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Gifts for Readers by Lynn Viehl

This week I’ve been out shopping for gifts for the readers among my friends and family. Of course the very best gift you can give a reader is a gift card to their favorite book store. But if you want something fun to go along with the gift card, here are some neat things I found at Barnes & Noble and Books-a-Million:

BAM’s 2013 Page-A-Day Book Lover’s Calendar: this page-a-day desk calendar features over $100.00 in coupons to use throughout the year, and it’s currently free with the purchase of any two other calendars.

2013 Provence & Tuscany Spiral Desk Planner by Ziga Media: If you’re going to use a desk planner, why not pick one with gorgeous scenes from two of the most beautiful places on the planet? This one is $14.99 at B&N.

Bright’s Bookmarker Pen Set: I love these pens because they’re flat and have a clip on them that holds them to whatever page you were reading or working on. A set of seven is $4.95 at B&N.

Fabrica BookBand: Remember fanny packs? This is one that fits around your notebook, paperback, hardcover, e-reader or iPad. The stretchy elastic band has a zippered pouch in which you can store your smart phone, pens, pencils, clips, coins, keys or your other small bits; $7.99 at BAM.

Little Book Holder: I love this little clippy guy; he marks your place and holds open the pages for you (he also looks very cute holding a gift card) and he’s $3.99 at BAM.
Little Box of Peace by Magnetic Poetry: I’m a big believer in magnetic poetry, and this little set has 72 peace-themed words for your reader to play with on their fridge or other metal surface; $5.99 at BAM.

Predict a Pen: What happens when you cross a crystal ball with a writing instrument? You get the Predict a Pen, which promises an answer for everything — for entertainment purposes only; $7.99 at BAM.

Stained Glass Journal: Peter Pauper Press’s blank journals are beautifully crafted, have stunning covers and turn journaling into a work of art. This one caught my eye because it has a gorgeous peacock design in jewel-tone colors, and is $14.99 at B&N.

Tote with Erasmus & Lincoln Quotes: This is my favorite canvas tote from B&N’s collection. It’s big, roomy, and has inspiring quotes from Erasmus and President Lincoln on each side; 16.95 at B&N.

Since I know all of you are avid readers, I have signed copies of my Lords of the Darkyn novels Nightborn and Nightbred packed along with everything I’ve listed in this post to give away. If you’d like a chance to win the tote with my books and all these neat things, in comments name something you think is a great gift for a reader. This giveaway is international, too, so everyone on the planet is welcome to join in.

Readers, that’s all you have to do today to enter. 🙂 Easy contest!

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  1. You always have the best prize packages. 🙂

    B&N has this handy little “home library” kit that includes stamps and white slips you can paste inside your books. That way, if a friend borrows a book, you can mark it as checked out. Very cute.

    • Thanks, Jackie. I love the idea of home library kit — I keep a supply of lender copies of my favorite books, but remembering who borrows them can be a chore.

  2. The little Moleskine (or fake Moleskine) journals are good. Maybe it’s counter-intuitive, but readers are often writers of some sort.

  3. An item any reader would love to have is the Bookwedge inflatable reading pillow. Comfort and ease with a juicy book.

    • I have neck problems so I use a little collar-type pillow on long plane trips, but I didn’t know there was one designed for reading. Thanks for the rec, Anne. 🙂

  4. I think since its an international prize for book lovers everywhere, Amazon gift vouchers for .com and or a combination of the sites for a set value, so people can buy any books that may be lacking in series’s or discover new authors upon recommendations and the like, as a lot of people these days have Kindles, Nooks, Kobos or iPads, and if they don’t they can always order the paperback off the site.

    • E-readers are changing the way we give books, too, Karen — a friend sent me my first gift e-book the other night, and it was pretty neat to click one button and see it appear on my Nook.

  5. Gift cards for more books, of course! 😉

    • You really can’t go wrong with gift cards, Julie. It’s not just the chance to pick out what you’d like, but you also get the trip to the book store to browse, maybe stop in a cafe and wreck your diet . . . not that I ever do, of course. Ha.

  6. A book light is always good. I gave my Mom one and the next day her electricity went out! She was thrilled that she could still read!!

    • We live in the country and have frequent power outtages here, Pam, so I keep a good stock of book lights. I’m just hoping one day I can find one with a rechargeable battery pack versus those tiny watch-type batteries, which are hard to replace.

  7. chinyere Ezinwanyi

    I travel quite a bit, so my neck could use some TLC. I have been waiting for this book, so I hope I get Nightborn & Nightbred.

