. But I do have a secret identity. I’m a writer. I write all the time—on the computer, in paper journals, on the backs of receipts, on the silky unscarred flesh of my many beautiful manslaves. When I’m not writing novels or short fiction, I relieve the almost unbearable pressure of words in my mind by blogging about my existence in minute detail.

By day, I put on the Clark Kent glasses and pretend to be a Marketing Manager at a large insurance company. Apparently, I pretend pretty good, because over the course of my career I’ve helped produce award-winning campaigns for a variety of national and international clients. I have also owned a newspaper, driven night-shift taxi, read tarot professionally, and taught conversational English in Japan.

All while fighting crime.

(I’m also an unreliable narrator. I know, it’s maddening. Try walking a mile in my shoes before you judge me. My shiny, red, crime-fighting shoes.)

I live in the first city in the United States incorporated west of the Rockies in a 1916 Craftsman bungalow that I share with my husband, my daughter, two unbearably entitled cats, and a long-suffering yellow lab named Sugar Cookie.


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  1. I’m curious, what is your interest in Telsa and why did you choose to include hm in Warlock’s Curse?

    • Hi Sam:

      Tesla is such a mainstay of the steampunk genre, I wanted to see if I could do something a bit different with him. I don’t know if I succeeded though, it’s pretty hard to make him anything other than awesome. 🙂


  2. Sugar cookie? That is entirely cute! Though I gotta ask… more a cat person or a dog?

    LOL – Ironic too that your book is called Warlock’s Curse. Why is it ironic? Because my four year old toy dachshund male, his name is Warlock (which I got grief from my sis in law on the name)

  3. Do YOU believe in astrology?

    YES! Or well I am more fascinated by it. I am a Virgo Scorpio rising (I have a friend who is the opposite).

    I’ve had my astrological chart done by two different people. My mom’s boss and the friend who is Scorpio virgo rising she and her mother did my chart (never did get to see that one).

    In the chinese astrology I am the fire dragon – which makes me happy. I LOVE dragons. Celtic astrology I am a vine! Yes. I have a book on that.

    • Hi Raonaid:

      I don’t like to admit it, because I’m a rational Aquarian who is supposed to be above such things, but yes … I guess I do believe in astrology 🙂 And it’s funny you mention you’re a dragon. The uncut version of this video was twice as long, and I talked about Will and Jenny’s Chinese horoscopes. Will is a Dragon, Jenny is a snake. Again, a very compatible match. And they were both born in a year in which the water element predominated, which hopefully balances out some of the fire of their Western signs.


  4. Are there any signs you get along with better — or worse?

    Mm, I do get along with other Virgos. My hubby and one friend are both Virgos. I guess I get along with Scorpio’s.

    My middle son is a Bull / Taurus – and we butt heads a lot.

  5. What’s your favorite time period for historical fiction?

    Celtic times!!!!!!!!

  6. Hi,

    is there a genre you have not yet written in that you would love to?

    • Hi Mary:

      I have a real fondness for John LeCarre-style spy thrillers … it would be fun to try writing one of those someday! But it would have to be set during the Cold War, I don’t think spy stories set after that are very interesting.


  7. Will and Jenny sound like interesting characters. I love the use of astrological signs, whether done prior to writing or after. I missed some of the playback (horrible connection here) but missed an important point.
    Is this a Young adult? I got that the characters are young.

  8. Hi Elie:

    I have a hard time answering that question. Yes, the characters are young (18 & 17) and they are dealing with a lot of the growing-up issues that young adults face. But I didn’t specifically the book for young adults.

    I’ve had several people say that my first two books, particularly THE NATIVE STAR, read kind of like YA. So I guess the answer is … maybe? 🙂 Sorry, I know that’s not much of an answer, but these days I don’t even know how people are defining YA anymore.


    • Understandable. I have heard a lot of comments about that lately. The lines are blurry and some books are being called NEW adult. Very confusing.

  9. Warlock’s curse sounds good! . I read Native Star awhile back and loved it! I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the series, really enjoyed the vlog about the character’s astrological signs.

  10. Hi M.K.

    Looking forward to the new book as are all my M.K. minions I won many signed and unsigned copies of The Native Star and I shared them far and wide. Everyone I shared with loved the book and have become your loyal followers.