    • Another trick I’ve learned to cope with neck cricks on trips is to bring a reusable heat pack, Chinyere, that I can tuck under my collar. The one I use is water-filled and lasts about an hour after you activate it (first time use.) To reuse you simply immerse in a sink or tub of hot water.

  8. A first edition of their favourite book. If you can get the author to sign it, well then that would just be the icing, wouldn’t it??

  9. I love your Darkyn and Kyndred series. You have been one of my few auto buys for every book that come out. Tell us about the “Disenchanted & Company”
    series I see scheduled for 2013.
    In my opinion nothing, but nothing beats a gift card to Amazon. I tend to horde mine and then go on a major buying spree, getting all the new books by my favorite authors.

    • Thank you for the support and the kind words, Lisa. Disenchanted & Company is the title of the new urban fantasy series I’m writing for Pocket Star. It’s set in an alternative historical world where America remains under British rule and magic may not be the stuff of fiction, and it’s very different from anything I’ve ever written. The series will kickoff next August with the release of Her Ladyship’s Curse, followed by His Lordship Possessed (tentatively scheduled) in October.

      I give most of my close friends bookstore gift cards, especially those who live far away. Being able to e-mail them helps save a little, too, as shipping rates just keep escalating.

  10. Camping places are good places to look for booklights that use regular batteries or rechargable batteries.

    I like bookcovers, because otherwise my books get beaten up when I carry them in my purse or backpack, careful though I may try to be….

    • I like to make book covers for my keeper paperbacks, Liv, to prevent dings and soiling. I also like to make them for books with cover art that I don’t particularly care for, so I don’t have to look at it. 🙂

  11. Family and in laws know what a book reader I am but none ever buy gifts accordingly, which really stinks. I really haven’t seen too much things to go along with reading. But a book light is a must. One never knows when they are going to need to read, especially in traveling and need better light.

    • My family was the same way for a lot of years, Raonaid, until I finally said something to them about it. Sometimes you have to be upfront instead of hinting.

      • Oh I have been upfront but it goes in one ear and out the other. They sort of frown on my love for reading. The only person who wisened up was the hubby. After he insulted me by getting me kitchen ware and bake ware (I cook for sustence but I don’t enjoy it) he now usually tells me to order something I want

  12. A membership for a bookstore or a book involved site. Many would like this idea.

  13. Lynn,
    You are one of my very favorite authors, and as many I am sure, have read every book that you have written!! You are so talented! I am honored to be able to “talk” to you!! Can you tell me what inspires you to write, and also how long does it normally take you to write a book, and so far, which book has given you the “hardest” time? Thank you!
    Lynn <3

    • I don’t know what to say, Lynn, except thank you for being such a loyal reader. We writers actually dream about having readers like you; you are true treasures, and make every work day a pleasure.

      So many things inspire me to write that to list them would probably take a while. My primary sources of inspiration are music, poetry, art, and my own daydreams. I also try to stay open to the world around me and find creative inspiration in nature.

      A novel can take anywhere from eight weeks to six months for me to write; it really depends on the story, how much research I need to do and also the time it takes for the characters to develop in my head. I like to know everything about the book before I write a single word, and spend weeks or even months working it all out in notes, outlines, chapter summaries and so forth.

      In some way all books are a challenge to write, but I think the one I wrestled with for the longest time was Dream Called Time, the last novel in my StarDoc series. I knew what I had always planned to do with the story to wrap up the series, but I wasn’t sure I could go through with it. Also, it was an emotionally wrenching experience to end what was at the time the longest-running series of my career; I’d always had StarDoc with me on the publishing journey. But as much as I didn’t want it to end, I felt the readers (all of whom stood by me for years keeping those books in print) deserved a final novel. I also needed the closure, if that makes sense.

  14. I think an ereader would be a good gift for a reader.

    • Because I prefer to read physical books I never invested in an e-reader, bn, but my family decided the issue for me by giving me one for my birthday this year. I’m still getting used to it, but one thing I do like is that I can get magazine subscriptions electronically and save the issues in the archive, which helps a lot as I subscribe to eight. Also, I like keeping my favorite novels on it and taking it with me when I travel so I always have something great to read.

      • It probably took me 6 months or so of using my Kindle before I allowed myself to get lost in a story enough to forget that I was clicking to turn a page, Now I find myself getting lost in the story much quicker though I do wish that each time you picked up the Kindle and restarted a story that it would show the cover as I often have to go to the home page to see what the name of the book I’m reading is.

        • Do you have any trouble focusing on the screen after reading for a while, Lisa? I’m curious because that’s the main problem I have with my Nook; I’ve tried adjusting the brightness and enlarging the text and it’s not helping. I was wondering if the Kindle was any better (or kinder) on your eyes.