  11. I haven’t read your work before, but I think I shall have to now. This sounds very interesting!

  12. I haven’t read your work before but they sound like a great read.

  13. Do you find it confusing at all looking up astrological stuff? I have seen books on birth charts and times of the year and how to track your life from birth and it was all very confusing to me. I think the book went on the assumption the reader knew how to interpret star signs and I don’t even know what all. I just know I put it down before I gave myself a major headache.

  14. Thanks, Julie and Susan! I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them!


  15. Hi Joanie:

    Yes, actually I do find it kind of confusing sometimes. But I have a lot of astrologer friends who are way better at math and calculations than I am, and I just ask them for help. It’s like cheating off your smart friend’s homework when you’re in eighth grade! 🙂


  16. These sounds like fantastic books! In your background, you read tarot…have you incorporated it in any of your books?

    • Thanks PC!

      I have definitely incorporated my esoteric studies into my books. Not the tarot so much (not yet, anyway) but there’s a big scene in THE WARLOCK’S CURSE where astrology plays a primary role. And I do mention astrological subjects a couple times in the earlier books.


  17. my favorite historical period is regency and yes I believe in astrology to a certain degree—I think we are influenced by the time in which we were born and what time we’re living now, the position of planets and how numbers fall.

  18. looks like you have gone in many directions in your life does it help get you ideas for your books?

    • Hi Stacey:

      Absolutely! My stories are very influenced not just about where I’ve been and what I’ve done, but by my relationships with family and friends. Everything finds its way into my fiction!


  19. not really a believe of astrology but it makes me fearful if I see one that says something bad will happen.I guess I’m afraid what if it is right.

  20. What was you favorite childhood’s book?

    • Hi Dovile:

      My favorite childhood books were the LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. I read them dozens of times. I love the language and the way they made me feel like I was in a different time in history. There are a lot of references to those books in THE NATIVE STAR and THE HIDDEN GODDESS especially!


  21. No, I don’t believe in astrology. It’s fun, but completely bogus from an astronomical point of view. The only heavenly bodies that are close enough to the Earth to affect humans are Sun and Moon and even then only then they can affect only the body.

  22. I’m a Scorpio, so I should be getting along better with other water signs, but I just don’t pay attention to what signs other people are.

  23. I really like reading about the medieval times.

  24. Have you ever written fan fiction? For what fandom?

    • Hi Dovile:

      It’s very very embarrassing to admit, but I did write fan fiction when I was very young, probably about 14-16. And I wrote about my favorite TV show, FANTASY ISLAND. Those stories have long been lost, and thank goodness. I’m sure it would be very embarrassing to read them now 🙂


  25. I’ve never read any of your books. I’ve added your name to my reading list. Boy is it a long one! I read you live in a Craftman home. Was is fully restored or is it a work in progress. I’d love to live in one. All that woodwork and built in’s are so beautiful. Look forward to reading your books.

    • Hi Lucy:

      My Craftsman bungalow is currently not restored at all because we have 5 dogs and I’d hate to sink a lot of money into restoring the floors, woodwork, etc. when they would just tear it up. Someday, though, I will really get serious about restoring it. It’s not a fancy house, by any means, but it could be a nice little jewel box with the right love and attention.


  26. I havne’t read any of your books but I’ve added you to my TBR list. I like the idea of astrological signs but some of it I feel is so vague that it’s hard to be specific to me. It falls to me the whole A and B type personalities too. Do you ever pull out the cape and mask and don them during the day or at cons? Will you consider doing it in the future?


    • Hi Biki:

      Thanks for adding me to your list, hope you enjoy the books! And I wear all sorts of crazy things at cons, as I really enjoy costuming. So it’s very possible I’ll show up in a mask and cape somewhere, someday 🙂


  27. Wow these books sound pretty good, looks like ill be tring them out

  28. Thank you for participating in my chat, everyone! I’ll be checking back in here occasionally to see if anyone has any questions for me. Otherwise, please feel free to friend me on Facebook or follow my blog — I love talking with my readers and will answer questions any time.


  29. I have never heard on this series… It sounds really interesting.

  30. looks like an interesting series.

  31. If you had the silvertongue ability (Inkheart) what would be the first book you’d grab and who/what would you read out?

    • Hi Raonaid:

      That is a really hard question! I can’t think of a single book that wouldn’t end up causing some kind of troubles. But of course, like any author I’d love to meet my own characters in real life (well, some of them anyway) 🙂


  32. Also a new author for me. I love the sound of your series and have ordered the first two books. I especially like to read about the early 1900’s in America and these sound like they have a bit of a Steampunk flavor to them.