  15. I think a romance lover would love a membership to Sourcebooks Discover a New Love. It’s $9.99 for a six month subscription and you can try out a new author at a great price.

  16. Lynn,
    You know I’m a stalker ‘cuz I follow you to every website you go to! And you go to some great sites! I love following you around!

  17. I think one of the best gifts for a reader is something beverage-related. A gift card to their favorite coffee shop, a big, sturdy mug, some assorted teas… I love nothing more than to cozy up with a good book, blanket or quilt, and a hot cup of something.

    • I couldn’t read without a steaming drink somewhere nearby, Alli. 🙂 Any flavorful hot drink mix, a sturdy mug and a great book make a nice gift for anyone, too.

  18. What I would love and I would give a real book lover is a basket with teas, coffee, a mug and bookmarks, a journal. lovely.

  19. Vera Bradley has some lovely fabric paperback bookcovers and ereader sleeves that make great gifts. Also gift cards to a favorite bookstore are always appreciated.

  20. I have stand-by’s: books, of course; e-readers; gift certificates from their bookstore of choice; tote bags are always good; and anything with books printed on it works too.

    Thank you for doing this great giveaway, and happy holidays!
    hafowler at gmail dot com

  21. Might sound like a little thing, but fun bookmarks. I tend to start more than 1 book at a time, usually because I’ve left was I was currently reading somewhere else, and I’m always looking for some random scrap of paper to use. Also, as much as I like regular books, they take up too much room, so an e-reader would be nice – Kindle Paperwhite.

    • Bookmarks are a big thing for a reader. 🙂 I have a pretty vast collection of bookmarks, and I especially love the ones that are vintage or handmade. Sometimes when I buy a book at a used book store I’ll find one tucked inside, and I save those, too.

  22. The best gift would be more books, or a book signed by a favorite author, or a bookshelf/bookcase. I buy a lot of books and I some times run out of shelf space…and books are ended up piled around the room.

    I read your earlier comment about e-readers, I also love buying and handling physical books so I haven’t caved and gotten an e-reader lol. I’ve been thinking about investing into one, since I know I’m missing out on a lot of good reads/author who only publish digitally.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    • I found a boat-shaped bookcase at a church rummage sale, Van, and gave it to my guy for his birthday. He really loved it because he’s into all things nautical. As for resisting the e-reader, I know what you mean. I’ve missed too many books by indie authors or that were published only digitally, so I’m looking forward to catching up now.

  23. Great gift for a reader? A BIG bookcase!

    • Lol. Readers can never have too many bookcases, Minna. One of my friends has a husband who is big into carpentry, and he coverted the walls of their family room into diagonal bookcases. So now she has room to display everything *and* it looks cool.

  24. A great gift for book readers. A throw blanket, coffee mug, a supply of coffee and/or tea, chocolate, the most comfortable chair and lots of books. To use in front of a fireplace. That would be the perfect gift for me.

  25. I love the book-a-day calendar. That is something I would appreciate.
    A great gift for a book lover could be book jewelry. Like a charm bracelet with tokens representing a special place, character or image attached to a book.

  26. Sorry Lynn!!! I forgot to mention a great gift for a reader! I personally love to give small notebooks (fancy covers) to my friends that are reading fanatics like me, that way they can always write down when their favorite author’s new book is coming out! Yes, I live by mine!! By the way, Thank You so very much for being here today! I love all your books, as I said, and have loved them ALL! But, it is wonderful seeing everyone’s comments/questions, and your answers!!

    • Great idea, Lynn (I’ve just started keeping a mini notebook with lists of upcoming releases in my purse so I don’t miss anything.) I’m very grateful to Rachel for giving me this chance to chat with all the readers here at BBB; these are always such fun events.

  27. Margaret C. Zorsky

    A good reading light would be a welcome gift for me. As I get older (what? not me!) my eyes are not as good as they used to be. I have books near every comfortable, quiet spot in the house but not always a great light source.

    • I have poor night vision, Margaret, so I’ve been awfully tempted to buy one of those page-type booklights, (they have a transparent page-size square with a lighting panel on one side.) I think they might help when I’m reading on the porch after dark.

  28. Gift cards!!

  29. Time is a great gift. The first time I gave my sister a voucher for an ironing service she burst into tears. You can get vouchers for all sorts of services. Great not only for readers , but new mums too.

    • I wish we had that in our town, Mary, but we’re so rural the only vouchers we cpould buy would be for horseback rides or picking your own strawberries. Which reminds me, my daughter loves to ride . . . . and I love strawberry shortcake . . . .

  30. Great gifts for readers would be gift cards, an ereader, bookmarks, a journal, or a calender of that would interest them.