  33. Planner or pantzer?
    DO you follow a “formula” when you write? DO you outline your ideas, write in a specific order

    • Hi Lisa:

      I am SO MUCH a planner you wouldn’t believe it. I plan things out several books in advance. But then, my plots tend to be somewhat complicated. If I just wrote by the seat of my pants I don’t think I’d end up making much sense. 🙂


  34. Do YOU believe in astrology?

    I don’t know that I believe in astrology but I’m open to the possibility.

  35. Are there any signs you get along with better — or worse?

    Not really, I get along with most people and tend to be pretty easy going in general

  36. Your books sounds interesting. I think I’m going to try them 🙂 Am I right if I say they are a little “steampunkish” ? 😀

    • Hi Sophie:

      Sure, they’re a bit steampunkish. Actually, THE WARLOCK’S CURSE is more steampunkish than the first two, because there’s more technology in it.


  37. Hi! So firstly it would be so awesome if Tesla and his inventions had become more famous than they did.

    But I’m curious, since you knew the main characters birthdays before hand, do you know birthdays of the other characters as you write? If so, do they come about with the character or do you figure out the birthdays with how they interact with others in the story?


    • Hi Rae:

      So here’s the thing … if I have to figure out the character’s birthday for plot reasons (for example, I had to know the relative ages of all the brothers in THE WARLOCK’S CURSE) then I go ahead and figure out what their actual birth date is according to a general idea of what I think their character is going to be like. But as I learn more about the character, sometimes I move things around. I *have* actually changed characters birthdays. In THE NATIVE STAR, Dreadnought Stanton was originally a Taurus. Then I realized, for a variety of reasons, that wasn’t quite right for him. So I changed his birthday to July 4, which makes him a Cancer. Making this change meant that his birthday actually came and went during the action of the second book without significant mention. (Though actually, I do mention it, VERY obliquely, at the end of THE HIDDEN GODDESS.)



  38. Do YOU believe in astrology?
    -Yeah, I do. I’m definitely no expert, but things tend to match up way too much for things to be a coincidence or guess work. At least in my opintion.

    Are there any signs you get along with better — or worse?
    -Oh, I’m sure that there are! But I don’t know the birthdays and signs of some of the people that I’m around.

    What’s your favorite time period for historical fiction?
    -I don’t know if I could choose a favorite because reading about a man in a kilt in 9th century Scotland does have its selling points, but I do like stories set during 19th century America.


  39. Another question, I’m assuming what’s in the vlog is your writing space, so is there something that you have to have with you or do (some sort of ritual)before you sit down to start writing?

    • Hi Rae:

      Yep, that’s my writing space, such as it is 🙂 My only ritual is getting things quieted down so I can write. It can be a real challenge with 5 dogs, a husband, and a noisy teenager. I used to have a laptop so I could go off and write remotely, but it died a terrible death …


      • Oh, I know the loss of the computer. Last year, mine had a pretty gruesome death too. It is a horrid, shocking moment when you realize that it’s done and died.

        And I only have one dog, but I can certainly imagine trying to acieve quiet with five of them! And now it makes your books getting finsihed like an even bigger feat!

  40. Stephanie Mayfield

    I think I found a new author to read 🙂

  41. Shiny, red, crime-fighting shoes and a dog named Sugar Cookie? You are a most wonderful individual! May you have many more adventures!

  42. Thank you, Stephanie and Phoenix! 🙂


  43. I’d like to read your books.

  44. I don’t have a favourite time period for historical fiction.

  45. Is Sugar Cookie your crime fighting sidekick? How does that work without opposable thumbs?

  46. RSVP

  47. Was there an author or person in your life who inspired you to write?

  48. I do not believe in astrology.

  49. It’s so cool that you read tarot professionally. I’ve always wanted to go have my tarot read. Maybe one day I will. Your series sounds fun and unique 🙂

  50. I do believe in astrology. It’s interesting to read my daily horoscopes, though I haven’t done so in a while.

    I believe I get along well with gemini.

    I like all kind of time periods for historical fiction. The early 1800s is interesting!



  53. I started reading the bio and thought that it was the book blurb, I got excited. If I liked that, I’m sure I’ll love the book :).

  54. Loved the vlog! Thanks so much!

  55. Cool 🙂 So which of the characters would you want to be trapped with on a desert island for the next 10 years? lol

  56. Really interesting concept, will have to check out!

  57. Thanks for sharing!