    • I really like book-related calendars, Susan. I wish someone would come up with a software calendar program that would alert you to all the new releases (if any publishers are listening, big item on my someday wish list.)

  31. Foks I’m going to log off to have dinner with the family, but I’ll be back in about an hour. Thanks for all the great gift suggestions and comments.

  32. I think that for those that still read in print, one of those pretty covers so that you can cover the book your reading for the racier covers.

    A nice big mug for coffee or coca while reading (or wine) and a box of chocolates!

    • I made some of those for my mom, Lisa, so she could read the (thankfully few) books I have with racy covers. As for chocolate, I noticed in both BAM and B&N that Godiva had some pretty holiday-themed gifts of their chocolates on display, although the larger-size boxes were a bit pricey.

  33. I was given an embosser with my name to stamp books, and it’s wonderful.

  34. I was on another website the other day and someone mentioned this etsy site that sold jewelry that incorporated famous literature quotes, etc. I loved the pieces so much I ended up dropping $150.00 there! But I’m telling you, the pieces are beautiful and I think it’s a new and cool thing. I bought half for me and half for a book loving friend.

  35. The best gift to give any reader is a gift card to their favorite bookstore!!

  36. The best thing to give a reader is a stack of books they’d love that they haven’t read and don’t even know about.
    We all wish for this.

    • I think that’s a dream gift for all of us, Shizuka. A true challenge, too, as my reader friends are so well-read it’s hard to find authors and titles they haven’t already discovered. 🙂

  37. Ooh, I haven’t seen the flat pens, so I’ll have to make a point to check them out. But in all fairness when I go to the bookstore I get pretty entranced with all the books that I want!

    I do have a canvas tote from B&N that says “I’d Rather Be Reading” on the front and I love it! It’s really sturdy and the phrase on it is oh so true. I’d get this for anyone who carries a tote bag.

    Another good one is to get bookstands. I got a cookbook stand for my sister last year. And those book pyramids are pretty handy if you’re reading in bed.

    Thanks for your suggestions!


    • You can usually find the bookmark pens in the journal section at B&N, Rae — at mine they put them out on the table with the boxed note cards and stationery.

      My dad gave me a cookbook stand years ago that has been so useful. It’s clear plastic and you put the book behind it so that the pages are protected from any spills or splashes. I still use it every week.

  38. Post-It notes…lots of colors and designs. 🙂

    • I like those skinny Post-its that you can use to flag paragraphs on different pages, Dee — they’re wonderful for marking important passages. I also use the larger ruled Post-its to write notes on books while I’m reading; I stick them to the outside cover. 🙂

  39. The best gift to give any reader is time alone so that they can actually read a good book undisturbed. If that is not possible though, than the second best gift would be a gift basket made up of;
    -LED Book Light
    – Neck Pillow
    -Back Massaging Heated Pad
    -Soft Blanket
    -Blank Book
    and last but not least!

    Book Lovers Gift Basket

    Send your book lover the Book Lovers gift basket. This gift comes in a book end chest filled with sweet treats and coffee to enjoy during reading time. Give the Book Lovers gift basket to your favorite book worm!

    Product Details

    Gift Basket Contents:

    Book End Chest Open 8.5 X 5 X 8 Closed 8.5 X 5 X 5
    Malta Bella Almond Toffee Malt Balls Bag 1 oz.
    Gourmet Treats 2 pc brownies
    Java Bon Coffee Caramels
    Wolfgang Puck gourmet coffee 2 pkg

  40. I Think that SPI 7910 Tranquility Zone Ultimate Relaxation System would make a great gift for book lovers

  41. It’s about time for me to snuggle up with my guy for the night, so I’m going to bid you all farewell. Thanks for joining in with all the kind words and lovely gift suggestions, and a special thank you to Rachel for hosting me here today. Good luck with the giveaway, and keep reading!

  42. What a lovely giveaway. Thank you for the chance to win.

    Personally I love nothing better than gift cards. I read so much it is hard for others to stay current on my need to buy list. I also take advantage of my local library, they are very good about buying books that I request.

    Gift cards make it easy for both the giver and receiver. No returns, no hassels. Good for ebooks and print, even accessories and magazines.

  43. A gift card to their favorite bookstore is always a favorite. An E-reader if they don’t have one. Book ends in their favorite design. For the really young reader, a library card is always a thrill.

  44. Gift cards or neck pillow definitely !

  45. I think a great gift for a reader is a book you absolutely love. Being able to discuss a book with someone else who has read it (perhaps over a coffee or hot choc) is a great way to seal friendships. 🙂

  46. PLEASE NOTE: This contest is now closed! The winner is: Steph C. she’s been notified via email.